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#he really did
vampireskull · 2 hours ago
why am i friends with one of the best guys I've ever met who checks all my boxes and requirements for a partner, i know he likes my personality and looks, but he has a gf of several years. i hate that for me
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himboinigo · 5 hours ago
ont headcanons?
anon ily ty for giving me an excuse to talk about the man who lives rent free in my mind but I am so trash at putting my thoughts into words so forgive me
his name is nicholas mowat and he's kinda quiet but very annoying when he does end up speaking. like he just sits back being judgy then talks shit later. I think he does try to be sweet and nice with the others but it is very awkward </3. if the other person doesn't respond to his attempts very 😊-like then he dies on spot
he's p musically talented !! very head empty except when it comes to instruments. he just likes playing the piano and not having to think about work. nick has a cat who he loves with his whole entire soul and he absolutely will serenade the cat to sleep by playing the piano. the cat is spoiled rotten and probably has a spot in his will tbh
ok this is bad and short but ty anon you have my whole heart.
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kingspuppet · 5 hours ago
Someone on Twit/ter made this thread about Goro in PQ2 (and really other stuff but heavily mentioned it), and how Goro isn’t really accepted by the Thieves. And I was talking about this briefly last night on here.
It’s so obvious that there’s still tension between him and the Thieves. Ryuji was even hoping that Goro wouldn’t show up before they all get sucked into the movies. And though they’re all smiles you can still tell he’s the odd man out just by how excluded he still seems and the way he’s kind of danced around. But the rest of the cast from P3 and P4?? They seem to like interacting with Goro.
So now I’m just emotional. Because the only people that seem to kinda like Goro he has to part with, and it just makes me really sad. Any genuine friendships and bonds he makes he never seems to be able to keep. And I just find that heartbreaking.
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malevolent-god · 5 hours ago
#tw rape#okay i feel like what i did before to hide my tw relevant tags worked alright?#so ill just keep making a few tags until you gotta choose to see more?#.#..#...#....#alrighty i think that should definitely be enough?#anyway#my mood is NOT being helped by the fact that its the anniversary of the day after a then friend of mine raped me eleven years ago#and idk its like this has been KIND of a difficult day for me since then#but ALSO like right after it happened i was really messed up about it#to the point that adam (who had been out of town the night of) could tell that there was something wrong and asked me what had happened#and i TOLD him what had happened#and he got FURIOUS and confronted this guy#who he had never liked much anyway but the guy is one of our best friends older brother and was one of my closest friends even separately#and this guy was like 'caroline why would you tell him that you were the one who came onto ME'#and like granted i dont remember whether i did because wed been drinking#but i DO remember parts and i DO VIVIDLY remember screaming at him to stop#BUT ANYWAY he convinced me that it wasnt what i thought it was#to the point where like i even kept hanging out with him#to the point where we were hanging out and he convinced me to drink with him again and guess what almost happened AGAIN#only that time i knew that i wasnt initiating anything!!! and he was living like an hour from me at that time#and i had driven there alone and when i tried to leave he was like 'come on youve been drinking you shouldnt be driving'#which IM NOT SAYING THAT THAT ISNT AN IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER IF YOUVE BEEN DRINKING#but i wasnt DRUNK i had just been drinking (and less than he had)#but ANYWAY so i left that time and was upset about it#BUT I STILL STAYED HIS FRIEND!!!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!#TO THE POINT WHERE LIKE EVEN AFTER I MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH MY NOW HUSBAND WE WERE KEEPING IN TOUCH#TO THE POINT WHERE AT ONE TIME WHEN WE CAME BACK TO VISIT I HAD MY HUSBAND DRIVE AN HOUR SO THAT I COULD INTRODUCE THEM???
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fabulouslygaybean · 7 hours ago
why do braces have to be so fucking expensive
#dont rb#ive had uh. a pretty bad overbite and overjet for 90% of my life#but braces are so insanely expensive and my family cant afford them#so im just kinda stuck with fucked up teeth#like. i really dont mind the overbite part bc it doesnt cause me any issues but the overjet causes me issues#some aspects of speaking are more difficult and uh. i am VERY self conscious about my smile#i dont mind having a bit of an overbite but just#the overjet :( it fucking sucks#overjets seem to run on my dad's side :') i got the worst genes from both sides of the family so im not surprised#also it sucks bc like. whenever i bring up the concept of braces they always talk about altering my teeth in ways i rlly dont want??#like. i LOVE my sharp canines. i dont mind the shape of any of my other teeth really. but they always talk about filing them down or -#- changing them even if i dont want them to do it#so ive never actually gone through with any actually conversation about braces bc they want to do so much unnecessary shit#i did research and none of the changes they wanted to make were required for braces so it seems like just wanna charge us more money for -#- unnecessary and unwanted procedures#bleh. i hate dentists and orthodontists. ive had to visit one too many for consultations and almost none of them actually did any good.#except for one lady at the hospital ive gone to for dental work. she was amazing :')#also her assistant was great. i had to use laughing gas for the procedure and he played green day on the speakers while i was waiting for -#- it to kick in#its a surreal experience to be high on laughing gas while hearing american idiot playing in the background or smth#also a few months later i saw him at a concert i went to so uh. That was awkward#im rambling too much#im gonna shut up before i say anything else#delete later
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muzzleroars · 8 hours ago
Everyone's lizard brain IMEDIATLY knew igor was sus
SO TRUE....he's really off-putting from the START but since i had no experience with persona i was like "WELL....everyone else is mean and rude to akira, so why should this be any different??? also i'll just deal with his incredibly and obviously menacing voice" kdfhgDFHGDFG
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fenixdown · 8 hours ago
Open your heart from the fortemps fam to haurchefant :P
Send “Open your heart” for my muse to tell yours their sincere thoughts about them. // @ritterblood
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
     “... He has long deserved far more than any of us felt allowed to offer. A man - a son - should not have to inherit his father’s debts or his father’s sins, and yet - ... many of Ishgard’s people still permit such - including my own self. I am full glad that the Fury saw fit to gift him friends and confidants to help him along the way when I did not.
     Haurchefant ... has become far more than anyone could have foreseen. I ... I pray to Halone that I am around for as long as I may need to be, so that my misdeeds are make up for. He deserves that much.”
Tumblr media
     “It took him far too many years to outgrow his temper - ... even if I do not wholly blame him for having one at all. His time out of the city did him much and more to figure out who he wanted to be, and where - ... and as much as Mother seemed to change after he left for Dragonhead, I’m ... relieved he recovered, too. However, his place still is out in the camp, among those more alike him and more welcoming of his blood than the houses tend to be.”
Tumblr media
     “I think - ... the weeks after he left for Dragonhead were the quietest and loneliest weeks of my life. Mom was still around, and I kind of finally got his anger, because seeing her speak poorly of him when he couldn’t defend himself - when he was doing more than Art or myself already - seven hells, it was ceaseless. I ... miss him. And I had hoped with Mom passing that he’d come back more, but - ... I know this isn’t where he wants to be. He’s ... he ... he’s far more than I could ever come up with, heh. I just hope ... he is happy out there. As long as Dragonhead feels like a home for him, I can wait however long he needs to come home. -- Come back.”
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