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#human skeleton
theisleshq2 days ago
Tumblr media
Character name: Up to player
Age: 21+
Species: Human
Occupation: up to player
Face Claim:聽Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery, Elisabeth Moss, Lupita N鈥檡ongo, Danielle Brooks, Justina Machado,聽
Fifty years ago, the hunted's grandfather stole something from a witches coven. It has been passed down from generation to generation. This ancient artefact was of great worth and great power. In the form of a grimoire, it is said that the book holds the power to day and night. Whatever that means remains to be found out. The Hunted has little idea what it means and has come to Summerset with their sibling to hide the artefact... and themselves. Although where ever they go, it won't be long until the coven's agents follow, desperate to retrieve the lost artefact.
No extra information is available at this time.
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theisleshq2 days ago
Tumblr media
Character name: Amara Sparrow
Age: 24
Species: Human
Occupation: Florist (Part time).聽
Face Claim: Camilla Queiroz
Bad things just seem to be drawn to the Survivor. As a child they survived a house fire, as a teenager a car crash and as an adult they survived a werewolf attack. For an unknown reason they were left unharmed, with the creature staring them down they could swear it looked them right in the eye. The Survivor is obsessed with the folklore of Summerset and with the creature that attacked them. They've started to believe that maybe the things that happen to them have happened for a reason and they might just have some form of higher calling.
Nick is played by Lenny, 23, she/her
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lozer-boy3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's been 3ish weeks since I posted art, so here's a skeleton named Emerson :)
(If you use it for anything make sure to credit me!!)
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whatisarchaeology3 days ago
"鈥淲e cannot read their minds,鈥 says Martin贸n-Torres, 鈥渂ut in a way, by burying someone you are prolonging the life of that person. You are saying, I don鈥檛 want to let you go completely. This is one of the things that makes us unique: awareness of death, awareness of life.鈥"
*CW: Photos of human skeletal remains of a child.
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ile-draws7 days ago
Tumblr media
Pd. Sacaron el traje del cofre de un aldeano 馃槶馃檹馃徎
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I Need to Know
Tumblr media
Contrary to popular belief,
Angels are just skeletons
With halos
And wings.
We have no skin
We have no meat
We have no heart
That pumps blood and bleeds.
We are crystal bones
And bright souls
And pearly white teeth
That you see
Right before
Your eternal sleep.
And those emotions
That the living feel.
Did you know
That they are
Buried in the soul?
And that you need
A beating heart
For them to grow?
I want to know...
I need to know
I need to know
What a heart beat feels like
I need to know
What living feels like
I need to know
What feelings feel like
I drive off
The edge of the heavens
And I
And become something more
I become human
Wings burning away into ashes
Halo exploding, sparks flying
Body being stitched into being
And I learn that
Falling hurts
Becoming hurts
And after breathing air
Through lungs
Pumping blood
Through arteries, veins
And feeling emotions
That run wild after blooming
I learned that
Living hurts too
I鈥檓 alive
I feel
And it鈥檚
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the-river-person10 days ago
The Trial: Part 3
Once more he sat facing the human, waiting for them to begin. Sans knew he鈥檇 already crossed the line. He鈥檇 crossed so many lines. There was nothing he could do now that would make everyone look at him the same way ever again. It was exactly what he鈥檇 been afraid of. Maybe if he could think of even one pun it might ease the tension a bit, but his mind was whirling with everything but puns. But it was his duty. The role of Judge wasn鈥檛 something you could do halfway. And besides, if he didn鈥檛 bring out the whole story, then it would be harder to for everyone to see what a tangled mess all of this was. They needed to know, to hear everything, in order to accept his judgement. That was the point of all this. Was it worth it though? If he couldn鈥檛 meet Papyrus鈥 eyes? 鈥淭he voice came first. Before Frisk met Flowey. Chara鈥檚 body had been buried in the exact place they鈥檇 fallen into the Underground, where all those children fell. But this time, Frisk鈥檚 determination was so strong that it not only wrenched Flowey鈥檚 powers away from him, but woke Chara from death.鈥 The Human spoke quietly, but it was so quiet a pin dropping could have been heard. 鈥淎s Frisk journeyed they offered their help. Giving information about the Monsters and world along the way, offering encouragement upon death, and being a silent and invisible companion. Not like a ghost monster, but more like a lingering will, a consciousness or a fragment of a soul, persisting despite time and death. When Frisk was determined to be kind, Chara was pleased. But when Frisk eventually began to lose their mind and kill, Chara was horrified.鈥 The Monsters too were horrified. Papyrus looked incredibly sad and tears were beginning to form in Toriel鈥檚 eyes. 鈥淚t didn鈥檛 happen all at once. There were runs in between with accidental kills, or where Frisk only killed the ones who got in their way, or who couldn鈥檛 be easily spared without effort. As time went on they killed more and more until it became genocide. Hate. Pain. They killed and killed and killed, desperate to alleviate boredom, to keep from thinking about the world they might have to go back to. The Determination to stay in this world was strong. But Chara didn鈥檛 know that, they could only see what Frisk did, not what they felt. And so they watched.鈥 It must have been a heavy burden to bear. To watch as everyone you knew and loved was murdered before your eyes. Killed without mercy. When all you had ever wanted to do was help them, you were trapped in a nightmare where they were all suffering and you could do nothing. The human still showed no emotion as they continued the brutal tale. 鈥淲ith each kill, the violence and hate grew, and Chara was determined to do something, to stop it all. So they fed off of those traits, drawing power from Frisk. But only when even Sans had been done away with, did they have enough power for it. Refusing to let Frisk kill their brother, they chose to do it themselves. At least he could die by their own hand. And then it was enough. They could become visible, real, if only for a moment.鈥 Pausing, the human looked around at all the monsters, meeting the eyes of those who had known Chara. 鈥淭hey offered a choice. The level of violence and all that hate was strong. It twisted them despite their resistance. If power was the only goal, then they could kill for it and destroy everything for its sake. But when Frisk refused, the shock was enough to bring them to their senses, and they struck Frisk down and destroyed the world with the power they had. It wasn鈥檛 enough. The Determination was too strong for Frisk to truly die without wanting to. So Chara struck a bargain. Offer up their soul, risk becoming an empty shell with a fading consciousness or they wouldn鈥檛 be allowed to reset the world properly. Chara took that soul and poured the hate and violence into it, all of the negative emotions and despair. And it was taken, by what Chara called a Demon.鈥 Sans sat up, this was the first time he鈥檇 heard this part of the tale and it chilled him. 鈥淲hat do you mean a demon? Explain.鈥 鈥淚t is the Demon that comes when its name is called. It doesn鈥檛 matter where, it doesn鈥檛 matter when. Time after time it will appear and help you eradicate your enemies and become strong. Every time a number increases: Hit Points, attack, defense, gold, execution points, level of violence... that鈥檚 them. When people are motivated by Greed, hatred, fear, apathy, rage, and so many other things they fall into its trap, they call its name without knowing it, and it comes and feeds off of the destruction and violence they create. When Chara bribed it into leaving, it took the soul and vanished. Leaving two spirits and one body and no soul between them. But there was one thing left. The demon couldn鈥檛 consume Determination, its not a negative trait even if it can be used that way. So it remained. That was the beginning of my birth.鈥 For the first time, an expression of emotion had appeared on the human鈥檚 face, something like... a fondness? The warmth of remembering something from long ago? Sans considered them for a moment. He鈥檇 been skeptical at first of their claims of being neither Chara nor Frisk. But the more they鈥檇 insisted on it, and the more he鈥檇 heard others like Flowey insist that it wasn鈥檛 the human at all anymore, the more he believed them. This wasn鈥檛 what he鈥檇 expected to hear. Demons, determination. This was the problem of messing with souls and soul magic. It caused this sort of nonsense. 鈥淚t was slow,鈥 the human was still speaking. They鈥檇 spoken more today than any other time Sans could recall. More than anyone else had today. 鈥淚 grew stronger as Chara and Frisk struggled for control, to remain. But eventually without all the hatred and violence that had been in the soul, they both calmed down and came to their senses. Frisk was disturbed at what they鈥檇 grown into and was all for releasing the Monsters right then and there. But there were problems with that, ones you are already aware of. Time had begun speeding by at unimaginable rates. The outside was no longer livable by that time, at least as far as they could tell. So they decided to lock everyone into the time loop, resetting endlessly. By that time you,鈥 and they looked pointedly at Sans. 鈥淗ad just barely begun to recall previous resets. You had some memories from the oldest ones, from the pacifist routes. But they were fragments. And it took a long time before you truly began to remember each time, hundreds or even thousands of resets before your memory was consistent.鈥 Sans found himself nodding in agreement. It had been like waking up from a long dream. Bits and pieces of waking floated around, taunting you until you caught them and added them to the puzzle. When you had enough you realized that you were already awake and that things were going on around you. 鈥淏y then, Chara and Frisk had begun to fade away. Human minds were not meant to last more than a hundred years or so, not at all like Monsters. And without a soul to tether them to this world, they slowly went silent. One day they were just gone. No more. And I was left. Determination. I was the Determination focused on their last wish, to preserve the Underground and its inhabitants by any means. They鈥檇 gone with endless genocide routes to keep you from discovering what was happening with Time outside the barrier, but I eventually decided that not knowing was hurting you more. The rest you know...鈥 Finally they fell silent. No one made a sound. Deep in thought, Sans considered what to do now. He couldn鈥檛 punish this person, they weren鈥檛 even the true culprit, and it was useless to punish a person who was more or less dead so neither Chara or Frisk would be any help. And anyway, he鈥檇 made very clear that the human couldn鈥檛 totally be blamed for the mess they were in. He stood, his robes flowing around him. While he鈥檇 been thinking, the human had returned to their seat. They would have to call it something different now, because a being of living Determination wasn鈥檛 really human, and they deserved a name that wasn鈥檛 the memory of someone long gone like Chara or Frisk. With a decisive gesture he motioned for the pedestal to once again descend into the floor and the slab of stone to slide over top of it again. 鈥淚 have reached a decision,鈥 he announced. A sharp intake of breath greeted these words. Despite everyone鈥檚 desire for this whole event to take place, many of them were wishing they鈥檇 never wanted it now that they鈥檇 heard everything. Wishing that they鈥檇 not been so hasty. But it was far too late. 鈥淚t seems to me that this person cannot be blamed. For they are no longer Frisk or Chara, but someone new. And Frisk the Human is not totally at blame for what took place either. We could point at other humans in their lives, we could look to this Demon that comes when you call it. Some might blame Chara for becoming violent, but they didn鈥檛 become that way until they were pushed to the breaking point, and still managed to overcome it to stop things. The truth is... we鈥檙e all at fault. You, me, everyone. Together we made the world a place where this kind of horror was... inevitable.鈥 he sighed. There was no easy fix. Nothing would be easy. But at the forefront of his mind were all the things Papyrus had believed and told him about. About changing oneself and offering chances. But would they accept it? 鈥淟ike my Grandpa Semi before me, I am called to be Judge. I play arbiter and executioner as necessary. Even deciding the fate of Kings if called upon to do so. But... I cannot force the world to change if it refuses. So here is my command. Learn to be better. All of you,鈥 he glanced briefly at Flowey, who looked away. 鈥淐hoose again and again to be a better person than you were. Offer kindness and where you can...understanding. Our world is small, and our prison is more final than ever before. But it doesn鈥檛 have to be that way. We can make it a better place, a better world. We can be free if we make our freedom ourselves, even if the bars are still here. We鈥檙e alive, which is a miracle considering everything. So let鈥檚 put that to use. I know some of it has already started with the new school and the media stuff I鈥檝e seen everywhere. But there鈥檚 always more we can do.鈥 He drew himself up to his full height. 鈥淭hat is my judgement. All are guilty, and all must throw everything they are into this new world we鈥檙e making. To ensure that its a better place than where we were before. To be certain we don鈥檛 lose hope. There鈥檚 no putting all the responsibilities on the shoulders of royals or heroes alone, we each have to do our part.鈥 The two hooded and cloaked figures, both the large one with dark fur and the smaller jester-like one with a wicked smile and a lashing tail, came forward and stood on either side of him. As one they spoke the final ritual words of any trial. 鈥淟et the Angel鈥檚 will be done!鈥 And then Sans simply vanished. One moment he stood there and the next he was gone. The other two began shepherding the shell shocked Monsters from the room, quietly advising them to return home and contemplate the Judge鈥檚 decision. Papyrus ran as fast as he could, hoping that Sans would have just gone back to their house in Snowdin. The River Person gave him a ride, for the first time saying nothing at all. He鈥檇 apparently watched the trial from a television screen set up for Monsters in the Capital, and he鈥檇 been able to watch without leaving his boat. When he arrived, the telltale signs that Sans was home were present. But Sans himself was absent. Knocking on the door of his brother鈥檚 bedroom, Papyrus called out to him. 鈥淪ANS? SANS? I鈥橫 SORRY. I DIDN鈥橳 KNOW.鈥 But though he could hear someone moving around on the other side, nobody answered. 鈥淪ANS I WANT TO HELP YOU. IN YOUR DECISION YOU JUST SAID THAT WE SHOULD ALL DO OUR PART. WELL MY PART IS APOLOGIZING. I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE THE JUDGE AND CLEARLY GETTING UP THERE WAS UNCOMFORTABLE FOR YOU. AND I鈥橫 SORRY...鈥 The door opened. Still in his dark robes, but with the hood down now, Sans looked up at him with tired eyes. 鈥淚 know. S鈥檕kay, bro. I just hope it does everybody some good. If it does, I don鈥檛 mind.鈥 Papyrus hugged him and Sans let himself be hugged. It was going to be a bit before everything was really okay again. But now they at least had a chance at it.
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