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theonewhoimagined · 7 hours ago
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Warning: This is not a Chaol Westfall stan account. These are my thoughts alone!
Edit: This is a late post! Already halfway through "Kingdom of Ash" <3
Okay tbh, I still hate Chaol even after reading this lol my great dislike for him actually grew even more after TOD despite this book being his redemption arc. This is the first time I’ve ever hated a fictional character with so much passion lol I hate myself because of how much I shipped Chaol x Celaena back then.
Lesson learned: If a book is longer than a trilogy, then don't ship anyone until book 3 or 4.
Yrene is pretty cool because she doesn’t tolerate Chaol’s never-ending bullshit of an attitude. Loved seeing him get the kickback he deserves for projecting his anger towards people who have been nothing, but nice to him. But meh for her, she still fell for Chaol when Kashin was there. 😶 also, ngl I'd probably be happier if Chaol and Dorian ended up together hahaha
I absolutely cannot stand Chaol. If he’s not brooding and lashing out at everyone trying to help him then he’s either daydreaming about his old, comfortable life with Dorian or lusting after other girls AFTER LEADING NESRYN ON or being bitter and blaming Aelin for every shit that had happened. He couldn’t even end things with Nesryn before going after Yrene. I mean Nesryn is a smart woman so she knows, but Chaol was so preoccupied with his head is in his pants that he couldn’t be bothered. I swear he is even more notorious than Dorian. 🙄 He keeps saying Dorian is infamous with women, but Chaol, honey, you’re worse. While Nesryn is out there risking her life, Chaol is getting some. What an asshole. Lol I’m running out of colorful words to describe Chaol.
The reason why I despise him so much is because of the narrow and close-minded mindset that he has which blinds him from facts, and how easily he tosses aside, hurts and blames his friends once they don’t fit in with his rigid notions. I mean I’m glad he finally made peace with himself after, but his character is beyond saving for me. 😬
I just hate how he treated Aelin and I'm never gonna let it go. And don't get me started on when Chaol kept on painting Aelin in a bad light even all the way South. I would never forget how he kept on undermining Aelin and calling her a "monster" straight to her face. He just can't accept it when his (or ex) lover is more powerful than him because it hurts his male pride. Chaol hated Aelin because he gave up so “many” things for her. Okay, first of all, that was your fault, not hers because she never asked you to do anything. He hated her, but at the same time, he knows she's the only one who can win the war and keep Dorian safe. 🙄 WHAT A USER.
No way am I gonna let y'all forget Asshole! Chaol (oh hey it rhymes)
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This is not even his worst, but ya know the effect is still the same. YEAH, BLAME AELIN AGAIN, CHAOL. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT.
I mean he’s not even an outright villain unlike say The Darkling, but he is the worst. Irdk why, but Chaol Westfall really reminds me of Nate from The Devil Wears Prada, the fragile, soft boy who resents his partner's success:
Tumblr media
Putting everything aside, this book was pretty meh saved for Nesryn, and Sartaq’s adventures. I hope their backs are still okay after carrying this book so hard. Nesryn and Sartaq’s story was far better and exciting. Not to mention, Borte and Yeran omg the palpable tension every time they appear!! WE NEEDED MOREEEE!!
Meanwhile, Yrene and Chaol’s story was bland and already a tried formula – a snarky healer fixes the broken patient, both fell in love, and emerge together in the light. A recycled trope used in just 2 books prior. I can’t believe it was used again 2 books later when the execution of the trope in "Heir of Fire" is already top tier. TOD also gave me Crown of Midnight vibes zzzz 🤐. Not to mention that Yrene's sassiness is patterned after Celaena/Aelin though it's a bit understandable given their connection. Wait, there's a word for this. That's right, it's✨ PREDICTABLE.✨
Honestly, the need to pair people up is getting a bit tiring with a new couple springing up every chapter/book. I mean it is equally powerful to see the characters find healing on their own.
But all in all the best part for me is how everything and everyone is connected! From Falkan to Yrene's connection to Aelin. It's just so heartwarming to read how Aelin's momentarily kindness goes a long way and finds its way back to her. She gives without expecting anything and yet people and the ancient ones still shit on her. As expected, TOG's worldbuilding is still top-notch. Congrats to myself for finishing this cheesy and cringy book. I can't believe I actually dedicated a whole ass post for Chaol 🥴
That mf ending though. While Chaol was having a grand time, Aelin was definitely NOT.
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ammonitetheseawing · 17 hours ago
Can we all agree that Whirlpool is a living garbage bag?
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booksandothersecrets · 21 hours ago
Yes hello can someone please recommend a book/series that made them feel the same way the throne of glass series did? Books that make you scream and cry and want to die or rip your hair out? Books that have so many twists and turns that they make your hands shake and your heart beat faster? I have read so many books, but I still haven’t found one that killed me the same way tog did and i have been SEARCHING let me tell you. Only requirements are fantasy and romance and actually preferably a series…
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a-reading-brunette · a day ago
DORIAN HAVILLIARD appreciation post.
"He was done with politics. He loved her and no empire, no king, no earthly fear would keep him from her. No, if they tried to take her from him, he'd rip the world apart with his bear hands. And for some reason that didn't terrify him."
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duskandstarlight · a day ago
Hey queenie, list the TOG books from your most fave to your least fave 😜😘
Kingdom of Ash (because the Thirteen scene kills me every time)
Tower of Dawn (I adore Chaol. Nobody can tell me differently)
Empire of Storms
Heir of Fire
Queen of Shadows
Throne of Glass
Crown of Midnight
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oh i restarted heir of fire after a while break (bc i could not) but im glad bc i honestly forgot how much i love celaena
so far (im like a quarter into the book) here are my opinions (and im writing them down bc i want to see if they will change when I finish the book)
i like chaol. idk what he does but I heard ppl hate him. im sorry. but he seems pretty nice.
i don't like rowan. in fact, i strongly dislike him. he gives me bad vibes.
i heard aelin gets with rowan but like, they are related?? anyways i am not looking forward to that explanation later
i want more dorian and magic content. give me.
i heard dorian gets with manon. i hope this is untrue (dont spoil guys) bc i don't rlly think they go together
asterin (?) my beloved
i have only known the cook and the other dude for a day but if anything happens to them i will kill everyone and then myself
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yabookaddiction · a day ago
Day One ➝  Throne of Glass
Over the next few days, I will be linking Instagram Guides full of my favorite book fanart for all of you! Enjoy!
Throne of Glass Fanart Part I
Tumblr media
All art was compiled with the artist’s permission!
All character belong to @sjmaas​
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talkfantasytome · 2 days ago
Fiiiiiiiiinally reading the Throne of Glass series! On Heir of Fire, and I have a little letter for Rowan....
Dear Rowan,
Please stop biting Aelin if you don't want me to fall in love with you too fast.
A Person Who May Need Help
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book2sims · 2 days ago
Elide Lochan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elide Lochan | Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass Series) by Sarah J. Maas
Described as:
Has a pale, triangular face, onyx eyes, and long, thick midnight-black hair. She is curvy and has full breasts, but she flattens them by binding them with bandages to avoid attracting unwanted male attention. She is described as pretty; Lorcan describes her as beautiful. 
“She had been forgotten—by everyone and everything. And still she had hoped.” -Lorcan on Elide
More Throne of Glass here.
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silversparks27 · 2 days ago
Friendly Reminder
All the events from Throne of Glass to Kingdom of Ash take place within a single year. Let that sink in.
Now contemplate all our beloved characters had to go through within the span of one year.
All Aelin had to go through. The competition, losing Nehemia, embracing her powers and royal status, finding her mate, learning she is to be sacrificed, being captured and tortured by Maeve, defeating the Gods AND Maeve, also Erawan. Not to mention all the childhood trauma, shit with Arobynn Hamel, losing Sam and Endovier just before all this.
You may now attempt to enjoy the remainder of your day.
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theonewhoimagined · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Me after reading The Assassin's Blade and finding out Sam has been in love with Celaena for years and only pretended he hated her just to get her attention. And his punishment was watching her get beaten unconscious while he could do nothing, but shout his murderous intentions to Arobynn. He was so sweet and kind. WHY WOULD YOU WRITE SUCH A TRAGIC ENDING FOR SAM. He deserves the world and more 😭
Don't get me started on "My name is Sam Cortland and I will not be afraid". I AM A MESS
I don't even know what to do with my life anymore. This definitely took my mind off of Rowaelin's separation a bit. But wow Aelin's damn love life at 19 is better than mine lmaoooo what with 5 extremely accomplished men (An assassin, a foreign assassin, a royal prince, a royal captain of the guards, and an immortal Fae prince) in her long list of suitors!!!
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aprilshipper · 2 days ago
I finished Heir of Fire and I just loved the scene where he bites her. I was spoiled by Bookstagram so I knew they get together, but I also saw something that made it seem like he did not know they were mates before her. The biting scene made me think that is not going to be the case. First he bites her and she stops moving, but instead of letting go, he bites harder for no reason. Then Rowan is so caught in that she is able to actually shove him (yes I know she is now in Fae form and stronger, but still). Then he grins at Celaena, which he never does, and says, "There you are." Which we are to take as there is her Fae form he has been trying to get to, but as someone who had read ACOTAR, I refuse to believe that is all that is. There is no way that Rowan says the exact same thing Rhysand first says to Freyre and it means what it eats on the surface. Then he coldly asks about her lover, which leads to his eyes flickering with some emotion (definitely jealousy). He then declares he won't bite her again because you don't bite another male's woman. Then he tries to play it cool after she said her and Chaol are no longer together.
I also think that is why his friend that comes for the tattoo looks between them and then smells--he definitely could smell that bond. That is why Rowan wanted her out asap. I also don't buy that bullshit story about how anyone would be as protective of someone who overspent on their magic. He carried her to his room and kept her there because of the bond. It is also why he was so horrified over the monster in the lake mistake and why he was gave her that sword. Dude knew. It may have taken the blood oath for that thread to snap into place for her (although it felt like we are supposed to think that was the blood oath...I do not), but I think he knew from that bite.
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manonandaelinmyqueens · 3 days ago
Snippet of Chapter 2 of You’re The One That I Want
Dorian hears the sheets rustling and a groan—signaling Fenrys having the same hangover Dorian has. He turns around and sits back down on the bed, waiting for Fenrys to realize what happened last night.
And praying, praying, to all the gods Fenrys remembers it.
Fenrys sits up and looks at Dorian, his onyx eyes showing he’s putting the pieces together of what happened.
“Oh gods,” he mutters when he figures it out.
Let me know what you think!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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equi--nox · 3 days ago
Rowan, with gravity: we have to leave now
Aelin, internally: if this is to protect me because I’m a princess…
Rowan with an evil grin: so we can come back later and cause more chaos
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scottishstorykeeper · 3 days ago
me: i should really read one of these ten library books i've had out since march 2020
also me: starts rereading the throne of glass series for the millionth time
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a-reading-brunette · 4 days ago
Rowan Whitehorn appreciation post.
The Little Folk made him a tiny hawk and he loved it so much that he kept it in his saddleback and carried it with him.
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