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harrycanyonmoonn · a day ago
History Professor  ( @hstyles-1994 )
Dry Hump ( @justice4canyonmoon )
Hung Up ( @erodasfishtacos )
Morning After ( @ch3rrybabyhon3y )
Boohoo ( @gracefulspidey )
how harry eats your pussy ( @watermelonlovershigh )
how harry uses vibrators on you ( @watermelonlovershigh )
 ( @watermelonlovershigh  )  Smut Masterlist
( @haaarry  )   Masterlist  ( ngl the smut is HAWT )
 ( @harrywritingsbyme )  Masterlist (  A+ fluff and smut )
 ( @rawmeharry  )   harry gives you a lap dance 
( @meetmeinfleetwood  )    Masterlist
harry pressing on ur tummy  ( @dont-cry2020 )
riding harry and he's choking you  ( @let-me-write-shit )
Ruin You  ( @aqua-harry )
off to the races   ( @buckyownsmylife )
Eating you out  ( @confidently-dasiavuu )
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hs-tpwk-hs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Harry in Italy, shooting for MyPolicemen.
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hs-tpwk-hs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Harry Styles with a fan recently. Lucky people ❤️😔
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shutterbug2012 · 2 days ago
Hello M, what's a wayback machine and how does it work? 👀
* cracks knuckles * let me introduce you to the fantastic concept of internet archiving :D
The Wayback Machine is basically a storehouse of internet history, created in 1996 by the Internet Archive (a non-profit library based in San Francisco) and made available for the public in 2001. The idea behind creating a digital archive was to let people go back in time (quite literally) and access material (webpages and the like) which is now defunct and/or inaccessible.
Wayback Wiki page
The Machine's own FAQ and the wiki page have details on how it works (if I was tech-savvy enough I'd be able to explain but I'm not rip)
But here's what I wanted to stress- the existence of WB is crucial for fandoms. You get to read through posts as if they were posted mere minutes ago, discover buried information and patterns that make sense in hindsight, and actually understand the context of certain fandom dynamics. Newer fans should definitely look through the Archive (keeping in mind that it is a draining exercise and sucks the life out of you) if and when they feel the need to read through important sections of fandom history, parts that some people on here are deliberately trying to erase to fit their self created narratives. The Machine gives you the facts as they existed at that point in time. I've always felt it's easier to have a rational stream of thought if you base your opinions on actual events that have taken place.
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elephantintheroompsy · 2 days ago
Two Ghosts
I wanted to do this for a long time, but now that I am having more free time I will make some analysis of the songs, it will not be verse by verse, it will be from a more psychological point of view.
I remember that this is my interpretation according to what I observe and have studied, it is not an absolute truth and we are talking about a living and breathing human being so every interpretation is always subjective.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have seen many interpretations about Mr. H's songs, with some I agree and with others I don't, I believe that for him they are very personal, therefore, I don't understand why sometimes they demerit the lyrics, artists as emotional as him, communicate in this way and many times he has said in interviews that sometimes it is easier to express himself through them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Accordingly, let's look at the song as a whole and not verse by verse, if we have noticed anything over the years, is that in their songs sometimes try to include sections to match threads or events that are happening ("current couple"), although I think this song is 100 percent essence of him, by the lyrics you can tell that it is very personal.
So, by the time it was written, Mr. H was around 19 years old and Mr. L was 21 years old, apparently this song was composed between late 2013 early 2014, by this time they would have been in a relationship for around three years.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
According to the above, I call this song the reason for consultation, because Mr. H is not relating in it the difficulties that some people present when they are in long-standing relationships and if 3 years is quite a lot, especially when you start at 16 years old. So this point is vital, because it is here that he realizes that they are no longer the same as they were at the beginning of the courtship where simple things like talking late or kissing for a long time was enough.
The relationship begins to demand changes: you are both reaching young adulthood, responsibilities are different and communication problems begin to play an important role. He is having a hard time accepting it, he wants to go back to that romantic love where he felt that the two of them were "one heart", it seems to me that by this time H was feeling stuck, possibly because the conflict lay in the idealization I have of love and what love really is.
Since I started listening to H, from his songs and some interviews, I consider him a very romantic and idealistic person, it's not bad, I think that's where the magic of his music, however, I think that this factor may lead him to have many emotional ups and downs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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