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sphinxsmuses · 52 minutes ago
Starter Call for Sylvao!
Tumblr media
Sylvao is cunning and calculating, great at putting on a poker face. His presence alone sends a wave of intimidation and command, making others follow him. Though he isn’t malicious to his followers, he treats them well, making sure their obedience is rewarded. But should you cross him, he isn’t afraid to torture you and make you an example to others.
Sylvao is a powerful demon who lurks in the shadows. He isn’t one to go out and cause chaos, desiring to be left to his own devices. He found and basically adopted a pair of twin demon children, Klaus and Opal who see him like an older brother and live to serve him.
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mikeyflippinway · 2 hours ago
thanks for the tag @talkfastcal !!! 💕
rules: you can usually tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people
Let Them In - PVRIS
Not Warriors - Waterparks
For Baltimore - All Time Low
Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us - My Chemical Romance
Everything We Need - A Day to Remember
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Set it Off
Hair Song - Dance Gavin Dance
Kingslayer - Bring Me the Horizon feat. Babymetal
Break Out! Break Out! - All Time Low
Up In Flames - Kayzo feat. Alex Gaskarth
I'll shoot some tags at @gushersboy , @likeinfinitysigns , @tyisreallygay , and anyone else who would like to participate! 💕
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funnyt-shirts · 7 hours ago
What's red thinking? via /r/lol
Tumblr media
What's red thinking? Submitted June 20, 2021 at 05:47PM by freelaser54 via reddit
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witchchildred · 7 hours ago
Who ever watched victorious your now hot and very unstable
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lostjonscave · 11 hours ago
hmm. i’ve been away for a while, and. this blog is now 2 years old. and my thoughts on tma, among other things, have changed significantly over the past 2 years. i don’t mean they’ve gone from positive to negative, they’ve mostly gone from one prevailing idea to another, but i don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the meta that i wrote 2 years ago now based on various developments throughout the course of the show. since those posts do still get attention every once in a while, i feel like that’s important to say, at least for me?
however jon archivist is autistic and i was right from day one about that part. fuck yeah neurodivergence baby
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ricochelt · 13 hours ago
i’m in that stage where i hate myself but at the same time i feel the hottest bitch alive
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blue-eyed-cutiepatootie · 16 hours ago
💜💜 buttercup and candy floss 💜💜
Sheya 💜💜💜 thank you I'm crying
I'm bringing bringing homemade soft pretzels and apple cider slushies to our picnic 💜
Doing this thing
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urbanlegends · 16 hours ago
the other day I woke up for work and checked my phone and my first texts were my friend randomly asking me if I thought sam supernatural was hot ugly or ugly hot
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catgirlchihiro · 19 hours ago
(sorry im a little behind on trans dr week, catching up today! :D)
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tomahachi12 · 19 hours ago
Wishing you well! Hope you get through the heatwave okay!
I got like 1000000 fans going
But I’m good!
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lystring · 19 hours ago
it went really well today i think at work n amazingly i wasn't even hungover this morning, prob cus i cried hysterically for an hour last night (that seems to help me prevent hangovers for some reason lmao). its been a long time since I worked in the hotel/restaurant biz for this many hours and my feet hurt like fuuuuck. also, sorry tmi, but it seems I wore the wrong kinda underwear for the job and the fact that it was the hottest day of the summer so far (like above 30 degrees Celsius which is EXTREMELY warm for me im a ginger babes I have a hard time handling a day over 25 degrees lol n also ive been running around constantly handling the dishes in the kitchen n the outdoor seating ares right next to the water like...i even forgot to put sunscreen on so i probably got burnt) so ive been sweating like crazy...and uh i chafed af in like the part where the inner thigh meets the like labia minora?? lol sorry again tmi but it hurts like a mf like i got home and even just laying down hurts not even moving like... luckily some intensive googling found someone on a Swedish forum with the exact same issue like 12 years ago with someone giving great advice that actually helped so.....but yeah next time im working i gotta find a solution to prevent that from happening lmao cus today weren't the way.
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