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#here we gOOOOOOOO
miezkind · 7 days ago
Hello lovely folks,
over the course of the next approx hundred-thousand hours i will be reblogging and commenting on Farnwedels ~critique~ of “Die Nebel von Avalon” (in german) feel free to blacklist “avalon diskurs” to avoid being spammed! Best regards and have a lovely evening!
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bravenew-what · a month ago
I get to go see my parents and brothers today!!
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angelknive · a month ago
Tumblr media
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rahleeyah · a month ago
In Her Shoes - Chapter One
a City Homicide/Doctor Blake story
TW: n/a
Summary: Two words collide. After a difficult choice Jean Beazley wakes up fifty years in the future, in a world that feels alien to her, with no way home. Meanwhile, Jennifer Mapplethorpe finds herself trapped in the past, with no idea how she got there. On their journey home they will discover secrets about themselves, and each other, they never could have imagined.
Read on FFN 
or Ao3
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rahleeyah · a month ago
Hell of a View - Chapter One
an SVU story
TW: smut
Summary: s8-9 rewrite. After they discover the murdered Royce family, Elliot makes a different choice. When Elliot and Liv go tumbling into bed together everything falls apart, and one night of madness will have far-reaching consequences neither of them could have predicted.
Read on FFN
or Ao3
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dirtbvg · a month ago
Tumblr media
( cismale | he/him | lorenzo zurzolo ) —— isn’t that ÉRIC ALLAIRE? yeah that is them, sitting there at the RAVENCLAW table with those other SIXTH years. when sybill looks into that crystal ball of hers, she sees an imperfection in a glass that skews the view, middle fingers aimed at authority figures, unopened letters from home shoved under a mattress, the tingle in your fingers from a burn running under cool water, the side stream smoke from a cigarette causing a secondhand burn, and the scent of fall spices and dark wood. anyway i’ve heard they’re pretty GLOOMY, SANCTIMONIOUS, and INCISIVE. apparently they’re a VENIT TEMPESTAS and PUREBLOOD but i’m sure that’s not related. 
full name: éric sébastien allaire
nicknames: honestly whatever kgfjds try anything and we’ll see how he reacts in the moment
birthday: 1 april, 1960
sun/moon/rising sign: aries sun, gemini moon, leo rising
age: seventeen
gender: cismale
sexual orientation: doesn’t care for labels
parents: henri allaire, 61, ambassador from wizarding france. cassandra franco, 40, socialite.
siblings: half siblings: christèle allaire, 35. dorothée allaire, 32. véronique allaire, 29. full siblings: milène allaire, 20. aveline allaire, 18. ophélie allaire, 17. apollon, hermès & dionysos, family owls.
éric, the long awaited, and true, heir to allaire name. you were wanted so badly even before you were conceived that when it finally happened, when a boy was finally brought into the world, you could never disappoint them. but what if that’s all you want to do ?
the troublemaking began the first instant he realized he could get away with it, and that started at an age that even éric himself doesn’t remember. you’d think a boy growing up in a household with six other sisters would result in a boy donning the proper communication skills or even empathy, but you couldn’t be more wrong. you’re mommy’s boy and you could never do wrong in her eyes, it must’ve been someone else’s fault…
speaking of those sisters, there’s only so much of a relationship you can create with those you would never have anything in common with — an age gap being the only thing. the relationship with milène & aveline was one that was civil when it needed to be. he was probably seen as a nuisance, a boy with no goals or desire to work a day in his life. but with ellie ? a relationship that seemed more like destruction than any. maybe he found it amusing how much the two were alike, and how vastly different they were treated. his antics were cute, and, after all, boys will be boys. but ellie ? there were unspeakable things their mother did in retaliation. maybe that’s why they hate to speak.
éric is selfish, he doesn’t look out for anyone but himself and had the tiniest of dreams when first attending hogwarts that he’d finally be left alone by his family. he wished for any placement other than slytherin in order to keenly avoid aveline, and since he was called before ophélie, the hat roared ravenclaw and he felt free. that is, for the few moments before his twin sisters name was called and she was given the same blue to adorn as him. a childish grudge he’d still hold.
by now it’s obvious that the boy doesn’t like to follow rules. he doesn’t always play fairly, something quite evident on the quidditch pitch, especially with his sister being captain. maybe he’d let her win that round.
aries sun: those with the sun in aries are gifted with a direct, fiery nature that makes them one step ahead of the crowd. they take charge of a situation, and their sense of certainty usually makes others fall in line. this makes the sun in aries a born leader.
gemini moon: lunar geminis are usually pleasant, witty, and charming people. at home and with family, however, they can be moody and irritable at times. people with moon in gemini are always interesting people–they have a finger in every pie, are curious to a fault, and are generally well-informed.
leo rising: leo rising people are generally demonstrative, and given to grand gestures. drama comes naturally to these natives. in fact, some are so caught up in fiction, they’re a little blind to fact. they have an unusual need to be admired. they are given to rash decisions, temper tantrums, and excesses. however, they have plenty of staying power, drive, and their idealism keeps them from getting into too much trouble.
wanted connections
i…… don’t know LKSJHGAV pls hmu tho
honestly open to anything but whats new
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miburoni · a month ago
@falsequerade​  :  it's dangerous to walk around without a mask, you know.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
           he knew he was being watched.  from the dark of the night.  the damp alley way of flickering neon lights drenching the shadows with their reds redder than the normal as if hemoglobins ran through the soft led glass.  standing there in black reflecting light ,  he turns slow his pallid face ghastlier ,  almost washed out.            “         so it’s more than a fashion statement , ah?       ”          but he thinks he knows what they may talking about.  memory flickers back to that one monstrous humanoid that tried to eat him.  took a large bite of his arm ,  but it’s completely healed now.  quicker than anticipated for the bastard couldn’t sink their teeth in deep enough.  berserker was surprised ,  for a few seconds ,  but they were mortified when a single bullet eviscerated them ,  made them implode into bits.         “        i see.  know where i could get one?        ”
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aneitei · 2 months ago
‘   oiiiiii,   tsubaki,   open up . . . !   i don’t have all day,   y’know !   my shift’s in    ⸻   ’   when emi looks up from rummaging in the plastic bag at her side,   the words die in her throat.   she blinks.   she wonders,   for a brief moment,   if somehow this was the wrong apartment;   she looks down.   the welcome mat is the same as always   . . .    and the car parked haphazardly outside is complex is hers,   too    . . .   and she can see noodles the cat lounging lazily on the back of the couch she’s spent many nights passed out on,   and emi knows there’s no way she could have gotten it wrong.
but it isn’t tsubaki that answered.
this isn’t the first time emi has had to play nurse to her friend’s terrible choices;   but most mornings,   her terrible choices have vacated the premises   . . .   and it seems this one has not.   but emi isn’t terribly bothered;    she stares up at him with equal disinterest,   and perhaps a bit of disdain for his towering height,   as she gives him a once - over.   she notes the bites on his neck and exposed chest,   the half - lidded eyes,   and briefly wonders if he feels the cold at all.
Tumblr media
‘   well,   you’re new,   ’   she comments,   half - sighed,   oddly unimpressed as she plucks the unlit cigarette from her mouth and tucks it behind her ear to instead lean on her hip.   she tries to peek in the gaps of his half - naked mass to see inside,   but there’s not much room.   ‘   is   . . .   she home ?   ’
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mag154 · 2 months ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Major Character Death Relationships: Martin Blackwood/Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist Characters: Martin Blackwood, Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist, Tim Stoker (The Magnus Archives), Gerard Keay, Sasha James, Oliver Banks Additional Tags: Tim Sasha Jon and Gerry work for death aka Oliver, They're the reaper squad, All of the main characters are dead by the first chapter I cannot emphasise this enough, Angst with a Happy Ending, Mild gore and descriptions of death from the get go, the homoromanticism of being bound to a reaper who wants your soul
Martin Blackwood wakes up after a fall to find himself staring at his own corpse, accompanied by a man who claims to be a servant of Death.
He wants to move on - of course he does. But his soul seems to have other plans, leaving him stuck with a reaper (also known as Jonathan Sims) and his colleagues until they figure out what he needs to do to get some peace.
The beginning of his afterlife isn't exactly off to a great start.
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rosaaaryn · 2 months ago
 rosa would be lying to say she wasn't the slightest bit nervous for the dinner about to take place. it was the first real time all of them were going to be able to get together as one. soon enough both of their families would be joined together and all the princess wanted was for them all to get along. her siblings meant the world to her, and rodrik was soon to be her husband, she needed them to get along. but rosa came from a family of people all with very strong personalities and ideas. she loved them for it but she hoped that it wouldn't clash with the starks. but perhaps with the threat of war looming over them all, a night of a joyful celebration was what they all needed. 
the red head looked around at all the people gathered in the room. letting out a sigh of relief, she smiled. at least so far so good.
Tumblr media
@kingarryn @ravellaarryns @robinofthevale @rodrikofwinter @harrionstark​
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bastardbvby · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
messages that instill the fear of god 
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nickkkdoesstuff · 2 months ago
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aftertheendaskblog · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the askblog!
No cursing
No mentioning the different endings to anybody but Henry
No bullying the characters (unless they deserve it)
and finally...
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justawhitewall · 2 months ago
Chapters: 9/10 Fandom: The Haunting of Bly Manor (TV) Rating: Mature Relationships: Dani Clayton/Jamie
"Please," Dani says, not opening her eyes. Her chest rises and falls with heavy breaths, but she's frozen in place. "Jamie. Please. You can't tell me you don't feel this."
Jamie feels it, all right. She feels it, so strongly she can barely focus on anything else.
For once, the reasons why they can’t do this don’t come rushing to mind. For once, all she can focus on is the hope in Dani’s eyes, the shine on her lips, her hands on Jamie’s shoulders, fingers splayed against her neck. In this moment, for the first time in a long time, everything is right in Jamie’s world — so why not this, too? Why can’t she have this?
Why not?
She can’t stop herself from leaning back in.
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steamed-tets · 2 months ago
5, 14, and 20 about whichever OC ur dying to talk about the most <w<
5. Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Will they give one, and what about?
- Honestly? he’d give that speech and he’d sound so confident about it but no one knows what in the FUCK he’s talking about
14. Would they agree with the term ‘guilty pleasure’? Do they have any?
- he would agree with the term as for whether or not he has any yes absolutely he’s a mega nerd who actually has like 3 different collections 
20. What do they like that nobody else does?
- so going back to the previously mentioned collections, he collects seemingly random objects for one of them that, at the very least, LOOK like they could be antiques doesn’t matter what it is either 
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formorethananame · 3 months ago
@vousmevouyez​, a closed starter
Tumblr media
Weeks had gone by without a word from Woobin, and by now, Rina was worried sick to her stomach. Even if he was entirely through with her, she needed to at least know that he was okay. That he was safe and alive.
Although she didn’t want to admit that if he was through with her, it would tear her to pieces.
Rina sighed softly to herself. She stared at the front of Woobin’s door, fingers twisting together, over and over. She’d come by here so many times over the last few weeks and knocked until her knuckles hurt, left sticky notes on the door, lingered here because she didn’t know what else to do. Exhaling, Rina lifted a shaking hand and knocked at the door. Maybe he would answer this time. Maybe someone out there would take mercy on her poor heart and make sure the door opened.
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