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#hot take
monkberries · 15 minutes ago
I can't believe this is the worst that anons have been in like band fandoms are usually messy. There isn't even a lot of infighting considering there is so much potential for it given the history of the Beatles but the fandom on tumblr at least is p chill comparatively the worst I have seen ppl fight over is yoko. Although in terms of fanworks this is the only fandom where I came across necrophilia fics in the main tag so if anon means it in that sense then yes ig
i’ve never been in a bandom before this one; i will say that this one feels smaller, at least on tumblr, than other fandoms i’ve been in, which can cut down on fighting. though i’ve definitely seen beatle fans fight more elsewhere online.
as for the necrophilia fic... i mean, i was in the supernatural fandom and necrophilia wasn’t even the worst thing i read in that fandom. it does suck that it was in the main tag, though, i will give you that.
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monkberries · 28 minutes ago
This is kind of a George/fandom hot take: George had the strongest grasp on a lot of political issues but he doesn't get credited as being intelligent enough for that bc he wasn't book smart and got stuck with the spiritual label. He knew what was up with climate change long before it was cool. He voiced his disapproval of imperialism, of cops, of Reagan, of Thatcher & her privatisation of the UK, of various other scummy MPs, knew Blair was a phony, etc. 1/2
He also voted for the Greens when they were at their most radical and Eco-socialist. But all you ever really see in terms of his political involvement is the Natural Law Party which he mostly got involved with to help out the Maharishi and didn't stick with. Even the Concert for Bangladesh was political. Basically, there was more to George than being spiritual. He was very switched-on about what was happening in the world and deserves more respect for that. 2/2
GOOD FOR HIM! We should definitely talk about this more. I didn’t know most of this, aside from Bangla Desh and the Natural Law Party. Where should we go to read about this stuff?
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monkberries · 32 minutes ago
unpopular opinion but i think the fandom should read books
THE AUDACITY. all books were written by jean jackets
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arsonova · 40 minutes ago
Why I fucking despise skylor as a character:
-shes pointless, literally stale fucking bread
-her powers make no sense. What are her WEAKNESSES? How long can she hold a specific power she copied? What can she have them all at fucking once? DOES SHE NOT HAVE LIMITS??
-a forced relationship with Kai. This is TMNT 2012 all over again.
-if i was to write her I'd make her have some sort of amulet that allows her to copy powers
-only red head I don't Stan in a cartoon get outta my face with this bs
-skylor is a trash character sorry not sorry I don't make the rules
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tsukishimaswhore · an hour ago
no because how the fuck are yamaguchi stans gonna hate and slander tendou. "i see why he was bullied as a kid!!! hahaha!" bitch yamaguchi would hate your dumb ass. did y'all forget that yams got bullied too? the last thing he'd want to see is you bitches supporting the bullying of someone else. most of the haikyuu fandom only cares about looks and it's annoying as hell. please shut the fuck up. you don't have to like tendou but hating/slandering him for his looks and calling him creepy is just weird asf. i swear this fandom pisses me off more and more every day😐.
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monkberries · an hour ago
Tumblr media
goodness, really? this one is the worst one you've been in for content?? i find that a little bit hard to believe considering some of the other fandoms i've been in myself lmao
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monkberries · an hour ago
Hot take : idk why but i feel like when i read some of fanfics in this fandom, there are this...disrespect to the wives? Like, not all of them obviously, but there are some fanfics where the vibe is :
"Oh so you are with (insert one bug name) then, dear? Good for you love! Now let's get some tea together and try not to think abt our child(ren) who will be abandoned just for your 'happily ever after'. Me? Don't be silly! I'm fine! I support your relationship with them despite us being married. After all they are your true love, right?"
...if it's AU, where it's only bugs, I'm chill, but like, some make it like this and idk man, it feels icky when ppl use the wives as this cheerleader thingy instead of human who has feelings. And the kids... my god the kids...some of their treatment are downright questionable.
I am realizing today that the fandom experience you all are having is, ahh, much different than the fandom experience I have had
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wepickedthisgame · 2 hours ago
you are in his rooftop hot tub but i am on tumblr writing posts about how much i love him, we are not the same
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outlawiism · 2 hours ago
No nightmares last night but a real one today as my internet kept dying during an event i was supporting *sarcastic thumbs up* anyway I've booked some time off to recuperate from this and you should do self care too <3
omg i'm sorry to hear that my self-care fairy  !  i am so glad you are taking time off to get some rest, ilu  !  nothing too great over here either.  it's officially shark week.  i am in pain and want to punch the planet asdjhfgk
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fandime · 2 hours ago
90% of my posts here get peer reviewed by my friends on discord first
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squidwardtortellini · 3 hours ago
God can you imagine like. There are people out there who are like yes omg this is my favorite band of all time… and it’s like. Fucking COLDPLAY LMAO.
#or the Red Hot Chili Peppers ASHDJDJFJF#COULDN’T BE ME#even when I was a repressed transgender homosexual my taste in music wasn’t that bad#it was still pretty good actually#god the man I was madly in love with had SUCH BAD TASTE in music. and in general tbh but god#his favorite band was Switchfoot which is a Christian rock band LMAOOO#to be fair I have never heard one of their songs but based on the other songs he likd… I can already tell it’s bad shdjfjgg#I’m not the kind of person who lets my taste or personality get influenced like that like if I think your shit sucks idgaf#I mean I’ll be nice about it but I don’t care how desperately in love I was with this motherfucker. I wasn’t gonna listen to switchfoot LMAO#but yeah. but when I do love I love hard in other ways and like. give too much and don’t let myself take at all and he was legit the worst#so he’s not in my life anymore#and I’m working on all that#I mean he was also anusive according to my friends and mental health professionals BUT#anyway. so even with THAT I still wasn’t gonna listen to his shitty music sjdjfjmg#I will do a lot of things for someone I love. I will make all kinds of sacrifices. often to my self-detriment#but I will not change who I am or what I like. like this is what you signed up for#and obviously if someone shows me something I like then yeah that’s awesome. like Erik has always introduced me to music I love. but that’s#because their taste is good.#I just don’t like pretending or putting on an act I guess. so I’m not gonna like. be a duck but I’m also not gonna pretend I like something#lmao anyway. and I have gotten better about having a voice and defending myself in relationships#I haven’t admitted to myself that it’s because I have value yet or whatever. it’s more because like. I can’t function like this. you know.#like even if on some level I think I can’t take up any space or w/e it’s like that’s not possible. I’m a human I have feelings.#I have wants and needs. I can’t just give and give and give and refuse to take#and somehow convince myself I’m the one who does all the taking lmao#I literally thought I was and then when I cut him out he was like ‘I will need help if you cut me out.’#‘you can’t do this to me. you’re like my therapist’#which is like. textbook abuser behavior also but. ahsjjfg yeah#and this was like. after trying to talk to him about stuff but anyway yeah#like it’s not my job to be your therapist bitch! go see an actual therapist!#I try to tell you how your behavior is damaging. every time I try distance you weasel back in. so finally he got blocked lmao but yeah
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liibrii · 4 hours ago
every time I see Suna being written as a dom my brain goes *doubt* cause that's the subies sub to have ever subbed right there
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monkberries · 4 hours ago
As an older individual in the fandom. I don’t get how disrespectful younger fans are. Ex: bad mouthing fellow artist and creators, calling blogs racist/ antisemite. Yo, we’re all here to celebrate the boys, let’s not forget that sometimes a blog is an escape from ALL the horrible shit in the world. Yes, there are problems and oppression, BUT I’m here to forget about those things for a while and just love The Beatles, ya’ dig?
Badmouthing other people for petty reasons is stupid, of course. However, calling out racism and anti-semitism is important if the fandom is going to be a safe place to escape for everyone. Marginalized communities find it much harder to be comfortable and exist in spaces where bigotry against them is allowed to run rampant.
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monkberries · 4 hours ago
The amount of young people in this fandom is surprising to me, when i first hopped on the bus i thought it would be full of old grannies fawning over the boys but I was (thankfully) wrong! It's young people fawning over grandpas instead and I love it!
That’s great! I’m so glad you’re having a good experience!!
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oloreaa · 4 hours ago
Remember that when POC say something is important or worth talking about, because some aspect of whatever media is actively harmful: listen to us. Don't talk over us, don't try to silence us because (insert show/character/concept/whatever) is your fav.
If we POC tell you it's harmful, then at LEAST have the decency to hear us out and maybe change your opinion (given the fact you were exposed to new information and views) instead of having the knee-jerk reaction of "bUt I DO'nT thINk tHaT IT's hArMfUL"
Liking "problematic" media isn't something that makes you a bad person, but if margialised people tell you that there might be something you cannot perceive as offensive due to your privilege? There might be things you have not considered before? Especially in a fandom as racist as Star Wars?
Listen to POC and don't try to tell us what's offensive or what's not. By pushing our voices down, you're pushing POC fans and creators away from the fandom.
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