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#honestly this went exactly the way I expected it to
j10kkuno · a month ago
Well, I would like to validate Tina and say that Kid Pix was totally one of the cool things to do on the computer after you finished your typing exercises in school. I wasn't very artsy so I didn't do it too often and chose I believe like Coolmath and other browser based games but Kid Pix is nostalgic af.
(Context: Last night Karl asked the stream if anyone ever used Kid Pix and Tina said that it was allowed to as computer enrichment after you finished your typing excercises. Karl described Kid Pix as like kid's photoshop, but I remember it like a kid's version of Microsoft Paint. If I remember correctly, at my US elementary school we went to computer labs on a weeklyish basis(Maybe not quite as often, but more often starting around 3rd grade) for typing lessons and other computer based education and sometimes just for fun educational computer lab time. Once you finished your assigned exercises, you could go on approved programs and websites like Kid Pix and Cool Math. There was a lot of fun math based websites. This would've been the late 2000s, Tina is literally exactly four weeks younger than me)
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thebeautyoffanfics · 15 hours ago
Hello, I just read your rules! Can i request Tanjiro x Angel!reader? Not the stereotypical angel with wings, technically the reader looks like a normal female but with golden marks or symbols, always surrounded with this peaceful aura. Just fluff is general
a/n: ahh thank you for requesting!! such a cute one at that-! i hope you enjoy <3!!
warnings: none <3
To be completely honest, when Tanjiro first saw you, his first thoughts were “she looks like an angel.” Once he got to know what exactly you were, he giggled a bit, his face flushing slightly. “Ah, that makes sense,” He remarked, scratching the side of his face. 
When the two of you grew closer, Tanjiro found himself enjoying your company even more than he enjoyed others’. That’s really saying something, as Tanjiro tended to not mind people (just look at his two best friends.) He figured it was just your aura- being around you made him feel calm and happy. Just your presence was enough to make him forget about his worries, and focus on the happier things in life.
It didn’t take long for him to realize that it wasn’t just because of your aura that he wanted to be around you- it was just… you in general. After being your friend for a while, he’d confess, letting you know that he understood if you wanted to reject him or wait until he was in a less dangerous line-of-work. Assuming you accept his confession, he felt as if he was walking on air. Yeah, things weren’t going to be sunshine and lollipops for forever, but heck- a literal, actual angel just accepted his love confession. Nothing could get this boy down. 
If you allow him to, he loves tracing all of your marks and symbols. He even starts to do it without thinking, especially when you cuddle. He’ll be casually talking to you about random things, and you’ll feel his calloused fingers dancing over your arm or back. It’s sort of how he grounds himself. A way of knowing that you’re real, and you aren’t going to disappear from his arms. 
The night before every mission, Tanjiro will definitely fall asleep cuddling with you. In the morning, he’ll say goodbye, letting you know that he’d see you before too terribly long, and thanking you for being there for him. As soon as he gets back, he’s heading straight for your arms, relishing in the peaceful and loving feeling. 
Along with cuddling, Tanjiro never gets sick of kissing you. Your first kiss was probably after he got home from an especially dangerous mission, and he honestly went right in for one without thinking. After planting a kiss on your lips, he smothered the rest of your face in gentle, quick kisses, telling you that he missed you and loves you. It takes him a few seconds to truly process what he did, but when he does he immediately grows red and avoids eye contact. He’d probably mutter an apology, saying that his emotions kinda just… overwhelmed him. If you tell him it’s okay, he’ll laugh a bit, closing his eyes. “I’m glad then! Since I can’t promise I won’t do it again.” Expect him to definitely do it again, not even limiting it to after missions. Sometimes he just looks at you, and the butterflies in his stomach get the best of him, as he places sporadic kisses over your face. 
The first time he called you “his angel”, he did it unironically. It clicked, and then he began to laugh- you joined in, and it only made him laugh harder. After that, he definitely calls you his angel more often. It started as a joke, but honestly stuck- he also says things like “I’ve been kissed by an angel” or “I’m in the arms of an angel” constantly. He finds it ironic, but cute at the same time. 
Overall, Tanjiro is so very in love with you. He’s mentioned how he thinks it’s kind of funny- if you looked at it out of context, he’s fighting demons and yet dating an angel, so it could look like he’s doing it for your sake. “It’d make a cool love story, I suppose? Although Nezuko is my priority in this one,” He noted, staring at the starry sky with you. You nodded your head, as he rubbed his thumb across your hand. Even those moments like that, the simple, quiet moments where little words are shared, are moments he wouldn’t give up for the world.
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soundguyfinn · 16 hours ago
right behind whats happening || self
WHO: Finn Hudson & Emilio Lopez WHEN: November WHERE: A driving range in Los Angeles GENERAL NOTES: Emilio offers Finn some advice to help cope with his current struggles. WARNINGS: None
Finn had been updating his mom about his and Santana’s struggle with getting pregnant. He didn’t keep secrets from her ever, and even if he tried to, she’d pick up on it during one of their phone calls and he’d end up explaining it anyway. So when they talk, it’s mostly about that, and sometimes about his job, and she liked to give him updates on the Hummel side of the family too. She was really supportive of him and them, and he knew she liked to talk to Santana about girl stuff, but because she wasn’t there, it was hard to really get into it. 
Santana had her parents close, and even though he was like 2% jealous, he was happy that at least one of them had that. He got along with her parents just fine, as in he liked them and he knew they liked him too except for the whole prenup thing. He was kind of wary of her dad because of it. 
So when he got a call from Emilio one random Thursday afternoon, he couldn’t help but be a little nervous. He answered it though and was stunned to hear Emilio ask him if he wanted to go to a driving range this weekend. Finn must’ve sounded dumb stuttering on the phone that he wanted to go but he got the sentence out and the nailed down a time and place and agreed to meet. 
Finn showed up to the place 10 minutes early, mostly because he didn’t want to hit traffic and he didn’t want to make Emilio wait for him. Santana’s father was of course already there, with the clubs and basket of balls ready to go. Finn shook his hand and took the driver from the bag as soon as they got up to their tee. 
“Tell me what’s going on, Finn,” Emilio said, not even looking up from the ball before he swung. 
Finn raised an eyebrow. Emilio wasn’t messing around, but Finn didn’t want to say too much. “Oh um, I got a new job. Another Netflix thing, so that’s been cool, it’s—“ Emilio cut Finn off, but he was kind of laughing. “Not what I was talking about.” 
Finn knew that. He dropped his ball on the tee and fired off his shot, watching the ball sail out into the green. He turned back around and shrugged his shoulders. “You probably have all the details. We’ve been trying ever since the wedding and it’s just not happening. We went to a doctor who said we were both fine, and that we’re doing everything right, which makes no sense because if we were, then we wouldn’t be having so much trouble. We do everything we’re supposed to and still nothing.” Finn blew out a breath and Emilio had this look on his face like he wasn’t expecting Finn to say all that. He honestly didn’t mean to unload like that, but he figured having the older gentleman ask pushed it out of him. “Takes time,” he said, without even looking up. 
Not exactly the sage advice Finn was hoping for. “Yeah, I know, but, it isn’t fair,” he said. He felt dumb for saying it like that, like a kid protesting bed time or something. But it wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t. “We both want it so bad,” he said, sitting down on the bench that was next to their spot. “When I was in high school, my girlfriend at the time cheated on me once and got pregnant. Once. How come it only took one time then and now that I’m married to someone I love and actually want this, it can’t happen? Feels like some kind of messed up sign that we shouldn’t be parents or something.” 
“Don’t talk like that,” Emilio snapped back, “Do you talk like that to my daughter?”
Finn shook his head furiously. “What? No! I mean, we talk about our feelings and everything, but I don’t…” he trailed off. He ran a hand over his face and took a sip from the water bottle he brought. “I always tell her how I feel but I don’t wanna make it sound like I’m giving up. ‘Cause I’m not and I don’t want to.” He huffed and shook his head. “Santana’s gonna be a great mom and there’s something in the way. I just don’t know what to do.” Emilio put his club back in the back and sat down next to Finn. “Listen to me, Finn. You have to be patient. That’s not what you want to hear, but you have to do it. If you want it as bad as you say you do, and I know you’re being sincere, you need to do whatever it takes,” he said, clapping Finn on the shoulder, “you’re going to make a good father. Don’t stop just because things are tough. You’re not a quitter and neither is my daughter.” 
Finn swallowed hard, and nodded. “You’re right, we’re not quitters. We just hit a snag.” “Of course I’m right, I’m your father in law.” 
Finn laughed and shook his head. Emilio suggested they finish up and go get a beer, and Finn was quick to gather up their stuff, so they could go. He had to get some of that off his chest, and the fact that it was with Santana’s father somehow made it better. The circumstances sucked, but he felt like they were actually get close and Finn hadn’t realized how much he needed that until right now. 
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A final thank you
So. That's it. That's the end. C'est fini! Uhm... Honestly, I can't believe we went this far with Reality Check.
I genuinely thought it would be a small fic that a few people would pay attention to and instead it blew up. That was insane!
So, I have a few remarks on it that I think would be fun for you all to know.
First off, I'm just like a Marvel writer. Everything is long-term. I had plans set for the Reader and Loki well over a month in advance. I knew exactly how this story would end back in chapter 2 honestly. I had everything in an outline ready to go, hence the reason why I was so excited by the end of it.
Yes, there will probably be a sequel coming shortly. I can't begin to describe to you how much I love writing Reality Check! However, I'm trying to decide if I want it to be on Tumblr. I'm thinking AO3 because I can make series on there, so it's a lot easier to keep it compact and organized.
However, the sequel was definitely planned out weeks ago. I had a huge theory for Doctor Strange 2 which I think would be an interesting route if Marvel decides to tie in both WandaVision and Loki. When I write the sequel, you will see that theory go into action. If, a year from now, I am still writing and want to write Reality Check, I'm sure I would be more than willing to update it so it fits Doctor Strange 2. As for now, I will choose to implement my theories and make them fit with the Phoenix.
This is why there is so much foreshadow in Reality Check.
So much.
And some of it isn't even foreshadow that you guys would've caught by reading it a second time. Some of it is literally meant for a sequel. It worked in this story, but it would be an even better callback after a sequel. And it's so obvious honestly, it's hilarious!
But uh, there's that.
Secondly, I just wanted to say: Holy moly. Writing a fanfic on WandaVision is so difficult. Unbelievably hard. I rewatched the entire series three times and I had the finale up all day as I was writing. I'm so proud of how it turned out though. Later on this week I will probably edit it but right now I am so proud. It's insane how far we've come.
Finally, just thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you for the love and support you have given it. I'm just a high school senior who didn't have enough time on her hands for everything so she chose to procrastinate by writing. I was not expecting any of this to blow up. I can't thank you all enough. I love you guys so, so much.
So yeah.
I don't know when there will be a sequel, but it's already planned out. I just have to write it and flesh it out.
It'll probably be soon if I have it my way though ;)
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mrcifci · a day ago
Affect raises a seed round to grow its stimulant abuse recovery service
There are any number of seed rounds that cross our desks every day, a never-ending march of enterprise software, consumer apps, games, hardware, biotech, and sometimes even a space startup. But amid the regular flow of funding news, it’s still rare to come across a company raising money to take on addiction with software. So when Affect’s $1 million seed round from AlleyCorp came to my attention, I wanted to learn a bit more.
As someone who went to rehab for alcohol use disorder in what appeared to be a partially renovated middle school where the highest-tech thing that was in our group rooms were chairs, the idea of using software to help addicts reduce use and get their life back intrigued me.
Focused on stimulant abuse in particular, the startup wants to help people addicted to methamphetamine, for example, fully cease their use of the drug. Affect CEO Kristin Muhlner talked me through the company’s efforts during an interview. In short, the Affect app combines contingency management (rewards for positive behaviors) and cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT (a form of therapy with known impact on addiction). Regarding the latter, Muhlner told TechCrunch during an interview that well-known recovery programs like AA or SMART Recovery also use forms of CBT in their approaches to helping addicts
In app form, those two concepts break down into things like cash rewards for multi-day abstinence or attending a group session. And on the therapy front, Affect offers group therapy, individual therapy, addiction counseling, and drug testing.
Like many companies today, Affect intends to learn from more data; it expects, per a deck that TechCrunch was able to review, machine learning to help the company hone its model and service over time. Let’s hope.
Critically, Affect is not opposed to medically assisted recovery, which matters. There is, in some recovery-focused theologies, a belief that any sort of medical assistance is akin to merely replacing one addiction, or substance, with another. This harmful view is contradicted by science. So, to see Affect cite adjuvant medication in its own pitch materials was heartening.
Stimulant abuse is rampant in America, and meth addiction is among the most deadly drugs in the country. Meth is no fucking joke. The only good amount of meth usage is precisely and exactly zero meth usage. So what Affect is building could actually change the world for stimulant addicts if it works.
I honestly hope Affect company winds up raising a bit more to more fully test out its thesis regarding addiction recovery. With insurance companies picking up the tab for Affect’s software, it has a chance to reach lots of folks in need. So many, in fact, that when I asked its CEO how it was handling go to market work, she said that her company had been warned that her user group was hard to reach. However, after putting up a digital ad, her company had to take it down seven minutes later. How’s that for product-market fit.
Let’s hope we see more startups working on this problem. Addiction is not going away and older methods are not the only way forward for addicts.
from TechCrunch via IFTTT
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oi-shoh-sree · a day ago
My Love Life, if you will
My first time dating, (2016) I was 13 years old. I don't really think it was a relationship or that we were dating because I only met him once and then we were talking on social media for a while when he asked me out. I kind of dumped him after a few weeks of "dating". Then again, we weren't even in a real relationship, so. Honestly, I never had any feelings for him. We were young so I was just like "Let's give it a shot". I have heard that he's been showing people screenshots of me breaking up with him over text. I'm sorry if I hurt you, I'm sure you've become a good person and that you'll find something who truly cares about you. I just never felt anything for you. I'm sorry.
Next story (2017), I was 14 and in 9th grade. Now, this was a big deal. My first love... and heartbreak. Some of you think it's not first love if we didn't officially date, but if I felt it, it was love from my side, so it is my first love. Fight me!
I don't care if you think I'm crazy, but it was my teacher. I know what you're thinking, it's this fantasy many tweens/teens have. Maybe it was, but I was like really in love. My best friend would say "Oh my god, your eyes look like hearts, you are crazy!" Here's the thing, I wasn't expecting him to like me back or date me, but I wasn't expecting him to date other students either. I mean, I get that you don't date minors, because that's illegal. But you act like we have something then go on to pretend like we never knew each other, and date other minors? I don't get it. I'm not going to name him. Back then, I was 14, so my way of flirting was staring at my crush (not in a creepy way, but with adorable moonstruck eyes) hoping that he gets the hint and is more courageous than I am. That's exactly what I did. We exchanged cute glances and smiled at each other.
I always loved reading. From a young age, my mom would go to school (she's a teacher) and I didn't have anyone to play with so I would solve puzzles and read story books. In 9th grade I had just started writing. I wrote some poems and short stories. I started participating in English literary activities just so I could see him more often. I was a speaker at our school assembly. I participated and won some debates and essay writing competitions. I was happy to go back on our school's stage about a year after I quit singing in the choir. I went to KV 1 Salt Lake that year, for a debate competition. I was a nervous wreck! I still went because I was hoping he would be escorting us, but he wasn't. I participated in 1 out of the 3 total debates, but we won that one. I actually felt like we could be something once I became an adult. I wrote a poem about him, which I was about to publish in the school magazine but I changed my mind last minute and sent a poem I wrote about friendship instead. I'm so thankful to my 14-year-old self for that. Call me delusional, but I am pretty sure he knew that I liked him. I don't want to go into the details of how. Then something happened, I think I know what it was. It was my attempt to hide the fact that I liked him, which sort of went wrong and he didn't like it, which I totally understand. I mean, I wouldn't like that either. I wanted to apologize and for some reason that didn't work out either.
Next academic session, I was a 10th grader and he joined another school. It was nearby, I had friends there too. Few weeks later, rumor had it that he was dating someone in her senior year. I didn't believe any of it. I was still hoping that I would get a chance to make things right. And after about a month I finally did. I called him, we spoke using metaphors for like 15 minutes during which he said that he doesn't remember me. Ouch. That hurt. I managed to say goodbye and hung up. I had the crying spells every single day for the next week. I bawled my eyes out, my head was pounding. My chest was hurting bad. (I think it was broken heart syndrome aka stress-induced cardiomyopathy, I googled it later on.) But I had to pretend like nothing happened, right? Because who's got time to sympathise with a 14-year-old's heartbreak, that too for someone who used to be her teacher? Man, my eyes were puffy and red. As I said, I was young and an amateur when it came to hiding my tears. Mom noticed but she figured I didn't want to talk about it, so she didn't mention it. I was very sad and hurt, wondering what could I have done to make things right. But I got my answers and I could finally let him go. After the first week I was ready to talk to mom about it which I did. That's when she told me that she knew something was off but didn't ask me. I'm so grateful to her for not asking. I could get through the days without crying but I still didn't know how to get through this heartbreak. So, what did I do? I googled "how to deal with heartbreak?" I'm not joking, wikihow articles and self love got me through it. Learning to love myself was the silver lining this dense nimbus brought.
I devoted myself to studies, partly because I was still angry about the fact that he said he didn't know me. (Not bragging but I even had a few admirers for my literary skills.) And partly because I had to distract myself from the heartbreak and rewire my brain, which I successfully did. I scored 97.8% and was the topper of not just my class but the entire school that year. I was in the top 1.5% among all KVS students in entire India and 7 schools abroad. You could even see my photograph with my name on it if you went to the school. I think they kept it for a year. That's happy ending I guess.
I transferred schools and moved to Kolkata in April 2018. My school started at 8 in the morning. I had lab activities every single day of the week. I got home at 3 in the afternoon. My prep school started at 5 in the evening and went on till 8:10. I had to stay out of home for almost 12 hours a day, including commute time. Most of the time I went around like a zombie.
There was a guy I thought was cute. He acted nervous around me like he had a crush on me, but turns out he didn't. Then again, I never got enough sleep, didn't wear makeup, slept like a corpse during chemistry class- it would be weirder if he liked me despite the mess I was. Recently, I told him that I used to like him when we were in high school and he said that his crush wasn't me but some other girl from humanities. (Meh, whatever.)
Then I graduated high school, ours was the class of 2020. I'm staying in my (paternal) hometown for the Covid pandemic. My elder (cousin) sister, Titly and younger (cousin) sister, Anwesha are both here. Anwesha is a tenth grader. She has a senior schoolmate who I thought was cute. That is literally all I said to her "I think he's cute" and she tried to set me up with him. Honestly, I would've been up for it. But, after a day Anwesha joked about me marrying a younger guy, which was a bit confusing for me so I asked her what this was about. And she asked me if I was serious enough to marry him. I mean, WTF? I haven't even met this guy, let alone dating him and you want me to decide on marriage already? Uhm, nuh-uh. I'm not saying I'll never marry someone like him, but it's just too soon to say anything. Maybe we should date for a while, see how things come about and then decide. Apparently, that's not how it works for them, so I decided to be in the clear and not date him at all.
Then there's the guy I like in an on-again, off-again way. He's like my refuge, every time I have a hard time I think of him. He probably doesn't even remember me. Honestly, I think he is the most gentlemanly of them all, but I don't want to screw this over because our families are kinda close.
Tumblr media
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iridescent-queen · a day ago
Hawks x Reader: I'm sorry, I can't
Warnings: Angst with a happy ending, failing marriage, Keigo being overprotective, divorce mentions..
Tumblr media
It had been, exactly... 2 months 10 days, and 5 hours since Keigo left. Or possibly, you made him leave. Things with him were pretty normal. Well, for the people outside. A shinny little bird for the shinny big bad hawk. The press conferences, the little pap instances, everything showed only the bright side of the relationship.
Things were not exactly bad either, given his time working and patrolling. You got his scraps of time and moments when you could call him yours.. when you could hug him and breathe in the scent of your loving husband. Things were taking a toll on you. I would, fr obvious reasons. Keigo made sure everyone knew you were his. It was a risky move, but he was the number 2 hero. And his quirk came in handy a lot.
"Better to let these low lives know what's mine and should be untouched, am I right birdie?" he cooed, taking you to the conference glimmering with shinny jewelry that signified his status.
After taking it all in, handling and desperately trying to keep up with his life and failing, you broke down. You couldn't do this anymore. You needed space, space to be free, space where you couldn't feel prying eyes on your form. Where there was no pressure of looking a certain way before stepping out. Where your husband didn't have to get a swarm of feathers, huge attention gathering feathers around you for safety.
Keigo's biggest pet peeve was letting you be unsafe. It was understandable but it got too much at times. Given the nature o his quirk, having feathers on you when you went out. Even with your friends, even for groceries. Anything and everything minor and major included was not the best thing in the world. SO, it was expected that one day he got home, and found you curled up and sobbing. He knew you were off, he could sense it, but the workload he had as the number 2 pro hero was also no joke. But, he tried anyway.
Yes, your husband convinced the HPSC to grant him a break, that he needs one. He gave them reasons that he is too bored. He needs something to ruffle his feathers up. ETC ETC. Honestly, even though they raised him, they never really knew him. Sometimes you felt you never really knew him either.
Behold a lavish cruise trip with you and your husband. Things were being okay. You shared laughter, sex, cuddles, tanning sessions, everything seemed perfect, beautiful. The only thing that bothered you was the fact that Keigo had no rest when it comes to you going out. EIther he accompanied you, or slyly sent feathers.
"Come on baby girl, stop throwin' those cute little tantrums over them yeah? They are here to protect you and I ain't compromising on that ever." He spoke, kissing your forehead as you went out, carrying the feathers for the nth time. He always thought about your safety he said, but it never helped that you felt watched, always. And, it's not a good feeling.
You asked him one thing, just one thing.. Freedom! and even though the trip is fantastic, you were not having it. The pesky sensation of Keigo hearing, feeling everything around you. His sharp senses scanning everything, made your gut wrench with anxiety. You hated it, and after being filled up with the urge to be free for so long. You finally snapped.
"I said leave me alone Hawks!" you gritted your teeth, rage, and disappointment clearly visible on your face. HIs uninterested, ignorant expressions didn't help either. It was as if your voice had no meaning, you had no meaning.
"I'm not hearing the same argument over this again baby bird. Go wherever ya want sweetheart, just let the damn feathers be. Mkay?" he shrugged, wings also shrugging along which made your blood boil. Nothing, nothing got to him.
"I said leave me alone stop making me feel fucking caged I just need some time alone. I just need some time to be with my own damn self is it too fucking hard Keigo? No villain is gonna-"
"'im not gonna talk to you if you're going to fight over something childish Y/n." He daunted, pupils, dilating and pinning in impatience. You realized, nothing you did or said would make a difference.
Tears welled up in your eyes, it hurt. His sheer ignorance and lack of tact towards it hurt. You felt like you were being tossed around like you were nothing but a puppet. "Childish? Whatever I fucking say or do is childish to you. You are the biggest child here! You can't even bear to give me an inch of space with your stupid feathers hovering around me and making me look like some idiot and everyone just stares at me like oh, look hawks' wife with those dumb little feathers revolving around her...." your voice echoed in the suite. Your normal tone rising up a few decibels as he heard you in utter shock.
"I hate you" you sighed, panting and wiping off the tears streaming down your face.
He inched closer, gently cupping your face. You could see he was trying to smooth things over. But he can't, no- it can't. "I do this for your own safety, and I never said everything you do is childish, I'm saying you throwing a tantrum over something we agreed on at the start of our relationship is. When you agreed to be with me you knew the consequences yet you still insist on putting yourself in danger when you're my responsibility." he cooed, insisting on his own made-up Lala land where nothing else matters as long as you were safe, not even your happiness.. God damn it hurt.. It hurt so fucking much! But you had to, you had to do this for yourself.
You sighed, not letting the tears stop and gathering all the courage you could, and looked him in the eye. "then I don't wanna be with you anymore"
It daunted him like a thunderbolt, his eyes widening and his hold on your face was still intact. He stared at you, his expressions horrified. But, he said it again, in the same languid tone he speaks with, "that's not something you decide on with a snap of a finger, (He sighed, trying to contain his emotions) let us cool off and we'll talk tomorrow yeah? there are two beds in the suite anyway.. but you're not ending something so beautiful because of this"
Right, beautiful? Having your heart threatening to jump out of your chest was beautiful? Having to beg for a normal life was beautiful? The only thing that was beautiful was him, his breathtaking features, his protective wings, and his love. Which was also, suffocating you right now.
"It's not beautiful, it- it just feels like hell to me." You resisted his pull to hug you, leaving his grip. "I hate it," you murmured, eyes down on the floor, measuring the distance of your feet against his.
"You mean it?" you heard his voice crack, daunted by his gorgeous eyes hiding behind the glossy tears. Oh did it break your heart. You never want to be the person to see him in pain, but you can't love him when your heart is also shattering. So? you nodded in response, bracing yourself for the sudden push he did, making you lean away from him. His eyes shot daggers at you, tears threatening to fall but they didn't.
"Alright then, enjoy your trip alone. I'm moving back to Japan," he spoke firmly, leaving you alone and was gone in mere moments. Top-notch speed am I right? Didn't even give you the time to see how broken you made him, and how broken he, made YOU. Oh how easy it was for him, wasn't it? Your brain mocked you, mocked every single good memory you had together.
Right, you were not going to give up on that easily either. He wanted to leave you alone, he did. Your heart ached at his absence, the suite smelling like your husband for a whole week, mocking, teasing your very core with the fact that he was absent. You were slowly succumbing to his absence from your life. And, so was he. He had the divorce papers prepared, but never signed them. He had all your essentials packed, but never delivered them. No calls, no texts, nothing happened until you reached Japan. You were too engrossed in the whole ordeal and decided to get yourself an apartment first and foremost. It was difficult, given the charisma you carried as Hawks' wife. But, you managed. It took you another week to get fully settled in, buying essentials and everything. You couldn't bring yourself to go to your shared penthouse and get your things back. So, you managed. Yes, you can manage. You wanted freedom, right?
Things were mundane and after a week. You decided to send the divorce papers, already signed by you to his agency. It took you an intense break down session, hands shivering as you signed them, finally embracing what it means to be truly alone. But, no response came. You expected that from him, but why? Why does he still want you? Or he is just doing it because of the PR team.. Who knows..
Finally, you got a letter delivered to you on your apartment door. You returned home from work, mentally and physically drained as you opened it. Part of you hoped it wasn't.... it wasn't the divorce.
Dear y/n
I'm sorry for what happened on the cruise ship. I really am. I really didn't want it to be spoiled and moreover, I didn't want to leave. your words did hurt yes I'm not going to brush over them but it doesn't mean I don't love you. I kept away because I was a coward to talk to you again. how ironic eh? how #2 is regressed to nothing when facing you? because you're too precious to me, I'm sorry I disappointed you. but please, be back to me soon, I miss you. yours truly, Keigo.
Your tears escaped, letting you be a sobbing mess on the floor, your knees giving up as you read his message over, and over again. "Bastard, fu- fucking bastard." you cursed, your heart joyful yet desolated. Sadness enveloped you completely. "After- after 2 fucking months you- you just come to me like-" a small, baby feather came out of the envelope, nuzzling against your tear-stained cheek. You couldn't help but burst into a small smile.
"You little shit. You will never learn do you?" you whimpered, sighing as footsteps were heard from your balcony towards you.
"How can I? I'm not letting that cute little gremlin I fell in love with when she interned at my agency go. I'm not going to let the work of a year go to waste because I'm deeply, truly in love with you woman," he spoke, voice clearer and softer as he leaned closer and closer to you. You turned to him, sighing and looking into his eyes.
"This doesn't change anything this doesn-" he interrupted you with a kiss, stealing your breath away, making you melt like you used to.
"I know, but I am ready to make compromises, as long as you stay." his eyes screamed of the love and the regret he had. Yours did too. Sure things were not good, they were far from good, but maybe you two would let the divorce slide for a bit and try to work on things. You two are in love after all....
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celticcrossanon · 3 days ago
Thank you so much for responding to me. I honestly appreciate that so much. You always appear to be as busy as a one-armed paper hanger here. I have to tell you, ever since I watched the funeral on Saturday (and if you don't want to put this on your blog for fear of upsetting people, you can feel free to DM me), I've had the worst feeling that we're going to see William ascend much sooner than anyone thought. I have an almost crushing feeling that we're going to see not just the Duke, but Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Charles leave us by the end of the year. Charles really has me worried, from his appearance on Saturday. I was just wondering if you've felt anything like this, as well? Where if feels like something, somewhere, needs you to know something. Like you're being clubbed over the head by the ether. I honestly hope this feeling I have is wrong.
I am very worried about Prince Charles. He did not look well at all, and it is unlike him to have his emotions so openly on display like that.
As for HM the Queen - as I have said before, I have seen both my mother and my aunt look exactly the same (frail, shrunken in on themselves) when their spouse died, and both went on to live for decades afterwards. I don’t think we have decades left for the Queen, but I do expect her to live as long as her mother did, so that makes it what - another 5 or 6 years?
Grief can change things, and I will read on this. I want to wait until next week to give her more time to - settle into herself, is the only way I can think of to describe it, to settle into herself and her new life. 
We will know by the end of the month whether she is going to fade and follow Philip this year or not. It should be obvious by then.
My gut feeling is that she will try to make her jubilee next year, and then she will feel that she can leave if she wants too, as the job will have been done for 70 years to the best of her ability.
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jalapeno-princess · 3 days ago
12:53 A.M.
Tumblr media
“Don’t start with me. I’m mad at you.” You giggled softly to yourself as you continued your movements in palming your boyfriend through his sweatpants. 
“Hm, is that so? Your words deceive you baby. Your mouth says one thing, but the way your cock is hardening at just my touch alone says a completely different thing.” 
His breath hitched as soon as you shoved your hand in to his underwear; feeling him through the cloth material wasn’t the same as feeling him bare without any restraints. Once you pulled him out completely from his boxers and gripped the bottom of his shaft firmly in your palm, the breathy moan that fell from his pretty lips went straight to your core and sent you in to a frenzy. 
“F—fuck. Y/n. I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work—you—you were naughty tonight—mmm.”
“How was I naughty? What did I do wrong? I was just dancing with Jinyoung. I asked you to come with me to the dance floor but you were being boring and just sat at the table—“ 
Mark glared at your words and to your surprise, he brought his hand up against your neck and wrapped his fingers around it all but gently; making sure to press down on your pressure point with his thumb. Both you and your boyfriend were huge fans of the choking kink. More so you whenever Mark would wrap his fingers around your throat. Something about it was so dominant—so sexy. 
He made direct eye contact with you and his glare was sending warmth to your core. You were confident that if he were to touch you, you’d practically be as wet as the ocean. A little over two hours ago, you and your boyfriend met up with his group of friends at one of the more popular night clubs your city had to offer for your mutual friend Jackson’s birthday. 
The night started off really well; upon arrival, everyone began taking shots and updating each other on what was going on in their respective lives. It didn’t take you too long to get tipsy; honestly you were the definition of a lightweight. You could get drunk on two shots of vodka and a bottle of beer—which is exactly the reason why you found yourself vehemently wanting to dance as soon as you heard the DJ begin to play your favorite song. 
Knowing how much of an extrovert your boyfriend was, you knew not to expect him to follow suit when you asked him to join you on the dance floor. No matter how overprotective the older boy was and how he always had to keep an eye and his hands on you, he wasn’t going to put himself in a situation where he would be uncomfortable. Mark hated going to clubs—he never understood why his friends wasted their money on shitty alcohol and even shittier music.
The only reason he agreed to go tonight, well—other than the fact that Jackson practically begged him, is because you told him you wanted to go. The last thing your boyfriend would ever do is allow you to go somewhere surrounded by drunk, high and horny men who would probably take advantage of you while you were under the influence. It wasn’t that Mark didn’t trust you. That was far from the truth. The older boy trusted you with his life; it’s just that he knew what guys his age were capable of and the last thing he would ever do was allow you to end up in a dangerous situation he wouldn’t be able to protect you from. 
As much as he trusted all of his friends, he was well aware that they weren’t going to take care of you; they could barely take care of themselves while on a night out. After being rejected by Mark, you spotted his friend Jinyoung dancing alone by himself not too far from where your group of friends were hanging out and snuck away while your boyfriend began a conversation with Yugyeom about a new video game the younger boy was interested in. 
You didn’t think much of it, Jinyoung was a very sweet person and out of Mark’s group of friends, you were the closest with him. All you wanted to do was dance and once you made your way over to the older boy, he was quick in agreeing to your suggestion of dancing together. Other than Mark, Park Jinyoung was the definition of a gentleman. 
He didn’t allow his hands to wander any lower than your waist and although you knew a part of it had to do with the fact that he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, you had a huge feeling he didn’t want to get in trouble with your boyfriend. For the most part, you and Jinyoung were in your own little worlds; enjoying the other’s presence while keeping a good distance between one another. 
However, when the song changed to a more upbeat and sexual tune, he asked you if you wanted to return back to the table; not wanting to overstep his boundaries—but instead of making your way back to the six other guys, you turned around so that your backside was facing him and began to playfully back up against his body. Slowly, you started to move your body vigorously along to the music; allowing your ass to grind against his thigh. 
You were surprised to say the least when Jinyoung pressed himself closer against you—specifically because you didn’t take Jinyoung as the type of person to be straightforward—especially since you were dating one of his best friends. You were well aware that you were swimming in dangerous waters; not only did you slip away from your boyfriend’s sight without telling him of your whereabouts, but you were currently dancing all but innocently with someone he considered a brother to him. 
The two of you were both drunk off of your asses, but it didn’t give either of you the excuse to be in such close proximity of each other. Before you could make a comment about the way Jinyoung’s hands began to wander lower down your back the longer you continued to dance together, you were soon being yanked away from Jinyoung and towards the exit of the club. 
It didn’t take a genius to know exactly who was tugging at your wrist; nor did it take you long to pick up on your boyfriend’s newfound anger. He didn’t say a word as he roughly led you towards the door. Mark was a man of actions—he never needed to say a thing. You could tell what he was thinking or how he was feeling just by the way he would act. It took a lot for Mark to get mad; he tried his best to contain his anger because for anyone who knew of him, they were well aware that he could get really terrifying whenever he was agitated and Mark was one of those people who were ten times scarier when they were upset. 
The two of you have been together for almost three years now and you could count the amount of times that you argued with each other on one hand. Communication was key in your relationship, so you would talk things out whenever the two of you had a disagreement. Honestly, that’s one of the main reasons why you felt your relationship with Mark was so healthy. You told each other every single thing no matter how big or small that went on in your life. The two of you went everywhere together—wherever you went, he would be right there beside you. 
Unfortunately, if and when you did bicker, it was normally over your boyfriend’s envious tendencies. Everyone and their mothers were aware of how jealous Mark could get and he was very vocal about his jealous tendencies. Your boyfriend wasn’t someone who’d beat around the bush. If something bothered him, he wouldn’t hesitate to speak up about his feelings. You’d like to consider yourself close with his group of friends; whenever they would all hang out together, Mark made sure to take you along with them. 
Sometimes, you’d hang out with a few of his friends while he would be at work or in class. They were practically family to you—but that didn’t stop them from jokingly flirting with you just to mess around with their oldest friend and get on his nerves. One time, Jaebeom and Youngjae had to pull Mark away from BamBam before the younger boy could receive a black eye for questioning what you were like behind closed doors. Although everyone made fun of how seemingly obsessed your boyfriend was over you, you found it very sweet and extremely sexy. 
His protective and possessive nature only made it all the more apparent that he was head over heels in love with you. He brought you to his car and didn’t say a thing. Once you were both buckled in to your seats, he sped off in the direction of your shared apartment. His jaw was tightened all the while he clenched his fists. At one point, he began running through red lights; obviously not giving a shit at the idea of being pulled over. 
Most people would be intimidated by his cold demeanor, but you were getting more and more turned on as you continued to observe his heated reaction. Right as you both pulled up to your parking structure, he wasted no time in making his way up to your unit—not even looking back to see whether you were following behind him. Shockingly, you didn’t feel hurt with the way he was acting. If anything, you were excited for what was to come. 
Mark was such a wonderful boyfriend; people claim that nobody is perfect, but in your eyes—Mark was nothing less than a perfect person. He was devastatingly handsome; he had to be the most attractive man you have ever laid your eyes on. He also had a heart of gold; he was very generous, extremely considerate, soft spoken, gentle, patient and humble. In more or less words, Mark Tuan was nothing short of perfect. 
From the time you were a little girl, you have always been in love with the thought of love. Whenever you’d picture the type of guy you’d end up spending the rest of your life with, the beautiful boy right in front of you was everything you could have asked for and more. 
“You knew exactly what you were doing grinding up on Jinyoung—“
“Well, I could have been grinding up on you—I wanted to be grinding up on you. You look so fucking hot as always Mark. I know the dance floor isn’t your scene, but I was hoping that maybe, just maybe you’d build the courage to let loose and have fun with me. Oh, and I wasn’t grinding on him, I know my limits babe. The only dick I want to rub on is yours. But right now, there’s a lot more I want to do with you. There’s a lot I want you to do to me too.” 
Mark was quick to smash his face against the crook of your neck and placed a wet kiss right below your jaw once you wrapped your fingers around the base of his dick. He was hard as a rock; his tip was leaking precum and you could feel him throbbing against your fingertips. Your boyfriend groaned in pleasure as you squeezed his length all but gently; his raspy voice and the feeling of his teeth dragging along your nape sent chills down your spine. 
You might have been in control for the time being, but from past experiences—you were well aware that Mark was going to take over and show you just how jealous you’ve made him. This was the first time you did something to tease him; to taunt him and to mess around with him with one of his friends. They might have jokingly flirted with you or touched you in ways to get on his nerves, but this time—you were the one to initiate what went down just a few hours prior. Honestly, you were so excited for the rough, nasty, steamy sex that you were confident was going down not too long from now. 
“I don’t think you deserve my cock at all tonight after the stunt you pulled. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t turn me on. My eves never left you once when you made your way on to the dance floor nor did they waver as you and Jinyoung got a little too close for comfort. I will admit, I was jealous seeing him having fun with you the way I wish I could. I’m sorry I’m so introverted and that I don’t like putting myself out there. I’ll try to let loose more and be the boyfriend that can adapt to whatever it is you want to do—“ 
As soon as you heard his insecurities, you felt your heart sink. You knew that Mark wasn’t the biggest fan of the club and bar scenes and you were also aware of the fact that he was claustrophobic. Sure, you wanted it to be your boyfriend who was pressed up against you while you were having such a great time, but you should have respected his feelings of not wanting to do something that made him uncomfortable. There were things that he enjoyed that you weren’t a fan of, but he never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to. By dancing with Jinyoung, you made him feel bad about not being more outgoing. It made you feel like complete and utter shit. 
“Mark, baby—I’m sorry if I made you feel insecure tonight. That wasn’t my intention, nor did I want you to feel like I don’t have fun with you because you aren’t in to the same interests that I am. I’m the one who should have better understood that you already did not want to be there. So it probably took you a lot of courage to come with us. You’re wonderful just the way you are my love. I don’t want you to change a thing about yourself. If anything, I’m the one who needs to accept the fact that there are certain activities that make you uncomfortable. I went a little too far—I just wanted a reaction out of you and I’m just really sorry.” 
He gave you a soft smile and pecked your lips ever so softly before biting on your bottom lip and sucking on it. Your entire body was in flames at this point and you were going to let him do whatever it is that he wanted to do to you. 
“Oh, you got a reaction alright. You got a reaction ever since I saw you walk out in this dress. This fucking dress—I thought I told you the last time I took it off of you that this dress should be for my eyes only. I caught so many guys looking at you tonight and I can’t blame them. Your body was handcrafted by God—your body is lethal and this dress only made it look all the more perfect and ridiculously sexy. I bet you made Jinyoung fucking hard tonight. What a little slut you are my pretty baby. I’m sure if I didn’t take you away you would have felt how excited you made him. It doesn’t matter though—“ 
You were too busy drooling over his words to feel him unzip your dress. His fingers grazed against your nipples and it was then that you let out a soft whimper. 
“I’m the only one who gets to have you like this. Writhing underneath me—sighing at just the slightest touch. I’m pretty sure if I were to touch you right now, my fingers would slip right in to that pretty cunt of yours. You did this on purpose didn’t you? You know how overprotective I am over you. You know how jealous I can get whenever it comes to you. You know just how dominant and rough I can fuck you when you’ve done something to upset me. Well baby, you’re in for a long night. First you’re going to choke on this cock, and then I’m going to burry it deep inside of your tight little walls and then you’re going to bounce on me like your life depends on it. Am I clear?” 
Your eyes rolled back in excitement and you found yourself nodding vehemently—not giving a shit at how eager and horny you were. 
“Crystal. Now shut up and rail me.”
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suhakhan · 3 days ago
after entering my twenties, i like to revisit my early teen years sometimes. when i was 13,14,15, and sometimes even 16. it’s crazy to think how different my thoughts used to be, what mattered to me, and what i used to perceive of myself. buts it’s even crazier to think about how similar i still am. honestly, i thought internally i’d be a whole new person, but i still carry the same principles around inside of me that never seem to shake. ive just become more, well, boring. life has gotten real, if that makes sense, and ive become more understanding of so many things that went way above my head before. but most importantly, i don’t understand why i held my fourteen-year old self up to such a high standard. i expected her to know what was right all the time. i expected her to be mature enough to be wise, which is ironic if you think hard about it. i wish i could go back and not shame myself for my mistakes. i wish i could tell her that she is literally fourteen and she does not have to know what the right thing to do is all the time, or be this exact person all the time. being at my age now, i can’t even imagine how a fourteen year old girl would know the right decisions to things, so why was i so hard on myself? so. to little old middle school me, i am so sorry. i am so sorry for putting the weight of what felt like the world on your shoulders. you were and still are exactly who you’re supposed to be. you’re perfect. you’re beautiful. no one can ever take that away from you. it’s okay to mess up. it’s okay to not know what the right thing to do is. it’s okay to get lost in something, only if you find yourself at the end. which you have. and you did. everything will always end up being okay. nothing i did back then hurt me, but i was living as if every step i took would shake the ground. youth is such a beautiful thing, innocence is SUCH a beautiful thing. im sorry i made you feel as if you weren’t those things, when you very well were. i am exactly where im supposed to be. you were exactly where you were supposed to be.
you will always be exactly where you’re meant to be.
me to me, a decade later
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aminiatureworld · 3 days ago
A Sea of Fragments II
Part I here
Word Count: 2,516
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Second chapter here we go! I’ve been very excited to continue this series, and I hope you find it as fun to read as it was to write. I already have mapped out a plan for where the story is going, though I’m not sure how many chapters it will take. We’ll see how it goes!
Dear Signora,
I am happy to inform you that the task you sent me has been completed. The fortune teller, though they still refuse to reveal their name, appears to be somewhat legitimate. I’m not sure what you’re going to do with this information, but I hope you’re prepared for a difficult time, as…
 Scaramouche sighed, putting his pen down, although not after scribbling haphazardly on the paper in front of him. It had been two weeks since he’d first recruited the mysterious clairvoyant, and altogether nothing of consequence had happened. Not for lack of trying, of course; the Harbinger had taken to banging on the door of an inn almost every day, demanding that the unwilling coworker inside come out and do something. Honestly Scaramouche was surprised he hadn’t been asked to vacate the premises at this point, though of course that wouldn’t’ve stopped him. Still it was becoming a tiring ritual, and though Scaramouche himself wasn’t entirely sure what he’d meant when he suggested you work with him, he was certain this wasn’t it. Something had to happen, and soon. If not, well the Harbinger wasn’t above kidnapping unwilling colleagues; regardless of their threats to burn down his living space.
“At the very least I’m getting them out of that damned inn.” Scaramouche muttered to himself, for the time wasted was appalling, the inn being located not in your own village, the closest villager to the camp, but in one farther away. Standing up, crumpling the unfinished letter in his hands and throwing it into the trash, Scaramouche walked out of his tent and towards the now all too familiar road. He wasn’t doing this anymore.
Walking along the road, unfortunately there were no waypoints in villages this small, Scaramouche thought over the whole matter once more. He’d not expected you to agree to his offer of working with him, especially not after supposedly reading his future. Nor had he expected to truly believe you. And yet something about your demeanor had certainly changed since you’d looked into his future, accepting his proposal aside. Scaramouche wasn’t one to pry about such things, he didn’t really care what you saw in his future, especially after your revelation that doing so wasn’t an exact science. He had to admit though that the longer this went on the more he wondered what exactly you had seen. What had you seen to make you agree to his proposal, then refuse to even open your door to him? Or had you simply said yes on a whim and were now regretting your decision?
It was baffling to Scaramouche, and what he didn’t know or understand irritated him. He was a harbinger, and though you might’ve been blessed by the gods or some such thing, you’d still agreed to work with him. He’d see this through, if it was the last thing he did.
 The inn was just as rundown as it had been the day before, and Scaramouche’s feet dragged as he made his way up the stairs towards the offending door. Knocking as softly as he could, not wanting to bother the other rooms and get kicked out, he called out. “It’s time for you to get to work. You’ve had two weeks to recover from whatever shock you’d had in the woods, and now you must uphold your promise.”
 You stared at the door, still lying on the bed, the place where you’d spent most of your time recently. This routine had played out for two weeks, and you were becoming tired of it. Honestly, couldn’t the idiot realize when he wasn’t wanted? You thought that you’d made it clear enough.
Ignoring the banging for a moment you stared up at the ceiling. Two weeks, for two weeks you’d agonized over what you’d seen. What you’d expected to be dulled by time still came as a shock, and if you closed your eyes the image of you smiling at the Harbinger danced around in front of you. You didn’t regret your decision to work with Scaramouche, the determination for a better future still lay firmly in your heart; but you hadn’t realized how much personal agony it would cost. Certainly your now conflicting feelings weren’t helping, as you couldn’t help but wonder if your sudden awareness of the person now knocking on your door was caused by anything genuine, or simply by what you saw might come to pass.
The knocking was louder now, and you groaned, dragging yourself out of bed, thankful that you’d at least had the sense to have changed out of your pajamas. You were going to answer him today. It was what you’d been telling yourself all morning. You couldn’t live at this inn forever, the bill was beginning to rack up terribly. And, conflicting feelings or not, you weren’t about to steal away in the middle of the night. That would be perhaps the stupidest move one could make when dealing with a Fatui harbinger to whom one had made a promise.
 Scaramouche let out a huff of surprise and relief as the door suddenly began to make way. This was some progress. Usually your early morning conversation was shouted through the closed door. Although you barely appeared from behind the door at first Scaramouche could see the improvement in your health. At least now you didn’t look to be constantly seconds away from once more passing out. As if reading these less than generous thoughts you scowled. Looking around, as if making sure there was no one around, you grabbed Scaramouche by the wrist and dragged him into the room, closing the door with a firm click behind you.
Though the inn was certainly bedraggled, the room you were housed in seemed nice enough. The furniture was sparse, only a bed, a small table, a chair, and a pair of sad looking dressers. Sitting down cross legged on the bed you pointed towards the chair. Smirking, Scaramouche sat down.
“Are we not talking today?” He asked snidely.
“Nice to know your personality hasn’t improved.” You shot back.
“Maybe I’d be a bit more amenable if you had left this room at all in the past two weeks. Do you even eat?”
“Thank you for so graciously caring for my wellbeing, but I’m doing just fine, thank you.”
“We had an agreement.”
“I know.”
“Then why won’t you hold to it?” Scaramouche narrowed his eyes, his temper wearing increasingly thin. He didn’t like yelling, found it beneath him; yet right now he wanted nothing more than to find some secluded area and scream. Letting out a hiss of a breath he shook his head. “Why did you let me in if you won’t even look at me?”
As if on cue your head snapped forwards. Although it seemed as if you were about to say something your expression quickly shifted into something unreadable. You said nothing, simply staring at him, that odd, opaque expression leading him to silence as well. The transformation was so sudden that it managed to throw the Harbinger completely off guard, and he found himself scrutinizing you, wondering what you could possibly be thinking of.
As you continued to stare at him Scaramouche realized that he was losing time. Shaking his head slightly, he spoke again.
“I want you to move into the camp.”
“Over my dead body.” You replied venomously, the spell obviously broken. “I refuse to live surrounded by members of the Fatui.”
“Well then where are you going to live, you can’t stay here forever.”
“I’ll… figure something out.”
“I’m offering you a solution to your housing problem. You can even live on the edge of the camp; but I refuse to continue this song and dance of walking six miles just to get you up. Consider it part of your work benefits.”
“What a lovely benefit, being housed against your will.”
“You made it perfectly clear you have nowhere else to go. You abandoned your village, you’ve holed yourself up in a random inn, you made a promise, an agreement, to work for me. Have you forgotten that?”
“Of course I haven’t!” You snapped, once more tilting your head towards the wall. “How could I forget after what…” You trailed off.
“After what?” Scaramouche pressed, but you shook your head, merely glancing at him once more.
“It doesn’t matter.”
“It does if it’s affecting our bargain. Something must’ve happened. You’ve been acting, strangely.”
“How would you know how I act?” You scoffed. “Anyways, my behavior is none of your business. I promised to work with you, and I will, if only to stop this stupid conversation. But I won’t move in with the Fatui. They’re the worst sort of organization. Besides,” you added, voice lowering slightly. “I’m not comfortable staying in unfamiliar places.”
There was a pause in the conversation, as Scaramouche wracked his brain. He needed to get this to work. He couldn’t stand this; no matter what, he’d make sure this conversation didn’t drag on any longer.
“Fine then,” Scaramouche finally sighed, “let’s make a deal.”
“We seem to be making an awful lot of those.”
“It’s the only way apparently to get you to do anything. Here’s the deal. I arrange it so you’re allowed to use your own furniture and belongings in your tent. You can use one of the extra harbinger tents, they should be big enough for that. If I promise to do so, will you promise to move out?”
“I’m not letting random Fatui members sack my house, not even on your orders.”
“Then do it with the. I’ll just send some men to carry the heavier furniture, you can handle the rest. Agreed?”
You paused, staring at him, expression much more readable this time, being one of distrust. Still, eventually you nodded your head and Scaramouche finally began to feel some sort of relief.
“Good. Now pack whatever you have. Thankfully it’s early enough to have this finished today.”
And with that he stood up, not bothering to look behind at you as he walked across the room and out the door.
Scaramouche entered the tent, nearly running into you in the process. You glanced back at him, letting out a quick “sorry”, before scurrying over towards your cot – your bed had ended up being too bulky to move.
“I see you’ve finished.” Scaramouche spoke up, feeling slightly awkward, not sure how to converse with you in a way that wasn’t arguing. Luckily you didn’t seem to notice, nodding enthusiastically.
“It’s so odd to seem my dresser on the grass floor.” You giggled softly.
The Harbinger stared for a moment, realizing that this was the first time he’d seen a genuine smile out of you. It was almost transformative, and for a moment he found himself forgetting all the haggling it took for you to get here. Walking towards you, slightly unaware of what he was doing, he stopped a few inches away from you. You seemed caught unaware, and as you stared at him your smile slowly faded, instead replaced once more by that odd expression you carried when you look at him. This time you seemed a bit more agitated however, and instead of lingering you shook your head slightly, walking sideways towards the dresser you’d just mentioned. Suddenly aware of himself Scaramouche mimicked the gesture, stepping back towards the tent opening.
“Well,” he said, voice stilted, “I’m glad that we’ve finally resolved this. I’ll let them send dinner to your tent tonight, though I expect you to eat with everyone else afterwards. I’ll see how you are later.” And, not wanting to start another argument and still trying to process what had just happened, Scaramouche marched out of the tent.
The late afternoon air was finally beginning to cool down, and Scaramouche took in several deep breaths. Not wanting to deal with the presence of various underlings he made his way out of the camp and towards the woods, the woods in which, about five miles away from here, he’d met you for the first time. Now, leaning against a tree, he thought back on that night, on everything that had happened since then. Mostly he thought about the odd experience in the tent.
Scaramouche hadn’t really meant to walk up to you, he found being the proximity of people odious most of the time. The action was completely instinctive, devoid of any motive to intimidate or to scare. It was just, it was just the fact that he’d liked your smile, it had drawn him in, literally, apparently. As had your expression, what was that expression? He wanted to ask about it again, wanted to know what was going on. This whole experience was alien to Scaramouche, your interactions all the more so. A normal underling would’ve never talked back, would’ve never forced concessions out of him. And yet that wasn’t the only abnormal thing. A normal underling would’ve never been so important, and, more importantly, would’ve never drawn such a strange reaction out of him. A reaction he was still feeling the effects of.
It wasn’t simply walking up to you, no, nothing was that simple. It was how he’d felt, the way he didn’t mind being that close, wanted it even. The way a part of him was somewhat disappointed when you – rightfully – drew away. Even now he still felt those lingering feelings, that alien want to be closer to someone, to learn about them, to… what? That was the beginning and the end of it, wasn’t it? He wanted something, and he didn’t even know what that something was. Information he supposed. It was always that in the end; something that he could use, a bargaining chip. Maybe he just was getting tired of these concessions.
 It was dark by the time Scaramouche returned to your tent. You were slouched forward on your cot, a book held up to your face, your attention utterly captivated. Looking up at the shuffling of feet you saw the Harbinger staring at you, as opaque as before. Although your initial instinct was once more to look away you instead met his gaze, letting out the faintest crack of a smile.
“Thank you for doing this.”
“It was nothing. If you’re going to be my clairvoyant assistant, well, this was for the best.”
Your whispered something and Scaramouche leaned forward.
You repeated the word again and the Harbinger’s brow furrowed.
“What does that name have to do with anything?”
“It’s mine, idiot.”
“You could’ve just said that.” Scaramouche scoffed, glancing away. “Thank you.”
“It’s my thanks, for doing this for me.”
“I see.” Scaramouche stood there silent for a moment. Eventually he looked around and nodded. “All seems to be in order. I hope you’re an early riser, tomorrow we’ll get to work. So make sure to sleep. I…” he began to turn towards the tent opening. “I hope you’ll be comfortable.”
“I’m sure I will.”
“Good. Go to sleep.”
The sound of your name whispered into the night by him was something that would keep you up for a while longer.
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rainbow820 · 3 days ago
Hal and Carol are fun because it’s equal opportunity bullshit; like...they both got it bad but also like...bad at relationships in general. It’s just all and all a train wreck on both front. Kyle thinks they can make it work though and Guy thinks he’s insane.
I do admit saying I love you too early is weird, but idk...(shrugs) I do think tbh, that Conn and Kyle were already saying I love you in a no romo way to each other for years. Everyone is really confused why it took them so long, or why they ever were confused about each other’s feelings but they are honestly the mushiest couple this side of the universe. (Though if Donna dates Roy, and Conn is dating dinners might be awkward for a while oop).
Kyle waiting for him to have a “but...” statement and Conn is like “that’s cool; I like hearing you talk do you want Chinese take away or pizza for dinner?” Tbh Conn likes hearing his improto art history and art lesson in their houses because Kyle actually...knows a lot about technique and history and shit but no one ever really asks.
Conn talking with his fam like “yeah we weren’t really on the same page. I mean I was worried I wasn’t doing enough, turns out he was worried the shoe was gonna drop.”/ Dinah: “oh no what happened?” / Conn: “We talked about it last night. We’re doing better, it just feels glad to know what was going wrong. We have a date on Friday..(keeps talking)” / The fam: expected drama and got...a boring story about them talking for a couple of hours :/ (but lowkey they are happy for them).
Ollie cooking food his son can actually eat, him having no idea how to make vegetarian food but learning. Kyle being amazed stuff this rich and filling can be meatless, oh! Conn hosting Maura over for once.
Conn takes care of his building and his tenants ontop of being a superhero, good on him.
Also it’s funny because I feel like Kyle is really sentimental about stuff, on the whole, and doesn’t really like throwing stuff away or not keeping things like birthday cards. So like Conn knowing this AND seeing his stuff getting destroyed or mocked is like “fuck u bro.” Because he may not care about his stuff but he cares about the stuff Kyle cares about. (I like to think the Rayner household was full of bits and bops; very homey but sorta cluttered in a comfortable way. Lot of little collectibles.)
Roy, in the morning when he’s thinking clearly: GAY HOMOSEXUAL GAY
Look I in no way believe Hal and Carol could ever be in a consistent relationship that’s why i laughed like crazy when Venditti tried to play like getting married was all Hal secretly wanted. (he’s a bad writer)
Kyle is honestly a disaster at relationships its painful because its all he wants. that’s why he should be dating Conn. 
Also yes that thing with Donna would be awkward as hell. Cause Jade and Kyle remained friends but I don’t think Donna and Kyle did. (other thing is a lot of people ship JayKyle and JayRoy so like previous JayKyle with current JayRoy and ConnKyle is actually very popular) 
The Arrowfam staring in visible confusion at a functioning relationship is everything. I believe that Ollie loves cooking also and I adore that for him. Like Kyle doesn’t like Ollie but he sure likes his cooking. 
Kyle has every birthday card he was ever given. And his mom kept everything he left at home exactly as he left it when he went to college. So yeah a keep sake family. 
Conn: Roy you’re bi
Roy: and you’re gay what of it 
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liburnapworld · 4 days ago
Fruits Basket Season 1 Reviews
I just want to start this review by saying that this is a very subjective review of the season. This is my personal opinion about the show and I hope whoever reads it enjoys it.
The Story
The whole Sohmas being possessed by Chinese Zodiac animals main plotline is interesting and intriguing. I liked the idea of it from the beginning and honestly, it just kept getting better with each passing episode. As someone who grew up in the Balkans, I have little knowledge about the Chinese Zodiac. I’ve known for years that I was born in the year of the Rabbit, but I was always more interested in my other zodiac sign (I’m a Sagittarius). Either way, I’m enjoying the plotline and it was clear by the end of the season, that’s only to get better from now on.
As for the Sohma family, they’re messed up, to say the least. Of course, I enjoyed it and I want to see more of this family dynamic in the next season. I’m really curious to see more of Akito and his relationship with the family, specifically Yuki. What really bothers me is the whole incestuous feeling I get from the family. Kagura’s crush on Kyo made me cringe so bad, but not only because of the incest, the girl clearly doesn’t know a thing about boundaries. Other than the incest, I loved it.
The Characters
Tohru: I loved Tohru. It’s refreshing to see the main character that is so bubbly, loving, caring and optimistic. Her backstory was somehow heartbreaking and heartwarming to see at the same time. It’s always good to see characters have good relationships with their parents, especially girls with their moms. The girl is trying her best and she deserves the world with what she’s been going through. My only drawback with her is that she doesn’t seem to have flaws. I get that where her character comes and why she is such a good person (I love that of her) but honestly, it gets a bit repetitive to watch. If it continued to be like this, I think the refreshment I feel from her character would vanish and I will start seeing her as boring.  
Yuki: I enjoyed his character a lot. I loved the whole ‘Prince Charming’ thing he has going on. I’m a sucker for characters who are idealized by their peers to the point that they play that part to hide their true self (I literally wrote a character similar to Yuki). He had character progression as the season went on as he started to open up to people, let himself laugh and generally enjoy his life. I’m interested to see his relationship with Akito and what exactly happened to him those years. Akito (he can fight me) abused him during his childhood and most of his issues stem from that. Hopefully, in season two, I’ll get to see more of this.
Kyo: The star of the season. There is no doubt in my mind that he’s my favourite character so far. From the beginning when he was revealed to be the cat of the Zodiac, I knew that I would be interested in his story. An outsider story is something that I always gravitate towards to and his story got me hooked. Did I expect him to have a true form? No. Did I love it? Absolutely. It was obvious that he was keeping a big secret from Tohru, but man, I didn’t expect that. I gasped when he turned to his true form. I loved the scene where Tohru admitted that she is scared by his true form, but still, wanted to be by his side. The best scene of the season and I’m looking forward to seeing how this storyline progresses. Also, his backstory made me sad and I want to hug Kazuma for taking care of him. 
As for the love triangle, I want to say that it’s written very well. The season has ended and I still don’t know if I’m team Yuki or Kyo. Usually, with love triangles, I immediately take a side and I’m annoyed for the rest of the way. However, with these three, I’m curious to see where it goes. What helps is that the love triangle is the main plotline of the show.
Shigure: I desperately want to know more about him. He gives me ‘morally ambiguous’ vibes. I want to see what his goal is and why is he using Tohru to achieve it. There were a few hints here and there, but I want to know more. I want to know all of it. I’m also interested to know more about his relationship with Akito because I’m sure in one episode he said that Akito reaped what he sowed while on the other, he said that he’s doing everything forhim. I have no idea where his intention lies when it comes to Akito. I don’t even know if he’s using Tohru for the ‘greater good’ or for a horrible end-goal. 
Hatori: Man, Hatori took me off guard from his first appearance, personality and backstory. First, he was a very attractive man. I do tend to have a thing for dark-haired male characters and Hatori was no exception. However, that’s not the most interesting part of him. At first, he appeared stoic, serious and cold and unsurprisingly, we saw that he was a very kind and gentle person. His insistence that the Zodiacs shouldn’t be loved or love anyone, was upsetting to see. He just seemed like he had totally given up on living for himself and is just living for others. It’s explained beautifully through his relationship with Kana and its abrupt end. Btw, fuck Akito for doing what he did.
Akito: This asshole... For most of the season, he was a looming presence, yet you could feel that he wasn’t a good presence for any of the Sohmas. It seemed like most of them had their grievances with her for good reasons. What he did to Yuki, Hatori and Kisa was horrible. You could see the trauma that he caused Yuki by just that scene between them. He was terrified by Akito and it’s not surprising from the short flashbacks we’ve got. Can’t wait to learn more about him and for some sweet karma to hit him on the face.
I’m went into more detail about the characters I found the most interesting in this story. Of course, I liked a lot of them like Mumiji (he’s my Zodiac). He was such a fun character and his relationship with his family was heart-wrenching to see. I was tearing up alongside Tohru. Hatsu was fine, nothing special. Uo and Hana were lovely and rich characters, both of their backstories were pleasant to me. Their friendship with Tohru is precious. Honestly, I didn’t like Kagura. I’ve grown tired of violent female characters who know no boundaries and I quickly grew tired of her. I’m sure I would like her way more if she stops having a crush on Kyo. Kisa and Hiro were cute characters as well. (again, it’s so weird that he loves her. They are cousins). Ayame was hilarious to watch and I can’t wait to find out more about Ritsu.
Season 2
I can’t wait to start the second season tomorrow. I urgently need to know more about the Zodiac and the Sohma family dynamic. I desperately want to know Shigure’s true intention, Yuki’s relationship with Akito and to find out how this family got cursed in the first place. I can’t wait to properly meet Rin (As a big fan of Rin Tohsaka, I can’t wait to get to know this Rin as well). Maybe this season I will pick a team when it comes to the love triangle.
Average Score: 8.5
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haifengg · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?) Lucas can’t really go without affection. He needs a smooch at least before he leaves the house or when he says goodbye on dates. He wants to be reminded that their S/O loves him and that he loves them. It’s as easy as this.
B = Before (What were they like when they had a crush?) Dude would try to impress. With bad jokes. With flexing his guns. He would always ask his crush if they want to come with him and the guys to do whatever. And if they agree he wouldn’t really be able to hide his excitement. It would light a spark of pure joy in his eyes. It would be very obvious really.
C = Confession (What was their confession like?) Regardless of his looks and height Lucas still is a very childish man and he’s not that old either. I would honestly go that far and say that during his life he wasn’t the one confessing often. He usually got confessed to. So when it is actually his turn he would probably get all shy around his crush and he maybe asked Kun for advice as well on how to tell them and what to say since he is not the very best with words.
D = Date (What was the first official date they went on?) I am guessing something cheesy. Lucas may or may not be a romantic person but being all nervous about fulfilling expectations and doing a solid job he would take their S/O out to go an amusement park. He is a child really and his sometimes subtle playfulness is probably what attracts his S/O to him as well.
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?) Please don’t come for me on this one but I recon he would choose a text. As I mentioned in section C = Confession I imagine him being this popular kid in school everyone had a crush on at least once a week. (We’ve all seen the pics he’s adorable.) That being said he maybe got too used to dumping people interested in him. I won’t say it is the same with his S/O as it was with high school sweethearts but he might just fall back into old patterns due to convenience. Breaking up would still hurt him and still be difficult.
F = Fights (What would fights look like? What are things that upset them?) Honestly: Fights with Lucas would be a pain mainly because he doesn’t see where he’s wrong or what the issue exactly is. He is a very loyal person once fully committed but maybe not the most understanding one.
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?) His emotional way is very gentle. His physical way in terms of hugs and holding hands is too. Simple mind - Simple showings off affection other things we don’t discuss here it is SWF, please
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?) Just like Johnny his arms are insanely long and wrapping them tightly around his S/O is just way to nice to not do it constantly.
I = Intimacy (What is their favorite form of intimacy? Do they have problems with it?) He knows why he’s in SM. He got casted off the streets for his looks. He also really radiates the vibes of only being there for the fun and the people only. Lucas is very confident in the way he looks and he is aware of how many thousand people find him insanely attractive. I am pretty sure there are close to no problems when it comes to intimacy but that is something very personal because we know that everyone has at least one issue with themselves which we sometimes could never tell.
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?) He gets jealous. Not much but he does in general. I am not sure how exactly that would display or how he would show it but overall: Yes he does.
K = Kisses (Are they a good kisser? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?) I hope he is. Okay no honestly, hear me out lmao. Lucas ... is either very excellent at kissing or he isn’t. I just look at him and I really hope he is because that would be so grate and elevate him one step closer to being the complete package. He meets the height requirements. He has the hands to hold his S/O. He surely has the lips as well. Which is also where they like to kiss/be kissed the most.
L = Little ones (How are they around children?) Lucas is the perfect personality type for getting along well with kids. He is goofy enough to play around with them and fun and fool but he is also calm enough to not out-child them and keep an eye on them. He is guiding their playfulness in a way only a few people can.
M = Messages (How often do they text his S/O?) He texts them A LOT when he’s bored. During practice or some random meeting he would get distracted by his phone and text them about how bored he is. Also he would often take pictures or snaps of stupid little things he wants to show them but they’re not around. Speaking of SnapChat: Filters.
N = Night (How are nights spent with them?) Nights out in clubs are hot and fun. Nights out in bars (if they are dates) are hot. Nights out in movie theatre would be so much fun. He would totally get this slushies that turn your tongue in different Colors but would also hold his S/O during scary parts of the movie even though he’s scared himself. Acting all tough
O = Opinion (Would they ask for their S/O’s opinion a lot? How important is it in terms of decisions?) He would ask for their opinion but mainly because he thinks he has to or that they would want to be ask. If it’s about his personal matters. When it comes to mutual decisions it’s different because well of course he asks for his S/O opinion. What they say matters to him and he wants both of them to be comfortable. So when they say that sofa is ugly - it’s ugly.
P = Patience (How easily angered are they?) Getting on his nerves is quite hard I assume. He probably would be the one getting on his S/O’s nerves (most of the time by accident tho.) If it’s something about them that actually bothers him he will be patient and ask them to maybe change that behaviour for a long time before actually admitting how much it is bothering him and eventually raising his voice.
Q = Quizzes (How does a bar trivia night teamed up with them look like?) A complete mess. Lucas once admitted he is not the smartest one and I adore people who are aware of that and own it in their own way. He would still try his best to not let his S/O and maybe other teammates down. BUT he is still an important part of the team: The one who chugs everything for the sake of the cause. IDK I just see him being able to drink a lot. He radiates this frat boy energy help
R = Remember (How much do they remember about their S/O or their relaitonship in general?) Lucas does his best but he is forgetting a lot. He writes it down in his phone. For example there could be a list for his S/O's family member’s birthdays and all their important anniversaries. He may still forget them tho. When it comes to memory Lucas knows it’s not his forté but he is trying hard.
S = Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?) He is maybe one of the most protective boyfriends you will find in whole NCT. He shields his S/O from wind or rain, he corners them in crowded subways. He flags and gets in cabs first. He will shove between his S/O and other guys dancing at clubs casually so they don’t notice. He will tell people to fo k off if they are obviously bothering his S/O. He does it all.
T = Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?) He might be sloppy with everyday chores but he will rather often take his S/O on spontaneous coffee dates or bring home take out aka steal something from the dorm Kun cooked.
U = Unique (What makes them unique as a S/O?) What makes Lucas unique as a S/O is definitely his awareness of his ... stupidity? Now I can see people coming for me for saying this but he once said he is not very smart and he is probably correct about that. His abilities lay more in the practical and emotional/empathic area. So what makes him special is is ability to pull his S/O’s guard down. If they come home from work super stressed he will put their mind at ease by simply talking to them about not so heavy or challenging topic. He will be their save heaven. A place where they don’t need to pretend or to impress. Lucas loves his S/O 190% for their character or quirks and maybe even for their intellect as well but he doesn’t compete with it and is real about himself.
V = Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?) SO. MUHC. He has sloppy days tho but they will mostly never catch him with greasy hair or anything. And also he is in shape and plans to stay that way.
W = Whole (Would they feel incomplete without their S/O?) He would. If he is not with them for a long time he can feel how he is losing his inner center or balance. Lucas would be fine on his own but honestly exactly just fine.
X = X-Ray (How transparent are they?) Lucas is an open book. He can’t hide anything and he is so easy to fool on like April 1st or some prank they want to play on him. If he’s feeling down they’ll see it. If he’s happy they’ll know it. if he truly loves them it will be on the local news.
Y = Yuck (Everyone has flaws. What is theirs?) Bruh okay. Well. He leaves his underwear everywhere. Or his socks. and he leaves the toilet seat up.
Z = Zzz (What is a sleep habits of theirs?) Being asleep he grabs everything and pulls it in close. There is no escape. And I feel like he will wander towards the mid of the bed so if their S/O is avoiding being hold custody they will have no where to go but the sofa or wake him up.
Tumblr media
Gif is not mine
Tumblr media
@jeonghanmoon @kpopsnowball @pocky-otp @himitsu-luna @soleilsuhh @dundun-baby
Tumblr media
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cheryls-blossomed · 7 days ago
I think what people need to remember is that marriages go through different motions and some days your on the same page and some days your not. Sometimes you maybe the one more in love and more affectionate and your partner may not be so and the roles can be reversed as well. Marriage dynamics will always change even more so when you bring children into the mix it will never be like when you first started dating or even when you first got engaged it just won't. So I'm not sure what fans are expecting also Eric and Grant mentioned more so in the back half is when barry and iris story really begins. So if your not feeling the vibes right now maybe your not supposed to. Barry even asked Iris what's wrong with me ? So clearly he knows he's being distant and it just shows how well grant plays barry cause he's conveying exactly what barry is going through mentally and emotionally. So if you feel the disconnect from barry it isn't grant it's how he's playing barry and don't think iris doesn't pick up on that cause she does hence why she was the one to make the gesture to touch him it's her way of letting him know i'm here and I understand I'm listening. That's called great communication people especially in a marriage.
I feel like some people have a very specific vision as to what Westallen scenes should always look like and be, but that’s never been me. Barry and Iris as they are now can never be the Barry and Iris of older seasons: they’re war weary in a way that they weren’t three seasons ago. They’ve matured and grown and learned together in their marriage. I really cannot comment on what others were expecting, but so far, honestly, I feel like I’m getting more Westallen content than I expected. I went into this season with my expectations really, really low, even after Eric and Grant’s interviews. So, I really like that we’re seeing Barry and Iris’s growth and maturity as a married couple and that we’re different aspects of their relationship and marriage. 
And I completely agree with what you said here. I think that what I really liked about that scene between Barry and Iris by the windowsill in 7x07 was that it was indicative of really good and healthy communication, as you said. It was a really good example of strong communication between Barry and Iris, and so a nice small moment that really showed how healthy and loving and supportive their relationship is. 
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windywings · 8 days ago
Draco Malfoy + Harry Potter
[prompt: personB captioning everything personA does with “that’s hot/cute”]
It was morning after they finished unpacking their boxes and they're officially living together. Draco woke up, satiated and warm. The scent of pancakes wafting through their room from their kitchen. He stood up and realized he was very naked from their previous activities, a rush of goosebumps went through his spine just remembering it. He never knew he'd feel this content in his life. He grabbed his mason green silk robe and put it on, wearing only that and not minding because its just him and Harry now.
He went to their kitchen and was greeted by Harry Potter, wearing his boxers, apron, and nothing more, swaying his ass to the rhythm he was humming to. When the Scarhead turned around to place perfectly cooked pancakes on their plates, he was met with a smirking Draco making his way to make morning coffee.
"Good morning." Draco grinned.
"What is this? Is this Draco Malfoy smiling early in the morning?"
"Shut your face." Draco rolled his eyes and went back to his mug. Then he felt arms finding their way around his waist and his back in contact with Harry's warm body.
"You look bloody gorgeous." Harry grumbled in his low voice next to Draco's ear and pecked him on the neck.
Draco's blood rushed and he felt his neck and cheeks heating from it. "Get off." Draco nudged Harry away with his elbow.
Harry only chuckled in response and Draco knows that Harry knows what that little act of his did to him, but damn him he won't admit it affected him that much.
When they were sitting on the table eating their pancakes that was made by Harry and their coffee made by Draco, the comfortable silence was broken by the four-eyed Gryffindor.
"You know exactly how I like my coffee." Harry said, sipping the coffee from his obnoxiously-red-for-Draco's-liking mug.
Draco only raised his eyebrows from above the Daily Prophet he was reading.
"That's kinda hot." Harry said as he once again, took a sip from his mug, hiding his smirking face.
Draco scrunched his nose, "Of course I know how you like your coffee, Harry. I'd expect the same with you." He deflected, wanting to calm down the rising feeling of being flustered. Honestly, how does one take a compliment.
Draco raised the Daily Prophet and quit trying to read anymore, he was just using it to hide his face.
"Hey! Go eat the pancakes and tell me how is it." Harry reached for the Daily Prophet and wrenched it away from Draco.
Draco, indulging Harry, took the knife and the fork and started to cut a little portion out of the pancake. He took a slice of banana and a hefty amount of maple syrup and ate it. The burst of flavors in his tongue made Draco's eyes widen.
"Wow. That's." Draco swallowed. Where were his manners? He continued, schooling his face into a small smile, "Delicious."
"Just delicious?" Harry made a show of pouting and placing his chin on his palm. And Merlin if that didn't actually work on Draco.
Damn him. "Scrumptious." Draco tried again.
Harry hummed, agreeing. "You're adorable is what you are."
"Excuse me?"
"What, you sound like I insulted you. It's a compliment, Draco." Harry grinned.
Draco rolled his eyes. "You just like to get under my skin." And now that made Draco feel a little bit bad thinking that the compliments weren't genuine. Of course they aren't.
"Come on, Draco. We all know you're the pretty one in this relationship." Harry leaned forward on the table.
Draco met his eyes, "Have you seen yourself?"
Harry's face fell and Draco was ready to enumerate the things that make Harry fricking Potter hot, but Harry shrugged it off. "Besides, you were right. I like getting under your skin. Making you flustered." Harry's grin was back. Bastard.
"Also I meant every single compliment, you twat. I know that look."
Draco subconsciously looked down, feeling super seen by the Golden Boy.
Of course it was genuine.
"You look extra handsome when you're blushing." Harry said, his tone teasing but genuine.
"Shut up." Draco mumbled and continued trying to eat the absolutely perfect pancake in front of him.
"Mmm-hmm. I will, sexy."
"Hate you."
"I love you."
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soldierswar · 8 days ago
Kobik - Chapter II
Bucky x Reader
Chapter summary: You and Bucky begin to face your new reality.
Chapter 1
“Sam was right. You do have a staring problem,” was the first thing said between the two of you after you broke the news almost 5 minutes ago.
His face was still white even after sitting down. You sat across from him, you both being in the same spots that you were in before your outburst.
Out of all of the ways that you had imagined telling him would be like, this wasn’t anything close to any of your scenarios. Granted, the reaction itself was pretty on par with what you expected.
“When were you going to tell me?” he asked still in a trance. His eyes continued to dart from the ground to your stomach back and forth.
“I found out a couple of hours before you left. I didn’t want to freak you out before—”
“And how long did you plan on keeping this from me?”
“Really? That’s your first thought?” you snapped.
“Yeah,” he retorted.
“Well maybe I was just waiting for the right time, but obviously things don’t always go as planned!”
You and Bucky had never planned to have kids. The mere idea of it scared the hell out of you guys. So for the most part, you were pretty careful.
“How did this even happen?”
You leaned forward and looked him dead in the eyes.
“Bucky,” you said.
“I’ll give you one guess.”
He shook his head.
“You know what I mean.”
Suddenly a little voice crept up on you startling the both of you for a second.
“Is everything okay?”
Bucky was the first one to look at her, and you couldn’t help but notice the softening of his features; especially in his eyes.
“Yeah. Everything’s fine, kid. We’re just talking,” he said in a comforting tone.
She frowned suspiciously as though she wasn’t convinced, but she let it go.
You thought that seeing her after Bucky told you about her whole history would have made you even more afraid of her. But looking at her now, you saw the innocence in her that Bucky was so adamant about convincing you that she had. Honestly, she was kind of adorable once you got used to some of her unnatural features.
You turned your gaze back over to the house where Sam was standing at the doorway. You wondered if he heard anything from your intense conversation.
“Are you guys done with your little moment or not?” Sam shouted.
You looked over at Bucky whose eyes were still on Kobik with a nervous expression. You realized that once again you had almost completely forgotten the whole point of your little argument, and now he was struggling with what you told him and what to do with Kobik. Now you kind of hated yourself for doing all this to him.
So you did what you now felt you had to do and let out a big sigh.
“I don’t have a car seat.”
Bucky’s face looked a little confused.
“And I guess she’s tiny enough to sleep on our giant couch,” you continued. Now he was understanding.
“But I swear if there’s a moment where we’re in any type of danger—”
“Y/N, I would never—”
“I know.”
You knew that he wasn’t lying. One thing that you always trust was that he would do anything to protect you; even when you didn’t always trust his judgement with some of his risky/impulsive decisions. But him protecting you from bad people was how you two had met in the first place.
“Hooray!” she exclaimed jumping into Bucky’s arms. Something that would be seemingly normal for a child of her perceived age; except for the fact that she jumped from an impossibly far distance, and seemed to float slowly as she went down to wrap her own arms around his shoulder. Almost like there was an invisible parachute over her.
This was going to be interesting.
In the hours since Kobik had come home with the two of you, there was no denying that you were avoiding her. You felt a little bit guilty about it, but it wasn’t hard to tell that she was kind of avoiding you too. You couldn’t blame her, you didn’t exactly react in the best way in your initial interaction.
You checked the time on your computer. 7:00. You hadn’t realized how long you had holed yourself up in your office under the guise of catching up on emails. In all fairness when he saw how anxious you started getting when she began exploring the apartment, Bucky did suggest that you go rest or something said that he would handle her. Whatever that meant. You also had to admit to yourself that Kobik wasn’t the only one you were avoiding. You and Bucky were incredibly tense after your outburst, and you haven’t had space or time to talk about it yet.
When you walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water you could see Bucky sitting in the living room with Kobik on his lap.
He was reading her a story from his iPad. It was what you remembered to be an excerpt of a story from his favourite book of short stories. She looked calm, and honestly quite comfortable. In fact, she was in the midst of falling asleep. Your heart might have melted if you weren’t so freaked out about the thought of her having some type of trauma-induced nightmare and burning a hole through the ceiling or something crazy like that in her sleep.
You decided to shake that thought and walked over to the bedroom to let yourself collapse onto the bed. And yet, when you got there you could not let yourself relax. All you could do was lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling wishing that you could feel numb inside instead of feeling everything else it was that you were feeling weighing down on you.
Not too much later you felt Bucky sit down on the bed right next to you. With that, you began to feel something along the lines of dread. You knew that this was the moment where you’d have to face whatever new reality you both had looming over you. The short-term ones, and the long-term ones.
After you sat up you both stared at each other not knowing where to start.
Finally, you decided to talk first.
“So how long do you think this is going to go on for?”
“Not too long,” he stated.
“We just need to find out who it is trying to find her and why. We have a few people looking into it now.”
“And then what?”
He let out a slow tired sigh and shrugged.
“After that, we just need to figure out who with and/or where she’ll be able to live with long term.”
You nodded, feeling a little relieved that he wasn’t going to try to convince you to keep her forever.
“Speaking of long term.”
‘Oh great,’ you thought.
“Yeah,” was all that you could say looking down at your still flat belly. You were still too scared to touch it like there was something or rather someone actually in there.
“How long?” he asked.
“I already told you how long I’ve known.”
“I mean how far along?” he clarified.
You suddenly thought about how cuddling with the tiny humanoid weapon in your living room might be more fun than having to go through this conversation.
“I mean I haven’t really gone to the doctor yet,” you stated.
“But if I did that math right…about 2 months.”
He didn’t say anything. Or rather, couldn’t say anything; which did nothing but succeed in driving you mad.
“Again with the long pauses?” you snapped.
But one look into your pleading, probably now red and puffy eyes made him stop.
And that was the moment when you began to cry. Days upon days’ worth of tears fell down your cheeks as sobs wracked your body. So instead of saying anything yet, he just held you. He wrapped his arms around you and rocked you side to side until you were finally able to calm down again.
“I’m sorry,” he said softly against the top of your head.
You furrowed your brows and looked up to meet his gaze.
“I’m sorry about how…terribly I’m reacting to this.”
You weren’t sure why but you suddenly felt a little laugh bubble over you, but you held back.
“If it makes you feel any better,” you sniffled.
“I immediately threw up, and then cried for three days straight. So I think I win.”
He let out a light chuckle before his eyes began to glaze over as he sunk deep into his thoughts.
You gave his hand a reassuring squeeze bringing him back to earth grateful that you were finally being the calmer one in this situation.
“We’re gonna figure this out,” you said giving him a soft smile.
“Yeah?” he responded wearily, returning the reassuring squeeze.
You shrugged.
“I mean we haven’t really been left with much of a choice now have we?”
He kissed you on the top of your head and sighed lightheartedly.
“No, I guess not.”
He turned to lay down with his head on his pillow and pulled you to lay comfortably in front of him.
“You know I love you no matter what, right?” he whispered while carefully resting his hand on your belly. And now you wanted to cry again. But instead of crying, you assured him,
You laid there for a while in silence but in peace. Also, you were exhausted. You both were. No matter how anxious you two might have been, it was one of those days where you would definitely not be fighting sleep. So as sleep came, you let it. You let it take you away into blissful oblivion.
But moments after you found yourself properly asleep, you were suddenly awoken by a child-like scream followed by a loud bang.
Thanks to all of you for all of the love I got for chapter 1. I'm pretty excited for the next few chapters. I hope you enjoyed.
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kiwibirbs-library · 9 days ago
Hi there. I saw your requests are open and so I thought why not ask if you could write something :) maybe something with Mirio, Shoto and Shinsou (separately) and teen pregnancy? Plus points if Shoto is trying to hide the kid from his father but him still finding out? If you don't want to write it or don't feel comfortable writing about this topic - no worries. It's all fine :)
Okie dokie honestly had to think if I wanted to or not but I dooo soo hehe homework can wait
Sorry Mirios is a bit vague
Anyways have fun hehe don’t melt
Miro Togata
Tumblr media
Sad times
You were alone cause he was away on the hisiki mission
Is that how you spell it idk
You’ve been getting really sick recently and had to even miss your first few periods cause you were throwing up so bad
You had a small suspicion and fear of what it was
When you went to reconmvery girl she sorta just gave you a look that confirmed it
You broke down crying right there
Like mirio wasn’t even there and you didn’t even now if you’d see him again
What were you supposed to do
That afternoon you got a call from the hospital about mirio
When I say you broke down again when you heard his voice is an understatement
He was shushing you on the phone trying to get you to calm down a little
He could tell you were trying to say something but he couldn’t make it out through your sobs
He just assumed it was that you were happy he was alive
Which you were
But your brain had the small bean sized human in your stomach in mind
Eventually you got out that you were on your way and hung up
When you got there you ran to his room and jumped him
Ngl hurt him but he didn’t care he was just happy to hug you
“Thank god you’re ok,” you sniffled into his shoulder
“Haha miss me much? It was only two days,” he rubbed your back a little
“A lot can happen in two days,” you mumbled
You knew he wouldn’t be mad or mean when you told him
You knew he wouldn’t be like those jerks that you read about randomly on the internet
But you were still terrified to say anything about the test in your bag or why you were throwing up when he had to leave
“Anyways, i take it Your feeling a Little better! You were puking a lot huh? Haah!” He laughed a bit when you sat up
You gulped a bit and out a hand in your bag, grabbing your test harshly
“Um well..”
You looked pale
Mirio watched you with worry
“Love? Is everything ok,” you put a hand on your leg
You smile was weary
You could feel traf coming up again
“I should have probably waited for a fun or cuter setting for this but I’m,” you pulled out your test and handed it to him, your breathing staggering
He was confused on what the stick was
When he flipped it over and say the two little lines he was more confused
“What is the stick fo—“ he stopped and blinked then looked between you and the stick rapidly
“Suprise!” You laughed weakly
It was obvious you were scared about saying anything
“This isn’t a joke right?”
“Mirio why would I joke about this”
“So your serious”
“I GET A MINI ME!!” He smiled so brightly
You were taken aback
Was he Not scared??
You two were only in your third year, not even actual heros yet
“Y-you wha”
Mirio brought a hand up and wiped your cheek
You didn’t even know you were crying
“Hey don’t cry, this isn’t exactly when I expected this to happen but it’s ok. We’re gunna get married anyways, and live together next year was in the plan too, oh and don’t forget the part about us knowing we’d be the best dang parents there could be!” He smiled so warmly
Your lip wobbled and you diving into his chest
You were so lucky with him
And he was so lucky with you
When you told the teachers they were all mostly understanding
One or two reprimanded you for not being careful
But still everyone was surprisingly over supportive
Nejire always would bring back random stuffed animals or baby clothes when she came back from a day out
Tamaki would slide you snacks in the middle of class
Mirio loved having long drawn out conversations with the kid while you were doing homework
He would sit under the desk and just talk for hours
It was adorable really
During the school festival you couldnt attend The concert cause recovery girl said it wouldn’t be too good for your heart rate to get to fast
So mirio recorded it for you later
You met Eri too that was fun
You cried a lot during your mood swings but mirio would just hug and cuddle you and say it was all ok
In times you would get stress cause of the baby or school he would bring back your favorite food and you would have a mini movie night in a blanket fort
You two decided not to know the gender cause he liked surprises
When the baby was born and it was a boy he was so happy
You had been in pain all day and he was glad to see you out of it
You were so tired but the way you were smiling at the little bundle of blankets made him tear up
When he got to hold him he got that same smiled he ha don at the concert with Eri when she smiled
(Imma let y’all choose a name)
When you brought him back the next day everyone had set up a little welcome home party
While you were at school mirio would watch him
When you were out you two would be in the dorms or sometimes would go out for a walk with him
You got to take family pictures all the time and tamaki gave you a little scrapbook of all of them on his 1st birthday
Ugh this is making me melt anyways next
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
Based in your second year
So you hadn’t been feeling good for weeks and finally decided you were done and went to go see recovery girl
She ended up just heading you the stick and when you denied she told you just to be safe
And you did it and the next day was today
Shinsou was at training and you had taken a sick day
You really weren’t expecting the two little lines to be there and so Prominate
You just sort of broke down
You were already in Shinsous room cause you felt like it and now you were just freaking out on his head god wha
Would your parents think
I knew they liked him but god this was something else entirely
What would the others thinkwould they cast you ways???
Would you be kicked out of UA??
Then the door opened
Shinsou had gotten tired with training and came back to his dorm with you clearly trying to hold in tears on his bed
“Kitten? What’s wrong??” He stood over you and cupped your face
“Hitoshi— I- we-“you started crying and tears flowed out faster than he’d ever seen before
“Hey shh what’s wrong? What can I do?” He move you back slightly and sat infront of you.
You were shaking
He was seriously worried you never got like this almost ever
“Um well the—“you took a deep breath and pointed to the bathroom
“The bathroom?”
You nodded
“Do you want me to go in there?”
About her nod
He just thought you saw a spider for a second before remembered you didn’t mind them as much as the other girls
When he went in he didn’t see the test at first just looked behind the curtain of the shower
Then he went to the counter and found it
He took a deep breath and held it as he looked at the blue lines
When he came out you were hiding under a blanket
“Love?” He Heard- a sniffle in reply “are you ok? Do you need anything?”
You just sat up and flung yourself onto him
“I’m so sorry!”
“Why are you apologizing you didn’t do anything, besides this is a team effort if you think about it right? We’re ok. We should go tell our teachers though,” he begged you as he spoke
He could feel a weak nod from you and smiled
He was terrified but it was ok he could do this with you
He knew he could
That week was eventful with filling everyone in on the situation
You would randomly get up in class and they all knew why
There was one moment when a girl thought it was a good idea to tell you were gaining weight and looked wierd
Aizawa elected to ignore it when the had group training and she got paired three against one
He liked to put on music in his room and let her listen to the songs you both picked
Some where actually really cute but others were plain idiotic
You eneded up being about a week late
And you you felt like death the whole time
But finally delivery day came and you were crying while you got to hold your little girl
Shinsous hand hurt like crazy from you squeezing it but he was so happy none the less
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Lmao this goes to the beat of the song I’m listening too hehe
Ok ok fam this boy is so idiotic in this but it’s fine he’ll get it someday
So this is based in your second year
You two had been together for almost a year and half
That’s right you started dating in middle school
Props to you for bagging that
His dad found out about you like two months ago
He was very disappointed in his son before he did a background check and found out how freaking powerful you were
Still he didn’t like how blunt and brazed you were about hating him
Anyways back to the story
So it was like 3am?
And you were both sleeping cause that’s what normal people do
Lol couldn’t be me
And you shoot up in bed clutching your stomach and hold a hand over your mouth
You run into the bathroom and Shoto is by your side in seconds
Hes Holding your hair and rubbing your back while your leaning over the toilet
Hes so freaking worried like what’s wrong??? Huh??? You were fine in class today
And then it happened again later that day in home room
You just stood up and rushed out
Todoroki wanted to go after you but you came back after like five minutes
You whispered something to Aizawa and he sent you to recovery girl
Shotos leg was bouncing all period waiting for you to come back
He was so focused on the door that he jumped a little when the phone rang
Aizawa picked it up and sighed before calling shoto up
“You should probably go see her, she’s in the nurses office”
And Shoto was out that door in two seconds flat
When he got there you were crying and recovery girl was patting your hands
He was about to rush over when he heard you talking
“Does this men’s I’ll have to leave UA?”
What?! No no you can’t! What happened?
“Oh no sweetly no! You’ll be a fine hero and we can’t leave you alone! Well just have to.. change somethings around for you that’s all,” recovery girls voice said
Shotos feet moved before he could think
He was kneeling in front of you before you could blink
“What’s wrong? Why would have to leave??” He was so worried
He was cupping your face and scanning over it like it was something he could see
Recovery girl sighed and smiled before leaving to give you two some privacy
“Sho- i”
“What is it?”
“I’m- im pregnant,” you cried again, leaning into his shoulder
You were scared for yours and his hero career
Even more so that if his dad found out he would take shoto away from you
Shoto was frozen there for a moment
His first thought was ok he could work with that he thought you’d ere dying so this is good
His second was that his dad was NEVER going to find out
like ever
Not untill the kid was at least old enough to sass him back
He wrapped his arms around you
“Hey hey, shh it’s ok. It’s all going to be ok”
“HOW?! I don’t want yours or my career to suffer and-and oh god your dad”
“I’m not telling him”
“But if he sees me!”
“He won’t, I’m not letting that happen”
He hugged you tighter and rubbed your back as you grabbed the front of his shirt
“I’m not going anywhere ok?”
Midoryia found out first on accident
He found you sitting in the bathroom with Todoroki next you and asked if you were ok
Neither of you had a good enough excuse and he figured it out
Soon the rest of the class followed
Blame it on Denki when he walked in on shoto reading a baby book
Then that dreaded day came
Parent teacher conferences
You were a good 8 months and definitely showing
Literally ended up unofficially moving into shotos dorm with him since you needed help with dressing sometimes snd all that schnazzy stoof
Anyways you had already told your parents and they were understanding
You were praising the gods they were mad and that they loved shoto as much as they did
So when you were walking down the hall with your mom and shoto and he stopped you both with a hand you were confused
At east until you smelled the faint burning smell in the air
“Shit” you gasped and looked around you
Your mom had an idea of why you were so scared rushed you both into a classroom
Bad room
It was 1-a
You gulped as the door opened, shoto slightly hiding you
You put your hands over your stomach protectively
You felt nauseous from the burning smell but you could move
Shoto noticed you pale and slightly green you looked
“Shoto! Oh and y/n I see! I have come!”
“Dad could you cool it with the fires”
“What why?”
“Um well because—“
“M-my mom! She’s not a fan of fires!” You blurted without thinking
Your mom went along with it bless her soul and slightly retracted from him
He looked at her then to his son
He was taking to long
You couldn’t do it anymore and went over to the trash
Endeavor was shocked
You didn’t look like that last he saw you
“You swallowed again before standing up and walking back to shoto and your mom
Shoto put you behind him a little
“What is the meaning of this!” He boomed
“Dad leave her alone”
“Not That! Why wouldn’t you tell me!! You two would have the most powerful kid!! This is great I will train them to be the next—“
“You won’t lay a hand on my kid,” shotos dark voice interrupted him
“You. Will. Not. Come. Near. Them. If your intentions are to train them to be a hero. Never in a million years”
“But they must carry on the legacy!”
“No they don’t!” You came in “they can do what they want!”
“Do not yell at me you—“
That was Aizawa who had just walked
“Out. You’re stressing her out and that’s not good for her or the baby so Get. Out.”
And that was the end of that
Luckily he left without to much of a fuss
You almost broke down but held it together enough
Got the day off too
About three weeks later your water broke and being rushed to the hospital
Shoto cried when you let him hold her first
He just couldn’t handle it
He was terrified but right now? He was so happy he didn’t care
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luciferlesbian · 9 days ago
no but honestly when i say "gnc" i don't just mean "not conforming to what het society expects from me by assuming I'm a woman." i went through that phase, the fuck skirts and i hate the color pink phase. and i hugely respect people who feel that way.
but circling back around and realizing that i LIKE skirts, that i enjoy sewing, that i actually want marriage and want to be a stay at home's not any less gnc. cause the thing is, those expectations are not empty performances put on a gender; they're meant to be for men.
skirts are meant to be attractive to men or conservative enough for "modesty" that you're reserving your body for a man. marriage is expected between me and a man. I'm expected to stay home and do housework while a man has a job.
but i want a woman. i want to wear skirts that aren't attractive to men or modest for modesty's sake. i want to wear skirts because they're comfortable and I'M comfortable in who i am and what i want, and how i look in the eyes of women and other sapphics.
i want a wife i can support and be supported by on equal terms. i want the security of a life i love with the person i love, who is not a man.
that is also gender non conformity. and yes, i shave my head and don't shave my body hair, i will wear a binder and mostly forgo makeup, and those are gnc too, but i don't see my desire for traditionally "feminine" things any less feminine when they're directly tied to my lesbianism.
I've always been gnc. it's why i went through a phase of rejecting feminine things, because i didn't know how to express it any other way. when i realized i was gay, it changed everything. i realized my very existence could be gnc regardless of how i dressed or what i wanted to do, because a crucial part of how femininity is defined by society is how it revolves around and caters to men. it's defined by the opposition to masculinity.
and I'm not masculine to eschew femininity. and I'm not avoiding either masculinity or femininity just to avoid perceptions. I'm gnc because I'm decidedly both and either, and i don't perform femininity or masculinity to the social standard that is conforming.
being a lesbian (and nonbinary tbh,) makes my femininity equally as gnc as masculinity, and it's time we stop defining conformity around shallow performances and stereotypes. the way i would perform femininity would make people angry and offended, which is exactly what non-conformity is.
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