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thatoneguy2009 · 12 minutes ago
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bengalbytes · 22 minutes ago
This mark is a must on Helmets! This mark must be there, otherwise 5 lakh fine!
This mark is a must on Helmets! This mark must be there, otherwise 5 lakh fine!
Guidelines have been issued to the effect that all helmets must have the ISI mark Bangla Editor | News18 Bangla | June 13, 2021, 3:23 AM IST 1/ 8 An important decision has been taken by the Ministry of Road Transport Helmets cannot be manufactured, imported and stored without ISI mark Symbolic image 6 2/ 8 Failure to comply with the Centre’s decision will result in a fine of up to Tk 5 lakh…
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june-girl-86 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 16
Pairing: Din Djarin/Original Female Character
Summary: Din is back on Nevarro and has rejoined the guild to do his work. When he meets Liara there, the two slowly develop feelings for each other. But before they can really get to know each other, their adventure begins, leading them to old friends and letting them explore new worlds. In the process, they always have to be one step faster than their pursuers. Add to that the burden of responsibility Din carries on his belt. Will he be ready for it? Especially when he learns the truth about his past. How does one react when one has grown up with a lie?
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Warnings: Canon-Typical Violence / Love / Action&Adventure / Blood&Violence / Drama & Romance / Slow Burn / Fluff&Smut
Again, another piece of the puzzle for Din's past.
Warning: Death
Tumblr media
As Din walked towards the temple, he had two small companions quietly creeping behind him. He couldn't help grinning under his helmet. Probably the children thought he would not notice.
Wing was already waiting for him on the bridge and shook his head in annoyance when he spotted his grandkids.
"Cut out this nonsense. You can't tease the Mandalorian like that!"
Din put his hand on Wing's shoulder reassuringly and laughed softly.
"It's all right. I've never had such attentive guards on my side before!"
Yini stood bolt upright, proudly stretching her neck. Her brother, on the other hand, peaked out cautiously behind his sister. Wing sighed and rubbed the children's heads.
"All right, then. Keep being mindful, then!"
Yini grinned, grabbing her brother's hand, and the two ran off to leave town.
"Those two are just full of fluff," Wing sighed as he looked after the children, then looked at the Mandalorian.
"Well, I'll show you our find sometime!"
Once in the temple, the men went into the library and walked through the rows of shelves. At the end of one of these rows they then stood in front of a wall. Wing passed over a certain spot and a passage opened. They followed the steps that led into the catacombs. Their footsteps echoed off the walls as they ran down. After a few minutes, the stairs ended and the hallway widened. Two armed droids stood in front of a locked gate, and Din's hand automatically went to his blaster. Wing noticed.
"They're all right. They're guarding the contents!"
He instructed one of the droids to open the gate.
"I have to tell you, we expected anything when we discovered the room, but not this!" said Wing as they waited to enter.
Once the passageway was passable and the lights came on in the process, they entered. Din, however, remained rooted to the spot and had to collect himself first. Silver mettal plates were neatly layered as far as the eye could see. Din took off his helmet in awe, wanting to see this with his own eyes.
"Beskar!" he groaned in amazement, reaching for one of the slabs. He turned it several times, but found no stamp anywhere to indicate who the real owner was.
"We took a few of these that we could pay for the restoration of the city. Otherwise, I have instructed that this is no longer our property. This belongs to you and your people!"
Din continued to look at Wing in disbelief and put the plate back.
"How long have you lived here?"
"Since I was a child. And I've never met any Mandalorians here!"
Din shook his head. He could not believe this.
"Are there any other rooms?"
Wing shrugged.
"We didn't look any further. Was this find already due to chance!"
Din put his helmet back on and activated the HUD. He turned slowly and scanned the floor and walls. On his display appeared something reddish that looked like a cavity behind the wall. In front of it, however, were the Beskar plates. He gave Wing the information that he had discovered something and he instructed the two droids to clear the way. It didn't take long before they had cleared the plates to the side. Din knocked on the wall and could clearly hear that there was a room behind it. Wing helped him find an opening mechanism.
Din was about to activate his flamethrower to make something happen when Wing found it. He sensed the bump, far below, and pressed on it. A hiss and a rumble followed, and the wall slid open inward.
"Oh!", Wing groaned, holding his nose. The musty smell permeated Din's filter in his helmet and he held his breath for a moment. He activated his helmet light and drew his blaster as a precaution as he entered the new area.
Splash ... splash ... splash.
His light was reflected in the puddles of water that had formed on the floor. A drop fell from the ceiling onto his visor and he could follow the trail of water it left as it ran downward. Din guessed that they were under the pond and the water was now making its way through the ceiling. That's why it smelled that way. Wing was behind him, looking around and muttering.
"We're going to have to fix this. Not that the temple will be washed out!"
Din spotted a small box on the wall and opened it. The wires still looked intact. He pressed the switch next to it and some of the installed lights came on. It wasn't much, but he saw enough to turn his lamp off again. He stopped in front of another door, which also opened immediately. A large room appeared. There were several entrances on the left side of the wall, otherwise this had probably been the recreation room. A kitchen and a large dining table were in it. Chairs were neatly lined up around the table. Here, too, water dripped from the ceiling, onto the countertop of the kitchenette, and disappeared into the drain of the sink.
plop ... plop ... plop
Din went to the first door and entered a bedroom with several beds. The disorder that reigned in it seemed to him as if everything had been left behind to leave this place as quickly as possible. Din turned away, he could take a closer look later. When the next door opened, he could see some equipment standing inside, including a computer and crisscrossed boxes.
Din sat down at the table where the computer was and tried to activate it. It started to rattle, but the next moment it hissed and smoke rose.
"Dank Farrik!" groaned Din, startled. The humidity had not done the computer any good. Wing came in and looked at the mishap.
"Is it not working anymore?"
Din shook his head. The older man smiled.
"One of the prisoners you rescued knows about it. I could go get Swen!"
Before Din could even respond, Wing had already hurried out.
Meanwhile, Din searched the remaining rooms. Next to a large bathroom, he found another bedroom with only one bed. On it lay a small wooden box. A flag hung on the wall and Din frowned as he examined the symbol. It was the mythosaur surrounded by a tree. He touched the emblem and briefly a memory flashed in his mind, but he could not grasp it. He blinked several times and shook his head in irritation. Din turned back to the bed and opened the box. Loose sheets of paper lay inside with colorful designs. Apparently children's drawings.
When he went to put them back, a professional drawing caught his eye. It was a family. The adults were holding the child by their hands in the middle. They wore red robes and stood with their backs to the draftsman, looking out to sea. Din stared at the photograph.
The boy ran toward the water with his bare feet and stopped. As the wave sloshed back to shore, he hopped backward and whooped. He looked to his mother. She was sitting in the sand, smiling and waving at him. Her black hair peaked out from under her hood and moved slightly in the wind. At that moment he felt the wet on his feet, the wave had won, he had been distracted. His father stepped up beside him and grabbed him by the waist and ran off laughing. The boy stretched out his arms and breathed in the fresh sea air and flew across the beach with his father's help.
When Din opened his eyes again, he was sitting on the edge of the bed and his hand was trembling, holding the drawing. As he ran his hand over his cheek, as if feeling the wind again just now, he realized that he had pulled off his helmet. He hadn't remembered his childhood like this in a long time. His parents' faces had never been so clear to him as they were now, when he looked at the drawing. He had forgotten them...
He swallowed, put his helmet back on and rose quickly when he heard footsteps. He folded the picture carefully and put it in his pocket on his belt. He went into the computer room where Wing was standing with Swen. The men had been joined by Ahsoka. Swen smiled at the Mandalorian and shook his hand. In the other, he held a computer pad. On the table he had placed a toolbox.
"I hope there's something still salvageable!" he sighed, and began to disassemble the terminal. Wing turned to Din.
"Swen will fix it!"
He winked at the young man.
"I'm going to go check on the kids now. If you need anything, let the droids know!"
Din nodded and looked after Wing before returning his attention to Swen, who was still above his work.
After a few minutes, the latter pulled out a small plate.
"Let's try it!"
He plugged the disk into his pad and typed in commands. Din, meanwhile, turned to Ahsoka.
"Where's Liara?"
She smiled.
"Brix came in when we were done. I didn't want to disturb them when he was reading the fire heart. Liara is strong, she just doesn't know it yet. She found a connection right off the bat!"
Din swallowed.
"When I ask you if you can train her, I get the answer again that you don't?"
The Jedi nodded and smiled encouragingly at him.
"Right now, the first thing to do is find out what Nola left for her on the Fire Heart. And then we can decide how to proceed!"
He sighed, thinking about how Grogu had to hide his powers. Liara had some and didn't even know it.
"Did you know about this area here?"
Ahsoka shook her head.
"Only about the Beskar!"
Din was irritated.
"Why didn't you show it to Bo-Katan?"
She just looked at him for a while. Her eyes looked sad.
"You'll understand someday!"
Swen cleared his throat; he was ready.
"So there's a video on it and several audio recordings. Let's see if they are playable!", Swen gave the information to Din and activated the video. At first only sea noise was heard, then someone laughed and took off the cover from the lens. A man could be seen, renewed laughter. Then he looked into the camera and Din had to lean on the table. Ahsoka noticed the change in his posture.
"I'm sorry father, but he got away from Rina again. He refuses to be filmed. We were drawn yesterday. We'll have the picture sent to you!"
The man turned, looked at his family, then shook his head in amusement and the video ended. Din swallowed. He had his father clearly back in his mind's eye. And his voice. The last words on him that he had said to him. Ahsoka touched him on his arm below his shoulder piece and he looked to her. Even though he was wearing the helmet, he had the feeling that she could see how upset he was. Just as Swen was about to play the other records, one of the droids came rushing in.
"You guys need to get into the forest now. Wing needs help!"
Hurriedly, the two pushed past the people who were shopping at the market and ran toward the city gate.
A woman came towards them at the edge of the forest, she had a basket with mushrooms in her hands. She was holding her side and panting hard.
"The governor... The children... At the stone circle... They were attacked!"
Without consulting each other, they both ran at the same time, Ahsoka was a bit faster, his armor was not suited for a long distance run and his jetpack was in the silver lining. On the mossy path he had to be careful not to slip away. All sorts of thoughts ran through his head, almost ashamed that he was also worried about Liara. When he arrived at the stone circle, panting, he stopped and had to process the impressions that hit him. A dead Yuuzhan Vong lay half in the bushes and a strange man tried to revive Wing, he suspected that this was Brix and Ahsoka knelt in front of Yini, who lay on her side and did not move. Liara was nowhere to be seen. As if the Kiffar had guessed his thoughts, he interrupted his action and pointed into the forest.
"She went that way. The little one ran that way, too. I had to fight off the other one!" shouted Brix, pressing on Wing's chest again. Din looked for a moment at Ahsoka, who shook her head sadly, and he took off running. He activated his sensor and could make out parts of Liara's footprints. Smaller ones indicated Haos. But heavy ones were also visible. This had to be the other Yuuzhan Vong. The undergrowth grew thicker and something blue dangled from a branch. Din recognized the torn fabric. He looked around, then found the outline of a body in the moss. But it was gone. Din clutched the scrap of cloth and began to call out to Liara.
He got no answer, and he became painfully aware that the warrior had caught her. Din noticed how the blood rushed in his veins and his ears rang. He needed to calm down again, a panic attack wouldn't bring Liara back either. He clenched his hands into fists and tensed. But it was no use. His mental merry-go-round continued to spin. Liara was gone. How was he going to find her? Where had they taken her? Was she even alive? Din propped himself against a tree and leaned his helmet against the bark. He closed his eyes and bit his lips. First the droids that had taken him Grogu. Now Liara. But no Mayfeld could help him here. He slammed his fist against the tree. A rustling sound brought him back to reality and then he heard a soft whimper. He pushed a few branches aside and discovered Hao. He was boiling hot. He had completely forgotten about the child. The boy was curled up on his side, panting hard, and there was a red mark on his neck. Din knelt in front of him.
"It's okay, you're safe!"
Hao barely responded and Din gently took him in his arms. His body was glowing, he could feel it even through his armor. He hurriedly made his way back with him, looking down at the child again and again. Sweat had formed on his forehead and mixed with the tears the boy was silently shedding.
"Hang in there kid!", Din tried to keep him awake. But Hao was slowly falling asleep, his breathing becoming sluggish, and Din could feel the life leaving the boy.
Ahsoka was standing next to Brix who was frantically running his hands through his hair when Din appeared in the clearing. She walked slowly toward him. The Mandalorian shook his head and laid the dead child next to his lifeless sister. Wing had not made it either. Din felt like he couldn't breathe, ripped his helmet off his head and took a deep breath. Ahsoka noticed his reddened eyes. In the corner of his eye, he saw Brix suddenly stagger and collapse a moment later.
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sharo-maneru · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Got the yarn out again, adding to the Mob!Suma army. First up (because of Sugarsweet's fic ) - PinkBloomsuma.
On the hook; YellowMoobloom and pink AxolotlSuma. Pictures soon. ^__^
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letitrainbloodandbones · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Face of War by Mitch Grave
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merakimegumi · 2 hours ago
other anime: *their ships existing with legal one to three years of an age gap*
jujutsu kaisen: the closest to canon ship is a 5000 year old curse simping for a 15 year old kid with sea urchin hair and abandonment issues who as a delinquent and goes jumping into every opportunity to sacrifice himself like "wheeeeeeeee!"
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fandom-blackhole · 3 hours ago
I just had the most glorious of ideas....
Biker!Rex AU
Like would that be something any of you would like to discuss??? Because now its all I can think about....
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mwsnsports · 5 hours ago
Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell addresses Indy Helmet criticism, talks Calvin Johnson
Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell addresses Indy Helmet criticism, talks Calvin Johnson
Last Thursday, Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell was the subject of much criticism from wearing an Indy Race car helmet to his media session before OTAs. On Tuesday morning, he addressed the criticism, and responded to comments made by #Lions legend Calvin Johnson Download Our App for Apple: Download Our App for Android: Follow The Woodward Sports Network! Instagram: Twitter:
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t3chn0dragon · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Watch how this was made HERE!
Made this guy surprisingly quickly compared to the rest *glares at Aries.
Taurus happens to be the first zodiac of the group that has special effects in-game, hopefully I replicated them reasonably well :P
Commission info | | | Youtube | | | Instagram | | | Deviantart
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wherethesunisshining · 6 hours ago
this match is literally just me going “ow you poor thing” whenever someone gets hit in the head and nothing else
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roguetoo · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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crowcryptid · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In preparation for tomorrow everyone must wear their helmets
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slfmag · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jelixza Reyes for Helmet Lang Resort 2022.
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