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my-lovely-catastrophe18 hours ago
How painfully ironic would it be if i relapsed to mask the feelings of losing a relationship with an active user?
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starztorextrip20 hours ago
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sm4ckheada day ago
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ayo i鈥檓 not dead 馃憤馃徑
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mydeepndarksecretsa day ago
I have a demon to slay and he will still haunt me long after he鈥檚 gone. I am paralyzed peering into the unknown, too afraid to take a step into the dark abyss.
Dancing with the Devil
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ssssedatemeeea day ago
* Drake's I'm upset plays in background *
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Ugh. So I posted prev about BAE+court etc. And instead of locking him up, the lawyer fought to get him drug court. Seemed like a good idea at first but now he's wishing he choose his prison sentence over drug court. Prison may of been like 6 -8 months? Drug court involves him going to detox for min 2 weeks on Monday. Then intense weekly court attndence including clean urine. He's only gotta have methadone in his system. If he uses and admits it to the judge say the only minus 1 point. If he lies butthe urine is dirty say minus 5 points. Then like say 30 points = 2 week jail stint or detox again. Fucking up 3 of those chances = doing your maximum prison sentence. As the year goes by he will drop down with the court visits from weekly to fortnightly to monthly. It's just fucked. He wanted to get clean so I suggested drug court and I feel bad he's not into it anymore and kinda stuck. Where I live drug court is like ~~~ winning a lottery ticket~~ or so they say because it's hard to get into and you need to meet a certain criteria plus you'll only be offer d it once.
And I'm kinda not ready to be alone all the time. I can take care of myself. But sleeping alone sucks. Plus he's taking the Audi away to his parents over bullshit!!!! So I'm upset. I have the weekend with him then he's off.....
yesterday he
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heroinismyheroa day ago
Love/Friendship 馃攧 Betrayal 馃攧 Heroin
it's always the fucking same..
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jaunnewsa day ago
Several dozen overdose on bad heroin in Chicago
Several dozen overdose on bad heroin in聽Chicago
Several dozen overdose on bad heroin in Chicago 鈥 CBS News Watch CBSN Live In Chicago, at least 74 people overdosed on heroin over a period of three days. Officials think the drug was mixed with a powerful painkiller. Jamie Yuccas reports. Be the first to know Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Not Now Turn On Source link
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