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chewsdays · 2 months ago
can you rec some chill harries who either like or at least don't talk shit about the other boys my dash is dead and in need of some positivity pls and thank
that’s- an interesting question for sure. Alright, some of these actually like the other boys, others are just smart enough to not waste their energy on talking about people they don’t like.
@stepdadharry @stylesrecord @greeneyesharry @harryx @pinkharold @harrysayingnympho @stylesin @nopathway @hizzos @chasm2018 @henrysparkles @harrysferntattoos @aliensingucci @tokyorry @ihateharry @theasstour @hrrycore @harryscurliess @canynmoon @edwardstyles @stylestm @harryonvacations @bihalien @extraharry @harryzayn
Have funnn!
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hrryluvr · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hotgirlhannibal · 6 months ago
favorite blogs? my dash is deserted🥺
@faintmp3 @goaltender @transyusufnicolo @bearpdf @hotjonrights @fireproofs @lovedangel @mullingar @svpportive @phantomthread2017 @hanniba1 @hannibalphobic @rosesau @alloutshirt @hrrycore @feelingoodinmyskin @jonsibn @sunsetpeaks @finetrepidation @vluable @lovervirgo @winehousecult @afflictions @analoghorror @poltergeist1982 @farmlesbians @feudallorde @toebesolonely @saoirseronanlynch @werewolvesoflondon @h-isforhome @horrorlesbians @wallz @wallowsgf @un1over @cowgirlfem @loveconfessions @waitformereprise @phoebewallerbridgers @phoebebridgerscultist @berljn @kremm @malhari @michaelcorleonlyfans @callinthemorning @2ghoul4u @shivroysgf @godisafallacy @hunygirl @petalsforarmor2020
there's more people i absolutely adore on here but those are all im able to tag <3
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stylesinthewild · 7 months ago
Could you recommend me some harry blogs please? 🥺 I’m a swiftie following you and I need some more harry content on my dash 💓
Hi 💕
@mitchharry, @chasm2018, @papiermachecat, @imaharrie, @old-in-betweeners, @accidentalharrie, @fleetwoodcherry, @hrrycore, @bored-libra, @the-pink-album, @jazzytda, @greeneyesharry, @harryfilm, @thefinestyles, @huccimermaidshirts, @ohyoustyles, @lithographarry,  @asunsetheart, @styloff, @katielocks, @opalesquemoonlight, @rocketmommy, @ihopeyoucontinue4ever, @toothesea, @amongstthestars, @harryisart, @harrysblacknailpolish, @harryslyles, @harrysimpact, @hampsteadharry, @harrysmyvibe, @cherrysmoon, @icedcoffeeharry, @yeahloads, @styleshugz @honeyskins, @snlpilotsketch, @stylesmclovin, @theharrystyleseffect, @indieharry, @fallingpdf, @harrybasquiat, @harryfeatjack, @thelovetour, @fall-all-in-you, @aliensingucci, @kiwibriwi, @aggresivelyfriendly, @sevignystyles, @illbeallright, @hijabiofcolor
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hharry · 8 months ago
tagged by @seik-o 💘💘
slow burn or love at first sight // fake dating or secret dating // enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers // there’s only one bed or long-distance correspondence // hurt/comfort or amnesia // fantasy au or modern au // mutual pining or domestic bliss // smut or fluff // canon-compliant or fix-it // reincarnation or character death // one-shot or multi-chapter // kid fic or road trip fic // arranged marriage or accidental marriage // high school romances or middle-aged romances // time travel or isolated together // neighbours or roommates // sci-fi au or magic au // body swap or genderbent // angst or crack // apocalyptic or mundane
tagging: @majorharry @pamelabeesly @visenyatargaryen @softironman @hrrycore @oberynmartell + anyone who wants to do it 💓
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