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#how do i say this
maleboss · 58 minutes ago
ur the mutual who makes a out of memes bestie how do u do that i can barely put thoughts into words much less edit a picture for them OHalso drawing cats i love ur cats so much bestie also the mutual who i’m marrying duh
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lizanthium · 2 hours ago
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@zutaramonth​ day 29: Festival
//She looked at their interlocked hands, blue in red. This is really it, she thought. I hope the Spirits know what they are doing.//
// “Come on Zuko, stop hiding and come meet my friend Toph properly! It is her birthday, after all,” she told him as she gently guided him towards her friends. Zuko wasn’t sure if he wanted to get to know Toph - the earth bending display from last night seemed like something no human could accomplish, let alone a small teenage girl.//
//The fireworks lit up the sky, but neither of them noticed. //
Ugh I’m finally done with this prompt, I wanted to clean it up more but i can’t sorry
Water, earth, fire, (air?), this may be my AU but for this prompt I followed the books of the show, and this is kind of the build-up of the fic as well :) nr. 1 is the marriage at the SWT, nr. 2 is Toph’s birthday! and nr. 3 is uuuu a festival towards the end of the story :)
Anyway the b&w lineart is under the cut:
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mashkaroom · 2 hours ago
I feel like they should have taught us how to deal with people in crisis in health class or wte. remember being 15 and your friends would be like “[the most fucked up thing you’ve ever heard] happened to me and now i have 3 separate mental illnesses about it. Also I can’t tell any adult because they’re all mandated reporters, so you’re the only one who knows. Also I’m in a situation immediately dangerous to me but my only options for leaving it would make my life way worse” and you’d just have to be like “oof bro :(” and then give cogent advice. what the fuck lol
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bottlewoman · 2 hours ago
An old college friend sent me a picture of some kittens, told me I need more cats, and asked if I still live at the same address.
He is totally the kind of guy who would show up at my door unexpected at midnight with a kitten that I would then have to adopt.
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windyqs · 3 hours ago
#gonna eat dinner and then contemplate suicide#if I wasn’t a coward#but I’m just sick of this fandom and it’s supposed niceness excpet to anyone they disagree with#I don’t wanna give anyone that satisfaction but at the same time#it’s a lot this year rl online everywhere I go#blocking and muting helps u til you hear someone say what they are saying and are reminded of how many people hate you and actually want#you dead that feeling is crushing like I’m okay with people hating me disliking me but for a ship you want me to die or what I write really#too bad I’m a coward#self harm is as far as I’ll get and I’ll feel guilty after#I don’t like pain but nothing will take this pain away in my goddam chest either#I’m a coward so I can talk to the talk say this is it but I’m too scared to go too far#online was my only escape from rl sucking and Welp#ignorance is bliss I preferred when I didn’t know or when I didn’t have people telling me#it will get better it will get better it will it will but it hasn’t#and this is the worse time for this to be happening I get super suicidal round my period more so than normal days with normal depression#I don’t wanna die but some part of me wants to obvi but also so I can do it and be like there are you happy now are you#maybe I’d rather not know the answer cuz it’s probably#yes we are happy#tw sucidal thoughts#tw suicide#tw self harm#tw shit idk Lemme know#I haven’t checked my notifications or my followers cuz anxiety and depression but I will check my asks and messages so just let me know#or you can honestly unfollow I mean whatever makes you comfy block tags uhm my blogs tag there’s a couple of things#I’m tired#I think I’ll just start setting little dollars aside might take 7 years but I’ll probs still have mental problems in 7 years so better late#than never any luck cuz my last#shitton of money therapist didn’t really help#personal
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princekirijo · 4 hours ago
Okay had a random thought and had to share it so Rumi from P5R right? We know almost nothing about her. We know her first name, she was engaged to Maruki, she was pretty dang cheeky and strong willed according to Maruki, her birthday is February 3rd, shit hit the fan one night and fucked up her life. That's all we know.
Here's what my sleep deprived brain has come up with: She has red hair, red eyes, and we don't actually know her surname... Rumi Kirijo, anyone?
Like this is such a COOL IDEA???? LIKE IM ACTUALLY LOSING MY MIND IM TRYING TO FORM COMPREHENSIVE THOUGHTS?! I can't remember how old Rumi is but like what if she and Mitsuru were sisters... Or cousins even... Holy shit my brain is thinking to fast but I absolutely love this? I am going to be thinking about this all day omfg I love it. Thank you for sharing and blowing my mind anon 😳
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cofhades · 8 hours ago
hello world it's me here
sooo i have a few fic drafts?? some of them are really sketchy and some more elaborate and properly edited (credit to my friend that kindly helps me out with grammar and stuff bc i'm not majoring in english but she does and does it well). i've no idea when i'll manage to finish any of these so i thought i could as well just dump a few passages (from different works if anything) here!! most of them are draco-centric, although i'm honestly trying my best and i've had some thoughts about wolfstar, too, i drafted some idea only yesterday in hope to properly write it some day...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i wrote some short stories, like really small texts, back in 2016, for haikyuu and mobpsycho, they're not in english though; i dunno why but back then i could actually _finish_ works, as for now i never know how the story will end. i'm all for open endings but sometimes i have no idea what exactly it is that my work is about because i write mainly about feelings and how the world reflects them and well that all can be something of a vacuum, without any proper narrative ??? if that makes sense
anyways i'm putting these parts of my wips here and hope that maybe if some fanfic enthusiast or a writer drops by and says something nice or points out something in my works i'd very much appreciate that!
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shantyman · 11 hours ago
death and abuse in the tags
#yeah. my nana is gonna die soon and i had been thinking about calling her for *months* and never did#because i never. showed her my transition she never saw me post-op she has. no idea who i am#she's gonna die before ever really meeting me and i am never going to get her to see me and i was. selfish?#to just be so consumed with fear that anything i told her would just make its way back to my old man#because it's been no-contact for maybe like#four years now? coming up on five in october i think. and for good reason. and i can't. see him. y'know. like i can't.#and going to hospice going to a service going anywhere he might be is dangerous. i have almost no family because of hiding from him.#and that is usually. fine. i guess. because i hate most of them anyway they're just as cruel and disgusting but.#i love my uncle joe? i love my sister? and i do love my nana. even if she's hurt me so much too.#i want to at least. see her or pay some respects when i can but i don't know *when* i can because of this hurdle.#i can't go to a service. i am literally unable now to go to my own grandmother's funeral service. because her son decided to [redacted] me#how is. how is that fair how is that like. okay. on any level how is it okay that he gets to keep his family and i am excised from it#the same way his first victim was excommunicated and we were all fed lies about why that was.#it's a violent sickening cycle and i should not be losing so much for the simple crime of being. born. being hurt. scared. sick.#it's complete bullshit and he should be dying honestly. he should be dead for everything he's done.#not that nana isn't just Ready. she is. it's been a long time coming she's 85 she's ready.#but the last few years didn't have to be so fraught with tension and anger and running in circles. i could have just had a grandmother.#in a better world i'd be able to say goodbye like any ordinary grandson. and she would know me as her grandson and it'd be okay.#i was going to write a poem about this a few months ago. something about how she'll never see that i'm a better man than her son.#and the best part is i'm only somewhat a man. but i still have him beat. and. no one will ever see it. i do not exist.#a.txt
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mushroomtale · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
我觉得 这其实反映就是一个什么心态呢
所以我希望台湾的老百姓 能够好好想一想
能尽快想清楚这些问题 然后尽快去做出选择
There isn't any one governance system in the world 
that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits
But I think Taiwan right now for a variety of reasons 
has this idea that it want all the benefits 
but are not willing to pay any cost to get such benefits
I believe this reflects the fact that 
Taiwan has not yet figured out 
What it is you want the most 
What it is you want the least
What it is that you could receive
What it is you are willing to give up, in order to get what in exchange
Taiwan still hasn’t figured out the answers to these questions
So I hope the people of Taiwan
Are able to reflect on this
Think through these questions as quickly as possible
Make your choice as soon as possible
The sooner you are able to come to clarity, the better it will be for you
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