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#he big stronk turtle
tickle-bugs · 5 months ago
Luther Headcanons
I don’t have a fic for Luther for TUA week so I’m gonna do a headcanons post instead!! I’m not gonna put this in the tag since it’s not really in the spirit of the whole thing. 
Please check out the fics I reblogged and the other writers participating for more amazing Luther content!!!
As a lee, he is so squirmy!!! If you’ve ever seen a big dog chase it’s tail and knock stuff over, that’s Luther. Just spinning and swatting until he eventually falls over. 
He has a really sweet laugh. It’s like super nice and smooth? But that lasts for .02 seconds before he goes into squeaks and snorts. Every once in a while it’ll filter back in but he mostly just makes a lot of cute noises. 
Luther!!!! wheezes!!!!!! He sounds like a propeller plane trying to take off it’s so fucking funny. It’s also really endearing because his nose goes all scrunchy!!!! Either he’ll wheeze and go silent or wheeze and laugh rEALLY loud but it’s always random and it makes everyone smile. 
His calves are so bad. One squeeze or one too-soft touch will just take him out. He jumps like he’s been electrocuted and then he’s gone.
Luther does these little giggly pleas?? 10/10 very cute. Just like “Oh god-” or “Please-” but filtered thru wheeze and giggles and he always just trails off,,, 
He turtles when his legs are tickled. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone so his first instinct is to curl in on himself if he can?? He just kinda slowly sinks to the ground and curls up and hides his face,,, very wholesome,,,
Because his torso that he can’t really reach his legs well?? He gets tackled a lot because the sibs know this and they are Mean. He’s strong enough to shove them away but he can’t reach his legs so once he hits the ground it’s over
Out of the siblings, he’s most afraid of Allison and her nails. Diego can be a very mean ler but he’s so ticklish that revenge is easy?? Allison is so hard to get back and she’s a meanie
As a ler, Luther is such a sweetheart. Like he’ll tease the hell out of his sibs (especially Diego), but he’ll never overwhelm them (mostly because he’s afraid of the revenge)
I feel like his favorite teases are about his lee’s laugh...”Why are you laughing at me?” “Oh, that was an interesting noise. Do that again.” 
He is Stronk,,, he picks up his lees around the waist and just holds them in midair. He loves to pick his siblings up under one arm too? or throw them over his shoulder? 
He is also the ideal ler for sibs like Klaus and Diego who flail,, no matter how much he gets kicked, punched, or shoved, he’s an immovable tickly wall 
When he teams up with Allison, he is literally unstoppable. It’s almost scary. Her nails + his strength? oof
He laughs so hard at funny reactions from the sibs,,, Diego, Five, and Klaus tend to make hilarious noises of panic when they’re tickled and Luther will giggle at them and try to get them to do it again. 
Any time the siblings annoy him he starts scooping people up and pinning them as if it’s habit. They know they’ve gone too far in teasing him when he grabs someone around the waist,, they all scatter to avoid getting caught
He has 100% picked Klaus up by the ankle and dangled him mid-air while the others tease him,, he’s done this to several siblings but it happens to Klaus most frequently 
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memes-in-a-half-shell · 6 months ago
Hc Donnie finding out someone has been following him for a while, but it's legit only to protect him. Yeah, I know, big stronk turtle, but maybe there's something out there he isn't prepared to defend against, and they've been protecting him. Of course there's a close call and that's how he finds out 👀
Tumblr media
“Now who the HECKING heck are you?!?”
Tumblr media
“I’m a STRONK turtle that needs no help. Thank you very muc-”
*almost gets whacked by an enemy, but mysterious savior helps him just in time by pulling him away from danger*
Tumblr media
“Okay yeah ..... HELP!!!!”
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anenbylittlepotato · 12 months ago
Everyone keeps arguing about which Gen 1 starter is the best based on facts and science and stuff, but according to my feels, they're all the best. ;-;
I mean
Tumblr media
Look at him. Look at this happy lizard boye. He's just a good fire lizard boye. I love him. He make fire. He happy. Protecc him.
Tumblr media
Just look at this happy boye. He loves life. He's v happy.
Look again
Look at this boye. He's Charmander's edgier older brother. He still v good boye and he v cool. And look!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He still smile! He still happy boye! Protecc! Babey!
Look once more
Tumblr media
Look at him! He's a bigg dragon boye! Who doesn't love a bigg huge dragon boye? Dragons are awesome! All dragons deserve love! Protecc him! Sure, he no more smile, but that does not mean he's not happy boye! He just big adult now and has more important things to worry about!
Next starter
Tumblr media
Look at this boye! He's a cute little seed dinosaur! He's a precious babey! And look!
Tumblr media
He smile too! He's just a vibing little seed dinosaur! And look at his little babey teeth! And his little cat-like ears! So cute! I love he!
Tumblr media
Look at this boye! He's got a blooming flower on his back! And he's got even bigger cat ears! He's just a flower dinosaur! He doesn't smile as much as his little brother, but he still a v good boye! V pretty boye! I love he!
Look again!
Tumblr media
Look at this boye! His flower is fully bloomed! So beautiful! So pretty! And look how stronk he's gotten! I'm so proud of him! He's just a bigg stronk flower dinosaur! Give him love! And he's still got cat ears too! Cute!
Last starter, but certainly not the least!
Tumblr media
Look at this cute little turtle boye! He blu! He squirt water from his mouth! His name is a cute pun! And look at his cute little squirrel tail! Such a cutie!
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