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#hex mod
sodepope · 12 hours ago
So here’s some fnf mod characters as avatars (and yes this is a AU I’m working on but shhhh)
• Whitty: the desolation
• Hex : the eye
• ruv : the hunt
• Tricky : the stranger
• Garcello : the end
• Selever : the spiral
• A.G.O.T.I : the lonely
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deadassdog · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Random crossover that didn’t really need to happen but here ya go
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hssssssssh · 21 hours ago
I just had a very random idea. I kind of wanna make this like an ask blog for some characters I enjoy drawing. Go ahead and send in asks for Garcello, Hex, Selever, and Carol! Please read the rules first though.
1:No NSFW. Me and many people on here are minors and get uncomfortable with these asks. Mentions of blood and death are okay, just no “x reader” things.
2:Please respect my ships. I ship Carol and Hex with eachother and Whitty, I currently have no Garcello or Selever ships, and I don’t intend on shipping Selever with anyone. It’s alright if you don’t like the ship, just please be polite. You can also mention Garcello ships
3:Answering the asks. It may take me a while to answer your asks, but please don’t get upset if I don’t get to yours, it will get done soon enough. Art takes time, and I do a full sketch and lineart for my drawing I will be using for this ask blog.
4:Character behavior. The characters may not act canon, but I will try my best. Just because I like to draw a character does not mean I know a lot about them. I’m mostly saying this for Carol, but the others are still included in this.
With that said, have fun asking!
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bonibrodiesworld · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw this beautiful art from Pinterest and decided to draw it as well
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galiavgv · a day ago
Tumblr media
Haré un dibujo de todos los personajes de Funkin HS 
Parece fondo de pantalla, sí. Pero bueno la idea es esa, que parezca fondo de cel jaja
HEX es un personaje al cual quiero mucho porque es muy positivo y optimista y se me pega su felicidad :D
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lingsplaylists · a day ago
A hex playlist! I have a friend irl who simps for him :0
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dabkuntv · 3 days ago
VTuber | MONIKA MOD + HALL OF FAME| Friday Night Funkin' [Jun 18, 2021]
In this stream I play the Monika Full Week Mod! I also try out Miku, Garcello, AGOTI, Hex, Zardy and Friday Night Vibin'. despite some difficulties with upscroll and the controls I manage to beat all of them pretty easily! If you wanna see more games like this one make sure to like the video, subscribe and tell your friends so it lets me know you all want to watch more. More content coming soon!
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grayfilmsandstuff · 4 days ago
6B with Hex pls? 👉👈
Tumblr media
here you go anon!! surprisingly this was harder than i thought it would be but i still had fun with it so i hope you like it :)
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ask-hex-and-friends · 5 days ago
Howdy, I just wanted to pop in to ask- uh. How are you? And, is there anything I can do for ya? Since, I have been doin' that recently. - John
Mod Speaks: Not much rn, maybe help my blog gain traction since I’ve barely been getting asks.
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friday-night-unknown · 5 days ago
Is there a mod for Friday Night Unknown?
Still a work in progress, and yea I've been holding back to show you these
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There will be 12 weeks, with the demo had first 2 weeks. ( hex and Rav )
Kinda wanna show Rav's idle animation too but eh
Oh yea I'm aware the style is different I'm probably not gonna do anything about it
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bairmeidwhaaat0172 · 7 days ago
He just left animatic
Hello hello!!
Back again with another Fnf video!
Consider checking it out!!
It'll mean a lot to me!!
Here's a frame of an unfinished pico school animation for extras!
Tumblr media
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ask-whex · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
"Uhm,, hello! We- I'm Whex. I am here to uhm answer any questions you may have for,, me. We are excited to see what you have in store for us! I'm still trying to get used to,, all of this so please be patient."
alllllrightyy welcome to my second ask blog
As you can see whex is a fusion between whitty and hex so you can imagine what kind of chaos goes on in their head
Whex was made by me @/RadtasticOwen
Hex was made by @/YingWasHere on twitter
Whitty was made by @/sock.clip on Instagram
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