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#he must be a god
bogbees · a day ago
thinking ab that bit in Giving In where Matt's like "A PANCAKE FESTIVAL" and Ivan's like "yes, what the fuck is wrong with you," and Kat has to explain that Matthew is a slut for pancakes and that we never actually get Matthew at the pancake festival bc he gets kidnapped by a freak
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solomon-tozer · 2 days ago
can you rate harry goodsir?? :-)
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
God he has such a kind face and lovely eyes.
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
I'm nowhere near as smart or anything like that, but being an outsider, the 'i'm not really a [thing]', just wanting nice things and to help people (and not quite managing)... yeah.
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know
If he's looking for a friend, I volunteer as tribute. This also includes hugs.
send a character for me to rate! - original post
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gayfallguy · 3 days ago
Bro my vibes must b FUCKED but shout out to the incredible customer I had who told me that I may not be home but I'll find it some day 🥺
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lorelaileighs · 3 days ago
Since my unpopular opinion is that I like Tristan even LESS than Dean, I might as well say: I don't disapprove of the whole, "Because I'll kill you, idiot!" thing as much as some do. I mean, it's RIDICULOUS... It's so over-the-top dramatic that it makes me laugh, but in context of the scene, Tristan was harassing Rory and she was uncomfortable, so I don't think Dean telling him to back off was bad? Better that than blaming RORY for Tristan's harassment like he did in the last episode...
the notification for this said “since my unpopular opinion is that I like tristan...” and I had a heart attack omg but I mean like I get what you mean here. compared to the other shit dean has pulled I feel like it’s lower on the “bad” list and just higher on the “cringey” list. like it’s just embarrassing honestly and definitely over the top but yeah tristan was definitely egging him on and harassing rory so like I get reacting to it. but god dean sometimes does not know how to speak like a human being. I feel like nothing productive would ever come out of trying to fight tristan since obviously nothing is ever gonna take him down a peg lol but yeah I mean the idea of telling tristan to stop isn’t bad at all. just the way he did it was...weird.
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muzaktomyears · 7 days ago
today is clearly a bob&george day for me
blasting 'I'd Have You Anytime' into the ether
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faevi · 7 days ago
You called for me, darling? - Levi
DADDY!!! 🥺🥺🥺
ohp, my mouth slipped, i mean hi 🥺. i’ve been good for you !! i did all my chores! 👉👈 how are you, my love!! i think of you all day, everyday 💪😔
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johnlock-rocks · 8 days ago
HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I just watched Loki....and did I just fucking watch Loki admitting that he doesn't like to kill people, he only did it bcos he had to??!!!! AND DID I SEE HIM WATCH HIS MOTHER DIE!!? YES!!! The poor boy doesn't deserve to cry!!
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that scene where Gwaine strips and everyone cheers and Merlin calls him the whole package and Elyan pretends to kill Arthur with an axe while everyone laughs and it’s acknowledged that he (Elyan) is the best knight ever and there’s just an inordinate amount of touching all round was sent to super hell for gay crimes
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emile-hides · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tenko’s Hero Costume, sense the version in the other about post was really rough. Yeah I’m still on this I need art practice and I refuse to draw this man in my usual way so might as well.
Name: Tenko Shimura (Yagi)
Age: 20-21
Quirk; Dust - Touching something with all five fingers will begin to disintegrate to ash or dust. (Same rules as Decay, different name)
Occupation: UA student teacher, Part-Time hero
Hero Name: Dust to Dust (Shortened to Dusty or Duster by teammates)
Tenko has a secret hate for the entire world around him, especially his adoptive father, All Might, for raising him to be a hero, an upbringing he felt like he had no control in. However, he fears being seen as a villain, as a bad person, so he never speaks out about his feelings of being trapped or resentment for All Might. He does his best to play his part.
I’m not saying All Might was a bad dad or anything! He was good. Decent. He wasn’t around a lot, and when he was, he controlled a room, wither he knew it or not, and put a lot of pressure on Tenko, most likely on accident, by comparing him to Nana and reminding him he has big shoes to fill as the next wielder of OFA.
In All Might’s mind, all a kid needs to get over the trauma of accidentally murdering his entire family is a different family all together! He tended to avoid the issue as much as possible, only speaking of Nana if Tenko ever asked about where he came from. Because of this, Tenko didn’t really get to move past his trauma, or heal from it. He simply repressed it.
All Might designed Tenko’s hero costume almost entirely on his own. Tenko was present while they were sketching up designs, but he was silent. He didn’t want to interject, be a bother, be seen as a bad son for going against his dad. The only thing he added are a few hand motifs here and there.
He ended up resenting hero work, seeing it as a world he was pushed into, rather than the world he wanted to desperately to be apart of. He doesn’t do hero work often, staying a side-kick at Nighteye’s agency who comes in maybe once every two weeks.
I think the majority of what’d be interesting is how Tenko would take Izuku’s place for class 1-A’s growth. Particularly Todoroki. They’d have a lot in common, though Tenko isn’t one to give big, emotional pep talks. It’d be a more quiet moment, after the sport’s festival, behind the building in secret.
I also think he’d be the reason Mirio ended up with Nighteye in this AU. He would have been a senior at UA when Mirio was a First year. I doubt they spoke much, but it’s hard not to notice Mirio. He’d probably think of Mirio as The Next All Might and recommend him to Nighteye. This in part is because of his own desire to avoid taking the spotlight, finding a scape-goat in the best option.
Finally, he probably wouldn’t be in a lot of action. Perhaps he steps in at the USJ incident, and in this AU the attack on the Freshmen’s entrance ceremony, but other than that he wouldn’t do a lot of fighting. He wouldn’t be present during a lot of big issues or conflicts.
He’ll avoid them on purpose, or just not be around because he ducks out of responsibility. You’d think he’d be a very low ranking hero, unknown due to how little work he does, but All Might still sings his praises on TV every now and again, so. He’s forced into the spot-light every once in a while.
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cube-cumb3r · 11 days ago
Been catching up on the dsmp (I started watching during the exile arc and I'm only now on Tommy's revival, rip me) and so I've been binge watching a lot of videos that include Tommy and I gotta say. Why the fuck does he talk like that. Little gremlin boy. (Affectionate)
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