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ichwilleinbiervondir3 hours ago
happy birthday grandma 馃暞
f眉hl dich gedr眉ckt..
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ellitx5 hours ago
I think Yan Himmel would hold you almost too tightly while making love to you, he just wants to feel closer to you, so close infact that you two have practically melded together, both of his arms around you, with one hand pressed against the back of your head, your head pressed into the crook of his neck so he can hear every sound you make while he begs you not to leave him, to stay close to him, that youre the only one that makes him feel so complete.. would definitely just lay almost all of his weight onto you while completely sheathed himself into you, and will just sit there feeling the heartbeat of your womb against him~
"Ahh.. y/n.. please don't let go.. I love you too much.. you're my entire world.. and without you I have nothing so please.. stay close to me.."
Bb鈥檚 grip on you is really firm, almost like it鈥檒l leave a bruise on you. He鈥檚 intoxicated by the feeling of your pussy is hugging him so warmly, him fitting perfectly inside you and always hits the spot that makes you weak in every thrust.
You鈥檙e perfect for each other, have known each other since babies. No one should ever break this bond between you and him
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ellitx21 hours ago
Fell up the stairs a bit ago (aside from a small bruise, I'm fine) and that prompted the Himmel simp in me to ask, how'd you think he'd react to if his darling came back with an injury (be it accident or something else like a fight)?
Himmel is an excessive worrier and if he happens to see you have injuries, even if it鈥檚 small, he鈥檚 quick to drag you to the infirmary or he鈥檒l treat your wounds by himself.
He doesnt want to see it infected so he checks up on it and treats it for a little before calling a medical expert or nurses to heal you that鈥檚 much better than him. If it鈥檚 small, then he鈥檒l apply a cream to your wound then a bandage.
Himmel鈥檚 going to treat you like baby, cooing and kissing your wound then your cheeks before telling you to be more careful next time. He then lets you sit between his legs so he can hold you and wrap you with blankets or give you his sweater to make you more comfortable.
Your wrap your arms around his neck and burry your face on the crook of his neck, mumbling an apology against his skin. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry if i made you so worried something so minor鈥︹
鈥淲hether it鈥檚 big or small, i always worry for you. I wont even rest until I see you fully recovered.鈥
You pouted and cupped his face in your hands, pushing his cheeks together. 鈥淒ont just ignore your own health, mister!鈥 He softly laughed and gave a chaste kiss on your lips as an apology.
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unitedspaceflaga day ago
Tumblr media
#himmel #heaven #sky #blue #wolken #clouds #freiburgimbreisgau #fiat1500 #randomircosmotisch
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thenorthernlight666a day ago
Tumblr media
#nordvest #bispebjerg #kopenhagen #wolken #horizont #fernweh #anywherebuthere #himmel (hier: Nordvest)
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robs-sensuell-fotosa day ago
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St眉rmische Zeiten 馃寠 #ostsee #meer #himmel #wolkenhimmel #naturfotografie #fotografie #drau脽en #draussenunterwegs #wellen #wasser #leben (hier: Ostseebad Dahme)
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nichtderredewertoka day ago
H盲tte ich einen Wunsch frei w眉rde ich dich vom Himmel holen lassen. - 24.08.2016
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ellitx2 days ago
the whole night after reading that one yandere himmel hcs, i can't stop thinking how would the twins snap or stuff馃馃 except i have so much ideas on himmel djdjsjs
- i feel like you'll notice that himmel seemed to acting strange towards you. for the first few days you seemed to ignore it, perhaps he gets really lonely easily. when time passes you'll have a feeling he's trying to guilt trip you maybe that's why you barely have time for yourself ever since you were stuck with himmel.
- if you break your promise with him... Himmel would breakdown infront of you, continuous tears kept on coming out. he kept asking why did you do that, why did you break that promise, why did you always left him alone. you were destined to be together..? right..?
- you look into his eyes and it seems..dull and lifeless. it reminded of a sky before the storm and the rain comes. clouds covered the light from his eyes just like how he find out his dearly beloved broke a pinkie promise.
that's all i could give right now xp
- 鈽侊笍
You miss the himmel who鈥檚 full of life and joy. The glimmer in his eyes is what you loved the most, reminding you of the vast blue sky and how beautiful it is but now all you can see is full of dullness and emptiness behind those blue optics.
Sometimes his eyes are puffy and red from crying so much and the guilt is eating you up if you鈥檙e the cause of this. Whenever you let him hug you, the light in his eyes are back again but you鈥檒l be stuck with him for the rest of the day. He won鈥檛 let you go, he鈥檚 following you wherever you go. And if you ever attempt to escape, he鈥檚 quick to find you.
Of course he knows where you are, after all his sweet little brother is helping him however he can to keep him happy
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ellitx2 days ago
You know what i think would make Himmel go coo-coo bananas?
鉁 Freshly shaven legs 鉁
Imagine you just getting out of the shower fresh from a good self care session and walk into your shared bedroom to get dress, feeling his eyes on you him eyeing your beautiful naked from as you sit your self down on to the bed patting your lap knowing exactly what he wants. Almost immediately he lays his head into your plush thighs slowly rubbing a hand gently up and down your form
"Mmm.. you're so soft y/n.. and you smell so nice.. can we stay like this for a while please"
He melts into you, nuzzling his head into your stomach and wraps his arms around you, while you comb through his locks with your fingers~
I think anytime he sees you fresh from shower and with a towel wrapped around you, he鈥檒l go nuts just from seeing your wet figure. The towel on you nicely shaped your curves, and those legs as you walk to your wardrobe鈥 he cant stop staring at it.
After you鈥檙e dressed up, you see himmel all pouty and round eyes. He looks like a cute dog patiently waiting to be rewarded and just wants to have fun, you smiled and sit on his lap, wrapping your arms around his shoulders shortly after that.
鈥淲hat is it?鈥
鈥淣othing鈥 just want to hold you close to me鈥︹
Himmel bb really wants to run his hand over your legs and lay his head on your lap, which was quite obvious so you let him do what he wants. Sometimes he鈥檒l lift your shirt up and kiss your navel or belly before he takes a little nap
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ellitx2 days ago
In honor of Father's Day, could we get some headcanons of the twins (separately) as parents?
Venti as a Father:
It would be really chaotic and a mess when it鈥檚 him watching over the kids
Just feeding them and bringing the spoon to their mouth like an airplane, and if one of his children happens to playfully throw the food to his face, it鈥檒l be a food fight.
Of course, it didn鈥檛 last long when you entered the room and you see everything is so cluttered and dirty.
Venti can be strict with them if he has to but most of the time he鈥檚 carefree and lively with them. Often going outside to play, gliding, and maybe just a leisurely family time with you, him, and the children.
He鈥檚 not really restricting them but if they wanna play outside they have to ask his permission first so he鈥檒l know where they are or so that he can watch over them
Venti likes it if his kids ask him to carry them! He鈥檒l carry them on his shoulders so they can see the beautiful view of Mondstadt's scenery!
Or if he鈥檚 laying on your lap and they鈥檙e asking to be carried, he鈥檒l lift them up and act like they鈥檙e flying in the sky. He鈥檒l use his vision to make it really breezy so they can feel what it鈥檚 like to soar in the air.
When it鈥檚 time for dinner, he has to call for them. But the problem is they鈥檙e so mischievous that they even hide from him. It鈥檚 easy to find them but for the sake of entertaining them, he pretends he doesn鈥檛 have a single clue as to where they are.
鈥淣ow where鈥檚 my little sweetie hiding again? Looks like Detective Venti is starting another case of Disappearing Angel.鈥 He takes his cape and flips them in the air for a dramatic effect and boy does he hear that stifled laugh behind the sofa.
He takes out his lyre and starts singing about the clues he had gathered and for suspense, he stopped strumming his instrument and stood still. Their kid covered their mouth to quiet themselves and it was unfortunate for them they didn鈥檛 notice their father was already behind them.
Venti鈥檚 hands slipped underneath them and hoisted them to his shoulder causing them to shriek and wiggle around while giggling.
鈥淧apa, that鈥檚 unfair!!鈥
鈥淎nother point for Detective Venti~鈥
Aside from playing detectives, he鈥檚 pretty much dramatic around them if they鈥檙e playing house or prince and princess together.
鈥淥h, sweet child of mine, call the fairest maiden for I, Venti the Most Handsome, Charming, Powerful, and Talented Bard has fallen down because of the great dark dragon鈥檚 compelling attack.鈥
Your child first thought of you, immediately rushing to where you are and tugging at your sleeves.
鈥淢ama! Mama! Help Papa come back alive! He said the only way to regain his powers is that you have to kiss him!鈥
You choked at your own spit, your face burning hot hearing another ridiculous idea venti started for you to kiss him. You didn鈥檛 want to disappoint them so you obliged and followed them to the living room.
There you saw venti laying down, his hands on his chest with his eyes closed, and sure you鈥檇 mistaken him as some kind of princess if not for your daughter asking you to help him.
Clearing your throat and readying yourself in acting mode, you kneeled down beside him and clasped his hands with yours.
鈥淥h, my darling Venti. All your power has been drained, the energy within you has been stolen by the greatest and fearful creature that has been ever lived. But fear not, for I have come to aid you by鈥 by caressing you with a true love鈥檚 kiss.鈥
You slowly leaned forward and ran your finger on his face before closing your eyes until his lips brushed with yours. The tips of your ears were turning red when your child awed and watched closely, and for sure you felt your husband鈥檚 lips tugging upwards. His hand reached up behind you to hold you close to him and let the kiss last longer.
His eyelids flutter open, revealing the marvelous emerald orbs he has that were the same as your little angel, and he turned at you with clouded eyes, his cheeks beginning to tint with warm red.
Before he could latch his lips with yours once more, your child jumped at his back and cried,
鈥淵ou鈥檙e alive! You鈥檙e finally alive! Quick, defeat the dark dragon before it destroys the castle!鈥
Venti almost forgot he was playing with them. All of a sudden, you felt your feet weren't on the ground anymore and in instinct, you held onto his shoulder and gaped at him. Venti's arm was underneath your bottom, carrying with such ease as if your weight was as light as a feather.
鈥淥f course, my dear! Now that my power has been replenished thanks to this lovely maiden, I can finally stop the dragon鈥檚 outrage through the power of wind and freedom!鈥
His right hand glowed, unleashing a gentle yet powerful wind to knock down the mini dvalin stuffed toy that was standing in front of the blocks. The toy鈥檚 balance was gone, causing it to fall onto the ground as a sign the enemy鈥檚 disturbance was no longer present. Peace, harmony, and freedom were settled back to the small kingdom you, your child, and your husband had created.
Himmel as a father:
Himmel鈥檚 a househusband! Due to his frail body, he鈥檚 more inclined to work inside the house which he doesn鈥檛 mind. So all the cooking, cleaning, laundry is handled by him.
Househusband Himmel doesn鈥檛 really mind at all! In fact, he really enjoys it because he gets to watch over his kyut litol beybis playing around the house and spend time with them!
He knows you鈥檙e already home when he hears his babies screaming 鈥淢AMA!!鈥, it鈥檚 either a playful chase with his children on who gets to hug you first or he let them hug you first before he kisses you as a greeting of welcome home.
Whenever he goes to the grocery, he brings his children with him and they鈥檙e in the twin stroller. Everything is prepared; the pacifiers and two bottles of milk, and perhaps some extra diapers in case the line is too long and they need a bathroom break.
Himmel always takes a morning stroll and he also brings his babies with him so they can get that vitamin from the sunlight for them to be healthy. Don鈥檛 want them to risk being so unhealthy when they grow up now do we?
Maybe after the stroll, he stops in a nearby park to rest, maybe even allowing them to have some fun as long as they鈥檙e in his sight. Himmel will start planning on having a picnic time as family bonding on weekends so you can also take a break as well as you can get in touch with your own kids
While at home, carrying his two kids in his arms is no biggie for him. He can even multitask with it, though he prefers if they are in the crib just in case he doesn鈥檛 accidentally step on some toys and slip while carrying them.
He loves holding them and carrying them with him after he finishes the household chores! He鈥檒l play with them, shower them with kisses, keep on telling them how much papa loves them and how he鈥檚 so happy they鈥檙e part of his life. When they run out of milk, he has to take the new supply you鈥檝e readied in the refrigerator.
The babies will crawl up to him, stretching out their short arms towards their father because they wanted to be carried. Himmel chuckles then picks them up before making their drink. He hums a song while warming the milk and leaves small kisses on their head and nuzzles his nose against it as he waits
His little ball of sunshine is full of energy so he can be quick to get exhausted, but he鈥檚 trying his best to stay awake to make sure nothing dangerous happens to them. he lets them crawl up to him and play with his hair and when they also get sleepy and clings to him, it brings a smile to his face and holds them close to his chest protectively before laying them back down in the crib
Himmel may have taught them many things, from a simple reading, talking/cooing, walking, and maybe even singing. He has bought many things that can help them like rattles, squeeze toys, picture books, and also some stuffed toys they can play with.
Over the months, he鈥檒l buy different toys for them so they can start the process of learning simple stuff like ABC blocks and even more plushies.
His kids love it when he sings or reads them a bedtime story. If you鈥檙e free, you and Himmel will reenact the story to maybe entertain them, and oh their cute little smiles and giggles tug their parents鈥 hearts.
Once they reach the age of three, Himmel is so excited for them that they can meet new friends. It鈥檚 the start of their preschool and he prepared everything. Now he鈥檚 the type of father who鈥檒l take a picture of them every single year and some memorable moments to be added in the album
After school, he鈥檚 there to pick them up with you. All the mothers were gawking when he was standing near the door and looking for his cute babies. Perhaps he鈥檚 a brother to pick his siblings up?
Lol nope
Their jaws dropped when they heard a scream of papa from the running children. He opened his arms and caught them easily as they jumped at him for a hug. The mothers/guardians can鈥檛 believe Himmel's a father. Such a youthful face he has and having two children?!
He gives them a kiss on their forehead and asks how their day went. When he told them that mama was waiting outside, the twins immediately left their father鈥檚 side and ran out of the school to see you there smiling and waving.
鈥淢ama!! Look, look, my teacher gave me a stamp that I did well!鈥
鈥淚 have five stars on my booklet!!鈥
Your eyes sparkled at their wonderful achievements and patted their head. Himmel stood next to you and smiled, admiring the wonderful warm feeling in his heart to see this growing family.
Kneeling before one of his kids, he whispered something next to them causing them to gasp out and looked at you with big curious eyes.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to be a big sister/brother?!!鈥
You look at your husband with an astonished face and pout before playfully shoving his shoulder.
鈥淭hat was supposed to be a surprise!鈥 You whined. Himmel laughed and pecked your lips, whispering 鈥淚 can鈥檛 help it,鈥 before taking the hands of his child then yours. You take the other twin鈥檚 small hand and walked side-by-side with your husband and children back home
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museenkuss2 days ago
I put on just a touch of Classique after my evening shower, then sipped cool sparkly wine and stained my fingertips with chocolate while eating marzipan, the jasmine in the glass vase filling the room with its almost headache-sweet scent and the rain outside washing away the heat of the day. If I could press this moment between the pages of a book, I would keep it right by Eichendorff鈥檚 Moon Night.
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lordbierbart2 days ago
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Ausblick bei Sch枚nbrunn :) @pinkfuwacandy #sch枚nbrunn #hotday #summer #summer2021 #tiergartensch枚nbrunn #viennaaustria #vienna #vienna_city #austria馃嚘馃嚬 #austria #sommer #sommer2021 #b盲ume #baum #strauch #himmelblau #himmelfotografie #himmel #wolke #wolken #cloud #clouds #sky #skyphotography #tree #trees #stadt #city #cityphotography #stadtfotografie (hier: Sch枚nbrunn, Wien)
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ceffelkalem2 days ago
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陌艧te bu y眉zden.
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Mother and son on the pasture
Mother and son on the pasture by Regina Via Flickr: A warmblood mare and her foal on a pasture at Marbach. It often seems to worry horses when I'm lying or sitting on the ground to take photos and they come closer to check if I'm okay. :)
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robs-sensuell-fotos2 days ago
Tumblr media
#strand #sand #himmel #naturfotografie #fotografie #meer #ostsee #wolken (hier: Gr枚mitz)
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ellitx2 days ago
i see. we are talking about yan himmel now. suggestions will now be blooped:
-probably likes to here uh hear darlings heartbeat yandere or not just hearing it suits him it's like a melody from you to him, (yan: and it beats faster when he forcefully hugs you to the bed nuzzling and cooing lovingly on how you're such a great partner and you would never leave him! right?)
-i think he doesn't like imprisonment because one: freedom two: darling wouldn't be happy so he sort of gives them "freedom" aka making them feel like their free but in reality their not! everything is perfectly planned out. oh the store across the street closed because of a break in! that's okay, we can drive to a grocery store! eh? you wanna be alone? but we don't spend that much time outside anymore!
-always holding your hands signs of intimacy you've figured out the pattern of his moods with that. intertwining fingers and rubbing his thumb across your hand is a sign of a happy or good this one is an opportunity to suggest something that can give you some alone time mood while the bad thing is just him wrapping his hands around your wrist. it feels like chains to be honest.
that's it~!
Tumblr media
Anssks this yan concept is just hhhh <333
Yan himmel is also similar to how yan venti would act towards his darling. Using the guilt tripping method and manipulating you just so you can stay by his side a bit more. Himmel would often use that to you, especially the fact that his weak and sick! Sometimes not just guilt tripping but also an excuse he鈥檒l use
鈥淵/n can I lay on your lap? My head鈥檚 starting to hurt again鈥︹
鈥淵ou鈥檙e leaving already? B-but no one鈥檚 going to watch over me. What if I suddenly pass out? Who鈥檚 going to help me? The doctors wouldn鈥檛 like to see that I鈥檝e been just abandoned.鈥
In the end, you always do everything he says since you don鈥檛 want him to feel sad and unwanted. He sent you on a guilt trip 鈥 and it worked, it always worked on you.
Another thing is his hugs are really tight. Almost like he鈥檚 cuddling you to death, holding you close to him like you鈥檙e his safe haven. You feel bad waking him up cuz sometimes he just doze off whenever he hugs you so you鈥檙e always stuck in a fetal position with him in bed. His arms are firm around your waist and if you try to move even a little, you sometimes think if he鈥檚 awake cuz of his strong grip or maybe just an instinct to keep you still.
It鈥檚 kinda sweet and comfy, you鈥檙e not gonna lie to yourself about that. His thumb rubbing against your hand to distract himself and his head buried on the crook of your neck, sometimes he鈥檒l have you face him so he can hear your heartbeat and listen to it. It鈥檚 like a therapeutic for him, or when he listens to you talk or anything that he can listen to your voice all day.
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