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#he can also breath on land due to not being born a mermaid
ivan-boi-iv · 5 days ago
salmon mermaid fundy! in this universe he used to be a normal fox hybrid until he was cursed to be a mermaid when he was really young. he has more salmon traits because wilbur adopted him. i gave him a shell too :)
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zodiyack · a year ago
Siren Seduction; Alternate Story
Kind of Requested?:  captivatedbycillianmurphy said: I’m actually a professional mermaid, it would be cool if you wrote a story about Tommy finding me by accident “in tail !” LOL🤣🧜🏻‍♀️ Siren Seduction !
Pairing: Thomas Shelby x reader
Warnings: swearing, mermaids, mention of death, sexual/smutty mentions and reference(s), nudity (FOR MERMAID REASONS), slight angst, fluff
Note: The note for these two stories is on the first one, found here. Also, my apologies for the random ending, I tried to make it go with the title. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, it’s all I could think of.
Y/f/b/g = Your Favorite Baked Good
Tumblr media
masterlist | Peaky Blinders Masterlist
Y/n L/n was an elegant and formal lady to say the least. She married Tommy and took his son into her life like it was nothing. She treated Charlie with love and motherhood, as if he was her own. She loved Tommy with all of her heart, her marriage to him meaning the world to her. Y/n was not one to break a promise nor the vows of her wed. Tommy was the same, his vows becoming important to him when he discovered his fiancé happily playing with her soon-to-be stepson.
After the wedding, he found that his wife strayed away from contact with water, and preferred wearing a large coat if she were to be around it. Anything to prevent her from getting wet. When the rain was falling, she asked that she be the one to hold the umbrella, so that it was sure to cover any part of her body that was showing any amount of skin.
It isn’t strange to have Aquaphobia, or at least to behave in a way that makes people think you do, but it was strange to act such a way yet enjoy being at the beach or around where water made home. Y/n hated the thought of getting her skin even the least bit wet, but she loved visiting the places having to do with the liquid. Why? No one knew, but it did intrigue them.
Currently, she lied on the sofa with a blanket and book in hand. Charlie was with Tommy and they were expected to be home soon. It didn’t bother her when they left, as it gave her some time with herself. She normally took care of the young Shelby when Tommy was out, and it filled her with joy, but she did need alone time every once in awhile. She had a lot of reading that she was excited to catch up on.
John and Arthur accompanied Tommy and Charlie with their visit to a bakery. There was a promise Tommy made to Charlie every time they were in town. “Behave yourself and you can pick out something for you and mummy.” So that’s what he did. Charlie often picked y/f/b/g for Y/n and a fresh cookie for himself.
As her fingers brushed over the page, she thought of the water, the beautiful and relaxing sound it made when leaving the faucet in the kitchen, or the peaceful splashes that came from droplets of rain from the sky, the waves of the ocean too! It made a glorious sound when it hit the shore. It was Y/n’s true home, and she had been away for so long.
Unknown to the Shelby family, or really anyone that was a pure mortal, Y/n was a mermaid. She was born to the creatures, and still was one. Like the others, she had the ability to transform herself to human on land. The price of which, was that she would shift back into her true form if she were to get wet. She could switch back, but that would require her to be dry again.
It needed an awful lot of cautiousness. She couldn’t be in the kitchen, or really anywhere that would cause her exposure to liquids. Of course, Bodily fluids and Charlie’s slobber/drool was an exception. By now, Tommy and her were not new to the bedroom. When they had first done the deed, it came as a surprise to her that she didn’t shift forms during said session. She ended up making it clear to her husband that she would do anything with him as long as it didn’t involve a form of liquid that didn’t come from their bodies.
How she bathed was another question. Y/n refused to do anything with Tommy involving the bathroom or tub, her rule specifying that. Maids were turned down when they offered to help. She didn’t bathe Charlie, instead asking Ada to do it, and she never washed her hands in front of others. So how was she taking care of her hygiene? Easy; she did take baths, but they were short due to her only needing to wash her upper-body. She used the extra time to dry off, so it only seemed like she took a long relaxing bath by herself to release the stress of the day.
Now she was at home and alone. No one could ask where she had went. No one could walk in on her with a tail. But still, she wouldn’t be prepared if her husband or one of her in-laws walked in. The only place, would be to go home. To the sea. Of course there would be a few people there, it was a good day, but Y/n knew a secluded part that only the Shelby family visited.
She asked a taxi-driver to bring her to the beach as fast as she could. He knew of her Shelby name, and he knew not to upset her or her family. Of course he didn’t take into thought that her husband might dislike her leaving her home while he had people ready to kill him and his loved ones. So, as she expected, he followed her orders and sped off to the sandy terrain.
They conversed a little on the drive. Y/n didn’t pay much attention to the driver. He seemed really interested in keeping her amused, however it didn’t amuse nor have any affect on Y/n’s thinking. She was too busy focusing on getting to the beach.
“Keep going, there’s a drop off spot. Please do not follow me, and do not wait for me.” Y/n adjusted her sleeve, not phased by the fact that she sounded suspicious.
“Yes ma’am. If I am to come upon your husband, shall I tell ‘im where you are?” 
“No, that will not be necessary.” The car halted to a stop. The man was about to rush to the other side and let Y/n out, but she was already smoothing her hands down her dress and reaching to open the door. “James is it? Well thank you, I ask that you do not come back to this location unless I am in the car and asking you to take me here. Understood?”
“Yes Mrs. Shelby.” He opened his hand and accepted the change, mumbling, “And it’s Henry...” as she left his line of sight.
She walked down the path, taking off her gloves and shoes to walk among the soft and warm sand. The wind felt wonderful in her hair. She continued walking, she was on the part she had thought about. Her hands relieved her of her dress, now nude in the empty area. The tip of her big toe touched the water, and her legs started turning into scales.
She had never felt so alive. Held up on land for about 3 years, it was so refreshing to be back in her natural environment. When her legs became connected she fell into the water and swam forward. She kept swimming. It felt like hours had gone by when she finally returned to the surface.
Little did she know, Tommy, Charlie, John and Arthur thought it would be a nice day to go to the beach, suggestion of Charles Shelby. When Tommy found his wife’s clothing, he assumed only the worst and sent his brothers into rowboats to search the water as much as they could. Charlie and him were walking along the shore, Tommy reassuring Charlie so that he wouldn’t get worried or start crying for his mother.
Anger filled Tommy when his brothers quickly rowed back. He couldn’t hear them shouting with awe and disbelief. They had found Y/n because she was swimming back, the bottom of her beautiful green and sunset-like colored tail came out of the water slightly when she swam past them. She didn’t see them, but they saw her.
They beat her back to the shore and pulled their boats with them.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doin’ eh?” Tommy was still furious. His first wife had died, and now this. Now his brothers just suddenly didn’t care for him or his lover. “My wife is out there! Get off ya lazy asses, and search for her!”
“Tommy!” John was out of breath, leaning over and panting like his older brother. “We found her.”
“Actually, she found us.” Arthur finally caught his and told his brother of the strange sighting. “She had a bloody tail. Have we gone mad?”
“I think you might’ve. There’s no way my wife, who has fuckin’ legs, had a tail and just,” He made a motion with his hand, “zoomed on past ya.”
The men were still arguing. It bored Charlie. And a great amount. He started looking around, practically begging for something actually cool to happen.
All three brother’s attention was on Charlie now. He was pointing to the ocean, where a tail poked out.
“See, we aren’t mad, are we John?”
“No. No, I don’t think so Arthur.”
“Look Tommy, ya son found his mum.”
The tail went back underwater and was replaced with Y/n’s head, her body following. The Shelby brothers took a second, all three with slacked jaws and wide eyes. Thomas caught himself first, noticing the situation.
“Cover your damn eyes. That’s my wife, and she’s obviously missing some coverage.” Tommy handed Charlie to his uncles, scoffing at his brother’s behaviors. “Hand me her dress. And that blanket while you’re at it.”
He rushed to his wife, both cloths in hand. She made a confused face at her husband, but let him wrap the blanket around her anyways. Tommy picked her up bridal style and held her close to him. She could feel his heart beat, as well as his shaking arms.
The secret was out.
Tommy shooed his brothers out of the way and set his wife down. He took the end of the blanket and wiped down her tail, making sure to be extra careful. No words were spoken until Y/n broke the silence.
He made a humming sound, letting her know he was listening.
“Do you not love me anymore? Since you know now?”
Thomas continued drying off her body, standing in front of her and reaching in a hug-like motion to rub her back dry. He turned the blanket quickly so that he could dry off her front-side, then her arms. After a little bit, her tail turned into her human legs. It caused her other human bits to be more exposed. Luckily, Tommy was quick to pull her dress over her body and sit her upright.
She put her hand on his shoulder. His eyes glanced up to hers and he smiled softly. Tommy pressed a kiss to Y/n’s lips, passion and relief filled both of their minds.
“No my love, I could never stop loving you. May I ask why you never told me?”
“I was afraid.”
“Afraid of what?”
“That you would think a freak of me, or that you would divorce me and say you no longer loved me.”
“Ah...” He brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, “I could never think that of you. And as I said, I could never stop loving you.” Sensing that she was still doubting, he spoke one of his many thoughts of the subject. “You go nude into the water, yes?” She nodded. “Well your unintentional Siren Seduction must be dealt with at home and as soon as possible.”
The nervous tension turned sexual with his suggestive comment. And they weren’t the only ones to notice that. Laughter broke out among the adults.
“Tommy! For god sakes! Can you two keep it in your pants until you’re alone? Especially with Charlie here!” Charlie was too busy giggling at the water to notice anything. The couple and brothers, however, were startled by the comment.
“Jesus Christ! Where’d you come from Pol?”
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