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sebandmia13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not bucky being shocked that someone would thank him for saving them 馃槶
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shoutyart14 minutes ago
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annual redraw of that one pic
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wrongmha17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Midoriya: People say, "What you don't know won't hurt you." When in factuality I don't know anything and am constantly being seriously injured and hurt.
Source: Twitter
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likelytowritesomestuff17 minutes ago
Todoroki: just because we both create fire and have a scar, doesn't mean we're the same! I can also create ice, you know?
Zuko: yes, but what do you think about your father?
Todoroki: I hate him, he's the last person I'd choose as a role model...
Zuko: see? What about your mom then?
Todoroki: we got closer recently after years apart...
Zuko: ah-ha!
Todoroki: yes, but it was because she made me this scar... Ok, it was because of my dad, still...
Zuko: and let me guess: people ship you with the rich brunette girl but you actually fell for the dorky nerd who saves everyone?
Todoroki: ... Fuck, we're the same person!
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magicchakie30 minutes ago
Ships opinion:
Let peoples enjoy their ship. (No incest or pedophiles ships)
They don鈥檛 want your opinion on what you think about their ship,if you think they are cringe or聽鈥渢oxic鈥,just leave.聽Because those peoples who draw that ship just want to be happy and enjoy something,they have their own reasons on why they ship it and you need to respect that. An artist who ship a聽鈥溾濃漷oxic鈥濃濃 relantionship,it doesn鈥檛 mean they actually support those actions that the character made, they just want to draw something they like. Also the characters aren鈥檛 real, so stop treating them like they are real human being. The real toxic peoples are in the human world which they can ACTUALLY hurt someone,not a fictional character. Even if they have a canon relantionship, peoples can still ship that character with another one. You make a canon relationship seem like it鈥檚 obbligatory which is bad,you鈥檙e just making that artist/shipper/writer unhappy and that is rude. You鈥檙e basically ruining a freedom of an shipper/artist/writer.
Yes,i can understand it鈥檚 irritate you but why even bother to write it down in the comment?. You can.. just leave and go to see your favourite ship. It鈥檚 basically common sense. Unless the ship is a pedophile or incest ship, then i get your point on getting irritated. Ship a child with an adult or two brothers together is gross. Don鈥檛 do that.
You can ship whatever you want, it鈥檚 just need to be legal. It doesn鈥檛 matter if it cringe or toxic. If that make the artist happy then leave them be. Go and found your favourite ship respect putting your rude ass in the comment section.聽
Don鈥檛 attack others ship with your own ship. It鈥檚 childish and useless, doing a fight over some 2d characters is the most ridicolous thing i ever hear in my entire life. Why even do that? It鈥檚 so mean that i can鈥檛 even describe it. Just don鈥檛 do it.
Just stop being an asshole and go to found your peoples that enjoy your same things, keep your irritated opinion for yourself. Even if you have your own freedom to say your opinion, it doesn鈥檛 mean an opinion actually matter to that person. You鈥檙e just throwing your time away and killing an person happyness.
i鈥檓 not even going to correct the grammar.
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1-800-sad-gays32 minutes ago
random mha hcs that pop into my head <3
Tokoyami loves to be able to play his favorite songs. So every new instrument he gets exposed too he tries his best to learn. (At this point he can play more instruments than Jirou)
Shoji like to knit and crotchet. I can't explain it? It just makes sense to me.
Denki plays Roblox. More specifically Royal High. He enjoys scamming kids in any way possible. (He's rich in bloxburg, adopt me, and royal high bc of these reasons)
Denki and Sero share a stuffed animal collection. They both know every single stuffed animal by name, age, and species.
Mina played DDLC and ended up having nightmares from it. She convinced the rest of the bakusquad + her lovely girlfriend Camie to play it. Kiri ended up losing interest when he found out the love interests were girls. Bakugo finished it to prove everyone else were just pussies. Denki refused to read for at least two weeks afterwards. Sero thought he was hallucinating the entire time he played. He also tried to convince Iida to name their daughter Monika just to scare Mina. Camie toughed it out like a bad bitch but fell in love with almost everyone.
Denki unironically says poggers.
Ojirou knows every lyric to every Doja Cat song. Even the unreleased ones. Not bc of anyone else either.
Jirou likes Ashinikko. Like an unhealthy amount. Her favorite song is 'Invitation'.
Denki hyper-fixated on Megalovania? Can't explain it but it feels right to say that he learned it on every instrument he could get his hands on during this part of his life. (Encouraged him to learn other things on the violin)
When they were little, Bakugo and Deku took dance classes together. Surprisingly, Bakugo enjoyed it way more than Deku. So it's not uncommon to find Bakugo dancing around very cleanly when he cooks or cleans.
Denki likes string instruments. (Violin, guitar, electric bass, and ukulele are the ones he knows how to play)
Sero is teaching Jirou spanish. Only because Sero and Denki sung a cover of 'Telepatia' and Jirou claimed she could sing it better than Denki.
Once Iida cussed in French and simultaneously Denki and Aoyama whipped their heads to look at him.
Denki is fluent in multiple languages. (past hyper-fixation)
Part of the reason Bakugo doesn't let anyone in his room is because he paints his ceilings and walls. Like straight up Rapunzels that shit. It calms him down to paint intricate flowers and things with lots of texture.
Sero and Iida flirt in spanish.
Uraraka can perfectly imitate Paimon's voice. (Paimon from Genshin)
Todoroki has the Montero music video saved because he's determined to learn how to do the pole dancing part. Solely to piss his dad off.
Momo is THE BIGGEST Ariana Grande stan. She has like five hoodies with the Dangerous Women album cover on them and Jirou likes to steal them.
Mina had a mlp phase and kins Pinkie Pie.
Todoroki, Deku, and Denki like to make fnaf theories. Also them + Kiri, Bakugo, Iida and Shinsou all went through the fnaf phase.
Adding onto that, Todoroki used to spend most of his free-time watching people play the game without any commentary. Deku played through all the games and has watched almost every well-rated fnaf lore video on the internet. (He has several notebooks dedicated to said cause) Iida plays the games with Tensei. Denki used to watch fnaf gacha videos and eventually decided to find out what fnaf was. He has read every book, played through every game, and watched every single one of Markiplier's fnaf videos. Kirishima only watched Markiplier. Bakugo was the same as Deku except he also scrolled through reddit posts occasionally for the fanart and theories. Shinsou learned everything from reddit and deep analyzation of the most popular fnaf songs.
Adding on to the add on, they have biweekly meetups to compare notes. Usually begins with Deku sharing his notes and the main highlights of the last session. Kiri usually provides commentary. Shinsou references the music and shares reddit posts. Iida plans out the entire lecture. Bakugo fact checks everything as they go. Todoroki has a conspiracy whiteboard specifically for this information so he usually connects dots while listening to everyone else. Denki usually infodumps for the majority of the time after everything important gets settled.
Mineta writes yaoi smut. He also reads it. (Some of the students read it but have no clue that it's Mineta who writes it)
Tsu has a collection of frog hats.
Tsu and Momo (aka your resident lesbians) make earrings together. Sometimes Momo will make specific charms for them if they can't find what they are picturing. (Deku buys their earrings bc he wants to wear them when he works up the courage to get his ears pierced)
Jirou has an eyebrow slit.
We have established the erasermic family alr? Now let me introduce Joke as Eri and Shinsou's god mom. Just imagine Joke teaching Shinsou random conversation starters and jokes so he can use his quirk more effectively.
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tea-partlyproductxve33 minutes ago
I need to draw more underrated characters they deserve more 馃槫
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rad-lad-y40 minutes ago
Aizawa sensei, after learning that you, his s/o, are insecure about being squishy:
Oh? You are squishy? Like a pillow? Nap time. Nap time for y/n and Aizawa. Nap time for a thousand years. (A la miette) (he likes cat memes and stuff)
Will use you as a pillow
Any part of you
Nap on ur tummy, nap on ur thighs
10/10 would get a cat with you
He just wants a cat
He is a cat, secretly. Just three ragged street cats in sweatpants
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newsandmediarepublic42 minutes ago
Charlie Higson wins Boris Karloff 60-Second Film Challenge
Charlie Higson wins Boris Karloff 60-Second Film聽Challenge
Back during the first national lockdown, Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth Arts Cinema joined forces to bring students, staff and members of the public the opportunity to enter the Boris Karloff 60-Second Film Challenge. (more鈥)
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eri-cheri46 minutes ago
We may have not received a Kacchan illustration but we got Eri dressed as Kacchan and that is all I wanted in this world.
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felunax47 minutes ago
Some recent My Hero Academia OC commissions from discord.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Second character鈥檚 Toyhouse link:
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aifosaluna52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Horimiya 銉涖儶銉熴儰
Originally a Manga Series
Author: HERO
Illustrator: Daisuke Hagiwara
This anime series got me hooked, even though it had been a while until I had the energy to watch an anime series having romance as one of its genre.
It truly had me in a roller coaster of emotions ;鈥; It reminded me, in a way, of the kind of high school life I had in mind. Either way, I am still grateful of how everything turned out in my life. ( 麓 鈻 ` ) I hope your grateful with yours as well~
Every episode was unique. It did not only revolve around the life of Hori and Miyamura, but also the lives of those around them, which somehow made me forget what the series was all about >~<. I鈥檓 not putting it in a bad light.
Although it somehow felt a little fast with its pacing, if you know what I mean ._. not only in that part but if you have read the manga or have read some reviews from those who have read it, you鈥檒l understand, I was still satisfied with the whole series. 鈺(*麓锔禶*)鈺櫋
If you also like this series, I recommend reading the manga ^ - ^. It will really make you appreciate and understand the story more.
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lindzgenix55 minutes ago
Izuku: Guys, I think my room is haunted. Every other morning, my alarm is turned off, my bangs were cut when I was asleep, and it feels like the furniture in my room get moved by three inches. I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 going on.
Bakugo, who secretly copied Izuku鈥檚 key: Hah? Nerd, you鈥檙e being insane.
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parkjammysan hour ago
Tumblr media
"the only power I have is that I believe we can do better." - Sam Wilson
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