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sonia-irl · 2 minutes ago
Headcanons for Scout x Riley (and maybe Nick x Daisy if you are up for it?)
Tumblr media
Headcanons are always fun to write! And again of course I thank my dear @gundham-irl for this❤💙
Sooo let's see:
Scout x Riley
♡• Pretty obvious, but we all know that in such pair Riley is the dominant part... so yep, if you ever wondered who's the Top of the two, it's Riley (Sorry who thinks that Scout has top energy... she hasn't and isn't~)
♡•Both of them would be totally dumbasses in realizing their feelings, and if someone would do the first move suggesting that they may be more than colleagues that get finally along this someone would be Scout
♡•Riley would at some point repair the famous TV that Scout found , claiming then to know nothing about it; and Scout would persuade Riley to watch shows and movies with her
♡•Speaking about shows, Scout would love any kind of show and movie but horrors, while Riley would enjoy scientific shows and obviously crime stories and documentaries. The goriest and gruesome, the better.
♡•Riley would become a possessive kind of partner. Like... REALLY possessive. Not the UWU kind of possessive: she's a psycho yandereish person, Scout will have to be really patient with her possessiveness, but she would totally enjoy it and be flattered by it, and also learn to reassure her and manage her anger moments. Such situation would honestly benefit and make grow both.
Nick x Daisy
♡▪︎The super sweet duo! Do you know that stereotypical lovey-dovey sometimes annoying couple? That's them
♡▪︎Nick would often do portraits and paintings for Daisy, while Daisy would of course bake for Nick, and both would enjoy such hobbies and occupations together
♡▪︎OK done with the honey stuff. Daisy would use her mom side to scold the hep out of Nick if he dares to forget about eating or sleeping for being too focused on a work. No art would stand between her hubby and his rest.
♡▪︎Nick would learn how to deal with "Daisy Danger" in a pacific and gentle way, using art as a way to calm his wifey's anger down. Also he would be the first one being able to succeed harmless in calm her down and get Daisy back.
♡▪︎If you're curious, is Daisy who wears pants in this duo.
There we go ^^ hope you'll enjoy this read, and thanks for your ask!
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archeiias · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i cut thorns into my hair hehe
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ourdiningroom · 10 minutes ago
June is also pride month sooooo 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
100%! they are both part of the community and the way they were talking about sharing their truths on a new platform... its gotta be pride related 👀
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some-bread-roll · 19 minutes ago
Help what is the One Day comment section I don’t understand
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leeki · 20 minutes ago
Linus from sdv for that ask game thing-
comfort!!!!!!! he is my friend forever we are besties. love that guy
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firelight-amber · 23 minutes ago
i’ve gotten four calls from a furniture store today,, what do they want??
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ghostlytoastly · 24 minutes ago
not to get involved with celebrity couples or whatever but john mulaney's whole entire brand was loving his wife... where do we go from here
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marblecarved · 24 minutes ago
( gently nudges my self promo on the dash )
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areyoustchewpid · 30 minutes ago
i hate my job, i literally told them i couldn't start work before june 5th and they still put me on schedule before that date are you fucking kidding me
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multifandomtoon · 32 minutes ago
Hey animaniacs fandom are there any wholesome hello nurse and warners fics
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childesgirl · 35 minutes ago
i just saw a healer diluc build on tiktok..
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infernoforged · 37 minutes ago
List of animals I have been bitten by:
Skunk Horse Dog Cat Bunny Hamster Mouse Rat Canary Parakeet  Dwarf parrot Sulpher-crested cockatoo Gerbil Bearded dragon Panther chameleon
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gothlit · 37 minutes ago
Tell me why I just rang my cousin and we have the same voice
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zukkaclawthorne · 39 minutes ago
listening to what if it doesn't end well by chloe moriondo and thinking abt tuvml zukka.... ouch
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aly-kurta · 40 minutes ago
Genuine reminder that people like that just have to fill their circus life with something idiotic things like insulting other people freely.
Your f/o loves you for real and your self ships are always valid, so don't let some idiot on the internet disrespect you.
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ortusnigenad · 44 minutes ago
having your most fandom-popular series nearly get pulled by the publisher bc people keep pirating it and a bunch of teenagers are being super antagonistic towards you over the way you're writing the books they're stealing from you and all your hair is falling out because you have very literal worms in your brain. like. who among us would handle that with elan.
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amongasians · 44 minutes ago
remember to stop and breathe!
hello, long time no post! how is everyone doing so far? 
We have been working to update our collection for the summer and are so excited to share what we have in store for you! 
Til then we hope you guys are enjoying the warmer weather and taking time for yourselves~ 
Sending some sunshine your way, 
the amongasians team
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