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herpaderpmrurpa · 42 minutes ago
OH GOD ITS AN EARLY BREAK-everyone go get some snacks, water, meds, etc cause it’s about to get CRAZY
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Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Hades (Chapter 1)
Tumblr media
“Get on, men!”
The pirates flew in with a screech.
The crew of the Halberd rushed out to battle.
Sword Knight cried out with his sword, “Let’s go! Who can beat the most enemies and win!?”
“I’m determined to win!” Blade Knight answered with full confidence.
Of course, the other guys weren’t fooling around either.
“No, I’ll win the competition!”
“I will not lose!”
Axe Knight, Trident Knight, Javelin Knight, Mace Knight. Each with weapon in hand, they slashed at the pirates. They were fierce warriors, they knew how to handle themselves.
That’s right, the battleship Halberd is often attacked by rogues. Many rogues wish to become famous by defeating Meta Knight, a famous sword fighter known across the galaxy.
Of course, none have yet to achieve their goal.
Any ferocious pirate, dark organization, or enemy would turn their tails and run upon facing Meta Knight alone.
It’s good exercise for those who have a lot of physical strength. Competing for who can defeat the most enemies and decide on the coolest tricks was a bit of a break for them.
Meta Knight stood on the edge of the deck and watched the battle.
Captain Vul, standing beside him said, “Good grief, it’s hard to get rid of pirates. Well, let’s go back to the blobby and continue our tea.”
“No,” Meta Knight replied. “I will fight too. Bring me my treasured sword, the Galaxia, Captain Vul.”
“Eh?” he was surprised. “Meta Knight, sir? I wonder if now is really the time to fight…”
“I have not fought in a while. If nothing is done, the body will become dull.”
“I see.” Captain Vul smiled bitterly.
These days, only small forces have ever attacked. The famous swordsman hasn’t had a chance to truly fight before his subordinates finish them quickly.
“Understood. I’ll bring it right away.” 
Captain Vul sprinted to the arsenal and grabbed the Galaxia.
“Okay, let’s go.”
Meta Knight received his blade and headed for his men.
Their faces gleamed when they noticed him come.
“Meta Knight! Fighting with us, how cool!”
“I love him!”
Sword Knight laughed and shouted, “Everyone, if you slack, Meta Knight will defeat all the enemies before us!”
“No, not a chance! Today’s winner is me!”
In the midst of the knights carefree fighting, the pirate captain was pale.
His minions were falling like flies, they had no chance of winning.
When the captain shook himself up and swung up his axe, he screeched. “Damn it… damn it! I’m your opponent, be prepared Meta Kniiiiiiight!”
If he loses, he wants to be defeated by Meta Knight, not one of his subordinates.
Meta Knight quickly jumped into the fray with his treasured Galaxia to fend off the captain.
However, at that moment, he had a strange feeling and stopped moving.
His sword felt different than usual.
The Galaxia was a legendary sword that had won numerous battles. Normally, as soon as he picks up the sword, a fighting spirit comes to him and his body is full of power. 
But today felt different.
He felt no power like usual, like he was simply holding a stick.
Meta Knight was confused. The weight and shape of the Galaxia are the same as usual. What’s wrong with this empty feeling?
The rattling pirate captain, when he noticed Meta Knight’s hesitation, fueled his courage.
“What’s wrong, Meta Knight? Oh, are you intimidated by my strength?”
The captain picked up his axe, raised the weapon, and attacked him.
Meta Knight carried his weapon close to his heart.
He took the blow of the axe firmly.
But at that moment, something unbelievable happened. His treasured Galaxia broke in half with a cracking sound!
Tumblr media
Meta Knight couldn’t believe his eyes.
Even his subordinates couldn’t raise their voices and stood still.
The pirate captain was also taken aback.
After all, everyone knows of the strength the Galaxia has wielded in Meta Knight’s hands. It is said a swing of his blade is more fearsome than any of the weapons combined aboard the Halberd. 
It is impossible for that blade to snap in half… at all.
The captain dropped his jaw, but when he realized the situation he suddenly became brazen and started laughing.
“Heh… he he… gyaHAHAHAHA! Oh, I’m amazed! I’ve split the treasured sword Galaxia in two! From today forward, I am the strongest in the galaxy!”
However, the captain couldn’t finish before he was interrupted. 
The Meta Knights all turned and pointed their weapon at him at once.
Seeing such a shocking sight filled them with frustration and rage.
“Monster… you, the Galaxia!”
“Absolutely treacherous!”
“We will destroy you!”
The captain was immediately shaken and abandoned his speech.
“We won’t tolerate this!”
“Without his treasured Galaxia, Meta Knight won’t be able to fight. So sorry, I guess we’ll miss it. Well, see ya!”
The captain turned around and ran as soon as he could.
The knights looked at each other.
Captain Vul pushed out in front of Meta Knight.
“What the hell… that pirate… I thought he was crazy, but he had an unexpected strength. No way could he break the Galaxia!”
“No,” Meta Knight replied, looking down. “The Galaxia can’t be broken by an attack like that.”
“...this is not the Galaxia.” He held the broken sword in front of him.
“...Eh?” Captain Vul’s eyes widened.
His superior’s face rose up again. “It’s very well done, but it’s a fake. I didn’t notice it right away… I wasn’t aware of what I was holding.”
He threw the broken pieces away from him.
“I-it’s a fake!?” Captain Vul’s voice cracked.
The knights also raised their voices.
“What do you mean? How is this not the Galaxia!?”
“You mean it’s been replaced!?”
“What!? How did we not know!?”
Meta Knight said, “My prized Galaxia is always stored in the arsenal of the Halberd. No one can approach it.”
“That’s right, I have the key to the arsenal… but I…” Captain Vul panicked. “I-i don’t understand! I’ve never left the key anywhere, anywhere!”
“I know. I don’t doubt you.” Relief filled Captain Vul upon Meta Knight’s reply. 
“But then who…?” Captain Vul realized. “Meta Knight sir! Maybe when I left it at the weapons shop…!?”
“Hm, I can’t think of any other opportunity than that time.” Meta Knight nodded.
The Galaxia routinely goes to the weapons shop after a fierce battle. They carefully check the condition of the blade and looseness of the metal fittings.
Of course, you can’t leave it to a careless shop, Meta Knight picked a place he knew he could trust.
Captain Vul’s blood boiled as he shouted.
“No way, the weapons shop!? I believed it was run by a serious man, why did he do this!? Was he blinded by money…!?”
“No, I don’t think they would mock me for money.” Meta Knight carried a calm tone.
However, deep in his quiet words laid a tremendous anger.
Captain Vul took a breath. “So what now?”
“There must be something wrong. I will have to go and confirm myself.”
Captain Vul and the knights were overwhelmed by the power of Meta Knight’s words and they nodded quietly.
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secretwhumplair · 3 days ago
The Sink - Intro/Reference/Timeline
So. Since I stumbled back into this universe, I figured I’d finally write up a quick intro post because otherwise it’ll be horribly confusing and/or I’ll have to explain the context every time I post something out of chronological order, which we all here know will be often. Especially for the whole Xerxes/Nor/Rega mess lol.
This setting features: Xerxes & Nor/Pet (& Rega), Leigh & the shapeshifter, and I might also throw the angel in. More characters pending :D
Content warnings: Pet whump, dehumanisation, the works.
Government is corrupt capitalism is running amok not much thought was put into this line because why
Poor and especially homeless are at risk of being snatched up by pet traders. Is this legal? No one cares. If you don’t have friends/family who are either very determined or rich, say goodbye to your chances of rescue. Most pet snatchers know better than to snatch someone from the latter categories (Leigh was a mistake, we’ll get there)
Most importantly! The Sink (TM) was an event that occurred two or three generations back, with two main consequences:
Mythological-esque creatures appearing, some humanoid in appaearance and/or intelligence, some not
Children (rarely) being born with superpowers, such as shapeshifting and healing factors
Needless to say these are considered extra valuable in the pet trade
To be clear, a filthy rich upper class exists and is the main market for pets
(Not really a worldbuilding aspect but this ‘verse is also trans character central, Nor is the only cis main character so far lol. Me experimenting with gender via my characters? Nooo what are you talking about)
Leigh & the shapeshifter
Leigh grows up on his uncle’s horse farm, otherwise known as the House by the Hill
At 18yo, he runs away for mostly just bratty reasons with a friend
Gets snatched up by pet traders, who think he’s just your average runaway teen with a broken family who won’t come looking
(They’re wrong, and Leigh’s family desperately looks for him for years, but they still get away with it)
Leigh is broken and bought by a sadistic master, the works
Said master later captures a shapeshifter
The two don’t have much opportunity to interact at first but during a trip to a nice little place in the countryside their master takes them to, that changes
Both of them are pretty messed up at this point. Leigh has been captive for six years.
When an opportunity arises, Leigh urges the shapeshifter to escape - he can’t because he’s got a GPS chip or whatever - but the shapeshifter insists he come along, claws the chip out, and they escape together
Somehow or other, they make it back to the House by the Hill half-dead
Cue everyone - the pair of them as well as Leigh’s family - dealing with their recovery
The shapeshifter and Leigh fall in love, you know how it is
Xerxes & Nor
Features a redemption arc of uncertain quality, including a whumper/whumpee reconciliation. I’ll tag the pieces this concerns “ex-whumper x whumpee” (unless someone has a better, similarly concise idea. It’s mostly if not fully non-romantic so the x doesn’t really do it justice lol.)
Xerxes grew up poor, therefore at high risk from pet snatchers, therefore decided early on if it was eat or be eaten, they would do the eating thank you very much
They start training pets in their late teens, quickly refining their crude methods and building a loyal string of clients, a reputation, and a fortune
They capture Nor - a small-time criminal just getting by, without family or friends to speak of - to train and keep as their personal pet
At some point they buy the House on the Hill as their home and training facility. Yes it’s the same hill. They’re now next door neighbours to Leigh’s family (next door here still means like. Half a hill apart.) This occurs before Leigh’s disappearance
Over time, they find themself growing genuine affection towards Nor, and satrt questioning their entire life. Eventually, they set Nor free to have an existential crisis by themself
Nor, with nowhere else to go, asks for a job at the House by the Hill, and they take him in (this is after Leigh’s escape and return)
(Xerxes does offer to host him as long as he needs but obviously Nor wants to leave as soon as he wraps his mind around his freedom)
(Which doesn’t take as long as it could, Xerxes never broke him fully because they enjoyed watching him struggle with his conflicting feelings about them)
Meanwhile Xerxes takes a trip to figure out what to do with their life. Comes across one of the pets they trained, a harpy-type bird creature, now utterly ruined, and buys them back more or less on a whim to help them recover
They make up their mind that this is what they’ll do moving forward, to try and make up for some of the damage they’ve done. They ask for help at the House by the Hill. The shapeshifter goes to help so Nor, who feels he should, doesn’t have to
Xerxes’ ex-clients are not thrilled with the development. One of them winds up kidnapping Xerxes to whump the living shit out of them
They’ve always had a difficult relationship with their clients due to their background, à la “we’ll tolerate you as long as you’re useful”
Oh did we mention they have a healing factor? Because they sure didn’t, knowing full well what it will mean to their clients. But of course, their captor figures it out
Xerxes thinks no one will care to save them. But of course Nor does and manages to strike a deal with their captor
Cue Nor caretaking an utterly shattered Xerxes because he knows they need someone they can trust around them which includes exactly one (1) person (barely) especially after what just happened to them
As Xerxes recovers, they carefully negotiate what their relationship will now be. Nor moves up the hill to help with the recued pets
Rega is trapped in a heavily abusive relationship, as good as a pet, but of course he doesn’t admit that to himself, manages, despite his own doubts, to ask Xerxes for help, and moves into the House on the Hill, where he ends up falling in love with Nor.
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mothsflames · 4 days ago
professor  gossip  .  .  .   seteth  &  astra  .  @starkete
seteth  placed  his  cup  down  on  the  table  ,  letting  out  a  low  sigh  .  he  cared  for  his  students  -  he  would  always  guide  and  mentor  them  .  but  it  was  safe  to  say  that  they  knew  how  to  get  on  his  nerves  from  time  to  time  .  
“  please  tell  me  you  had  a  better  week  than  i  did  .  ”  he  said  ,  offering  to  pour  her  some  tea  .  
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h0llyw0lly · 5 days ago
Update on stream:
I’m having some real tech issues with my stupid computer, so it looks like the Bob Ross party will have to wait until next Saturday when I can finally work out what the crap is going on with my dumb computer lol
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geoconsult · 6 days ago
@eraba-reta-unmei​ { Here } 
Her answer pleased him, of all things. Not one's willingness to try all things at least once, but her lack of hesitation to do so without a doubt in her tone. As a god of contracts, this was favorable even to him since there was surely not one as dependable as she in terms of reliability.
"You are correct with your answer, traveler. I commend you for your passion on learning this world as you traverse across its contents. Even from an archon as old as any other, I too learn something new each day as the sun and moon pass time and time again."
Which is what led them to their current contract: An approval of him traveling along with her upon her next destination. 
Tumblr media
“I suppose to give leeway on fees for our next destination, we will have to rely on the temporary abode of your serenitea. I trust that an adeptus has explained to you how they work. The question is how safe you feel sleeping inside it?” 
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symeona · 6 days ago
May is coming
Tumblr media
Choose your fighter
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shekindness · 7 days ago
zach w*lson looks like an actor hired to play zach w*lson in a biopic about his life
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wolfwidower · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
      @alyyvdova​​ from action / fight prompts, accepting.
            " i told you to go left! "
Tumblr media
      go left. cézar was good at following orders. he had to be, by this point in his life. there was no survival no existence if he did anything but follow proper orders. at some point that had become against the grain, had been the opposite of coding but for now? for his training? for a mission? following orders was just fine.
      he wasn’t entirely sure when their cover had been blown, or rather when they’d alerted the security to their presence. sleek, quiet, and professional as they were some accidents just happened and within a matter of seconds they were in red alert hell. gunfire erupted, glass shattered, and muzzle flashes were so prominent that he could imagine it was akin to the fourth of july. go left. he’d love to, but left was not logical, or intelligent. left could come later. left was unintelligent. left would get him killed. and though it would be easy to accuse him of heralding a death wish, cézar simply did not feel like dying today.
Tumblr media
      “ why would i go left when i could come with you and make your job harder? ” half jest, as everything between them always seemed to be. the tension was thick, strong enough that it seemed resilient to being cut with normal sorts of means ( knives had little to no effect. perhaps a diamond-toothed chainsaw? ). the only evidence that he took their predicament even remotely seriously was in the reloading of his pistol, the expression on his face as he dropped the magazine and palmed another in its place, satisfied only when he heard the heavy click signaling it was loaded and ready to go. “ who’d annoy you if i went left? ”
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victor-mare · 12 days ago
fighting scenes are so satisfying to write 😌 i used to dread writing these but now, i'm enjoying this ✨
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fcxrcin · 12 days ago
It’s a familiar presence that just wafts into the dojang. Class is over and those who participated in today’s are already gone. The familiar presence that dances into the room doesn’t come alone. It comes in with that familiar scent. Sure, the presence was enough to have the Gumiho happy, but the scent? Once it reaches her nose, she’s turning around, tightening the belt around her waist with excitement.
Tumblr media
She exclaims with her cheery voice, “Mr. Roroanoak!” And it only takes two steps, because the rest she hopped her way over, tails swaying behind her rather fiercely, “You’re back! It’s good to see you!” Though, if she actually thought about it, perhaps he’d prefer to be home? 
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daringdynamo · 13 days ago
date  —  august 3rd, 2020
location — capri
status — for @kingofsaints
There was no woe to be found in Evren’s gaze, not a single thought of remorse or despair for the relationships that had been fractured or the life that had been lost. The Black Diamonds would recover, as would those who had tethered their heart to Agent Hathaway’s — and they would be all the stronger for it. As the world was wont to do, it would continue twirling on its axis, heedless of the grief, suffering, and ache that teemed upon it. Being wonderfully self-aware as they were, they understood that not all were likely to recover as quickly, so, in an effort to ensure that her kingdom remained stable upon its foundation, it became her self-appointed duty to ensure that her comrades would come out for the better. 
Which was how she found herself standing in front of the desk of the Hotel Caesar Augustus, sunglasses perched upon the bridge of her nose, arm daintily tucked into the crook of Malthe’s. Their gaze lingers on the profile of the man beside her, lips pressing together in an uncharacteristic frown of concern. It felt odd, like exercising unfamiliar muscles, but he gave her reason for it, did he not?
He looked weary. He looked worn.
Had God looked like that after watching Cain bludgeon Abel? Watching your family butcher one another, though entertaining, can be exhausting for those who find it difficult to be amused by such barbarianism. In the back of their mind, they toyed with the idea of making Kraken suffer — a nail from their hand for every second that their little charade caused Malthe to suffer. 
“I booked the Master Suite for you,” they say, gently nudging his side with their elbow. They rose to their toes, blessing him with a peck on his cheek. “Perk up a bit, why don’t you? You adore Capri.”
Tumblr media
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xspiderxgirlx · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shop update! ♥
Spooky holographic stickers included!
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