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#henry cavill one shot
henrys-little-princess · 9 hours ago
Something Warm To Drink
hi darlings!! back by popular demand we have more of henry taking care of reader! enjoy!! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
warnings: aftermath of a nightmare, reader is anxious/has a slight anxiety attack from nightmare
tag list: (inbox to be added!) @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill@lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18@pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Tumblr media
You startled awake from the nightmare. You didn't remember what it was, but it had left you shaking and trembling all over, unable to breathe properly and you could feel your heart beating out of your chest. Henry's arms, which were normally comforting, felt like solid weights around you and you shimmied out of his arms as carefully as your trembling self would allow, so as to not wake him.
You grabbed a sweatshirt from the end of the bed and tugged it on as your made your way to the kitchen on shaky legs. When you flicked on the light, it was only then that you realized that it was Henry's sweatshirt and not yours. It smelled like him, and you found yourself wrapping yourself tighter in it as you pulled a glass out of the cabinet.
But, you were still shaking so hard from your nightmare that you lost your grip on the glass and it shattered all over the floor. You stood, staring down at the shattered glass all around your feet and began to sob. Could nothing go right for you tonight?"
You looked up to see Henry standing in the entrance to the kitchen, blinking sleep out of his deep blue orbs. He was wearing just a pair of gray sweatpants and yawning, but you could see the concern on his face as he took in your clear predicament.
You felt more fat tears roll down your face. You didn't think that you could say anything to him right now.
"It's alright darling, you're safe," Henry whispered, keeping his voice down. "Are you hurt?"
You shook your head slightly and saw some of the tension in Henry's shoulders ease. Your bare feet might have had a few nicks on them from the broken glass scattered on the floor around you, but it wasn't anything serious.
"I'm gonna clean it up, alright? Don't move darling," Henry said as he went to the sink and wet a paper towel, using it to wipe up the glass shards after he had thrown the larger ones in the trash. Once he had cleaned them all up he lifted you onto the counter behind you and you rested your head against his chest. your shoulders still shaking slightly. The embrace that had felt trapping not ten minutes ago now grounded you.
"It's alright darling, it's alright. You're safe here with me, I won't let anything happen to you," Henry whispered into your hair, rubbing gentle circles onto your back. You pressed your face to the crook of his neck, right where you could hear his heart beat, and tried to breathe in time with it.
Henry held you long after your breathing had evened back out and your sobs had subsided, all the while murmuring words of comfort and reassurance. After several long minutes, he spoke up.
"Do you want to tell me what happened, darling?"
You felt tears prick behind your eyes again but you pushed them down. "Nightmare," you whispered. You didn't need to elaborate, Henry knew what you meant. "Came to get water."
"Why didn't you wake me?" his voice was gentle as he pressed a kiss against your temple.
You thought back to the way his arms had felt around you when you'd woken up, constricting. You shook your head against him. "Couldn't."
"That's alright," he said. "But you know that you can, if you need to, right?"
You nodded into his shoulder and he squeezed you again.
"I'm sorry about the glass," you blurted. "And the mess. And for waking you up, I know you have an early morning tomorrow. And for making you worry and-"
"Hey," he cut you off, pulling back to look at you. "It's alright. We're both here and okay. I'm not mad at you."
"Okay," you shuddered, not quite believing it, but leaning back against him all the same.
He indulged you for several long moments before speaking again. "How about something warm to drink?" he asked. "It'll help you sleep."
"Okay," you whispered, making no move to let go of him.
"You're gonna have to let go of me, darling." He smiled down at you, lazy and sleepily.
Reluctantly, you pulled back and Henry went to the fridge. He pulled out a carton of some kind of milk, it looked like, and then several spices from the cabinet and a sauce pan.
"My mum used to make this when we couldn't sleep as kids," he said as he stirred whatever was in the pot. "It works wonders."
"Anything made by you seems to," you muttered back, cuddling further into Henry's sweatshirt. He looked beautiful, the moonlight illuminating his bare chest as he stood in front of the stove, his hair messy and sweatpants untied.
"Well then," he said, reaching for two mugs. "Let's hope this one does too."
You took a slow sip. It tasted wonderful, just as you knew it would, and shed the last bit of anxiety from you.
"Is it good?" Henry asked from behind his own mug.
"Yes," you said, reaching out for his hand and pulling him closer to you, weaving your fingers together. "Thank you."
Henry pressed a kiss to the top of your head. "Anytime darling."
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Can I Rub Your Back?
hello darlings!! short one tonight, henry showing his girl some love and care! enjoy! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
tag list: (inbox to be added!) @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill@lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18@pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Tumblr media
You had had to work late nights for the last few days and your back was killing you. You really needed to go get a massage, but your busy schedule would not allow for it.
You adjusted your position for the fifth time in three minutes on the couch. You and Henry were watching some movie or other, but you were too preoccupied by the pain in your back to pay it much attention and Henry was starting to notice your discomfort.
"Are you alright, sweetheart?" He asked, resting his hand on your knee.
You winced, his touch had jostled your position and pain shot up your spine. Was it possible to have pulled a muscle from sitting still for too long? "I'm fine," you said.
"You don't look fine," he frowned, no doubt having noticed your wince. He looked you up and down, trying to figure out the source of your pain. "Is your back bothering you again?"
You nodded helplessly. You hadn't wanted him to worry, with sitting at a desk all day, this happened sometimes and it was was nothing to be concerned about, but Henry was Henry.
"Can I give you a massage?" he asked after a minute.
"What?" you asked, blinking at him.
"A massage," he repeated. "You look like you're in pain and it might help. I don't want to see you in pain."
Well. He wasn't wrong. "Alright," you muttered and Henry began to move around the cushions on the couch as you tugged off your shirt and laid down.
His hands were gentle at first, thumbs digging tentatively into your sore muscles, and muttering apologies when you winced here and there, but eventually he fell into a steady rhythm. And you had to admit that it felt just divine. His hands were working magic and with each pass you felt a little more of the pain in your back ease as he worked out your knots. Apparently his muscles were good for more than just to look at.
And, because it was Henry, every now and then he would pause and plant a kiss to your bare back, his stubble tickling your skin. You giggled into the cushions each time, slowly feeling better by the minute. You'd have to remember his magic hands next time you were feeling sore.
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starduststevie · a day ago
gratitude // clark kent x reader
warnings: fingering, sex, creampie kink. no minors
words: 4k
summary: after doing a favour for your boss, bruce, he shows you a little gratitude in the form of a certain mr. kent.
Tumblr media
Gotham was a compromise. It wasn’t a city you were particularly fond of at the beginning, but it had its perks. You wanted to start a new job away from home but your parents feared for your safety. It was a fair enough worry, considering all of the superheroes and supervillains…and everything in-between. Your safety was their priority.
They wanted you to be safe and a job opening in Batman’s city was enough for your parents to agree to let you move there. After a lot of convincing, in all fairness. They thought that you would only be bringing more trouble for yourself by moving to a place known for its destruction. They weren’t wrong about you getting yourself into unsafe situations considering who your boss turned out to be. But being Bruce Wayne’s assistant had many perks like money. Truthfully, the only perk that really mattered was the money. You got a lot out of it: the time to shop; the coveted black card; and the wardrobe you could have only wished for.
You were at your job for a whole week before all hell broke loose. You accidentally found out about Bruce’s secret identity after finishing Bruce’s timetable for the following week by finding the angry man hunched over his desk and bloody. You put the printed version of his timetable on his desk and made a beeline for the exit, not wanting to pry into your boss’ personal life until you saw the mask. Bruce knew you saw it and explained it all. That was about two years ago.
Now, you spend a lot of time making sure that meetings do not overrun or you occupy business partners when Bruce was off fighting people. A lot of conversations with Bruce ended with you with both your hands up saying ‘not my business, I’m not involved’ and leaving him to his cave. It was those moments where you earned his trust. You never pried and he opened up to you. Then you became friends which made working for him a lot easier. And he gave you a nice bonus for keeping your mouth shut.
You were told that you were going to Metropolis with a grand total of twenty minutes notice before Bruce picked you up. Slamming the door shut, you huff, letting Bruce know that you do not appreciate such short notice.
‘Brucie,’ you smiled knowing that Bruce hated the nickname and the teasing almost childlike voice you used. It only ever spurred you on, however. ’The next time you think it’s a good idea to pick me up before I have the time to even pack, I will kill you. Understood?’
‘I feel as if you forget that I’m your boss,’ Bruce laughed, not really caring about your threat. ‘Anyway, you don’t need to pack. If you want anything, just use the card. You know you can use it. Now stop being so pissy, we’ve got some serious shit to deal with.’
The car ride was fairly quick with you falling asleep about half an hour into the journey. It was embarrassing to realise that you drooled down your chin once you woke. However, it confused you as the car was at a halt. it was unusual for Bruce to make pitstops. This had not happened in the time you had worked for Bruce. He never stopped before he reached the destination unless it was a quick break from the road or he needed more gas. Something was up. You were sure of it.
‘Stay in the car,’ Bruce demanded, voice grumbly. He opened the door and left you inside puzzled. So puzzled that you aren’t even able to squeak out a sound of confusion or protest. He met some guy but you didn’t pay much attention. You tried your best to hear what was being said but couldn’t as they were too far away. The next opinion was to try and lip read. However, you were more than a little distracted by the man Bruce was speaking to. The tall man became far too alluring for you to actually focus on the movement of his lips. He was hot, to say the least. Tall and broad. You wanted to be underneath him.
Despite your staring, the man didn’t pay you any notice. You’re a little unimpressed about that but the conversation looks serious so you cut the mysterious stranger some slack. Biting your lip, you continued to stare at the man, hoping that Bruce wouldn’t return so you could keep looking. That was the hope but Bruce, as if he knew, walked back to the vehicle.
‘Who’s that?’ You tried to be inconspicuous but Bruce saw right through it. That could probably be attributed to the sly smile plastered on your face. When you turned to face the windscreen, you’re graced with the sight of the mystery man’s butt. Bruce shook his head and mumbled about it being nothing. You squint your eyes a little. You recognised that face from somewhere but you’re not entirely sure. ‘Wait…is he that reporter from last month? Are you talking to reporters now? Whatever happened to you not wanting to speak to them?’
Bruce glared at you to stop but you’re close enough with him to know that he wasn’t actually annoyed. ‘You’re interested in him, aren’t you?’ You glared back at him and said nothing. ‘Of fucking course you’re interested in him.’
You rolled your eyes like a petulant child and Bruce continues to drive until you’re at the hotel. Mystery man, well, mystery reporter man stays on your mind. It’s almost shocking how he didn’t make an impression the last time you saw him. Bruce handed you a file in the lift. ‘Can you get this sorted by the end of the day?’
You raised your eyebrow and flipped through the chunky file. Before you could respond, the lift gets to your floor and Bruce exits before you can murder him. He wants you to buy a bank. A whole fucking bank by the end of the day. You check your watch and realise it’s already midday so you only have another five hours to make Bruce Wayne the proud owner of a bank. And it’s not even one that has any real stock value.
Fucking billionaires.
Bruce added onto the unexplained and strange requests of the day when he drove you to a farm. The only thing he said to you was a brief ‘this was a thank you. ’
When you asked if he brought you a farm, he shook his head, and you’re glad because you’re not a farm girl and he knew that. He was more than fucking aware of it. Being covered in mud and shit was not your idea of fun and if Bruce thought it was funny to get you a farm, you probably would have killed him. Responsibility was not a gift.
The serious distaste you had towards all things outdoors may have had something to do with the time you ended up camping with an ex for a weekend. After the weekend, you were in such a foul mood when you got back to work that Bruce paid for a spa month to make you less grouchy. Smart man.
At the farm, you’re graced with the presence of the hot reporter again. You had more questions than answers but Bruce just tells you to wait. Standing behind Bruce was where you got the answers you were looking for. The conversation between Bruce and Clark, you learned, was about the bank and the house.
‘You should probably thank my assistant, she brought it. ’ You knew what Bruce was doing. He used his gruff voice and dismissed the situation. Being the slightly rude boss in front of a relative stranger so when you introduced yourself, Clark got to be extra nice.
Clark scratched his head. ‘I'm not sure how I could thank you. Maybe I could take you out for dinner?’
You were about to accept his offer when Bruce interjected and you were on the verge of punching him. Clark, too, looked unimpressed. By this point, you’re glaring at Bruce who made no move to try and placate you.
‘Even better. I had booked a restaurant for tomorrow night to celebrate the purchase of the bank but I have to go back to Gotham. You should take her. Everything has been paid for and I have a tab with the restaurant if you want anything extra.’
That was what Bruce meant by a ‘thank you. ’ You turned to your boss and smiled at him to which he did not respond. He knew you’re happy and that you were not going to kill him for the immense stress he put you in not even half a day ago.
On the drive back to your hotel, Bruce assured you that everything was arranged and all you needed to do was get a new outfit. On his dime.
‘You knew that you’re my best friend?’ you shot Bruce a cheeky smile as you took the Amex from his hands and he rolled his eyes. ‘Ah. A black card. I had dreamed of having thee in my hands. ’
‘if you’re gone have been a fucking weirdo about it, I will take the card back.’ You squealed a quick thank you and Bruce rolled his eyes. ‘Have you stopped being a fucking weirdo yet?’
Shaking your head, you pretended that you’re Gollum and the card was the rang. Bruce simply raised his eyebrows and pretended that he couldn’t see your stupidity. He dropped you off at some designer shops with the card and went off to get a coffee. You took your time and settled on a tiny black lace dress that hugs your figure and some strappy heels.
The car took you to the restaurant where Clark was already waiting for you. The tailored suit was most likely paid for by Bruce and again you were impressed with the thank you of your boss. You gently wave and smile at Clark as you were shown to your table. His eyes lingered on you a second too long before he cleared his throat. ‘You looked beautiful. ’
Carefully, you smoothed your dress as you sat, trying hard not to stare at the man opposite you. He smiled, showing his teeth and you tried your best not to swoon. Fuck. No man had ever made you clenched your legs together with just a smile.
‘Thank you. I hoped that i haven’t kept you waiting for too long,’ you tried to clear the arousal from your throat. Clark shook his head. He was a little dorky and out of it but you thought it’s cute.
‘So, how did a reporter manage to get an interview with my boss?’ The question was innocent but you both knew that you’re digging. The waiter filled your glasses with wine and Clark took a sip of his before he answered.
‘I believe that I am the journalist. How come you’re asking all of the questions?’ He teased, prompting you to giggle in response. ‘Do you really want to know?’
You nodded as Clark moved his face close to yours and whispered in your ear. ‘I really don’t want to talk about your boss when there’s such a beautiful woman in front of me. ’
His voice sent shivers down your spine. He lightly dragged his teeth over your earlobe before he pulled away and looked at you drunk with lust. You bit your lip, trying your hardest not to groan or give the rest of the restaurant any indication of what was going on between the two of you.
‘I thought that was a very good point, Mr Kent, ’ you leaned forward so that the top of your breasts was clearly in his line of vision. ‘You made a very compelling argument. Maybe I could help you supplement it. ’
Underneath the table, you kicked his leg as you spread yours open, letting him know that he should take a peeked. It may have been presumptuous to have skipped the underwear but it was a good decision overall. Clark took a sharp intake of breath and he swallowed hard.
‘You sure did but i couldn’t wait to explore a little further myself,’ Clark’s voice was low and husky. ‘But you shouldn't have teased me like this. You’ll never know what would happen if you got me too riled up. ’
The warning caused you to clenched your legs together once more. ‘Understand, Mr Kent. I would be wise to take that advice into account. ’
Clark nodded his head before taking a sip of his wine. It gives you a chance to look at his long, thick fingers and imagine how they would feel between your folds. The thought alone made you slip a hand between your legs to feel the growing wetness. Bringing the hand up, you showed Clark your glistening fingers which he took into his mouth.
‘But I think that I prefer the route that I'm going down now,’ you said, voice sultry. Beneath the table, you guided one of Clark's legs between your own so you could've gently ridden it, covering the clothing in your arousal. ‘It's far more fun. ’
‘you’re playing a very dangerous game right now,’ he growls, pupils dilated as he pushes his knee into your cunt, applying pressure just where you need it. He smirked, watching you bite your lip to try and stay quiet.
The pair of you continued to flirt until the main course arrived and you began to eat but Clark made an excuse to leave. The way he did so reminds you of Bruce when he was about to leave to become batman.
‘I'm sorry. I hoped that I could see you again,’ he sounded a little upset and maybe he felt guilty. You tried to smile and shake off the feeling of disappointment but your smile did not meet your eyes. With that, Clark was gone and you were left in the restaurant upset and still aroused.
When you went back to your hotel room, you’re a little tipsy and uncomfortable in the tiny dress you got. The alcohol eased some of the anger that grew after Clark's departure. Ripping the stupid dress off, you decided that if you’re not getting fucked, you’ll put some lingerie on and took some pictures. Maybe your ex would appreciate them…
You used the large hotel mirror, posing yourself and taking pictures as the black lace bodysuit hugged your body. As you looked back at the pictures, you realised that your eyes were angry and it took a lot for you to try and convince yourself not to let Clark affect your ego so much.
A knock on the door stopped you in your tracks and you threw on a fluffy hotel robe. When you opened the door, you were met with a sheepish looking Clark. He was wearing the clothes he left you in minus the tie and blazer.
‘I'm sorry I left dinner so abruptly. Can I make it up to you?’ His voice was light but you heard a hint of guilt in it too. However, it’s the boyish smile and sweet eyes that made you let him in. Clark made no effort to hide the fact that he was staring at your legs.
So, let me guess, you left because you were secretly superman and someone needed help?’ You were sarcastic and a little teasing but Clark looked like a deer caught in headlights.
He stuttered a little before finding his words. ‘How did you know? Did Bruce tell you?’
Clark looked concerned and you placed your hands on his arm to calm him. He was alarmed and it’s evident in his voice and it softened just a little when you shook your head. The confusion was still there, however, and you knew that you should tried and eased his worry
‘Nobody told me. I was joking but that’s not what you went here for.’ You wrapped your arms around Clark's neck and kissed him. Panting for breath, Clark pulled the knot from your robe and inhaled a sharp breath when he saw you. He pushed the robe off of your shoulders and kissed you again.
His lips were rough against yours and his hand roamed your body before his large grabbed your butt urging you to jump and wrapped your legs around him. The new position meant that your breasts were pushed against his solid torso.
From his kiss alone you felt your panties grow wet. You lightly tugged at Clark's hair before pulling away from him panting for air. He was absolutely intoxicating. As he was about to kiss you again, you placed a hand on his cheek so you could've looked into his eyes. Beautiful and blue. Filled with lust. His lips did not meet yours and instead, his head dived to your neck, nipping and kissing as you pulled his head closer.
‘Clark,’ you’re breathy and needy. He sensed how desperate you were for him as your arousal soaked into his shirt. ‘Clark.’
Your begs and moans got more high pitched as he continued to bite then left wet kisses to soothe the sting. Clark laid you on the bed and watched you. ‘Look at you, so fucking beautiful and wet. ’ He was teasing you and all of the confidence you had at the beginning of the night had faded.
You’re embarrassed but even more aroused by his cockiness. It prompted you to hide your face beneath your arms as Clark walked towards the bed. You jumped when his hand gripped your thighs and parted them.
‘Why were you hiding?’ your arm was then removed from your face as Clark's knee rested between your thighs to stop them from closing. ‘I've asked you several questions, baby. Can you not answer me?’
Clark dragged his knee across your clothed sex which did nothing but intensify your longing. Your core throbbed harder in anticipation of some further stimulation but Clark offered you nothing else.
‘You have to answer me,’ he demanded and you mewled in response. Clark just gripped your thighs and tutted. His knee ran over your core again. ‘Words, baby. ’
Shaking your head and squeezing your eyes shut, you tried to get something out.
‘Yes. I dressed up for you. ’ the words rushed and tumbled out of your mouth. You don’t even care that it’s a lie, you’re simply too desperate to care. Opening your eyes, Clark met your gaze. His eyes twinkle with amusement so you buck your hips far enough that you get some friction.
‘Please, Clark. ’ you despised how desperate you sounded but you needed more.
‘Keep your eyes on me. ’ Clark kissed your lips before he trailed butterfly kisses down your neck and stomach before stopping right above your panties. His head disappeared between your legs and you heard him sniffing. His nose brushed you gently before he returned to the top of your panties. As he slid them down your legs, he kissed where the fabric touched. The anticipation was killing you.
Your eyes started to flutter shut as you lifted your hips up for Clark to slide your panties over your butt. He grabs a cheek and massages it before returning to his mission. Once the panties were pulled off of you, Clark's faced returned to your sex. He licks a stripe along your thighs and you cry out in surprise and arousal.
He mumbled the likes of ‘so beautiful’ and ‘tastes so good’ against your core and the vibrations went through you. Your body shook under his touch and he loved it. He loved that his actions had you writhing underneath him.
‘Clark. ’ your breathing got heavy as Clark gently parted your folds and his tongue explored every part of your sex. ‘Fuck!’
Your body shook when he took your clit into his mouth and sucks. He was not too gentle but the slight pressure was enough to have you babbling and crying. You lose the rest of your self-control when he added a finger into your pulsing sex. You could've heard Clark's fingers worked in and out of you. Your slickness coats his fingers and the image alone was too much for you. You felt the familiar knot forming in your stomach as you cry out. Clark adds another finger and then another. It was then that the knot snaps. You cum around his fingers with tears down your face. Your chest rose and fell as your heart raced, feeling confined by your bra. Clark emerged from your legs and kissed you.
tasting yourself mixed with him was indescribable. You loved it. You greedily kissed him wanting to taste what he did and more. You tugged his shirt from his trousers and sat up to unbutton them. Clark undid them from the top and when you dispose of it, you straddled his body and kissed him again. You involuntarily buck against his bulge. Clark took off your bra and laid back down again.
‘I need you. ’ Your eyes fluttered shut again as Clark played with your clit. ‘Clark, please.’ your voice got higher pitched as you begged him. Reaching out, you grabbed his arm but you sensed some hesitation coming from him. You opened your eyes but it was still difficult as Clark continued to toy with your bundle of nerves.
‘I don't want to hurt you. ’ his voice was soft and a little sad but you knew that he wanted you.
You forced out ‘I trust you' and it was all that he needed before he pushed down his boxers so his cocked springs out. It’s bigger than you thought it would be. He was absolutely huge and the three fingers he prepared you with would not be enough. As he stroked himself, he asked again if you’re sure and you nod.
Clark got between your legs and coats his member in your juices. The sinful act alone had you on the verge of begging him. Slowly he pushed into you. He knew that he was big so he was as gentle as he could've been. Once he was completely inside of you, you’re in shock, unsure of how you’ve managed to accommodate his large size. He let out a deep groan before his arm was beside your head and you felt him watching you. ‘Go. Please. ’
Clark moved gently inside of you. You knew that he wanted you to get used to his size before he sped up. As he flicked his hips, you felt his cock hit your g-spot. Tears welled in your eyes and then Clark's fingers were on your clit again.
‘Faster.’ You begged and moaned between words as Clark hit places you never could. ‘More. I trust you.’
It was then that Clark got rougher with you. The sound of his balls slapping your legs fills the room with your moans. You scratched his back as he bottoms out inside of you. Your backed arches and then your handed trail down to his arms. You held onto him as tightly as possible. But then you couldn’t hold on any longer. You’re seeing stars and your walls clenched around him. He knew that you couldn’t feel any better around him but then your walls clenched, milking his cock. Your body begged him to paint your walls with his cum.
His pace was steady through your orgasm and you knew he was chasing his own. You’re panting as your walls still throb. When Clark pulled out, he appreciated the sight of you leaking his cum before he rolled over.
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You're Freezing
hi darlings!! i was feeling some more softness tonight and since its about a billion degrees where i lived, i decided to throw in a snow storm, lol! - xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated t!
word count: 900
warnings: brief mention/implication of hypothermia
tag list: (inbox to be added!) @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill@lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18@pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Tumblr media
You were walking down the block, trying to hurry home as fast as possible. Your car had broken down and of course it had started to snow again. You were walking as quickly as you could, but you were still getting cold.
You were concentrating so hard on getting home before your hands froze that you walked directly into someone.
"Oh, sorry," you muttered.
"No, I'm- Y/N?"
You looked up at the sound of your name to see your friend Henry standing in front of you. The two of you had grown up together and you saw eachother once every so often, but it had been awhile.
"Henry?" you asked, shoving your hands deeper in your pockets. "What are you doing here?"
"Just moved in," he said, gesturing to the house behind him. "And I was taking Kal out before the snow got bad again."
You nodded, noticing for the first time is American Akita standing next to him.
"And what are you doing out here?" he asked.
"Walking home," you said. "My car broke down on the way back from work."
In the dim streetlight you just made out Henry's brows furrowing together. "How long have you been walking for?"
"Only about 20 minutes," you shrugged, already beginning to move around him. "Really I should get going I won't want to keep you and it's only going to get worse-"
"Wait." Henry grabbed your arm but it pulled your hand out of your pocket and into his warm one. You winced at the burning sensation as Henry's frown deepened. "Your hands are freezing. Come inside and warm up, please"
"Henry, I-"
"Please," he whispered and it was almost lost in the snow. "I don't want you freezing to death."
Your stomach did a little flip. He looked so cute when he was worried.
No, Y/N, you stamped the thought down. You're just friends, nothing more.
"Alright," you conceded, following him inside.
His smile was relieved and the hand on your back was steady as he led you up to the house.
His house was still in various stages of unpacking and was incredibly disorganized, but Henry had never been the most tidy to begin with so you brushed it off. Still, he insisted on not only turning up the heat but unearthing a few blankets from a still unpacked box and making you tea.
"So," he said as he dug threw one of the boxes, pulling out a gaming headset, a few chargers, and then finally a mug. "How much further were you planning on walking?"
"Only about a half hour," you said. "My house is a few more blocks down."
Henry visibly blanched as he paused his hunt for the tea. "A half hour? You would have frozen to death in five more minutes."
You rolled your eyes, pulling the blanket that he had gotten for you tighter around yourself. "That seems a bit of an exaggeration."
"Your hands would have at least fallen off," Henry said, deadpan, as he handed you your cup of tea.
You fixed him with a look before thanking him for the tea and taking a tentative sip. It warmed you considerably and you shut your eyes at the pleasant sensation.
"Are you still really that cold?" Henry asked, frowning as he places his large hand on your arm and recoiled immediately. "Holy shit, Y/N," he muttered. "You stay right here, I'll be back."
He was gone before you could ask any questions so you just sat and drank your tea. Within minutes though he was back, holding a sweater and more blankets.
"Here," he said, handing you the sweater. "Put this on."
"Henry that's not really-"
"Y/N," he said sternly. "I will not have you freezing to death in my house. It would make for a terrible reunion and my mum would kill you."
You laughed, placing your mug on the counter and pulling on Henry's sweater. It smelled good and you realized belatedly that it smelled like him. You shivered and this time it wasn't from the cold. "You are right, your mum would definitely- what are you doing now?! Henry!!" you squealed as he picked you up and deposited you on the floor in the pile of blankets he had made while you had been putting on his sweater.
"Desperate times call for desperate measures, darling," he said, burying you in the blankets as your heart skipped a beat at the pet name.
"Well," you said fighting your blush, "If this really is a desperate time, then you better hold me. Just so I don't freeze."
Henry pretended to consider before engulfing you in his arms and his scent. You could actually feel his muscles under the layer of softness on his chest and stomach, how dare he be so comfortable? You fought the urge to burrow yourself deeper into his arms.
"Is that better?" he asked half teasingly, his breath hot on your neck.
"I think so," you squeaked.
You felt his lips ghost across your forehead in a near kiss. "Y/N?" he asked.
"Yes Henry?" you responded.
"Next time your car breaks down, do us both a favor and call me?"
"Well," you said, pretending to frown. "I will need to get to work tomorrow. And my car is still broken."
"That is rather unfortunate," Henry said, his lips still teasingly close to your forehead. "Perhaps it would be best if you stayed the night then, so that you can stay warm and so that I don't have to go to your house to pick you up in the morning."
"That sounds like a good idea," you giggled, unable to help yourself.
But Henry didn't break character. "I'm glad you agree," he whispered.
And then he kissed you, with passion and fervor and need, the taste of your tea mingling on his lips. You just had enough to time to think that this was way better than you ever imagined it would be before his tongue was seeking entrance into your mouth. And then as your tongues battled for dominance, the last thought that you registered was that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so bad if your car stayed broken down for awhile.
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I Know You're Not Asleep
hi darlings! i decided that we need a little walter softness tonight, so here you all go!! -xo poppet :)
soft!walter marshall x reader, rated g
tag list (inbox to be added): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18 @pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Tumblr media
You loved your boyfriend, you really did. And you loved when the two of you cuddled each other to sleep, because as much as Walter hated to admit it, he was secretly a huge softie who thrived on kisses and nudges and getting his hair played with. And you especially loved falling asleep in his arms, feeling safe and protected and warm and loved.
But you did not love when he hogged the bed.
It didn't happen often, but just enough to warrant you getting mad about it. It was a rare occasion where the two of you did not fall asleep in each other's arms and Walter felt the need to starfish on the bed like a big baby, silently begging for attention, as if you could ever ignore him. Because that was what he did, he wouldn't ask for cuddles, no, he would take up more than half the bed until you got annoyed and gave him attention. Sometimes it was endearing, but sometimes you wanted to kung fu him right not the floor.
Tonight was one of those nights.
Walter had gone to bed first after a long day at the office and you had been finishing up some work so you told him that you would join him later. It was now two hours later and you were ready to crawl into bed, only to see that Walter was taking up half of it.
You sighed and lifted up the covers. You knew that he wasn't asleep. He couldn't sleep without you. So you poked his bicep.
"Shove over, I know you're not asleep," you whispered as you tried to shimmy into bed next to him. Usually you loved your boyfriend's big muscles but he took up soo much room!
"No," he muttered against the pillow. "I'm sleeping."
"Uhhhh," you said incredulously as you finally managed to get into bed and pull up the covers. "Because people who are asleep can have conversations."
"I'm sleep talking."
"Sure," you rolled your eyes, but still smiled as you did the only thing you knew would get him to move: card your fingers through his hair.
The affect it had on Walter was immediate. Within seconds he had curled up against you, no longer sprawled across the bed, and was nuzzling his head against your hand, begging for more attention. His lips pressed lazy, sleepy kisses to your arms.
You pressed your own lips to the crown of his head as you settled into your usual position.
"You're a real piece of work Walter," you said. "You know you can just ask for cuddles."
"What if word got out that the feared detective had gone soft?" he asked.
"I wouldn't tell anyone," you promised.
"Hmm," he pretended to consider. "I'd rather protect my reputation."
You rolled your eyes. "Protect whatever you want, but try to sleep now. You have a long day tomorrow." He had a long day every day, but that was besides the point.
"You know I can't sleep without you," he muttered, his deep voice growing deeper with sleep.
"But I'm here now baby," you whispered. "Shhh, go to sleep."
He pressed one more lazy kiss to your cheek before closing his eyes and you continued to run your fingers through his curls as he drifted off.
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codenamewitcher · 3 days ago
Small Temptations || Geralt of Rivia
Pairing: Geralt of Rivia x GN!Reader
Word Count: 0.3k
Warnings: suggestive content
Requested by @ughdontbeboring​ for prompts 106, 109, and 134.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, I want to go to bed,” Geralt grumbled from the bedroom.
“Will you just give me a minute?” They sighed, continuing to rub in their favorite fragrance oil, trying to finish the process of erasing away the scent of the beast they and Geralt killed earlier that day. They’d already bathed three times and had to keep from a fourth bath as they still felt disgusting, but who wouldn’t when they were covered in monster guts hours ago.
“I promise you; you are clean by now.” He walked into the bathroom, prepared to drag them to bed but stopped in his tracks at the sight of his lover. His eyes slowly traveled up from their legs to their shirt clad body, not to mention it was one of his old, stretched out shirts. “I don’t think you realize just how tempting you are.”
They looked away from rubbing the oil into their arm and met Geralt’s eyes, a smirk finding its way onto their lips.
Geralt crossed the room, coming toe to toe with his lover. He couldn’t help but run both his hands up their arms, stopping to cup his hands at their neck and using his thumbs to tilt their chin up.
“If I wasn’t so tired, I would ravish you right now.” He huffed, his thumbs running back and forth along their jaw.
“I guess it a good thing I don’t belong to anyone else but you,” They purred. “Seeing as I’m so tempting.”
They placed a chaste kiss on his lips, then broke away from his grasp, heading to their bed for the night.
“Well come on, you wanted to go to bed so badly.” They said, looking bad at Geralt over their shoulder before leaving the bathroom.
A growl escaped from his lips before following after the menace that was his lover.
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist | The Witcher Masterlist
Geralt Tags: @alwayshave-faith​ @boiled-onionrings
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Hi! From the prompt list I would love to see what you can do for fluff 15 and fluff 28 🖤
hi darling!! ive actually already done a fic for number 15 here, so I'm just going to write the second prompt if that's okay!! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
taglist (inbox to be added!):@thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18 @pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Well, I Think I'm Pretty Irresistible
Tumblr media
Henry was late coming home. Again.
You knew that it wasn't anything to worry about. With production wrapping up on the set of his latest film soon the crew was having them pull several late nights in order to get everything that they needed and you knew it was taking a toll on Henry. You had half a mind to stomp down and tell the crew that the film wouldn't be any good if they didn't put the health of their actors first, but you knew Henry probably wouldn't appreciate that.
Still. You waited up for him every night no matter how absurd the hour was.
And it was nearing two am when he finally came in, trying to shut the door quietly behind him, as if you could possibly sleep without him.
"Hey honey," you whispered, walking up close to him and kissing him gently on his pink lips.
"Mmm," he hummed sleepily against you, his eyes gorgeous blue eyes threatening to fall closed. There were deep bags underneath them, the kind of bruised purple that only came from several days of staying up too late, getting up too early and pushing yourself too hard in between. Your heart ached for him.
"You look terrible," you said. "Like you haven't slept in a week."
"Well," he muttered. "I think I'm pretty irresistible."
You rolled your eyes and laughed a little bit. There was the Henry you knew, always cracking a joke no matter the situation. "You're always irresistible, but you'll be even more irresistible after you get some rest."
He groaned. You knew that he knew that you were right.
"What are the chances that you have off tomorrow?" You asked, crossing your arms as you stared at him. You mean business.
"You know what the answer to that is babe," he sighed, setting his backpack on the counter.
"Well then let's make the most of the next few hours, alright?" You said, reaching for his arm and guiding him to your shared room. "Do you want to shower or just sleep?"
"Showered before I left," he said.
You nodded and threw a fresh pair of underwear at him before changing into your own pajamas. Within a few minutes the two of you were ready to crawl under the covers.
You positioned yourself in your usual position on Henry's chest and his muscular arms immediately wound around your body and inhaled into your hair. Within a few seconds you heard his breathing even out and you knew that he was sleeping. He'd fallen asleep before he had even said goodnight to you, he must have been really tired.
"Goodnight honey," you whispered into the dark, kissing his bare chest before you closed your eyes. Hopefully he would be able to get the rest that he needed soon.
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mrs-cavill-wife · 5 days ago
• Touch Me •
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Female Reader
Warning: Virgin Reader. Language. Fluff Mention Of Insecurities. Mention Of Masturbation. Public Sex. Fingering (Female Receiving). Oral (Female Receiving). Tell me if I miss something.
Author's Note: You want more sexual content? You got it! So i was insecure and even a little awkward about my last sexual fanfic, I'm still not sure which words to use but I think it was ok for a first time. I want to dedicate this one to my new kink bestie, @pussyverson , she helped me with the title and I think our friendship is growing each day. Hope you guys liked it. Hope you guys like this one and if you do, reblog it. I'm all ears to feedback and suggestions, comment something, tell me you thoughts, I'm interested! DM or comment if you want to be on any Tag list.
Tag List: @lexyvaldez26 @thereisa8ella @natura1phenomenon @mrsavery @number1chonie @themanfromu @littlefreya @legendarywizarddetective @lovingbearherringhairdo @zealoushound @deangal-101 @everydaymultifandom @summersong69 @jgtfvhsg @tellingyouastory @sillyrabbit81 @nuggsmum @pussyverson @oh-for-fic-sake @foodieforthoughts @fanficlover91 @r-t-doll @its--fandom--darling @poledancingdinos @hlkwrites
Tumblr media
My vision is blurred, my legs are tired, my dress is starting to feel uncomfortable and my cheeks sore from faking a smile. Red Carpets sucks. People screaming our names and my eardrums in Heavy Metal rhythm, smiles forcing, at least on my part, shoes aching and squeezing my toes, flashes right into my orbes. Henry had an event to go, sort of like a British Oscar, I don't know, I just know that lately I'm not in the best mood.
But what don't I do for my boyfriend? Henry is very insightful. We've been together for a year and he tame me like he's known me for decades. When he looks at me with those big bright blue eyes, holds me tight making me gasp and places those soft, warm kisses on my mouth… yeah, it's impossible to resist, this guy is ridiculously adorable and handsome. God spent all the beauty stock to create this man, it's his masterpiece and not just outward beauty, inside he's one of the noblest guys I know, someone who cares about people's well-being, cares about the planet, the animals, a guy dedicated to his work, his family, friend and me. He's just amazing in all possible and impossible aspects. And today he's particularly deliciously attractive in that pale gray blazer and pants, bringing out the color of his eyes, his perfectly shined shoes, that white shirt with two buttons open to reveal some hairs on his muscular chest. And what about this beard? I've always loved him clean shaved but this new look is doing things to me, I'm in my ovulation period so things are really intense inside of me.
I almost forget how frustrated I am when he smiles at me, holding my hand tight with our fingers intertwined and his thumb caressing my knuckles. I just want to go home, lie under the sheets and cuddle with Kal.. because I don't think I'll be able to be near Henry.
The whole event was pure crap. I was trying to look comfortable, it's not my first event with my boyfriend but particularly today, I wanted to disappear. My farce is not just for the paparazzis and photographers, it's also for Henry, I know that sometimes he's not in the mood either, but these events are part of his life, it's important to him and I don't want to disappoint him, even tho I feel disappointed to myself.
The Award show was calm, at least, I was sitting all the time and I managed to relax a little, Henry would caress my hands, sometimes play with some strands of my hair. Or else, he'd wrap his arm around me as I laid my head on his shoulder as I felt his fingers making patterns on the skin of my arm. Sometimes I also felt his eyes on me, he was trying to comfort me, I was trying to mask it, but somehow he knew there was something going on. Well, I'll just play dumb, he no need to know.
After the event, already in the car, he indicated to the driver that we should take us back to the hotel but I know that events like this always have an After Party. I asked him why we were heading back home and he just hugged me saying it was obvious I was tired. I felt some hesitation in his voice, of course he wanted to go, so I informed the driver to take us to the party. Henry, of course, said he didn't have to, but I don't like to feel like a nuisance and I don't mind making one more sacrifice tonight.
Until now, it was being ok, Henry met up with some friends and was having a lot of fun, introducing me to some people, joking with other actors. We even danced a little, he doesn't dance, but he insisted, clearly trying to cheer me up. After the dance I went to sit down and claimed that my feet were sore, and it wasn't a lie. I sipped some champagne, looking around, sometimes feeling Henry's eyes on me, I tried to look away but when he was walking towards me with a confused look, I knew he would go into "Detective Marshall mode" and start interrogating me.
- Hey babe - He said smiling sitting in the chair beside me.
I gave my best smile without showing my teeth and he leaned in closer and placed his hand on my leg, which was a little bared from the slit of the dress while I looked away drinking my champagne.
- Love.. are you still tired?
- I'm okay. It's just my feet, they're swollen, these heels did a lot of damage.
I tried my best to look convincing but I don't think it worked.
- Do you want to go back to Hotel? - He looked worried into my eyes and rubbed my knee.
- No, baby.. it's just my feet as I said, it's alright. - I paused putting my hand on top of his - Go back to your friends, I.. I'll go to bathroom, retouch my makeup.
I placed a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth and got up after placing the empty glass on the table, I got up smiling at the big man, with a concern bigger than his heart, and walked towards the bathroom with his eyes burning into mine back. Call me an fat ass idiot, I'm ruining the night because of nonsense.
- Your.. dumb bitch - I talked to myself staring at the reflection.
I spent a few minutes looking at myself in the mirror. I washed my face with ice cold water, trying to wash the idiocy out of my head. It wasn't fair and I'm probably just overthinking. I ended up washing off some of the makeup and now there's only a little lipstick and the rest of the eyelash mask under my eyes. Well, I think I'll really touch up my makeup after all.
Already alone in the bathroom, I retouched the makeup, now leaving it softer and lighter than when I arrived at the event. The time it took made me calm down, decide to put my worries aside, it's a party and Henry is so worried, he's really sweet but he can start to get upset and I don't want it to end in a fight. Suddenly, I heard a soft sound coming from the door, probably another lady, I thought, until I see he behind me, with arms crossed, one of his eyebrows arched, eyes glued on me full of questions.
- That's Ladies, Henry - I said putting my lipstick back into my bag and looking at him through the mirror.
He came closer, uncrossing his arms and pulling his hands on my waist while we both still looked at each other in the mirror.
- Will you tell me what's going with you? - He laid his beard chin on my shoulder.
At least, he don't sound mad.
- I'm alright.. just.. tired, you right - I shrugged a little.
He moved my hips turning me around, now making me look straight to him, face to face and I put my hands on his chest, keeping a little distance.
- Well, them why you didn't left us back to hotel when I said? -
- Cause, you know, I don't wanted to be annoying, you're one of the biggest British actors, there's many eyes on you, I don't want to wake up with TV saying "Henry Cavill left party early due his girlfriend commands. She's trying to tame the actor" or some bullshit like that.
He frowned and held me closer.
- Know? I don't buy that. First, you never cared about tabloids and stuff. Second, I know you're not the biggest fan of those events but you never refuse a party, no matter which type. Third, you never cared about opinion of others, if you were really tired, you would tell me, there's no problem on that and fourth, from these three observations, I can conclude that you are a very bad liar.
See? Detective Marshall mood. Swallowing dry, I looked down with his eyes locked on me. I felt lost, guilty, dumb, he caught me and I'm out of speach.
- Sweety, tell me what's going on? - He lifted my chin making me look back at him but I really couldn't stare into his eyes - You never lie to me. I see there's something bothering you, actually, I see you've been a little different lately.
Ugh he's so adorable. Alright, it's not fair to be this childish with him, I should open up.
- I.. I.. shit, I can't - I looked down again.
- Why? You don't trust on me? - I heard a little sadness on his tone.
- Of course I do.. but - I sighed - It's just so dumb, silly..
He touched my face with his left hand and I could look into his eyes again. He had adoration, comfort, love into every inches of his expression.
- Silly or not, if it's bothering you, it's important to me - He smiled warming my heart - Tell me the problem, trust on me, let me help you.
He talked softly and got closer pecking my lips. With my fingers playing with his collar and with some fur of his chest. I left my heart open in front of him.
- Henry.. it's like.. we've been dating for a while and.. you know, couples.. they.. you know?
Oh God, I look so pathetic.
- Hey, breath baby. - He kept that sweet smile.
- Henry, you know I'm virgin.. - His eyes wided a little and I started to blush - I told you, I want to wait but now.. I'm not sure, I've been.. mast.. mastur.. you know what..
- Masturbating? - He giggled and my cheeks just burned more.
- Yes.. and.. I want you, know? - I held tight on his collar starting to feel relieved to open up - But.. I still feel insecure..
He looked at me with some type of way that I couldn't describe but again, I felt a little of shame.
- I fear, like, I don't know much, I don't want to disappoint you.. I can't even.. I touch myself but I don't even know if I'm doing it right, feels good but it's still.. weird.. I touch the.. the.. - I couldn't say.
- Baby, say it. No fear. I'm here to help.
I deep breath. Better just say everything now..
- I touch my clit.. but I fear to.. put a finger inside of me.. i fear it will hurts.. once I even cried cause I tried, i really did but.. i couldn't.. - I could feel my eyes getting teary - if I can't even put a little finger like mine, how will I handle yours? And your dick?
Henry looked stoic, listening me carefully till he smile again placing another kiss on my lips then leaning his forehead against mine.
- So that's it?
- Huh.. yeah.. like, I sounds dumb?
- No way - He caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers - My love, we all have our insecurities, you know I do too and we shouldn't feel ashamed, no matter what it is, specially when we have someone to help us, someone who loves us and I love you, don't ever feel fear again to share anything, ok? - I nodded wrapping my around his neck - I'm your boyfriend but also your best friend, your confident, everything you want and need.
At this point, I was already sobbing. My heart felt hugged and placed into safety. His words were the most beautiful melody, a healing sound.
- Yes, I want you too, I always find myself thinking about it but no rush, take your time, be patient with yourself, you are still discovering yourself and sometimes, we need to do it by ourselves, all alone. You'll go further with time.
He smiles comforting and I couldn't don't smile back.
- I know, I mean, I know now.. I just.. I want you so much but the fear don't let me.. I just wanted to know more.. i don't know..
We stayed in silence for a while. His hand were now rubbing my back, our foreheads still touching and slowly, I stopped sobbing, had no tears into my eyes anymore. Suddenly he moved away and looked at me. I stared confused and way more when his expression became.. fun?
- Know? I had a idea.
- Oh.. ok, which?
- You came here to retouch your makeup, I see it's done but it's missing something...
What? He's drunk? He don't look drunk but how did we went from my sexual frustration to my makeup.
- So what it's missing? - I looked curious at his grin.
Since when he understands or even gives opnion on makeup?
- It's missing a little color..
I tried to turn around to check on the mirror but he kept me in place.
- Maybe I should add a little of blush or..
- No no - He kept the smile and started to look down on my body - I have an better idea.
He kept his hands on my hips but now more lose while starting to knee in front of me. He touched the hem of my skirt and lift it up.
- Henry.. what are you doing? - My eyes now were wide open.
While one of his hands held my skirt up, the other ran slowly up one of my legs, causing me to tense up when it reached up my thighs, closer to that place then to the hem of my panties, sliding then until my knees. Now I don't know if I'm wet because of my ovulation, or his touch.. probably both. His soft fingers reached my mound, drawing imaginary figures, soft as the touch of a leaf, and in seconds, all the hair of my body were up.
- Henry..
His fingers reached my intimacy. His eyes were locked on it and I could see his beautiful smile full of lust as he found out how soaked I were.
- You want it - He looked at me reaching his face closer to my body - Then let me give you a little of it.
I nodded.
- Hold yourself on the sink.
He commanded and I just did. My mind were so numb, i barely could form words on my head anymore.
His soft mouth reached closer and closer, I could feel his breath against my sensitive part. He deposited a light kiss on my mound. I was in shock I couldn't react, my eyes couldn't believe on what they were saying and then he got a little lower. Reaching my slit then now, I could gasp deeply, holding my breath for a few seconds, feeling like a sightly and quick electric chock touch my body.
Henry started slowly, savoring me with his wide warm tongue, licking open and down through my opening making me delirious with the new sensations. He now moved one of his hands from my leg, where he were also holding my dress and placed both hands on my ass.
This new feeling were like.. all my senses were woke, my mind empty, my hands holding tight the marble of the sink that I bet I almost could break it, my veins bumping blood like it's a race, my heart beating like a drum from a rock n' roll band.. still all I could focus was how soft his lips touched my sacred area, the delicious sounds it would make. If paradise exist, Henry is taking me right now.
I couldn't handle much more, I started moving my hips against his face, holding my dress way higher giving me a better vision of his show. My mind were confused, lost, swimming on pleasure that my fingers never ever gave me and when I thought it couldn't get any better, he took back one of his hands through my petals, spreading them, playing with my juices and then, his middle finger reached my entrance, causing me a sightly fear that made me hold his wirst.
- Let me give you more - He looked deep into my eyes - I'm not going to hurt you but if you feel any discomfort, that I bet you won't, then I'll stop. Trust me, my love?
I could say his blue eyes looked darker, dangerous and exciting. His mouth now wet with my desire. I trust on him. I nodded. He smiled and took back his attention to my core, slowly shoving his finger into my body. I held tight the sink and my dress, closing my eyes pressing my lips together. The intrusion making my whole body allert to the new feeling. A weird feeling. But good feeling. He looked at me when his whole finger were inside and looked back into my eyes asking for permission.
- Look at me, love - I did - Can I?
I took a few breaths, getting used to his finger size. I think I saw a big bulge into his pants but still had a little shame inside of me that didn't left me stare back but the size, made me wonder if it would fit. After taking my time, i looked back at him, smiling and it was enough to him to understand.
Henry started moving his finger, up and down, slowly, kinda torturous but still amazing. Low moans started to left my mouth and it was perfect for Henry, his face were full of joy while he were focused on his "mission".
- You're so warm, so tight, delicious, so wet. - He deposited kisses through my thigh after each affirmation - and so mine.
With his other hand, he carefully spread my hood to expose my little nub and took his took to work there. Circling, dancing, fast, then slowly and faster again. He moaned and what a beautiful sound? Possible or not, i could feel it made me to get way wetter, easing his move on my core.
He started to move his finger faster and I tried to open my legs wider, getting lost on his movement on my clit.
- Don't.. Don't stop - My words came out through my needy moans.
He kept his moves and in few seconds, I felt like I would lose the control of my legs, the energy started to run through my body and to the rest of my body, I took my hand from the sink and dig my fingers into his short curls, trying to hold him closer as possible, feeling desperate.
- Cum for me, love
He talked with raspy voice quickly backing to my pussy. Tongue on my clit, moving like he tasted the best ice cream, finger moving fast and rough on my slit, the sounds of his mouth kissing her intimacy, the sounds from her core. And was this, my legs started shaking, my body convulsing, my hips desperately moving against him, I moaned loud as I could, without caring for who might hear outside this bathroom, right now it were just me and him, lost in our pleasure, on our world, I camed, as I never did before.
He slowly took his finger from my core before some last thrusts. He helped me to wear my panties looking at me with satisfaction while I definitely, couldn't even remember my name, like I got anesthesia after the climax.
He licked his fingers clean then helped me to fix my dress. Standing up, his hands were in my hips again. I took my time to recover my breath looking at his satisfaction and he stared at mine.
- I.. what was that?
He turned me around making me look at myself on the mirror while he placed a soft kiss on the curve of my neck.
- See? You no need blush. Now ou got all the shades of red on your cheeks - He smiled - on your neck, your chest..
He laid his chin on my shoulder while wrapping tight his arms around me, looking at me on the mirror. I moved my head giggling.
- You're terrible, Cavill.
He giggled back laying another kiss on my neck. He were so close I could feel his member. Harder than a rock. Rubbing against my ass. I arched my ass against him and he moved his hand on my waist making me to stop.
- Not now. I would love but I don't want your first time to be on a party's bathroom. I want to do it right, perfect, just like you deserve. It was just.. a little start. Be patient, alright? Slowly we'll reach further.
Nodding and smiling, he turned me around again and kissed me, passionately, his tongue had a new taste, a little salty but made me remember of cherry, strawberry, something fruity. It was my taste. He stopped the kiss with little pecks and looked deep inside of my eyes.
- I'm so proud of you, love.
And I was proud of me too, of us. And curious about what more he's going to give me after that.
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Heyy bestie!!!
I absolutely love your content 💖
Can you plzz do 3 from angst and 11 from fluff for me!!!
(This is my second request, sorry but I can't stop 😅😚)
of course i can darling!! this one was super fun, thanks for sending it in! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
prompts: “you owe me a kiss.” and “if you cared about me, you wouldn’t do this.”
tag list (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18 @pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
You Owe Me A Kiss
Tumblr media
"But Y/NNNNNN," Henry whined, making adorable grabby hands at you. "This is unfairrrrr."
"It's not unfair," you said, tucking the plug of his gaming pc into your pocket. "You have a concussion and should be resting, not looking at a screen."
Henry crossed his arms and huffed at you. He had taken a bad hit to the head two days ago on set and gotten a concussion. It was mild, thankfully, and he was expected to go back to work the day after next, but he was already going stir crazy. Which you thought you should have really expected. "If you cared about me, you wouldn't do this."
"I do care about you, Curly Fry," you said, putting your fingers under his chin and tilting up his face so that you were staring into his bright, Caribbean blue orbs. "That's why I'm telling you that you cant game anymore today. Not until you're better."
Henry huffed again. It was adorable that he was pretending to be mad at you, but you knew that there was no real malice behind any of it. "You owe me a kiss," he grumbled, leaning forward to nuzzle your stomach. "And cuddles."
You laughed and pulled him up so that he was standing and pressed your lips against his quickly. He whined as you pulled away, sliding your hand into his.
"You'll get more once you've taken your meds and we've laid down," you promised, pushing his curls back with your other hand.
Henry grumbled again, but allowed you to lead him to your room. The promise of cuddles was too strong for him to resist.
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If you aren't too baked up and if it hasn't been done already, may I request number 27 from the Fluff/General prompt list? "Why the hell is there glitter everywhere?" ✨✨✨
sure darling!! i loved imagining henry being confused with glitter, hope you like it!! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
tag list (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18 @pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
Why Is There Glitter Everywhere?
Tumblr media
You came home to the sound of the vacuum. While it wasn't unusual for Henry to vacuum, you were immediately suspicious. You became more suspicious when you heard him talking to Kal.
"No, Kal, don't eat that! It's not good for you and I do not have time to take you to the vet today. And don't run through the mess! C'mon Kal! You're going to ruin the surprise!"
"What surprise?" You said as you entered the living room where Henry was vacuuming. Kal was perched on the couch and there was something stuck to his paws. You looked closer, trying to see what it was.
"Y/N!" He yelped, immediately trying to hide whatever it was that he had been cleaning with his large, muscular body. "What are you doing home so soon?"
You tried to peer around him and he shifted, blocking your view again, but you just managed to catch a glimpse of what had been on the floor. "Why is there glitter everywhere, Henry?"
"Oh. That." he blushed as he turned the vacuum off. Kal made a noise from the couch and Henry glared at him. "Don't you rat me out!"
Kal made another noise of protest.
Henry sighed as he looked at you, impatiently tapping your foot in the doorway. "I was making you a birthday crown. And I spilled the glitter." He stepped aside to reveal a paper crown on the floor, covered in glitter.
"Oh Henry," you laughed, leaning over to kiss him. "That it so sweet. Thank you."
It was almost worth the mess he had made.
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Oh, you're doing prompts!!! Can I #17 in fluff? And make it super-duper-uper fluffy please! I just love to think of my beloved Henry getting to chomp on a cookie!
sure darling! i tried my best with the fluff - LOL! its a little short, but i hope you like it! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
tag list (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18 @pixie88 @dontmindmejustprocrastinating
prompt from this list, send me one!
You Promised Me A Cookie!
Tumblr media
"Henry!" you called form the kitchen. "Can you come in here for a second?"
"Yeah," He responded although he sounded distracted. You knew that he was playing World of Warcraft and could be at it for hours, but you needed help putting away the stand mixer on the top shelf of the cabinet and it was incredibly heavy. Okay well maybe it wasn't that heavy. You really just wanted to watch Henry use his muscles, but who could blame you?
"There's cookies!" you tried as a last ditch attempt.
Immediately you heard footsteps in the hallway. Bingo. You knew that Henry had a bit of a sweet tooth and couldn't resist a cookie.
He came running into the kitchen, staring at you and the mixer and the lack of cookies. He squinted at you. "Where are these cookies you speak of?"
"Can you put away the mixer?" You asked, fluttering your eyelashes.
Henry crossed his arms. "You promised me a cookie."
"Put the mixer away first." you said. "I only award big strong men with cookies."
Henry sighed but put away the mixer nonetheless, his back and arms muscles flexing fantastically under his blue tank top that matched the cerulean blue color of his eyes.
"Good boy," you said jokingly, pulling the container of cookies that had just finished cooling out of the lower cabinet. Henry's eyes widened and he reached for one excitedly.
"Ah ah ah," you said. "Kiss first."
Henry rolled his eyes but still leaned down to give you a kiss. While his lips were still attached to yours he reached around and grabbed the cookie container out of your hand.
"Thief!" You shouted, but didn't try to take the container back from him as he opened it and munched happily on one.
You sighed before reaching for one for yourself. What were you going to do with your big soft idiot?
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3. “what did you do?”
Henry Cavill and reader, finding her latest lingerie massive by🙏🏼
I’ve just lost weight recently, so I’ve gone on a massive buy mode, over 20 new sets plus it’s on of my weakness.... I’m a 16E so finding new sexy lingerie is my weakness I just buy🥰😵
Love you work❣️❣️ hope you have a fantastic weekend💝💝
thank you darling!! this was a fun prompt, i hope you like it!! -xo poppet :)
henry cavill x female!reader, rated m!
could be read as vague DDLG if you squint
tag list (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18 @pixie88
prompt from this list, send me one!!
What Did You Do?
Tumblr media
Your phone rang while you were out buying groceries. You smiled at the contact photo of Henry that filled the screen.
"Hi babe," you answered.
"Y/N" he said urgently. "I need you to come home right away."
"Why?" you asked, anxiety creeping into your stomach. "Is something wrong?"
"Just come home right away," he said again. "It's important."
He hung up before you could ask again.
You checked out and drove home quickly, anxiety still simmering through your stomach as your heart began to hammer. Was Henry okay? Had something happened?
You parked in the driveway and brought your bags inside. "Henry?" you called out, dropping the bags on the counter.
"In the bedroom!" He called back.
You ran off to the bedroom, not bothering to unpack the groceries. Henry still sounded urgent.
But when you entered the bedroom you stopped dead in your tracks.
Henry was standing next to the bed. On the bed was the wide variety of lingerie that you had bought recently. You hadn't meant to, but it was really cute and miraculously in your size and you hadn't been able to resist. Plus you had thought that Henry would like them.
Henry didn't looked pleased now though.
"What did you do?" he asked, his arms crossed.
You shifted from foot to foot. "I wanted to surprise you."
"How long have you had them?" he asked, keeping his stern tone as he blue orbs stared you down.
"Only about a week," you said.
Henry walked closer slowly, his eyebrows raising. "A week? And you didn't think to tell me?"
"I wanted it to be a-"
"A surprise, yes I know," Henry said. He was right on top of you now. You could feel his breath on your face. "Well imagine just how surprised I was when I went to put away your laundry and found a whole slew of gorgeous sets that I have yet to see my babygirl in."
Oh. You smiled at him bashfully.
"Get changed," he said, crossing the room. "And I hope that you didn't have anything else planned today because this is an emergency that we will need to remedy immediately."
You smiled and reached for your favorite new set on the bed. This was going to be fun.
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sotheresthis1guy · 8 days ago
Stay Close To Me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader (no “y/n”) {M/F}
Genre/warnings: praise kink, dom/sub dynamic, dd/lg, cockwarming, faint CNC, mocking tone
Word Count: 985
Summary: You’ve been with Henry Cavill (your boyfriend) for a while now and you each know one another pretty well. It’s been a long and tiring day for you. You ended up driving home early and want nothing more than to be with Henry this evening. He always knows just how to soothe you.
Notes: Let me know how my writing is! Send me is always appreciated :)
You step into your apartment and kick off your shoes with a sigh. Henry hears you from the kitchen.
“What’s wrong, little one? Why are you back early?” He asks with genuine concern. He had been at home most of the week since he has no new projects.
“Oh, just had a busy day. It’s so mentally exhausting dealing with incompetent people. I just felt burnt out so I asked for the rest of the day off.” You exhale.
Henry laughs lightly. “I understand that. Why don’t you change into your pajamas and we can spend some time watching a movie together?”
You smile “I would love that.” You first go into the bathroom and wash your hands to scrub the day off of you. Then, you change into one of Henry’s t-shirts without bothering to wear pants. Just my underwear is enough, you think.
You appear back in Henry’s sights and he whispers “Come here little one.” You both walk over to the couch and you snuggle up to him. “Let Daddy take care of you.” He says and plays a favorite movie of yours.
While you straddle his lap, he runs his hands over your neck, shoulders, arms…all the way down to your thighs. You love the feeling of his hands over you and relax deeper into the crook of his neck. Your hips slowly move on top of him and you can hear him groan.
“Are you feeling better, princess?” he asks.
“Yes daddy, I feel much better…you feel nice.” You mumble.
“Are you feeling needy, baby? I love how you move on me.” He tilts his head back to enjoy the feeling.
“Yes daddy, I need more.” You say as your hips speed up.
“Careful now, little one. I didn’t give you permission to cum. Slow down, okay?” He reaches down to feel how wet you are. “You need it that bad, huh? Remove your underwear and keep grinding on top of me. I want to take your stress away baby.”
You quickly stand up to remove your underwear while Henry lowers his pajama pants just enough to free his cock. He pats his thighs, and you climb onto his lap once again and slide your cunt over his semi-hard cock.
Suddenly, he flips you so you’re on your back and you gasp loudly. “I want you to make noise for me ok, my little one?” He keeps rubbing your clit with his cock.
“Oh please daddy, please! I need to feel you inside me. I can’t take it!” you moan.
“Aww, does my poor baby need my cock? You ‘can’t take it.’ ” he says mockingly. “That’s too bad princess, because I promised to make you feel good and I think what my baby needs is a nap first.” Just then he forces himself inside you and you both gasp.
“Daddy!!” you cry out. “I don’t need a nap! Please I want to cum.” You pout.
He picks you up by your sides and makes you sit on him while he’s still inside you. He strokes your hair lovingly and whispers into your ear “you can take a nap, baby. I want you to fall asleep with me inside you. I’ll let you cum after you rest, ok? I only want the best for my sweet little one.”
You start feeling sleepy at his words. There’s no one who makes you feel as safe as he does. You embrace the pleasure he’s giving you and fall asleep in his arms.
. . .
You wake up a while later feeling much better. Henry was gently thrusting into you and keeping you wet and ready for him in your sleep. The arousal you had for him before you fell asleep only heightened when you woke up.
“Oh you’re so sleepy little one. Did you have a good nap?” He asks. With your eyes still closed, you nod your head yes. “I could feel your cunt fluttering around me in your sleep. I know you had good dreams. Do you still want to cum?”
“Mmm, yes daddy. Can you please make me cum?” You mumble still waking up.
He smiles “You’re so eager for me…that’s what I like to hear.” You smile at his remark. He licks his thumb and rubs your clit until your brain starts catching up to how good your body feels.
“More daddy” you moan.
“Don’t forget your manners, little one” he warns.
“Please, may I have more?” you beg.
“Good girl. Yes you may.” He smirks. He picks you up and sinks you down onto his cock over and over. You rub your clit as the pressure builds up for both of you. “I can feel you cumming. Don’t forget to ask for my permission.”
“Please, daddy. I-I need to cum. Please I can’t take it.” You beg frantically.
“Such a good little girl for me, you can cum. Make sure to let our neighbours know how good I’m making you feel.” He groans.
“Ohh…ohhh. I’m cumming! Daddy, I’m cumming!!” That feeling of bliss makes itself clear and washes over you. You shake and shiver while thanking him over and over. “Thank you daddy, you cock feels so good!”
He cums with a groan and plenty of praise for you “Mmm…ohh good job little one. You’ve made such a big mess on my cock.”
He gently lifts you off of him and has you lie down next to him. “That felt really good daddy.” You say bashfully.
Henry looks down at you and brushes your hair out of your face “You’re so beautiful, princess. You make me so happy to be your daddy. Let’s just stay here for a bit, then we’ll have dinner.” He smiles with content.
You look back at him in awe and enjoy each other’s company for what seems like hours—you wish you could stay like this forever.
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itstheimpossibledream · 8 days ago
It’s Only A Play -Part 3
Word Count:3244
Pairing : AU Henry Cavill x FemBlack!Reader
Summary: We love a good slow burn. SMUT
The bag crackled in his large hands. You found yourself wondering why he even bothered delicately tearing the wrapping, when he could easily smash both the wrapper and cookie open in one fist. The fortune seemed so small in his hands.He held the paper back a bit further than you would have expected and you realized he was probably one of those people who needed glasses but refused to get them.He cleared his throat again."It says 'The art of living is taking the biggest chance.'"
"In bed." you said quickly
"What?!" his eyebrows flew up in shock but,he laughed to keep from appearing to hopeful.
"It's an American thing. You read a fortune cookie and at the end you add in bed. It makes every fortune cookie funnier, I promise."you said not breaking eye contact. He threw his head back and laughed even harder. It was a childish trick but, something about it tickled him so much he hardly noticed when his hat fell off of his head and onto Kal who had been peacefully sleeping in the slice of floor behind Henry's chair. His baritone chuckles echo through the apartment and you’re amazed that neighbors didn't even cross his mind as a concern in this place.Realistically he probably wasn’t even home enough to get a noise complaint. His laughing had lessened and you could feel him watching you. You knew people who had embarrassingly nice apartments but, nothing like this. This was just lavishly ridiculous.
"It gets lonely being here alone." He said evenly,reading your mind. "Family doesn't visit much and keeping friends with a schedule like mine is just..."
"Not easy ." you finished for him.You could feel his eyes boring into you carving out a space in your heart for him and you try to will yourself to stop. You both sat comfortable on the silence for a while, momentarily mutually mourning the lifestyle you lost to live your dream.
"Okay read yours!" Henry gestured to you cookie. You smashed it to bits,gingerly pulling out the paper fortune. You sat up tall clearing your throat trying to figure out if this fortune would be equally funny or if your childish trick had run it's course.
"You Are very talented in many ways in bed." You say bursting out laughing as he doubled over again.
"Come on! How come I couldn't have gotten that one" he jokes shrugging his shoulders.
" Just wasn't your fortune."you tease winking at him and getting up from the table.Okay so you were flirting with him,definitely flirting with him. But a highschool showmance was so unlike you. You knew the golden rule was to never go for your co-stars and yet here you were winking and shit. Maybe he'd ignore it , he really knew nothing about you outside of your work.
"So what made you like this story? When you got the script when did know you had to do it ?" He had moved from the table, his eyes shown brightly as he recovered his hat from the floor on his way. At the end of dinner you assumed it would be normal to grab your jacket and go back to your room.It's not like he had really planned for you to be over, and you weren't even friends so staying up this late with him to gossip wasn’t exactly in the cards. You had already learned so much more about him than you had expected to. He expertly moved to the kitchen,uncorked a bottle of wine he had chilling in the refrigerator and returned to the couch handing one of the glasses to you. So, now you were staying, I mean it’d be rude to turn down wine.
"Uhhhhh- well I think the relationship is relatable, it's real. It's not about these two perfect people but, it's about this perfect love they have... ya know?" You whirl yourself onto the seat on the couch next to him."To imagine what they were going through as a couple I mean- it must have made everything harder, these characters are from completely different worlds and they still choose each other in their own way. " He nods next to you , this was new. Geeking out with him about work wasn't what you expected but, you were actually enjoying it.
"So let me ask you something?"he pushes leaning in , He wrings his hands together and you’re distracted by the veiny passageways that mark down from his forearms."When do you think it would actually be necessary for them to have a sex scene?"he asks timidly.
"Right!" you exclaim! "I love Stephen but the way he directs it makes it feel so clunky !"you emphasize with your hands and he chuckles saying "Okay I'm so glad you noticed it too- like who has sex like this robots?"
"You know his partners have to be weird." you laugh , noticing how pointy his canines are. God, he looks like one of those twilight vampires, his stupid skin probably did shine in actual sunlight Not that New York would get any though,you acknowledge while making a mental note , not to drink to much of the wine that was clearly causing you to get distracted. You finish your glass and set it on the coffee table.
"Yeah I don't know i just think it's an unconventional love story and we need more of those." you smile , sheepishly meeting his eyes , going back to the topic of the show. His lower lip juts up as he nods,in agreement.
"Soooooo what's next?"you pop up, moving to his kitchen opening random cabinets, trying to find his liquor stash. You come across the empty bottle, of what must have been the wine you just drank and turn to him in the living room with a fake pout. It wasn’t that you were bored, or even that you didn’t want to spend time with him sober ;as much as it was that you desperately needed to cling to the idea that he wasn’t a good man for you.
"O. you can smoke out on the terrace if you want, and I don't have any more drinks here but,I can call down to the frontdesk to run and get you something.” Your eyes rolled so hard they almost fell out of your head.
"Of Course you have a front desk."you chortled to yourself.
"Hey, this is the flat the show is paying to keep me in not my own." he pointed at you in mock sternness
"No I'm okay. I don't smoke and drink all the time " you chided at him,he probably didn't really think that. He was just trying to drum up some conversation.
"and here I thought you were a real New Yorker." he jokes breaking into a toothy grin.
" I'm from a very small town-" you divulged with a sigh"definitely not New York.”
"Yeah- there's not many people from where I grew up around here either." he said plainly , moving to take off his rehearsal sneakers, for what was probably the first time since you had gotten to his place.
"You miss it a lot huh?" you ask
"I mean I go back often but, it's just much nicer to not have camera's up your ass all the time."he huffs, moving to the second set of laces.
"Ahh that good old Hollywood fame." you joke, with a sigh. He just smiles at you, beaming embarrassingly knowing he can never seem to say the right thing around you. For some reason busting his balls was somehow so much better than admitting to a feeling that you were becoming increasingly aware of,you wanted him.
"I'm not like a smoker smoker" you say, slicing through the silence "I picked it up from my ex and it just kinda stuck." you admit with a flippant gesture of your hand." But, only when I'm nervous or something."you felt the need to clarify.
"And why would you be nervous?"He smirked, pushing his shoes under the decoratively simplistic coffee table across from him and sliding down the front of the couch to sit on the floor. His thighs seemed abnormally large as he spread his legs out and started stretching. This time it was your turn to look away from him.You peeled your eyes,just as quick as he had before your shower. The confidence that radiated from him was absolutely maddening. You couldn't understand how any man could be so aware of their looks and yet still come off as slightly shy.
"I'm always nervous the first days of rehearsal.The new schedule, the new people, it's all just overwhelming at times." you divulged honestly. He pulled a knee into his chest heaving a sigh as you continued. "I wish I never started smoking though." you circled back.
"Do you wish you never met him too?"Henry asked, inquisitively peering up from under his hat as he switched knees. You exhaled slowly,fighting for the right way to answer that question.
"Sometimes yes" you nodded. "When I first moved to New York it was really tough, I felt really lonely too." you allowed your voice to trail into a whisper. There is a silence and then you can feel his eyes on you, your cheeks burning red-hot and the more you avoid looking at him the stronger the urge is.
"So that's why you're single." it was brutal but, you weren't upset.Long ago you had come to a similar realization about yourself. Plus, european’s had a way of sounding rude while simply stating facts, it’s part of what makes them so trendy.
"You've allowed life to make you become tough and jaded so you just don't date?Is that it?" he perked an eyebrow in your direction while removing his baseball cap.While you took no offense to his comment, that didn't stop you from hating it.
"Why do you care?" you asked immediately, choosing the defensive instead of going deeper and chasing him down the rabbit hole of honesty.
"See what is that?" he questioned.It was clear he was not going to be letting this go anytime soon.
"I'm trying to do the assignment. I'm trying to get to know you and you push me away."
"Don't be ridiculous."you roll your eyes toward him once again."I'm not pushing you away I just have boundaries and things I don’t want to discuss with you."
You push up from the couch and head in the direction of your room. It was not within his right to pry about your personal relationships,and truly there was nothing more to discuss. Plus, you knew if you stayed close to him a moment longer, you would give into his eyes and the beautiful vanes bulging in his large hand.
"Why?" he asked jumping to his feet,his agility momentarily shocking you as you turn to leave.
"Because I don't want to ! Because you're not-"
"Not what?" he pushes" I've been working around you and this thing between us and I don't why you can be blunt about everything else except this !" He got dangerously close to raising his voice and it stirred the butterflies in your stomach. Something about him being so stern with you set your sex drive ablaze. You could feel yourself biting down hard on your bottom lip and the more you refused to break eye contact with him the more fired up you became. You could see the honesty behind his eyes, he was trying with you, he was proving himself every step of the way and you hated how much you loved it.
"Fine. What is it? What's the THIS?" you ask sarcastically, staring directly at him. His face looked blank and you wondered for a moment if you had asked the right thing. He grabs your hand,falling back onto the couch and pulling you onto the couch on top of him.You quickly realize you are able to put yourself in a position where you can straddle him as he grabs your face, pulling you down to kiss him. You kiss him back slowly , taking time to explore with your tongue. You can feel his hand tangled in your hair at the back of your head and it does something wild to you. You grind down into him and you hear a slight moan escape his mouth.
You bite down suddenly on his bottom lip before coming up for air and he simply can't take it anymore. He wraps his arms around your legs and lifts you up by the bottom of your thighs, carrying you into the bedroom. You feel ridiculously delicate in his arms as he carries you. You break from the kiss momentarily, to make sure your head is ducking all the way under the doorframe as he holds you,smiling into your kiss.
You pull your own shirt off, letting it hit the floor with a loud 'thwack'. The noise momentarily wakes you out of your horny haze. As he lays you on the bed,you bring your forearm up to cover your eyes, in the vaguest attempt of shielding yourself from your own embarrassment. He pulls your pants off and while unsure ,you don't protest as he gingerly splays your legs open for him to see the wetness that had pooled in your underwear.
"O you're so wet for me now."he smiles from ear to ear as you peek through your hand just enough to see his perfectly chiseled chest and you shut your eyes again wondering if this could be real, if he's real.
" We're not done ."he smirks, grabbing you by the legs and pulling you towards him. He then gracefully flips you over onto your hands and knees facing away from him.He pulls your panties down and drags his large fingers over your wet slit and you arch your back at his touch. He settles one hand on your hip as he uses the other hand to work himself into you.You had imagined he was big, but when you feel his head poking into you, you knew your fantasies could never compare to the reality. He uses the hand on your hip to slowly pull you further onto him until you are taking in his whole length. Moving painstakingly slowly, in and out of you. You hear him moaning above you and then he whispers "Fuck” in that stupid accent before snapping his hips into you and pushing you forward. He uses his other hand to prop you up because he knows he's pushing way to hard for someone of your size. Slamming into your pretty little cunt over and over again. You let out his name and you allow plea after plea for him to let you cum. He pounds into you grabbing your hair and pulling your face up to meet his.After a few more thrusts he finally graces you with a reply.
"No." he says and then pulls out of you. Your body immediately feels drained, completely and utterly fucked out and somehow all you want is more. You hold the position for a minute breathing into the lack of movement when you look back to see Henry watching you. Working himself in his large hand, the veins in his arms bulging and a slight bead of sweat beginning to work it's way onto his forehead.
"Turn over" he commands, and as much as you want to move quickly your legs feel like jelly,the smile line at the corner of his mouth fades as he walks towards you and flips you over himself. He positions himself above you again and says "I want to see that pretty face you make when you cum." he smiles down at you sweetly. Pushing in between your hot folds again and the noise you make is downright pornographic. You know it , he knows it and only fuels the fire behind his thrusts . He reaches for your neck again, giving you a pale necklace of fingers and veins that contrasts with your skin . With his other hand you feel him grab at your hand and interlace your fingers with his, above your head. Your eyes fly open and he is looking directly at you, smiling a bit and you can tell he is taking you in. Revelling in all the tiny noises and ways your body responds to his. You can feel his pace quicken as his moans increase, it almost feels as though the longer you look at him the harder he fucks into you, challenging you, seeing if you can handle him. His curls begin to dampen and stick to his forehead, you watch while he looks down on you. He momentarily breaks having his hand at your throat to bring his own pointer to his mouth. You watch as he lighlty bites down on it while letting out a moan.It's almost as if he's trying to keep himself quiet, or burn this view into his brain, but he's to turned on to focus. He fucks into you harder and harder, you can't take it, seeing his teeth around his own finger made you absolutely feral. You cried out his name immediately and before you could realize what was happening you felt your walls tightening again under him. Your legs shook as waves of pleasure washed over you and you could feel yourself clamping down on him. He fucked you through the orgasm, and when it seemed as though you had recovered, he climbed up your body, forcing his cock down your throat, and came instantly. He shudders and makes deep grunts on top of you. You can't help but gag a little on his length as you try to take in the art that is his unclothed body. He hears you struggling for breath and immediately pulls himself out of you. He holds a thumb at the bottom of your chin and watches as you swallow every drop of him. When you're done you look up at him, giving him your best attempt at doe eyes and he turns your chin up for him to kiss you . Fuck. Fuck. you were not supposed to fuck your coworker.Especially not this coworker, you barely even liked him. After a few moments of making out the contact fizzled and eventually he was just laying next to you, breathing heavily.
"It's purely physical." you sighed, watching the small curly hairs on his pecs as his chest heaved.
"Is it?" he began laughing. His smile shone bright in the dimness of the room. He turns to face you, leaning in for a kiss again and you're to weak to deny him.
"Dammit." he whispers between your lips. You grab the back of his head pulling him closer to you, your mind to blissed out and high for you to think.He kisses you hard and then pulls back. He hops off the bed, chest heaving as he uses his forearm to wipe away the sweat. You sleepily roll over to face where he's going. Some minutes pass and before you know it your overly fucked body is begging for rest.You drift of to sleep feeling euphoria in the big bed.
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can I get #12 “how did you get in here”
And it’s reader surprising Henry backstage or something
sure darling!! i changed it a little so its reader surprising henry on set, i hope you like it!! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
prompt from this list, send me one!
tag list: (inbox to be added!) @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay @nostxlgia18
How Did You Get In Here?
Tumblr media
You were sitting in Henry's dressing room, waiting for him to be finished filming. You had come down to surprise him. You knew that he had been working hard filming season 2 of The Witcher and all of the hard work that he had put in was finally catching up to him. He sounded so burnt out during your phone calls and you knew that he was in dire need of some good old fashioned TLC.
You checked your phone again. Henry had told you this morning during your call that today was an earlier day and they would be filming done around 6. It was 5:58. The hair and makeup people had already come in, preparing to remove his wig after he came back from set. He should be coming back any minute now.
True to your guess, a few minutes later the door to the dressing room swung open and a very tired Henry walked through. He was out of his costume and was wearing just a pair of sweats and a zip up, but he was still wearing his wig and his makeup. He looked very funny and you would have teased him if he hadn't been so clearly out of it.
He was so out of it that it took him a good few minutes to notice that you were standing there.
"Y/N?" He asked disbelievingly. "What are you doing here? How did you get in here?"
"I made a few friends," you said, gesturing to the hair and makeup people standing next to you. "Now come here, you look exhausted." You opened your arms and Henry stumbled into them, pressing his face into the crook of your neck. The wig was rough against your skin and he was definitely getting his Geralt grime all over you but you didn't care. You wrapped your arms around him and squeezed him tightly.
After several moments of just standing there with Henry showing no sign of letting go, you whispered to him. "Love, you need to let them take off your wig and makeup and then we can go back to your trailer, alright?"
"Okay," he sighed, slowly pulling away. He pressed a kiss to your lips. "I'm glad you're here. I missed you."
"I missed you too, love," you whispered, grabbing his hand and squeezing it.
Henry walked over to the chair, never letting go of your hand and you rubbed his gently between yours. You couldn't wait to get back to his trailer and cuddle him. He deserved it.
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nashibirne · 10 days ago
Stressed Out
Tumblr media
Credits: Geralt edit by @nix-akimbo (hope it's okay I used it. Please let me know if you want me to remove the pic), Kate Moss (?) and Auggie from Pinterest
This short one-shot is for my lovely @legendarywizarddetective who is suffering from a bad headache. Hope this makes you feel better, boo 💜🤗
Pairing: Modern Geralt x August x reader
Summary: Your boyfriends August and Geralt take care of you when you are having a bad headache
Word count: ~ 700
Warnings: Fluff, implied smut, implied mmf threesome, polyamory, 18+, unbeta'ed as usual, please remember English isn't my first language.
I'm sure something like this has already been written multiple times, but I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the topic too. If you like this, you may also like my other stuff. Check out my Masterlist
@lunedelorient @inlovewithhisblueeyes @willkatfanfromasia @hell1129-blog @mis-lil-red @agniavateira @kebabgirl67 @omgkatinka @legendarywizarddetective @summersong69 @taebfada @xxxkatxo @madbaddic7ed @artandotherdelights @sweetlybigdragonn @notabronte @littlefreya @luclittlepond @eldarwen333 @meowpurrbooks @marantha @rn7rocks
Let's go
Stressed Out
"What's up, princess? You seem worn out." August looks at you with a worried frown.
"Yeah. Stressed out, are you not feeling well, honey bunny?" Geralt joins in, just as worried, taking your hand in his.
"It's nothing" you say, smiling at your two wonderful men. "Just a headache. Must be the weather."
"Oh no, babygirl, don't say it's nothing, when you're actually in pain." August states turning around to get a bottle of water from the fridge. "I bet you forgot to drink enough...again. How many times do I have to tell you?" He gives you the bottle of water and you smile gratefully at him. His tone and his words are strict but you know he means well, he always does, taking care of you, making sure you eat and hydrate because you tend to forget when you have a stressful day.
"Don't scold her, man. She needs care now, ministrations, not a lecture." Geralt strokes your hair and presses soft kisses at each of your temples. Once again you're stunned by his tenderness that doesn't really match the appearance of your tall, beefy, tattooed boyfriend.
"God, Geralt, you're such a softy. You know she needs a firm hand." Auggie smirks and gives you a wink. You know exactly what he's hinting at and the thought of his big hands slapping your ass while he's fucking you makes you blush. He's a great lover, rough and dominant, serving all your dark, kinky fantasies. He is the one who's there for raw, feral fucking while Geralt is the one for love-making.
He can be dominant too but in a gentle way, taking you to heights you've never even considered to be reachable. He worships your body in a way no other man ever could.
Auggie makes you feel like a sinner, a whore, dirty, bold and sexy, Geralt turns you into a saint, a virtuous, pure and powerful goddess.
And when they have their ways with you both at the same time, it's earth shattering, ground breaking, mind blowing, sometimes more than you think you're able to take but they always prove you wrong. You are capable, you can handle them both, you can be a sinner and a saint at the same time, fucked and loved by the dark and the light of your life. If your headache wasn't almost killing you, you would tell them to take you right here, right now, but you can't, your head feels like it's about to explode.
"Take these." Geralt opens your hand that's clenched to a fist and lets two painkillers drop onto your palm. 
"Thanks." You take his hand and press a kiss on his knuckles before you swallow the pills.
"Now come on, princess. Get up." August waits beside your chair with open arms and you stand up and let him hug you. His embrace is tight and gentle at the same time and you start to relax as soon as you feel his strong body pressed to yours. You're not a small woman but in his arms you always feel tiny. Like a child that's taken care of. You sigh and he lifts you up and carries you to your bedroom. He carefully lays you down on your huge bed, that giant playground you, August and Geralt share every night. Geralt covers you with the soft satin sheets and makes sure you're all cuddled up.
He grabs a little bottle from the night stand. "Close your eyes, angel." His whisper in your ear soothes your pain more than the painkillers ever could. "This is gonna help you relax." He applies a cooling liquid to your temples and forehead. You immediately recognize the fresh, ethereal smell that chills your skin and you know it's Japanese Mint Oil. One of the many oils, pastes and potions Geralt always has handy. Both men simultaneously kiss one of your cheeks and you're already drifting into sleep.
The last thing you hear is August's dark, suggestive voice. "Now sleep, princess. You'll feel better when you wake up and then we're gonna make sure to relieve your tension and free you from all that stress."
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henrys-little-princess · 11 days ago
Hi sweetie..can I please request a Henry x drunk!reader fluffy funny story with the prompt,
“yeah, well, if you weren’t so drunk maybe i would.”
sure! i am a little hesitant to write this one, but i think that it turned out okay, i hope you enjoy!! -xo poppet :)
henry x drunk!reader, rated T!
warnings for being drunk, alcohol, throwing up
prompt from this list, send me one!
tag list (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay
Maybe If You Weren't So Drunk
Tumblr media
"Henry!" you yelped, surprised to see a familiar face in the crowded party that your friend had thrown. "Whatreya doin 'ere?"
Henry smiled gently at you, but still placed a firm hand around your waist, which you didn't think was necessary. You could stand just fine. But you still leaned against your boyfriend, happy that he had shown up. He had told you that he wasn't coming tonight.
"I'm here to take you home," he said over the music. "Y/BF/N said that you had too much to drink."
"Whaaaaaaa?" you said, looking at Henry confusedly. But the action of pulling your head away from his shoulder made you lightheaded and you stumbled backwards. Henry's strong arms came up around you again and you giggled. "My hero!"
"And that's why it's time to go home," Henry said, securing his arms around you as he began to unsuccessfully herd you towards the door.
"But babyyy," you whined as Henry took the cup from your hand and placed it on a nearby table. "I go' all dressed up for ya and now ya wanna leave?" you gestured to the outfit that you had picked out with Henry specially in mind. "Don't you wanna stay and have fun wit' me babyyyy?"
"Maybe if you weren't so drunk I would and we could stay longer but for right now we need to get you home. You'll thank me in the morning," Henry said firmly manhandling you towards the door.
You continued to whine as Henry dragged you towards the door but you stumbled along with him. The next time that you went out you vowed to bring Henry with you.
But he was right, you did thank him for taking you home the next morning when you woke up with a splitting headache and he held your hair back as your threw up.
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henrys-little-princess · 12 days ago
Heyy love, can u do #13 "We can't go back in time, so stop trying to reverse what you said" and #20 "I'm done, we're done" and then them making up in a very cute way. 🥺❤
hi darling! of course i can do that for you!! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
warnings for assumed almost break ups and shouting (although it still is quite soft)
prompt from this list, send me one!
tag list (hmu to be added): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay
I'm Done, We're Done
Tumblr media
"You know I can't believe you, Y/N!" Henry shouted, his deep voice booming through your house. "I can't believe that it has come to this!"
"I can't believe you either!" You shouted back, placing your hands on your hips as you stood off against your boyfriend. "You can't just say things like that!"
"And neither can you!" Henry shouted, pointing at you. "We can't go back in time, so stop trying to reverse what you said by making me look bad!"
"You do look bad!" you countered. "You are not allowed to paint me as the bad guy in this!"
"You know what Y/N," Henry sighed, pinching his nose. "I'm done, we're done. We cannot play mario cart together anymore."
"Agreed," you sighed, sitting down heavily on the couch. You looked over at Henry and noticed that there was a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
"I'm sorry for pushing you off the rainbow road," he laughed, putting an arm around you and squeezing you gently, pressing a kiss to the top of your hair.
"And I'm sorry for cursing you out," you said, nuzzling into his chest. "Even if they were spectacular curses."
"They were indeed fantastic," Henry agreed, laughing as he leaned against you. "Want to order takeaway and watch a movie instead?"
"Please," you said, allowing Henry to get up and grab his phone so that he could order form your favorite place. You were lucky to have him, even if he did consistently cream you in video games.
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henrys-little-princess · 13 days ago
HELLO HI HEY HOW ARE YOU? 😀❤ If your requests are still open and if it hasn't been done already, may I request number 18 from the Fluff List with Henry please? : "Did I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?"
hi darling! im good <3 this is a super cute prompt and I had a lot of fun writing it! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
prompt from this list, send me one!
tag list (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay
Have I Ever Told You How Beautiful Your Eyes Are?
Tumblr media
You were in the kitchen making dinner when your boyfriend Henry came in to watch you. He leaned against the counter intently watching your every movement as you chopped vegetables for the two of yours dinner that night.
"See something that you like?" You joked as you kept chopping, sparing Henry a look as you continued chopping.
Henry smiled at you but continued to keep watching you, clearly content just staring. He didn't say anything
You felt a blush creeping up your neck as you continued chopping, just trying to focus on the task at hand and not that your beautiful, gorgeous boyfriend was staring at you like you had hung the moon.
You finished chopping and put your knife in the sink. You walked back over to the counter and Henry was still watching you. But this time he opened his mouth to speak as you took down one of the large bowls from the cabinet.
"Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?" he asked.
You jumped at his voice, your cheeks flushing an even deeper red as you took in his words. "Yes," you squeaked. "Thousands of times." You knew that your eyes were Henry's favorite part of it. There were nights where the two of you would sit on the couch and he would wax poetry about the color of your eyes and how he claimed that he could see your love for him in them, and your passion and your dedication.
Henry came to stand behind you, wrapping his arms around his waist as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. "Then I'll tell you again."
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henrys-little-princess · 14 days ago
8. “okay, where are all my jumpers?”
For Henry Cavill, winter has just begun in Australia and I’m digging out my oversized jumpers/ football jersey’s🥰
this is a cute one! thank you for the prompt darling!! -xo poppet :)
henry x reader, rated g!
prompt from this list, send me one!
taglist (inbox to be added!): @thereisa8ella @myloveforhenrycavill @lharrietg @little-brattyangel @nerra75 @mansaaay
Where Are All My Jumpers?
Tumblr media
You were out getting coffee when your phone rang. Winter was coming up quickly and while you hadn't really wanted to be out in the cold, the desire for a hot drink far better than you could have made yourself was too strong to ignore. So you had bundled yourself up in one of your boyfriend, Henry's, jumpers and a scarf as well as your jacket before heading out. You were particularly enjoying smelling your boyfriends leftover cologne and laundry detergent on the collar of his jumper while you were out doing your normal errands.
You looked at your ringing phone and saw that it was none other than your boyfriend calling you because of the funny contact picture that filled your screen. It was a picture that Henry had sent you while he was on set, making funny face in his Superman costume. "Hi babe," you answered with a smile.
"Y/N," Henry said seriously and your stomach dropped. Had something happened? Was he okay? You held your breath momentarily but his next sentence had you falling into a fit of giggled. "Where are all my jumpers?"
You laughed into the phone. Henry sounded so serious about his jumpers that you almost felt bad for stealing so many of them when you had been at his apartment last week. "I may have taken one or two," you responded sheepishly.
"Honey, I can only find two!" He said forcefully but you could hear the amusement in his tone. "Couldn't you save at least a few for me? It's getting cold out."
"I know that's why I took them!" you insisted. "It's not my fault that your jumpers are all big and warm and smell like you."
You heard Henry sigh. "Alright," he said finally. "You can keep some of them. But I'm coming over tonight to get the ones that I want back because I do not want to freeze."
You got to keep you jumpers and see your boyfriend? You smiled. "Okay. As long as I get to keep the blue one!"
You heard him groan. You knew the blue one was his favorite.
"Fine," he conceded. "But only because you look cute in it. And as long as I get to take back the gray one."
You bit your lip. He drove a hard bargain. "You can have the gray one as long as we can cuddle tonight."
You could hear the excitement in his voice when he responded. "Deal."
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