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#he is a pretty boy okay
gotham-swag · 2 days ago
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Jerome sir pls stop being so pretty I am going to loose my mind 😩
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alexa-alcantara · 7 days ago
It’s so weird to stumble into old fandom spaces on other platforms, it’s such a weird different vibe from tumblr...never knew some wanted to petition for Grimm’s zombie!Nick arch to end, just so fandom could have the nice, righteous Grimm back and I’m like..y’all wanted that arch to end that soon?! The Grimm going dark was interesting and it was such wasted potential! a) Grimms are depicted as dark by Wesens, Nick is untypical, that’s the whole point, so imagine what an immense blow it would’ve been if Sean’s half-brother actually managed to smuggle Nick out of the country and brainwash him? In a way Nick’s friends hold him back, and with his police work he can deal with Wesens in a non-traditional way. But what if the Royals put him in situations that would force Nick to give in to his darker side? b) opportunity to go in depth with the Royals and Grimm lore c) opportunity to tie Sean Renard, Nick and the Royals individual archs together. Renard in his own ways looked out for ‘his’ Grimm. He took great offence that his brother would steal the Grimm after all. Explain? Like honestly, with that cliffhanger I’m baffled they ended that arch in just one ep and a half. Guess those petitioners got their wish. Shame.
Second petition apparently was for Nick to shave again? Honestly, that’s such blasphemy towards his risen DILF factor in the later seasons. o.O How could you not like Nick with stubble, that man wears a beard so well?! Are we watching the same show? And honestly, when even would later season!Nick find the time to shave every day? Early season!Nick was still innocent, his biggest problems was his girlfriend finding out and learning new stuff from Monroe, he priotizes being detective over Grimm. He was scandalized that his Mom would kill a FBI agent, so clean shaven and cute, boyish haircut fits. Later season!Nick’s Mom is dead because he trusted too much, so he no longer will, he's not innocent anymore, but now has so much more to lose. He’s Grimm first now, and cop second. The darker look suits him, come on!
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miomio-san · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
“[surname], you know i love you, right?”
“one, that’s gross and two, what did you do?” you said, raising a brow.
oikawa frowns, “i didn’t do anything.” his lips curved into a pout, “why do you always assume i’ve done something when i tell you i love you.”
“well, you can’t exactly blame me now can you? you always try to sweet talk yourself out of trouble.”
oikawa sighs dramatically. “hot people are always faced with such judgment. is it because you’re jealous, baby? it’s okay. not everyone can look this good all the time.”
you could vividly make out the aura of arrogance and superiority that covered him “it’s a gift really.” he says, while he has an stupidly obnoxious grin on his face.
you stare at the volleyball fanatic before you. your face twists in a way that could only be described as pure disgust. “has anyone ever told you to shut the fuck up?”
“yes, plenty of people actually. you aren’t the first nor will you be the last.”
oikawa gives you his signature wink while sticking his tongue out and you clenched your fist, trying to control the overwhelming urge to knock his teeth in.
“i love you, like a lot!”
you hesitate and felt your anger slowly subside. you grumble to yourself as you cross your arms, huffing. “whatever.”
oikawa laughs, works everytime!
he tosses his arms around you, half expecting you to throw him off you but instead you relaxed yourself and closed your eyes, as if you were accepting his affection.
his eyes lit up and a smile overtook his face as he snuggle you closer to himself. his head rests on top of yours and lets out a satisfied hum.
“i love you, [surname].” he murmurs, kissing the top of your head.
you bury your face into his chest. i love you too.
he knows you have a hard time verbalizing your love for him, but in this very moment, oikawa has never felt more loved by you than he does right now.
Tumblr media
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marypsue · 16 days ago
I know I'm a few years late to the party and probably somebody else has said this first and better, but I think all the issues I had with characterisation in s3 are actually symptoms of the one real issue: lack of continuity in character development. 
Seeing Hopper disrespecting Joyce, saying she sounds crazy and writing off her hunch about the magnets, doesn't make any sense at all coming from the man who's seen how sensitive Joyce is about being called crazy and seen how her impossible hunches have been right - twice - and how when she says the world is ending, it usually is. Especially if it's supposed to be more obvious than ever that he's secretly in love with her. I bought that he cared about her more in any one given scene from s1 than in 90% of s3, and that remaining 10% was packed into just two scenes.
Billy's relationship with Max also gets a big shiny retcon out of nowhere to make us feel sad about him dying, when I might have actually cared that he died if his 'redemption arc' had involved addressing literally any of the things he needed 'redeeming' for. Including, ironically enough, the issues with his relationship with Max that got cut to try to make me care about him more. If he'd ended up sacrificing himself for Max or, even better, for Lucas, if he'd ended up needing the Party's help with the monster situation he'd ended up in and wound up begrudgingly building a better relationship with Max and having to confront his prejudices on the way, I would have actually been there for that storyline and might have been affected by his death, instead of kind of just wishing we could see more of Will and Jonathan. Tying his story up to El's made a lot of sense - but only if you took s3 as an independent, individual unit, where they were both Designated Major Characters. As a season in a long-running story, though, it didn't really connect to and build off of what that had come before, thematically, narratively, or emotionally, so what was obviously meant to be big and climactic and meaningful just left me kind of confused and annoyed.
I don't really have detailed thoughts on everybody else, but there's been some criticism I've agreed with about Dustin "Emotionally Intelligent" Henderson being snippy and sarcastic with a doped-up Steve and Lucas being generally sidelined. I actually felt like a lot of Mike's and El's character stuff was really well done, once we got past the cringeworthy setup of his 'lie', and El's friends stepping up to save her was !!!yes!, but again, it got very much sidelined because the show was trying to focus on characters and plots that it hadn't really built up to, at least not in the way it had El's issues around identity and being used as a tool and a weapon and only valued for her powers, and Mike's fear of losing her again. The moment all El's friends jump in with fireworks should have been the big slo-mo climactic moment for the kids in the Battle of Starcourt, not the Jesus shot. That's where my emotional investment was, that's what I really wanted to see, but it got treated kind of like an also-ran.
There were individual scenes that really struck home, but the overall character arcs of s3 just kind of felt like they'd been written by people who'd had the characters described to them, but never actually seen an episode of the show. And it was especially obvious to me as somebody whose first experience of the show was watching all three seasons back to back. 
Also, Alexei had no noticeable distinct consistent character or motivation and so I did not imprint on him at all and would have happily cut 90% of the scenes he was in, and also, what the fuck was that plot with Karen Wheeler. Jesus.
#stranger things#and I keep finding out that those individual scenes were things the actors pushed for or outright wrote#like...I'm hoping part of the delays on s4 are because the forced hiatus led to a script review#because fear is More Of The Same#have been stewing on these thoughts for a while but like I guess tonight they escape into the wild?#but shall post em in the middle of the night for maximum ignorability#working on the tkaa sequel I'm writing billy and it's just all really went about this in the worst way possible#there were so many other options and ways you could have gone about this storyline if that was really where you wanted to take it#and we got...this#just a panoply of choices I would have vetoed if they'd given me complete creative control#also joyce and hopper in that season were everything I've always hated about 80s romcoms#ever watch the runaway bride? protip: don't#ANYWAY now I have SAID MY PIECE#and I can once more engage in squee and speculation#i have no idea how deep I have to bury a fandom tag these days#so that tumblr doesn't throw it in the tag#but I think it was twenty?#okay while I'm at it mr clarke DEFINITELY knows that SOMETHING is up by this point#and he almost definitely has a pretty good idea of what it is based on the info the main characters have requested from him so far#they referenced the lost boys a bunch of times in s3#so I'm just holding out for mr clarke to get his 'all the damn vampires' moment in whatever the final season ends up being#is that twenty? that's got to be twenty
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softhairedhotch · 21 days ago
I hope that she looks at me and thinks, "Shit, he's so pretty."
(Juliet, by Cavetown)
I wish that Aaron Hotchner knew he was pretty. I wish he knew I thought he was pretty. Because he is--yes, he's handsome, but he's also so pretty.
Even now, as I sit at my desk, looking up at him through his office window, he's pretty. The way his brows are furrowed, mouth reciting the words neatly written before him. The way his left hand grips his favourite black-inked pen tightly, poised to write, and his right hand rests against his forehead, rubbing it in annoyance. The way he still manages to give off an air of strict professionalism, even as he's half-slumped over his desk in exhaustion, just wishing that his overwhelming paperwork will soon come to an end.
He breathes in, deep, and holds it for a few moments, slowly releasing the pent-up stress. It doesn't seem to do much, but it's better than nothing. He places his pen down, work unfinished, and takes another deep breath, holding it for longer.
Lowering his hand from his head, he places his palms on his desk and forces himself up. He wobbles, but manages to stay upright.
Seeing this, I realise he hasn't eaten or drank anything today. I search my bag for anything he can snack on, but come up empty.
Standing up, I ask Derek and Spencer if they want to join me in buying some food. They refuse, dedicated to finishing their work, but Spencer asks for a coffee. I take the money he offers me and make my way out the building.
Once I'm sure I have everything, I make my way back into the building and up to the bullpen. Reaching Spencer's desk, I gently place down his coffee, careful not to leave it close enough for him to accidently hit. He thanks me, almost throwing his work aside to grasp at the cup and chug it down.
Derek didn't ask for anything, but I knew he'd regret that eventually, especially with Spencer sitting across from him, so I bought him a large coffee. He's surprised, but he takes it from my hands and flashes me a grateful smile. I smile back, patting him on the shoulder twice before making my way up to Aaron's office.
I knock once, twice, and walk in before he has a chance to answer. He pretends to hate that, but I know he doesn't mind.
He glances up at me, raising an eyebrow, but doesn't say a word. Damn, this case must really be getting to him.
I make my way to the chair in front of his desk and sit down, wordlessly pulling out items from my bag. He looks up again, curious.
"You haven't eaten today," I explain, gently tugging away his paperwork and replacing it with a warm tub of pasta, a fork, a small pot of cold oatmeal, a spoon, a water bottle, and a small black coffee. "You haven't drank, either."
He observes the items, slowly raising his eyes to meet mine. The tension in his shoulders briefly subsides, his eyes appear a bit lighter, and the wisp of a smile flickers over his lips. A strand of hair breaks free from the grasp of his hair gel, flopping gently over his forehead. He doesn't move to force it back, as he normally would. Instead, he reaches out for the pasta, opening the tub and digging in.
The smile on his face grows a bit wider, just enough to allow for a dimple to appear, but it doesn't last long as he continues to eat.
He doesn't say anything, and he doesn't have to.
I raise to my feet, making my way to his office door and opening it. I take one last look back, watch how his hair remains flopped over his forehead, watch how he grips the fork in his left hand and the tub in his right as if it's going to magically grow legs and run away from him, watch how he savours each bite, watch how he's clearly grateful and content.
He looks pretty.
I wish that Aaron Hotchner knew he was pretty.
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wired-heartbeats · 22 days ago
Charles: “I need your help, I have to do something illegal and waaaay out of my comfort zone to help a fr-“
Cat: “I’m in.”
Charles: “-iend. I didn’t even tell you what it is yet???”
Cat, grabbing his shoulders: “You said my two favorite phrases, I’M. IN. Whatdaya need me to do pretty boy?”
Charles: “I’m gonna be honest I didn’t think I’d get this far.”
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thesethoughtsareweird · 24 days ago
so I didn’t get a Xiao, got C5 Diona and Qiqi instead, had a bit of a mental breakdown about my friend getting him on her first 10 roll and all that.
But then I got Hu Tao 2-3 days before her banner ended which I am so happy about and keep looking at her like in that meme “it’s so beautiful. I’ve been looking at it for 2 hours” because that’s how it is. She’s pretty okay, and she hits so hard. And I love her so much
And now I didn’t even hope for it, because my other friend who is pretty damn good at the game said that it probably won’t happen and I should just go for Childe and I understand how pity works my self.
but I got a Venti
on like.. 15th pull? Okay but it wasn’t even a 20. I dont do 10 pulls and I was just doing them, got a 4 star sword, reacted with “oh god damn it, not even Razor” because I want constilatioonnnsss
And literally the next single pull and it’s Venti
Tumblr media
#YALL THE STANDING IN VENTI’S STATUES HANDS THING WORKS#I AM SCREAMING AS IF I AM POSSESSED BY A HIGH PITCHED TECHNOBLADE WHAT IS THIS#Also I called that friend that got Xiao on her first pull and she didnt get a Venti and was crying about it so yeaaaaah. Awkward that was.#especially considering that she is now a ‘’whale’’ meaning she spended some actuall money on primos and Im f2p and just that was awkward#BUT I HAVE A VENTI WHAT IS THIS I AM SCREAMING WHAT LUCK IS THIS#I HAVE BEEN BLESSED#THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TELL KEQIUNG ‘’Hey#how dare thee assume I dont believe in god? I mean yeah. I didnt. But excuse me but we stan the best bard in all Teyvat aka my favourite#archnon aka the best waifu because it takes a real genderless god apearing as a male who looks like a girl to be the best girl#aka best femboi aka Venti aka Barbatos so how dare you assume I dont believe in god we stan Venti in this house’’#one of those things. Im just wery loud about how much I stan Venti whenever any of the nps say anything bad about him or the archons#I was going to throw hands at Deinsleif tbh#I dont do that irl to actual real people but nps somehow get me pissed off if they say anything about Venti. People dont#dunno why man dunno I dont like fights. But I am going to throw hands at Signora. HOW DARE SHEEEEEEEE#Stan the archon and he may appear. I guees he liked Aether being all like ‘You dont know the four winds at all so stop acting like you do#Deinsleif. I get it. Youre old and smart. But you didnt actually even talk with any of them so shut up pretty boy >:[#DONT GET ME WRONG I love Deinsleif so much. But. That doesnt mean I cant throw hands okay#my gameplay I do what I want you do what you want in yours but I am a Venti simp okay let me simp and throw hands with nps#dont throw hands with actuall people tho! Thats bad D:
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Not me making a nonbinary (he/they) monk bard character and falling in love with them so hard 😔
Tumblr media
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