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#his hair must be so nice to touch lol
rudystree · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
can i please read a 10 page paper on how this man has the most amazing features?
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jadegrey711 · 2 days ago
Soft dark!Andy Barber x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello everyone! So recently I’ve become absolutely obsessed with both @navybrat817 and @stargazingfangirl18 who both write absolutely amazing stuff and I want to be them when I grow up. So when I found lout Siri was doing a 5k writing challenge i figured i’d throw my hat in the ring and maybe get out of this depression writing slump. 
So I decided to make a vey very very! Soft! Dark Andy Barber x Reader. Seriously it’s like Dark Light lol. But I hope you all like it! I hope to do another one before the month is over but let’s see shall we? 
Also this not proof read by anyone other than me and I tend to make alot of mistakes. 
WARNINGS: Sexual Situations (18+ ONLY), Overstimulation, possessive Andy, deeply jealous Andy, Oral sex (F Receiving), Vaginal sex. 
Other warnings include very mediocre writing. 
*Gifs are NOT mine, credit for the gif is in the TAGS*
Word count: 1484
Tumblr media
He watched you from a distance as he continued talking with his fellow associates, making sure to keep a watchful eye on you as you chatted with the wives. He smirked to himself knowing you must be bored out of your mind, but you did it for him and he loved you for it. 
Suddenly though, Andy watched as Neil Logiudice approached you from behind, putting a hand on your arm. You seemed startled for a minute and then smiled, putting your hand on top of his and Andy saw red. 
He barely registered what the others in his group were talking about. Because his gaze was focused solely on you and Neil and how cozy you were in each other’s company. How you and the other women laughed at some joke he made and about how in the three minutes he had been standing there he hadn’t been able to keep his fucking hands off of you. He felt like breaking each one of those fingers, making sure he let Neil know that he was never to touch you again. He could feel his whole body vibrate with violence as he continued watching, knowing you were none the wiser. 
Neil was nice enough and he was an associate of Andy’s so when he put his hand on your arm to get your attention you let it slide, putting your hand on top of his and gave it a friendly pat fighting the urge to swat it away immediately. You were at a party full of Andy’s work friends and associates so making a scene over something small would not be a good impression on either your part or Andy’s; so you let it slide and you let the other four times he touched you slide as well. Even as you were mentally flinching each time he did it. After the fourth time you looked around the room for Andy, looking for an escape of some kind and immediately found him; across the room and boring holes into the back of Neil’s head with that dark gaze. 
You took that as your cue to quickly excuse yourself, saying that it was getting rather late and you should go and find Andy. Everyone waved you off as you departed from the group and over to where Andy was. 
“Hi honey.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers with his and while everyone else in the group was still talking you heard Andy sigh and grip your fingers back; turning his face towards your he gave you a small smile. 
“Do you want to get out of here?” He whispered in your ear.
“Definitely!” You whispered back. Before you plastered a smile on your face as Andy said goodbye to everyone and then put his hand on the small of your back and guided you out the exit. 
Later that night after you both had gotten home, gotten into bed and as Andy had your leg over his strong shoulder while he devoured your soul between your legs did he bring up Neil. 
You writhed on the bed, your fingers tangled in Andy’s hair as you felt your orgasm coming on fast with the pace he was eating you out at. When suddenly Andy surprised you. 
“You good friends with Neil now?” he asked nonchalantly against your folds, before he sucked harshly on your clit. Making you groan. 
“What?” you asked confused at what he was possibly asking you right now as he was sucking all rational thought out through your pussy. 
“Are you good friends with Neil?” He asked again, giving your clit another harsh suck. And you felt your legs convulse. 
“What the fuck Andy?” You asked but the sound of his name was more of a moan as he added two of his fingers and pumped your sweet pussy. 
Andy didn’t give for a minute as he continued to suck and lick at your folds until you finally came, but instead of gently working you through your orgrasm, his fingers kept their harsh pace as he looked up at you. 
“You seemed like real good friends when you let him put his fucking hands on you.” He growled as he placed an open mouth kiss on your pussy. His other hand pulling the hood of your clit back before placing another one of those kisses there and sucking it again. 
“Fuck! Andy! I’m gonna come again.” you cried out, feeling that the pleasure was starting to be too much for you. But the way that you started to pull on Andy’s hair to pull him off or the way your hips turned away from him his touches didn’t deter him one bit as he continued with his interrogation. 
He leaned up from you and watched his fingers stroke in and out of you before he added a third one, earning a low whine from you as you felt yourself building up to another orgasm.
“You didn’t answer my question sweetheart. Why did that fuck think he could put his hands on what is mine?” 
“Andy.” you moaned, trying to get away from his touch but he wasn’t having any of that as he placed his heavy bicep over your stomach, keeping you there at his mercy. 
You felt that sinful tongue run through your folds again, his thick beard scratching your thighs adding whatever sensations you were feeling to new heights. Then he pulled out his fingers so he could fuck you with his tongue now. Your third orgasm coming like a runaway freight train. You felt your toes curl as your third orgasm washed over you making you lift from the bed like Andy was performing an exorcism on you. 
You felt tears in your eyes as you tried again to pull away from Andy’s touches feeling your thighs tremble uncontrollably now but Andy wasn’t stopping not until he got what he wanted from you; not until he got an answer for why Neil thought he could put his hands on what didn’t belong to him. 
“Fuck Andy! Stop!” you sobbed. “He just came up to me. I didn’t want to make a scene about some guy putting his hand on my arm so I didn’t do anything  about it. I knew you were right there if I felt uncomfortable and I did; so I left.” you cried out, feeling the tears roll down your cheeks. “Please honey stop.” you sobbed. 
You watched in relief as Andy pulled his plump lips away from your aching pussy, and felt your pussy clench at the sight of his beard absolutely drenched in your juices. But your relief was short lived, as you saw the look in Andy’s eyes, the feral look they held in them. 
“He made you uncomfortable?” 
“Yes, but I came straight to you. Please Andy I can’t take it anymore baby please.” you whined. 
“I should break everyone of his fingers for laying a fucking hand on what’s mine.” He said softly, placing chaste kisses on your inner thighs and you let out a small cry. You watched in relief as he climbed up the length of your body, and ladened you with soft hungry kisses, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. 
“I love you.” he said softly, giving you another soft kiss. “I’m so glad that you felt that you could just come to me when you were feeling uncomfortable. I never want you to feel that way again so next time, you’ll just stay with me the whole time okay?” 
You quickly nodded and kissed Andy back. You both just stayed there like that for a minute, him hovering and stretched over your body, ladening you with soft kisses before he pulled away from you and gave you a wicked smile. 
“But I think you have one more in you baby.” he said and before you could even react. Andy grabbed the back of each of your legs, bringing you closer to him, before he swiftly impaled you with his achingly hard cock.
Andy set a brutal pace obviously trying to get you off one more time before he loses all control. You let out a high keen, and grabbed onto Andy, your nails raking down his back; a small revenge for him absolutely wrecking you tonight all because of some asshole touching you. 
“I’m gonna fill you up so nicely baby. No one will ever have any doubt that you are mine.” he let out a low grown. “And that I’m yours.” he growled leaning down to suck and place kisses on your neck. 
Without warning your orgasm crashed over you and you were sure that if Andy wasn’t there pressing down onto you, you would’ve snapped in half from the force of it. As Andy chased his own end, he kissed the tears that were flowing down your cheeks. 
“Nothing fucks with my baby.”
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handbaskethell · 2 days ago
SW: Rebels S3E9: The Wynkahthu Job
or lord, here comes Hondo with his Hondo bullshit (jk I love Hondo)
- I think Sabine’s face says it all
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Actually, all their faces. omg Ezra why are you looking at Hondo like that?
- Every time I see Hondo’s arms, I’m like...that’s my grandfather. Is my grandfather a wheeler deeler pirate? Well no but...idk
- Oh god it’s that sack of shit Azmorigan again. Though I do love James Hong, it’s always fun to hear him show up.
- ‘When Hondo profits, so do you!’ NO.
- ‘Ah I remember now! The feisty one. She hit me with a tray.’ one of Hera’s best moments ngl.
- Hondo being SUS AF
- Okay this is a trap, like...just a passive trap for any unwitting crew of ...well..our heroes I guess.
- “Ah HAH! Because weee have something in our favor that the Empire does not! For we are DESPERATE!”  JFC I CACKLED GOD DAMMIT I LOVE HONDO
Tumblr media
- Ezra, hon. You’re a teenager, I don’t trust you to mow my lawn, much less with anything more responsible than that.
-  Sulky teen gunna sulk. Cut the shit Ezra. GOD Thrawn is stuck with this lil shit.
- I agree with that one Ensign from the Tabanna gas incident: Derelicts are a giant NOPE from me.
- lol it’s an ugnaught stalking them in the darknessss
- Zeb: You attacked an Imperial ship?
Ezra: We do it ALL the time!
- TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP something something
- EZRAAAA SHUT THE FUCK UP. Don’t tempt fate!
- I should just say watching this during an IRL thunderstorm is interesting
- Oh look an assassin droid, like the ones Thrawn beats the shit out of recreationally
- ‘I advise you not to engage the droid’ - SURE WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW THAT AP5
- God I want to smack the shit out of Ezra.
- Azmorigan, you are not Leeroy Jenkins
- Lol okay the bit with the lightsaber cut door is pretty hilarious.
- Okay but there’s like...explosive canisters in that cargo bay. I guess maybe the set dresser reused the asset? Maybe?
- Hondo: Oh nooo he must have fallen to his doom.
- Chopper, running away: bop boop bop bop BAOw
- The dexterous Zeb feet save the day again!
- If Hera had hair, she’d have so much grey hair with all the bullshit these idiots always pull.
- D: Mel Zwyer, W: Gary Whitta, E: Steven Melching
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waltnut · 17 days ago
Yes, I'm a THIRSTY, HORNY and DEHYDRATED bicht. But I am proud of myself. Can I request more NSFW head cannons of our monster boyfriend? But don't make it dark, maybe add some after segg cares if you want? I LOVE YOU.
Don’t make it dark?? Don’t you know what I’m about??? I can’t believe this.
No I’m joking lol well damn, NSFW? Okay well, this is for the Monster Fuckers so kiddies look away. I’m sorry to those who don’t like NsFw. I will tag it as “NSFT” for Not Safe for Timeline but I also hide it under the cut. I’m sorry. I had fun with I’m embarrassed lmao You guys seem to like these so...
Tumblr media
The prompt has me thrown a bit, but I’ll just make some stuff up, I hope that’s okay.
NSFW Headcanons - Monster Boyfriend edition: Demon Lords, Vol. 1
Adult content. These are demons. If this disturbs you, then stop reading here. Otherwise, enjoy?
Level 3
He sheds his feathers on his body when he’s nervous. MC makes him nervous when he’s like this. What do they think of him? Is he ugly? Would they call him a monster?
He’s the most submissive in this form. Gentle touches make him shiver and jump. He feels the most vulnerable and actively moves away from MC if they try to be intimate.
But he wants the intimacy. It’s reassuring. He’s still wanted. He actually might cry a bit. He’s sensitive, be nice.
MC will have to do most of the initiating. After the first time MC had had intimacy with him like this, he will be more confident the next times they engage in any sexual activity.
Level 4
All the pride and confidence. None of that level 3 sissy business, he will have you.
He’s very grabby, and maybe grips a little too tight. He likes the power of being stronger than you. He wants you to know it.
He seems to always have his wings as wide as he can make them. It must be some sort of mating dance. He does have that part bird instinct in there somewhere. He wants to show off, maybe intimidate you a bit. Does he like fear?
Might use the feathers on his tail to tickle you to make you squirm while he has you. What fun!
Level 3
He is very clingy. He wants to always be touching you. Even if it’s just the tips of his wings or tail, he wants to have the physical touch.
As he goes through this level, his ability to sense any Greed from the MC to be highly erotic. Talking about buying those new clothes you’ve been wanting? Turn on. Saying how you’re gonna share any of them with him? He can’t contain himself.
He loves pets. Brushes against his hair, feathers, scales, will make him coo. Bird noises, gotta love them.
Easy seduction outfit, should you choose to wear one, anything shiny. Gold chains? Perfect. Sheer black clothes but with gold edges and designs? Also perfect. He can’t resist the shiny.
Level 4
Don’t even think about leaving him, until he lets you. You’re part of his treasure now and he will preen and polish you accordingly.
Lazy in this form, expect lots of cuddling with the dragon. He’s quite warm. The texture on his underside is soft like skin even though it looks like lizard scales. Don’t be surprised when you feel surprise boners while laying with him. He may be lazy, but he’s not tired.
Touching the skin texture of his body is a great seduction tactic should you need one. It’s the sensitive side to his body while the rest is covered in feathers and scales.
While he will dress up MC in gold as a mating ritual, should MC do the same to him, it is the greatest indicator that you are accepting his proposal for intimacy.
Level 3
Two dicks. Look we all know it. We all agree. Moving on.
Touching the purple frills on his ears is like touching his junk. It’s a highly erroneous zone for him. But be gently, they are very soft and sensitive.
Do you even lift? Well you might need to because he is going to be wrapped around you the entire time. He’s quite heavy and good luck getting out of that one.
Laying with him in water is the best way to show any intimate intentions. Even if you think it’ll be a relaxing chill in the water, think again.
Level 4
Now if you’re brave and choose to sleep with a giant ass sea monster, you’re in luck because he can manipulate water to allow you to breathe in the water.
He is the largest of all the brothers in terms of monster size. He’s a giant sea dragon. So be careful when dealing with...well, his size.
He likes to flip you around in the water, so staying in one position is not an option. It’s like a dance!
Want to know if he’s into it? Watch the orange fleshy bits on his sides. The more he glows the more you know!
Level 3
If you’re into having sex after yelling and screaming at each other then congrats! So is he. Angry sex is what he’s about. He’s wrath. I mean, come on.
Belittle him. No really. He’ll want to prove you wrong. Fuels the fire.
Extremely dominant. Don’t even try to top him. Also you just finished? No rest for you, you’re going again.
He’s gonna scratch and mark you. Bring some bandaids.
Level 4
Okay first of all, you really want to sleep with this? He’s terrifying. He is an actual hell spawn. Well okay, be prepared for selfish sex. He’s rough.
Want to know if he’s into it? Watch the flames on his back. Can you pass your hand through it without it burning you? You pass. It’ll grow brighter and larger the closer he is to finishing.
Most likely to choke you.
Will call you names during the act, sorry. The “not nice” kind.
Level 3
Words are your biggest weapon. Constant love and adoration is all you need when he’s like this. You won’t even need to touch him to work the magic.
As the avatar of lust, he knows the human body of all genders. His genitalia resembles a males’ but it does have a clit on the bottom side of the head of the dick. You can get real creative with that.
Kiss and touch his ears! He loves it. They might flick at your touch, but he’s into it.
Is able to have his scorpion tails in this form if he chooses to, and he likes pushing and pulling you around with them.
Level 4
More of a Dom in this form. He also enjoys a good mess.
Don’t grab onto his tails, he’s not into it. But grabbing onto his mane? Go right ahead with that.
A little bitey. Vampire tendencies.
Most likely to try and sex you on the ceiling. Why? Not sure. But he’s able to do it so just roll with it.
Level 3
Look at that long ass tongue. He’s gonna use it. Why wouldn’t he use it? You’re gonna want him to use it. The paralysis saliva he can produce is something he can choose to use.
Will jump on you out of nowhere. No literally, where did he come from? It’s 3 Am and everyone else is asleep. But a good smack will get him to stop if it’s unwanted. Bad puppy.
He might share his food with you if he’s offering intimacy. Like with his mouth. Like it might already be chewed a bit.
Chromeo lyrics: ((Don’t turn the lights on! I want to see you in the dark~.)) His eyes are sensitive, okay.
Level 4
You ever had sex with a Minotaur? You ever wanted to?
Will carry you off to a secluded area that he has found for himself. He doesn’t want to be disturbed.
The longer you go with him, the hotter his body feels. Just like when he feeds, he’ll have steam coming off his body.
Most likely to hump your leg.
Level 3
He enjoys you being uncomfortable. Emotionally or physically.
Sleep paralysis demon. Hey, at least you won’t be doing most of the work.
He’ll quietly hum a lullaby to you to see if you’ll accept his intimacy proposal. If you hum back, you accept. Careful, he might hum your favorite song.
His wool is so soft. Why is it so soft? You need to touch all of it.
Level 4
If you’re not banging irl, you will in your dreams.
You ever wanted to have sex in space? He can make the best magic Galaxy projector you’ve ever seen, and without the paid promotion!
His wool smells of soothing herbs and incense. So despite his creepy ass behavior, you find a way to calm your nerves.
You’ll have the best sleep you’ve ever had afterwards.
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missusk · 21 days ago
ohmyyyy the lakes is such a nice song! it references Lake District National Park in the UK and isn’t Galar based/inspired by the UK? the escapism theme kinda fits? kinda..
Ough.....anon.....I just listened to it and ough........what a perfect fit.......its so?? Somber? Melancholy? Yet so beautiful and poetic at the same time ??? asdfghjkl;I need to take notes. i don’t listen to a ton of t swizzle’s recent stuff, but whenever i do i always pick out some really beautiful, poetic lines and add them to my story/chapter titles notes on my phone
Definitely fits the feel of a lot of the story, esp the escapism element. Reminds me esp of this part in chap 3
“Leon is still a stranger, but it’s something about the wild, something about the stars, something about the soothing whisper of leaves and the breeze and the soft night chirps of the wild Pokémon around your camp that help you ease into his arms. Maybe you both are a little vulnerable, a little raw, a little hungry for human affection. Being away from any human for over a month must have been draining for Leon, and you can feel it in his hands when he holds you closer. The light of the moon gleams on the stones beneath you, as if it’s highlighting how he brushes your hair from your face. Perhaps he’s using you a little bit for your touch, perhaps you’re using him a little bit for his, or perhaps now that the societal expectations and the screens and the noise of the world aren’t blaring at you from every corner, this craving for intimacy, this quiet bit of the human condition, isn’t so scared to peek through.” - Dappled Grove chp 3
Thanks for sending this note along!!! it’s inspiring and makes me want to write more somber moments lol. you’re the best!! 🥰🥰
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totallynotacatboy · 24 days ago
Hey, is it alright for a part 2 on those nerdy opposite elements head cannons? Maybe this time Tokoyami as Dark (opposite is light), Koda as Life (opposite is undead), Mina as Undead, and Ida as Tech? (Opposite is magic)
Heya! I didn’t see this one for some reason, but yeah!
Fumikage Tokoyami, Koji Koda, Mina Ashido, and Tenya Iida x opposite!reader
Fumikage Tokoyami
Tumblr media
He is so gentle with you, you’re just so pure??
You have such a sweet style and he’s so dark and angsty, you two are such a cute couple
Dark shadow loves you, she thinks your so pretty! But when you start to actually glow it gets scared and she hides behinds tokoyami
Ya know crows are attracted to shiny things so toko’s first reaction is ‘pretty shiny, must have’
He was way too nervous to talk to you though until dark shadow turn matters into its hands(wings?) and practically dragged him over to meet you
When everyone was clowning on toko’s dark and emo room you were the only one to be like ‘wow this place looks cool :DD’ and he was so happy
tokoyami loves to mix gothic accessories into your bright style like a black necklace and pentagram earrings, especially if you mainly wear white
You two exchange a lot of music and you giggle at all his angsty playlists for you, you find it cute
He loves kisses on his beak, that’s it that’s the dot
You two are a perfect balance, you brighten (lol) his life and he hopes you never leave him, he also calls you little light even though he’s 5’2
Koji Koda
Tumblr media
He was so scared of you the first time around, you’re dressed like a murder
He learns about you first day and your gift to talk with ghosts he’s curious but omg what if you kill him
You talk to him first smiling happily, you walked right up to him and said ‘hi! I like you. You look like a fish, let’s be friends!’
And that’s how your friendship started, and soon you started dating. you didn’t mind how little talked since you found his comforting nice
It’s hard to talk when you have ghost constantly wanting to pass messages through you
He learns that animals don’t really like you, when he asked you just shrugged and said ‘maybe I just reek of death
But you told him it’s not all bad, you have plenty of dead animals to talk to they let you pet them!
You two formed a special bond over animals. He cared for animals and when it was their time to go he would give them to you so they’d have a better time passing
When ever he gets really anxious he goes to you and just buries his face into either your back or hair
You two bond really well and he is shockingly comfortable enough to talk to you, but he usually signs to you when your in public
Mina Ashido
Tumblr media
You two can’t really touch each other, your hair is made of soft leaves and she kills every plants she touched
Still you two make it work! She loves holding your hands they’re so soft
You can control plants and they grow where ever your feet touch
She doesn’t mind never touching plants, she wished she could play with your hair though, until one day you had an idea
You have her gloves! She doesn’t know why she hadn’t thought of this sooner but she loves touching your head
She is very protective of you, she thinks your a beauty to this world and she’d be damned if anyone hurt that
She adores how caring you are, making sure she eats properly, getting enough water, and getting sleep
Sometimes if you’re outside she’ll pour a little bit of water on you and say ‘I’m watering the plants!’ She then helps you clean up and says sorry
Cuddling is kinda hard since she doesn’t wanna kill your hair so your guys favorite position is her laying her head on your lap
She is very protective of you but she can be kinda mean and pulls pranks on you, she adores you though
Tenya Iida
Tumblr media
He gets so confused by you, cause you have so rhyme nor rhythm no logic nor organization
You live in an organized chaos, and he loves it he actually admired it
Your room is a mess and when ever he tells you to clean you say ‘it is!’
You two perfectly balance each other since he’s so uptight and balanced and you’re chaos and whimsy
He finds you beautiful, be it a bit crazy. He always curious about your magic and wonders how you do it
You try and teach him stuff about spell jars and tarot cards but it never sticks sadly
You gave him a spell jar necklace for luck and he wears it with him where ever he goes, and it works
He sees you had food out on a table and asked about it, you told him it was an offering for hades. He just sorta went with it
One night you set out water under a full moon and you told him ‘I need moon water for protection!’ He just shrugged
He often lets you help him with taking care of his engines and you often help him with upgrades and he teaches you metal work!
He doesn’t understand your practices, but he respects them. Loves how calm you can be and how you go with the flow. He’s curious about the wand spells you do
Yay! I have these awesome spicy mango lollipops! They’re so good!
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myhaikyuuacademia · 26 days ago
Zemo x Reader [pt 2]
Part 1 Summary: hurt comfort, worried reader, bed sharing (no smut) Warnings: none that I can think of, Zemo gets injured by Walker throwing the shield at him lol, swearwords Notes: I just had to continue their story oml, this is so sappy and fluffy
Tumblr media
It had been a few days since you and Zemo confronted your feelings. You’d been sneaking glances and lingering touches since then, but Bucky and Sam rarely left you a chance to do anything more. The three of them were going to Mama Donya’s funeral to try and convince Karli to stop hurting innocent people, but they had been gone for longer than you thought they would. Sam and Bucky didn’t want you with them, convinced they could handle it themselves. Zemo probably didn’t mind you staying at home either, safe from any potential danger. You grew restless. Surely, talking to Karli couldn’t take that long?
Something must have happened. The decision was made: you were going out to check on them. You didn’t think of the fact that you didn’t even know what direction they went, much less where the funeral was held. All you were thinking about was their safety. But before you could even get up, the door opened and Sam and Bucky came through the door, beat up, and carrying an unconscious Zemo. ‘‘What the hell happened?!” You stood up from the couch to give them a place to lay Zemo down. ‘‘Walker happened.’‘ Sam growled. ‘‘Jesus...’‘ you sighed, making your way over to the kitchen to grab some towels, wetting them and then going back to the couch Zemo was passed out on. You were trying your best not to show how worried you were, but still couldn’t stop yourself from caring for him. ‘‘Aw come on, really? He won’t die.‘‘ Sam remarked when he noticed you kneeling down beside Zemo. ‘‘Yeah, you could have at least brought us some too.’‘ Bucky added. You turned around to face the two guys apparently moping at the fact that you didn’t bring them a bandaid for their boo-boos. ‘‘Are you unconscious? No? Then you can take care of yourselves.’‘ Without another comment you turned back around and started taking care of the wound on Zemo’s forehead. You cleaned the already dried blood from his face, carefully, trying not to hurt him. Once you were satisfied with your work you got up to put the dirty towel away and get some bandaids and ice for his head. By now Sam and Bucky were carefully observing you, done with cleaning themselves. ‘‘You seem awfully worried about him.’‘ Sam commented, right as you placed the ice on his head. ‘‘Again, he is unconscious. Plus, don’t we need him for something? That’s the whole reason he is even out of prison. Not to mention I’m a nice person, if any of you were unconscious I’d do the same.’‘ You got up to face Sam and Bucky. ‘‘I don’t think he has any medicine. Or food. Can you go get some? I’ll babysit.’‘ Reluctantly the two men made their way to get the needed stuff. Which left you all alone with Zemo once again. A groan alerted you the fact that Zemo was waking up. You rushed over to him, kneeling down beside him once again. ‘‘Darling, what did  I miss?” His voice was rough, the accent even more prominent right now. A relieved chuckle left your mouth, if you weren’t so worried about accidentally hurting him you would be kissing him. ‘‘Walker knocked you out with his shield apparently.’‘ His hand reached up to the bag of ice, mostly melted by now. ‘‘Oh sorry, is that too cold? I can put it away.’‘ You cursed yourself for sounding so worried. He just smiled, ‘‘It’s okay. You cared for me?’‘ You smiled, ‘‘Of course.’‘ He reached out for your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours, before closing his eyes in pain and exhaustion again. ‘‘Thank you.’‘ With a soft expression you reached down with the hand not holding his, to gently push a strand of hair out of his face, your fingers barely ghosting over his skin, in an effort not to hurt him. You kept sitting like this for a few more minutes, silent, just being in the moment. Grateful he was okay. When Bucky and Sam came home with several crinkly plastic bags full of food and first aid kits, you  were sitting on the same couch as Zemo, who had pulled his legs closer to him to allow you some space, reading a book. Careful to keep a distance that the two avengers wouldn’t question upon their return. ‘‘Food!” You put the book down with a big grin on your face, ecxited at the prospect of something to eat. “Any ideas on what you want to cook? We brought something of pretty much everything.” Bucky directed the question at you. “What are you talking about? I’m not cooking.” You furrowed your brows. ‘‘Well Bucky here can’t cook, and I am way to exhausted, but I am totally good at cooking just saying. ” Something about Sam’s statement made you doubt that he was a good cook. “I’m a terrible cook. Why did you expect me to cook?” Before the two could do any more than make grimaces and shrug, Zemo interjected. “Not to flatter myself, but I am quite good competent when it comes to cooking.” “Yeah right, as if we’re gonna let you cook.” Sam squinted his eyes. “You’ll probably poison us or something.” You snorted. ‘‘I don’t think we have any other choice, at least a death by poison is quicker than a death by starvation.’‘ You shrugged, indifferent. You didn’t even notice at first, it was honestly a little embarassing how long it took you to realise, but you’ve practically been glued to Zemo’s side the whole day. Where he went, you went. Once you realised, you just hoped that Sam and Bucky didn’t pick up on it. Currently he was preparing the food, cutting vegetables, and you were standing on the other side of the isle, head propped up on your hands with your elbows resting on the cool surface. You were watching him intently. He smirked, not oblivious to your eyes on him and your clinginess. Standing a few feet away from you was Sam, who had been watching you critically for a few minutes now. Apparently he noticed too. ‘‘Why are you looking at him like that?” You turned around, blinking, “like what?”. “You’ve been staring at him ever since he started cooking.” He stated. Bucky joined him now, taking the few steps that had seperated them before to stand next to his colleague. You mustered your best mock confusion. “Just trying to make sure he doesn’t poison us.” You half-joked, trying to deflect. Bucky shook his head, ‘‘You’ve been following him around all day, like a lost puppy.’‘ “Not true.” You just said. “You have.” Zemo chimed in. You turned around to him, dumbfounded. ‘‘Ugh shut up.” Sam looked at the two of you quizzically. “Are you two sleeping together?” You choked on your spit. “What?!” You turned around to face him again. Bucky seemed surprised too. “Sam, I don’t think she would.” He tried mediating. “Just look at her, the way she’s been acting since we came back, tending to his wounds, following him around, staring at him - without a break -  for what must have been like 15 minutes.” Sam argued. “You know what? Maybe I’ll just sleep with him tonight, just to fuck you off.” Your words laced with venom, you looked at him defiantly, before walking past him, grabbing your shoes and phone and walking through the front door. “So you haven’t slept together?” He called after you, leaving you to slam the door in annoyance. Bucky was about to follow you when Zemo spoke up. “Just leave her be. I think she wants to be alone right now.” He turned to Sam. “No, we have not had sex.” Then he just went back to preparing the food, leaving Bucky to sigh and fall onto the couch and Sam to run a hand through his face.
You were back in time for dinner, thanks to a quick message from Zemo. Most of the time eating was spent in a tense silence. Zemo tried to lighten the mood once or twice with some jokes or funny observations he made, but to no avail. In the end you all went to bed super early to avoid the weird atmosphere. Soon you found yourself standing in front of the door to Zemo’s bedroom though. You hesitated, before softly knocking on the heavy, wooden door. A faint “come in.” made you open the door slowly, not to make any noise and startle the other inhabitants of the safehouse. You closed it behind you with just as much care. “Are you here to “fuck off Sam”, princess?” He asked, amused and clearly joking. “Yeah, totally, 100%.” you said, the sarcasm obvious. You made your way over to the bed he was currently reading in. “May I?” you gestured to the bed, asking him if you were allowed to join him. He simply nodded, before continuing to read. You climbed into bed, covering yourself with the blanket and scooted as close as possible to the baron lying next to you. Head on his shoulder, reading along with him, just enjoying being able to be this close, to touch him. He soon closed the book and put it on the nightstand next to him. Wrapping his hands around you he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. You were content, laying in his arms like this. Right now, you didn’t want to think about all the possible outcomes of this, most not having a happy ending for the two of you. Right now you just wanted to enjoy this moment. You held him, not daring to let you go, and he held you, not letting you slip away to an uncertain future. A/N: at this point this might as well just become a series,,, no promises but a part 3 might be planned as well- Taglist: @ajeff855 @heyassbutt05 @lowkey-love-loki​
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teesumu · a month ago
Good morning 😁
All my hc are so self indulgent but we’re gonna ignore that LOL
Let’s begin this with you guys styling each other’s hair! Bokuto let’s you mess around with his hair like gelling it back (omfg he would look so good) and he likes to try different hair styles he learns from YouTube on you! Whenever you compliment what he does, he gets super happy and motivated to make the next style he tries even better!
Bokuto is your #1 hype person and you’re ALL over his feed on EVERY social media he has! Literally, he finds a way to reference/mention you in every. single. post. (But he’s creative and so sometimes the caption is a poem to you or the location is an inside joke you have! He always finds something new to say <3) He also stands for no self deprecation and will aggressively love on you 😤 And if he hears anyone slander you, a fight is about to go DOWN. He does not let those kinds of comments slide, ever.
He is baby, so Bokuto MUST have at least one meal with you everyday. AT LEAST in some way. If he’s away, FaceTime over lunch. Busy? Gives pic by pic or video relay of his meal over snap and expects the energy back when you eat. Coming home late? Fine, but midnight snacks and you don’t get to say no. It’s his way of making sure you eat but also keeping in touch with you on a day by day basis! (Also competes with you in how much water you drink everyday to keep you hydrated! The winner gets to make the other person do a chore they don’t like and a kiss cause why not?)
Because the team travels frequently, Bokuto likes to communicate via voice messages. Something about typing taking too long, not conveying the right energy, and spelling being too hard (<- no that one’s me LOL). He likes to hear you laugh while you ramble about your day and he especially treasures the little I love you’s you both tack on the end of your conversations! Obviously he saves EVERY SINGLE ONE (rip his storage ngl but this is why he got the 1 terabyte storage on his phone despite it being expensive asf,,, a shit ton of voice memos and photos/videos of you) and when he’s feeling down and he’s away, he’ll listen to the recent ones on repeat. He saves his ABSOLUTE favorites into his notes app, adding descriptions of the context and a brief summary of the contents (sometimes a picture too!)
Whenever there’s nice food at the places he goes to, Bokuto will always to-go something for you! If he sees something on the menu he thinks you’ll like, he’ll get an order to-go for you regardless of whether or not you’re actually present. If you are there, he’ll ask if you’re still hungry, and if you aren’t? To-go box. If you are? Then you’ll eat it there, but then he’ll to-go something else for you. There’s always a back-up option :D So far, there hasn’t been a restaurant of which the team has gone to where he hasn’t made a comment about something on the menu being like “Y/N would love this! I should get some for them!” and proceeds to get you to-go. (Sometimes needs to be gently reminded that the food won’t last long enough to make it to you cause it’ll spoil 😔😭)
Bonus! Will send full body pictures of his outfit every day to you and will want some back! He screenshots his favorites, of course, and saves them into an album :) sometimes he forgets that you can see his face in the photo, and he looks very cute because he’s so focused on making sure the FULL outfit shows <3333 will also send makeup looks he think you’ll look amazing in and will take too many photos of the finished product (this why he got the 1 terabyte phone)
I hope this made all of you enter Bokuto brain rot cause I did that to myself writing it,,,,,
- chaotic anon (like I said, they’re all so self indulgent LMFAO,,,, I got more but this is too long ahahah)
He wears his hair down just for me at home bc he knows I love it that way 🥺
He always says I miss ur food though when he’s away on FaceTime and honestly it’s so cute and if he tries something new while he’s away he’s like babe we have to try it together when I get back
He always brings me back the best dessert on the menu 😭 bless his heart he’s so excited to give it to me omg I love him
HE LOOKS SO GIDDY IN THE PHOTOS I SET THEM AS MY LOCKSCREENS ANSNSKKEN and he sets the one I send as his 🥺 he always asks me to recreate makeup looks he likes and he lets me do it on him too to match he gets so excited PLS he’s so precious I love him
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teampaul · a month ago
Hello 🥺 I LOVE your Jacob's scenarios. If you are still taking requests, can I get an one shot where the reader is a wolf shifter too (like Jacob)? Maybe they are from another town, and fell in love with Jacob. Fluff 🥺💗
I hope you enjoy! A lot of the quotes and maybe some of the scenes don’t match up with the movie/book, but this was how I imagined it in my head so I don’t mind if you don’t lol! :) 
It was only supposed to be a temporary mission of helping to protect Bella Swan from the red-head vampire with the Quileute shifters. Most of them didn’t even want us there and claimed that they could handle the bloodsuckers themselves and that others didn’t need to risk their lives over Jacob’s little ‘girlfriend’. I was about as thrilled as a trip to the dentist.
“Thank you, guys, for coming. You know I would never ask you if- “
“Sam, even though we’re far, we’ll always be here if you need us. You know that, brother.”
Anton and Sam were the heads of our packs and got started right away to planning out shifts and which wolves would be paired together to help watch over Bella and her father. I sat nearby to listen along with the rest of the two packs all huddled into the living room of Sam’s place.
“Of course Jake would be late to the first night of us having to protect his stupid girlfriend.” Jared bickered aloud and sneered.
“I’ll be less annoyed if I actually get to kill one of those bloodsuckers tonight.” Paul followed up. The rest of the group agreed.
“Looks like we’re missing one of ours, but let’s start pairing up. The shifts start tonight.” Anton agreed and helped Sam introduce the pairings to us.
“Okay, here are your assignments for the next little while. Remember, the mission is to protect Bella and her father, Charlie. You aren’t to be seen, and no harm is to come on the Cullen’s. “Anton instructed.
“The pairing are as follows”, Sam began, “Jared and Shawn, Paul and Lacey…”
Names continued to be called, and I anxiously waited for mine.
“And, last but not least, Y/N and….”
Before Sam could finish, the front door of the home opened and in walked a tall and shirtless, perfectly sculpted russet skinned figure. His expression was serious, but gentle all at once. We locked eyes for a genuine moment, and a smirk emerged on his face with a light laugh escaping from his lips-
“What did I miss?” He spoke up with his deep and rumbling voice, letting his eyes wander away from mine. I continued watching him and took in every beautiful detail of his being. Butterflies erupted inside of me listening to the sound of his voice and the mere fact of being in his presence.
“Jake, you’ll be paired with Y/N. And, because you’re late, you both have the first shift at Bella’s tonight.”
Jake’s eyes locked again with mine, but this time, I shook myself back to reality and quickly stood up to go and introduce myself to make things slightly less awkward than they already were.
“Hi, I’m, umm- “
“Y/N.” He interjected, “Nice to meet you. I’m- “
“Jake.” I smiled, reaching for his hand for a proper greeting. As soon as our hands touched, I was drawn back by the instant spark, and I knew Jake felt it too. We pulled our hands from each other. Jake ran his hand through his hair nervously, and I fidgeted with my shirt.
“Uh, maybe we should…go?” Jake cleared his throat and exited through the door. He shifted immediately in the driveway and headed for the woods towards Bella’s house, and I quickly followed behind.
“Well, here it is.” Jake stopped just before the end of the tree lining leading to an open clearing and a white house. Bella appeared at the window of the home, almost as if she sensed our wolf presence, and gazed out to where we were.
I side glanced at Jake while he looked up at her, and felt bad for forgetting that Bella was his girlfriend after the awkward interaction back at Sam’s.
“You must really love her.” I whispered, “I mean, the fact that you would do anything to protect her…I thought these types of boyfriend girlfriend scenarios only existed in movies.”
“She’s not my girlfriend.” He dryly corrected, “She’s actually in love with someone else.” Even through his wolf phase, the disappointment in his voice was evident.
“Oh, I’m…I’m so sorry, Jake. I-I had no idea.”
Jake chuckled under his breath, amused by my lack of completing a full sentence without stumbling over my words- “It’s not your fault, Y/N. I think it might actually be time for me to move on and maybe get to know someone else.” He tilted his head toward me and caught my eyes once again, “What do you think?” He questioned with a slight flirty tone. 
I wanted to reply, but no words would form. My breath caught in my throat and after a few more attempts to speak, I gave in to a simple nod of my head in agreeance. There were those butterflies again. They couldn’t be contained, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that Jake could tell I was absolutely, and embarrassingly weak for him and only him. I only prayed that he felt the same.
“Well,” he interrupted my thoughts, “Looks like we’ll be out here for a while together. What do you say we…get to know one another then?” I looked back up to the window where Bella stood and saw her step back and way from the curtains as if it were the perfect metaphor for her being out of the picture and out of the way for Jake and I to connect.
Jake and I talked for the entire duration of our shift. We laughed and shared some of our deepest secrets with one another. I had learned so much about Jake in the short span of our shift together, but I knew there was so much more that I wanted to learn. He was such a great listener and valued every word that I spoke. Every so often I would silently thank Sam and Anton for pairing us together on this destined night.
A terrible stench tickled at our nostrils with the switch out of shifts with two of the Cullen’s, Alice and Jasper, coming to relieve us of our duties.
Jacob snarled walking past the couple and leading the way back to Sam’s. I wanted no trouble and kept my head down to avoid any conflict between the allies.
A soft, yet cold hand rested itself on my back, catching my attention back to the couple. Alice smiled at me and whispered so only the two of us could hear-
“He likes you too.” 
My eyes widened, and I wondered how she knew. How was she for sure? I gave her no reply, and turned away to follow Jake back to Sam’s as the unconfirmed confession riddled in the back of my mind.
It had been a tiring few weeks, but every day was worth it knowing that Jake would be around. The pack would constantly comment on how I had changed him for the better and how Bella was a thing of the past. I blushed each time, but denied any rumors of a crush even though I knew I had fallen in love with him. We spent every moment together, and I loved every second of it. 
All of our efforts of trying to keep Bella and Charlie safe were expected to end in bloodshed. Even through such a beautiful time, there was still a mission at hand which grew to be much more. 
“Jake! No!” Bella cried as the newborn wrapped his arms around Jake, cracking his ribs. I whimpered hearing his cries of pain through the mind link. I hurried to shift back with the rest of our packs, and rushed up beside Jake to let him know I was there.
“Y/N.” Jake huffed out in pain and relief to see my face.
“I’m here Jake. I’m here.” I held on to Jake’s hand while the others lifted him up off of the ground to take him back to Billy’s while the Cullen’s dealt with the Vultori. I forced myself to stay strong for Jake, and I refused to let him see me break. 
Jake screams echoed through the night as Carlisle realigned his bones. I wrapped my arms around my torso and squeezed as tightly as I could as I tried to make it through each agonizing yelp.
Bella’s truck turned into the driveway, and she quickly emerged, slamming her door behind her – “Where is he?” She asked almost out of breath. Another blood curdling scream came from the home.
“Carlisle has been in there for hours re-breaking his bones so they can heal properly.” Sam muttered, trying to maintain his strong composure.
The door finally opened, revealing an exhausted looking Carlisle. He gave a quick update to everyone as he started to leave-
“Maybe I should go in and see him.” Bella offered, looking around to everyone for any objections. My heart dropped a little at not being the first one to check on Jake.
“Actually,” Carlisle stopped Bella and turned to look at me-“He’s asking for you.”
All eyes turned and were unsurprisingly on me, but I refused to waste another second and ignored the side glance from Bella.
Jake was drenched in sweat and bandaged up, laying on his back in his bed. His head turned toward me once he heard my footsteps approaching closer. 
“Y/N.” He attempted a smile. A few tears trailed down my cheeks looking at how helpless Jake looked. I knew he would recover, but had the newborn held on a little longer, or cracked his neck…
I gently sat down on the bed beside him and held his hand between both of mine- 
“Jake. I- I -”
“I love you, Y/N.”
I gasped and more tears fell from the corners of the surprised look in my eyes. I scanned Jake’s face to find the joking smile he was so known for, but I was unsuccessful.
“You-you, love me?” I fought out through broken breaths.
“I do. And, I know you love me to. No matter what you tell everyone else…I know you do. I can feel it.” Jake squeezed my hand which brought some relief in knowing his strength was coming back.
I sniffled away the remaining tears and squeezed back. Our hearts were beating in unison as we sat there just staring at each other in pure bliss. I took the cold cloth from the bowl of water and patted it against his forehead to tend to his overheating body temperature – 
“What do you suggest we do about it then?” I finally piped up.
Jake was silent for a minute while he thought- “Hmmm. I was thinking, maybe we could get married? Have a few kids, and live out our life together surrounded by love and happiness.”
I couldn’t hold back the smile that formed on my face while the beautiful thoughts danced around in my head.
“That sounds wonderful, Jake, but…how about for now we just—kiss.”
“I’m definitely not opposed to that.” Jake smirked.
I leaned down, careful to not stir up more pain as our lips came closer together, and –
“Eww! Mom! Kissing is gross!”
You smiled and laughed, at the disgusted look on your daughter’s face to the ending of your story, “That’s what you do when you love someone, honey. It’s natural.” 
“Yeah! Mom and dad love each other. Isn’t that right, mom?” Your son, Mateo, cheered. 
You could feel Jake’s eyes on you without even having to turn to look at him. Even after 10 years of marriage, those same butterflies still found a way to make themselves known whenever Jake was around.
“That’s right.” You answered him.
Jake chimed in from the living room, still keeping his gaze over to you- “More than you’ll ever know.”
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xetou · a month ago
Tumblr media
@madamlindsay ordered : a side dish (megumi and broken youth by NICO touches the walls) with some carrots (fluff) and a can of soda (drabble).
Chef's note — omg I remember this song from naruto 😭 and yes you did it right, I promise.I really hope this fits with the song lol, I've been playing it all day.
Tumblr media
3 0 0 follower event with @matsuzumi ( make sure to check Chef Kaze's blog for her other works)
Tumblr media
"Sukuna's vessel." You turn to Maki. "Should I stay away from him?"
With a low chuckle, she shakes her head. "He's a good kid, you'll understand when you meet him." With a hum you turn your attention back to the blades of grass beneath you, still dewy with after rain.
To say you were nervous was an understatement, you weren't all that great when it came to meeting new people. Too overwhelmed with the want to give off a good impression.
"Don't be nervous. They're a nice group of kids, they'll make you feel right at home. Right, Toge?"
A silver haired boy –who you guessed had the inability to speak actual words due to his cursed ability– hums in confirmation. "Salmon."
"I want to be with you guys," you whisper.
Maki raises a colored brow in speculation. "Why's that?"
You fix your attention on a black and white animal who was too occupied with rolling in a patch of grass to pay attention to you three.
"I guys have a panda." You admit.
You watch as Maki's dark emerald hair moves swiftly when she lets out a loud laugh, her glasses sloping down on the bridge of her nose. "How can you say something so funny with a straight face?"
"That was... funny? " You question as you spot four figures in the distance.
Maki's laughter dies down as she comes to a realization. "You're just like Megumi....otherworldy." You hum absentmindedly, not too sure what it was she was trying to say.
"Oi!" A loud voice breaks through your stupor. You squint your eyes to see what you believed to be Gojo Satoru. He was taller than you expected. In the same line of vision, you see three other figures who you guessed to be your future classmates.
Though what you did not expect to see when you stood, were two dogs no– wolves, bounding towards you.
With wide eyes, you stagger back slowly, not sure if they were actually heading towards you. Unfortunately, your suspicions are confirmed as the two very big animals claw at your uniform as you topple over.
A slimy, wet tongue no— two slimy, wet tongues find purchase on your cheeks. You breathe in and out slowly, eyes directed towards the sky as you laid back on the grass and took the assault.
Inadvertently, you couldn't hear a thing. You were sure there were probably chatters of surprise. But you didn't attempt to get up, the embarrassment weighing too heavily on your chest.
A second or two passes by before the licking stops. When it does, you blink out of your haze, a frown plastered on your face.
"Are you... uh- okay?" The two dogs are replaced with a face that hung over yours.
Absentmindedly, you whisper, "pretty."
You scramble up with hot cheeks. "Uh... sorry?" You stutter. He was pretty. The sun's light caught the sparkle of his dark blue eyes and the long lashes that loomed above them. Your eyes flit down to see that his lips were a shade of rosy pink.
Trampling under your prior embarrassment, you look up to see his cheeks scarlet red. "I should... be the one to say sorry." He awkwardly bows. "They don't usually get that hyper."
With an awkward shuffle you search for the wolves but to no avail. "Where'd the wolves go?"
You take notice of how he kept averting his gaze from yours. Did you mess up that badly?
"They're my divine dogs, I can summon them at will." He affirms, face growing content. He must really love his dogs, you think.
"That's interesting," you declare, sitting back down on the grass. Your introduction to the rest of the first-years, long forgotten. "Can you bring them back?"
"Are yo–"
"It's fine, I wanna see them again." You wave.
With clasped hands, he does. Unfortunately, you find yourself in the same, prior predicament.
"I actually don't care anymore." You whisper to yourself, a smile growing on your lips. Blinking out of your crestfallen daze, you turn to your silent classmate.
"What's your name?"
"My name?" He points. Slowly, you nod your head. "Megumi." He states, choosing to situate himself right next to you.
He blinks at you in confusion.
Blearily, you shake your head. "Maki said that I was just like you." You ponder, nuzzling your cheek to the black hound's. Your eyes catch onto the three dots on its forehead.
"What do these mean?" You ask, shifting closer to Megumi's figure.
"It's a long explanation." He turns to face you, pretty eyes locked on yours. For a second he turns his attention back to his white hound, a ghost of a smile on his face as it nuzzles its nose into the palm of his hand.
"I wanna hear it."
Meanwhile, Gojo and Yuuji shuffle their feet with panned expressions. "W-what about us?"
"Can't believe he's gonna get a partner before me." Nobara grumbles, eyes creased in anger.
"I didn't actually expect... that." Maki blinks, propping her glasses up higher onto the bridge of her nose.
Tumblr media
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Buffy, S01x04: Teacher’s Pet
Xander, that was the weirdest dream. Buffy is so much stronger than you are.
Buffy, ants communicate through antennae and chemical scents.
Buffy’s tits look AMAZING in that blue sleeveless vest. It’s weird to say since Buffy is in high school, but SMG wasn’t a minor during filming. I’m conflicted. I also heard recently that Joss Whedon was a creeper so idk what to think.
Awww..the science teacher believes in Buffy. That’s nice. He’s the bad guy, isn’t he?
How did the weird ?bug? person hide in the shadows? A whole class was just in there.
Lol Blink-182 types. I kinda miss the grunge of the 90s, but that’s because I love flannel. However, after the flannels came the weird 00s. We must break that cycle. We can’t repeat the 00s fashion.
Xander using his female friends to show off to his boys
Xander thinks Angel is hot
JFC Angel. That was nice of you to give her your jacket, but are you really wearing a wife beater? I mean, man boobies are neat, but idk.
Yeah, Giles, I agree. The sun is gross and boring. I like seasons, too.
We’re hitting all the weird porn things between teachers and students in this show, aren’t we? Xander has the hots for the European teacher lady.
Buffy is still wearing Angel’s jacket. She likes him.
That yellow eye shadow is a...choice.
All the boys want to fertilize the teacher’s egg sacs 👀. I don’t think she’s hot?
Cordelia, that dress is too catalogue for you to be such a bitch to the kitchen staff.
Is no one concerned about the number of murders at the school? There’s been like what? 10? during the show already?
Is she still wearing Angel’s jacket? Is he going to be the Castiel? Because Castiel is my ideal man at this point. He tries to do right but is a dumbass and doesn’t do things to his loved ones without their consent. What a king. 😇 *sigh*
Uh oh. Vampires don’t like the substitute teacher. But, I mean, good for her. She isn’t scared of anyone.
Omg. Those weird hair head bands! I loved those
“We all need help with our feelings. Before you know it, you’ll need strong laxatives.”
Cordelia, 7oz is maybe a half cup water. You’re just dehydrated.
The substitute teacher inappropriately touching students? Wasn’t that a rule back then too?
“I never eat when making egg sacs.”
A teacher inviting her student to her house? 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 I guess horny teen boys don’t see that though.
Willow, Xander doesn’t have a crush. He’s horny.
Xander doesn’t like Angel. Idk if I do yet, either.
The teacher is really wearing that dress and playing that music AND giving a minor alcohol???
“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Well, it’s smart of the bug lady to prey on horny teen boys, but there are so many other ways to fly under the radar and get them eggs fertilized. I mean, good for you, but damn.
Xander loves Buffy. Willow likes Xander. Buffy likes Angel? 🔺
Death by snu snu
I forgot that SMG married Freddie Prinze, Jr. That was so iconic! And they’re still married!
Ok, Bug Lady, you should use some sort of disguise/human face to seduce the boys. It would be easier for you.
lol cassettes
Do bugs have blood? They have guts and goo, but do they have blood? Because there’s no blood splatter.
Blaine just almost died, and he’s threatening to sue people if they say that he’s a virgin. Wow.
Angel is back. He wants her to keep his jacket. Oh boy is right, Buffy.
Why was it fashionable in high school to wear a white shirt with a white bra? Either wear a skin tone to hide or go crazy with hot colors. I didn’t get it.
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cosmiclatte28 · a month ago
Long Flight (Taeyong x you x jaehyun)
SUGGESTIVEEEE YAHOOO (sorry idk what’s with me, I made this into suggestive fic and the idea started when I took a long flight across Pacific Ocean) 
tagging @neopalette and @yutahoes
a/n : do not proceed if you’re young (innocent) other than that, just go lol i know we’re all thirsty. daddy dom and master kink 
jae is your colleague cabin crew (and your daddy), Taeyong is a famous designer taking first class flights who happens to get you as his stewardess and oh a fun night is about to happen in this long flight 
Long flights are a literal pain in the ass. For lee taeyong, long flights are inevitable especially with his business trips that require him to fly from Korea to the Free land of the United States. He is lucky as a designer to be called from one runway to another. Attending photoshoots, ending the runway of his collections and of course after parties.
Though he is never fond of the jetlag and morning flights plus the 12 hours butt pain, he finally meets you. From one of his shittiest flight. He needs to rush to New York but his plane got canceled and that’s how both of you meet. You're in charge of the first class passengers and importantly, him. You're trained to give the best service, making sure his seat is comfortable and his bed ready if he really wants to lay down.
“A long flight ahead sir,” you greet him after keeping his suit on the hanger and helping him with his stuffs.
He looks coy with his fitted bomber jacket and eye glasses. His fragrance reminds you of the forest with deep musk coming out from him.
“Yes and my flight got canceled. I was moved here.” He rumbles, though he is sort of happy because he got upgraded to the first class. His invitation earlier was only for business class but here he is now on the second floor with a nice personal stewardess and of course a bed.
“I am so sorry about that, but i'm here to help you enjoy your flight.” You smile nicely to him.
“For now do you want some drinks?” you take out the menu sheet you’ve prepared.
He takes a glance and smirks “Surprise me? I’m in for an enjoyable flight with you (y/n).” Taeyong winks to you.
You blush, “My pleasure, Lee Taeyong-ssi" you bow before leaving him to take the drink and calm your heartbeat.
You know him, he is famous for his designs and cool godly handsome face. Gosh he really looks handsome!
Your light steps bring you to the bar in the lounge and your fellow mate, Jaehyun, is already busy making orders for the other passengers.
“What may I help you with?” Jaehyun playfully smiles at you and winks. You're used to it, you share almost all of your trips with Jaehyun and you won’t lie, both of you share some nights together.
Your eyes scan the liquor collection and hum while you think “I'll just get him some gin and tonic.”
Jaehyun nods “Who is the special guest tonight?”
You gulp “Lee Taeyong, the famous designer.”
Jaehyun smirks, “Lucky you! Guess I'll be alone tonight and the night after.” He steps out of his cubicle and playfully slaps your ass. You glare at him but he just pushes you the drink and kisses your cheek “Goodluck, heard he was a bad drinker.”
You professionally go back to the narrow hallway and stop just in time to see Taeyong taking off his jacket.
“Here's your drink and please let me help you with your jacket.” You reach out your hands and he gladly passes it to you.
“Hmm gin and tonic, simple but best for me.thanks" he winks and gulps down half of the drink.
His face turns red and you clearly knows tomorrow an apple juice might be a better option.
“Did I turn red?” he asks with big eyes while touching his forehead and cheeks to check his heat.
You nod “A bit sir, but you still look great.” You blurt out and turn shy suddenly when he smiles and runs a finger over your arm “Aw thank you, heard that a lot but it sounds better from your red lips. I wonder why you don’t end up on my runway but here instead in this small airplane!”
He sure is not hearing himself, you know he's more humble than this. Must be the drink.
You just smile and nod “Well, I am glad I can serve you tonight. Now, we'll take off soon. Please fasten your seatbelt and ring me up if you need anything. Enjoy your flight sir,” you bow before returning to your seat so the plane can take off.
Taeyong keeps his eyes on you as you exit the aisle and he can’t help but bite his lips when he sees how perfect you walk in a heel and how beautiful your legs are.
“I should probably start making stewardess uniforms.” He giggles to himself before feeling fuzzy and closes his eyes to sleep.
“So, any sign he's into you?” Jaehyun asks after the plane is steady in the sky and you're not called over yet. You sit on the stool and lean your chin on your arms.
“What? No way. He's out of my league.” You look to your arms and feel Jaehyun staring at you.
“Huh? Don’t you see how he looks at you when you leave him?” Jaehyun asks while his hands are still busy making drinks. The bar is empty, the passengers are still mostly sitting on their compartments.
You raise a brow “You were stalking me?”
He wiggles his brow “Gotta make sure you are working and not flirting with him.” He pulls your chin and blows over your lips “I know how naughty my little baby can be.”
You feel heat creeps into your core and cheeks. If both of you are not in duty, you'd play along and ask for drinks already.
“Stop teasing me, I am working.” You cough and try to remain professional though Jaehyun's deep stare is not helping you at all.
“We’re going to stay in New York for two nights, where do we wanna go?” Jae traces random lines on your arm and you hold your breath “I don’t know, guess we can have a night of sleep and the other one for fun.” You wink and his smile blooms “Fun? Are we thinking of the same fun?”
You want to answer him but a bell chimes and you glance to the intercom to see Taeyong's request for your assistant.
Jaehyun sighs “Tough competition I smell here.”
You tap his shoulder “Aw don’t be sad. I'll be right back, promise.” You blow him a flying kiss and tidy up your uniform before marching to Taeyong.
“Yes, how may I help you?” you nicely check on his stuffs, and he looks at you with clouded eyes. Gosh how many alcohol did Jaehyun put earlier? Is Taeyong this light headed?
“I- I want some snacks.” He looks at you with “that" gaze.
You gulp “Oh right, I can do that. We have-" you almost recite him the snack options before he pulls you onto his lap and snakes his arm around your waist.
“Not that snack, come on I know you know it.” He boldly presses his nose on your neck taking a whiff of your scent
You shiver and breathily moan “Sorry sir, I'm on duty.” You remind him but your hands are already touching his hard abs and thigh
Taeyong giggles next to your ear “On duty? baby I saw you flirting with that bartender guy right there. Didn’t you promise me you'll serve me well tonight?” his tone sounds sad at the end and you never like to hear someone sad because of you, so you quickly look around and whisper back to him
“I- I am-" you stutter when he runs his hand closer to your core “You're what princess?” he grins smugly
He sure is drunk. But he's super hot and you're super aroused!
“I am Sorry sir,” you whisper and he smiles with satisfaction.
“Good girl, now after dinner when the bed time is near, I'll ask you to prepare for my room and princess, be ready." He presses a small kiss on your nape and you gasp. Taeyong quickly presses his hand over your lips “uh oh we don’t want to get in touble right?”
You nod and when he taps you back, you get up and return to work like nothing happens.
Dinner is served and you notice the first class passengers are just few tonight. Only Taeyong and three other people. You notice Taeyong's bed is also far from the other's rooms.
He requested for a glass of red wine on dinner and when you collect his plates, you notice he finishes all of it. Wow, just how drunk is he planning to be?
“Baby, just remember you owe me one fun night,” Jaehyun whispers next to you when he sees you fix your face and tidy your appearance.
You roll your eyes “You look more interested into him, do you want to join us?” you tease him
Jaehyun turns red and he growls “Baby, try to remember all the wrongs you make today. We'll see if you can get as much spanks as your faults, daddy will reminds his baby about her attitudes.” He palms your breast and you clasp your mouth when you see the light for your duty lights up.
“Duty calls, gotta go-" you lean next to his ears “Daddy,” you kiss him quick and walk to Taeyong.
“Evening sir, tired already? Do you want me to prepare your bed?” You ask the standard procedure and he nods.
“Alright let me take you there, master.” You whisper before kissing him quick and following him to his cubicle.
“You're such a good kitten aren’t you? So ready for your master.” He grins when he sees the small bedroom already tidied up and shone in dim lights.
He goes into the room and after making sure no one sees, you enter and lock the door.
“I am glad I got to do this in first class, not in the lavatory.” Taeyong sounds drunk and confused to which you mentally slap yourself.
“Whoops sorry, ruined the mood. Come here kitty, master can show you how great he is when powered with wine!” he unbottons his shirt and you climb to his lap
“Tell me sir, do you want the soft kitty or bad kitty?” your fingers already play with his hairs and you lightly grind on his lap.
He groans when you touch his hardness and from his hooded eyes he makes his request “Both kitty, both.”
“Greedy, but as you wish master. Your words are my command.” You tie your hair up before diving to a deep desperate kiss with both of your hands roaming wildly around each others curves.
Your breathy moans could be heard if anyone is standing right in front of the door, you don’t mind it though. The room is locked, Taeyong rocks you so well and he is wild on bed. It's like having the best wildest fever dream and you're reaching cloud nine on a plane!
He was a great man in bed, a great master who puts you back in place and a great one to teach your soft side more about the wild fun.
You slip out of his hug when you notice he'd fallen asleep. Gently you tuck back your heels and uniform. Your under garments are broken but you'll skip them
With one sticky post it left on the bedside and a kiss, you slowly creep out from his room to meet your cabin crew.
“last night you were both wild and loud.” Jaehyun already greets you on the bar and you pause in track
“You were eavesdropping?” you turn to look at him
He shrugs his shoulder “Someone ordered a drink, I happened to pass by you and your master.” He playfully scans your body.
“Where did your bra go baby?” He walks closer to you and calmly pulls your chin up to face him.
“Look at daddy when you want to answer.” He warns you when you're about to answer.
Your eyes shake as you lock eyes with his fiery one.
“Broken, i'll change into another pair.” You gulp suddenly feeling small and vulnerable to Jaehyun.
“Don’t bother wearing one. I want to see them suffer in cold.” Jaehyun flicks one of your nub and you shudder
“Yes daddy.” You gulp “Anything else?”
“Oh, no touching yourself until I got to be the one touching you. Also, once we land… you're taking a room with me.” He takes your neck and pulls you into his chest “I want all of his traces gone by the time we're together.” He growls next to your ear “Understand baby?”
You nod “Words" he coughs and you mumble “Yes daddy.”
“Good, now don’t forget all the things you did and good luck finishing your errands.” He pats your ass and pushes you lightly.
“Good morning sir, how's your sleep last night?” you go back to your daily routine like nothing happened last night.
Taeyong looks sober already and his stomach is rumbling “Good. I had a good sleep, lucky me for I have to catch up a runway this afternoon.”
You nod “Coffee or tea for breakfast?”
He smiles “Coffee, without alcohol okay" he winks and you smile “Alright one coffee coming to you along with your breakfast sir.”
He turns red “calling me sir just makes me turns hot again princess.”
You wink “I'll be right back sir.”
:”Wait!” he holds your hand and you pause in track “Here take this,” he fishes something out of his bag and hands you a nice invitation
“Come to the gala, walk to the backstage pass and meet me for your dress.” He puts on his sunglasses
“I am invited? Well thank you sir, it's such an honor.” You smile widely
He shakes his head and peeks from his shades “Invited? You're my guest of honor. You'll walk the runway!”
You stare at him in disbelief and he quickly taps your arm “Now go princess, prepare me your best breakfast and i'll see you later.”
Oh yeah this will be the greatest experience and oh no tomorrow is gonna be the longest night with Jaehyun.
end, yow any great smut writers if you see this and want to  make the hot scene TAG ME I WANNA READ :D thanks!!
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buckycuddlebuddy · a month ago
𝒕𝒉𝒆 (𝒂𝒇𝒕𝒆𝒓) 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒚
summary ─ “why don’t we have this thing they call goodbye sex? one last time.” he leaned forward, his lips brushing your ear. “i’ll make it good for you.”
pairing ─ fuckboy!bucky barnes x reader 
warnings ─ smut, +18, alcohol usage, exes, goodbye sex, light angst, dirty talk, pet names, drunkiness, oral sex, choking, riding, mentions of infidelity/cheating, bucky gets around is what i meant, mean!bucky (not extreme, just a bit heartless), sort of one night stand
a/n ─ you can thank @clementinesandstars​​ for the idea they provided. without their idea, this fic wouldn’t be happening probably lol i really hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do, thank youuu <33
Tumblr media
Crowds weren’t your thing most of the time, but tonight, it was a nice way of distracting yourself. Sweaty, half-drunk and half-naked bodies were grinding each other, bass boosted house music was blasting on the speakers, you almost forgot why you were sad this morning.
The alcohol in your hand had something to do with it, too. Closing your eyes, you tipped your head back and continued to dance.
This was probably the last party you might be able to attend in the next month or so since your exams were starting in a week. You were going to be busy as hell and you wanted to let it loose before the freight train hit you.
You leaned back against the body you felt behind you. It was warm and solid; must be a male, you thought and smiled to yourself. You felt arms around your waist and you were being pulled against the solid body fully.  
“You look beautiful dancing on your own like that,” you heard them saying, and you froze. No fucking way, you thought to yourself and turned around.
Bucky Barnes was standing in front of you with a smirk and in a white wifebeater.  The tattoos on both of his arms were on display, you could also pick his neck tattoos, too. His skinny black jeans were hugging his thick thighs beautifully, complimenting his ass along the way. His mid-length hair was swept back. He had a soft scruff going and, fuck me, you thought. He looked so good.
It didn’t give him any right to come up to your after what he had done to you, though.
“What the fuck, Bucky?” You hissed, stepping away from him. “You can’t do this shit with me anymore.” He narrowed his eyes. A playful smirk was on his lips, and you wanted to punch him.
“Why not?” He said. “We are having fun, and you know what amount of fun we have together. Have you forgotten already?” He grabbed the plastic cup in your hand and finished your drink, throwing the cup somewhere in the room. He stepped forward. “Why don’t we have this thing they call goodbye sex? One last time.” He leaned forward, his lips brushing your ear. “I’ll make it good for you.”
“Did you make it good for her, too?” You couldn’t help but spat at him. Your eyes were burning with the anger and hurt you felt. “You fucker,” you pushed him. “You screw around with her and then you think you have a right to come up to me and ask for a goodbye sex? Fuck you.” A spark went off in his steel blue eyes. He stepped forward once again, fully in your personal space now.
“Take your hate out on me,” he whispered, lips hovering over yours. “Get your frustration and all your anger out of me, baby. I put them there, get rid of them with me. C’mon…” You couldn’t help but shiver as his lips brushed against yours as he spoke.
You were brave enough to admit yourself that you were going give in to him eventually. Having him touch you like that one last time sounded like a heaven for you. You’ve been hurting ever since you found out that he dumped you for another woman whom he had been seeing around for some time, and even the thought of you stop hurting for a short while meant relief.
“Sweetheart…” He whispered as he stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Give in, come on. I know you want it…” You could feel tears welling up, but you didn’t want him to see you cry so you blinked them away. You whimpered softly. He took your whimper as ‘yes’ and leaned in to kiss you.
You moaned into his mouth when his lips met with yours. They were always so soft and always kissed you so sweet, you gasped lightly when you realized how they soothed your pain. Rising on your tiptoes, you wound your arms around his neck and pulled him in. Bucky growled as he wrapped his arms around your waist. His hold was tight and possessive; you loved it whenever he held you against him like this.
“Hold on,” he grunted. You tightened your arms around his neck and felt his hands grabbing the back of your thighs. In a blink, you were in his arms and being carried away from the crowd. You could feel the rings adorning his long and thick fingers. His tongue piercing was mocking with your tongue, making you let out little moans each time.
You didn’t realize that you were in some room until he laid you on the bed. You pulled back from his lips, breathless and achy. You watched him strip his wifebeater hungrily. His body was like a sculpture; all hard muscles and abs and bulging biceps with tattoos all over the tanned skin. You trailed your fingers over his abs, feeling them twitch. Bucky smirked and stuck his hands under your dress.
His lightly calloused, soft hands made contact with your bare thighs, and you gasped. You felt him trailing his hands upwards slowly, to drive you mad, and you whined as you arched your back. His touch was addicting, and you always responded to it so well, Bucky had told you so.
“The sounds you make, princess,” Bucky whispered. “They drove me fuckin’ crazy.” You mewled when he dug his nails in the skin of your hips. Bucky slowly peeled your dress off you, revealing an inch of deliciously naked skin to his hungry eyes with every step.
In under a minute, you were a naked and breathless mess before him. You felt your cheeks heat up, a sudden shyness seeping in, and you tried to cover your body as much as you could with your hands.
“No,” he whispered, “No, baby, lemme see.” He grabbed your hands and locked them in his hand over your head. His lips were right against your pulse, his hot breath was licking the sensitive skin there, making you shiver. Bucky dipped down and kissed the wildly beating pulse. He peppered kisses, sucking the skin a little and he bit down gently.
“Bucky…” You breathed. He just hummed and made his way downwards. His lips found your nipple, and he took one in his mouth; his fingers were playing with the other. Your nipples were sensitive as hell normally, but with the piercings on both of them ─Bucky made you do it─, they were even more sensitive. You cried out in ecstasy, head thrown back. Bucky continued to suck on the sensitive nipple, continued to pinch and roll the other one between his thumb and point finger. “God, fuck, Bucky!” You gasped when you felt his teeth grazing over the piercing.
“I told you getting them pierced was a great idea,” he murmured after he pulled back. “Lookit these cute things,” he cooed as he pinched both your nipples. “They look so good, baby, with these things on. You look so fuckin’ sexy with’em.” He dipped down again but to suck on your other nipple, and you grabbed him by the hair as he went on sucking.
“Fuck,” you moaned. “Fuck, fuck!” Your whole body was alive with the pleasure Bucky was giving you. Your toes were curling, your thighs were trembling slightly and your clit was throbbing. You were burning alive. “Please…” You whimpered. You pulled on Bucky’s hair hard, causing him to moan throatily. He pulled briefly.
“That’s not how you ask things, now, is it?” He asked, raising a brow at you. You swallowed harshly as you surpassed a violent shiver because of the way he was looking at you. He slapped your nipple. “Ask me nicely.” You whimpered.
“Sir,” you moaned. His pleased, cocksure smirk took over his lips. “Please,” you whispered. “Please, I need you, sir.”
“That’s it, baby,” he murmured, his hands stroking your thighs gently. “What you want? Hm? Tell me.” He peppered kisses all over your stomach, his nose poked your breasts and you shivered. “C’mon, tell me.”
“I wanna come,” you breathed. Your eyes closed already, fingers playing with Bucky’s hair. “Please, sir, I wanna come.” Bucky hummed and moved down on the bed, laying down on his stomach. Your heart jumped to your mouth with his new position. He took your legs and placed them over his broad shoulders.
You knew it was coming but the first lick he gave you had you screaming. You threw your head back, eyes closed and back arched, you cried out. With kitten licks, he cleaned the slick on your lips and eased some of the throbbing on your clit. You heard him clearing his throat and you lifted your head to watch him. He pulled back to spit the slick he collected from your pussy on you.
“Oh, fuck,” you moaned as you took in the sight. You felt his spit trailing down and making you shudder with the feeling. Your thighs trembled around his head. He soothed it by rubbing them up and down. Then, he leaned in and gave you a fat lick; a kind of lick where you felt his piercing stroking your sensitive flesh. “James!”
He hummed. He was licking and slurping on your pussy all the while rubbing your thighs gently and holding your hips down. Your back was arched and head thrown back once again. Your fingers were deep in his thick chestnut hair, pulling and just holding.
Bucky was eating your pussy like he had been starving.
You keened high when you felt the familiar tightening on your belly. “Sir,” you moaned. “’m close, sir. Please, I’m─” You moaned again. “Fuuck, sir, ‘m so close─”
Bucky pulled back only to slide two of his fingers in you. “Come, baby,” he murmured. “Come.” He buried his face again; lips around your clit, fingers plunging in and out of you rapidly, you fell from the edge. You gasped, pulled on his hair and your thighs trapped his head there. Bucky hummed throughout your orgasm.
You moaned as you pushed his face away a little. Things were becoming a bit sensitive. He pulled back. His chin was shining with your slick, and the sight made you feel all warm. Bucky made his way up to your lips. He pressed a sweet, chaste kiss. You smiled.
“You always look so damn sexy when you come,” he whispered against your lips and bent down to kiss you again, but this time you didn’t let him pull back. You kissed him all the while slowly pushing him onto his back, climbing on his lap and continued to kiss him while sitting on his lap. You could feel his hard cock under you, trapped in his jeans. Your hands found his belt and you quickly got rid of it. Unbuttoning his jeans and pulling the zipper were the next steps, and then you pulled back to strip him from his jeans. It needed a bit work, but it was off and you were back on his lap. You handed him the condom you pulled out from his pocket. Bucky reached for it as he also pulled you down to kiss you again. You helped him put the condom on.
Bucky wiggled on the bed, taking a comfy position for you to ride him. You smiled and mounted him, grabbing his hard cock, you lined it up.
You always loved riding him, always loved how he made you feel when you sank down on him, loved how it made him grab your hips tightly to stop himself from coming. Just like now; he was holding onto your hips, nails and rings digging into your skin and his head was thrown back, his neck was exposed. You breathed a sigh as you bottomed out. You stayed like that for a couple seconds and then, you started to move.
It was slow and light movements at first, but soon you started to bounce on his cock. Breathless little moans and grunts slipped from his mouth. His hands came down on the soft flesh of your ass harshly for a couple times, smacking sounds only spurring you on even more.
“Holy shit,” he moaned and let out a deep growl. “Yes, yeah, like that…” He bit his lip, eyes hooded and dark, hair a mess, he looked so beautiful under you. You whimpered when he grazed over your sweet spot. You leaned forward and placed your hands on his pecs for support. Your thighs were burning with the exhaustion, but you were close. You could feel Bucky was also close; he was whimpering and moaning softly as he murmured filth under his breath. “God, yeah, yeah. Fuck.”
You chuckled breathlessly. You loved it when he was all gone during sex. It made you feel powerful knowing that you did that. Bucky moaned when you rode him even harder and quicker. His hands tightened on your hips and he pinned them down. Then, he planted his feet on the bed and started to thrust up into you. You screamed. Mouth dropped open, you moaned and gasped. His slick skin was smacking against yours, creating obscene sounds, you whimpered. He felt so good in you, filled you up so nicely… He was going to make you come, it was so close.
“Fuck, ‘m close,” you breathed. Bucky groaned out an approval as he threw his head back, driving his hips up at a mad pace. You slid your hand and grabbed his throat. He choked on a moan, eyes snapping open, steel blue eyes found yours. You squeezed it lightly.
“Motherfuck─” He managed and his pace faltered. He groaned loud and long as he came, his thigh muscles jumping and twitching madly under yours. He exposed his throat even more to you, pressing it into your hand. You moaned as you felt his cock twitch in you. He moved one of his hands from your hip to your clit and he rubbed it with his thumb. You gasped.
“Oh!” You cried out, “Oh, Bucky, James, fuck!” You felt the center of your world shift and whole body convulsing as you came on his cock.
“JesusfuckingChrist,” he gritted. “You’re like a fuckin’ vice, what the fuck.” You squeezed your hand around his throat, digging your nails a bit deeper. He let out a guttural moan. You pulled your hand back as you collapsed on his chest.
“Holy shit,” you breathed. Bucky hummed. He rolled you over and pulled out slowly. You lay on the bed; your legs had turned into jelly and your body buzzing with pleasure still. You watched Bucky disposing the condom and reaching for his jeans. He pulled them on, doing a quick work with his belt, too. You suddenly started to feel cold. Bucky reached for his undershirt and put it on.
“Well,” he said. “Goodbye.” He threw you a distant smile and walked out of the room, briefly letting in the noises from the party that was still going on downstairs.
You tensed. All the good feelings came with the sex had gone in a blink, and you shivered. Reaching for your own clothes, you put them on. There was an empty feeling inside of you. You couldn’t feel if your heart was still beating, or if your skin was still warm. All you could feel was the cold air around you and the emptiness.
You sobbed once silently as you, too, walked out of the room. He wanted to have a goodbye sex and that was what you had.
You never thought returning back to the real world where you didn’t have him would hurt this bad, but it did: You were hurting all over.
You sighed deeply, closing your eyes for a second. You were used to the pain that came with him. It was why you loved him in the first place. You knew you could never have him, but it didn’t stop you.
Letting the house music fill into your mind, you made your way downstairs to find more alcohol.
You felt enough for a night, you thought. It was time to feel nothing and time to have some real fun. After all, this was the after party.
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beelsnack · a month ago
Hello! I know you haven’t done requests in a while but I thought I’d ask since they’re still open. Could I some headcanons for the 7 demon brothers + diavolo getting a kiss on the cheek from gender neutral MC for the first time? It’s cool if you don’t want to or if it takes a while, no worries. Have a good day!
Ooh, is it fluff hours??
I actually have a lot of requests sitting in my inbox, I just haven't had the time to get to them. We're short staffed at my job, so I don't have anywhere near as much free time as I used. But, you caught me at a good time, Froggy!! So you get this one in a timely manner lol.
Lucifer: It really was a lovely date.
Simple and elegant, much like Lucifer himself. A quiet dinner at an admittedly overpriced restaurant, followed by a walk through the Castle gardens. As much as they loved all of the brothers, it was nice to take a step away from the chaos and just breathe for a moment.
Lucifer seemed to be enjoying the rare moment of respite as well. The usual haughty half-smirk that he usually wore had softened into a content smile. A cool breeze ruffled his hair, and for just a moment, they could see him as the angel he used to be.
“We should be getting back soon.” he murmured. It sounded like he was saying it to himself more than to them. “I shudder at the thought of the damage my brothers can cause with a few unsupervised hours.”
“You sound like you expect the House to be on fire when we get home.”
“The thought had crossed my mind, yes.”
They laughed, linking their fingers with his as he steered the two of them towards the exit. “It was fun while it lasted.”
“I trust you enjoyed our evening, then?”
“Absolutely,” they stretched onto their tip toes, gently brushing their lips against his cheek. “Let’s do it again sometime.”
Mammon: The tension levels in the room were at their peak.
It probably hadn’t been the best idea to agree to accompany Mammon to an illegal gambling den. But they had been stuck studying for an unholy amount of time, so any excuse to get out of their room was a welcome one. But now, perched on the arm of the chair that Mammon had claimed earlier and watching him like they had any idea how to play poker, they were beginning to wonder if panicking about the upcoming exam was the less stressful of their options.
“Read ‘em and weep, ya losers!” Mammon slammed his cards down on the table. Based on the disappointed groans and irritated grumblings from the other demons at the table, they assumed something good had happened.
They were shortly proven correct as Mammon meticulously counted out his winnings. After threatening the lives and genitalia of everyone around if they didn’t cough up what they owed.
“...998...999...10,000 Grimm!” Mammon whistled. “We got ourselves an honest bunch here tonight!”
“Mammon, you literally threatened to feed their sexual organs to Cerberus.”
“Whatever,” he waved them off. “Let’s treat ourselves to something nice, yeah?”
“You’re including me in your spending plans?” they asked, hopping off of the chair. “You must really be riding high.”
“You know it,” he smirked, tucking his winnings neatly into his wallet. “I couldn’t have done it without my good luck charm.”
“...Wait, is that me?”
“Just let me be smooth for once, okay?”
They laughed, pecking him sweetly on the cheek. Even in that brief second, they could feel his face heat up. “Alright, Casanova. I want ice cream.”
Leviathan: Focused Levi was a sight to behold.
His eyes were so intensely zoned in on the screen in front of him that they seemed to burn orange. His fingers moved over the control so quickly that they blurred, and watching the characters flit back and forth across the battle platform was giving the human motion sickness.
“And we have a winner!”
The crowd surrounding the arcade game erupted into cheers, loud enough to drown out the triumphant fanfare blaring from the speakers.
Levi’s character was fist pumping victoriously, much like the demon himself was. Joining the competition had been a last minute decision, but Levi was celebrating like he had been training for this for months. They couldn’t help but grin at his reaction. Who would have thought the third-strongest demon in the Devildom would celebrate a virtual victory by jumping up and down like a little kid? Well, besides anyone who had ever had a conversation with him.
The owner of the arcade handing Levi his prize - a super rare plushie from Levi’s - and, by sheer association, their’s - most recent obsession. Apparently they were only releasing about a dozen of the things, so of course Levi jumped at the chance to get his hands on one.
A bunch of the onlookers swarmed Levi as he hopped off the stage, either to congratulate him or try to swipe the plushie, but the human could tell he had reached his social interaction quota for the day. He kept his gaze down as he made his way to where they were standing near the back of the crowd, not acknolwedging a single soul until he had reached their side. 
“Ready to head out?” they asked, holding out their hand. Whether or not Levi would accept it was a total toss-up. Sometimes he was too overstimulated to even think about touching another person, other times he needed to hold onto them to anchor himself. Apparently today he was feeling like the latter, because he slipped his hand in theirs with little hesitation.
“Yeah...hey, um, so...” he stammered, ducking his head so his eyes were hidden by his fringe. “Like, you definitely like this character, right? Like, they’re you’re favorite?”
They blinked, tilting their head. “Yeah, they’re my favorite.”
“Okay. Good.” Levi swallowed heavily before shoving the plushie into their hands. “Here.”
“Wait, really?”
“I-I mean,” he cleared his throat. “It’s not like you would be able to get it on your own, anyway, so I figured I would help you out.”
They stared for a moment before their face split into a wide grin and they jumped up to land a kiss on his cheek. “You’re the best, Levi!”
“H-Hey, whoa!” he stumbled backwards, holding his cheek like they had punched him instead of kissed him. “W-Whatever, just make sure you take good care of them, okay? I better not see them on your floor!”
Satan: “Please be careful.”
In hindsight, sneaking up on them probably wasn’t the most conducive method of having them be careful.
He hadn’t meant to, but something he forgot that human senses were much duller than a demons, so they likely hadn’t heard him enter the library. But watching them cling to the old rolling ladder with one hand while reaching for a book with the other made him nervous.
They yelped, jumping in shock. Just that tiny movement was enough to upset the careful balance they had achieved, and Satan watched in slow motion as their grip faltered. With a shocked cry, they tipped sideways over the side of the ladder.
Satan hadn’t even realized he had moved, but the next thing he knew, he had dashed over to the side of the ladder and managed to catch the human just before their head smashed into the floor.
“You okay?” he asked, watching them try to process what just happened. When they finally returned to reality, they nodded at him. 
“Yeah, I’m fine,” they breathed, still shaken by their near-death experience. “Sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing?” Satan asked, setting them down on their feet but still keeping an arm around their waist for support. “I was the one who startled you.”
“But you also caught me,” they placed their hands on his shoulders, pushing him down so they could press a quick kiss against his cheek. “So thank you.”
“Well then,” Satan smiled softly. “I should save your life more often if that’s my reward.”
Asmodeus: “...And, done! Go on, take a look!”
Their eyes had been closed for so long that it actually hurt to open them. But that could also be because Asmo’s vanity had the same amount of lighting as a movie set.
They had never doubted Asmo skill in makeup, but they still couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the finished product. Asmo had done an amazing job at picking colors that complimented their skin, and the liner and shadow really made their eyes stand out. They had been a little worried when they saw the color of lipstick Asmo had finally chosen, but the end result was as stunning as Asmo had promised.
“Wow, this looks amazing!” they turned their head, admiring the look from a few different angles. “I never would have picked out these colors!”
“Of course it looks amazing, darling, I would never let you down like that.” Asmo’s grinning face appeared beside theirs as his hands rested on their shoulders. “Oh, look at us right now! I would say we’re the prettiest pair in the Three Realms!”
“You say that all the time.” 
“Only because it’s true!” Asmo giggled. “Now, what are you going to do to thank me~?”
He was definitely teasing, they could tell by him voice. But, perhaps he was rubbing off on them. They pouted, pretending to think before pressing an exaggerated kiss to his cheek. 
“Oh,” Asmo blinked before shoving them playfully. “Hey, you left a lipstick stain!”
Beelzebub: “Really, I’m fine.”
They might as well have been talking to a brick wall, because Beel showed no signs of acknowledging their complaint. He simply kept walking, doing his best not to jostle them as he piggy-backed them down the road.
“You were almost crying when you fell at the gym.” although they couldn’t see, they could tell Beel was frowning. “I don’t want your leg to get any worse.”
“I just twisted it a little, it’s not like the damn thing’s going to fall off.” they mumbled, resting their chin against Beel’s shoulder. As much as they didn’t want to admit it, being carried by this absolute beast of a man was a pretty enjoyable experience. His broad shoulders and back gave them a warm shield against the chilly spring wind. And their leg did still hurt a little.
“Hey, Beel?”
“Yeah?” When he turned his head in acknowledgement, they leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.
“Thanks for taking care of me.”
Beel smiled. “Of course.”
Belphegor: It had taken Belphie surprisingly long to pass out during their study session. He lasted a whole twenty minutes before he nodded off.
This was par for the course, so it didn’t affect them too much. They just kept filling out their study guide. Actually, Belphie’s soft, even breathing provided just enough background noise to make studying not painful.
After about an hour, their neck was starting to cramp from being bent over their textbook for so long. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea for them to study sitting on their bed against the wall.
They closed their book and stretched, almost forgetting about the sleeping demon next to them until they accidentally hit him in the face with their elbow.
“Oh, sorry Belphie!” they said sheepishly as he jolted awake. He looked confused for a moment, like he didn’t really remember where he was, then he brought a hand to his cheek.
“Well that’s a rude way to wake someone up.”
“I didn’t do it on purpose!”
“I think you did,” although his voice was still rough with sleep, there was still that familiar teasing lilt to it. “You owe me.”
“Owe you what?” they huffed, crossing their arms.
“Hm...well, I would say your soul, but you don’t have one of those, so...”
“I’ll settle for a kiss to make it better.”
They stared at him, bemused, before sighing and leaning over to gently kiss the area that they had hit. “There, happy?”
“Mm...I think you hurt my lips too.”
“Don’t push it.”
Diavolo: “You really didn’t have to walk me home, Lord Diavolo.”
Being summoned to the Demon Lord’s Castle was becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence. Honestly, Diavolo had to be running low on excuses to have them visit.
“I wanted to, my dear.” he grinned. “Both of us are busy people, wouldn’t you agree? It’s nice to have some time together.”
Far too quickly for either of their liking, they approached the long walkway that led to the House of Lamentation. Diavolo sighed, staring forlornly at the House before turning back to them.
“We really don’t get enough time together.” he huffed . “Would you perhaps let me be a little selfish for a moment?”
“What is it?” they tilted their head back to look at him. He really was a quite imposing man.
He leaned down, and they were briefly enveloped in the scent of spice and cedar before they felt the soft press of lips against their cheek.
“Forgive me for being so forward,” he murmured, standing back just a little. “I felt I should strike while the iron is hot.”
They froze for a moment before turning their head and pressing a kiss of their own to the top of his cheek bone. “I don’t mind.”
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girlyslayer · a month ago
Can you do inozen relationship headcanons, please :)
yes ofc bby <33
Inozen Relationship HCs
Tumblr media
THIS IS SO LONG *cries* but yay i can talk about them for thousands of years
also i think about this ship non-stop so thank u for requesting this 🙇🙇🙇
also what is the picture so CRUNCHY for ugh
warnings: past abuse ment
they'd be so cute and silly *cries*
they both grew up alone with no friends or family, so they're both very touch-starved
when zenitsu runs to inosuke for comfort, ino gets all giddy and does that stupid *fuwa fuwa* thing i dont know the name of
and that also sounds very nice and calming to zen :)
inosuke feels like he has to protect zenitsu and they both love it
zenitsu gives inosuke lots and lots of kisses everywhere its very cool
inosuke doesn't really know what the word love means (i mean who does) but he uses it very often and zenitsu gets very flustered about it every single time
like the first time he did it was like
"i love you!"
"SYUEKJHSFJDSH !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!??!?!? NO u do not"
"yes i do !!!!!!!"
zenitsu was still a little skeptical but they made it work :)
(see: my other inozen things)
one time, zenitsu stayed up really late overthinking and thought abt how much he wanted a wife, but since he was with inosuke, and realised HE'S gonna be the wife instead
they like each other a lot yay <3
now .
i must adress the Elephant In The Room
in canon, the first thing inosuke did when they met was beat the shit out of zenitsu who didn't retaliate
which is a little cringe
but the reason why zenitsu still liked him even after he hit him was that the people that were supposed to love him (see: thunder family) hit him, too
it was familiar, y'know
(its the same reason why platonic giyuuzen makes sense, giyuu has spiky black hair and blue eyes)
but inosuke only hit him once (when they first met) and felt SO BAD afterwards
like "oh my god that yellow kid was weak i do not pick on the weak i PROTECT them i dont do that"
inosuke probably never apologised verbally cuz that shit is embarassing, but whenever zenitsu got scared, inosuke would say he would protect him and zenitsu would lighten up a bit
or when zenitsu got all giddy around girls and people got mad, inosuke would shoot those people death glares
speaking of which,
zenitsu getting all happy and excited around girls slowly died down
and instead he started acting like that around inosuke
and EVERYONE noticed
nezuko ships them lol
so does mitsuri
and the fact that inosuke RECIPROCATES wow
the rest of the girls are kinda relieved ngl
when they get all lovey-dovey tanjirou gets pissy about it cuz he has to third-wheel them all the time its funny
inosuke likes to make sure to be all flirty with zenitsu around tanjirou because he knows it pisses him off and it shows him zenitsu is HIS property, not tanjirou's
they can talk about each other for so long omg
one time zenitsu had to ask why he doesnt hit him anymore and inosuke said "because you aren't supposed to hurt people you like and i would feel really bad if i did"
inosuke's so good to him 🥲
inosuke's def gonna wife him
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isayamasideblog · a month ago
AOT ships and what they are into... nsfw 😳
Mikasa and Eren just love holding on to each other and gazing into each other’s eyes as they slowly move against one another. Eren likes to hold Mikasa’s hand over her head as he snuggles against her neck.
Yes, she wears her scarf during sex, especially if things are nice and soft.
They do a lot of face kissing, like cheeks and foreheads. So soft, so cute. Missionary isn’t boring if it’s with someone you love fyi!
AH! He’s always touching her face during missionary, like caressing her cheek, and putting any strand of hair that’s over her face behind her ear!!
Mikasa just loves getting lost inside those gray/green eyes of his, and she loves seeing his muscles strain out of his arms as he slowly rocks back and forth.
He tends to be silent, but his face is pure bliss, and when he comes he whispers Mikasa’s name as he let’s himself get lost in the pleasure of having her.
Mikasa is the silent type but she hums when Eren is hitting her sweet spot and it is the sweetest sound to Eren’s ears. 
These two give each other the best most passionate kisses ever when they are doing the deed, it’s just them taking each other in, letting each other know that there’s nowhere else they would rather be
Lots of holding, hugging, and just having each other’s lips against their ears as they whisper sweet everythings
Surprise surprise... Eren is a biter O_O he likes to leave little love bites on Mikasa’s neck and places where they will be seen, this boy doesn’t care who sees because the audience must know what’s going on... Mikasa covers these love bites with her scarf lol 
Vanilla sex can be something that can be like so personal when done with someone you really love... 
Jeanpiku/Face riding: 
Jean loves when Pieck rides his face (horse joke?) 
He’s always the one telling her to get on, he just puts his head on a pillow and motions her to come over. 
She just smiles and slowly moves towards him as she settles her hips over him. He trails small kisses in her inner thigh before he slowly kisses her right there where she most wants his mouth to touch. 
Jean likes the view and he loves how Pieck cranes her neck back and holds on to his thighs as she rocks her hips against his face. 
Because of the height difference they tend to stick to sitting positions or Pieck sitting on his lap. It’s just easier to be face to face when they are like this. 
Also Jean tends to carry her a lot and he sorta moves her against him as she snuggly wraps herself around him. His hands are always on her backside, like always. She has a nice butt okay!
… yeah she rides him a lot actually, not just his face 
halfway through her riding him, she spins around his length, so she gives him a back view and Jean is just drooling like 🤤  as she does this  
He’s not shy about moaning btw, and Pieck always encourages him to do so
“Come on, say my name Jeanboi 😏” and Jean’s just like “My little Pieck 🥺” despite being very confident around her, she always manages to leave him in a blushing mess!
He’s very straightforward with aftercare, he just walks out butt naked to the kitchen and grabs her a water bottle... Pieck always smiles slyly to herself when he does this because she always has a water bottle in hand (she just likes to see a naked Jean walking away 😏) 
Jean loves to hold her against his chest as they both finish. He runs his large hands down her long hair and back while Pieck looks up at him adoringly and caresses the prickly hairs on the bottom of his chin and they kiss each other passionately 
Armin seems shy, but he loves giving it to Annie from behind. He’s an ass man and he hides it well
When he sees Annie on her stomach and she just tilts her butt up in the air even slightly, Armin is already crawling towards her and pressing her backside against him. 
He’s kinda shy to initiate and so is Annie, but once these two get going, they better hold on to something, because they go at it like rabbits
Armin holds Annie’s breast in his hand as he moves against her from behind
Annie buries her face into a pillow as she tries to stop herself from shouting Armin’s name 
And Armin is a blushing mess as he grabs her hips and guides her against him 
Armin is a soft moaner 🥺
This gets Annie so soft... she’s wondering if he’s giving it to her or if it’s the other way around. 
Annie is the silent type, but when things get to hectic she can’t control her facial expression and a mewl or two escape.  
After they are done, he acts all shy as if he didn’t just finish giving her the best sex ever. 
Annie too, both of them are so shy afterwards, but then Armin pulls her in, and hugs her as he whispers against her ear, “Are you okay?”
He’s so good with aftercare btw, he’s out there getting her water, a towel, sometimes even a snack. 
They like to lay on their sides as they look at each other for the longest time and it’s not until Armin smiles at her that Annie smiles back. They can stay like this forever. 
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kinetic-elaboration · a month ago
March 19: 2x11 Friday’s Child
Finally watched this week’s TOS. This was a hard day again and I’m tired and basically as soon as the ep ended my mood deflated again but I think I can write up a few notes and then crawl right back into bed again.
Another episode about negotiating for a mining treaty, huh? (I’m keeping track of all of these, roughly, for my own Nefarious Purposes).
The aliens are seven feet tall and they wear silly outfits.
Wow, what a dumbass red shirt. You’d think Starfleet would train people NOT to just randomly draw their weapons in diplomatic situations.
I honestly forgot there were Klingons in this.
DC Fontana wrote this!! I forgot that too.
Lol Kirk just drops the deceased red shirt. And then keeps holding his hands out like ‘what am I to do now?’
“They want to negotiate for our rocks. Our stupid, useless rocks. Everyone wants our rocks! So weird.”
I’m actually kind of surprised DC Fontana wrote a Klingon ep but like... I guess it’s not that surprising given this guy doesn’t even have a name and is also really dumb lol. At least he’s not in brownface.
When Kirk and Spock disarmed I didn’t realize they were throwing down their communicators and I was a little confused as to why they had to carry so many phasers each.
Kirk’s pretty upset about the crewman’s death, which I get, he always goes feral when one of his people dies and I appreciate that about him... but that guy really did fuck up lol.
I like seeing Scotty in command.
Oooh mood lighting in the tent. And Spock is meditating I think.
Emotion is “inefficient and illogical.” No wonder Kirk thinks they can never be in love!!
And yet jealous is also inefficient and illogical and I detect some of it in Spock when the blonde Cappellan comes in.
“They consider combat more pleasurable than love.” Hmm sounds like someone else I know.
... Honestly I wish the Grounders had been like this. I feel like there’s more thought in creating this society in one episode than in creating that one over 7 seasons.
I love Bones in this and his role as cultural translator.
The Federation believes in self-determination.
“The sky does not interest me.”
I really do dig the world building here. There’s so much going on in this one ep, even just in part of an ep, and you really get the sense that this is a whole world with its own rules and customs and values, and its own complex political machinations that our mains have really just wandered into.
Also the soundtrack today is NOT messing around. TV composers just don’t go this hard anymore, sorry.
Oooh now the Klingon’s afraid at the prospect of fighting Kirk.
The Enterprise just walked into a coup I guess.
Lots of fighting! Kirk must be having fun.
Scotty is so commanding! I feel like he and Uhura were already friends at this point. Like whenever he’s in command she seems really comfortable just wandering up to his chair all the time.
Also why are they ALWAYS signing stuff?
Yessss silent triumvirate communication.
“To live is always desirable.” I mean she’s not wrong but so much for being willing to die without a fuss lol.
It’s kind of wild how this ep started out being about a mining treaty and drama with the Klingons and all of this alien political drama and then basically becomes all about saving one (1) pregnant widow (and themselves) from huge, ,hostile aliens in funny feather boas.
Sulu insulting Scotty’s knowledge of ships lol. Not smart.
Can’t believe the Klingon couldn’t get his weapon back but Kirk got his communicators back no problem. Who is the smarter alien?
They’ll find us BY SCENT ALONE what a detail to just throw in there!
Lol this whole scene with McCoy and Eleen is hilarious and ridiculous in equal measure. Like I can’t entirely blame her for not wanting to be touched intimately by a strange alien man (rude!!) but also I do enjoy McCoy’s gruff insistence that he WILL care for his patient. This is what AOs didn’t get about “Grumpy Bones.” He’s not mean, he’s just...not up for niceties when he has a healing to do. He WILL care for you dammit!
And he has soft hands.
Spock is loving this.
Kirk’s subtle reverse psychology. “Well if you don’t think the communicator plan can work” and then Spock like “I didn’t say that exactly...”
They aren’t human, they’re humanoid!
And again, the subtle taunting/goading of Bones: “Well if you can’t do it...”
I’m a doctor, not an escalator! One of the best lines.
Detective Scotty. Kind of ridiculous how he solves the case of the taunting Klingons luring them away from the planet...but then sticks around a bit more just in case.
The child is McCoy’s!
Spock is so uncomfortable with this giving birth thing. “Oh look Captain, vegetation!”
“Just repeat ‘The child is mine.’“ “Yes, the child is yours.” Lol.
Arts and crafts with Kirk and Spock! I love that this is a McCoy ep with subtle space husbands in the background.
Favorite moment though is McCoy trying to teach Spock how to hold a baby. “I would rather not, thank you.”
“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on...won’t get fooled again.”
I love that Chekov is consciously messing with them about everything being from Russia.
Also the absolute GALL of the Klingons trying the exact same ship luring technique a second time.
Can’t believe that Bones wants to go off and have fun with the boys and just leave the baby alone in the cave. You’re a dad now McCoy!! Be responsible!
“Small patient.” Yes very small!
Cool little robot battle station unfolding at the helm.
I feel like when Kirk and Spock have that exchange about cavalry coming over the hill and Spock says "if by that you mean..." Kirk should have answered, "I thought I just said that." But then that wouldn't be very Kirk of him. He never makes fun of Spock.
This Klingon is not having a good day!
Scotty and the redshirts here to save the day.
I guess Maab wasn’t so bad after all. And Elaan is perhaps a little confusing, but I admire her desire to both save herself and adhere to her people’s traditions, even if those are incompatible desires.
Spock absolutely IS going to consult linguistics about baby talk. Probably Uhura specifically.
LEONARD JAMES AKAAR. Absolutely one of the top 5 final bridge scenes. They really missed an opportunity to return to the planet in a later movie or series and interact with the Teer.Captain Picard meets Leonard James Akaar.
This was a good ep! I really only remembered the Bones and Elaan parts with the baby, so I forgot all of the political machinations and stuff in the beginning of the ep. It’s a pretty solid world building episode and of course, lots of McCoy, can’t go wrong with that.
I actually think it makes a lot of sense for Bones to be the child’s “father” tbh. Like, I know everyone thinks it’s funny but like... in our culture, we assign pseudo-parental roles to people who aren’t blood relatives of children based on the adult’s relationship with the child’s blood relative and that’s arguably weirder. Like you can be a kid’s step father by marrying his mom even if you really don’t have any relationship to him, so why shouldn’t McCoy, who saved Leonard’s mother’s life and delivered him, and convinced her to actually desire to raise him, be considered his “father”? ESP given that this society seems to have no place at all for fatherless children. They just can’t conceive of such a thing. So “father” has to encompass something other than, or not strictly limited to, biological father. She was so quick to assign McCoy fatherhood status, I have to assume this happens a lot, that people take on that role for non-bio children.
Not a lot for Spock to do today but I think he had fun. He got to explode some rocks and make some bows and shoot some arrows. And Kirk got into a lot of fights so I think he enjoyed himself.
I don’t know if I believed the Cappellans were 7 feet tall but they did look broad and alien so I will give them that.
It was nice to see Scotty in command again. I’m so mad at AOS still for making him comic relief. I think he’s actually quite a serious person. Talking with my mom, I’ve decided that the crew can be grouped into ‘cracks jokes through a crisis’ and ‘generally gets very serious in a crisis, reserves humor for calm moments’ and while Sulu, Chekov, and Spock are in group 1, Scotty is definitely in group 2 with Kirk and McCoy. (Uhura seems generally lighthearted and fun loving but not funny per se so I don’t know how to group her.)
Also this is one of the early filmed Chekov episodes (as you can see by the hair) and he spends it, again, at Spock’s station. It’s so obvious he was introduced as Spock’s protege, not as the navigator, which I think is very interesting. Like I want to hear the backstory on that.
Next week’s episode is The Deadly Years, which I remember as being very solid.
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stray-kids-react · a month ago
Shy s/o doesn't think they deserve them
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
° He loved your shy personality, he just wanted to cuddle and praise you all day long. Even though you are a naturally soft person, that also comes with a lot of insecurities.
° Your boyfriend is a hot aussie leader with a heart of gold who fans call daddy, you can't but feel that you don't deserve such a God like boyfriend. And he can see it bothers you.
° Chan is a sweet heart who will check in on you as often as he can even with his busy schedule, he knows having an idol boyfriend can be stressful and he wants to comfort you.
° Felix was baking brownies, which you usually helped him out with even if it is just to cheer him on as he does his thing. But both of the aussies noticed your missing presence.
° Chan waltzed up to his studio, where you often hung around when you were at the dorms. Once he walked inside he noticed your figure curled up in a chair.
° You were scrolling through some messages that were sent to you via Instagram. None of the messages were pleasant, and Chan's heart broke as he read the truly gruesome ones.
"Maybe they are right. Maybe I don't deserve you." you sighed, slumping back.
"Don't say that, you are a beautiful person inside and out who I couldn't survive without." He reassured, taking your phone away as he cuddled into you.
Lee Know
Tumblr media
° Minho always liked you since you first met during the shoot of hellevator. He was pretty obvious with his fondness of you, but you never believed that he could like you.
° Later on once you began dating, he soon realized how low your self confidence truly was. So he made a promise to himself to try and increase it as much as he can.
° Many fans would threaten you for 'taking Minho away', but Minho would shred the letters before you could see how many there truly were. He knew it would hurt you.
° Minho is very affectionate towards you and likes to show you his love through touch. Whenever you seem down, he will cover your face in small pecks until you begin to smile.
° Has seen how come fans and staff treat you, pushing you around and telling you that you aren't worth his time. Minho took it into his own hands and protected you from them.
° He doesn't like seeing you upset or feel like a burden to him, especially since you are so special to him. Minho asked Chan and JYP if he could take at least a week off, they said yes.
"You didn't have to take a week off just for me, I am okay with your schedule." You explained, ruffling his hair.
"I know you're okay with it, but I needed to get away just for a while. And I miss you everytime you're not with me." He replied, gently placing a kiss to your head.
Tumblr media
° Will do anything to make you see for at least a second how important you truly are to him, he usually sends you hearts and does an adorable aegyo voice when talking to you.
° When you first began to hang out, you were very distant and almost never said a word. Changbin wanted to get to know you, so he constantly made efforts to befriend you.
° Once you opened up you Changbin, he noticed how self conscious and self critical you were of yourself. His confusion as to why you hate yourself only grew stronger.
° Every morning when you both get out of the shower, he will stand you in front of the mirror and poke every feature on your body saying that it is gorgeous and perfect.
° Likes knowing that you feel comfortable around him and that you have him to go to when you are feeling down. He wants to always be there for you and support you.
° Won't admit it to you, but he once teared up while you were asleep because he picked up a hate letter that was directed at you and he was worried that you read it.
"Your eyes, stunning. Your tummy, adorable. Your ears, cute. Your lips, kiss able. Your butt, squishy. Your shoulders, gorgeous..."
"Binnie you have five minutes before dance practice, you should really get going now."
Tumblr media
° Hyunjin is known to be a visual God in all of kpop, even though he is also VERY talented. Many people have a crush on Hyunjin, and you happened to be one of the many.
° His personality was addictive to be around, his looks were God like, and his talent was insane. Thus making it harder and harder for you to see how much he truly adored you.
° You saw yourself on totally different levels, you alwere at a ten while he was in the thousands. Your thoughts always doubting a scenario where you two would date.
° Assuming Hyunjin was just being nice to you, it became very hard for Hyunjin to clue you into that fact that he liked you. Everyone knew this except for you it seemed.
° Jisung, being a close friend to both Hyunjin and yourself. Took it upon himself to try and arrange a way for you to not be so self critical and completely oblivious.
° The next afternoon, you walked into the dance practice room which was now turned into a full on romantic dining area. Shocked as you saw Hyunjin with a rose in his hand.
"Is this for me? It can't be... There must be some sort of mistake or-"
"No mistakes, I've liked you for a while and thought I was being obvious enough. But Jisung told me that I should simply confess."
Tumblr media
° You and Jisung have been dating for a while, and you watched proudly as Stray Kids gained more and more popularity as they deserved, since they are talented kings.
° The hate comments sent towards you, and the jealous fans or occasionally staff members and idols. Those never used to bother you, but they became more frequent.
° This slowly picked away at your already small amount of confidence, over thinking everything you do or ever did. And Jisung began to notice your distressed state.
° After a performance he went up to you back stage and leaned in for a kiss, when you barely responded to it and looked around the room nervously, his heart twisted sadly.
° Jisung took you to an unoccupied dressing room, and locked the door behind you. He cupped your cheeks gently as he rested his head against yours. A small sigh escaping him.
° You felt all of the built up sadness and anger rise out of you, as tears slowly sprinkled down your cheeks. Your hands clinging onto his back as he embraced you.
"Shh shh shh, it's okay. Just let it all out, it'll be okay. I'm here for you, you know that."
"I'm sorry, I just felt like I don't deserve you and I shouldn't have been so distant, their words just really hurt."
Tumblr media
° Felix knew it was going to be a bumpy ride seeing as he is under a huge company and his band is very popular, but he was willing to go through all of that with you.
° You and Felix were best friends before you started dating, he knew you were shy and quite distant when it came to people. He started to find it cute after a couple years.
° JYP himself has criticised you for interfering with his idols's lives. Even though you didn't interfere and honestly helped Felix calm down throughout the schedules.
° Felix was disappointed by some fo the fan's toxic behavior towards you, knowing that those types of comments will stick with you for quite sometime. You made him happy and he wished others would see that.
° The other members and artists under JYP saw you as part of the big jyp family, but even their support couldn't stop the sadness that brewed as more hate letters were sent.
° You didn't want to stress your already overworked boyfriend, so you tried to find a quiet spot to cry in. But Felix knew you too well, and knew where you would hide.
"I'm okay Lix, I don't want to stress you out since your already on a hectic schedule today. I'll be fine I swear."
"I won't leave until I know for a fact that you are okay, the practice can wait. You need me right now and I'm going to be here for you."
Tumblr media
(He looks so cute! I couldn't help myself lol)
° You were also a beloved idol, and many eoopel actually found your relationship with Seungmin quite adorable. You felt lucky that there wasn't so much hate directed at you.
° Even though you both seemed to have it easy compared to other idol couples, you couldn't help but feel insecure when Seungmin treated you like a queen/king.
° Many fans of yours knew that off stage you are an adorable shy bean, but no one except for Seungmin knew why you would become so shy and distant towards others.
° Your shyness came from extreme anxiety and self image issues. You never had much confidence, and Seungmin made many goals to try and bring your confidence up.
° One day after a hard performance, you sat in front of your dressing room mirror and let your tears slide down your cheeks silently. Letting your anxiety take over everything.
° Seungmin walked in with a box of celebration cupcakes, only to have hsi smile fade once he saw the tears rushing down your features. He felt his heart sink.
"I'm sorry Seungmin. It's stupid really, but I just don't feel like I deserve you."
"Y/n, we are perfect for each other. I spoil you with love and affection because you always make me feel special and loved."
Tumblr media
° You knew how beloved Jeongin was, by fans, members, idols, netizens, family... Everyone. This sent a large amount of pressure towards you once you began dating.
°Jeongin loved your quiet and calm personality, it was a nice break from the loud JYP building and Stray Kids dorms. Your shyness is what attracted him to you.
° He liked cuddling with you in your apartment, talking about nothing and everything as a random movie played in the background. It was his favorite place to be.
° You both were open with anything that was bothering you and never let something stir inside of you for too long. He wanted to be your safe haven for when you need one.
° One weekend when he was staying at your place, he noticed you seemed more quiet than usual and asked you what was bothering you. Since something clearly was.
° You snuggled into his chest as you clung onto him tighter, sighing in defeat knowing you will have to admit your feelings even though you think they seem silly.
" I feel like I don't deserve you. I mean, you are Yang Jeongin a literal angel."
"You deserve the universe and everything in it, I love you and only you. Don't put yourself down, remember how much I care about you."
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the-last-rat-standing · a month ago
Slyrim Snippet
(Obviously, ‘Slyrim’ isn’t going to be the title. Lol! But it makes @thenicecheese laugh.)
The wildest Slibbs AU for me up to now. Thought I might share a snippet to give you a glimpse into the madness! :)
Oh, and here’s a map to help. Jack is from Northpoint in High Rock. She needs to get to Windhelm. To do that, she will get a guide in Morthal who mentors a young boy from Whiterun. Got all that? Lol!
Tumblr media
The friendliness she found along the way diminished the closer she got to Morthal, to the point where even the fog that surrounded the village seemed to look upon her with suspicion. She was glad she had made it before the sun went down. Pretending to avoid the eyes that narrowed as she made her way along the wooden walkways that connected the grey buildings, she was surprised at how old the air felt, as if it had been frozen in time a generation ago. She was just about to enter what appeared to be the only inn that Morthal offered, when a young boy barreled into her as he came running out. 
His head collided with her chest, pushing out a loud, "Oof!" while he apologized into her cloak.
"No need," she said, pulling back enough to look into his brown eyes fringed by floppy hair. "Seems like it's urgent."
Like the old woman, the boy tilted his head at her accent, though he couldn't place it as she had done. "You're not from Morthal."
Jack shook her head. "You're very quick, both in feet and mind."
His eyes squinted at her joke, but he must have seen something in her that he liked, because he grinned and tapped his chest with his fist. "I'm Phineas Ryn from Whiterun."
"Ah, so you're not from Morthal, either."
He tilted his head. "No, I guess not. I never thought about it like that."
"So what are you doing here, squire?"
Beaming, he said, "I'm not a squire, I'm an apprentice to Jetheros Gybrus." Her wide-eyed blink at the mouthful made him laugh. "I know! But he's the best builder in all of Hjaalmarch. Maybe even all of Skyrim! My mom sends me here every summer to perfect my trade. Whiterun needs good young builders with ideas, not old men who can't even make a right angle with two pieces of straight wood."
"Well, you sound like the man for the job," she praised, allowing his enthusiasm to lift her smile.
"So what are you doing here?" he asked.
"I'm on a quest to go to Windhelm," she replied, "but for now, I'm just looking for a place to sleep tonight."
Phineas looked over his shoulder towards the inn's entrance. "If you don't mind me saying, I wouldn't stay here. It's one of the oldest buildings in Morthal and I bet the wind whistles right through! Besides, you'll have to listen to Lurbuk play his lute." 
The shudder told her everything, but she had to ask, "Not good, is he?"
"Jetheros Gybrus says he'd get a better sound bouncing iron ingots over a dry grindstone."
"I see," she said with a knowing grin. "And how much does Jetheros Gybrus charge to lodge?"
"Oh, I bet when he sees you, he'll let you stay for free. You're pretty!"
Her eyebrow went up. "Does he make a habit of lodging pretty women and not charging them?"
Even at his age, he understood the implication. "Oh! No, I didn't mean it like that! I just mean, he's really nice and you look really nice, too, and maybe you can be friends. And who makes friends pay?"
His innocence was infectious. "Okay. But he better not be a troll."
He wasn't a troll. In fact, he was one of the most handsome men she'd ever seen. Not that she'd seen many outside of Northpoint. He was tall and sturdy, with arms and hands that spoke of his trade, but it was his eyes, blue as the sea, that spoke of more, of secrets and dreams and knowledge. And at that moment, of judgment. 
"I see why it took you so long to bring back my ale," were his very first words. He was looking at her even if the sly accusation was directed at the boy. 
"This is-" Phineas stopped, realizing he hadn't gotten her name.
"Jalic," she replied. And though the name was meant for those close to her, she felt compelled to add, "But you may call me 'Jack'."
When nothing further was offered by her, Phineas said, "What's your second name? Your family name?"
The man lightly slapped the back of the boy's head. "Breton soldiers don't tell strangers their family name."
Phineas frowned. "Why?"
Seeing a second slap on the way, she quickly held up her hand and said, "It's fine. I like a boy with curiosity." To Phineas, she explained, "We give up our family name when we enter battle because now, we are all one family." The words sounded grander than they were and she winked. "Really, it's just for morale. The generals think it makes us fight harder if we look at the warriors beside us as brothers and sisters. But I never felt I needed the incentive." There was something in what she said that Gybrus approved of, because he offered a nearly imperceptible nod. 
Oblivious to the silent exchange, Phineas asked, "So no one knows your family name now?"
She waved away his awe. "Everyone in Northpoint knows. You can't get away with sneezing without everyone knowing! But it's become something of a tradition that it's only given out to outsiders as a sign of trust or love." 
"I'll find out!"
She laughed at his confident nature. Then replaying the builder's words in her head, she asked, "How did you know I was a soldier?"
"You fought alongside the Orcs."
Her fingers touched the hilt. "This was a gift to celebrate my first year of adulthood."
"Did it come with the Orcish warrior stone?"
His question was playful and it drew out a narrowed but amused stare. "You know much, Jetheros Gybrus."
"Just 'Gibbs'," he said, "or you'll never untie that tongue "
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littlemessyjessi · 2 months ago
“Come Away With Me” : Regulus Black: Plus Size and Shortie : Chapter One “Prisoner”
Tumblr media
Reggie deserved better and by Godric he’s gonna have it. 
You keep makin' it harder to stay But I still can't run away I gotta know, why can't you Why can't you just let me go?
“Prisoner” - Miley Cyrus ft. Dua Lipa
The turning point for Regulus Arcturus Black came the summer before his sixth year.
History was repeating itself.
Walburga Black stared down at her youngest son, seeing nothing more than Sirius in that moment.
She'd warned him about that girl.
Aurora Monroe, or Rory, had been Regulus' best friend since their first day.
It would seem that the Black brothers had a penchant for befriending half blood, half breed combinations.
But that wasn't why Walburga hated the girl.
She didn't even know Rory was a werewolf.
But she did know that she was a half blood and she knew that she was a Monroe.
And that was enough for her to hate her.
Two families who had been at each other's throats since what seemed like the beginning of time.
It all came down to money.
As most things did.
They were two of the wealthiest families in the wizarding communities of England.  
Thus it was a constant competition and rivalry set in a long time ago.
The Black had old money that came from a long line of aristocracy.
The Monroe's built their fortune and built it rather quickly and also managed to spite a Black ancestor in the process.
And thus began the fued.
Walburga had warned her son, over and over again about being around her but he didn't listen.
Regulus was far more mild mannered than Sirius but at his core...he was actually truly very stubborn.
And he refused to budge on that.
She'd threatened to blast him off the family tree just like she had Sirius.
A moment that was still burned into Regulus' memory.
But still he held steadfast.
But then she snapped the final chord.
Her and Orion had never joined Voldemort and his band of followers but she supported them.
And she had every intention of Regulus joining the ranks.
Even if meant she had to force him.
It wasn't even that she was willing to force him to do something.
He was used to that.
But he knew what that meant.
It meant a death sentence for Rory and Regulus would burn it all down before he let that happen.
He flew up the stairs and into his room rummaging around for the mirror he and Rory had gotten from Zonko's before the summer.
"Rory! Aurora!" he called into the mirror.
He could hear her fumbling for a second before her freckly scarred face appeared.
"Hey, Regs!" she broke into a grin but it quickly faded when she could see the distress on his face. "Regulus, what's wrong? What happened?"
"I gotta get out of here." he said, struggling to breathe. "Right now."
"Ok, ok. What happened? Are you ok?" she asked, amber eyes searching him through the mirror.
"I'm fine. But I gotta go.  I'll be ok. But I needed to tell you just in case you don't hear from me for a bit." he said holding the mirror with one hand and shoving things into his trunk with the other.
A loud banging at the door caused his head to snap the side and the unlocking charm could be heard as his mother opened the door.
"Where the hell do you think you're going?" she screeched and Aurora gasped.
"Who is that?!" Walburga snapped and snatched the mirror out of Regulus' hand.
She seethed as she took in the sight of Aurora Monroe on the other side of it.
Regulus didn't even have time to prepare for impact when Walburga backhanded him and threw the mirror across the room.
Aurora's angry scream could be heard right before it shattered and Regulus looked at his mother in horror as she advanced.
"The only way you leave this house is over my dead body." she whispered and Regulus looked up at her in horror.
"That can be arranged."
The two of them turned to look at the tiny figure in the door who had clearly just apparated into mass chaos.
Amber eyes ablaze and white hair like a halo around her.
She was furious.
Aurora looked nothing short of an angel of death.
"You little bitch!" Walburga growled. "Stupid filthy mudblood! You'll be expelled for using magic outside of Hogwarts."
Aurora smirked, "I'm of age, you musky hussy."
Walburga drew her wand and Regulus panicked.
"No!" he said lunging at his mother but Aurora had already cast the spell to disarm her.
Walburga grabbed Regulus by the hair jerking his head back.
She narrowed her eyes at Aurora who absolutely refused to back down.
"You're not taking him." Walburga spat.
"You let him go or I snap this in half and turn it over to the ministry.  And I'm betting there's a fair share of unforgivable curses lingering in this wood." Rory said.
She and Walburga stared at each other for the longest time before Walburga's eye twitched.
She pulled her hand back and Regulus squeezed his eyes preparing for the blow when suddenly the pressure was released from hair and he stumbled to regain his balance.
Aurora had stunned Walburga and sent her flying back into the wall where she now lay unconscious.
She performed the body bind curse on her and turned to Regulus.
"Get what you need, Regs.  We gotta go.  Right now." she said  sternly but he was too shocked to move.
She sighed and reached out to touch his arm, "Reggie, we gotta go.  Right now.  Get the essentials."
He seemed to snap out of it and shoved a few things in his trunk before grabbing his broom out of his closet.
"Is there anyone else home, Regs?" she asked as she kept a watchful eye over Walburga's unconscious form and the door.
"No." Regulus shook his head. "Just Kreacher. Oh fuck."
It dawned him in that moment.
"Kreacher!" he called out.
A second later the house elf appeared with a pop and promptly began to freak out over Walburga.
"Mistress!" he wailed.
"Kreacher, please." Regulus said. "I know, I know.  But she was..."
"She was attacking Master Regulus again?" he asked and Regulus nodded.
"I have to go, Kreacher.  Come with us. I can give you clothes and free you.  I haven't been blasted off the tree yet." he pleaded with the elf who had become his friend over the years.
He knew better though.
"Kreacher must stay in the Noble House of Black." he said solemnly.
And suddenly Regulus understood how Sirius must have felt when he had to leave.
He didn't really have a choice but Regulus wouldn't go with him just like Kreacher wouldn't go now.
"Kreacher will keep the Mistress asleep." the elf said.
Aurora watched and Regulus knelt to hug the elf once more before grabbing his trunk and slinging his broom over his shoulder.
"Ok." he said, passing a hand over Kreacher's head once more.
Aurora stepped forward and Regulus wound his arm through hers before she turned and apparated away.
As they disappeared into thin air, Regulus' eyes watered.
Sadness, relief, fear.
It was all mixed into one but one thing was for sure.
Everything changed from that moment on.
Chapter Two Coming Soon
Keep Scrolling after author’s note for additional story pics!
Hello, loves! I hope you enjoy this Regs story! It’s a tragedy what happened to Reggie and he was done really dirty both in his story and the lack of story we get for this multi dimensional selfless character! So he’s gonna have some good times in this story, dammit! 
Anyway, I love you all and I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, via reblog or just hit up the ask box! 
I love you all. 
Also, feel free to imagine Regs anyway you like but I do like him as Timothee Chalamet... like a lot of people because Timmy is precious. Also, I feel this gif perfectly encompasses his time in that hell hole.  It’s ok, Reggie bebe.  Mama’s got you.  I’ll give you cocoa and noms and blankies.  It’ll be ok now. 
Tumblr media
Some inspiration pics for Rory! 
These all played a part in the inspiration for Aurora’s hair.  Rory’s hair turned white with stress due to her condition much like how Remus’ hair started greying early.  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I particularly loved the color of the first and how floofy it was.  But I love the texture and also the poof of the second.  I also absolutely adored the second lady’s freckles which I picture Rory’s being absolutely littered with. 
Aurora has golden brown eyes. Warm like the sun.  Here are a few inspiration pics. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I also used these and the picture from the freckled girl with the yellow top as inspiration for her skin tone as I see Aurora as very brown but dashed in freckles and heavily scarred just due to years of being afflicted with lycanthropy.   I also think it makes a striking contrast with her hair and such an juxtaposition against Regs’ fair features and dark hair.  
Tumblr media
This was my main inspiration for Rory’s scars.  She has them all over her but perhaps the most noticeable is the one on her face and I feel this one encompasses it perfectly.   
As far as height went I couldn’t find many pics for inspiration so I begrudgingly used my own tiny form of 4′11″ as reference lol.  She is smol bean like me.  I did find some body inspos though! Rory is very fluffy! 
Tumblr media
I don’t always show my inspo pics for characters but I felt like it was nice thing to start to do as it always helps me begin to form the layout of a character.  And I love you all so I figured it’d be a nice thing to share.  
@pleasantdreamqueen   @becrazy–beyou
@littledeadrottinghood @blackirisposts
@therealmrshale @woodworthti666@thegreatirene@fanfictionandjunk
@sullybot @georgiagrl1990 @whenallsaidanddone
@mischiefnevermanaged94 @inumorph
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@ main-feetoffthetable
Tumblr media
Btw, the only tags I do is for my permanent tag list but if you ever want to be added to that, all you have to do is just go to the ask box and ask to be added! I’d be happy to do so!
Also, if you love the Marauders feel free to check out some of my recent Marauder works! 
Chasing Jess (Sirius Black and Jess Scamander) 
A Deal With Cupid (James Potter x Reader) 
All Fun and Games (Poly Marauders Fics) 
Talking to the Moon (Remus Lupin x Reader)
Torn (Remus Lupin x Rowan Black) 
And honestly so many more. 
I’m kind of a ho for Harry Potter and an outright slut for the Marauders.  Just being honest. 
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