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#he’s just not confident anymore
the-emo-asgardian · 10 days ago
"the show is retconning all of thor 2011 and pretending loki just always wanted the throne to have power and that he hurts ppl bc he feels weak so he wants to attack them to make himself feel stronger. ignoring all the suffering he went thru and the internalized racism and the mind control. I think the Asgard scene are probably going to be so he can go back and show his younger self as bad and maybe also apologize to his mom eve tho she gaslighted and lied to him" maybe not i think loki is playing the TVA
Hmm I assume you’re quoting someone on another post. And, yes, I’d have to disagree with them too. I think him calling himself weak is actually in character. He’s living in Thor’s shadow his whole life; he has self esteem issues for sure. And like I said before, he’s feeling hopeless at this point. So, with nothing left to lose, he drops the villain facade. Because he was going with that while at the TVA. I mean, look at his interaction with Casey: his thought is “I’m a villain, I have to threaten him.” You can even see him dropping that when Casey doesn’t know what a fish is. He says it too: “A villain.” This is who he thinks he is because of what other have told him; he can’t even see how good he is anymore.
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lucinferno · 16 days ago
Mammon + 18 and 2 for the ask prompt thingy plz and thx 🤗😌
yayyy thank you for the mammon prompts ^^ hope you enjoy! :)
2. their emotional/weak spots
ahhh big brother mammon! i always classified as mammon = oldest brother, lucifer = oldest sister, just because they differ on how they act with their brothers. naturally they both care so much for them albeit in way different methods, lucifer is far more strict and wants to shape them to be good and proper, whereas mammon would sell them for three gold coins [and then conduct a convoluted heist to get them back]. so honestly mammon would be always looking out for his brothers, and takes notice when his brothers want or need something. leviathan talking excitedly about a new game? mammon makes fun of him but weirdly enough, pays leviathan back the first time in a hundred years, just enough money to cover the game. mammon loves going out alone but somehow always brings back enough drinks + food for the house of lamentation. he overhears luke wishing he can go to the traveling carnival and mammon is like luke i’ll take you there for that snazzy necklace you got! luke bites him and mammons like just KIDDING lets go buddy! and obviously. mammon would move heaven and hell for the human... he’d let them kill him if it meant his blood would be on their hands for the rest of time... 
18. things they'll never admit
ohhh there is literally just SO much he'd never admit due to his self-proclaimed 'tsundere' personality but i'll try and think of something that is kinda out there. lets see... we know he loves the human with everything he’s got, we know he is hurt by his brothers’ insults and ridicule, we know he’s terrified of zombies and ghosts and the like, solely because it’s pretty obvious through his actions. all the while he never admits it to others nor himself. i think something that he can’t even admit to himself, much less anyone else, is that he feels in the end worthless. in my quiz, i wrote for mammon that he feels his worth is only measured by other hands, never his own, that he deludes himself into being such a grand and great demon as a front for how vulnerable and small he feels inside. [sighs] and yes he’ll never admit that he loves when mc orders him around [mc’s like mammon go to the carnival with me RIGHT NOW and hes like yes SIR!]
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Tumblr media
a curious beast a rum tum tugger fanmix  [listen]
01. Video Killed the Radio Star - the buggles | 02. Rock You Like a Hurricane - scorpion  | 03. Pour Some Sugar On Me - tom cruise | 04. Young Stars  - the struts  | 05. Honestly Sincere - jesse pearson  | 06. Fame - david bowie | 07. Hound Dog - elvis presley | 08. Heartbreaker - pat benatar | 09. Does Your Mother Know? - abba  | 10. Eyes, Lips, Face (e.l.f)  - iLL wayno & fyesixwun  | 11. Golden Boy - natalie merchant | 12. My Fickle Eye - betty hutton | 13. Sense of Home - harrison storm  | 14. Bad Reputation - joan jett | 15. Joey, Joey, Joey - leslie odom jr  | 16. What The Heck I Gotta Do? - anthony ramos  | 17. Do You Love Me? - kiss  | 18. Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous - ice - t  | 19. Gold von Sternen - ana milva gomes | 20. Proud of Your Boy - adam jacobs  | 21. Les Rois du Monde - philippe d'avilla, damien sargue & grégori baquet | 22. Questa o quella - jussi björling  | 23. I Don’t Want to Be - gavin degraw | 24. boum, boum, boum (orchestral) - mika | 25. Iscariot - walk the moon | 26. Hopeless Wanderer - mumford & sons | 27. Love Train / Oh Girl / Betcha By Golly Wow / Midnight Train  - three mo’ tenors
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hyperfixation-hideout · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kept seeing people talk about Ruby’s sideways smile to Oscar in chapter 10 when they reunite being similar to Oscar’s when they first met, but I present to you an even closer version from back in volume 7
Both of them say “sorry!” in these shots, too, so enjoy that parallel :)
#gngrbrd#@ rosegarden shippers: hope I have pleased you#ruby rose#oscar pine#awkward dorks STILL don't know how to interact#jk they actually are really comfy around each other these days#the v7 scene happened right after the Moment when Ruby didn't know what to do while James was freaking out and Oscar stepped up#so that was a moment where she saw him differently - he's gotten more confident and is demonstrating that he's capable of helping#and she showed that support for him by standing by his side and reaffirming his words to ironwood - which made oscar smile at her#she sees that he's not just a lost little farmboy anymore and is coming into his own#so she doesn't have to bear the burden alone like she felt#hence the scene ending with Oscar nonchalantly taking it upon himself to tell Ironwood so Ruby could go fight grimm#and ruby going 'are you sure?'#so yeah the awkward moment didn't come out of nowhere or show them being less comfy with each other#it was showing ruby rethink her decision and be a little nervous to share that with oscar - while oscar wanted to tell james from the start#so they were both nervous what the other would think#which is why when they realized they were on the same page they mellowed out in relief#it was very sweet and wholesome I love them <3#great moment for both of their characters!#anyway this was supposed to just be a post of the smiles I got carried away in the tags lmao#these tags are not a commentary on rosegarden or anything btw just analyzing their character growth individually and together :)#quinpost#rwby5#v7ch9#v5ch3#rwby8#rwby7#v8ch10
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medicinemane · 3 months ago
You know, I was going to start this differently, but I'll open with that I really appreciate good parents
They don't have to be perfect, but the parents and guardians and people raising kids who really try to do what's right for them, those people are so great and important and do such an important thing in this world
On the other hand there are way too many parents who treat their kids like a possession to be molded into what the parents want. Nothing is ever good enough, they can have the perfect kid who doesn't do drugs or drink or anything at all and they'll act like they're raising a monster
You'd think I was taking about one specific set of parents, and I kind of am but actually I can instantly think of 5 parents like that. It takes me a minute to even remember which friends they belong to, but I instantly know 5 sets of ungrateful parents who don't realize that they lucked out. All they choose to see is mistakes and flaws when they have a fantastic kid
So I love the good parents who really try to support this little human they know is unique and not just an object or a tiny version of them, because... incense me, fill me even beyond anger with a sorrow that... that they could fail the people who depend on them so badly, that they could be so selfish that they put their own needs before the child they're supposed to protect
It bothers me, it bothers me how many bad parents I can think of where I can point to concrete examples of their bad behaviour and I'm only getting a small sample. I just... I don't have enough time or words so I'll leave it at the fact that I'm just filled with profound sorrow at the whole situation
So thank you to the good parents, and even just the decent ones. To those of you who had say... particularly controlling parents, or ones where nothing was ever good enough, or any and everything else... I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that
This is for some specific people, but even if I don't know your situation and it applies... it's for you too
#not sure that incensed in terms of anger is also spelled like that but that's what i found looking it up so... there we go#most of these parents i wish i could give a stern talking to and find a way to get through their thick skulls#but there's one i would like to with no hyperbole beat to death if he wasn't already dead to my knowledge#none of you know who it is and... the reasons were told in confidence so i won't be sharing any details#but never having met that man i can say he was one of the worst monsters I've ever directly known of#i truly can't convey just how awful that beast was without breaking the trust of someone who...#unfortunately i don't think considers me a friend anymore#but i could never be mad at them for that because i get just how much anger and pain that vermin caused them#and just... that wasn't even all of it#it's not fair what they went through#a lot of my friends i don't think what they've been through or are going through is right and i wish i could change it and maybe will someda#but this one friend... it shouldn't be possible to have that much bad happen#the least fate could have done is spare... well... not my place to talk about#they... they asked me to be their son's godfather at one point you know but... things change... not always for the better#this wasn't about them when i wrote this#it was about a number of friends or people i like and one of them in particular#i hadn't even thought about this person in a long time#but their father certainly was one of the worst to ever exist and i hope I'm remembering right that he's dead#because the vermin can't be walking around the earth doing more unspeakable harm
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hiyorism · 4 months ago
#trying not to get mad on the day of love but#been tryna not think abt my best friend ignoring me for going on three weeks#but now he's posting on insta about his dumbass cheating girlfriend and it's making me mad#idk man you tell everyone around you how much she killed your confidence and how you're s*icidal over her#not once but twice lmao#and then yet again she's like 'oops! i didnt mean to hurt you uwu im just a lil cwazyyy heehee maybe we should try again 🥺💕'#and ya jump right back in#and then get mad at me for not being happy that you're giving her a third chance#I wanna be there for him and watch him get the life he deserves#but we do this fucking song and dance every few months now#im not gonna absolve myself of responsibility. I can be harsh and blunt and I lose patience pretty easily#but how do you watch a friend you love stay in an unhealthy relationship? or how do you help them see that without hurting feelings?#the whole situation sucks and when he ignores me like this it makes me feel like he doesnt give a shit abt me unless he needs a therapist#I wanna be done with it all#and I'm done reaching out to radio silence#lmao but even that is apart of the cycle#I tell myself I'm done with his messy dramatic life and then he reaches out again cuz something else has gone wrong#at this point idek if I keep responding bc I care about him or if I'm just nostalgic for what we used to be#like I call him my best friend but. is he really that anymore?#I think I hang onto him bc I'm scared of that position being empty#then I just go back to being the girl with no friends#which I guess is fine. just lonely. but I'm lonely anyways so#maybe this time he won't reach out again#and maybe I'll let his memory die#it really is time I grow up and let people from my childhood go#that's all any of them really are at this point. nostalgic characters that act as the one thing keeping my childhood with me#anyways.#personal
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cattlehymn · 4 months ago
goth!Sam au: in which Sam runs away, goes to Stanford, and developed a gender nonconforming goth style, which he loves and finds it creative and freeing + john would hate it + it lets him explore all the “bad” things John never let him near. 
Maybe Jess is goth! They meet and she’s charmed by all the monster lore he knows and stories he could tell and the seriousness that he told them with, tho he always laughs it off when she asks if he’s ever seen anything himself. 
When Sam asks about her style and her beliefs more she knows they’re genuine questions of interest, and she can see that maybe his interest is more personal than he lets on. 
Maybe Jess goes to church and Sam goes along with her, and they sit in the back, and she teaches Sam about all the intricacies of her belief and how to pray. Maybe Sam doesn’t know if church is for him but he finds comfort in the idea of a creator who would never think of him as a mistake.
They walk through a graveyard afterwards. Sam’s been to hundreds of graveyards by this point in his life, but as they walk he listens to Jess’s reflections on death and her words put new perspectives in his head. 
She believes that the dead shouldn’t be separated from their past life. Body + spirit + soul, coexist together in one being. A person now dead still has a value, has a story, and their body is an extension of their time on earth. Souls depart, ghost linger, and bodies stay. 
With Jess, beauty in the transition from life to death had never been clearer. She awakened an appreciation in him.  
Jess practices witchcraft and she wants to share that with Sam too. He gets weary and his stomach drops thinking about what john would do to him if he ever caught him listening to this kind of stuff. 
When Jess reads his palm, she kisses it, and tells him he’s going to live a long life, and Sam doesn’t know why but he starts crying, and Jess, in all her kindness, just wraps her arms around his waist and holds him. They rock back and forth and maybe she’s crying now too. She never shows him her palm.
Sam starts to feel himself channeling something, maybe a power? he thinks they’ve opened a floodgate now learning about all this stuff, but he feels strong? secure? 
The things Jess has taught him makes sense in ways that the things he was raised on never did. It all feels so exciting (if not a little forbidden) to know all the things he knows now. He’s afraid to practice on his own, but just knowing that he could if he wanted to feels liberating.
Sometimes he thinks about dean and wishes he could explain all of this to him. Tell his brother that he’s changed and how he’s so much happier for it, and he thinks maybe there’s a chance dean would be happy for him to, but then he immediately buries the thought. 
Dean can’t know. He’d probably hate Sam, like how Sam knows John would hate him if he ever saw what his youngest child has done with his new life. He doesn’t even want to know what John and Dean would say about Jess, He gets defensive just at the thought.
She’s all that’s important to him now. Her and the future Sam wants to make with her. She’s given so much love and patience, and he hopes he’s given just as much back. His chest warms at the thought of her. and he thinks quietly to himself that John Winchester can’t take that away.
Maybe they get Halloween tattoos, and Sam thinks it’s hilarious because this is his first non hunter related tattoo he’s ever had and it’s probably a monster tatt or something equally campy. 
When dean shows up to the dorm and sees Sam for the first time in two years, Sam is pinning him down pissed off and disgruntled from being awoken abruptly, he’s still in his sleep smeared eyeliner/eyebrows/and lipstick from yesterday. He’s got a little gay dangly earring hanging down from one ear and a black stud in the other, he looks down at his older brother who looks exactly the same as Sam remembers him and dean lets out a laugh
Before they leave to go find John, dean tells Sam to “not bring any of that girly shit” cause it’d just cause problems, to which Sam ignores him, placing his makeup bag in the rucksack Jess helped him pack. She helps him put on his spiked/patched denim jacket that they had worked on together last fall (it’s got both their signatures on it). She gives him a kiss goodbye and tells him not to miss her too much, and also if he ever see’s any of those monsters he always use to talk about he better be sure to call and tell her all about it. 
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