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koolkat9 · 26 minutes ago
Hello and welcome to my main blog (update)
Feel Free to call me Kat! I am a big fan of anime and manga, specifically Hetalia which is what I post about the most. I also am into Sk8 Infinity, My Next Life as a Villainess, and Studio Ghibli so I may occasionally have things about that. 
A few rules for interacting with my blog:
1. I am 17 and thus a minor. Although I have dabbled in some nsfw writing I would appreciate people not bringing me that or asking for prompts like that (at least for right now). What I’m trying to get at is that I am a minor so please respect that.
2. I know Hetalia is problematic and even offensive (especially in the early stuff) and I get why people don’t like it, but just because I and others enjoy other aspects of it doesn’t mean you get to be hateful towards us. Just please be respectful and block the tag and/or me if you have to. 
4. Honestly, just be respectful in general be it about fandoms, ships, favorite characters, characterizations, criticism, etc.
5. Reblogs, comments, likes and asks are always welcome!
Ships I WILL NOT Write for (since I have been having fun taking prompts):
First off this is not to ship bash, since I’m for shipping what you will even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. At the end of the day, if you aren’t hurting anyone, you do you.These are just ships I can’t bring myself to write as I see them as sibling-like/platonic. 
America and Canada
Portugal and Spain
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands (like none of them together)
Germany and Prussia
England and the rest of the UK
Norway and Iceland
Russia and his sisters
Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Italy, Romano, Seaborga (like none of them together)
England and America
France and Canada
Anything with the micronations
(I may have forgotten some, so ships may be added if I thinking of them or get a request I don’t feel comfortable with)
I Will Not Write:
Abuse (though I may make reference to it)
Historical pieces I don’t know enough about or I don’t feel comfortable writing
Descriptive violence/gore
Apocalyptic Aus
Character death
Toxic Relationships
And I think that’s all. I may add to this if I come up with other things so...yeah! Also, below is links to my two ask blogs for GerEng and AmeLiet as well as links for my fanfiction accounts:
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mynordichome · an hour ago
Denmark headcanons:
•He's good at chess but gets really restless and has a hard time sitting down to play
•He collects swords as a hobby
•He enjoys sometimes writing letters to Norway and Sweden in older nordic languages (Sweden keeps the letters but usually responds in modern swedish, while Norway will respond in old norse)
•He used to be really in to swing music, and knows how to play the double bass because of it. (He would join bands sometimes to play in swing clubs)
•He's a lot smarter than people think, but he does need someone to help keep him on track (aka the other nordics reminding him what their working on/doing)
•Is only "slightly" freaked out by birds. This is due to old norse religions and what birds used to mean to them (also some of them just look freaky!) Hes mostly okay with mr.puffin but gets nervous if the bird lands on him
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hetalian-mess · an hour ago
Flight-attendant: is there a doctor onboard?
China: nudging Japan that should’ve been you
Japan: not now, China
China: not asking a graphic designer to help, are they?
Japan: China, there’s a medical emergency happening right now
China: why don’t you save him as a PDF and see if that helps
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breitzbachbea · 2 hours ago
So this needs to go after doing some research, but i still thought I'd share the rare instance of TurGre fluff with you, my guys
Tumblr media
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moefongo · 2 hours ago
Hey I wanted to ask of headcanons of the villains (you get to choose how many but I'd adore zant and ganondorf) react to their S/O cosplaying as them. Maybe they made their own zant helmet and using paint to make those little mouth things or they managed to make a replica of ganons clothes but smaller so it fits of course or got themselves girahim looking hair. Your choice. Thank you in advance if you decide to do it! :)
I really had fun with this one thank you and I hope you like it! :)
Zant would be flattered, in fact he would lend his S/O help in doing the cosplay.
In return he'd cosplay as his S/O.
It's adorable to see the twili fumbling with a needle and a thread. His S/O can't help but giggle at the sight.
Zant would hand them his helmet so they can use it as reference.
In the end, Zant opts to help his S/O by getting things they might need and just watch them work.
After the cosplay is done he'll be gushing about how amazing hos S/O looks.
When his S/O talked to him about cosplaying as him, he immediately got a sewing machine and materials to help his S/O.
I can imagine him doing the clothes and just them bonding over the whole experience.
He will also start posing randomly, alleging that it's for reference purposes. In reality he just wants to make his S/O laugh.
When they put on the cosplay, he'll be the one taking pictures and hyping up his S/O.
He already has everything prepared for his S/O. Materials, equipment, everything.
He actually made the accessories as a gift for his S/O.
Ganondorf sat alongside his S/O enjoying the process of the cosplay being made.
In the end he'd be so impressed by the cosplay that he held an emergency meeting so everyone could admire his S/O's work.
His concept of cosplay was to strip naked and hand his S/O his armor.
When his S/O explained to him that they didnt need to use his actual armor he went and made his S/O a custom fit replica of his armor.
Honestly Volga didn't let them do any thing he made the entire cosplay himself. He was too excited and proud.
When his S/O put on the armor and everything he was taken back by how amazing his S/O looks.
The armor is also fully functional and can be used for battle as well, in the event that his S/O wants to go fight along with him.
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nekostar4004 · 2 hours ago
I thought about drawing a merman Bulgaria (still have sketches), but drawing scales it's just..... ಥ﹏ಥ
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kagamimocchi · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 5, June 18th: Soulmate AU / Free Day
Much love,
Island Countries~ 🤍
I know I'm suuper late, but here's a simple postcard look alike but it's my first and recent pairings I stan 4lyfe, lol. Is it a coincidence that they're all island country? 🤔🤔🤔 Idk but stan Island Countries for life!! It's good for your soul :p
APH Rare Pair Week 2021 | @aphrarepairweek2021
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asking-gereng · 2 hours ago
((✏ ask-hwsmissouri please? You don't have to, but your art is really cute))
Tumblr media
// cute!
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serirome · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Its incomplete and I’ll probably will never paint it fully or complete it, but i think some of you might like it so there it is! Rmch sharing bittersweet kisses
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queer-anarchist-trash · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today, Italy. Tomrrow? Who knows
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neon-spirals · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
not that its percepible thanks to my amazing photo editing skills, as you can see. but this is a traditional drawing
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