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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
franwebsite · a day ago
HIGGS y su primer single "Involución"
HIGGS y su primer single “Involución”
Palabras de A New Label Es un placer presentaros desde A New Label a esta nueva banda de rock / metal que se llaman HIGGS y que entran a formar parte del roster de la agencia. En breve editarán su primer EP (y en la próxima actualización mostramos la portada y el tracklist del mismo), pero ya podemos tanto presentar a la banda como escuchar su primer single. De hecho, en unos días ya estará…
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mostlythemarsh · 4 days ago
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mostlythemarsh · 6 days ago
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mostlythemarsh · 6 days ago
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franwebsite · 6 days ago
Predicador + Higgs en concierto
Predicador + Higgs en concierto
Tenemos el enorme placer de anunciar el concierto que tendrá lugar el próximo sábado 19 de junio en la mítica sala de Alcorcón Vizzio, en la cual descargaremos el que es nuestro primer EP, que saldrá a la venta en breve y del que nos sentimos muy orgullosos del resultado. Esperamos estar a la altura de unos grandes como Predicador, y ofreceremos un show lleno de rock poderoso, con temas propios y…
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nojiko444 · 8 days ago
Another HiggsXReader fanart!
Again, this is nothing for Tumblr, so I’ll drop the link under the cut :3 Be prepared for a little misuse of Timefall shelters.
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Have you ever been writing and you just write a line so good you have to stop and appreciate it? Because let me tell you, although it doesn't happen often, it's so good when it does.
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somnovem · 9 days ago
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golden boy (22.02.21)
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*I Can't Think of a Title so Just Imagine Something Clever and Witty*
A/N: Originally this was supposed to be super angsty and emotional and then dumb gremlin brain forgot and it went in a different direction. So it's still a little angsty but it's also fluffy, nice and maybe a little bit funny. At least I thought it was because my sense of humour is that of a 10 year old. 😂😂
Enjoy! ❤️
Your stomach coiled with nerves as you waited for Higgs to arrive, palms of your hands clammy, fidgeting with your cuff for the umpteenth time. You'd managed to get a message through to him that you had something important to ask and if he'd please come tonight. Higgs had reluctantly agreed, not mentioning just how nervous he was while wondering what question was so damn important it had to be asked that very night.
"Sweet thing?" Higgs' voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You hadn't even heard him arrive. He sits down on his usual chair, fingers drumming on the arms. You swallow thickly, he hadn't taken his mask off. That wasn't a great sign.
"[F!name], do you know her?" You find you can't quite look at him as you ask, so you cast you eyes down to the floor between your feet.
"Nope, never heard of her...should I have? She done something to you because I-"
"-She told me you fucked her!"
Higgs freezes completely still, his eyes have gone very wide.
"Whoever the fuck she is, she's talking shit". He sits up a little straighter, arms folded across his chest. "Who you gonna believe; the man you love or some random person I've never even heard of?"
You wanted to believe him so badly, of course you did. But she'd described his body in too great a detail for it to be made up. Certain parts of his body anyway.
"For someone talking shit she sure did know a lot about you". You tap a spot on the top of your left thigh to highlight your point. "She knows about the big crescent moon scar you have right there".
"You really don't believe me". It wasn't a question, he had stated the fact in a flat tone
"It shouldn't..." You sigh, trying to not let yourself get overwhelmed. "It shouldn't bother me because it happened when we were...separated. You didn't hear the way she was running her mouth though, ugh". You put your face in your hands, fighting back tears that threatened to fall. This is so stupid, you should have just ignored her instead of dragging up the past but the way she was was a wonder someone hadn't punched her yet. Although you'd be lying if you said you hadn't been tempted to yourself.
"Oh her, well shit..." Higgs stands up, finally taking off his mask. You peek up at him through his fingers, not quite ready to stop hiding your face just yet. "It's not what you think sweet thing! I've never lied to you about anything and I ain't about to start now. Yeah, I might have met her know. But I swear nothing happened. Because, please don't laugh, I couldn' wouldn't...she wasn't you, okay? I didn't matter what the hell she did. She wasn't you [Y/N]. And boy she really tried but no the damn thing just laid there like a limp noodle".
You slowly take your hands away from your face, trying to discretely wipe your eyes at the same time. He walks a few steps forward and pushes on your shoulders gently so you were laying back on the bed.
"What are you-"
Higgs places a finger to your lips to silence you, his cheeks had flushed pink.
"Shh, trust me sweet thing. I wanna prove something to you". Higgs kneels on the bed, straddling your hips, his hands rub soothingly at your shoulders. He then leans down on his forearms so he's lightly pressing against you without crushing you with his weight. Not that there was much weight for him to crush you with. You turn your head away from him as he peppers your neck with ever so soft kisses.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Everything was so fucked up between us as it was, I couldn't risk not getting you back".
You stay silent, mulling over his words as he continues lavishing attention on your delicate skin. You bite back the noise that threatened to leave your mouth, hating how your body was starting to respond to him already.
"What are you trying to prove here Higgs?" Your voice was a little strained as you tried to keep it level.
"Touch me sweet thing". He rests his forehead against yours, his eyes were crystal blue in the light. Almost looking as though he could see into your soul. You sometimes felt like he could.
"Look, if this is some weird way to trick me into having sex with you then-"
Higgs grabs your hand and places it directly between his legs. The rest of your sentence had completely fallen out of your head. He was rock hard, straining tightly against the material of his green pants. A small squeak leaves your mouth. He lets go of your hand but you don't let go of him, he bucks into your palm.
"You see what you do to me sweet thing? See the god damn effect you have on my body? You ain't even touched me until now and he was already fighting to break free. Hell the moment I got on the bed he was already at half mast". Higgs presses a kiss to your jaw, the corner of your mouth and finally fully on the lips. "I love you sweet thing, only you. Mind, body and shitty black soul". He keeps placing soft sweet kisses against your lips even if you don't return them right away. You pull back to look into his eyes, searching for something. Even if you weren't entirely sure what. You close your eyes as his fingertips gently trace over the details of your face.
"So...did you really mean it?"
"Every god damn word I said but I got the feeling I know exactly which bit you mean. And yeah, I meant it...a limp noodle".
You have to try your hardest to not laugh. He kisses the side of your mouth again, along your jaw and up to your ear.
"Am I forgiven yet?" He whispers. You pretend to think about it.
"Only if you say it one more time. Please".
Higgs lets out a quiet embarrassed groan.
"Fiiine, I'll make a fool of myself further for your enjoyment...My dick was a compete limp fucking noodle!"
This time you do laugh, his lips quickly devour yours to shut you up and you happily let him.
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intoxicatedfandom · 13 days ago
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nerf-this-vagabund · 15 days ago
Emotions of the sad fatalist behind the scenes.😔
‘Makes folks honest. There’ll be no need for masks soon.’
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higgsinos · 18 days ago
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local particle man talks at length about the concept of nihilism
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4gravitons · 19 days ago
Redefining Fields for Fun and Profit
Redefining Fields for Fun and Profit
When we study subatomic particles, particle physicists use a theory called Quantum Field Theory. But what is a quantum field? Some people will describe a field in vague terms, and say it’s like a fluid that fills all of space, or a vibrating rubber sheet. These are all metaphors, and while they can be helpful, they can also be confusing. So let me avoid metaphors, and say something that may be…
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mostlythemarsh · 23 days ago
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mostlythemarsh · 29 days ago
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Welcome Home
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