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#hunter x hunter
ariasoundblog · 11 minutes ago
I really liked the dealers choice from earlier!
Soooooooooo dealer's choice x reader who speaks Romanian????????
Pretty please?
I'm so glad you liked it :3
Let's do Alucard from Castlevania and Knuckle from Hunter X Hunter
Alucard of Wallachia
This beautiful boy comes with a wast knowledge of almost all languages and so, naturally, when you speak Romanian to him he will understand and respond immediately as if you had never switched languages.
Due to where he's living it's been AGES since he's heard somebody speak Romanian however, so expect this observant little nerd to ask you why you've been holding out on him and also give you puppy dog eyes when he asks you to sing some songs to him.
You two will do silly extra "vampire-y" things together like and speak Romanian to each other to add to the 🌟aesthetic 🌟 while you talk a walk through a foggy forest or read by the tall gothic windows of his castle during rain. Basically living every goth's wet dream, ya know
He will have a smile plastered on his pretty face whenever you two switch languages back and forth during a conversation without batting an eye.
"what's that? Italian?" Was his first reaction and honestly if you glare at him till he's a puddle on the floor, nobody can blame you.
This pretty puppy is a bit of a himbo and not ashamed either but he's also full of slightly untapped learning potential, I mean he's a damn genius with math. So, he will insist that you teach him Romanian, even if you just get as far as teaching him proverbs and such he'll be a happy boi.
Finds the language sexy, has no shame about it and does call it vampire language. Will be a mess if you whisper it against his neck.
He himself probably knows another language other than English so he will try to teach you some things as well
Guys I love writing these for some reason
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thedancefloorsilly · 2 hours ago
hi, could you please write some headcanons for main four if they find out you're dating someone from the troupe? tysm
OFCC stuff like this is always so fun to think/ write abt!! ngl a fic could rise from these hc’s 👀 this took a little longer than I hoped agh sorry!!! This is kindaaaa angsty in the slightest bit, (also I wrote this after the yorknew events took place)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Well to start off.. Gon is NOT going to take the news well. You were preparing to try and sugarcoat it, knowing that his reaction was not going to be pleasant. Once you finally told him, a look of disbelief stood frozen on his face. He stopped whatever what he was doing, and tried to take a moment to retain the information that you just told him. Gon couldn’t possibly believe that you’re dating someone from the Phantom Troupe. Knowing what they’ve all done, all the harm they caused, the amount of people they’ve killed, he refuses to believe it. All Gon could do at that moment was stare at you, trying to psych himself that it wasn’t true. He mainly starts to think of Kurapika, recalling his friend telling him about the trauma he faced, the look of hatred in his eyes, determined to get his revenge on the people who took everything from him. He couldn’t fathom that someone like you associates with someone like them.
- His reaction was similar to Gon’s at first but he takes in the information A LOT QUICKER. When he first heard you’re dating someone from the Troupe, let me tell you he was SHOCKEDDD to the max. He immediately just started to spew you random questions to try and aide his confusion. Did you know about the Phantom Troupe when you two met? Or was it until you started dating? Do you want to even date them? The more and more questions Killua tried to ask you, the more angry his voice started to sound. He fully knew that it wasn’t his place to judge who you were dating, and in all honesty, he really didn’t enjoy yelling at you, not one bit, but Killua’s emotions just got the best of him at the moment. After his emotions started to dial down, there was just a blank look on his face, not really knowing what to say after that. He does reccomend that you shouldn’t say anything to rest of the group, especially to Kurapika. 
- At first, Leorio thought that it was some random joke that you were playing, so he just started to laugh awkwardly after you told him. But noticing the serious expression that stood on your face, his eyebrows immediately raised and his mouth dropped with shock. Leorio tries to say something to express how he’s feeling, but he stammers on his word as he cannot find anything to say. His face shown an expression of confusion and disappointment. He’s hoping that it was just some dumb joke at this point now, Leorio just can’t believe it. His normal boisterous self was now kept at a hushed, doubtful voice. He doesn’t know what to say at the moment, but his mind just trails back to Kurapika. Leorio immediately thinks about how he’d react if he were to find out, how much stress it’d probably give him after simply mentioning the Phantom Troupe. The only thing Leorio asked you to do was to simply leave to prevent any more hurt for Kurapika.
- (Oh no). Admitting to Kurapika how you were dating someone from the Troupe was not going to be easy for you. You heard all about Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe, which made this even harder to tell him knowing that he wasn’t going to take it well. 
- As much as you wanted to be honest, the words all came out as a stuttering mess. Kurapika saw how hard it was for you to try and saw whatever you had to tell him, making a little joke about it even. But once you finally came out and told him how you were dating one of the people he loathes, then these words hit him like a truck. Kurapika was put in such a state of shock, anger, disbelief, all mixed together in one. The only thing that came out of his mouth was a faint “what” as you saw his eyes slowly start to flash red which made your heart panic. After your words finally started to sink in, Kurapika’s rage started to take over. You could hear the anger in his voice as he started to ask you a bunch of questions, such as which spider you’re dating, when you guys started to see each other, why you’re dating them, and most importantly, how could you dare to be friends with Kurapika while associating with someone from the PT knowing full well of what they did to him. His eyes beamed a bright shade of scarlet. You tried to explain the best you could, but he didn’t want anymore of your honesty. Kurapika refused to speak to you, let alone look you in the eyes after that.
Tumblr media
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hisbutlerisahunter · 2 hours ago
OKaY OKAY c-can we have a minute to imagine the hxh characters playing just dance ? Like feitan, shalnark and phinks playing together and teasing each other? Don’t get me started on leorio and hisoka totally feeling it 😂🥺
I love just dance.. i am also terrible qt just dance lmaoooo
Feitan is definitely the person that sits on the couch and shakes the remote to make it give him points.
Phinks gets oddly into it and can dance really well.
Shalnark is the one laughing too hard to dance.
Pakunoda refuses to embarrass herself and gets a perfect score every time its her turn.
Machi just refuses.
Shizuku ALSO sits on the couch shaking the remote but she gets bored and forgets like 2 minutes in and gets up to go something else with the remote strapped to her arm.
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neverxforgetxme · 3 hours ago
The weird snack they eat
Ging: Tangerines and dark chocolate
Gon: Hot celery
Killua: Popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon
Kurapika: Lemons. Raw lemons.
Leorio: Red velvet oreos
Kite: room temperature ice cream
Chrollo: Sushi with too much wasabi
Colt: Oranges with the peel still on
Hisoka: Fried chicken but it's smothered in melted swiss cheese
Feitan: Salsa. By its self.
Cheetu: peanut butter and ketchup
Wing: cold noodles and maple syrup
Shalnark: peanut butter jelly sandwiches but the jelly is pickles (sliced pickles)
Morel: french fries and ice cream (the only one that's genuinely delicious)
Meruem: honey and corn chips
Pariston: Fried eggs and watery oatmeal
Illumi: Eats cherries with the seed still inside them
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doodlesky · 3 hours ago
The curious case of hxh, where people argue back and forth on whether the possibility of Kurapika being trans might be actually supported by the text or not and among the various factions you can find some who refer to him as a woman out of spite exactly because they think that that might actually be the case
#i wish i was joking. consume hxh content in the form of yt videos you won't get baffled by the comments you'll read i swear#hhhh. you don't have to feel like you Have to justify your hcs and tbh personally i usually don't take anyone who talks about coding#seriously because as usual the term has lost all its meaning But. togashi has indeed coated hxh with a lot of fun themes and subtext. which#is why i understand some people's insistence in this specific instance. yet there are *some* people who will Never agree and reading certai#arguments just left me like :|#like. we're talking about something that isn't even explicitly canon so wdym he's a woman to you regardless😭😭 what😭😭😭#hunter x hunter#mypost#anime/manga#subtext or not i don't really understand how some people manage to be fans of hxh. or of togashi himself#like. i haven't watched/read yyh but i think i read once that there's a trans character there? and then there was the sports manga that#got rejected with ''homosexual characters and cross dressing'' which now sounds kinda eh but when did he try to make it happen? the 90s?#and then hxh... ok kite is a complex case because of the reincarnation mumbo jumbo so let's pretend they don't exist but pitou??#they don't count because they're a chimera? then what about alluka???#whom killua explicitly states is a girl despite their parents and brothers referring to her as male???#idk man -_- it's not even 8 in the morning yet i just wanted to watch something during breakfast -_-
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bucketofforks · 3 hours ago
Melody and Kurapika fanfic where in they're like siblings when. HxH fanfic authors, when will we get this wholesome idea written out
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figofswords · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
me pointing at any media ever: hey you could make a sibling dynamic out of this!
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hunterxhype · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chrollo is a man of royal colors… Decided to make a Chrollo moodboard (my Shalnark one was getting kind of lonely); One is animated and the other is static for your viewing pleasure.
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daily-hisoka · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Season 1 Episode 11
Trouble x with x the Gamble
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iaal · 4 hours ago
How would the adultrio react to s/o with wings?
Thank you :)
Thanks for the ask! Short version is: they don’t really care. It’s just accepted that some people look very different, especially for hunters, they’re used to it. Just look at the Shadow Beasts, they were human nen users as far as I know.
I don’t think it would really matter honestly with how weird looking people are in universe and no one bat an eye. But if they react it would depend on why they have wings; If that’s a magical beast feature (like the Kiriko who can grow wings) or if they’re conjured with nen.
If it’s the former, Hisoka would just be curious how it works and how sensitives their wings are, nothing more. He’d find way to tease them, nicknaming them Angel and using cheesy lines about it but it’d be no more than another physical feature for him. A fun one at first, but once the novelty wear off he wouldn’t pay that much attention and if that was the only thing that he felt was entertaining, his interest in his s/o would disappear as well
For Illumi I would not put behind him to feel a sort of xenophobia and being prejudiced toward magical beast in general. He’s dating his s/o with having children in mind and I don’t think he’d want his kids with something as eye catching as a pair of wing to follow in his footsteps as an assassin. Just see how he treats Alluka, I don’t know if he would still insist on misgendering her without Nanika but what is sure is that he won’t even see her as a human being ever since he became aware of her powers. And it’s not because he’s afraid, he’s pretty happy imagining being the one to control her so yeah, can’t see him with a magical beast s/o.
If they are rare, it wouldn’t be wise to let Chrollo get close to them. Dead or alive, there would be people who would want to add them to their collections and Chrollo is very much aware of that. Because he likes to enjoy rare things by himself before putting them on the market he might decide play around for a while. He would play the part of the s/o to get closer to them and even if he genuinely ended up appreciating them, he would still see them as merchandise waiting to be sold. He wouldn’t see any difference between selling his “s/o” after sharing good memories with them and selling a rare book he particularly enjoyed.
If the wings are an ability, it would depend on how they use it against Hisoka. Bungee Gum if the perfect counter and he can attack at distance with his cards so the match up would be overwhelming favorable for him, not something that would interest him. He would think wings are cool looking but that wouldn’t be anything worth thinking about.
Illumi wouldn’t have much interest either, flying could have some advantage but it also have its share of vulnerability. With that said, he’d find a way to train his s/o in a way that account for that and it could be helpful for recon.
Chrollo had a teleport skill in his book, wings are just a less efficient version of that. Once again, not something he would covet and that’s a good news. Their s/o would be pretty safe from him in this case, and the relation would be the same with of without wings.
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zs-art · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hisoillu joins the fight~ ♥ 
[Apr. 2021] @illu-z [RedBubble] 
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pastelbear12 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Anon asked : Hello can I please request a hc of the troupe members reacting to their s/o that is part of the troupe, trying to leave and runs away.
Characters : The Phantom Troupe (Except Kortopi and Bonolenov, I can't write from then sorryy)
CW : violence
A/N : ugh sorry for the long wait! I hope this one turns out good 🙃
Tumblr media
Chrollo :
He is confused, questioning the reason why you try to run away. You're a member of the Phantom Troupe, which means none of them will hurt you, so ... Why? He doesn't seem like he really cares, yes he wants you back, but in his view, with you running away, you're the one who loses in this case. He understands, even though he's bitter about that, he has to be able to move on. After all he believes in fate, and he believes fate will bring you together with him again
Nobunaga :
Are you mad at him? Did he do something wrong to you without realizing it? He's starting to jump to conclusions and try to run after you, looking for you to talk to you about it. Nobunaga doesn't want you to go, he is even willing to do anything as long as you stay with him there
Feitan :
He hates Hisoka because of his disloyalty to the Troupe, and now you're acting disloyal to them too? Oh man you pissed him off. Don't think you can just run away because ever since you showed uncomfortable gestures and thought of your escape plan, Feitan has had a good eye on you. He will catch you, and even if he doesn't have the heart to hurt you, he still has to teach you a lesson, so that you understand that trying to run away is a futile endeavor. He won't hurt you too badly, but enough to give you a red light about your plans, and he will immediately heal your wounds and put you to sleep, but still warn you about your attempts
Machi :
She won't let you go, and will find or chase you if you get away, but unlike Feitan, she doesn't use force as a warning. She is a loyal member too and she wants you to be too. She will threaten to put the string on your body if you don't cooperate, and assure you that everything will be all right as long as she's around.
Hisoka :
Omg he doesn't really care lol, as he also plans to get out of there as soon as his plan is complete. He will even plan escape plans for you if you want, because of course you are not as crazy as him. Simply put, he doesn't care and will make sure that you are okay and no one from the Troupe will ever hurt or even touch you
Phinks :
Sorry to break your heart, but Phinks will be disappointed in you, because he thought you were smarter than that. He does love you, but the Troupe is his top priority, so he tries to act like he won't care about you running away and think that Troupe doesn't need unloyal people like you. He will still miss you for the next few months tho, but he won't change his mind at all
Shalnark :
He is really disappointed in you, he will even be disappointed in you if you have ever thought about running away and haven't done it, so if you have tried to run away, his disappointment is twofold. He will not hesitate to use force or even his antennae to make you behave, but still be affectionate to you as usual. He will continue to stick to you after he finds out about your plan.
Franklin :
He doesn't care. It's your choice, and he also feels that the Troupe doesn't need unloyal people. In fact, he thinks that letting you run away is the right thing to do, because forcing you to stay will only create new problems in the future, whether the possibility of your treason plans or you plotting with their enemies so that you can escape.
Shizuku :
One of the members who wouldn't push you to, for the same reasons as Franklin. Shizuku will be looking for you or chasing you tho, asking if you really are sure about leaving the Troupe, as that means your relationship with her will also end. If you persist in running away, Shizuku will understand and give you a farewell hug before the two of you part
Pakunoda :
It depends. If you tell her about it, Pakunoda will try to calm down and talk to you first, whether you are sure or if there is any discomfort there. She will let you go after the chat tho. But if you choose a worrying escape method, Pakunoda will look for you and give you to the other members, because she feels she can't think straight at that time. She will cry after you leave alone :(
Uvogin :
Wow, he's angry, he doesn't understand and doesn't want to understand the reason behind your wish to run away. What is wrong? Why? He won't let you escape, he will keep you there, and tries various ways to get you to change your mind
Tumblr media
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spice-buns · 6 hours ago
President (of) My Ass [Leorio Paladiknight X Reader]
Description: That whole election incident? Hilarious. You’re ripping on him about it and making bad presidential jokes at his ass lmao.
A/N: I am a wee bit blitzed my guys that edible hit real nice so uh... pardon spelling errors. I can’t fawkin read lmao. But here’s the Leorio food for tonight <3
Word Count: 844
The whole incident that occurred with the election of the next president of the Hunter Association had you choking up inside. Every minute of that entire process was so hilarious that even now as you rode home in a cab, you had to do your best not to laugh about it. You were riding home with Leorio and Gon, so you had to hold back all your comments so as to not embarrass him in front of Gon as they chatted. The moment Gon left the can though and the driver pulled around the corner, you could no longer stop yourself from busting out laughing. Leorio rolled his eyes, knowing exactly why you had started cackling and he sighed. Thankfully your apartment wasn’t far from where Gon was dropped off, so the cab driver would be spared of the verbal assault you were about to unleash. 
“You are a FUCKING anomaly! I can’t believe you said all that Leorio!” You laughed, shutting the cab door as the two of you approached the apartment. 
“Yeesh, I get it. I’m bad with words under a spotlight! Cut me some slack babe!” Leorio groaned. 
“Bad with words? More like you have no filter at all! You seriously mentioned jerking off in front of the entire Association! You really know how to capture an audience, don’t ya?” You giggled. 
“S-shut up!” Leorio grumbled, his cheeks flaring up red. 
Your teasing didn’t stop there of course, continually ripping on him even as you got inside the apartment. Kicking off your shoes, you turned to face him in the entryway with a huge grin, ready to lay some more comments on him. 
“Hey hun, if it makes you feel better, I voted for you. I mean, you DID give Ging the sucker punch he deserved, and that’s a win in my books. Gon is right though. You’re better suited for medicine instead of masturbation.” You snorted. 
“Alright, THAT’S IT!” Leorio roared. 
He gave you no time to think and grabbed you by your legs, throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you through his home. Your initial screech soon morphed into laughter as you whacked his back, trying to escape his hold. 
“You fiend! Let me go!” You giggled. 
‘Hmph. I’ll let you go when I decide if I shouldn’t be offended by you saying I wouldn’t be a good president.” He said stubbornly. 
“Ha! President my ass. I’m technically complimenting your medical skills, so you should be honoured.” You informed him as he started to boil water to make some coffee. 
“More like the president of your ass.” He scoffed, giving your rear a firm open palmed smack. 
You yelped from the smack, grinning big. He wasn’t gonna get away with claiming your ass so easily though, so you gave him a firm jab in his lower back that made him loosen his hold on you, allowing you to wriggle away onto the floor. Quickly you rolled away and scurried behind the couch, giggling like a maniac as you were enjoying this little game you were playing. Your freedom was short lived though as Leorio vaulted himself over the back of the couch and landed right on top of you, pinning you to the floor after he flipped you. You were of course still grinning like a fool as he sat atop you, watching the mischievous glint in his eyes. 
“You really like to fuck with me, don’t you?” He growled, bringing his face closer to yours.  
“Only because I love you babe~” You hummed. 
You thought fast and kicked out one of your legs, destabilizing Leorio and making him fall down on top of you, lips and all. You weren’t done messing with him yet, and your cheeky little kiss was the icing on the cake. Leorio seemed to appreciate the gesture though, and kissed you back rather intensely as his fingers dug into the carpet. He lifted his head for only a moment to look down at you, catching sight of your smirk. He scoffed, wondering why he would've expected something else from you. 
“Does that make up for me harassing you?” You asked him cheekily. 
“Mmm… My presidential authority says no. I’m gonna need a bit more compensation for the damages.” He purred, one of his hands wandering down to firmly grip your hips and ass. 
“Ooo, well in that case, take what you need then~” You giggled. 
He did exactly that, picking you up from the floor and tipping the both of you over the back of the couch, falling softly into the cushions. His hands immediately began to wander, gently squeezing all your dips and curves as he peppered kisses all over your face, lips, and neck. He was thoroughly enjoying himself as he laid claim to your body, giving most of his attention to your ass of course. 
“You can be resident of my ass any day babe~” You breathed, chasing his lips to capture him in one more passionate kiss. 
Pissing him off a bit had its benefits after all it seemed. 
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