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anna-phoraa day ago
1. She survived the Blip.
2. She spent a year in an orphanage camp because it took the government a while to locate Mina. (Mina went to the house and thought they were all gone, but Rocio鈥檇 been rounded up.)
3. Bucky Barnes is her favorite super-hero for no explainable reason. He just is. They鈥檝e pressed her on it, and she gives a different answer every time.
4. Spider-Man saved her favorite stuffed animal from being run over by a car聽and ever since she鈥檚 been in love.聽
5. Technically is only one year older than her brother if you go by birth dates, but now she鈥檚 6 years older than him.聽
6. Wants to be a famous YouTuber or TikToker when she grows up. She hasn鈥檛 decided which.
7. Speaks English, Spanish, and Hindi. (But only English fluently)
8. Had a hamster named Churro (who escaped his cage and was eaten by the neighbor鈥檚 cat.)
9. Is smart enough to have skipped a grade, but was kept behind in case her parents came back. (Mina didn鈥檛 want to have her skip ahead and deprive them of one more year.)
10. Has never kept an opinion to herself ever.
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theinnerworkingsofoca day ago
I always love seeing Ridge
Tumblr media
Ridge and his ghost hunting and horror movie obsession 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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randomestfandoms-ocsa day ago
More Dorothea pls 馃挄馃挄
Thanks 馃挅馃挅馃挅I鈥檒l definitely work on tossing more of her into my edit schedule!!!
Anonymously (or not) tell me which oc my ocs/fandoms you want to see more of
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馃憼 sapphire
Tumblr media
She honestly gets her fancy clothes from Persie鈥檚 closet
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馃憼 ridge
Tumblr media
Homeboy would rock the powder blue
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felicitys-smoaking2 days ago
Hello I love you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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馃懐 sage
It takes Sage a while to open up but once she considers you her friend she鈥檒l take down your enemies for you. or if you want to find love she鈥檒l totally be your wing woman. she is there for you thick or thin
馃懐 for a friendship headcanon
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Indiana and Melissa have constant dance parties with just the two of them. One of them had a bad day at work or school, get up and dance it out. Oh, you鈥檙e feeling sad, nope! not today! get up and dance it out!
馃幓 for a music headcanon
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馃憖 Sapphire
she鈥檚 doesn鈥檛 take her friend鈥檚 bullshit! she鈥檒l absolutely call Persie or Liam or Oliver or Liam out. she doesn鈥檛 care if they sulk because they know she鈥檚 right
馃憖 for a personality headcanon
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Persie鈥檚 dislike for the Ghoulies runs deep! they are the reason her biological father is dead so she holds them responsible for that. The only ghoulie she doesn鈥檛 mind is Malachai because he only joined the Ghoulies after she left to live with her aunt he鈥檚 a serpent by birth.
馃敟 for a dislikes headcanon
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馃捒 Ridge
Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
The only thing that looks good on me is you by Bryan Adams
Smooth by Carlos Santana
Just What I Needed by The Cars
Send me a 馃捒+ oc and I鈥檒l list five songs that remind me of them
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homeboy will wear sweatpants and hoodies every single day if he could. he sees no point in wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable聽
馃憲 for a fashion headcanon
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notebook full of ghost hunting locations
pocket knife
Send me a 馃憸 and An oc and I鈥檒l tell you five things they always carry with them
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Jonas Jordan Hobbs (paternal grandfather)
Mae Rowan Hobbs (paternal grandmother)
Byrdie (mother)
Dawson Jaden Hobbs (possible father or uncle)
Xavier Carter Hobbs (possible father or uncle) (Byrdie doesn鈥檛 remember which one)
Slash (older brother)
Crystal Skyla Hobbs (aunt)
Send me 馃尦 + an OC and I鈥檒l give you their family tree!
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randomfandomingwrites3 days ago
All weather emoji asks for nova
鈽锔- Does this oc make good or bad first impressions?
djsjsjjs uhm depends really but there鈥檚 usually just a lot of confusion
鉂- What is this oc's favorite and least favorite food?
lasagna! the only thing she refuses to eat is brussel sprouts
鈽侊笍- What is this oc's clothing style like?
changes depending on her mood but pinterest is telling me it鈥檚 a cross between grunge and boho goth, whatever that means
鈿- How well does this oc sleep?
BADLY HEKAJDJ vivid nightmares almost every night and if not that then she stays awake until it鈥檚 almost morning
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randomfandomingwrites7 days ago
All flower asks for Clara
馃尭- What's this oc's favorite and least favorite color?
she loves green, least favorite hmm probably a certain hue of orange
馃尮- What's this oc's biggest fear
losing the ppl she loves like she did her parents and to an lesser extent her brother
馃尫- How does this oc take their coffee?
doesnt drink it !!
馃尰- What's this oc's mental health state?
uhmm like medium level i guess idk i鈥檓 bad at guessing how bad mental health is djsjsjjs
she has a lot of trauma and anxiety. tends to ignore it all, like the fact she鈥檚 such a big people pleaser because she鈥檚 afraid of being left alone by people again even if her birth family left her unwillingly
馃尲- What's your favorite thing about this oc?
she鈥檚 always eager to listen and learn more from other ppl
馃尯- Which family member(if any) is this oc closest to?
her guardian !! he鈥檚 currently still unnamed with no fc but they have a close familial relationship to the point baby clara considered him her best friend
馃拹- Where is this oc's favorite place to relax?
her reading nook by the window !! always
thank you for the asks 馃挅馃挅
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randomfandomingwrites9 days ago
Can we pls get 5 facts ab jo and Nathaniel pls
ofc bby!
he comes off as this cool and poised rich dude but skskksksks he鈥檚 just an artistic dork who has lots of trauma and would cry if u gave him a shoulder pat let alone a hug
can鈥檛 go an hour without saying, 鈥渕y wife,鈥
speaking of his wife, he never pressured jo to consummate the marriage or whatever or get pregnant
has two dogs that he spoils like they鈥檙e his kids
yknow how some photographers do stupidly life threatening things just for a good shot? yeah that鈥檚 nathaniel but w his paints and drawings
because of her mother and their close friendship, the queen treats her like family
falls in love easily
has modeled before but now only for her husband/partners or friends
loves drama and rumors sm like, she doesn鈥檛 like the cruel rumors that ruin ppl but she thinks some of the ones about her are funny
unlike nathaniel she hates being alone and needs to be surrounded by friends everyday or she鈥檒l be in her head too much
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annibunnysworld9 days ago
I love your abilities to weave plots and
Tumblr media
Thank you so much OMG. I really do be doing the most to confuse even myself sometimes, but I'm glad it works! 鉂
Tumblr media
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heirsoflilith10 days ago
Thanks for asking! ^^
Miles startled when the door next to him opened. He'd heard the landlord and his wife talking about him in a concerned tone inside. He had a good hearing after all.
Just a Little help - Small prompts to get back at writing.
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