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#he is so fucking gay for this hobbit
dead-damian · 4 days ago
So we're reading lord of the ring a fellowship of the ring and we got to ch1 of book 2. Im pretty sure Sam is gay for Frodo. You cannot convince me otherwise.
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the-gianormous-gay · 3 days ago
I just saw the pride and the prejudice and these are a my thoughts during the movie about the movie;
god damn how boring those times mustve been to get excited over men arriving
the men sure are bald
the music is good
this guy is a dick
god I'd hate to be stuck in a pile of jumping sweaty people
you go girl, chop his un-dancing dick off
this blonde girl is cute
damn mr bennet is ancient?
it sure do be raining
this woman is a witch of matchmaking
holy shit these people are insufferable
track sime mud in that ballroom my guy, hell yeah
this dude is already in love with her
red haired mans is so awkward
jesus christ the younger ones are annoying
did you really expect them to stop and pick up your handkerchief
the woman with the red dress must surely be a lesbian
this guy is a dick
this black dressed mary girl is so emo
Collins shut up about your fucking potatoes
god what a creep
what a lad
does he have scoliosis or smtn
oh male rivalry of course
i feel like this man is lying
betsy is good at singing or whoever this is
nice transition
ugh gross little rat man ew ew ew
oh little rat man is so small compared to "her ladyship"
talking while dancing is so hard
tall lad wants the next dance
god I'm so bored
its about to go down?
why are they alone right now
coulda been a cool over the shoulder transition, missed opportunity
woah hey grabbing the butt already there
is that the girl from bridgerton?
this bitch drunk
where did you get a flower
mr bennet is a mood
He's so nervous what an idiot
is he gay then?
are the goose running cuz it's a wild goose chase
wow they're leaving? rude
a lad that he is
burden to your parents? same dude
this reminds me of that one section from twilight, the one that takes too long
jesus christ she's ancient
why can't he sit there
you go lizzie
damn darcy you go girl
darcy we been knew you awkward bitch
run over that bridge girl, do it, hell yeah
oh girl he loves you, most ardently
damn okay jesus christ calm down
she's hot when she's angry
don't kiss stop it gross stop it
oh he's leaving good good okay
it sure does rain a lot there
Pride & Prejudice: a look into a single woman's depression
why are you back and why am I feeling things about it
big yikes my guy what a dick he DID lie
jesus christ 15 and manipulated
poor Jane, maybe one day she'll meet her tarzan
good christ that child is SO annoying
elizabeth is SO bitter and I live for it
do a flip
oh man this reminds me of the hobbit god damn
that's a big herd god damn
yeah keep up slowpoke
break the statue, cmon do it
that's a nice ass
I think him to be rather fucken ugly then again I am gay
this movie is so tame
The movie is getting better, nice
she's good at piano
they're flirting SO hard
y is she crying
do smtn about it big chap
lydia really is an idiot no wonder I hated her
jesus christ instead of crying do something about it god damn
oh wait this is ancient times
Lydia is such a dick I hope she stumbles and dies
ah, assface, still scoliosis I see
darcy and bingly, sitting in a tree
what lads they are with their stupid faces
she caught you staringz dickface
*audibly gulps*
awww they're practising
kiss kiss fall in love
hey dickface, ever heard of "don't look back" ?
jesus fuck, just fuck off you senile wench
god jesus fuck ofc he comes running to you what a simp
howd he know you were there
what a lad
"i love... i love... i love you.." mkay bud calm down
kiss on the lips? no? fuck.
oh shit she said the L word
i hope he's listening
i guess this is cute
god I'm bored again
final verdict: boring ass movie god damn
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rattyoakenbitch · 20 days ago
𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
warnings: language and lewd humor
eren -
Tumblr media
eren: Whats the matter
eren: Did some jerk off mess with you today???
you: yeah ,, you :/ stoopid idiot
eren: HUH??
eren: WHAT I DO
you: chill
eren: Youre telling me to chill? please.
you: u just forgot our date but :/
eren: DID I?
eren: Oh man )): im sorry y/n
you: not the doublechin emote pls </3
Tumblr media
eren: Why the weird animal memes all of a sudden
eren: Theyre not even funny
you: i said have a seat ,, dumb whore >:(
eren: Whoa who do u think ur talking to
armin -
Tumblr media
armin: BABY NO
armin: ILY
armin: )))))))):
armin: IM SO PROUD OF U OHMYGOSH 💓💖💘💕💗💕💓💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💖
you: i love u so much <3
Tumblr media
armin: of course i like you!!€℅¢{=;*(℅€{¢[>:(((
armin: wait what does peg even mean ?? :l
armin: like
armin: a pirate?
you: do i look like google to u mf :l
armin: wow okay brb then
jean -
Tumblr media
jean: haha no idiot it means youre a guy that likes other dudes
you :/
jean: why is mario even in that photo 🙄🙄 isnt he gay for the red guy
you: its luigi
you: and no that would be inc*st bae😩😩
jean: insect* stupid 😐
you: did the meme just fly over ur head or what
Tumblr media
jean: is that a bunny
you: do you even know how to read at this point
jean: yeah yeah
jean: i have that affect on people <33
you: no actually i take it back you sound like a horse
jean: fuck you
mikasa -
Tumblr media
mikasa: Y/N 😭😭
mikasa: Dont just say things like that
you: which one :•)
you: was it the b00bs lol
mikasa: Yes Y/N.
you: again, my hands are very capabl
Tumblr media
mikasa: We've been dating for nearly a year now Y/N
you: okay??? answer the question
mikasa: What question
you: will you be my soulja gurl😳😳❗❗💯
mikasa: Whats a soulja gurl
you: youre worse than eren sometimes
mikasa: Yes i will be ur soulja gurl 🙄💖
levi -
Tumblr media
levi: I don't have time for your childish antics, Y/N.
you: are you mad at me
levi: Not yet. Why?
you: youre ending your sentences with full stops ):
you: feels kinda mean but idk
levi: Grammar, Y/N.
levi: again, I don't have the time for your silly images.
levi: The fuck you just call me, brat?
you: s h o r t
you: 5'2 mf 😩😩✋
levi: It's almost as if you asking to get put in your place.
you: please i see that stool
you: ill put all the food on top of the fridge and hide the stool and theres nothinf you can do about it
levi: Oh?
you: yeah hobbit
levi: Nothing?
you: nu uh
levi: We'll see about that.
you: is the little baby threatening me
levi: You've just about pushed your luck with me, brat.
Tumblr media
levi: Are you being serious right now?
you: yeth </3
you: i have a crush on you teehee
levi: Y/N, I've known this for months
you: WHAT
levi: We've been together for a while. We sleep in the same bed. I call you darling. Need I say more?
levi: I love you, Y/N. Now quit your weird behavior.
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milky-maid-library · a month ago
My reaction to Episode 2 (I’ll edit this along the way in case things change)
Wait John Walker...has a black gif? 👀 and a black friend? Y’all I thought he’d be a white hood racist... 👁👄👁
Oh I saw the band March in the trailer DAMN I THOUGHT THAT WAS GONNA BE SAM WTF
“A gUy LiKe Me” bruh stfu SKSKSKS there’s something sneaky about you him
OH NO BABY BUCKY WATCHING TV WITH THAT FACE NOOOOOOO he’s like “this mf don’t know my mans, stfu.”
Sammmmmm 😭😭😭 off to Munich? Noooo!!! BUCK YES YES YES BUCKY IS RIGHT
🥺🥺 “what do you want me to do” STEAL IT BACK BB
I love them both, their “get off your high horse” banter is the same energy Steve and Tony had and now that they’re gone it’s cranked up to 100 😂😂😂
Omg save the hostage 😳 😱 SHES so cute!!! Love interest for BUCKY 🤷‍♀️🤭😌
Ohhhhh here comes “that lil girl kicked your ass” meme skdkdk
Johns sidekick is ✨Useless✨
John knows how to work that shield tho... 👀😳 idk....I DONT WANT TO LIKE HIM WTF
And now we have gay arguments and walking 🥺💕 John be third wheeling sndndndn
Awww I can’t help but pity John 🥺 bruhhh he’s that kid that’s left out just cause ppl don’t like him.
Bruh Sam saves porn on redwing don’t hack it sndndnd
Lemar Hoskins: you’re getting your asses beaten up
Also Lemar Hoskins: *five minutes ago getting his ass beaten up 🤷‍♀️ *
awwwwwww JOHN 🥺 John is baby
Miss “hostage” is Robin Hood.....👀 so is she a complicated villain/hero?
I bet that’s John Texting her 👀😱
Her named Karli
Karli is hot and I won’t lie...
Bucky is so hot with that voice “let’s take the shield.”....who are they meeting in Baltimore??????
Falcon really be educating the kids and I love that 💕 he is THE FALCON not black falcon.
Isaiah is king 👑 gave Bucky a ass whooping...skdkdk he stole his metal arm 👀 wise man. OH SHIT he’s a super soldier TOO!!?? 30 years of jail 😨 LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE AND IN PEACE 🥺
Oh BRUH ITS THE FALCON !??? For fucks sake this is fucked up!!!
MDKDKDKD BUCKY GETTING ARRESTED ACTUALLY MADE ME LAUGH he said “fuck therapy I’d rather be arrested” dndndn
JOHN BRUH SWOOPIN IN TO SAVE THE DAY OMFG I love and hate him HES TOO PERFECT??? nooooooooooo I want him to be secretly evil CMON
Blinking challenge *begin*
Therapy got DEEP 👁👄👁 “if he was wrong about you what if he was wrong about me”
Oooooooo JOHN “stay the hell out of my way” 😳👀 that’s what I was waiting for- serious and mean tone 🤭
Karli 🥺 awwww I don’t agree with you but I pity you baby girl! Pls runaway!!! Go go go go!!! Holy shitttt they killed him THEY SHOT HIM DOWN
God damn I gotta wait until next weekkk
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zathuraroy5 · a month ago
Supernatural rewatch 4x3
(queued 2021/03/16)
Hey I thought Ruby left lol (I know she comes back but still. She didn’t stay away long)
BAAHHHH Cas just sitting on the bed omfg (and now I can’t stop thinking about Misha telling the director “how gay that is”. I’m going insane)
Like MISHA holy shit that piercing gaze* 
Dean "what, you get your freak on by watching other people sleep?" Lolol
@adhdeancas: Y e s. fucking genius love this season
Fuck it's so good
*(in hobbit fandom, because Bilbo and Thorin just STARE at each other, someone coined it "the gayze" Don’t know if it’s from another fandom originally but that’s where I heard it. If someone says it comes from Supernatural I will scream)
How. I was JUST thinking about this. And how I thought it was in season 5. And couldn't wait to see it. THIS FUCKING SHOW IS CREEPING ME OUT.
Omg the Back to the future reference shot Jesus
Fucking hell this show is good
Also like. Episode 3. Already we establish that angels can time travel. This is so OP on so many levels yet used how many times?
Ah there it is. "Time is fluid, Dean. It's not easy, but we can bend it on occasion"
Ah, the "oh it's not easy, this is why we almost never do it, blah blah blah"
But fuck they are gorgeous holy shit (Jensen’s eyes are really fucking piercing this episode)
Dean Van Helen omfg
Dean is so not smooth with interrogating it's embarrassing, boy
@adhdeancas: lmao so bad. oh yeah the poor excuse
Omg omg "Sammy wherever you are, mom is a babe. I'm going to hell. Again" holy fuck this is hilarious. (But also. Feels OOC. Those writers just… have to make Dean weird about things like this)
And we find out SHE'S A HUNTER BOOYA
And we fucking learn where their names come from (Sam and Dean) (I thought about this later, but you mean to tell me…..That their father… who just “LOVED” their mother… Never told them that their names are after her dead parents????? God if I couldn’t hate John Winchester more)
Pffffff holy shit this whole scene
"john is a nice guy .... for a civilian" becomes one of the best hunters (so we're told)
"so what you want me to end up with a guy like this?" Head tilt to Dean, both "no, no, god no" and he's her fucking son I can't
"what part of we work alone do you not understand, son" while speaking to his grandson I cannot
@adhdeancas: I know. Samuel is an ASS
Such a dick
Yellow eyes yellow eyes
"he's everything a hunter isn't" wow.
It's like... They try so hard to make john likeable
But he, let's say, in universe. He obviously had leftover ptsd. His forced optimism might have been his way to cope, and to project a perfect life with Mary. But when she died, that shattered. And all was left was someone bitter with a one track mind. Child neglect and abuse. Couldn't keep friends.
Like I'm not excusing. Cause fuck John Winchester. It's just fun to analyze
@adhdeancas: for sure. and even when he was with mary remember he wasn't great
Ya we only see the cookie cutter stuff (aside from those few stints in the past and in memories) 
"this job. This life. I hate it. I want a family. And I want to be safe." Fuck my heart
Like she wanted a normal life for her family. And her kids ended up being hunters. Like there is so much tragedy
And like that post, that even Mary was Performing, that her role as mother was a performance itself, of how she thought a family should be. And that Dean, while trying to be the mother and father to his brother, became the role that never existed.
@adhdeancas: exactly
I'm gonna exploded
"you know the worst thing I could think of? The very worst thing? Is for my children to be raised into this, like I was"
And then Jacting Joices killing me
Cas is already sassy just in looks omg
Ain't that crazy though. Because Dean interfered, that's how it all started. If he hadn't shown Samuel the journal, he wouldn't have known about Liddy, and Mary wouldn't have gone, and the demon wouldn't have known about her. So by trying to stop it, he actually caused it. Because time travel. He was always there. It always happened. He needed to be there for it to happen. And Cas was probably following orders. But he thought it was to help. Not to cause it. (and as we know, the other angels wanted to cause it. So much tragedy in this show god)
God is the demon already in Samuel? He keeps eyeing the colt
Ooooo this is where Dean learns about the blood yellow eyes gave Sam
Why are demons like... Always played as flirty and sexual and forward with the bodies they're using? Like ... Anything pertaining to sex is always treated like a deviance. There's an essay there.
Fuck. What is it with the show and incest seriously
My god the way Dean looks at Cas unbelievable.
"destiny cannot be changed" vs he is literally the angel who broke millennium of brainwashing and created free will
A “To be continued” in episode 3??? Holy shit
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alienfuckeronmain · a month ago
001 frodo/sam or han/luke please!
I’ll do both!!!
when I started shipping it if I did:I have shipped them since I was a child and read the books in the 5th grade, but I didn’t have my love of them revitalized until last year!!! 
my thoughts: they are peak, peak, PEAK high romance. Like this is the shit people write songs about. Their love and devotion saved the fucking WORLD!!! I AM GLAD TO BE HERE WITH YOU AT THE END OF THINGS? I DON’T INTEND TO LOSE YOU? are you fucking kidding me they’re so in love. 
What makes me happy about them: Sam’s steadfastness and profound loyalty, and  Frodo’s unfaltering faith that Sam is the embodinent of the goodness in the world worth fighting for. The way they, together, two small hobbits, save everything beacuse they’re in love. How hopeful their story is. Their capacity for healing. And uh, on a shallow level, foppish adopted son of the scandalous rich gay eccentric in town falling in love with his lower glass gardner??? Jane Austen wishes. 
What makes me sad about them: the fact Frodo sails to the grey havens without sam ugh I literally cannot even think about it!!! Ok but even in my fix it universe, the trauma they endure makes me ache. Frodo especially. 
things done in fanfic that annoys me: people write them as chaste because their love is so grand, but I, personally, am a fan of GRAND LOVERS WHO ALSO FUCK!!! LET THEM FUCK!!! 
things I look for in fanfic:GRAPHIC SEX!!! 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I am the queen of multi shipping in this fandom but Frodo and Sam are really super endgame for me and I just--am not happy with Sam X Rosie or Frodo X Elf Heaven I hate it. 
My happily ever after for them: they become the masters of bag and and grow old together and then sail to the grey havens TOGETHER because they are BOTH RING BEARERS. 
who is the big spoon/little spoon: Sam is the big spoon, and he loves to hold Frodo so close 
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: sitting in the garden while Frodo reads to sam and they share mulled wine. 
when I started shipping it if I did: I didn’t start until a few years ago, despite growing up on the movies and lOVING the taun taun scene too much. It took me a minute to see them as shippable but as soon as I did I was like oH???
my thoughts: IT’S JUST HOT MAN! Like virgin fam boy Luke Skywalker gets swept off tattooine but a sexy dashing asshole pilot??? Like this is the man Luke has been fantasizing about sweeping him off his feet for ever. He likes in bed wishing some hottie would let him suck his dick. Then IT HAPPENS and they get to be war heroes together?? the dream!! of course Han is a repressed asshole who ends up leaving Luke for his sister, so it’s oe of those pairing thats like super fucking fun for a minute, before the heartbreak sweeps in (its fine Luke has a hot mandalorian husband in a few years and han is full of regret). 
What makes me happy about them: the antagonistic, teasing flirtation/sexual tension is so fun 
What makes me sad about them:That it inevitably ends and Luke, who is the sweetest, gets his heart broken because Han is a child who doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it 
things done in fanfic that annoys me: I don’t like when Luke is woobified too much, or when he's written as like, stupid and painfully naive. I also don't like when writers make Han actually cool. He’s not cool he's an idiot who wishes he was cool!!! 
things I look for in fanfic: good characterization with complex depictions of them. Anything where they’re not reduced to innocent farm boy/ space Indiana jones. also, porn! 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:I do like Han/Leia, I think she's better for him in a lot of ways than Luke is. Lando works for both Han OR Luke, but obviously I'm on a huge Dinluke kick right now, so that. Like I can’t believe how well that works for me as a salve for the Hanluke pain. 
My happily ever after for them: Future fic where Han DOESNT DIE and lives on the fish planet with Luke instead and apologizes to him one hundred times for fucking up so much when he was a young idiot, and then them raising Rey together and Luke teaching her force things and Han teaching her pilot things and then her killing Kyle Ron and the TFA and TROS NEVER HAPPENING.  I also love the head canon that she's literally their force baby. 
who is the big spoon/little spoon: they switch off but Han really loves being cuddled and having his hair played with so often times he ends up little spoon. 
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: long competitive games of sabakk, tinkering with ships and racing them around for fun 
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alienfuckeronmain · a month ago
1) Lightning/Mater, 2) Bilbo, 3) rank everyone in radiator springs by level of gayness
1. Lightning/Mater
when I started shipping it if I did: Cars 2!!! They’re so cute in that one...Mater is the bomb....
my thoughts: it’s not my Cars OTP but I DO see it to some degree and would read well done, sweet, sincere fic about them. I mostly love their best friends dynamic. 
What makes me happy about them: obsessed with Lightning’s genuine love and regard for his weird hick bestie. Love the idea of them hanging out and driving around together and drinking beers and star gazing and Mater having a gazillion weird stories to tell about his past that Mcqueen isn't sure really happened. 
What makes me sad about them: how much time they spend apart when McQueen is on the road!!! I know Mater gets to go on tour sometimes but it’s probably not as often as he’d like. 
things done in fanfic that annoys me: I have never read fic! but in general most cars fic annoys be because its all insincere/satirical. 
things I look for in fanfic: I'll read any cars fic where they’re humanized the the author isn’t just making a joke 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I love Mater/Holly I think their dynamic is genuinely cute, and obviously Lightning/Doc is my otp. 
My happily ever after for them: just being besties forever, until they’re old rickety desert rats 
who is the big spoon/little spoon: ok I actually love the idea of them drunk platonic cuddling and Mater snuffling McQueen, Mater is the big spoon because he's way taller in my head 
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: cow tipping as young hooligans, night drives as seasoned adults! 
2. Bilbo Baggins 
How I feel about this character: I don't actually kin characters but if I did it would be Bilbo. I too am the scandalous town gay homebody who loves food and books and writing 
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Thorin mostly but if Thorin must die then Bofur!!! 
My non-romantic OTP for this character: LOVE his friendship with both Bofur and Balin, also think him and Gandalf as weed smoking buddies is fantastic
My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t know if I have one!!! the hobbit fandom is big enough I feel like there aren’t too many unpopular opinions and everyone seems to agree he’s gay and fashionable, so. 
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I refuse to believe he lived alone after the events of the hobbit. He had at least one dwarf boyfriend he raised Frodo with. 
my OTP: Bagginshield 
my cross over ship: I've never thought about this in my life but I would love for him and Gaius to be town posh gays in Camelot together 
a headcanon fact: this might actually be canon?? but I think after the events of the hobbit he’s declared Elf Friend. I love to think about him going on week long wine benders with thranduil and thorin fucking LOSING HIS MIND about it 
3) rank everyone in radiator springs by level of gayness
THEY ARE ALL GAY!!! But here’s an attempt at a ranking: 
controversial but Ramone is a he/him lesbian I've decided 
Luigi and Guido 
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grlfriends · 2 months ago
The Raven Boys thoughts
ch 1: boi I thought gansey was the bald one 😔 anyway the bald bitch and the nerd who looks like a twink in every fanart are gay
ch 15: wow guys nothing has happened so far... nothing..... we're almost 200 pages in and nothing that interesting has happened, I know the plot is setting in and the pace is starting to speed up a little but wow so far this already isnt my fav book of the series I think
ch 24: ok the pace is starting to pick up and I'm really enjoying it rn, I still see gansey as this polo wearing and golf player fucker but he's getting better I guess, Ronan can fuck off sometimes he's so edgy it irks me a little
on this and on the previous chapter they saw/hallucinated some stuff at that hollow tree and then at the end gansey was like "ohh blue was the missing person/thing I feel so connected to her something something" and tbh I did not enjoy that very much it was a bit 😬😐 for me bc I just dont like when this type of connection between characters bc it feels like the author is trying to force/speed up a relationship they just dont have yet?? and we the readers must accept they feel the connection in their souls and it just feels so right for them to be around each other when in reality it feels a bit lazy to me..... I'm still halfway through the book so it's not like I can complain for real but still ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ch 42 maybe?? : okay just something's I wanna tall about: can we pay respect to Maggie stiefvater and how organic she made Adam deciding to wake the ley line?? bc it was GREAT and I deeply loved it, i know i said that the book felt boring and very slow and how it needed to pick up the pace but i think this trilogy falls into the lotr/hobbit category where it's one big movie (in the specific case, book) divided into 3 so it would be easier to digest and I think this makes total sense, everything I've read so far (from chap 33 to here) feels so perfectly paced and planed but still it feels natural, when Adam was coming back home and he had a confrontation (well, not really) with his dad it just felt like was supposed to happen at that time with those exact words describing everything and mwah I'm loving it so much
also!! boi do Adam and blue sound so cute together, when he said he wanted to kiss her I was like
Tumblr media
bc holy shit do they make a cute couple EVEN THOUGH I do know she ends up with gansey and their energy is also really good but goddamn do they look cute together and to think he would have been her first kiss too I'm going insane rn brub oh my god
also maybe it's the 21 year old in me talking but god did I wish they were one or two years older, it just kinda makes me a bit :// reading to 16 year olds being this traumatized about life in general and I feel like it honestly would change much if all this happened in the meantime they're about to turn 18 bc it would still be a ya book but it would be just?? more comprehensive I guess, adam dialogue about making up enough money to leave his house and getting into a good college so he can live a good life and have a home finally baby that's a 17 year old talking and feeling the pressure of the so called adulthood and being so close to being independent but also still being so young and !!!! I just feel like it would make more sense to me personally
re: about gansey's glasses: did I miss something or have the part where he gets glasses already went by?? bc he shower up at blue's home wearing white ones and there was no tall about it?? nothing else and it makes me feel like I missed something and I'm not sure yet
ch 48 and ending thoughts: ok. I'm not really sure what to feel about it bc even I had a rocky beginning with it I did end up really liking the ending but it left such a big taste of wanting more than I got that it just kinda makes me feel like it was, in a way, a prologue for the second book, where I imagine things will be more intense and already be in motion plot-wise. I have many question but my biggest one is that wow apparently that was the big explanation for gansey wearing glasses?? bc it honestly looks like I missed something or a chapter where something happens and he got glasses, his fight with whelck did break his thumb but it somehow got him glasses too?? or what the hospital like "yeah you're blind so fuck here's some glasses bitch"?? and Adam mentioned something on his face from their fight and??? was the discussion their fight and how did it hurt gansey's face?????? HOW???
not only that but also Adam sacrificed himself and how exactly does that affects him?? or was the whole "oh I've sacrificed myself my whole life" dialogue supposed to explain something?? bc yeah it kinda did but I was left with the thought that he would be kinda like a puppet I guess? bc he said he would sacrifice himself so in a way he wouldnt be himself anymore and there would be something else controlling him and maybe that was just my imagination wanting to guess what was going to happen now
I did think there would be the classic sacrifice scene and that whelck would try to shot gansey and that Adam would step in front of him or idk bc the scenario wasn't really solid in my mind and I did have trouble trying to figure out who was in what place but it was fine I guess
how on earth did Noah pull out chainsaw from his dreams?? man what the heck I need to read the second book
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histskins · 2 months ago
no media has done or will do gaybait as masterfully as the PJ Hobbit films and im not saying that's a good thing about the movies but i am saying i'm continually impressed that anyone who had a hand in making those movies thought to do it
like, Bilbo Baggins has been a Confirmed Bachelor Gay Euphemism basically since his creation whether Tolkien intended for that to happen or not (and frodo too, but im trying to stay on topic). but he didn't have anyone to be gay for, which is like, whatever, it happens sometimes in life
but The Hobbit is pretty bare-bones in terms of character relationships, bc it's just a fairy tale Tolkien wrote for his kids, and the films had to add a lot of stuff irt that and lore from other books if they were going to make a trilogy to mirror lotr & rake in as much money from this endeavor as possible. so they went, what if Bilbo HAD been in love before???
enter Thorin Oakenshield, bimbofied for human audiences and probably a lil ugly in dwarven eyes. this is the perfect choice for a Subtextual Bilbo Love Interest, because A. he's also never married despite his dwarven equivalent of middle age and B. he dies. he beefs it at the end no matter what. and so they could go as ham as they wanted on the baiting and the subtext (the carrock scene. the stupid fucking mithril scene. ugh) and even go so far as to parallel it to the hamfisted kili/tauriel romance they threw in to like, justify tauriel existing i guess. it was nigh canon, but Thorin dies before anything really ever happens between them.
and here's the thing about that. no one can accuse them of deviating from canon too far in that regard, because Thorin still dies and their relationship was never solidified. and no one can accuse them of Bury Your Gays as long as no one ever confirms that they were gay
so it's just like. it's literally the most masterfully done gaybait I've ever seen and it ALMOST makes sitting through 9 hours of martin freeman's ugly ass worth it
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tidalcreek · 2 months ago
hey it's the anon who asked about book aragorn again, what's your opinion on the other characters? like do you agree with their casting or what did you imagine them look like? for lotr and the hobbit
ok THANK YOU YESSS.... i have so many opinions under the readmore of shame. to preface i think that the tolkien universe casting is actually very good and one of the strongest components of the movies im just very particular and i read the books and formed those opinions first <3 
perfect tier: 
gandalf and saruman are SO good..i am always thinking about christopher lee gandalf but i have zero criticisms of ian mckellen thats my grandpa
also thorin 😔 movie thorin is very unlike book thorin but i love him and i do think richard armitage could have pulled off a more bookish characterization if theyd let him
also very good:
pippin and merry :-)
galadriel..cate blanchett can be perfectly cast Once (editing this weeks later i dont actually like her acting that much i just love her voiceovers)
m*rtin fr**man bilbo and the rest of the hobbit cast in general honestly. can’t say anything bad about it they saved those movies
idk its good i dont have a Problem with it:
frodo (no disrespect to elijah thee wood i just dont think he’s That good All the time? but sometimes he does do a perfect job? he mystifies me)
legolas..idk what about him feels boring to me but orlando “there’s nothing behind those eyes” bloom DOES bring his own special thing to the table here and it’s fun
ian holm bilbo
just especially incongruous with my book version but i do actually like them:
boromir + faramir (mostly aesthetic, they have dark hair in the books and i latched onto a specific image w that and also faramir’s characterization got fucked up in two towers. but sean and david r great)
eowyn..miranda otto is actually very good as Book Eowyn but my brain did an even worse thing which is become attached to a version of eowyn that is not like the book at all :) i think i gave her annabeth chase/ginny weasley syndrome bc i was 13 and gay
actively hate this one:
aragorn -_- 
most of the elves..2 be fair my problem with the elves is about peter jackson way more than the actors. his interpretation of the elves as a race is just BORINGGG i love the book elves and i cannot vibe with the movies....all that insane howard shore scoring and for a bunch of tall white people with no emotions
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plotdesigner · 3 months ago
6, 14, 16, 29
6. What got you to start writing?
I wrote a fanfic about the Hobbit when I was 6? which was like, three sentences in large print about me helping Bilbo Baggins on his journey, but I think that counts.
14. An idea you’ll probably never write but damn if the idea ain’t cool.
Stories of how the story of CQL is interpreted through historical lenses in the proceeding years - 3zun becomes the subject of an epic tale that casts Nie Mingjue as a tragic heartthrob of ye olde gay literature for centuries, Wei Wuxian’s inventions accidentally foment a war two centuries down the line, Nie Huasiang being the boring dude you learn about in history class and then in tenth grade did you hear about his love poetry??? with an ending gag that JGY is the in universe equivalent of popular anime heroine Nero Fate Grand Order in a popular historical video game, much to the frustration of an immortal NHS who’s been writing literature about his friends while dunking on his enemies for two millenia for fun and spite.
16. What’s a common writing tip that you mostly ignore?
I will use as many adverbs as I want.
29. Share a bit from a wip!
“You’re Qinghe’s Nie-er-gongzi. You can’t have a reason to be kept here,” Wen Ning said. “You have to go home to your brother.” 
“I do.” Nie Huaisang’s voice broke. “I had better not see you again after tonight. You have to go to go flee to Dongying, or go join the nomads in the north and live on a horse,  or join those traders that go to India - you had better not set foot in Qinghe- “
Don't make me be the one to find your body in  this upcoming war.
“I won’t. I’ll go somewhere far away,” Wen Ning said, and Nie Huaisang could feel wetness against his face.
“Somewhere without a war!”
“Somewhere without a war.” 
There would be no running away, no fleeing to Dongying. Or if there was, it would be risky and it would go against all filial piety,  all loyalty, abandoning his ancestors. Wen Qionglin was as trapped as the hostages here, in some ways.
But this way they could pretend, perhaps, that they’d both get out of this war alive, and that their sects would not be the reason the other died. 
They held each other like that for a while. Neither of them mentioned the other’s tears. They let themselves cry themselves empty. Then Wen Qionglin wiped their faces with the sleeve of his robes, and went to the other side of the room to bring back a handful of qiankun pouches. 
“What are these?” Nie Huaisang asked.
“We got off track before, but, um. You’re going on a big night hunt tomorrow with Wen Chao,” Wen Ning said. “I don’t think he’s going to bring enough provisions, so I packed food. And some medical supplies, just in case.”
“Fuck,” Nie Huaisang said softly, and he hugged him again, grabbing the pouches before Wen Ning could drop them in. “Thank you so much. This might be a literal lifesaver if your cousin’s as shit at planning night hunts as he is at planning hostage situations.”
“You’re welcome,” Wen Ning said. “And I should be thanking you.”
“For what?” Nie Huaisang said. 
“For being my friend. I don’t really have many,” Wen Ning said. “And I’m sorry my sect was the one to do this to you. All of this.”
Nie Huaisang wet his lips, feeling something build in his throat as he stepped back to look at him properly. “Why are you saying that?”
Wen Ning smiled like cracking porcelain. “My sister says that if you think you have to say goodbye, it’s important to tell someone thank you for the good times and apologize for the bad.” 
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autisticandroids · 4 months ago
very happy that we’re talking about mick today bc he is my assigned random spn side character that i got weirdly invested in. definitely think he and cas fucked because, you know, but also i would like to bring up the concept of mick/sam later on. One, sam and cas sharing an ex has hilarious vibes. Two, sam puts mick’s name in his phone as “frodo” (fellas is it gay to compare your friendship with a man that you bond about nerdy stuff with to thee gay hobbits), they already have an established secret relationship so whose to say what they were doing, and also mick dying because being with sam taught him to go against bmol’s code and to save people instead/cas getting lobotomied for going against heaven bc he learned free will from dean parallels. thank you for your time and your service.
also i literally forgot all this other stuff because i can only retain like. very small percentages of my spn knowledge at once and HOLY SHIT you’re right. sam and mick SHOULD have fucked
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sebstangossip · 4 months ago
The Luke Evans shit was always so sad, forced into the closest after years of being out.
It was the SADDEST shit. It is one thing when you are always in the closest to get fame. It’s another thing when you are out and then suddenly because you found fame later in life you have to closest. Also look at how little work Luke is doing now? He was “it” in Hollywood after those Hobbit movies and now he’s nowhere to be seen. Hollywood executives punished him for living his truth, it’s fucking horrific.
The idea that gay people can just live peacefully in Hollywood is a myth. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fooling you.
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loulovehome · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
1)  summertime and butterflies by dadlouis
Louis and Harry go in for a pet and get something a bit different
2)  Everything You Do is Magic by cathyelisabeth1
'“Come on Harry, speed up.” There’s a small zapping sound from where Harry was sitting but Louis doesn’t bother to turn and check. “I swear to god Harry, if you’ve got your phone out-” He is cut off by a rather loud crash and is promptly hit on the back of the head with a shoe.
Slowly, he turns around to be met with the weirdest sight he has ever and probably will ever see. Harry is completely dressed and rushing around the room tidying up. This would be completely normal if it wasn’t happening in fast forward.'
The one where Louis wakes up one day with magical powers and shit goes down.
3)  someone new by @dimpledlouis​
After realizing that standing around and worrying is only wasting precious time, Harry braces his hands on the wall and takes a deep breath, trying to will his nerves away. He needs wifi.
He has to stop himself from laughing after the word leaves his mouth, the absurdity of the situation finally catching up to him.
4)  just like a tattoo (i'm falling for you) by zayndotcom
Harry shut the apartment door behind him, shaking his hair and the negative aura out. Who cares what Zayn thinks anyway? He wasn't the one who had the phrase, Are those fucking flamingos on your shirt, mate?, permanently tattooed onto his body so his opinion was irrelevant. It was a strange time growing up with that tattooed on him. There was a lot of explaining he had to do in school, but it's not like he could do more than just shrug his shoulders and say, "Soulmate mark?"
in which harry and louis are soulmates and their first words arent the most... romantic ones.
5)  Office Wars by JustLikeTomo (orphan_account)
Harry and Louis work in the same office and are sworn enemies.
Shenanigans ensue.
6)  Give A Little Sing To The Singles by @londonfoginacup​
Harry Styles is an adult now, with a real adult job (and benefits! Whatever those are!). He spends his days at the copier. Copying things.
That being said, no one told Harry that being an adult came with a confusingly chaotic boss, a copier machine that would be hell-bent on ruining his life, and a coworker so good looking that Harry might just have to quit. After all, Christmas is coming and if their office doesn’t win the decorating contest, Louis has threatened to break several laws and kneecaps in retaliation.
Happy Christmas, here’s to many more.
7)  Or Four, On the Floor by SadaVeniren 
Get into the SWING of spring with a sexy anonymous night full of costumes, fun, and as always, a good heaping of kink! Masks are required, so if you don’t have your own one will be provided for you.
aka Harry and Louis go to No Control's swingers night and find themselves.
8)  got a collar full of chemistry from your company by  @liltinylouis​
Harry and Louis are protons, and opposites attract has never been more heartbreaking.
9)  Irresistible by skullage (orphan_account)
everything that touches harry falls in love with louis. from this gif.
10)  High and Dry by whathappenedinwellington
Harry gets a 6-inch vibrator stuck in his arse. Hospital is the last place he wants to spend his and Louis' 2-year Anniversary.
11)  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by  @allwaswell16​
Louis is having a personal crisis, a third Valentine's Day being single. Unless he meets someone this week at the high end department store he works at, he'll be stuck going to Niall's Valentine's Day party--again.
Or the one where Harry mistakes Louis for a mannequin.
12)  Crimson Delicious by shakespearesque
Louis Tomlinson is writing his first article for Rolling Stone Magazine and it's a big one. Harry Styles is super sexy, in a pop band, and never goes in with his band for interviews so no one knows anything about him. Louis gets an interview with him.
Meanwhile, there's a James Franco exhibition going on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
13)  Knight Changes by @graceling-in-a-suit​
Louis has a promise to keep and a curse to break for a man in a bog. Niall, Liam, and Zayn are along for the ride. The real friends are the dragons we slay along the way.
14)  One Touch Is Never Enough by  @kingsofeverything​
It’s been a rough year for Louis. First, he was turned into a werewolf, which hasn't been so bad, except that he didn't anticipate how it would affect his love life. Maybe it’d be easier to ignore if he wasn’t constantly bombarded by the sound of his two werewolf best friends getting it on in the next room.
At least they were nice enough to give him a gift certificate for a massage.
15)  How Fast the Night Changes by youbeyou
“I’m sorry, Dominic. I’m-“ Harry tugs on his trousers again, finally getting them to slip over his arse. “I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would be opposed to me going on a date with someone else.”
Harry thinks he delivers the lie pretty convincingly but he doesn’t stop to check, reaching for the next shirt on his rack. Isn’t there supposed to be someone helping him with this?
Dominic stiffens at Harry’s words. “You have a boyfriend? Who is it?”
“That would be me,” an absolutely gorgeous man that Harry’s never seen in his life answers...
16)  Teetering Off of the Stage by sleepingalone
“Um, I don’t think supernatural beings are allowed to compete, are they?” he asked, and was met with laughter instead of the rustling through rulebooks like he had expected.
Or, White Eskimo and The Rogue compete for the trophy at a local Battle of the Bands. And Harry might be a bit of an idiot.
17)  All's Well That Ends Better by @graceling-in-a-suit​
If Louis had ever dared to suggest that Halloween was his favourite holiday, he was paying for that dearly tonight.
AU: Louis goes to a Halloween party as a Hobbit and finds himself a Gandalf. Mix in Niall, Liam, and Zayn as Louis' meddling employees and you've got yourself a witch's brew.
18)  Ache To Know The Song He Sung by  @loveloveolivia​
Ogling hot men is a part of his job that Louis thoroughly enjoys. That is, if the ogling hadn’t been reduced to a bare minimum the second DJ Harry Styles set foot into Funky Payno and ruined every other man for Louis, ever.
Or: Louis is a bartender and Harry is a DJ in a club in Barcelona. All they really need to do is get their shit together. Of course, that's not what happens.
19)  You're always riding (riding my way) by JustLikeTomo (orphan_account)
Louis is Harry's uber driver and Harry is a drunk idiot
Based on a tumblr post:
Louis: straight?
Harry: nah, gay
Louis: ...
Harry: ...
Louis: ...
Harry: sorry, I mean yes go straight
20)  Like Master, Like Pet by orphan_account
In which Louis's cat apparently wants to date Harry's frog, intense studying of eyebrows is a thing, pillows can turn into flamingos, and a lot of really lame-ass jokes are made.
21)  Yours, Mine (and Everything In Between) by Louzzy
Harry never meant to meet the love of his life that way. It was just that, well, almost everything he did got screwed up, so it wasn't like this would be any different.
An AU where Harry and Louis fall in love over a broken nose, sugared coffee, and hospital beds.
22)  Peanut Butter Jelly by  @herefortommo​
“Take your swimming trunks off.”
Harry had to check the ground he previously laid on to make sure his eyes didn’t bulge out of his head. “Lou, listen, I really like you and sure, you’re pretty attractive if you ask me, but I don’t think this is the best time…” It was Louis turn to be surprised. He raised his eyebrows and completely forgot about all the pain he was in for a moment. It suddenly reminded itself though. He wailed in agony and Harry grasped his smaller hand in both of his own bigger ones and continued to babble nonsense. “Oh, sure, if you think it will help you forget about the ache. I’m on it, darling, just wait a minute.”
Or: Louis' plans for holiday fall apart. At the end it's not a complete disaster as he thought it would be.
23)  I’m Quiet You Know, You Make the First Impression by Trytoescapeit
"...But like, addressing the elephant in the room, what're you planning on doing with all those snacks?"
Harry perks up at that, looking very proud of himself as he says, "Vending machine's glass is broken," matter-of-factly. His smile seems to grow with every word he pushes out.
Louis jolts off of the lumpy couch, "well why're you just saying so now?" He makes to sprint out of the room in search of some free snacks when he hears Harry calling out his name.
"Yeah?" He stops at the entrance to look back at Harry. He's gnawing on his bottom lip nervously.
"I kind of took all of the good snacks. There're like fig bars," he scrunches his nose at that, "and butter-nutter cookies."
24)  Only Been Here One Time by @fourdrunksluts​
Louis goes to the student lounge and meets Harry clutching heaps of snacks he stole from the broken vending machine and invites Louis back to his dorm to eat and watch some good ol’ Dawson’s Creek
“Good morning, Liam. Harry.” Louis nods at them both and then cocks his head. “Are you aware you have four nipples, Harry?”
Harry looks down at his chest, suddenly worried. He doesn’t know how many nipples humans have, but four must not be a usual amount. “Should I have six?”
“Not unless you’ve a litter of kittens to feed.”
The Alien!Harry fic I was destined to write
25)'s parenting going? vol. i: the case of the imaginary friend by @avocadolouie​  (Part 1 of's parenting going?)
“Louis.” Harry utters slowly, the inflection of his voice teetering on the edge of hysteria.
But Louis doesn’t even have the words. How could he? All Louis can do is shake his head in disbelief, pinching the bridge of his nose as pure stress begins to radiate throughout his entire body. The scent alone is enough to knock a grown man to his knees.
“Louis. There is shit on the ceiling.” Harry sounds like he’s on the verge of an actual breakdown, body so tense it’s a wonder how he hasn’t completely snapped yet. “Actual shit plastered. To. The. Ceiling!”
And it’s not just that there’s shit on the ceiling. It’s on the walls and the floors and the tub and the sink and just—fucking everywhere. Toilet paper draped like fucking streamers at a birthday party. But this is no birthday party. No, this is a thing of nightmares, it is the work of a terror. A terror shaped exactly like their three-year-old son.
“RORY!” Louis screams at the very peak of his lung capacity.
“It wasn’t me!” A tiny, innocent voice calls back. “I swear! I swear! I swear!”
or Harry and Louis’ three-year-old son has an imaginary friend that is making their life a living, breathing hell.
26)  Right Side of the Wrong Bed by eyesofshinigami 
There, standing in a pair of ridiculously tiny briefs and wielding a frying pan in one hand, is quite possibly the prettiest boy he's ever seen. Louis scrubs a hand across his face. "I'm in the wrong goddamn flat, aren't I?"
Or, the one where Louis wakes up on the wrong couch only to meet his future husband (even if Harry doesn't know it yet).
27)  fall into my arms instead by orphan_account
AU. Louis' not a princess but he is the love of Harry's life, and Harry's not a prince but he is a frog.
Find more fics here
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morifinwes · 4 months ago
hi laura!! sorry this is a bit late i barely survived finals week :’) i just woke up after sleeping for like 18 hrs after my last exam fjdns
oooo yes i love yanqing too!! they’re my fav ship apart from wangxian (also jc/lwj w h a t why would anyone do that o.O)
halsey!!!! i love her sm i’ve followed her from the time she released badlands (i was such an emo kid istg that album was everything to me) omg your music taste is so similar to mine wtf??? the other side by ruelle AND mystery of love AND folklore ur taste is exquisite. i’ll check out the other songs i’m sure i’ll like them! (also based on your music taste i recommend u listen to the loch ness monster by matilda mann 10/10 would recommend)
okay today’s questions!
🎀 since i asked about non-canon ships last time, what is your favourite fic you’ve ever read in the mdzs fandom? or a favourite trope?
🎀 tell me about your favourite show(s)/movies other than cql/mdzs! i need something to binge watch over winter break hehe
hope you’re doing well! it’s getting cold where i live so if it’s the same where you live i hope you’re staying warm >.< now that i’m free i will try to send asks more often! - 🍵
hey c!! don't worry, you have to take care of yourself, i'm glad that you finally have more time for yourself too!
sleeping 18 hours after being stressed is valid, after a panick attack i once slept like 16 hours simply because i was extremely exhausted.
i listened to the song and it's!!! so good!! i really like this part of the song: now you've faded, / with no traces, /so who could ever tell. / what you've taken's, / been misplaced / but your name doesn't ring any bells, / since the day that they took you to hell.
halsey is!!! i remember hearing badlands when it came out but i only really got into her mid 2018? i listened to hopeless fountain kingdom then and realized that badlands and hfk where both from the same person!! folklore is @/keepyourlife's fault, annika reblogged a bunch of things and just went crazy over it, so i listened to it. i don't listen to much else from taylor, i like getaway car a lot tho tbh. i saw mystery of love in a wangxian edit on youtube and went !!!!!! over that song, so now i'm obsessed with it.
1. i've got a bunch of favorite fics but _none of them are finished _and ajdkskks i do have some that are finished but i can't remember for the life of me what they're called. so here are five of my favorites: love, in fire and blood by cicer (which i'm recommending to all of my mutuals always) which is a 212K wip of immortal/yp!wwx + war prize au with no rpe/noncon but in the first two chapters lwj is afraid of that happening. it doesn't. then there is this time/universe/dimension travel fic called a song to bring you home by neoserenity, where basically canon!lwj who mourns wwx meets a modern!sick wwx and apparently there is no modern equivalent of lwj? or at least wwx doesn't seem to know one. the updates are sparse but i reread this so often in hopes that updates will appear. an arrow through time by syrus_jones is a young!lwj time traveling to post canon mdzs and pining after "husband" and wwx at the same time and feeling guilty over it bcs he doesn't know wwx is "husband" and then there is the murder of crows by cerbykerby which is a yilingwei sect au. here is a modern office au: hello, IT. have you tried turning it off and on again?* **by overmountainandmeadow, which us just really funny so i've been reading this for stress relief. i actually quote like time travel aus? also just wangxian meeting other versions of themselves is fun!! i have a bunch of modern college au tabs open but i don't actually seek them out, if i see one and like the plot then i'll read it. there are a lot of good time travel aus in this fandom!! also i like it when people get wangxian together earlier than in canon, it's just really fun to see how that would go. i don't remember the name but i think there was one fic where lwj tried to flirt with wwx and wwx just didn't notice? until somebody pointed it out to him i think? that was fun to read because lwj was just so frustrated!!
2. i feel like i forget what shows i watched after i watched them? movies too, though i like to stick to rewatching movies i already know. but here are some shows: dark on netflix, if you have netflix it should be there, it's a german netflix show about time travel and fate and things being really fucked up. basically there is this endless loop of the world apocalypse happening in 2019? 2020? i'm not that sure of the timeline rn but it's either 2019 or 2020!! and jonas, the male lead, wants to prevent it but this shit gets complicated because this is a time loop, everything he has done has been done before him. there are some really great quotes in the show about things, there is a wangxian gifset that actually uses a quote from dark, and that's the one about having three deaths. (i'll probably add a link to the gifset when i find it) also martha, the female lead, seems not that important in the first season but don't be fooled by that. the ending is.... complex and cool and holy shit there is still one thing we don't know and ahdkksks it's a surprise tho so 👀👀. i recommend watching it in german if possible and with subtitles. i've watched a few scenes in english and idk the voice actors don't seen to fit, but i don't know about other languages. the 100 is also a pretty good show but it's.... it has queerbaiting. and to be honest, the queerbaiting is probably the only reason the show made it to a seventh season. lexa, a lesbian, dies and they use her death for the queerbaiting since she gets together with clarke, the lead character. clarke is a character that gets a lot of hate from both fandom and the characters, a lot of unfair hate if you ask me. she has to do a lot of decisions that are just not meant to be for a single human being, @/solntserises and i and a lot of arguements over placing the blame on her or placing the blame on society and the situation itself. clarke basically does what she needs to do, what she needs to do in order to protect her people, her friends, her family. she often just doesn't have good options, and if she has then she deems the risk too high or something too good to be true (which, she often is right about???). after s1 her friends push her into situations where she has to make the hard choice, but if it doesn't work out how they want it to work out they get mad at her. which is not fair. i remember hearing that raven finally understands what clarke goes through in s7? but i haven't watched the season. i gave up the moment lexa died and didn't want to watch past it, but when @/solntserises started we watched the other seasons together.
there is also shadowhunters which is an okay show ig, i've watched vikings until s5 too and i quite liked it, prison break has a lot of cool stuff to offer but i'd be careful watching it in case of any triggers you might have. i don't remember 100% of the plot but enough to say that one of the characters is a pervert and an awful person, so lots of murder, a lot of blood and yeah. the two main characters are brothers and mostly innocent in this but yeah. they break out of a prison y'know.
lucifer is !!! i think it goes after dc comics? so ig it's somehow part of the dceu but they're like.... never mentioned so idk. it's really fun tho!! you probably have heard from the vampire diaries right? yeah well, there is a spin off called the origianls and it's actually really good. it had some times where i was going to call it off but it's fine, legacies is both tvd's and to's spinoff and from the quality it can't really compare, it's still fun to watch and seeing the new generation grow up. (also a lot more canon gays)
for some movies: i don't really watch many but i've watched every movie in the mcu so far, i have the extended special editions for both the lord of the rings and the hobbit trilogy, the half of it is about ellie chu, an asian girl living in a small town with her depressed dad and falling in love with aster flores, and just.... finding herself, finding out what she wants, who she is and trying to figure out where life takes her. the movie is great!! the romance process is really slow and not that much of the main focus, but more of ellie finding her place in the world? the old guard is a fantastic movie that i watched because of @/keiraknigthly, it's really fun to watch!!
i look forward to talking to you more often!! 🥰💞
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nerdismyhobby · 4 months ago
Dan I'm new to LOTR should I read the books now that I've seen the movies and been blown away
Hoo boy. Ok. One, you’re welcome to come off anon and message me if you want, I’ll keep the conversation between us.
Two, i was going to do some creative writing and work on a play tonight but I have a feeling this is going to replace it. 
Here we go- I will say, right off the bat, my love for Lord of the Rings comes from the movies first and foremost. I experienced them before reading the books and I latched onto the epic story of it, the acting, the music, the visuals.... It was such a complete package that it formed my identity and still is into my late 20s. It will continue to be for a while I’m sure. 
That being said, I’ve read the books probably I wanna say three full times. I firmly believe that everyone should read the books at least once in their life. I don’t care if you do it all at once, read just one a year, read just one of them every five years, whatever. Read the Hobbit. Read  all of Lord of the Rings. Even if it’s only to say you did it. Do it anyway. 
However.... Be prepared for a slog at times. There, I said it. 
The books can be A LOT at times. Almost too much. 
One- There are a lot of differences. The films did a very good job distilling as MUCH as they could into three movies. But they still couldn’t get everything. There’s the obvious Tom Bombadil omission and everything contained therein (the Old Forest, the barrows, etc) . There’s the hill people between Rohan and Gondor that help out. Who the fuck is Glorfindel. Saruman with his gay rainbow/many colors robe. Who the fuck is Erkenbrand. The Scouring of the Shire. Where is Arwen? On the one hand, it’s exciting to read and see the differences. On the other hand, the movies are already twelve hours total as the extended editions and you STILL had to omit stuff? Do you know how bonkers that is? There’s already so many details in the movies and now you want to add MORE?? Are you goddamn nuts????? 
Two- I don’t have a lot of evidence for this, but I’m not sure if Tolkien expected to ever actually have his other notes and books published, such as the Silmarillion, book of Lost tales, etc. Yes, I know he wrote and composed the Silmarillion before Lord of the Rings, but i’m not sure if publication was ever expected. So all of a sudden, you have this epic three part book series (or six books, or one book split into three volumes with two books each, as Tolkien prefers) with a rich history that no one knows ANYTHING about, apart from the Hobbit, which was a bed time story Tolkien made up to get his kids to finally go the fuck to sleep and then he happened to publish. Because of this, you get a lot of tangential history woven in. Which is fascinating at times, but also REALLY slows the story down. So often you get stuff like this (paraphrasing here): “Off to the side of the road there was a copse of trees. Strong sturdy trees, like the ones sung about in the songs, that Earendil used to carve his magical flying boat out of and used to strike down the terrible dragon known as Ancalagon the Black, whose ruin he smote upon the earth and destroyed a mountain range, before Earendil himself perished only to be lifted up to the stars”.  Seriously. You get history tangents like that at least once a chapter. Which back in the day was helpful. But now? it’s not as necessary when you can literally just look all this stuff up on a tolkien wikipedia. It puffs up your word count sure, but this isn’t your dissertation. This is an epic fantasy novel. You’re here for the action and the fights and the character development and the twists and turns and stunning reveals and the gay bromance between Legolas and Gimli (seriously, I don’t necessarily “ship” them, but in no universe are those two straight). I don’t care as much about the trees and the terrain when there are orcs that Aragorn could be cleaving in two and Legolas and Gimli could be flirting/not flirting. 
Now, I know this makes it seem like I don’t like the books. Which isn’t necessarily true. It’s just the way that books are written just aren’t necessarily for me. I’m a very modern minded person, in that a lot of the media I tend to enjoy (be it plays or movies or books) are all more modern or contemporary (think like, post 1990. Yes, I’m serious). With the way my brain works in consuming media, things written and released in the 40s don’t necessarily appeal as much to me. I’m not a big fan of classic novels in general due to the writing style. I can think of maybe two or three I like, when I have all of the classics we read to high school to choose from. The style just isn’t for me. Reading any of them can be a chore for me, or like it takes a lot more effort for me to get through them. 
That being said- the books are still magical. It gets bogged down by history at times, but that’s only because Tolkien did such a fantastic job of world building that you can’t help but be taken in by it. Some of the omissions from the movies are actually very exciting parts of the books, and it’s fascinating to see the differences. And if nothing else, the movies did such an A+ job of casting that honestly? I don’t feel bad visualizing the actors as the actual characters when reading the book. I know some people try not to. But I genuinely find it difficult to differentiate. It’s so much fun to read along and follow along with the plot of such an epic movie series and see the inspiration for it. 
So yes. Read the books. But don’t be surprised if it’s difficult. If it’s frustrating. If it takes a while. If you kinda roll your eyes and go “yes yes, get on with it” at times. Cause I did. But the world building. The characters. The friendships. The action. The battles. The hobbit people and how they are living the ideal life. It’s all worth it at least once.
Pace yourself. 
You got this. 
But most importantly, have fun with it and appreciate it for what it is. For its messages of friendship and finding the good in the world, even when so much bad has happened. It is still Lord of the Rings, after all. 
Enjoy :) 
And thanks for the question! I really appreciate getting to talk at length about my favorite thing in the world. 
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tfw-no-tennis · 4 months ago
mtmte liveblog issue 13
humansona time, hell yes
OH MAN I forgot about the stuff w/swerve and blurr oof
that panel of perceptor just saying random equations always kills me vhsdjhfkbjhksdfnka
also I love so much that they call perceptor ‘percy’ that's so cute
I love the implications here that people just Grab minibots and carry them around like luggage bc they are Tiny lmao
ohhhh my god I fuckgin love ‘I'm just wondering if there's time to expand my aura and cleanse the area of aggression’ ‘I...don't think so, drift’ hgbadjfjbaskdfs drift’s hippy nonsense delivered completely seriously pairs hilariously with his whole ‘violent guy with a bunch of swords’ thing lmao
also, IM NEVER OVER CYCLONUS SINGING TO TAILGATE, and also the security team mistaking it for cyclonus murdering tg hbhkjadfbjkhsdf cyclonus u icon
and tg looking at cyclonus all heart-eyes, omg 
drift showing rodimus how to swordfight...fellas.....
rodimus, being entirely ignorant to the irony in calling cyclonus and tailgate’s relationship strange when he and drift are Right There, being weird gay frat bros
did yall know, I love magnus so much. law dad
magnus saying ‘that's not even a word. id have heard of it’ about the word ‘relax’ is so funny god 
rodimus bribing swerve with a bar license to get magnus turnt is hbvhjakdbfhskf
never over rodimus portioning out drifts blood money to the crew for shore leave hubhjsdkhfdbjksd god 
despite tg lying about a good amount of his past, I feel like he rlly DOES see cyclonus as a link to a more familiar time, and that's a large reason why he’s so forgiving toward cyc
mannnn the stuff w/blurr and swerve is so depressing in retrospect. swerve is like, such a depressing character the more you think abt him vbhskjdhfbsk jesus
magnus trying to get in on the convo when swerve starts talking statistics oh magnus
idk what ‘the lube pits’ are but I Really do not want to know
‘the temple of the raging prism’ sounds fuckin bangin tho
I love seeing everyones humansona!! this art style is pretty simple, but I think it looks cute
rungs ‘human name’ being ‘mary sue’ lmaoooooo jro w/the self callout
also skids’ name being blank is a nice touch
still not over tg being a baby....poor guy
whirls humansona is so fuckgin good, also swerve looks like a hobbit
magnus basing his avatar on verity is so sweet ;_; I really should read all the wreckers stuff after I finish this reread
WHY would magnus accept a drink from whirl anyways lmao
tailgate is so cute
they rlly just left magnus facedown on the table and kept drinking huh. the irresponsibility....we love it
rung don't lie, froid is your nemesis
WHY do we never get to hear more about skids’ apparent beef with misfire
rewind calling the swerve/misfire This early, wow
literally Everyone abandoning swerve to deal with magnus hgbvhfjdskdfbhs I fucking love this issue man
GOD I LOVE MAGNUS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! he’s such an interesting and unique character and hhhh I love him and his development
like, he was probably the biggest surprise out of everyone who agreed to go on the quest - ostensibly it was to keep order on the lost light, but it would make sense that magnus would get tired of being the Only one who cares about that sorta stuff on board 
drunk magnus is such a delight oh my god
magnus rlly just wants everyone to be safe :( my daddddd
magnus: I love all my children equally...swerve, rodimus, [looks at smudged writing on hand] dirt
swerve: see, magnus, that’s where you’re wrong - I ALSO have crippling depression!
cant believe they bought rodimus a hat vhbhksdfhahsjkdf
HHHHH GOD I FORGOT ABT THATTTT when cyclonus goes bonkers in order to stop rewind from playing the ark 1 footage and inadvertently outing tailgate as a liar....AUGHHHHH THE FUCKING...THE FUCKING ROMANCE OF IT ALL
oh rewind :( you should really wonder a little harder where chromedome is right now...oof
everyone jumping on magnus while he’s passed tf out is SO fucking funny 
hhhhhhhhhhh I love how cyclonus sat tailgate down and confronted him about lying, but did it privately and not in front of everyone - and he even saved tg from being exposed as a liar, too. AUGH 
I feel like cyclonus is kinda impressed at how effortlessly tg has managed to lie this whole time, and tbh it IS impressive, especially considering tailgate was basically teleported 6 million years into the future and has no idea how the world works anymore, but was still able to lie convincingly. even cyclonus only realized bc of his own past, and not until now
tailgate ;_; ;_; ;_; 
cyclonus: oh soft
tailgate and cyclonus singing ye olde cybertronian tunes together...OUGHHHH my fucking heart bro mY FUCKING HEART.
on that note: the song ‘to noise making (sing)’ by hozier is literally about cygate. thank u for coming to my ted talk
magnus had to like, get the robot equivalent of a stomach pumping after that hvbskdjfbhskdf jesus they really did almost kill him huh
I consider this issue forshadowing bc it makes 100% sense that minimus would be a Mega Lightweight considering he’s like 3 feet tall
the real quest that swerve is participating in is ‘the quest to get friends’ and so far its going pretty badly. poor dude 
godddd the thing that says ‘next: Overlord!’ with a fucking exclamation point I DONT APPRECIATE THAT. 
OHO i forgot abt the canon fanfic at the end of this issue
rung kicking things off with some good ole bodily workings-based dread 
ok but being so awed by the construction of your species’ anatomy that you wanna fall on the floor in amazement? that's a whole ass mood and I do frequently stare at walls for long periods of time, thinking about the marvel that is the human body. so rung is valid 
FROID NAME DROP LMAO. also yet again, are you SURE he’s dead?? are you????
the name ‘froid’ cracked me up almost as much as ‘rigor morphis’ did when I first read this...robot-based science puns! woohoo!
rung rlly b out here thinking abt overlords lips.....
‘forced browsing is not the autobot way’ lmao skids
also fr tailgate defs thinks that whirls actually name is nutjob
the entire segment of cyclonus browsing and everyone watching him and commenting is just. golden
oh no. don't make me think of rewind and his tiny memory sticks that he carries around. I'm NOT READY
magnus’ brutal read on rodimus and the fact that he’s more suited, personality-wise, to wartime than peacetime? oof. love it
I ALSO love that a big part of this issue was magnus admitting, in less direct terms, that HE isn't made for the post-war life either - his strict adherence to the rules and constant vigilance isn't exactly the best mindset for peacetime, for him or the people under his command
magnus’s hatred of metaphors and similes and the like....hvbsdjkfbasjhdf I love him
MAGNUS ILY...he’s trying SO HARD cut him some slack. i think his jokes are. yeah!
oh goody this text used "rodimus’s" so I guess that's canonically correct and I haven't been using grammar incorrectly as I had feared 
rodimus sitting ON his desk and doodling on it...adhd icon
rodimus calling rung a psychotherapist, which was rung’s grounds for a nemesis hvbhjabfdskfnkks
rung: as I'm sure you know I take patient confidentiality VERY seriously
narrator: That Was A Lie 
AUGH this hurts...rung trying to get justice for red alert but rodimus is in on the overlord stuff :( ouch
so issue 13! I fucking love this issue. just some good ole funney space hijinks, with some nice relationship development for tg and cyc - plus a revelation about tailgate - and some characterization for swerve and magnus. plus we get to see humansonas, which is always fun. augh I love this comic, and I am SO not ready for the next few issues, good lord
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sacred-algae · 5 months ago
Nights Like These
It's no secret that Todd is bad at feelings. Bad at expressing them, bad at handling them. Really bad at handling them. Because Dirk has a boyfriend. A boyfriend who isn't Todd. And it tears him apart. All he ever feels any more is hopelessness. And tonight was no different. Until it was. It was about to be VERY different.
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2,851
       It was nights like these where Todd didn’t like to think. He wished he was incapable of thinking. Screw that, he wished he didn’t love him. 
       He’d never been in love before and oh how he wishes he wasn’t right now. 
       Because this sucked. It hurt like hell. 
       Having to see him every day. See his beautiful smile and perfect eyes and know that he didn’t love him back.
       Being in love with Dirk was one thing a month ago. 
       He always knew he liked him, well, not always, but when he realized he was in love with him… That was another story. 
       He felt like he was walking on air when he realized it. He realized how lucky he was to have him in his life and how happy he made him.
       He even started flirting with him, to no avail but he still did.
       And it felt right. One day he would get the courage to ask him out. 
        But before that day came… the worst day of his life came. 
       He got a boyfriend.
       A boyfriend that wasn’t Todd.
       And ever since then it’s been “Brett this, Brett that,” and he wanted to punch that bastard right in the nose!
       … But he made Dirk happy. And so Todd was happy if he was happy.
       Scratch that. Todd was very unhappy. 
       He wanted to die every time Brett kissed Dirk, he wanted to cry every time he saw them holding hands, he wanted to punch the wall when he heard the exchange of pet-names, he wanted to scream every time smiled at his phone after getting a text from him.
       He was miserable. He had gone from being depressed before Dirk to being the happiest in his life to being happier to being even more depressed and it was horrible.
        So yes, he thought about this every night. What made this night worse than the other nights, what made this night “nights like these”?
       It was date night. 
       The night of the week where he wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. 
       So he did. 
       And he sobbed.
        And to make matters worse, his episodes have always been more emotionally fueled so “date night” was always a reliable alarm clock for his body to betray him. 
       And to make matters even worse, it was their one month anniversary, and Dirk was all excited about their big date.
       So he had to buckle up for a long, sleepless, painful, night.
        And his first attack of the night was over.
       He sat on the bathroom floor, huddled in the corner between the sink cabinet and the wall, shaking violently as his post-attack nerves calmed down. Breathing heavily as tears streamed down his hot face, head whirring.
       And it was only 10:00.
        It was only 10:00 when he heard a knock on his door. 
        Stumbling, he stood up and wiped his eyes on his flannel sleeve as he approached the door.
       And he was ready to kill a bitch when he saw who was on the other side of the door, sobbing.
       “Oh my god, Dirk what happened? Are you ok?” 
       He flung himself into Todd’s arms. “He pulled a Warner, Todd,” he choked between tears.
       “He pulled a what?” Todd stood flabbergasted, not quite sure on whether or not he should return the hug, but then he did, Dirk needed him.
       “Like that musical, Pink Lawyer.”
       “Oh, you mean Legally Blonde? And that was a movie before it was a musical.”
       “But I like the musical better. I like the song 'Gay or European', it's like a song about me.”
       “Whatever you say, Dirk. What happened, what do you mean he pulled a Warner?” And then it hit him, “Oh my god, he didn’t!”
       “Mmhmm,” Dirk gave a sad, affirmative hum and nodded into Todd’s shoulder.
       “On your anniversary?! THAT DICK!”
       Dirk laughed slightly.
       “What-” Todd wasn’t good at this, in fact, he was very bad at this. “What do you need?”
       Dirk pulled back and looked at Todd confused. His eyes red, swollen, and glossy. He hated seeing him like this. He wanted to hold him until the end of time and make sure he was never upset again. The things he was going to say to Brett- but he needed to focus on Dirk right now.
       “I mean, you came to me for a reason, right? What do you need?”
       He stood silent for a moment, not really understanding the question. In all honesty, his brain couldn’t process much at the moment. “Right, why I’m here, um, yes! I-” he sighed, “I don’t know. Universe said I should come here.”
       Damn you universe,  Todd thought. 
       “Ok.” His mind shuffled around the possible answers to this. In the past he would have made some flirty joke like, “oh, the universe wanted you to be here, huh?” or something or other but he wasn’t past Todd. He was present Todd and he would be there for Dirk. And he doubted the universe actually wanted that to be honest. He would always just be friends with Dirk. Hopelessly and endlessly. “Come in then, want to talk?”
       “Maybe,” he sniffed as he walked in. “I don’t know. I just want to be here.” He paused for a moment. “Do you have any tea?”
       Todd smiled, “Always.” He walked over to the kitchenette and dug through the pantries as Dirk sat down. “What type?”
       Dirk beamed, “You have more than one type? You don’t even like tea.”
       Todd had started keeping tea around in case of situations like these. Not break-ups specifically, he hadn’t planned for those, but any situation where Dirk needed some comfort. And he didn’t know what Dirk preferred so he just bought a lot of different types.
       “Yeah, what type?”
       “I don’t know. Do you have lemon? Sour tea to fit my sour mood.” He sunk into the sofa. 
       “Don’t be like that, Dirk.” He heated up a mug of water in the microwave, receiving a wince from Dirk but he was just happy Todd was trying. “I’m assuming you want milk and sugar in it?”
       “Yes, please.” Todd chuckled. 
       He put the teabag in the mug and grabbed the milk carton, a spoon, and the sugar and clumsily carried it all back to the couch. 
       “Thank you, Todd.” He smiled through his pooling grey-blue eyes.
       They sat like that for a while. Staring at the wall. A million thoughts flooding through their heads.
       The main one in Todd’s head? He was going to fucking kill Brett. He should have fucking known, with a name like Brett. And his stupid books, and his stupid sweater vests, and his stupid perfect hair, and his stupid collection of snobby tea. Now that he thinks about it he was really perfect for Dirk, Dirk didn’t want some punk-reject. He wanted an elegant refined man, not a scrumpy hobbit asshole of a man. NO! Brett was a dick. An absolute dick and he hurt Dirk. No one hurts Dirk on Todd’s watch. Not unless they want to get killed. 
       It wasn’t like he couldn’t do it. He could blame it on a holistic situation next case. Yes, brilliant. He would find some way to drag him into it push him into the danger. It was perfect, foolproof, and oh my fucking god was he really plotting a murder right now? He needed to focus on Dirk. Who had just started crying again, oh god he was bad at this. 
       Todd looked over to him. He sat rigidly. The warm mug in his hands, somewhat of a grounding stim, his head tucked into his chest as his tears fell. 
       He cleared his throat and nervously spoke up. “Need to talk about it? Sometimes venting helps.”
       Dirk bit his lip and wordlessly nodded before turning to Todd.
       “It was a stupid reason, really,” he sniffled.
       “Any reason to break up with someone as amazing as you is stupid in my books.” Dirk smiled. Smiling was good.
       “No. There are plenty of good reasons. I’m annoying, I talk too much, I’m dangerous, I’m an idiotic fool-”
       “Stop with all the negative talk,” Todd said sternly.
       “But it really was a stupidly stupid reason. I… I was telling him the story of our cases-”
       “Ooo which one?”
       “The Coconut Caper.” He set the mug down on the coffee table with the rest of the stuff Todd had brought out.
       “That was a fun one,” They laughed for a moment reminiscing on it. The Coconut Caper was one of their more… well… heated cases. There was a lot of tension there on both their parts, but both of them only recognized his own feelings and was completely oblivious as to the other’s.
       “So I was telling him the story and out of nowhere, he got mad! He said… he said he was tired of hearing about you.”
       “That it’s always ‘Todd, this and Todd, that’ and he was sick of it. And- and,” he stuttered to get the words out. “And said he was sick of it, and that it was all I ever talked about and- and,” He fell into Todd’s shoulder, covering his face with his hands. Regretting what he was about to say before he even said it, but Todd asked so he would say it. He would play it off as if it wasn’t true. “He said he thought I was in love with you… and then he dumped me!”
       A question burned into the back of Todd’s mind. A question he knew he shouldn’t ask for fear of losing everything, and pushing Dirk farther than he needed tonight... But the question remained, it refused to leave. It wasn’t going to go away unless he asked. 
       So Todd made the rash decision to ask said question, a decision he knew as the sentence formed out of his mouth he would later regret as he already knew the answer but something told him he didn’t know the full truth. He needed the full truth. He needed all of it. 
       And so he asked the question.
       “Dirk, do you love me?” His voice shook like the after-shock in a house seated across the street from a quarry. His face burning hot, his own eyes filling with salty betrayal. 
       “Uh-buh-buh-buh,” He sat up abruptly, straightening himself out, his mouth flapped like a fish. “What an odd question, Todd.” Dirk sat back up with a very bad look of hiding the truth. Todd almost let the corners of his mouth upturn. He thought he knew the answer, and he thought it might be the one he wanted after all of this time. 
       “Dirk, answer the question.” His voice slowly losing its tough persona.
       “You see, it’s a very complex answer, that question, Todd.”
       “Answer the goddamn question!”
       “Ok fine. You want the truth? Here’s the truth! I’m in love with you... I always have been but I know you don’t love me and so that’s why I started dating Brett.” 
       “Dirk-” His voice even softer now, a pang in his chest, heartbreaking at the thought of Dirk not knowing and feeling the way he did, knowing Dirk felt all of the pain Todd did.
       “LET ME FINISH. I thought if I dated someone else I would forget about you and stop loving you but the truth is I can’t.” He started crying, again. “I can’t forget you. I can’t, Todd. I’m sorry-”
       “Dirk-” More insistent.
       “SHUT UP FOR ONE BLOODY FUCKING MINUTE AND LET ME FUCKING GET THIS OVER WITH BECAUSE THIS IS FUCKING HARD!” Woah. He shouted at the top of his lungs before returning to normal, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Half apologizing for freaking out and half apologizing for his feelings. “I am. I can’t help it, I can’t help that I love you but I do.”
       He sped up almost incoherently, vomiting out words, not caring if he was repeating himself or saying things that didn’t make sense. Let him choose his words and tone for this ok? Like he said, this was hard. “Just promise me, promise me you won’t leave because I don’t think I could take it because honestly you saved my life in so many ways not only physical and I couldn’t bear if you left so promise me you won't leave and I don’t care if you aren’t my best friend anymore just don’t drop off the face of the earth and promise me-”
       “SHUT UP, TODD.”
       “I LOVE YOU!”
        Dirk jolted back, not quite sure if he heard Todd right. If his mind was playing tricks on him, if Todd was playing tricks on him.
       “Oh, now you’re just being cruel.” His voice accusatory.
       “No, I do!” His voice defensive.
       “You’re just saying that to shut me up. Because I’m annoying and stupid and-”
       “What did I say about saying that about yourself?” 
       “Not to.” He pouted, “But you don’t. I think I would have figured that out by now.”
       “I didn’t figure it out”
       “Yes, but you’re just saying that. How do I know you love me?”
       Todd smiled. The first time he smiled that night. 
        “Because I do. Because you changed me. You made me a better person. And my life was boring before I knew you. And it sucked. And I know that doesn’t mean much but this does. And I wish you could see yourself like I do. The amazing, kind, wonderfully-crazy, funny and, not going to lie, sexy man you are.” Dirk chuckled and hid his face. “I want you to know that you make my life better. You give me a meaning and purpose I didn’t have before. You make me happy, Dirk. You make me so happy. And I hope that’s enough for you to know that I do love you and I’m not just ‘saying it’.”
        “I’m sorry, Todd.” He looked up, holding back more tears. This was a night very much filled with tears.
       Todd shook his head confused, “For what?”
       “For yelling, and assuming you were lying.”
       “Nah, I get it. I’m an asshole. I wouldn’t believe me either.”
       “Ok, if I’m not allowed to say I’m stupid and annoying you  definitely  aren’t allowed to call yourself an asshole. We both know how I feel about you calling yourself that.”
       “Ok, how about dickhead?” He laughed and Dirk playfully shoved him. 
       “That might be worse.”
       All of the anxiety was slowly wearing off, and it left them in a quiet moment. 
       A very quiet moment.
       Too quiet.
       They stared at each other, smiling. Heat rising to their faces, ok maybe they were just too angry and sad to notice it earlier but they were both made suddenly aware of their red faces. 
       “God, this is awkward,” Dirk mumbled as he twiddled with his thumbs. 
       “Yep,” Todd replied.
       Silent again. 
       How did they manage that?
       And then Dirk realized something. 
       Something big.
       His eyes widened and Todd immediately recognized the expression. Dirk had figured something out. Something holistic.
       And before Todd had any time to respond. Any time to process…
        Dirk’s mouth was on his.
        He leapt forward, not thinking, much like he did with everything in his life. He never thought. Ever. It was quite relaxing actually. 
       Unaware of his brute force, that combined with Todd’s shock had sent them spiraling backwards into the couch. Todd’s eyes wide.
       And all he could think, well, no, he couldn’t think. All he could  feel  was, “Oh my god this is actually happening! Is this happening? It better be fucking happening, and holy shit his lips are soft- ” Soft despite the fact that the kiss was awkwardly aggressive and very quick. It all happened in about a second. One second before Dirk realized what he had done.
       He pulled back extremely suddenly, but still hovering over Todd as the couch swallowed him whole, cheeks fire-engine red, spilling out his words in a perfectly Dirk-y way. 
       And Todd just smiled and grabbed the sides of his jacket, pulling his face back down to his, and he kissed him. This time properly. 
       And Dirk melted at the touch. This was nothing like kissing Brett, this felt right, safe, home. Like the entire universe had been preparing for this moment. 
       It started soft and slow, meant to show Dirk how much he meant everything he said, how much he loved him. And then he started to realize that it was finally happening, and he hungered for more, and Dirk obliged, sending their kiss deeper and deeper. Fully enveloping themselves in each other, in this perfect kiss, this perfect moment. This moment where everything was as it was supposed to be for once. 
       All they could think of was each other and how for the love of God had they not done this sooner.
       Breathless, Todd pulled back and moved his arms around Dirk’s neck, and looked fondly into his eyes.
       “I-I think… I think I know why the universe wanted me to come here.” Dirk breathed with a wide smile brandishing his swollen, pink lips.
       Todd laughed, “You think?”
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catboymagneto · 5 months ago
i have like. 0 knowledge of lotr but legolas for the ask game <33 i remember liking him when i watched the movies
Sexuality headcanon: hes gay like theres no way hes attracted to women
Gender headcanon: nonbinary they/them❤️ elves said fuck gender roles
A ship I have with said character: GIMLEAF SUPREMACY POST!!! They rlly spedrun the enemies to friends to lovers gag and i love it
A BROTP i have with said character: him and tauriel. i read their relationship in the hobbit not as legolas being jealous of kili cuz he has a thing for tauriel but cuz he thinks hes gonna lose his bestie
a NOTP i have with said character: thranduil/legolas? does that even exist? God i sure hope not cuz ill turn into a wild animal
A random headcanon: his favorite season is fall, especially when hes in mirkwood and all the leaves change colors!!
General opinion over said character: legolas my friend legolas!!! Hes so funny but i think he shouldve been more of a weirdo like he was in the book. Hes rlly like one of two elves i actually care about in the tolkien verse
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stagandsteer · 5 months ago
So, the people over at that gossip site are saying the black jackets are not the same (they look the same to me) and that the quality of the photos have gone to hell.
That and the constant nasty comments about Richard's age, and Froy's looks remind me of when 2 actors from The Hobbit were supposed to be together. Lots of ageist posts regarding the older actor, and this time they can add racist comments into the mix!
I like to think that Richard and Froy don't read that crap, but I just know they do.
I just...don’t care? I mean obviously I care that people are being racist assholes, they suck. but.
and I don’t think Richard and Froy read any of it. I think they’re pretty serious about limiting their social media time, and that’s really good for them. they’re barely on instagram and Froy deleted all those other accounts with good reason.
look, I can’t pretend to understand why some of these people, especially the ones from fandom and not from just bitchy gay gossip land, are choosing to be so negative and hateful. not to like, reduce this relationship to “something for us to enjoy” but omg. if you’ve been in fandom for any amount of time you should recognize and appreciate how rare it is to watch an actual real life couple get together? a charming, genuinely likable, queer couple? how can all these people be more invested in pointless bitchery than in how fucking cute they are? so I don’t get that. but also I don’t care.
the age thing, I’ve said my piece on. some people have a serious issue with that and can’t get past it. sorry ‘bout it. Froy is no innocent naive youth being taken advantage of on the internet, he’s a worldly, grown man of considerable means, dating a worldly, grown man of considerable means.
and come on, that is obviously Richard’s fucking jacket. 😂
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