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tvshowscouples · 6 hours ago
If you love Paige&Henry (Charmed) and you want reblog or like,this is the link of my reblog couples :)
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tvshowscouples · 7 hours ago
If you love Paige Matthews (Charmed) and you want reblog or like,this is the link of my reblog character :)
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kyn-lyn-blog · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
·         This was the wrong baby. Pinocchio had grabbed the wrong baby, there wasn’t even supposed to be two babies! The wardrobe should have only worked with two people only enough magic for two, not three. Just how there should have been one baby girl. One baby girl with all the light magic to make her the savior. Pinocchio didn’t know how to describe it but he knew in his heart it was the wrong baby and now he didn’t know what to do or where to go. He failed his papa. He was so busy trying to run away he hadn’t paid attention, or listen to that feeling, he just was trying to get away. He had to get the right baby and he knew he wouldn’t be able to carry both. He had a decision to make, a decision between two infants. one who he had in hands which was the easy path, he didn’t want to turn back. The second choice was the right choice in his eyes, the reason he was sent to this land, it was obvious he had to go back. But what to do with the second baby, he was only a small boy he couldn’t think of many options so he carried her with him until he heard the cries of the baby in the blanket get closer and closer.
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tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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lostintheskyfaraway · 4 days ago
Captain Swan Happy Ending
Captain swan’s Happy ending Beginning
My one-shot short (ish) story on the happy ending beginning for Captain Swan that I believe we deserved.
(I started this at 2:45 this morning when stress kicked my insomnia in, so please be kind ha) Also, here is a little insight into why I love OUAT so much. This show came out during my senior year in high school and it gave me hope as cliché as that sounds. It taught me that no matter how bad or tough things get YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. I also haven’t written anything in years either
.(Constructive criticism is welcome)
Well, enjoy!
4 years since the final battle
It was a rather off season day in July for Strorybrooke and at the police station. Emma was sitting at her desk finishing reports from the past weekend of noise complaints and the occasional bar fights. There hasn’t been any threats of villains, danger, or curses showing up since the final battle was won years ago. Emma doesn't mind though, as the savior she welcomes the quiet and being able to spend time with her son as he enters his senior year in high school and before he heads off to college. David, her father, was still the co-sheriff in town and her husband was the deputy. She liked how the police station had really turned into a family business with the Charming’s-Swan-Jones family.. David had just walked in from his afternoon patrol around the city and tilted his head to the stack of reports on Emma’s desk and was about to ask if she wanted some help, when all the sudden she had to excuse herself as this wave of sickness overcame her.
“Are you feeling okay?” Asked David in a concerned voice for his daughter. He knew she could take care of herself, but he always tried to be there for her when he could and this seemed like a time when he could.
“Yeah, dad, I’m okay. I honestly think it was something I ate, but I seem to be okay now.” Emma brushes the incident off because she couldn’t let her mind think it was something else.
Her and Killian had tried to have a baby after they got married and after a couple of years and no such luck, they seemed to have accepted that it wasn’t in the cards for their family. Killian would always make sure to tell her that having her and Henry was more than enough and that he loved their family as it was. He never thought he would even get that much and he wanted to let Emma know that he never takes that for granted.
Just then Killian comes walking through the police station and concern washes over his face as he looks at his wife. He notices that she doesn't have a lot of color in her face and seems to be concentrating on something that only she can see. He walks over to her and places his hand on the small of her back and rubs, trying to comfort her from whatever has her in such a deep trance.
“Are you okay, love? Asks Killian in a light but concerning voice.
“Huh? Oh yeah. I’m fine. Sorry I was thinking about something and I didn’t see you come in. I’m happy to see you now.” Emma says to him as his voice dragged her out of her own thoughts. Then she readjusts herself and tries to put on a brave face. She wishes she could get this nagging thought out of her.
“Well what’s got you so concerned then?” Killian asks with a chuckle, trying to lighten the tense mood he can feel coming off her.
“It’s nothing for you to be worried about. I’ve just not had the most pleasant morning to say the least. I’m fine now.” Emma says in a reassuring voice. No reason to voice her concerns and bring him into her thoughts of what this little voice in the back of her head keeps saying. She would much rather just keep that to herself.
David is sitting at his desk and is just taking in the conversation going on between his daughter and son-in-law. He also noticed how deep in thought Emma was after her return from the bathroom. He wanted to believe her story about a bad breakfast, but he also had a gut feeling it could be something more. David knew better than to push his daughter to talk about something when she wasn’t ready. Then he decided to chime in on the conversation and ease whatever tension she is feeling.
“Hey, Emma, why don’t you go home and rest for the day? It's slow here and I can finish that paperwork. Plus, Hook can stay and help if any calls come in.” He said in a stern fatherly voice, but with a tinge of concern for his daughter.
Killian gave her a sweet smile and said “I have to agree with your father and think it’s best if you go home and get some rest. We can take care of things here and I’ll be home in the evening to take care of you.”
Emma thought about it for a minute “Well if you think it’s not going to get too crazy without me, then I guess I can head home and rest. I honestly just think it’s something I ate and there shouldn’t be any concern.” She said this in a matter of fact voice, while trying to convince them and herself that it was nothing more and not to be worried. She would go home, get some rest and feel better in the evening.
She gathered her belongings, slipped on her red leather jacket and headed for her yellow bug parked outside. That nagging thought in her head had still not gone away and she couldn’t shake this feeling that maybe, just maybe she needed to take a test. If nothing else just to clear her mind and watch out for any other potential food poisoning. She headed to the corner market and walked inside and headed to the aisle where you can find the pregnancy tests. She picked the first one she laid her eyes on and walked to the counter. She thought back to the other times when she was so excited to buy this and how each time that excitement wore off with every negative test that came back. She gave the clerk a small smile and tucked her purchase in her jacket and headed home. She just kept telling herself that no one else needed to know about this.. unless it was something, but it couldn’t be. Right?
The moment she parked her car in front of the house she shared with her husband and son her heart began to race. Her mind goes back to Camelot when Henry had shown her this very house that Killian had picked out for them and was going to ask her to move in as soon as they arrived back. “A promise for the future” she remembered Henry telling her that’s what Killian had called it. Now she was holding the test that would tell her how that future together will unfold. She bound up the steps to their house and was ready to find out, no matter what the answer would be.
HOW long can two minutes be?! She groaned out loud in her empty house. She was becoming more and more anxious by the passing second. If the test was negative she just wanted to know already and clean up any evidence that she had taken it in the first place. Finally, the timer on her phone indicated that those long dreadful two minutes were up and the test was ready to show the results. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, mentally and emotionally preparing herself for the outcome she sure would say in bold letters. She opened her eyes and grabbed the test, but she couldn’t believe the word that she was reading. Pregnant. She kept staring at it thinking it was a cruel trick, but no matter how much she rubbed her eyes or went back and looked at it again it still had that same word. Pregnant. She immediately tried to calm herself down and took the second test from the box and decided to take that one as well, just to see if the first one was defective. She waited two minutes again and the same exact word in bold letters came across the screen. She couldn’t believe it and that’s when the tears started to stream down her face.
It was around 6 P.M that Killian arrived home from his shift at the police station. He had called Emma as his shift was ending to see if she was feeling any better. When she answered the phone, he could immediately tell that something was off by the sound of her voice. He tried to get her to tell him what was wrong but she insisted that she wanted to tell him when he got home. He reluctantly agreed, he knew there was no point in arguing with her about talking about something when she wasn’t ready.
Emma was standing in the kitchen off from the entrance and waited for Kilian to walk inside so could share the good news. It took everything in her not to run down the porch and jump up and down and tell him everything, but she wanted it to be private. She also felt that this news was too special to say over the phone especially since it’s been a difficult journey to get to this point. She’s holding the two positive pregnancy tests behind her back and can’t wait to share the news for the new addition to their future that they always wanted.
Killian reaches for his keys and almost drops them because he’s in such a hurry and nervous to find out whatever news that Emma must share that she couldn’t over the phone. He opens the door and sees his beautiful wife standing there with the biggest smile on her face that he’s ever seen. He immediately relaxes and in that moment, he just takes all her beauty in. From her long golden locks that he loves to run his fingers through to those piercing green eyes that can find the words when her mouth cannot. Then he stops and stares at that beautiful smile that he loves to see on her and hasn’t seen in a long time. Just staring at her he swears he falls in love with her all over again, like he did all those years ago when he met her in the enchanted forest.
“Alright, Swan, what’s this news that you have to tell me that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?” He chuckles as he tries to catch his bearings and hide the nervousness in his voice.
She doesn’t answer him with words, but walks straight up to him and stares up at him with those beautiful green eyes and in this light, he can really see the flecks of gold in them. He’s in a trance and he doesn’t want to ever stop staring into those eyes. This is how they communicate when there just aren’t the right words to say to one another. She doesn’t miss a beat and then brings the test from behind her back and reveals the news.
He reluctantly looks down but is caught off guard when he sees what she is holding. “Does this mean that you’re pregnant?” He asks with his voice choking up on the last word.
Emma didn’t say anything but just shook her head yes and the next thing she knew Killian was lifting her up and kissing her like he never has before. They embraced each other and felt nothing but absolute love. They are thrilled for this next chapter together and for all the new firsts they will experience. The lost boy and girl are no longer lost.
“So how do you think Henry is going to take it?” Asks Emma with a hint of concern in her voice. He’s a senior in high school after all and having a baby around might not be his idea of a fun senior year. Especially when he goes between staying at their house and Regina’s.
“I think he’s going to be absolutely happy for his mom and he’s going to be the best big brother this baby could ever ask for. They’ll both be lucky to have a mother like you” He said while pulling her in and laying his hand on her stomach. He never felt so much love for someone he never even met, but here he is filled with love for his unborn child.
“Well they’re lucky to have a pirate like you” she replies with a wink and leaning her head up for a kiss from her handsome husband. “Well I guess we'll tell Henry the big news tomorrow when he gets back from Regina’s and then work our way through the rest of the family.”
6 months later
On a cold December morning Emma and Killian arrive at the police station for their shift. Killian walks over to the driver’s side of Emma’s yellow bug and opens the door for her. She gives him a look and he just chuckles and grabs her hand as they head inside. The smell of hot chocolate welcomes them as they enter the front lobby and begin their way towards the office part of the building. Oh, how Emma misses the taste of hot chocolate and cinnamon. She thinks to herself that maybe she can sneak one small cup when no one is looking.
“I know what you’re thinking, swan and no you cannot sneak a cup of hot chocolate and yes, that means cinnamon on it too. You know what the doctor said.” Emma just turns and gives him a look that just makes him burst out with laughter. Sometimes she forgets how well he knows her and she leaves him a groan of frustration, which makes him chuckle as he follows her. She also knows that he’s just looking out for them both and loves him for it.
“What was that all about?” David asks as Emma enters the room. Ever since they shared the news that she’s pregnant her father has been more overprotective than normal. She knows that he means well, but she doesn’t like being treated so differently because of this pregnancy. She just wants to be treated like the same old Emma without everyone telling her to rest.
“I was just wanting to sneak a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon, but Hook caught onto my plans before I could even attempt anything. It just smells so good and it’s been a long six months since I’ve had any.” She states as she takes off her winter jacket, revealing her growing belly as she flops down into her office chair.
“I told you that I gave up rum because you couldn’t drink hot chocolate. So, yes, I know it’s been a long six months.” Killian says in a joking manner with a chuckle that David also thinks it is funny. They laugh even harder when Emma rolls her eyes and gets started on the paperwork in front of her. Killian walks over and kisses her on the top of the head and mentions that he’s just looking out for her.
“I mean I am allowed a very small amount every now and then” pleads Emma to whoever will listen and hopefully cave in. This time it is David who caves and gets up to get her a small cup of hot chocolate. “Don’t forget the cinnamon!” she yells after him, with a smile of victory across her face. Killian just looks at her and chuckles to himself.
Henry comes strolling into the station and calls out for his mom “Mom?” who has just arrived with his Grandma, Snow.
“In the office, kid!” Shouts back to Emma. She didn’t realize how late it had gotten and that they needed to get to the hospital for the doctor’s appointment. Henry was so excited that he could attend this one because of school being on break for the holidays. He comes strolling in and flashes a smile to his step-dad and helps his mom get up from her chair to give her a hug.
“I cannot wait to be able to get up by myself again and be out doing my sheriff duties again” Emma chuckled. She really hadn’t noticed how it seemed she popped overnight into this belly in front of her. Even though she was thrilled to be having another child, she was ready for it to be over with and she still had three more months to go. She was soaking up every moment that she could.
“You’ve never looked more beautiful” Killian tells her as he pulls her in for a kiss and rests his hand on her stomach. It was true though. He thought she looked more beautiful every day, if that was even possible.
“He’s right, Emma! You do look absolutely stunning and you can’t even tell that you’re that far along” her mother chimes in giving her a signature Snow smile. She was so thrilled that her daughter had found someone who loved her, but also loved her son as his own. She knows that Emma had a hard start to life and never felt loved but seeing her surrounded by her boys made her heart swell with great joy. Who knew that the man who took them to beanstalk would end up being her daughter’s true love. Either way she is eternally grateful for him and the happiness and love he brings Emma.
Emma blushed and chuckled over the compliment and her mother’s agreement. “Thank you. Well I guess we better get headed to our appointment.” she turned to Henry “let’s see if you’re going to have a brother or a sister in a couple of months”
Emma’s father, David, watched with such love and admiration as he gazed out the window to see his daughter leave with her family. Emma was in the middle and both of her true loves were on either side, keeping her safe as they always did. All he wanted in life for his daughter was to find the happiness that he has with Snow and now she truly has with Henry, Killian and the baby to come. His heart was happy and he couldn’t help but get choked up at the sight and he knew that she was finally safe. That she had opened her heart up to love and it poured back more than she could ever imagine. Snow looked at him with concern in her eyes and all she said was “She found her happy ending”
3 months later
They arrived at the hospital on a Wednesday afternoon and by the early evening they were all checked in by early evening. After getting Emma all set up and hooked up the machines, the nurse mentioned that it’s probably going to be a while and she should try and get some rest. She agreed and then tried to get Killian to go home and get some actual sleep.
“You know you can go home and sleep in our comfortable bed for a couple hours if you want. I wouldn’t blame you” Emma casually mentioned to Killian as he started to doze off again on the couch. She loved that he wanted to be by her side, but she felt so guilty because she could see how tired he was.
“What are you talking about? I’m perfectly content staying here with my beautiful wife. Besides, I'm not even that tired.” He said with a yawn trailing behind that sentence and a loud stretch. “I just need some coffee and I will be fine, love” he reassured her.
“Well you might want to get some sleep because I’m very certain we won’t be getting any for a while by tomorrow. Hopefully.” Emma said and she really was hoping that this baby would be here by tomorrow. She was very uncomfortable and hated everyone trying to take care of her.
“Nonsense. As long as you are here then I will stay as well..” Killian announced with a matter of fact tone indicating that he won that little argument. “I’m just going to take a short nap here on this lovely couch and you call out if you need anything. Okay, Swan?” His smile was so sweet and it made her really appreciate that she married someone who loves her beyond anything. “Okay” she whispered back to him, but he was already asleep.
Emma was so thankful for her loving parents who stopped by as much as they could the two days that she was admitted there. Her father would make coffee runs for Killian, Snow, and more often for himself. He would never admit it because he wouldn’t want Emma to worry, but he hasn’t gotten much sleep either because he wants to be available in case she would need anything at all. Then her mother would soothe her as much as she could and brush her hair to try to help her get at least some sleep, even if it was for a short amount of time. Emma was so thankful for her parents and everything they were doing for her and Killian. Snow would sneak into the room when they were both asleep and she would cover Killian with a blanket and brush Emma’s hair out of her face and just admire her beautiful, strong, independent daughter.
Henry stopped over after school the first day and was slightly disappointed that his baby sister didn’t make her appearance yet, but was hopeful that she would be there with all of them very soon. Henry would hang out in the room for a couple of hours until Emma insisted that he go home to Regina’s and finish his school work. “This is your senior year and you have to make sure that your grades are great for your college essays, kid” she would say in her stern motherly voice and he would groan, but understand where she is coming from. He gathered all his belongings and hugged his mom and his step-dad. Before leaving he turned to Killian and said, “will you call me if anything changes?” Killian replied, “Of course my boy.” Then Henry said something that caught him off guard in the best possible way “thanks Dad” and that word made Kilian’s heart melt and a smile came across his face.
At 08:15 P.M on a cool mid-March Friday evening Hope Swan-Jones was born. The nurse handed her to Emma right away and her eyes began to fill with tears as soon as she laid eyes on her. She thought she would never get this moment again, yet here she was with her perfect daughter in her arms. This time she wasn’t alone either, she had Killian and he was just as happy as she was. He kissed Emma’s head and held the two of them close, never wanting to let go. “You did it, Emma. She’s beautiful like her mother. I love you.” Emma looked up and saw that Kilian had a single tear roll down his face and in that very moment she fell even more in love with him.
“I love you too” she whispered low enough only he could hear her.
“Would you like to hold her?” the nurse asked Killian. He didn’t need even a second to think before he was sitting down on the couch listening to the instructions being told to him of how to hold his newborn daughter. He never held a newborn before, but he was in an absolute trance just staring at her face. He vowed to protect her from any harm that may come her way and to make sure that she knows that she will always be loved. He could sit here forever and it still would not be enough time in the world for the moment. He quietly sang her a song of the sea from his pirating days and Emma quietly listened to his beautiful voice soothe their daughter and her as well. He noticed that Hope had the same golden locks as her mother, but she shared his deep blue ocean eyes. She had her mother’s lips, but she had his
nose and dimples. It seemed that her looks were split evenly down the middle between her parents and he was more than okay with that. He stood up and continued to sing and walked around the room while he just stared at her. He moved over to the bed that Emma was in and gently kissed her and thanked her for giving him what he always wanted. A family.
3 years later
It was a bright and warm day Saturday in May and the Swan-Jones's family was enjoying a day at the beach. Henry was in town for the weekend before heading back to take his finals at a college in Boston and then he would be back for the summer. He was very excited because this would be the last summer before graduation and he wanted to spend as much time with his baby sister as he possibly could. Henry decided that being a writer was his true passion and he did appreciate his time being the author. Emma enjoyed when her whole family was together at times like these and she loved seeing their kids play together. Henry was trying to teach Hope how to build a sand castle using the little bucket and shovel they had brought with them. He was showing her how you need to get some of the sand wet for it to really stick together. Hope with her shoulder length golden curls just like her mothers and her eyes blue as the ocean just like her fathers was more interested in playing in the water than building a castle. She gripped her brother’s hands as he swung her up to miss a big wave that was headed right towards them. This made her laugh so hard and her laugh was so contagious that the three of them couldn’t help but join in.
“I’m pretty sure she gets the love of the sea from you and she’s got a little bit of pirate in her as well.” Emma noted while laying her head in Killian’s lap on the beach blanket they had brought along with their lunches. “Aye. I do think you’re right about that, love. She gets her determination and fire from you though. She’s not a quitter and that’s a good thing to have in this family.” Killian said with a smile in his voice.
They lay there just taking in each other’s presence, appreciating the family that they have and the life that they had built together. The lost boy and the lost girl were not very lost anymore. They found the one thing they both wanted in each other. Home.The sound of laughter started to grow closer and closer and they looked up to see their two-ocean soaked, sand-stuck kids laughing together, while Henry carried Hope towards their parents
“Brother, will you read me a story from your special book?” Hope asks, staring up at her big brother with the cutest toddler smile her ever saw. “Well how could I ever say no to my baby sister? sure. Which story would you like to hear?”
“I want to hear the one about mom and dad and how they saved grandma and grandpa,” she exclaimed with excitement. This brought Henry back to the first time he met Hope in the hospital shortly after she was born. How excited he was to finally be a big brother, to pass on all his secrets and wisdom to his little sister. He can still recall that phone call he got from his step-dad the night hope was born.
“Henry! I told you I would call you if anything changed, well, congrats! You’re officially a big brother to a baby sister, named Hope. Killian's voice rang with such pride and happiness. He rushed down to the hospital as fast as he could. Henry walked in quietly because he didn’t want to wake anyone.
“Do you want to hold her?” Emma asked. “Of course!” He walked over to the bed and his mom instructed him how to hold Hope just right. He vowed that he would be her protector, sharer of secrets, and always her best friend. He would pass on the stories of their family onto her. First he would have to start with the most important one of all. The story of their mom and how she saved the town.
“and when you get old enough I will teach you how to sword fight and then dad can teach you how to sail, just like he taught me. That’s a very important skill that you will need in this family. You’re practically royalty in this town now and I’ll be the one to teach you everything you’re going to need to know about Storybrooke. We can start with this for now.” Henry asks his grandpa to reach into his bag and pull out the storybook that started it all. “Once Upon a Time there was this woman named Emma Swan aka mom and her parents are Prince Charming and Snow White and she was born out of their true love, which makes her the savior. She was tasked to break the curse of Storybrooke and bring back all the happy endings. Well I’ll tell you the rest when you’re older.” Henry finishes and just stares at his beautiful baby sister and can’t wait to teach her all the amazing things she will learn.
They all lived happily ever after
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phoebehalliwell · 5 days ago
lets be real, chris's leather jacket is just one his ex left behind and never came back for. thats why he has it 😂
fr!! fr!! chris is literally not the type to okay so first of all leather jackets are expensive second chris is not the type to like. he's too utilitarian he's like clothes are meant to stop u from freezing to death he like. buys what he needs. he never splurges. there's No Way he would ever purchase a leather jacket for himself it either has to be gifted or as u said copped. there's no way he Purchases a leather jacket For Himself
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lilacmoon83 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 22: Piece By Piece, Pt 1
After parting ways with David, she went to her interview that morning and though she could tell that the hospital administrator definitely didn't like her with all the recent scandal around her, her work there as a volunteer spoke for itself and the woman reluctantly hired her. She started her day by filing, which was mind numbing, but later, she would get to do the rounds and bring flowers to some of the patient rooms. Since she had been gone, no one had been doing it and they admitted to her that a lot of the patients missed it.
"Well, well...this hospital really is going downhill. Guess we're hiring tramps now," one of the nurse's that worked the mental ward in the basement said. Mary Margaret ignored her though. She might have been intimidated by her in the past, but Snow was not. She didn't know who she was back in their land, but people around the hospital always jokingly referred to her as Nurse Ratched.
"At least I can get a man...especially one like David," Snow retorted. The woman looked surprised by her bold comment. At one time, Mary Margaret had barely been able to look anyone of authority in the eye, let alone stare them down in defiance the way Snow was now.
"You'd do well to watch your tongue, Miss Blanchard...or I'll have to file a complaint with your supervisor," Ratched warned, as she punched in the code to the basement door and went inside. As Mary Margaret, she had never given much thought to the hospital mental ward, but as Snow, she was curious as to who was being kept down there. This town was full of Regina's secrets and it would be just like her stepmother to keep what she considered unsavory people locked away. Truthfully, Snow was surprised she herself wasn't locked away. She eyed the door again and decided to keep it in mind to find an opportunity to do a little investigating. It was risky and David would protest her putting herself in danger, especially since Regina would love to find a way to take her out, but she couldn't help the nagging feeling that there was a reason she needed to get down into that basement. A voice interrupted her thoughts though.
"Don't listen to that horrible woman,'re doing a wonderful job," the woman said. Mary Margaret turned to find a nurse. She had seen her here and there before, but had never talked to her. She noticed a pair of peridot gemstone pins on the lapels of the collar beneath her scrub top.
"Oh...thank you. Um...I don't think I got your name?" Mary Margaret asked.
"Nurse Fawn...Sarah Fawn," she said.
"It's nice to meet you," Mary Margaret replied.
"Nice to meet you too. Keep up the good work," Sarah said, as she returned to her rounds. Mary Margaret smiled and then returned to thinking about the basement level of the hospital. Somehow, she knew she had to eventually find a way down there.
When David arrived at the station, Emma had a stack of paperwork waiting for him. She had been on her own for a while and it naturally had piled up. He took it on happily, after she walked him through the process and he made his way through a significant stack, while she did her own. He noticed that she kept casting glances at Wilby, who sat quietly on a dog bed that Emma had picked up for him at the thrift store on the way. He chewed his way through the bone that David had bought at the pharmacy and he glanced up at her.
"You can ask me anything, you know," he said. She looked down back at her page, but then back up again. Wilby went over to her and nudged her hand. She smiled and scratched his ears.
"So...what did you need a bloodhound for on a farm?" she asked curiously.
"Bloodhounds make pretty good sheepdogs. He was in the field with me most days," he replied.
" were poor?" she asked.
"Dirt poor...Mom did her best though. It was hard to get ahead though when you had a bloodthirsty warlord overseeing the farmlands and taxing the hell out of us," he replied.
"Warlord?" she asked, as her eyebrows were in her hair. He nodded.
"Bo Peep…" he replied. Her eyes widened.
"Bo the nursery rhyme?" she asked. He snorted.
"Maybe in this land...but in ours, she was a vicious warlord and slaver," he replied.
"Slaver? Like owning people?" she asked in disbelief.
"Yep...we came pretty close to being owned by her. Long story short...someone taught me to fight and stand up to her. I beat her in a sword fight and won our freedom. It wasn't long after that the Dark One came to tell me that I was needed to take my brother's place as Prince James," he replied.
"And you had no idea you had a twin?" she asked.
"No…it was too painful for my Mother and she didn't think I'd ever have a reason to know," he answered.
"And your Dad?" she asked, finding herself wanting to know everything suddenly. She cursed herself for that, but he was really easy to talk to.
"He was a drunk...he died when I was six," he said, a bit more bitterly than he meant to. Emma was shocked by that. She knew their lives weren't perfect, but they supposedly came from this fantastical place of magic. He saw an opportunity to inject a piece of information into the conversation.
"Our land can be a magical place and finding Snow was the best thing that ever happened to me. But it was not without hardship or strife," he said.
"So no love at first sight crap?" Emma asked. He chuckled.
"Maybe not quite at first sight...but it didn't take me long to fall in love with her," he replied.
"She hit you with a rock," Emma reminded him.
"She did...this scar, all my scars, didn't come from a car accident. But this one is my favorite," he said, pointing to the one on his chin.
"I'm pretty fond of the other ones on my side and shoulder though," he added. She raised an eyebrow and knew what the book said those two scars were from.
"So...would you and...Mary Margaret really have come through the wardrobe before she went into labor if you'd been told the truth?" Emma asked. He looked up at her.
"In a heartbeat," he said.
"But you lived in a would have come here and been poor as mice," she replied.
"Money never meant much to us...we never really cared about any of that. We wanted to be together and we wanted a family. It was all that mattered to us," he said.
"We defeated her and we made a deal with the Dark One so she could no longer hurt that world. So she found a way to bring us to a new one and it destroyed everything we had planned for you," he added.
"For were the Savior and for nine months, they hammered that into us. But to us, you were...are our daughter. We just wanted to be a family," he said and she remembered the pages in the book of the nursery they had built for her.
"Some friends…" she muttered and to her surprise, he chuckled.
"Tell me about be honest, they were your mother's friends and I wasn't too welcome, at first," he said. She narrowed her gaze.
"Didn't you awaken her from the sleeping curse supposedly?" she replied. He nodded.
"I did...but that didn't stop the dwarves from accusing me of being a gold digger," he said.
"Yeah...why is Mary Margaret friends with them again?" she asked.
"They did take her in when she was on the run from Regina. She was a bandit for a while and we thought we couldn't be together," he replied.
"But if you were really a gold digger...then wouldn't you have just married Midas' daughter like they wanted you to?" Emma asked. He smiled.
"No one ever accused dwarves of being good critical thinkers. But they warmed up to me for the most part later on and Ruby...Red and your mother were as close as sisters. I came to care about her like a sister too," he replied.
"If anyone had our backs, it was definitely Red. She was going to be your Godmother," he added. Emma blew out a breath and recalled her conversation yesterday with Ruby and her defense of them. Even cursed, she seemed to be the only one on David and Mary Margaret's side. Her phone chimed and she checked it.
"Thanks for the history's helping," she said, as she stood up.
"Are you up for learning patrol?" she asked.
"Of course," he replied.
"Good...cause I hate mornings and I'd rather you start taking the early one," he said.
"Good thing mornings are my thing then," he said, as she pulled something out of her drawer and handed it to him. He saw that it was a badge.
"Thanks," he said, as he took it and clipped it to his belt. She nodded.
"You'll need a holster. The only spare though is the body holster though," she said, as she was wearing the belt holster.
"Anything will work," he said, as he put it on and holstered his firearm.
"Okay...let's go," she replied. David smiled and followed her out.
"Come on Wilby," he called, as the dog eagerly followed.
Many Years Ago
The worst snowstorm on record raged in the Enchanted Forest that day, but for Queen Eva and King Leopold, it was a happy, wonderful day for them, for the birth of their daughter was imminent.
Queen Eva, with the assistance of the midwife and the nursemaid, Johanna, braved hours of labor. Johanna dabbed the Queen's forehead with a cool cloth.
"We are very close...she's crowning," the midwife said. Queen Eva cried out, as she completed the birthing and the baby's cries pierced the air. Eva beamed in elation, as she fell immediately in love with the tiny human before her. She was cleaned off and swaddled, before being placed in the Queen's arms.
"She is beautiful, Your Majesty...quite possibly the most beautiful baby ever," Johanna praised.
"Oh she is…" Eva agreed.
"What will you call her?" Johanna asked, as the Queen looked outside at the raging snowstorm.
"Snow…" she said.
"My Queen?" Johanna asked.
"Her name is Snow White," Eva replied, as she looked at her.
"What a beautiful name," Johanna said.
Narcissa watched the scene in her mirror and let out a psychotic yell of frustration, as her niece drew breath.
"Mirror...mirror on the wall...who is the fairest of all?" she questioned, pleading with the Gods that she was still the fairest and the madness inside her would not consume her. The face of the mirror appeared and spoke.
"Snow White...Snow White is the fairest in all the lands," the mirror answered. Narcissa collapsed to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably.
"This can't be...I am the fairest! She is but a babe! How can she be more beautiful than me?" Narcissa whined.
"Her outer beauty matches her beauty within...or will as she grows from a tiny babe, into a girl...and finally a woman," the mirror answered. Narcissa seethed.
"No...because she isn't going to make it that far!" Narcissa growled. As soon as the storm cleared...she'd go to her sister's castle and make sure her niece didn't make it to her first birthday…
"Oh doesn't seem like she's going to heed our warning," Fauna said, as they observed the birth of Princess Snow White and subsequently Queen Narcissa's descent into maddening evil.
"I'm afraid not," Flora said regrettably.
"Oooh...that horrible woman! I'd like to turn her into a toad! Huh...that would fix her just fine!" Merryweather said.
"Easy Merryweather…" Flora admonished.
"Well, why not? I'll lose my wings before I let her hurt that baby!" Merryweather said.
"I am with Merryweather on this one. Narcissa must be stopped. As long as she is around...Snow White is in terrible danger," Fauna agreed.
"Yes...but I believe I have a solution. But to justify it...we must let Narcissa show her true colors," Flora said.
"What if she doesn't?" Merryweather asked.
"She will...most likely at Snow's christening. She will be in attendance and will not be able to handle all the attention on her niece instead of her. We will stop her then, expose her, and do what is necessary," Flora replied.
"Zap her to dust?" Merryweather asked.
"Merryweather...a fairy does not kill," Flora scolded.
"Then banishment?" Fauna asked. Flora nodded.
"And I know the perfect place for Narcissa to serve her penance," Flora replied, as she went to prepare for the coming task...
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lilacmoon83 · 12 days ago
Lightning in a Bottle
Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 31: Crosswinds, Pt 3
Emma arrived at the beach house and was let in by a staff person hired by Glinda. She made her way to Paul and Regina observed off to the side.
"Paul...I brought you a few things that might jog your memory," Emma said, as she set the box down in front of him. Paul sifted through the photos, but then gave her a blank stare.
"I...I don't remember any of this," he said regrettably.
"What happened to me? I just want my life back," he insisted.
"Yeah…I get it. A lot of us are feeling that," Emma agreed, as her phone chimed. She checked it and found that it was Killian with a message that he had found something. She pocketed her phone and gave him an encouraging nod.
"We're going to find your wife and help you get your memory back," Emma promised. Regina sided up to her as she walked toward the door.
"Don't make promises you can't keep. Amnesia, especially in a situation like this, is unpredictable," she warned. Emma sighed.
"I know...I guess I get it though," the blonde said.
"Because his wife didn't show up at the hanger and neither did your fiancé," Regina surmised.
"He wasn't really...I hadn't said yes yet," Emma corrected. Regina rolled her eyes.
"Margaret has told me that you were going to though," she said.
"MM loves to try to fix things for me...unfortunately, she can't fix this one," Emma replied, as she saw her brother arrive, fresh off his meeting with the 828 podcaster.
She started toward him and was taken in by another calling. It was the same one again. The blizzard and a man's voice asking her to find her. The voice is louder this time too and she saw a man's hand in the snow again.
" had it again," David said, as he pulled her out onto the balcony.
"Yeah…I still need to find Paul's wife," she said.
"Maybe it's referring to another her," David suggested.
"Who?" she asked.
"The Major…" he replied, as he looked around.
"Aurora said it's a woman and the podcaster talked about a Major that arrived in Red Hook an hour before we rescued the passengers. She was there," he said, giving Emma something to think about for a moment.
"I guess it could...but I promised Paul that I would find Helen, so I need to follow through on that," she said. He nodded.
"Then I'll continue looking for the Major...hopefully we'll find both," he replied.
"Just be careful...this Major is probably way more dangerous than the woman I'm looking for," she warned, as Regina joined them on the balcony.
"Did you get anything else out of that podcaster?" Emma asked. He sighed.
"Yeah...but it's going to sound crazy," he replied. Emma scoffed.
"I think we're already operating well above crazy," she commented.
"Well, then this is going to take it up to an eleven," he replied, as he looked around.
"The Major is looking for something they're calling the Holy Grail," he revealed.
"Well…I'm guessing that's not literal and based on the experiments they were doing, I'd guess that it has to do with the Callings," she deduced.
"That would make sense…" he said, as Regina left to check on the patients.
"You think Henry is the Holy Grail...don't you?" Emma whispered. He sighed.
"He interprets the Callings differently...he gets them in a different form than we do sometimes. He always knows…" he whispered back, as he got a text and checked his phone.
"It's Aaron," he said.
"What's he saying?" Emma asked.
"He found an informal setting where I can possibly talk to Agent King," David replied.
"Okay…I'll keep following up on Helen, but be careful with this Agent King and that podcaster," she warned. He nodded.
"I will...but I have to know, Em. I have to know if the Major knows about Henry and if she doesn't, I have to keep it that way," he replied.
"And if she does?" she asked.
"Then we have to do whatever we need to in order to keep my son safe," he replied, as he took off. Emma sighed and returned to her car as well to meet up with Killian, since it sounded like he had a lead.
Olive finished her climb and she exited the building with Lance.
"Thanks...I'll see you later," Olive said, as she waved to him. There was no hug this time, as there had been in the past, and Lance knew it was something he had to accept. As a big brother, he was never supposed to get too emotionally involved with the kids he sponsored, but that was an unrealistic thing to ask of a person. It was impossible not to get attached to these kids and usually, they grew up and needed their big brother less and less. That part he could accept, as that was the natural order. But it was different with Olive. She was still very much in need of that type of figure in her life and rarely did the biological parent re-enter the picture, especially like David did. Lance felt that he wasn't needed anymore and almost felt like Olive was still seeing him, because she felt guilty. He was soon going to have to end this relationship since he knew it was now bordering on inappropriate. He had the suspicion that David and Margaret were letting it continue only for Olive's sake and to make sure she was adjusted to all the changes.
"Excuse me...Mr. Knight? Lance Knight?" Sidney asked.
"Yes...and you are?" Lance asked.
"Sidney Glass...New York Times," Sidney answered, as Lance turned away to get into his truck.
"I have just a few questions for you for my piece," he said.
"Not interested," Lance replied.
"But you're certainly interested in Olive Nolan...or maybe her mother?" Sidney asked.
"Mr. Glass...I'm Olive's big brother, through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. That's all," Lance replied.
" became her Big Brother about a year after the plane disappeared with her father and twin brother on it, correct?" he asked.
"Sounds like you know the don't need me," Lance replied.
"You were a frequent guest at the Nolan house while the plane was gone, weren't you?" Sidney asked.
"It wasn't like that at all," Lance replied.
"But you would have certainly liked for it to be," Sidney surmised. Lance ignored him and got into the truck.
"The plane returning must have certainly been a blow. If Margaret Nolan wasn't interested in you before, then any hope you had that she might be one day was certainly quashed," Sidney added. Lance started the engine and drove away, but Sidney had what he wanted for his hit piece.
Margaret sifted through various old articles on an archived website. Olive was really good at finding information and had found plenty to search through. She couldn't believe how public her parent's lives were. She had never really noticed as a little girl. She remembered their fancy parties, but most of the time she had been in bed by the time they were entertaining. And in later years, Eva had always allowed her to spend the night with Emma. Of course, David was always there and the three of them would have slumber parties, campfires in the backyard, and more fun than Margaret ever had at home. She loved her parents, but her childhood home was never very kid friendly. She always felt like she was in a museum or castle. There were places she had not been allowed to go and things she had not been allowed to touch.
Emma and David's house had always been different. When Ruth was alive and Robert had still been sober, it was a wonderfully warm place where it was okay to have the clutter of toys or crafts. There were always homemade snacks and plenty of playtime. There had been time for silliness and less order. It was one of the many reasons her mother had first taken her to that very park where she met Emma and David. Eva didn't want her raised in that ordered, materialistic world. Her father would have never approved of the activities at the Nolan house, if he could have been bothered to be involved.
But now Snow saw why her mother was always eager to send her to Ruth's when her father was having a party or gathering. He would have eventually expected Margaret to begin attending them and molding her into a future executive...or worse, a future executive's wife. Eva was stuck playing the doting wife on his arm, while her husband made a fortune on the backs of hard working people and probably ruined many on his way to the top. Leopold would have used her hand to barter the best deal, but Eva clearly had wanted her no where near any of it.
One thing was certain though. Most of the articles about the Blanchard family included the Mills family as well. It was clear that her mother and Eva were more than acquaintances. They knew each other and were involved in the same social circle.
"Hey Mom…" Olive said, as she came in and put her stuff down.
"Hey honey," Margaret greeted, as she sat down beside her.
"Find anything?" she asked.
"Lots actually...apparently my parents were Wall Street royalty, which I knew, but I didn't know how public that life really was," Margaret replied, as she flipped through some of the articles.
"Wow...Cora is in a lot of these photos with them," Olive said. Margaret hummed.
"Which means they weren't just aware of each other...they knew each other and quite well it seems," Margaret replied.
"Oh Mom…" Olive said, as she leaned her head against her mother's shoulder.
"Are you going to ask Aunt Regina for her medical records?" Olive asked.
"I don't know...she's going to think it's weird and when I tell her why, I'm afraid she's going to think I'm accusing her mother of murder," Margaret replied.
"Aren't you?" Olive asked, with a wince. She sighed.
"I am...I just don't know any other way," Margaret replied.
"What about you? How was your climb?" she asked.
"Okay," Olive replied.
"Just okay?" Margaret questioned.
"I don't know...guess I'm just not that into it anymore. I think after the big climb...that will be it," Olive said.
"Really?" Margaret asked.
"Lance is great...but it just doesn't feel right anymore. I mean...I have my Dad back. I should be doing stuff with him. I want to do stuff with him," Olive replied. Margaret beamed a bright smile.
"I am so happy to hear you say that and he will be too," Margaret replied, as they continued to look through the articles.
Emma met him at the location he had sent her and found that it was a rundown motel.
" said you found something?" she asked, as she found him standing outside his car.
"I pulled her credit card records and the last charge was an Uber ride to this motel," Killian said.
"Nice work," she said. He smirked.
"The driver had loose lips too. He said she's staying in room twenty-eight," he said, as they approached the correct room and knocked. There was no answer at the first knock, so Emma announced them.
"Helen Santino...NYPD. We were sent by your husband, Paul," Emma announced. They heard movement inside and the door swung open, as a woman pointed a gun at them.
"Gun!" Killian called, as he drew his service weapon. Emma quickly disarmed her and they moved into the apartment.
"Please don't kill me," Helen begged.
"Why do you think we're here to kill you?" Emma asked.
"I didn't believe you were cops when you said Paul sent you," she cried, as they exchanged a glance.
"Why would he send people to kill you?" Killian asked. Emma caught on right away though.
"Because he used to abuse you...that's why you didn't come to the hangar when the plane came back," she deduced, as the other woman looked at her.
"I was on the plane too," she said. She nodded.
"The day the plane disappeared was the happiest day of my life," she confessed.
"It's taken years of therapy, but I was finally free and happy," she said.
"Then the plane came back," Emma said.
"That's why you left your apartment in a hurry," Killian guessed. She nodded.
"It was like a wrecking ball coming back into my life and destroying all I built. So I ran and I've been hiding ever since, hoping he won't find me," she cried.
"And he won't," Emma revealed.
"What do you mean?" Helen asked.
"Paul has amnesia...he has no idea who you are," she revealed, as a look of relief and hope washed over the woman's face.
"Seriously?" she asked. Emma nodded.
"You're in the clear...he'll never be able to hurt you again," she added, as they left at that point.
"Do you think Paul will get his memory back?" Killian asked. She shrugged.
"Regina says the amount of trauma they experienced is pretty extensive, so I doubt it. And if he does...I'll make sure I warn him not to go near her," she replied darkly.
"Well...that's one mystery solved and to think, we didn't almost die doing it," he said. She smiled and looked at him.
"As're hilarious," she replied sarcastically.
David approached Arthur at the table. He had found him at a local restaurant and bar, enjoying a drink and knew that it didn't get more informal than that.
"Agent King…" he said, as he approached. Arthur scowled and started to get up to leave.
"Wait...just hear me out," David pleaded.
"Just give me one minute to plead my're going to want to hear this," he insisted.
" have one minute, Mr. Nolan," Arthur replied.
"I know you think I'm responsible for Vance's death...but I have it on good authority that there is something else at play here," David said.
"One hour before we rescued the passengers, a black hawk helicopter touched down in Red Hook. On board, there was someone called the Major...definitely military," he continued.
"Thirty seconds," Arthur warned, as he paid his check and started to get up.
"She was calling the shots...she's looking for something she's calling the Holy Grail. It has something to do with the passengers and dark funds earmarked for something else by Congress, but it's definitely for 828," David said, as Arthur headed for the exit.
"If that's true, Mr. Nolan, then you should walk away from this investigation, just as I intend to," Agent King said.
"Vance didn't...he knew someone was working against him and intended to follow it to the top. I didn't get him killed...but this Major did," David insisted, as the two men shared a long glance.
"Have a nice evening, Mr. Nolan," Arthur said, as he walked away. David sighed and then headed back to his car to go home himself, thinking that his pleas to Agent King had fallen on deaf ears.
Emma was deep in thought, as he drove them back to that station, thinking about what Helen had said. Paul coming back on the plane was like a huge wrecking ball to her life and she realized that this was exactly what she was to Killian. He had moved on and married Milah and then she came back and slammed back into his life, threatening to wreck his marriage. And she realized that she couldn't do that. She couldn't be the other woman that ruined a marriage.
"We still make a pretty good team," Killian mentioned. She smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.
"Yeah...but I think that has to be the last of our partnership," she replied.
"What?" he asked, his brows furrowed in confusion
"Look…I can't be the wrecking ball in your life. You're married and us being partners threatens to ruin the happiness you've found with Milah," she said.
"Emma…" he protested. But she didn't let him finish.
"I'm going to ask Graham to assign me a new partner," she decided, before walking away, leaving him speechless and sad. Not being her partner and not being around her anymore was the last thing he wanted.
Baron Samdi arrived back in the city after the visit upstate, thinking about his next move. His real estate business was dead and though he could have easily renewed his license, no agency was calling him with any job offers, despite him applying. No one wanted to hire an 828 returnee and even if he did dive back into any entrepreneurial venture, it would be a failure on its start. No one wanted to buy, sell, or trade with him. The passengers seemed to be on a permanent black list, except with the believers. But they were just weird and creepy. However, as he encountered some on the street corner near his apartment building, he found them fawning all over him. And he found himself not running from it this time.
"He has returned…" one woman said, with reverence.
"Can...can I touch you?" she asked. He nodded, as she touched his arm and seemed to light up at that.
"You're a miracle!" a man said and that was when the idea struck Baron Samdi. Perhaps an entrepreneurial opportunity was not out of reach, after all.
Emma arrived back at the beach house and stormed inside, making a beeline for Paul.
"Hey...did you find her?" he asked.
"You're a monster," Emma spat and he frowned.
"What?" he asked.
"Your wife didn't show up, because she was scared and went into hiding!" Emma exclaimed.
"I...I don't understand!" Paul pleaded.
"She told me everything. You used to beat her! The day the plane disappeared was the happiest day of her life," Emma said.
"That can't be! I would never do that! I don't remember that!" Paul replied, now beside himself.
" better hope you don't, because if you do and you decide to go after her, then there will be hell to pay for you!" she warned, as Regina tugged her aside.
"You don't deserve happiness!" she yelled at him.
"That's enough!" Regina chided.
"He's a monster," Emma growled.
"Maybe he was...but he's not now and yelling at an amnesia patient is pointless and doesn't make sense," Regina said sternly.
"What if he remembers?" Emma asked.
"His neural pathways are scorched, Emma. It's a miracle he's walking and talking again. His memories are gone. He's a blank slate," Regina replied.
"You're sure? People that have amnesia remember all the time," Emma said.
"Normally yes...but with the kind of trauma here, it's just not likely. The electrolysis that was administered to them burned them on a neuro level and that can only repair itself so much," Regina explained. Emma sighed.
"Fine...sorry I lost it," she said. Regina nodded.
"I get it...but something tells me that this isn't just about Paul," she said. Emma scoffed.
"What, is MM rubbing off on you?" she joked. Regina smiled.
"Maybe a bit...want to talk?" Regina asked.
"You got drinks?" Emma replied. She smirked.
"Hard apple cider. Come on," Regina said, motioning her to the kitchen.
"Fine...maybe just one drink and then I gotta get back," Emma replied, as they went to share a drink.
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phoebehalliwell · 15 days ago
I am having Thoughtstm about Bianca.
Have you thought about what her relationship would be with the rest of the Halliwell brood? Like does she get along with white!future Wyatt and Melinda? And what does she think of Henry Jr and his desire to make his Mark on the Halliwell Line?
Also I for some reason see her getting along really well with Dency? I know they don’t exist in the same universe but I could see them being friends? Maybe roasting Chris together and being good sparring partners? I think she’d dig Dency’s little detective thing she’d got going… and I know Bianca is with Chris but like… Bianca x Dency ? 👀 👀 Could be cute 😂😂
okay so for starters i think bianca gets along p well with all of the next gen but like. it wasn’t an immediate thing like. i think esp with wyatt because wyatt really is kind of like. like he's the kind of epitome of the next generation son of a charmed one and a whitelighter he's hella powerful blah blah blah and like. he kinda sits at the top of his class. which is like bianca. so i think bianca thought that wyatt would be like her because you know how like if you're only raised around people like you you kind of start thinking like how your brain works is how like everyone's brain works? i think bianca thinks wyatt is like her so she doesn't like him because well. you can guess. but i think upon meeting wyatt i mean he's just really like gentle really passive he doesn't like. like he doesn't hate magic. but it doesn't feel ingrained in him despite who he is he doesn't live for the battle like looking at him you see no markers that he's one of the most powerful witches of his generation and bianca's kinda just like huh. you don't have to feel the compulsive need to be the best at everything all the time and like make sure people know you're the best and also people kind of hate you for it because they'll never be as good as you so u decide to hate them first you decide you will be the bitch you craft a persona they're basically guaranteed to hate so when they reject you it's on your terms you wanted them to do that you basically forced their hand because the alternative is being genuine and that way if they do reject you it's not a mask they just saw you and didn't like you because let's be real there's not much to like. and wyatt's like hmm. no? i think she wouldn't really get along as well with wyatt as she would with chris because her and chris are very much both witches at heart you can feel it in everything they do but i don't think she like. doesn't get along with wyatt. i mean okay for starters wyatt kind of operates the opposite as bianca whereas bianca will throw up her stone cold alpha bitch mask before anyone can decide whether or not they like her again she kind of forces their hand because she needs this to be on her terms. wyatt does the exact opposite because again the elders almost killed him as a bebe and he's always kind of worried that some day they'll realize he as a person is just not worth the risk so he tries to be so super likable and genial and like. good witch!! at all times. and it's kind of like calls to like game recognizes game where both bianca and wyatt can tell the others wearing a mask no one's that nice and no one's that cold so like. i do think they like each other. they feel like they can be honest around each other (eventually. it does take wyatt a very long time to overcome that phoenix hurdle because again he's well read he knows what's up he knows they're like an organization of like superwitches smart deadly all of the above and he doesn't wanna be. giving up his secrets to them you know? much less the halliwell secrets. but i think once it becomes clear that bianca is her own person once she breaks from the phoenix then like. like you know they have to trust each other first. but once they do, they're buddies) i also think bianca's studied art history so i think they can talk about that and chris is like. okay? because like. no he gets it shure it's cool but also how long reasonably can you talk about a single painting like come on now.
as far as melinda goes i think like i think melinda comes off as really passive really kind a nurturing type like in her day to day life or whatever like oh she's such a sweetheart but she's kind of shy again like s1 piper is really my jumping off point for mellie that and she has leo's big heart That Being Said i do not think that shows At All when she's home i think she drags her brothers for filth like nail on the head baby she's like. if you're being a dick (which, between chris and wyatt, happens relatively frequently) she's gonna call you out on it!! in a very brutal and personalized, but at the same time still kinda funny way. she definitely has receipts. so i think just first hearing the way chris and bianca engage the way she like. like she respects chris's skills as a witch bianca does she thinks he's very talented she would trust him with her life but at the same time chris u fuckin idiot i think they have a very playful raport but bianca is very starstruck by him she's never lost in the layer and layers or fog that surround chris's identity i think like too many of chris's lis (not that he like ever does relationships really) are just kinda like. lost in the image. whether it's charmed one or brooding skinny brunet w daddy issues they are many images of chris u can see instead of the real one but bianca sees chris as he is which i think gives her immediate points from melinda melinda is also an empath and i do think bianca is protected against empaths but like melinda's like oh you two are In Love in love. as far as personal relationships go between melinda and bianca i think melinda would be the one who most consciously tries to make bianca feel like a part of the family like a halliwell. chris, respectfully, i love him, doesn't think of like. inviting her to some family events, especially not early in the relationship because like. he just doesn't. but melinda's like chris!! thanksgiving u gotta invite her 2 thanksgiving. because again. melinda can't feel bianca. but like. she's been an empath her whole life she knows what she's looking at and like. bianca needs a loving family. and she is totally willing to provide that!! and then for what it's worth i think despite all her skill bianca isn't nearly as good at reading mel as melinda is at reading her. like i think she sees the soft external melinda and then the melinda who roasts her siblings and is like okay i kinda get it. and like melinda want to be a nurse or doctor she wants to fuse her empath with a mortal career to best help people like sure. but i think like. but them on a solo mission together (i guess duo mission) and bianca'll fine she's just really misread melinda like in general what she thought she was looking at is not the witch melinda is and i think it's just because bianca's unaccustomed to seeing someone who has power like melinda who can fight like melinda who undeniably has her mother's unbreakable fierce spirit just be like how melinda is in her day to day life. like someone who's that great at what she does just choose kindness and gentleness daily not because the elders are breathing down her neck or like she needs allies or like she has some epic prophecy to fill she just like. chooses kindness because she wants to. she wants a kind world. and bianca's like huh. bc lowkey forgot that was an option. but it's difficult seeing all the shit bianca has.
in regards to henry i think henry jr and bianca get along famously because they just like feel really similar like. like bianca was never liked in the phoenix because well a) she's a bitch b) she's the best and c) like she was always clearly people favorite so like. others were it was jealously call a spade a spade this is like elementary era it's jealousy when you're eight and trying your hardest and the other eight year old gets praise the praise u really want and she didn't even try she didn't even care she didn't have to because she's just so much better than you. like!! yeah so kids at school never liked her, esp within the phoenix (ftr i think phoenix go thru a normal education system so like can like function/blend in real well in normal society and then Also go to phoenix academy, so kinda like what gen2 does with magic school). bianca's never fit it, but she's also wicked smart. so kinda like henry! like paige kind of runs magic school henry's sisters go there like henry's been at magic school. he doesn't take classes, but he's always there. he burns through the books in the library. he knows everyone just calls him the mortal, he doesn't care, because he also knows they know he's smart than them like if they could swallow their pride and ask him for help like most of these kids would become better witches but they don't because henry's a mortal. bianca doesn't care, the kid knows his shit. so what if he doesn't have powers, like, dude, he's basically a walking encyclopedia, and he's read the book of shadows cover to cover like a dozen times, do you know how rare that knowledge is? that's the sacred book of the warren line like that's a crucial ancestral item and henry's like. like in bianca's mind not only is henry a warren witch like he's Thee warren witch no other person alive knows that magic better than him. i also think they have similar senses of humor.
dency!! i mean i think if dency were born any later she'd be besties with like all the phoenix i think magic isn't at a stage where they're really integrated into society yet and there's still kind of that cultish structure but that's not the reason light magic doesn't engage right they don't deal with the phoenix because they're neutral so they will work with demons meaning working with them as a light magic practitioner is forbidden. and then for what its worth i think dency being demon/charmed one is really gonna herald in an era of just kinda like acceptance for those who are neutral or even born of dark magic but like. that hasn't happened. yet. but like. in regards to bianca specifically. i think they'd vibe. i think bianca would throw up her cooler than u bitch personality as she always does and i think dency'd be so into it. and then, of course, dency doesn't look down her nose at the phoenix like most other witches do, again, because she's the source's heir. from what vantage point can she judge others? i think for bianca just seeing someone who's so kinda unabashedly themselves like honest about it too dency's not like. a role model. like there's penn who's really put together and always trying to seem pristine and polite and then they're dency who like hasn't showered in four days because she's out of shampoo so she needs to buy some Then she can shower. there's like. an honest about being kinda uncool kinda a fuck up that makes dency like. cool. like because we all do it (maybe not specifically the shampoo thing, but) like we all have some elements of ourselves that are just kind of truly pathetic and dency doesn't try to cover it up with some shiny veneer she doesn't she not like wyatt with his perfect mask or even bianca with her bitch one dency doesn't wear a mask take me or leave me baby and i think bianca really loves her for that. it genuinely depends on were in the timeline in chrisbianca does bianca meet dency because like. dude. powercouple. i don't think it'd go anywhere i don't think we're necessarily hitting soulmatism or kinda the raw vulnerability we'll get from a latestage chrisbianca but like. dude. like. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀. like. !
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lilacmoon83 · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 21: Taking Chances
Emma stepped out of the Inn this morning in a dejected manner. Granny had told her in no uncertain terms that she could not keep the dog at the Inn. She had barely had him for a night and was already attached though. Sadly, she would probably have to take him to the shelter later, but she wasn't ready yet. She had picked up some dog food for him last night and his belly was happily full. So after he took care of business, they set off for the station. She noticed the new clothing store on her way, but before she could consider anything about that, she bumped into a fairly huffy Tamara.
"Oh sorry…" Emma said. The other woman huffed and brushed past her.
"Is there a problem?" she asked. Tamara stopped and then turned to her.
"As a matter of fact there," Tamara replied.
"Me?" Emma asked.
"Did you know that Neal has decided that he's moving here and not coming back to New York?" she questioned.
"Actually no...he hadn't told me that, but you certainly seem to think it's my fault!" Emma retorted.
"It is...none of this would be happening if he had never run into you again," Tamara accused.
"Oh trust me...he's the last person I wanted to run into!" Emma retorted.
"Look...he's not moving here because of me. It's Henry," the blonde said.
"If you guys win custody, then why can't you just move Henry back to New York?" she asked.
"'s complicated. I have a life here," she replied.
"Yeah, he said you have family here, which doesn't make any sense, since he told me that you were an orphan!" Tamara said. She narrowed her gaze.
"He told you that?" Emma asked.
"Yeah...he told me that, but I guess it doesn't matter what I want to him anymore," Tamara replied.
"So...what are you going to do?" Emma asked.
"I'm going to try to convince him that moving back to New York with Henry is what is for the best," Tamara replied and a stab of fear spread through Emma at that.
"You can't do that," Emma protested. Tamara looked at her in disbelief.
"And why the hell not?" she questioned.
"Because...Henry is happy here! And we're not cruel, unlike Regina. If we do win, we're not going to take him away completely," Emma exclaimed. Tamara huffed.
"So...if I do convince him to move back, are you going to stop us?" she challenged.
" a matter of fact, I am," Emma responded.
"That sounds like a threat," Tamara said.
"Take it however you want," Emma replied, as the other woman stalked off. Emma turned and nearly collided with another woman.
"Oh dear…" Narcissa said.
"Sorry," Emma apologized.
"No worries...that seemed intense," Narcissa commented.
"Uh yeah…" she said, as she watched the woman go into the new store. She was about to question her, as a new store was kind of a big thing in a town like Storybrooke, but she heard Mary Margaret call to her next.
"Good morning Emma," she said.
"Uh hey guys…" she said.
"Oh...whose dog is this?" Mary Margaret asked, suddenly noticing how familiar the dog seemed.
"It's uh...a stray," she answered.
"Wilby?" David asked in disbelief, as he knelt down and the dog went to him instantly.
"You know this dog?" Emma asked.
"He...he was mine, back in our land. We...we had to trade him for food the winter before I had to pretend to be my brother. It nearly killed me," David replied.
"Wait...he's yours?" Snow asked, as she watched a bright smile spread across her husband's face.
"Yeah…Emma, you found Wilby!" he exclaimed and then hugged her without thinking. Suddenly, he realized what he was doing and pulled back.
"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...make you uncomfortable," he stammered, as he looked at her stunned face.
"It's...okay," she assured him, as he and Mary Margaret pet him.
"Listen…Granny won't let me keep him at the Inn. I have to take him to the shelter...unless…" she said.
"Yeah...we can take him, right?" he asked his wife. She smiled at him.
"Of course," she said, as she realized exactly what this meant. She knew this dog and was stunned by what that meant, but the time to tell him was not now.
"So…I better go. I need to post a listing in the Mirror for a deputy," she mentioned.
"'re hiring a deputy?" Snow asked.
"Uh yeah...the workload without Graham is getting to be a bit much. Why? Do you know anyone?" Emma replied.
" should hire David!" she said.
"Oh Snow...I'm not sure that's a good idea," David chided. She frowned.
"Why not? There is no one better for this job. You were a Knight!" Snow replied.
"I know...but Emma needs someone that she completely trusts and is comfortable with," he said, getting a bit sad.
"I'm not sure that's me," he added.
"But…" Snow started to protest.
"Do you think you're qualified to be a cop?" Emma asked skeptically. He shrugged.
"What are you looking for?" he asked.
"Well...there's a lot of paperwork for one thing," Emma replied.
"Oh come on, Emma...paperwork?" Mary Margaret questioned. David smiled at her.
"It's okay," he told her, as he looked back at Emma.
"I did a lot of paperwork at the shelter," he replied.
"Okay…I'm looking for someone that is physically fit," Emma said.
"Oh, he is very fit, I assure you," Snow blurted out. David looked at her in amusement and Emma rolled her eyes. Snow looked at them sheepishly.
"I'll be quiet now," she said.
"I was a Knight, like Snow said. And I don't think I'm getting soft, nor do I plan to," he answered.
"Fine...what about weapons? Have you ever even held a gun?" she asked.
"It's curse memories, but yes," he replied. She un-holstered her weapon and handed it to him by the butt of the gun. He took it, took the clip out, un-cocked it, re-inserted the clip and put the safety on, before handing it back to her. Emma looked at him skeptically.
"Emma...I know I said I'd be quiet, but he jumped in and saved you from that crazy drunk. He's been putting his life on the line for you since you were a baby, he's saved my life more times than you know and many of our friends...there is no one better," Snow said, making the case for her husband.
"And…Wilby is a really well trained bloodhound. He'd be an excellent K-9 cop. In fact, you can take him to the station with you while we get breakfast," David added.
"Okay...if the dog is part of the deal, you're hired. Be at the station in an hour," she said, as she walked away. He smiled and Snow couldn't wait for Emma to be out of earshot, before she squealed in delight and hugged him in excitement. He chuckled, as she placed kisses all over his face.
"Wait...she didn't just hire you because of the dog, right?" Snow asked. He smiled.
"No...but she needs to think that she did right now," he replied.
"But why?" Snow asked.
"She's not ready to let anyone in. I get it...I was kind of a loner before you. She is too," he replied.
"But you're not anymore," she said.
"No...and she'll get there too," he assured her.
"How can you be sure?" she asked and he gave her a look.
"Because she's just like did I not see that?" she asked. He smiled and kissed her tenderly.
"Because I was never a loner or standoffish with you. Any walls I crashed through them on day one," he replied.
"When I hit you with a rock?" she asked with uncertainty.
"Oh yeah…I was in love from that moment on," he replied, as he slung his arm around her.
"You were not," she protested.
"Okay...maybe not then, but certainly later that day the moment you put my mother's ring on your finger," he said. She cuddled against him.
"I like that part of our story," she replied. He kissed her hair.
"Me too...come on, let's get some pancakes and then I have to go to work," he said. She gave him an excited smile at that, before they headed to the diner, unaware that Narcissa had witnessed the entire exchange envy burning off her in waves.
Regina sipped at her coffee, as the waitress took her plate. She had listened to Narcissa's entire story and while she thought her reasons for hating Snow were ridiculous, she didn't care if it meant making her pay. An ally that hated Snow as much as she did was exactly what she needed. Her plan wasn't much different than the one Regina originally had. She had planned to out Mary Margaret as the town tramp and then kill Kathryn to frame the murder on her nemesis. Once she was convicted, she would see that she made her way to a prison outside Storybrooke, never to darken her life again. There was no happily ever after or true love if she went to prison for life. Not even her Charming could save her from that. It was perfect...until they woke up and David divorced Kathryn to be with Mary Margaret. Then the murder plot was no longer plausible. But now...there was a new possibility. Narcissa had just texted her about an argument she had witnessed between Emma and Tamara, Neal's fiance. It was almost too perfect. Narcissa assured her that Tamara was expendable and pinning her murder on Emma was perfect. Sending their daughter and the Savior to prison would destroy Snow and Charming, ensure that her curse was never broken, and make sure her son wasn't taken away. Regina smirked deviously, as the bell rang and she saw the two idiots, blissfully embroiled in their own little sappy love bubble, walk in.
"Enjoy your happiness, because I will destroy it...if it's the last thing I do," Regina said darkly.
Many Years Ago
Narcissa watched her sister, as the tea was delivered and stood up when she saw Eva was distracted in a conversation with Johanna, the new nursemaid she had hired for her brat. With this many people around, she knew she'd be caught so she improvised. She took a sip of the tea and faked a gagging noise.
"Oh...that's horrid!" she exclaimed.
"Is something wrong with the tea, Your Majesty?" one of the servants asked.
"'s bitter! How dare you serve us this swill!" Narcissa exclaimed.
"I am terribly sorry, Your Majesty," the girl apologized. Narcissa was about to continue her tirade, but Eva intervened.
"Narcissa...there is no need to be upset or scream at the staff," Eva chided. Narcissa pretended to deflate.
"You're right...but I think I will make your tea, my dear sister. You must be careful what you ingest with my little niece inside you," she said sweetly.
"You've never made tea in your life," Eva reminded her.
"I know...but I want to. You should let me pamper you since you're the one carrying such precious cargo," Narcissa said, as she headed off to the kitchen.
Once she arrived, she found another pot of tea brewing and smirked, before walking toward it.
"You don't want to do that, Your Majesty," a voice said. Narcissa turned to find a red fairy before her, flanked by a peridot green, and dark blue one.
"What is the meaning of this?" she demanded to know.
"We're here to stop you...from hurting that little Princess!" Merryweather said.
"That little Princess is about to be the bane of my existence!" Narcissa hissed.
"Your vanity has clouded your judgement, Your is doing you a great disservice," Flora admonished.
"She is to be the fairest! She is going to steal my place!" Narcissa claimed tearfully.
"Oh stars no...your niece will be a great gift! She will do so much good for the people," Fauna claimed.
"Who cares about the people? What about me?! I am the fairest in all the realms! But my mirror says it will soon be her!" Narcissa said.
"She will be very fair...but her beauty will also come from within and that is something you are solely missing, Your Majesty. But you can change your ways and I am going to give you the chance to meet her," Flora said, as the potion disappeared from her hand.
"No...I need that!" Narcissa pleaded.
"Do not attempt to harm the baby or I will oust you to your sister and tell her exactly what your intentions for her child are," Flora warned.
"Meet'll see how good and wonderful she will be. You will love her," Fauna urged.
"Never," Narcissa refuted.
"Well...the Kingdom will certainly love her. She'll be good, kind, and beautiful," Merryweather said.
"Merryweather...please, you are not making it better," Flora chided.
"Well, it's the truth. You may be beautiful on the outside, Queen Narcissa, but you are hideous inside!" Merryweather accused.
"Merryweather!" Flora snapped.
"Heed my warning, Your Majesty. Do not force my hand to stop you," the red fairy warned, as they shrank to their fairy size and flew away from the enraged Queen.
"Can we return when she's born? I want to meet her now," Merryweather said.
"Oh yes...we will return for her Christening," Flora assured.
"Then maybe I can give her a gift...something in blue," Merryweather said.
"Oh no...something in pink will be much more suitable," Flora replied.
"It will be neither," Fauna said.
"Oh? And I suppose you think she should be in green?" Merryweather challenged. Fauna smirked.
"Peridot...and there will be something very special in Peridot in her future. But no...this one's color is most certainly as pure as her. She will be in white and all the animals will love her," Fauna said proudly.
"Well...white is better than pink I guess," Merryweather grumbled.
"Hmm...better than blue too," Flora agreed. Fauna shook her head at their antics, as they returned home.
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swynlake-spill · 21 days ago
Boba. Post the Henry/Rose fanfic. The people want to see 😤
consider this except my bday gift for one @knightley--phillip 🤪
Henry finds Rose in her dorm room. It's been mere hours, but it doesn’t feel like it. Each second has dug itself under Henry’s skin instead, setting his teeth on edge. He doesn’t understand that feeling but it’s chased him away from Ashleigh’s side and back to Rose’s, and there’s nothing he can do about it.
Rose’s door is slightly ajar so he knocks once (he is a very polite person) and enters. Rose sits on her bed, sharpening her collection of knives, which is a normal person thing do on Friday night.
“Did you get my texts?” says Henry.
“All eight of them?” Rose smirks at him. It makes his heart stutter. What is happening to him?
“Why didn’t you text me back?”
Rose lifts her knife to the light and the blade reflects a strip of light onto her face. Her eyes have never looked more blue, like the morning sky. “Where’s Ashleigh?” is her response.
Henry grits his jaw. He is not stupid, no matter what people on Twitter think. He understands what she’s implying but they’re friends. Yes, they have a deeper connection, something that defies mere definition, like two kindred spirits recognizing each other across an ocean of loneliness. They row against the waves toward each other. But that doesn’t mean that Henry is in love with her.
And yet when she puts the knife down and stands from the bed, her golden hair falling over her shoulder in waves, he releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
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cavillroast · 22 days ago
Soooooooo are we going to talk about the fact that good ole Hen's success ONLY comes when the project already has a built in audience? Superman, Mission Impossible, The Witcher and Sherlock all have fans with or without Henry. The man can't open a damn movie to save his life. No wonder people say he's C list. YIKES!
I'm a lazy man. I am just happy starring in anything that has a fan base already. No matter what, lots of thirsty fans that will only watch it for my C list cavillconda. And luckily after my dick and sick body, they'll also realize I'm an amazing actor.
Tumblr media
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lilacmoon83 · 26 days ago
Lightning in a Bottle
Tumblr media
Also on and A03
Chapter 30: Crosswinds, Pt 2
Aurora felt the phone buzz in her sock, as she stood out on the deck outside the beach house. She looked around and then pulled it out, reading the text.
"Need to hear from you or the deal is off," she read. It was from her military contact and she looked around nervously. She didn't want to work for them...but if she didn't, then it was quite possible that she would go to jail and never see her son again. For the moment though, she ignored the text and shoved the phone back in her sock, before going back inside. More passengers had arrived by then...including David Nolan and his wife. It was curious. Margaret Nolan was the only non-passenger that seemed clued in on everything and showed up wherever David went. Aurora counted eighteen other passengers arriving, nineteen if one were to include Margaret Nolan, who wasn't on the plane. But she kept coming back to how odd that was. While it was reasonable that some other spouses might know a bit about what was going on with them, those on the plane seemed to keep their loved ones out of this or at arm's length. But David chose to bring her into everything and even hearing Margaret speak, if one didn't know, they might think she was on the plane too. She was as heavily immersed in all of it, as much as her husband and she debated on whether or not to reveal that to her blackmailer.
She knew they would find it interesting, but she liked them. They seemed so close and so in love in a way she had never seen before. She shook her head. Nothing could get in her way of getting her son back.
"Thank you all for coming…" Fiona said, greeting them.
"And why exactly are we here?" Captain Liam Jones asked.
"Yeah...and she's not a passenger, so what's she doing here?" Leroy Miner slurred.
"Are you drunk?" David asked.
"What's it to you, handsome? Why don't you answer my question," Leroy replied.
"She's here, because she's my wife and I want her here," David replied sternly.
" back off and I hope you didn't drive here," Emma said, giving him a warning. He glared at her, as he saw the badge on her hip.
"Relax…I took a cab here, blondie," he said, in a surly tone.
"Okay…I know tensions are high, but we brought you together today to assess our situation," Glinda said.
"Why us?" Bethany asked.
"As you know, the Nolans were integral in helping rescue these passengers from a military black site operation. They were experimented on and with the exception of a couple, most remain unresponsive," Glinda said.
"We also know that when the plane exploded, these ten passengers had the same urge to go to it that we did. They just weren't allowed to come to the hanger since they were in captivity," Regina added.
"We think it's important that we all share our experiences since we know that we are definitely their focal group," she said, as she looked at the Nolans.
"You weren't why are you involved?" Liam asked suspiciously.
" is a derivative of my research that they were using to experiment with the Callings. Against my knowledge," Glinda responded.
"So you say," Liam murmured to himself.
"Well...if we're talking about experiences, then let's talk about the believers. They were waiting outside the courthouse when I made bail, fawning and trying to follow me. It's creepy," Bethany complained.
"I agree...these believers are always standing around the street. Before the plane, I was an entrepreneur and then I came back to nothing. No one will take me seriously now in the business world. It seems these believers are the only ones that don't hate us," Baron Samdi said.
"Well...there's a reporter after you two. Anyone else have the press following them?" Emma asked.
"Oh no...that's just golden boy and his pretty little wifey here that wasn't even on the plane," Leroy replied.
"Excuse me? You think we like being followed around by reporters?" David asked.
"You certainly seem to be in the thick of all of this," Leroy replied.
"My husband is the reason the passengers that were held captive are alive!" Margaret exclaimed.
"She's right," Regina agreed.
"Squabbling is not going to get us anywhere. I want this house to be a sanctuary for all passengers. I have it available until spring. Hopefully, we can help the passengers that were experimented on by then, but I think it's important that we stick together, especially with all the attention on us," Glinda reasoned. Liam looked at David and gave him a head nod, motioning him outside, as they mostly dispersed. David took her hand and followed him out onto the deck.
"Captain…" David said. Liam briefly gave Margaret a look, wondering if he could really talk with her there, but then decided that her husband would tell her whatever he said anyway.
"I don't think we can trust this woman," he said. They exchanged a glance.
"I'll admit, we had our reservations at first, but she's helped us every step of the way," David replied. Margaret nodded.
"He's right...believe me, I thought the same as you at first. But she has helped. She was there with us at the rescue," she said.
"Her research is the reason those passengers are vegetables!" he pointed out.
"This whole thing could just be another extension of the experiment and we're all her lab rats," he added.
"I get your caginess, but I truly don't think she has malicious intent," David said, but Liam didn't look like he believed it.
"You don't don't have people blaming you for the flight," Liam said.
"The government is all over this and this stuff in the wrong hands…" he said, as he trailed off.
"What stuff?" David asked, but Liam sidestepped him again.
"We can't trust that woman and this whole thing was a waste of time," he hissed, as he stormed off for his car to leave. David and Margaret exchanged another glance, before turning to find Aurora Rose there.
"I...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. But he seemed to be getting really agitated there," she mentioned. David let that slide for the moment and decided to ask her some questions.
"When you were held captive...did you ever hear them talk about someone called the Major?" he asked. She thought for a moment.
"I overheard a conversation that Jenkins was having on speakerphone with someone he called Major and he acted like he was afraid of her; like she was really powerful or something. She said that money was no object, because the Holy Grail was priceless," she said, with a shrug.
"I remember that, because it was a weird thing to say. I don't know what the Holy Grail is...but she wants it badly," she added. David's eyes widened and he looked at his wife.
"The Major is a're sure?" he asked. Aurora nodded and she was surprised when Margaret took her hands.
"Thank you so much...that's very helpful," she said.
"She's right...we really appreciate your help," David replied. Aurora smiled, a real smile, like she hadn't in a long time. She didn't remember the last time that someone had been kind to her or appreciated her. It felt nice. She watched them go and felt the phone buzz in her sock. She took it out and glared at it, before tossing it into the ocean.
Emma got to the station and dropped Paul's file onto her desk. She looked up and noticed that Killian was walking in the door, which was heralded by clapping. He looked a bit shy at the attention and she smiled, as she gave him a hug.
"Welcome back," she said.
"Thanks," he replied.
"I'm surprised to see you. You know you could have milked this for a few more sick days," she teased.
"I know...but I actually wanted to talk to you," he replied.
"Oh...we'll have to talk later. I'm trying to find a woman. She's the wife of a passenger that didn't show up at the hanger when we got back," she said.
"And before you ask...yes, the Captain signed off on the investigation," she added. He smiled.
"So fill me in," he requested. She hesitated though. She knew they needed to put some distance between them. He was married...and she couldn't have him. usual when it came to him, she caved.
"Her name is Helen Santino. He was an attorney before the plane...and apparently a good one. We're talking serious money. When he disappeared, it looks like she lost everything. Last known address is some crappy apartment in Astoria," she replied.
"Social media?" he asked.
"Yeah...that's the weird part. There's nothing...she's about our age, so it's strange that she doesn't have anything," Emma replied.
"Maybe she wiped it," he suggested.
"You think?" Emma asked. He shrugged.
"If Clorinda Taylor's reaction to her sister Tisbe coming back is anything to go by...then we know some people didn't react well to the plane coming back," he replied. She nodded.
"Everything before that suggests they were why didn't she show up at the airport?" Emma wondered.
"Maybe there is someone else," he replied, as their eyes met.
"Uh yeah...anyway, I think I'll go check out her place in Astoria," Emma said.
"I'd love to tag along," Killian replied. She was about to protest, but he was really good at this kind of stuff, so she relented and allowed him to follow her to her car.
David drove them home and out of curiosity, they started listening to Aaron Glover's 828 gate podcast on the way
During the 5 1/2 years that the plane was missing, the flight path, weather patterns, and telemetry have been exhaustively studied. The NTSB took eighteen months and it's full of holes. But I'm not giving up. I'll find the truth.
As they arrived home, David shut it off and they looked at each other.
"Well...he's definitely better than creepy Sidney Glass," Margaret mentioned.
"Yeah...but I'm still not sure we should trust him," David replied.
"There's only about a minute left in this one. Let's finish it," she suggested, as he turned it back on.
"That's about all for this episode, but don't miss next week's installment when we discuss the mysterious Major involved in all this and her quest for the Holy Grail," he said. Their eyes widened and they looked at each other in shock.
"The Holy Grail…" Margaret said.
"Just like Aurora talked about," he replied.
"I guess we need to talk to him, after all," Margaret said, as they got out and headed into the house.
"Hey Dad...can we shoot some hoops?" Henry asked. David smiled and took the ball from him. They would call Mr. Glover later. It had been a long time since Henry felt well enough to play basketball.
"Sure buddy...that sounds great," David said. Margaret watched him go and saw Olive on the couch with her math book.
"How was your day, honey?" she asked.
"Pretty about you and Dad? Did you find Johanna?" Olive asked. Margaret sighed.
"We did and she was happy to see us at first, until she realized we were there to talk about my mother's death," Margaret said.
"What happened?" Olive asked.
"She told me to leave it alone, stay away from Cora Mills, and then she practically kicked us out of her house," Margaret replied.
"Well, that's majorly weird and suspicious," Olive said.
"It was...and I didn't get a chance to ask Regina to pull my mother's medical files," Margaret replied.
"Well, until you do...we could poke around the Internet for more information," Olive suggested.
"Okay...let's see what we can find. You drive, Internet wiz," Margaret said, as she sat beside her daughter and they began looking.
A few hours later.
After helping her Mom do some research, Olive left the house with her gear and arrived at the rock climbing studio.
Lance unpacked the gear back in the box of his truck, as Olive approached and he smiled when seeing her.
"Hey Olive," he greeted.
"Hi Lance...thanks for meeting me. I know this is still kind of weird," Olive replied.
"It's not...just so long as your parents know," he reminded her. She nodded.
"They do...and they're fine with me continuing to do rock climbing," she said.
"That's how are they?" he asked. He said they, but Olive knew he meant her mother. She beamed.
"They're great...I mean Mom is her old self. With Dad back, it's like the light inside her turned back on and Dad is way more patient with me than I deserve," Olive said.
"Don't say're not half as bad as you make yourself out to be," he replied.
"Maybe…I think he gets that I'm not a little girl anymore, but he also still treats me like I am...but in a good way that I didn't realize that I missed," Olive confessed. Lance smiled.
"That's wonderful...and that's what a father does, no matter how old you get," he replied. She nodded, as they went inside the rock climbing place. They were unaware, however, that Sidney Glass was across the street in his car, snapping photos of them…
While shooting some hoops with Henry, David waited to hear back from the podcaster about a meeting. He hadn't agreed to anything yet, but Aaron texted back and agreed to meet for coffee. Margaret told him to go ahead and then pick up dinner on the way home, while she spent some time with Henry. He agreed and kissed her quickly, promising not to be long. He parked and arrived at the coffee shop, looking around in hopes that no one was watching him. He was a bit higher profile lately than he was comfortable with.
"Hey...thanks for meeting me," Aaron said, as he handed him a coffee.
"Thanks…" David said, as they sat at a corner table outside.
" listened, I assume?" Aaron asked.
"Margaret and I listened to a few episodes," he said.
"So, you're agreeing to be interviewed?" Aaron asked.
"Not yet…" David said.
"You have to understand that the passengers...we don't know who we can trust right now. We feel like we all have a target on our backs," he added.
"I get that," Aaron replied.
"But you might be able to earn my trust," David said.
"How?" Aaron asked.
"What do you know about the Holy Grail?" he asked. Aaron looked around.
"Where did you hear that term?" he asked.
"Not important…" David evaded. Aaron sighed.
"I have a source," he said vaguely.
"Can I talk to them?" David asked. Aaron shook his head.
"I can't reveal my source or the information will dry up," Aaron refuted.
"What can you tell me then?" David asked.
"Right after 828 returned, the Senate Intelligence Committee, House Appropriations started having secret meetings in which they earmarked millions to preserve the phantom shiner. It's a fish. Hasn't been seen since the 1940s. So why earmark funds?" Aaron asked.
"To pay for a Clandestine operation," David surmised. Aaron smiled.
"Very good, Professor," he teased.
"But all my source had was a fragment of a conversation he overheard. A senator said, 'It's the Holy Grail.' We have to be the first, or 828 blows up in our face," Aaron said.
"The Holy Grail? You think that's what the Major's looking for?" David asked.
"No, not literally. This isn't Arthurian legend. But it's something big," Aaron said.
" ready to go on the record?" Aaron asked.
"Not quite," David replied.
"But you told me I'll tell you something I know," he added, as Aaron listened with rapt attention.
"The Major is a woman," he revealed.
"You're sure?" Aaron asked. David nodded.
"And we know that it was a military black hawk that she came to Red Hook in, but we'd need someone in intel to trace it further," Aaron said. David thought back to Agent King and though he knew that he blamed him for Vance's death...he could tell that he truly cared about Vance. If he could somehow convince him that it might have been this Major that was responsible for his death, then he might agree to help them.
"If I could talk to Agent King...I might be able to convince him to help. But I need access to him. Do you think your source could make that happen?" David asked.
"It's worth a shot," Aaron replied.
"Good...make it happen and we can see about that interview," David agreed, as they shook hands and parted ways.
Emma and Killian arrived at the apartment building, which was the last known address for Helen Santino. Emma knocked and when they found no answer, they turned the doorknob, finding it unlocked. Thinking that might mean foul play, they drew their weapons and slowly walked in. They searched, but found no one.
"Clear…" Killian called.
"Clear…" Emma echoed, as they met in the kitchen. They found a carton of milk that had an expiration date that was well past. There was also stuff scattered everywhere, like someone left unexpectedly.
"I do not want to know what's in that carton," Killian joked. She snorted.
"She definitely left in a hurry," Emma said, as they looked through her things.
"She either left in a hurry or was taken," Killian said, as Emma found some documents and photos.
"Yeah...can you continue searching? I'm going to take these to Paul and see if it jogs his memory at all," she said.
"Sure," he agreed, though he was clearly disappointed that she was ditching him. Perhaps it was for the best. They couldn't be together anyway, but that didn't stop him from watching her go with longing...
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oncepacificnw · a month ago
Episode 122
“A Land Without Magic” 🥐 🍎
📺 May 13, 2012
Emma and Regina try to find a way to save Henry’s life.
Prince Charming attempts to escape from the Evil Queen, so he can reunite with Snow White.
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onceuponarewatch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Once upon a time a trio of bards, The Narrators Three, were called upon to unite the realms with episode by episode deep-dive commentary of the fairy-tale laden soap opera Once Upon a Time. Tune in for weekly retrospect sprinkled with judgmental fondness and hysterical disappointment as The Narrators Three laugh, throw shade, and have the occasional emotional breakdown. If you find tales of costuming, character takedowns, and plot devices that come with a price utterly charming, The Narrators Three invite you to join them for Once Upon a Rewatch!
Listen to Once Upon a Rewatch: Spotify | Apple Music | Anchor.Fm | Stitcher | Google Podcast | Pocket Casts | Radio Public | Breaker |
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ispcblog · a month ago
Ispc Blog: temp 1, episódio um
Como minha amiga queria que eu postasse mais coisas, agora os posts vão ser quarta e sábado ás 18:00 :))
Tumblr media
(07/05/2021, sexta-feira)
Se eu não m*tar um menino da minha sala, que vamos chamar de Bla, eu não m*to mais! Que garoto chato!
Pra quem não sabe do que eu estou falando, eu conheço um menino desde pequena. E tipo, toda vez que ele tem chance de me deixar encrencada, ele aproveita, enfim, o Bla é a pessoa que eu menos confio nesse mundo a partir de hoje.
(10/05/21, segunda-feira)
Presencial os serelepes.
Sério, essa gente só leva bronca, então vamos dizer que o novo sermão que eles levaram hoje da prof de ciências, não foi grande surpresa.
Meu.deus. Essa primeira temporada de Once Upon a time tá tipo- AAAAAAAAAAH
Meu deus----
Mas gente, a Emma se lembrou ou não? Alguém me ajuda a saber por favor?
Ta, o henry ressuscitou, isso foi ótimo, mas tipo, gente... a Regina vai tacar o terror agora que vai ter magia de novo!
(ps: ainda não sei se a temporada acabou, só estou nervosa de ver o próximo ep KKKKKKKK)
Branca e Encantado juntos são tudo e afins, tava cansada do relacionamento tóxico que eles tinham como Mary e David, eles eram extremamente insuportáveis assim! Só arranjavam briga e encrenca.
Indireta para o David: Meu querido... Da onde que vistes que mentir sobre uma traição, repito, TRAIÇÃO, vai te levar em lucro? Era só dizer pra mulher que tava com a Mary Margaret, aí não acontecia aquele escândalo todo e afins. Tipo, você viu do que chamaram a Mary Margaret! Obvio que viu! Até limpou o carro da coitada. Mas ainda sim, insistiu no erro. Obvio, era amor, mas poxa, era um amor bem tóxico, não acha? Pois eu achei, e graças a deus você lembrou de tudo e virou Príncipe Encantado, porque esse sim, é uma versão cavalheira sua. Enfim, seja melhor como Encantado porque como David, ah meu querido príncipe, você foi um abutre.
Enfim, vou continuar a assistir, qualquer coisa eu aviso vocês!]
(11/05/21, terça-feira)
Bom dia gente, deem parabéns pra irmã da minha amiga! (Não to muito animada porque eu estou com sono e vontade de dormir. Mas tá né, essa informação foi desnecessária, foi mal😪👉👈)
A amiga que tem irmã fazendo aniversário de 6 aninhos hoje: @solysurtos
Vocês vão ver esse nome (solysurtos) muitas vezes nesse blog, se acostumem com essa louca.
Agora... pra quem estava esperando, vou responder essa pergunta incrível: você está na segunda temporada de Once Upon a Time?
Bom meus queridos, a resposta é SIM!!! EU TO NA SEGUNDA TEMPORADA!!
Novidade 1: O Capitão Gancho, mais conhecido como o amor da minha vida (e o da Emma né), vai aparecer na segunda temp!! Então... se preparem para muitas notícias, porque quando esse homem aparecer na série... ah, meus queridos, O PARQUINHO VAI PEGAR FOGO!
Ele é tudo pra mim, é isso.
Novidade 2: Gente, meu primeiro trimestre está acabando. Então daqui algumas semaninhas eu vou receber meu boletim!😱 E tipo, eu quero orgulhar vocês né, já que isso era um blog de estudo antes. Então vou dar o meu máximo pra tirar de 8 a 10 nesse boletim! E talvez fazer uns posts mais aleatórios durante a semana sem ser esse tipo. Mas enfim, é só isso. Eu acho.
Beleza, não era só isso. Eu admito. Bom, agora são as 23:58, sim, ta muito tarde. Bom, estou m*rrendo de sono, então vou resumir. Capitão Gancho apareceu, estou no sexto capítulo da segunda temporada. Achei bem polêmico o jeito que ele apareceu na série né, um tipo de amante da Milah (???). Ai beleza, perdeu a mão por causa do iludido do Rumple, que aliás, tá me dando ódio. Mas tá, ainda acho Capitão Gancho maravilhoso mesmo sem a mão, E agora quero acabar a segunda temporada pra ver a terceira. Porque? Porque foi nessa temporada que eu comecei a ver Ouat. Sim, eu pulei a 1 e a 2 KKKK. Mas enfim, que o casal da Emma e do Killian chegue logo. Amém🙏🙏
Ps: to no tablet, se tiver algo errado, a culpa não é minha ;)
(12/05/21, quarta-feira)
Bom dia gente, hoje é day de postt! Yaaaay
Aliás, coloquei aquela fotinho do começo ontem, gostaram? Espero muito que sim, fiquei horas fazendo esse negócio, por mais que não pareça KKKKKKKK
Anyways, gostaro? :3
Tumblr media
(Vazou euzinha taehyung utted e afins)
Mas tá, espero que gostem do postt🌷💗
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peterpan-ouat-imagines · a month ago
In Hell I Will: Part 7
Hey you guys so I know I said that I would post this quickly which I shouldn’t have said because The end of the semester hit me like a truck. I’m sorry this took so long but I have the final part right here! Enjoy!
I stand frozen in shock of what he just said, “Peter, don’t play games right now,” I tell him fairly certain he is messing with me.
“Would your heart not be in my chest if it were one?” he asks me sincerely seeming almost defeated.
I sit next to him. “I trust you but still I have to be smart about this too. As much as I think I do believe you I can’t allow myself to break down my walls again just so you can pull some trick,”
“It’s not. I mean it,” he says sounding truthful. “I’ve never felt like this about someone before, I need you y/n. I know it sounds crazy but what if you stayed?” He suggests.
I burst out laughing, “Good try. I’ve really caused you to lose your game because the Peter Pan I know wouldn’t ever consider doing something like THAT. Me? In the underworld? When I’m not dead?” I ridicule his idea.
He looks down and I realize he was serious.
“Oh,” I say surprised with the realization, “Pan you know I couldn’t stay down here when I have people who care about me and want me that also belong up there,” I explain.
We turn to face each other and how he would risk what he wants for me makes everything I feel about him intensify more. I start leaning in and so does he but I know that pursuing this will go against everything I shared.
“Pan,” I look away, “If I did this again that would mean everything I told you was a lie. I don’t want to get anymore invested in something that I know nothing will happen with,”
“But you want me and I want you. Just let me get what I want,” he tells me.
“We both know how this’ll turn out. I’m gonna be stuck putting my heart in me so I can go back and you’ll stay here,” I predict knowing it’s accurate.
“Why are you giving up on us?!” He starts getting mad.
“I’m giving up because it’s easier than loving someone I’ll never be able to truly be with!” I take a breath, “Look Pan, I want to find a way for you to come back but I don’t know how,”
Despite me turning him away he keeps inching forward and I’m about to give in.
“What the hell is going on here?!” I hear Regina exclaim from the other side of the shop and I pull away with the moment ruined.
I hear Emma start explaining everything and I know I have to face them sooner or later.  I slowly walk into the front of the shop where everyone is, “Before you yell at me Regina, I know what I did, I am not proud of it but just fix it!”
“How do you expect me to fix a situation that could not be worst! I mean with everyone stuck, you’re in love with a demon...” she doesn’t continue.
“Hey! Yes I did do this.  I let love blind me.  I let myself fall for one of the most conniving minds down here. I don’t regret it though. Yes he put your sister in harms way but despite everything I still love him and he loves me,” I shout standing my ground.
“You can’t love him he’s!-“ David begins.
“What? A villian? Last I checked Hook was considered a pirate in a evil way. Now your risking so much for him by coming down here! I know we can’t be together but you can at least admit that not all evil stays that way,”
The room goes silent as I hold hands with Peter.
“I know it isn’t possible for him to go back up, but can we at least help him move on?” I ask.
“You won’t receive my help,” Regina says.
“Y/n, he isn’t worth it,” Emma adds.
“The amount of harm he has tried to cause, it’s too much, he doesn’t deserve it,” David adds.
I look at Hook hopefully but he looks away.
“You all should know one of the reasons I came here was to let you know Hades has opened a portal for us all to get out of here,” Regina finally says changing the subject. Of course she changes it I roll my eyes, “It is only open for an hour so how much longer till the squid ink wears off?” She asks.
“Longer than that,” Emma says.
“I might be able to undo it,” I say, “I have magic I also failed to mention,” I tell them.
“Why didn’t you ever tell us?” Emma asks.
“You know. I explained my backstory. I wasn’t going to show off all my skills with you thinking I was some helpless victim!” I tell them all.
“Please you don’t have the power to undo something so powerful!” Regina barks.
“Well I guess there’s only one way to find out. Let’s hope my training with my mentor paid off,”
I stand where I am trying to focus.  I close my eyes and hold my hands out focusing on how I feel.  I love these people, they are family to me. I slowly open my eyes and see I gust of light pink comes from my hands as I face them all not believing I am actually doing it.
After a few minutes I lower my hands and nothing happens.
“There has to be a potion or something to help us,” Hook suggests and be and Regina look around scouring the shop.
“Peter please tell me there is something here to help us!” I plead desperate, “I know that you want to go but we both know that you can’t and I’m sorry for that but it’s my family,”
He lays his hand flat and in a puff of smoke a dainty black bottle appears, “Pour this on their feet. It will free them,” I take it from him and nod.
I walk to each of them and drizzle it on their feet and they lift them up. They all look at Regina asking for details on the portal and she gives them clearly.
“There’s something else Hades told me before I came here. There is something called ambrosias garden. Hook would be able to come back with us if he goes there and eats the fruit,” Regina tells us.
“That’s amazing. Thank you,” Hook says and him and Emma leave.
I walk back to the office area when everyone is doing their thing and stare at my heart knowing I have to do what’s painful.
“It’s going to be painful. But you need it,” Regina says standing behind me.
“But by taking it again that means I’ll feel all my pain and emotions that have been going on without it. I don’t want to face that. Maybe I should just stay down here with Pan so I don’t have to,” I comment.
“Y/n, it will be hard. It definitely was for me when I had it in my chest when I was away from Henry for a year. But it’s the only way you can keep going,” she gently takes it and hands it to me.
I sigh and nod knowing she’s right. I take my heart and push it inside my chest carefully and I get overflowed with so many emotions. It all hurts so much. Feeling the love from Peter Pan I have be star crossed. Having love given to me by a family which I’ve never felt before. I start to cry from everything I’ve been through but not truly been feeling. Never again will I take my heart out.
It’s a race out as everyone leaves but I stay behind for a needed goodbye.
Once everyone goes I look for Peter Pan but he isn’t in his shop. I go out to look for him. He isn’t at granny’s either, or the docks. I finally find him at the well where we had our first secret meeting. He’s leaning in looking down into it. I walk up and stand next to him in his same position.
“I didn’t intend for any of this to happen. Either of our pain, having my heart out in me,” I begin skipping the obvious of how I’m leaving, “I wanted to-“
“Y/n please don’t. You said you would help me and you didn’t. I’ll still be here and you’ll be up with a bunch of people who may leave you,” he explains clearly mad.
Him saying that just adds another thing to weigh on my chest and I choking back the tears, “I’m sorry okay?! I asked for them to help you get back or even just move on! I just got my heart and feel horrible. I don’t want to leave on bad terms,” I tell him.
“Too late for that,” he throws a pebble in the well and walks away, “Goodbye y/n,”
I walk to the portal crying feeling my heart torn out of my chest as I got burned in the end just as I predicted the first time we kissed. How could I let myself be so stupid?!
We arrive back at Storybrooke and nothing turns out good.   Emma gets back in a mess because Hook didn’t make it, Tobin sacrifices himself for Regina and Zelena kills Hades, her love.  Of course there’s me too even though that doesn’t matter to anyone. Having my heart in my chest after all this time makes me feel so much more but realizing how cold I was without it makes me never want to be that way again.
Days later Hook somehow is alive again.  Something about Zeus giving him a second chance for defeating Hades.  Emma is overjoyed and I’m happy because he’s like a father to me but it still doesn’t fill the pit in my stomach I haven’t overcome of the man I love not forgiving me for the choice I made and leaving him behind.
“Y/n, can I speak with you in private?” Hook asks me. I nod, “Y/n, I wanted you to know that I was able to help Pan move on,” he tells me.
“Hook I love you, your family to me and I am glad your back but please don’t mess with my feelings.  I am still hurting very badly from this.  Especially with my heart back.  The emotions I’m feeling are unreal,” I tell him.
“I’m being serious,” he tells me with the face he always gives when being truthful. He was a damn pain but his unfinished business was how he never got the eternal youth he wanted. He shared how it was because of you he was able to let it go,” I knew that something that I had to do was honor all of you and honoring you meant helping him move on.  
I start to tear up, “You mean, he really is in a better place?” I ask hopefully.
“Yes,” He tells me, “He wanted me to tell you that he forgives you and loves you,” I am much more at ease knowing all of this, “You know I will never like Pan but the way he would talk about you really did show his feelings,”
I hug him tightly, “Thank you, you have no idea how much that means to me,” I shed a tear of happiness.
Knowing all this finally gave me the closure I needed to be able to live in the moment and be with my family. Now that they are all together with me and the one I hope to see one day forgave and loves me I can move on and be happy.
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oncepacificnw · a month ago
Tumblr media
Episodes 321 & 322 
📺 May 11, 2014
“Snow Drifts” 💍💃🏼 
“There’s No Place Like Home”🏘
Mary Margaret and David celebrate the naming of their son, while Emma and Hook fall through Zelena’s time portal to the past.
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