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eyeshields7 hours ago
We see Hiruma pulling gum sticks from a pack, chewing, and blowing bubbles. But how does he dispose of them? Do you think he is sitting somewhere, runs out of flavor, and just takes the gum out of his mouth and nonchalantly puts it on a bench or seat next to him and ignores any commotion if somebody sits on it? Does he screw up his face and spit it on the ground like chewing tobacco? Does he flick it at somebody annoying him at the moment? Does he wrap it up and toss it 3 meters toward a bin?
he doesnt seem like the littering type unless one of his schemes gets really weird and convoluted (though that would be in character ig) so as far as i see there are two options:
1. throws it w unerring and completely unnecessary accuracy into the nearest trash
2. it disappears back into the pocket dimension where he keeps his stuff
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beewithagun20 hours ago
Would mothdib preen his feathers out of habit? Also I love your fluffy boy 馃挄馃挄
>:)))) yessss he would (and he loves you too, anon) ;) he'd nibble at his wings with his fangs and turn into a ball of feathery fluff!
Tumblr media
posing in the lighting dramatically, king shit
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fox-banea day ago
So I actually really like the treadz gorilla as a kong type toy. Its easy for Echo to carry around but weird enough shaped that its hard enough for him to access to make it worth it for him. It holds just a bit less than the other various toys I got yesterday but not enough to not make it worth filling. I did cut the triangle flaps from the hole because Echo is not a fan of toys like that, but otherwise its as is and great!
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scrappy-appy2 days ago
Floppy is really testing my patience with Dallas鈥 tail
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superfluous-banality4 days ago
in case you were wondering, figs are the absolute BEST to me they're soft and crunchy because seeds (unless you get the seeded ones but why would you) and they're just PAKED with flavor and a little hard to bite through? but they're like tough. once i grossed out my friend by chewing on one for like an hour. in conclusion, neil would totally have both actual figs and dry figs in a lil container to eat. in class, during practice, at home, during games. i think he'd love them.
Okay, I really love the fact that they're chewy, because you know how a lot of athletes do sunflower seeds, especially football and baseball players??? And they chew on them all the time and spit them around everywhere (馃檮 - I swear it's a cult)?
Well, Neil doesn't like sunflower seeds, but he does like figs! He carries them around in his back pocket and eats them during practice breaks, game breaks, during class (and occassionally throws them at kevin when he's being too bossy. Like, Kevin will be mid-rant about how the Foxes won't win the championship if they don't shape up and then. Fig. Sailing through the air and tapping him in the dead centre of his forehead. It's kind of comical: Kevin goes silent and then he's just looking down at the fig at his feet and then he looks up and there's Neil, already chewing another fig in his mouth).
It gets SO BAD that some of the newer kids at Palmetto no longer recognize him as the mafia kid but as the fig kid. And they'll feel a lot more comfortable approaching him (sometimes they ask for figs; rarely do they receive some. This also gives Neil the oppurtunity to make up a BUNCH of crack stories about how he got scars, except no two ones are every the same). But some of the upperclassmen will pull these tiny little freshmen aside and be like, "Hey, be careful with that one, he's Nathaniel Wesninski - you should stay away from him". And the freshmen will be like, "I thought his name was Neil Josten??? And why would I stay away from him?". "Because he was part of the mafia! He's probably killed someone!!!". And the underclassmen just think the seniors and juniors are pulling their leg. Because that's just the fig boy from class with the funny stories and the funky scars.
鈥 one of the stories he tells about the scars on his cheek is that he's "just really bad at shaving".
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yeehaw-fuckers5 days ago
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robots-and-rawhide5 days ago
Teaching Renfield to hold something is proving to he difficult because when he wants a treat he does NOT want to put anything else in his mouth
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thewhitehotspotlight6 days ago
Like, I鈥檓 sure people have written about it before, but a part of the reason that Destiel hits such a big nerve in fandom is because they follow the classic tropes of Thee original slash ship, Kirk and Spock.
Roguishly charming Midwestern man in a leadership position who is uniquely attached to his vehicle? (Who often gets mischaracterized as a womanizer macho man, but is in reality a big nerd who just loves his family?) Emotionally repressed being from another planet but loves humanity despite the shit they get put through who often gets bodysnatchedTM bc of their powers? Who are then both often pitted against each other by outside forces despite the loyalty they have to each other?
Not to mention all the AU shenanagains. Then tropes: Surprise I Have A Wife. Insane But I Got Better. Died But Back Again. Literal Time/Space Travel To Save The Other. etc.
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savorysatori6 days ago
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smackins8 days ago
Venting in the tags
#will delete later#but yeah my family is REALLY going through it right now#my dad continues to bark orders at my mom and siblings and continues to party and drink#lo and behold even after the blood pressure incident he's STILL not taking care of himself#his bloodsugar dropped to 30 and he literally PASSED OUT#my mom had to rush him to the hospital#and then after he got home HE WENT RIGHT BACK TO THE SAME SHIT#my mom is in severe pain and likely needs knee surgery#and yet he's continuing to make her do basic shit for him that he's more than capable of getting himself#she asked him exactly ONE time to get her a sandwich because she was in too much pain to move#and he couldn't even be bothered to do that for her#he made one of my siblings get it for her#my mama has been nothing but loyal and supportive and THIS is what he does in return#she does literally everything short of chewing his food for him and he can't get off his ass and make his wife of 26 years a fucking sandwic#my sister said she found her crying on the porch in the dark#she's been by his side for 26 fucking years#she's been worried sick over him and scared of him dying ever since his heart attack#it literally TRAUMATIZED her#and this is what he does in return???#and he acts entitled because he has a job#and because he has a job he doesn't have to do anything else for anyone#'BeCAuse I hAvE a HouSE fuLL oF wOmEn'#the plumbing over there?#completely fucked. neither of the bathroom sinks work.#my sister's roof leaks so bad she has tarps and buckets in her bedroom#there's no light in the upstairs hallway because the electric is fucked#he has friends who literally offered to fix this crap IN EXCHANGE FOR A CASE OF BEER#and he was like 'nah no thanks'#HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HIS FAMILY ANYMORE#i want to scream and yell and throw things
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