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nerv0usm3chanic · 3 hours ago
I don't think we've roleplayed with one another very often (or much at all, really) but we've known/known of each other for a very very long time. I care for you greatly and look up to you as both a fellow writer, and a fellow artist and always hope to see more of your muses and your creativity.
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miggiisdumb · 6 hours ago
Hewwo i just wanted to tall is ur heifer Cotton? No reason in particular just....curious 👀
Totaly not drawing my self insert with ur oc NOP DON'T KNOW WHAT'CHA TALKING ABOUT 😋
Nnaosudbsksodu I always forget to think about my characters heights I only know b I g and smol-
She’s probably around 5’3 or 5’5 at max. looks taller because of her hair
Bull bakugou do be standing at 7’6 tho
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ogaforogaalskling · 12 hours ago
Hi all, still alive <3
I know it’s been a few months.. but should I still keep posting Swedes content?
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bluescarfvivi · 13 hours ago
@akirathief​ | continued from here: X
Things began getting out of hand. From her observations, this whole Phantom Thieves trend bled deep into the public’s eyes and opinions. She knew of that fan-created and modded website since her arrival in the city. Every now and then, whether during a break away from investigation business or alone in her own borrowed room, Vivi kept up-to-date on its status. Polls were created for the vigilantes’ next target and, by popular demand, fans suggested many higher positioned CEOs and other officials. 
That....seemed too unnecessary, along with the smaller complaints from anonymous senders. It appeared as if these so called ‘phans’ dumped their problems with certain individuals on the thieves, thereby they’d be fixing the sender’s troubles. It’s not right, at least in the blue hues of the investigator. 
Tumblr media
Her words held a concerning undertone. There’s a stir alright, and Vivi couldn’t predict what could possible happening in the upcoming week. Lately, her client called her more frequently into the office than previous. That alone immediately shot some red flags. “ say that, but I want to make sure you actually take that to heart.” She lightly chuckled, flashing him a quick smile. “The public has been talking nonstop about what’s going to happen next for those Thieves....” And she sensed an oncoming unrest slowly encroaching. A huge storm. Her intuition never lied or steered her wrong. 
“...and now that Okumura guy called for a live press meeting in the next few days. I don’t know about you but...something doesn’t feel right with me, especially since he suddenly scheduled this out of nowhere.” 
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dramaticalcorgi · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for your consideration.......
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lilbluesaplingfr · 19 hours ago
hey so like…. Why did Tidelord decide to reroute the river underneath this ancient city….its obviously made the ground very unstable. Are they trying to destroy the evidence of its existence? Could this have to do with the destroyed ancient statue in the Earth Fest scene? And the strange uncoverings from the previous expedition?
….Earth Ancient time????
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echo-leech · a day ago
I desire to post another in progress pic of the wip. "Whyre u doin this" you may ask, and the answer is that i havent put this much effort or detail into a traditional piece with the intent of having it complete with minimal or no digital touch ups in. A very long time. Kinda fun to see how its goin, yknow
But im tired and too lazy to get a good pic rn. The bg ended up going weirdly, im planning on colouring in a gradient but said gradient will be the only colour. The inking of the pieces i was certain i was gonna ruin went much much better than expected, grew into a different vibe but its not a bad direction. So all that really remains beyond the colour gradient is the small detail inking - different from the inking before, which acted more like lineart added to a sketch, this inking'll be intricate copying of whats already there. I think ill likely get creative and add stuff as i go, but itll be very small details.
Problem is, im almost certain i have no functional fine tip pens. I used a trusty ballpoint (which, ok, is barely inking, and isnt very good but hey i like it) for the bg and bold lines, but its not very applicable to fine details. So, hmmmmmmm...
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asexual-diaz · a day ago
you knowww... we got an explanation for why eddie looked like That when ana said there hasn’t been anyone since shannon, but i sure would like to know why he made that face when those people on that call during the mudslide talked about catching feelings for each other during quarantine 
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living-idiot-titans · a day ago
*Ghidorah also went to sleep shortly after you went to sleep with Kamata-kun, Laria lays under his wing and even close against him*
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m3teoraaa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
colored some doodle requests from instagram :000
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