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anathemafiction · 36 minutes ago
Call for Beta testers!
Tumblr media
I'm putting out a call for volunteers who would be willing to beta test The Golden Rose: Book One! 
I’m looking for people who:
Can commit to the time frame (2 weeks, starting 14th April until 28th April).
Are willing to go through the game multiple times in a variety of ways to catch as many bugs/errors as possible in different variations.
This book is large and there are a lot of variations depending not only on what you do and where you go but even in what order you choose to do so. Some early choices affect parts much later in the game, and I may ask you to play those different routes - it can get exhausting! So, please, only apply if you think it won't stress or upset you. 
Have a good grasp of the English language. I'm not a native, and I know there will be grammar mistakes and awkward sentences. You don't need to be an English-speaking native either, but having a good mastery of the language is preferred. 
Will be discreet. I... really cannot stress how important this is. This book is a labor of love and a lot of effort and please, please, do not share the link of the beta. Don't spoil the game for other people, don't make posts online/share screenshots of it until the game is published. This is the most important factor. Please respect all that I've put into the Rose. 
What I'm looking for:
First and foremost, as I've said, I need people who have a keen eye for grammar and spelling errors. 
This book is over a million words and I'm only one person - some typos and errors slipped through the cracks. So you need to be willing to provide screenshots of any errors you see. Any sentences bungled together, or long pages of text. Two characters speaking in the same paragraph, etc. 
Continuity errors - another big one.
As I've said, this is a big game with a lot of variation. Does your character know something they shouldn't? Or have they forgot something they previously knew? Did you randomly get to the middle of a scene? Is someone referenced as dead when they shouldn't be? Were you romancing a character and they suddenly act as if you aren't? Tell me!!! 
Choices -  is there a place where you wished your MC could have said something or reacted to something that wasn't an option? Any suggestion as to how a scene might play out? A dialogue? Does this relationship seem rushed or too slow? 
At this stage, I'm not going to change the plot. It is set in stone, so I'm mostly looking for technical, coding, or spelling errors, as well as continuity and flow of the story. But, of course, give me your opinion! Did you like it? What parts did you like best? Errors and suggestions and constructive criticism are essential, but please, positive encouragement is also very much appreciated! 
So if you liked something, tell me too! I need all the motivation I can get. I am... extremely nervous about this next step. 😄
If you’re interested in working with me on this, then please send an email to:
anathemafiction(at) gmail (dot) com (without spaces and an actual ‘@’)
with the subject of The Golden Rose Testing. In the mail, please let me know why you’re interested in beta testing, the gender of your MC, the romance you're most interested in (or no romance at all), and the Weapon you use. 
Then on Wednesday 14th April, if you’ve been selected, I’ll send you an email back with the details of the testing!
This is my first time doing anything like this, so the testing group will not be very big. I can't let myself be overwhelmed so I'll keep it simple for now. If I get a large number of submissions, this means, unfortunately, that I won't be able to accept everyone. This is just because of my own sanity, it doesn’t reflect at all on your application.
I'm really sorry, but selected or not, THANK YOU so much for applying in helping me make this game as good as I possibly can. ♡♡
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the-hot-zone · 2 hours ago
😳😳 so im writing an essay on how fma:b treats ishval and its ishvalan characters and how this treatment is counter-intuitive to the themes the show attempts to display
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hyrule-kingdom-updates · 2 hours ago
Alrighty, trainwreck: activate
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upyrica · 4 hours ago
Cultivate patience and faith not in the expectation to be given, but in the understanding that you have done all you can.
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bittydragon · 4 hours ago
Alrighty, so here’s the plan. I got a lot of asks and prompts left to answer, so I’m going to close the askbox for now and go through and answer what I can. I’m going to just do a big purge and answer as much as I can. These updates will probably be very spotty throughout the day but I want to get some of this done. There will be a mixture of asks and prompts answered too, I’m getting this done.
Also, Tumblr has been an absolute bitch lately and asks haven’t exactly been working properly. Mobile users probably haven’t seen the issue as mobile has been fine so far, but desktop has been rather dumb lately and won’t show all of an ask’s answer. I don’t know why it’s an issue, but it’s very stupid and out of my control. Just putting that out there if anyone hasn’t come across that issue yet, as you may notice it when I begin answering asks.
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morallee-aced · 12 hours ago
i think tomorrow and just anytime i get the chance im going to start speedrunning/getting way ahead in my homework. Because.
somethings brewing in the dsmp lore. And I feel like its gonna come crashing down any minute now- AND I CANNOT BE DOING HOMEWORK DURING THIS.
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hyenapriest · 20 hours ago
“What the bloody hell’s sinday s’posed t’be.”
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teaparti · 21 hours ago
Me reading Adam’s route and realizing he’s actually crazy but I still love him
Tumblr media
My heart is getting ready to hurt. He honestly reminds me of Leiftan
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the-train-to-nowhere · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
It seems the train is getting busy...
Tumblr media
“Hm...” Silvie read through her notes, ear twitching.
Tumblr media
“Any luck?” Stitches asked, walking into the room.
Silvie nodded, standing up and shutting her book. “I think... this may sound crazy, but judging on so many different types of creatures arriving and leaving...”
She paused. “I think this train is travelling different universes.”
(Featuring Odin from @blazing-destiny, App from @digital-sylveon, Eon from @quietmew, Jeepers from @crewel-intentions, and Q from @questionwares​)
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ickyv29 · a day ago
My friends @soravalkrie has NEVER seen Supernatural, and now we are going to watch it via Discord together and I am so excited. Prepare for incoming responses.
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borispavsky · a day ago
Tumblr media
🍍  :    how comfortable is my muse in their body?  how do they feel about their height,  weight,  strength,  and body type?  how important is being attractive to them?  
boris stands around 5′10″ / 5′11″ and is very thin / lanky in appearance. this is in part due to a history of substance abuse, higher metabolism and disorganized eating patterns.   in some instances during his upbringing, he had little access to healthy food options or larger quantities of food.    he’s happy with his height, it isn’t something that he actively thinks on, easily noting how people are shorter than him, however, but he doesn’t think anything special of his own height.   boris also appears with darkened circles under his eyes, eyes that already appear rather sunken, his skin is pale; he pretty but in an unconventional sense.  he is rather confident in himself and his own appearance, not seeing any need for change, not caring about societies standards of beauty or the pressure to fall within those labels or categories. 
🍒  :    how much does my muse value companionship?  do they constantly keep people around them,  or do they prefer to be alone often?  do they have or desire to have many friends?  do they see every meeting as an opportunity to make a new friend?  
companionship is a tough subject.   boris does value the time that he has alone, he’s been used to having to fend for himself in all aspect of his life, dealing with a lot of things on his own. it’s familiar and he trusts himself the most out of anyone.      boris does have friends, a handful of them, some that he values and connects to more than others. he’s had friends in the various countries that he’s lived in whom mean a lot to him, that he misses.       he does also value romantic companionship and has a few individuals that he considers himself involved with in some capacity.    he does enjoy having friends and often will try to make new ones should the chance arise or if he feels that person is a good one to connect with.   otherwise, is is very particular and enjoys a deeper psychological connection. 
🍌  :    is my muse inclined to help others,  or will they only do it when it benefits them,  if at all?  what makes them this way?  has it ever gotten them into trouble,  or inconvenienced them? 
boris will help people if he feels up to it.  one of his love languages is gift giving, he is always ready to give people the shirt off his back.   he makes sure his friends have food, makes sure they have what they need and often splits cash down the middle with someone if he feels up to it.   while he is inclined to help others, boris is also a selfish and self-serving individual who always ensures that he gets what he needs first.    even if it comes with a cost.    if we look into canon, boris steals a painting that theo had previously taken from a museum.    boris holds onto this painting for years before eventually selling it through black market art dealings.    
🍓  :    how is my muse typically seen by others?  does it ring true to who they really are?  does their reputation matter to them? 
to some, boris appears as a free spirited individual with no limits or bounds, some find this exciting and enticing, someone that is always up for adventure -- and it is fairly accurate.   there is also a factor of that boris is highly inconsistent in many ways, he prioritizes his own needs and survival above all else and this can often lead to inconsistencies in communication, breaking boundaries, the committing of many crimes, etc.      he may lie on some rare occasions should he feel the need to or if he believes that it’s going to protect someone.     all of these do make up some essence of who he is as a person.    his reputation matters to him in a minimal degree - at least, he’d have anyone believe. 
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littlexunsteady · a day ago
Closed Starter @sgmwesters​ for Yazmin 
“Honey!  I’m home!” Lexie called out as she let herself into the apartment.  She had a feeling Yazmin would be home this evening, and it had been awhile since they had actually run into one another at home.  She closed the door behind her and set her hang down.  Lexie placed her keys in the bowl and continued into their home.  “How was your day?” she asked.  
Tumblr media
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moo-moo-meadows · a day ago
oh god I forgot the Jack manifold loh was today
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jencsi · a day ago
After another wasted day attempting to but failing to capture pictures of birds and other nature, I think it's time to give photography the boot. I've had this camera since 2017 and have not been able to perfect a single skill no matter what tips and tricks I search for or what hacks Pinterest offers. No matter how many times I go out. Just one more thing that I thought would bring me joy has just left me so disappointed and unsatisfied. I've been stripped of writing, almost all fandom life, now photography, or what I thought was photography, chasing stupid dreams that don't pan out, chasing stupid activities trying to fill some unfillable void, all in vain. That being said, how much should I sell the camera for?
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radiosandrecordings · 2 days ago
Haven’t listened to any of Stellar Firma season 3, let’s see if I can actually manage to catch up by the end
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