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#hoo memes
scarletmaster14312 hours ago
I have this headcannon that after everything while annabeth works towards her architecture dreams Percy gets into politics. Think abt it, he knows what it's like to have a crappy existence, he has always always fought for the underdog, he tries to side with vulnerable people and make their voices heard, he stands up to the bullies , he has definitely faced scarier things than aging conservatives who refuse to bring any changes, he has a lot of experience leading people and pushing people, he gets a lot of support from his friends and other campers, he genuinely loves his city (tlo) and you want to tell me that the boy who demanded that the Olympians pay child support, who called out the school administration in SoM abt their treatment of Tyson, who has seen firsthand how people can overcome centuries of rivalries if they put in effort, tell me this boy wouldn't be the shining beacon of hope for the young people of new york, he has annabeth and Reyna reviewing his policy and giving him advice, piper writing his speeches, he asks Grover's help while drafting environment-related policy, when new campers ask if they knew any prominent half bloods Chiron proudly tells them that the mayor of nyc, who has a pristine record and a massive support base blew up the bathrooms on his first day at camp.
((and his choice of affiliation very much reflects his favorite color,,,just saying))
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Nico: ..After all men who decide they enjoy aesthetics that are traditionally feminine, and decide not to give a damn about what society thinks are way braver than men who decide succumb to peer pressure and follow a more traditional masculinity that consists of hiding their feelings and watching sports.
Percy: All I said was that I didn鈥檛 want to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show with you right now.
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biracialpercya day ago
The security guard whenever demigods come into the empire state building:
Tumblr media
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about-chba day ago
Will: i made sum tea
Nico: i dont want tea
Will: its for me, not for you
Nico: then why are you telling me?
Will: to start a conversation
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ravenwings112 days ago
Nico: Do you ever think things through???
Percy: No & you can鈥檛 make me
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid2 days ago
Jason: Hey Leo, we need to talk about something
Leo: First open your gift :D [slides gift box to him]
Jason: In a minute, we need to talk and you have a very short attention span
Leo: Did you ever notice that 鈥渞ace car鈥 is the same forward sand backwards?
Jason: Look, We really... Huh? That鈥檚 cool!!
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