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#hc: teddy
Fic idea I'm too lazy to actually write
Sirius is a famous singer/actor, Remus has a regular job, probably something like researcher/professor.
Sirius' agent wants him to do an Architectural Digest interview because he already doesn't use social media and due to the pandemic can't really go on tour/act but the agency still want some content from him.
So he has too agree. Only problem is that he lives with his husband and their blue haired toddler son. And their giant dog.
(More under the cut)
And he's super private so the public has no idea he's actually married and a dad.
He agrees on the terms that the master bedroom (and teddy's obviously) are out of shooting because that's why too private. And media-proofs the home (hiding the trampoline in the garden proved harder than he thought but they managed)
But when he tries to rehearse it feels wrong to talk about the house as only "his" and why "he" choose certain things
Because frankly he didn't pick most the furniture, Lily Evans interior designer did, Remus and sirius knew what they didn't want but actually had no idea how to decorate an entire townhouse when they moved in.
And she's s been best friends with them for so long that didn't even need to ask what they liked. And she made it the perfect home for them
And so Sirius feels like she should take the credit for the work and has her over for the shoot and that way he can also say things "for the house we wanted" and let the people watching assume he's talking about Lily.
It's not that he wants to keep his husband a secret but he's just a really private person and they have a kid and wants to respect their privacy.
And just doesn't want millions of people he doesn't know to judge him and over analyze his relationship. It's their businesses and their business only.
And by the time he was thinking he was comfortable enough with people knowing his following was already too big and it became overwhelming.
He and Remus had been together since their school days, and it took them a couple of years to figure out their relationship and feelings. Or even acknowledge there were feelings and it was a relationship and more than just bodies finding pleasure and comfort with each other.
It wasn't a beautiful and romantic love story, far from it. But it was the past and now they were happy and in love.
He didn't want the media go digging into his and teddy's lives. They had suffered enough. Because "famous singer is gay and secretly married" is already a sandal and half, but "famous singer is married to a man and they have a son" is way too many questions he has no intention of answering.
So he's actually really nervous about the shooting, he doesn't want to do it.
But Remus thinks it might be a good idea, as long as there aren't any shots of outside, because he knows Sirius gets too much into his own head sometimes. And sure he likes that no one knows he's married to a pop star/actor but he'd also like for sirius go to the park on Sundays with him and teddy and go get groceries together.
So Lily agrees to be in it, partially because it's good publicity but mostly because she's a good friend and can see Sirius panicking inside.
The shoot goes well, they only need a couple retakes for the intro but other than that Sirius moves around pointing out his favorite pieces while lily does the rest of the talking
The townhouse is quite old but was recently renovated, the kitchen, living and dining rooms are all on the first floor and the ceilings are high and lots of lights comes in.
The kitchen is warm and light and the living room is cozy and homey.
They have a massive record collection organized by moods.
They also have a library/studio, which is Remus sanctuary when he's having migraines.
Sirius most liked items in the house are: his boarding school trunk that now serves as a coffee table and storage for blankets
Three really wonky vases his godson made and are in full display in the living room
The guest bathroom next to living room whose theme is Studio 54 because everyone needs a fun bathroom, expecially in your adult™ house. And maybe he can taste the waters because there isn't really a straight explanation for such a bathroom theme.
The basement. Half of it it's a fully furnished recording studio, the other half has a giant projector, bean bags and low sofas, a small stage and a well stocked bar. If anyone notices the Rocky horror movie poster it's only a plus.
Remus old bass from his school days is hanging in there next to Sirius guitars and other instruments. He now only plays it sometimes for sirius.
Some very abstract art made by his very enthusiastic two years old that just poured a bunch of colors on some canvas. He loves it and it's now hanging in the hallway.
Their house is a perfect mix of their personalities and he loves everything about it. It's his happy place and can't wait to come back to it every day or when he's away for a tour/shooting a movie
The more he talks the more he relaxes and the shoot goes smoothly. Special thanks to Snuffles as he is very excited and constantly running into the shot trying to have his owner attention.
And if a couple of weeks later when it's released some of the comments wonder who's the man only wearing golden underwear being hugged by a grinning Sirius Black in full Frank n furter costume while other asks if he's dating the red haired interior design because "they have good chemistry" he can't do anything but laugh.
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delusionland · 7 days ago
and teddy’s just like, ‘but i’m such a fan of his work! he’s so cool! i just think he’s the bee’s knees, billy! what i offend him and he DROWNS MY SPACESHIP(S) AND DOESN’T SIGN MY AUTOGRAPH BOOK?’
teddy is not the husband you go to when you want to look cool. he legally can’t even say ‘fuck’ or ‘goddamn’. he says ‘frick’ and he canonically says ‘goshdarn.’ he’s canoncially the goodest boy in the universe and he is really bad at lying and has a very low opinion of himself despite being a space emperor / king that has united two warring people by virtue of being reallly? nice?
he’s the kind of husband that impresses every member of your family with his kindness and consideration and tries. devestatingly hard to do so. but in a cool-tempered way where externally it looks like he is putting low effort into things but actually he is trying really hard to do anything at all but also not panicking about it, more like, swinging wildly from even to end like ‘okay! this is happening now! okay! sure! lets go! maximum effort!’
i feel like teddy is the kind of person that... when nothing is happening... he just kind of. turns off and gets depressed and just thinks about how miserable he is. so when things happen! it’s like! exciting! yes! go-time! he doesn’t panic, tho sometimes he gets nervous and dumfounded, bc when he’s taking care of other people he feels good and necessary & whole. when he’s NOT taking care of someone, not taking care of the universe---he feels useless and bad.
he’s one of those anxious people who will go ‘i can’t do this for me. but i can do it FOR YOU no problem.’ but instead of reacting to anxiety with fear, he just bzzt teddy no longer working going to hide in his room and play switch. just shuts down. and that’s why it’s easy for him to believe that billy might have accidentally created him. he doesn’t know who he is when he’s not taking care of billy and the young avengers? he doesn’t feel whole without him? and when he’s not there, not there to be ‘on’ for... teddy just kind of crumbles and thinks about nothing except how much he sucks and how boring he is without billy & the young avengers.
(this is not to say teddy ISN’T boring. he kind of is. his favorite character in game of thrones in 2013 was TYRION. like. he is a very generic nice-boy nerd that likes animal crossing and reading gen fanfic and his favorite food is pizza and he very likely is a product of tumblr ‘frick frack’ and ‘pizza rolls not gender roles’ and ‘pupper’ culture. he’s not going out of his way to be interested in anything deeper or even more thoroughly than that. which is not to say YOU’RE boring if you’re into any of those things, just that. you know. he maintains a certain degree of mainstream nerd that charm that doesn’t get into any specific niche or area of research that would make him a particularly interesting person to talk to about anything, which is another one of his problems---teddy altman plays the therapist, or he lets many conversations die after bad lies, resulting in loneliness.)
teddy LIKES working hard and being polite and taking care of people and impressing moms aunts grandmoms and little kids. teddy LIKES being the voice of reason, the common sense, the cool head in the face of danger, the springboard to jump ideas off of---but never the one with the ideas. it’s when he’s NOT doing those things or being those things that he gets anxious and in his own head.
teddy altman can do ANYTHING. literally shapeshift into ANYTHING. be anyone or anything u need him to be. as long as its for someone else.
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Yearly reminder that Tonks and Remus would’ve made amazing parents who would have never judged their children and took the time to listen to them and understand
But you know we can’t have anything nice around here
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delusionland · 9 days ago
teddy altman is a trans man but also krees and skrulls dont care about gender so he was always going to be the ‘lost prince’ as the only royal heir. in the actually kree / skrull languages the term for prince / king / emperor are all non-binary and long and mean ‘this heir has the birthright / bloodright to rule and should be treated with the most respect possible’ but when using a universal translator---english is an explicitly gendered language and the universal translator has always chosen to translate kree / skrull traditions in an explicitly arthurian / british way bc that’s the closest equivalent that these imperialist aliens have. if you told them about king arthur or human gender tho or whatever theyd just be like ‘what the fuck are you talking about’ lmfao
billy has tried very hard to talk about how ‘wizard’ and ‘sorcerer’ are actually offensive terms to humans, especially witches like himself---but they don’t? understand? that’s the closest equivalent without a long speech about magical fighting protector rights, u know?
the pains of language and cross cultural exchange.
billy’s the non-binary monarch / prince-consort is like ‘teddy, this is WORSE than when i took FRENCH.’ and teddy’s just like, ‘i don’t know. i obviously don’t agree with ALL of my people’s culture.... but it’s kind of a Gender to be destined to be King? and the title prince-consort is kinda.... [eyes]' billy ‘well when u put it like that.... [eyes]’
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merlinssaggyyfronts · 17 days ago
id always wondered how the hell they knew eachother and became friends and yeah sure they probably just met one day and decided “im gonna travel with you lol” or something b u t
what if theyd known eachother since they were little?? i dont remember the details of how lancelot lost his home but ive read from fics that it had something to do with his village catching on fire and him being the only survivor??
so what if cenreds men had been the ones to raid their village? lancelot thought he was the only survivor, having come out where he hid once the fires started to die down (maybe he leaves afterwards, comes across another village and so on). percival on the other hand was ushered out into the woods by his parents (eventually comes to meet some druids cuz at this point im just accepting him being raised by druids as canon)
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delusionland · 23 days ago
teddy altman is... an infinitely just-shy of full tube of toothpaste.
you can squeeze him in any direction, any pattern, and he will pour out a little part of himself for you in whatever shape you need. but he can always pull it back, re-shape and reform himself within the tube. even if it does take. a lot of effort to get back to where he was sometimes.
but his core is still... infinitely shaped by the shell that he’s made for himself. he can be anything he wants to be---and he chooses to be what other people need, other people want. he’s squishy & soft, defined by adaptability & kindness.
he has a strong sense of unreality. he’s gullible to a fault bc he’s so go-with-the-flow. oftentimes he doesn’t know what to do with himself when he’s alone, and since his mother died----he’s been alone a lot, and is prone to melancholy that he hides when other people are around.
he wants to be what other people want him to be---but he doesn’t always understand HOW. but he is defined by his ability to show up for other people and provide kindness and options to them. he will never leave you out to dry. he provides for people, he shapes himself and the world as much as he can for them.
he doesn’t always know how to ask for things for himself. he would rather be what other people want him to be than ask them for things. this is part of the reason why billy is so important to him---billy can literally bring his wishes into existence and he does with some frequency. billy is the part of him that wants things and wants them NOW, that can be selfish, that causes him to do extraordinarily silly things and be fruitlessly impulsive & fun outside of his own melancholy and sense of politeness. assigned service top at birth problems: when ur bf is ur only sense of fun besides the enjoyment u get playing nintendo games
idk. he’s toothpaste. a clean nice polite trans boy who made his own broad shoulders out of the infinitely squishy matter in his heart.
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delusionland · 23 days ago
Billy and teddy kaplan-altman are the gay answer to the comic book code that devastated the golden age of comic books.  teddy and to a lesser extent Billy represent a moment in time, a feeling, a history that is beyond their minimal appearances in the last 15 years. And its not just about being gay---its about what it means to be GAY and completely, and totally unproblematically, unthreateningly good in the most common sense "aha!" Moment in comics. 
This is the middle ground between absolutely no censorship in comics at all, and our straight Christian propaganda fanon-canon blue boy scout superman aimed at little boys. Of course two of the most extensively powerful people in the marvel universe are two dumbass gay boys who REFUSED to say goddamn and say gosh-darned who are just? Really nice and in love after everything they've been through? 
Sometimes you don't want to read about superman beating up racists bc that shit can be scary and traumatizing. Sometimes you just want the most normal boy next door toothless fan raised couple to have matching sauron rings and get married twice and have mental issues and daddy/mommy issues that can be picked up and put down as easily as flying thru the air with ur boyfriend when u have superstrength and can shape-shift and fly and also u are king of space.
There is room for that story. There is room to breathe and to laugh, to talk about the deeper moments, the interdependence, the ways u are unhealthy and scared and lonely… and there is also room for mcu quips about a "twunk with great arms."
Its hard to trust stories, even after you've read every page. Its impossible to trust characters---theyre just fiction and prone to editorial whims. Its impossible to trust writers---they won't let you read their mind, and are also often forced into editorial corners.
But there is room for good. For boys who trust too much. Who are kind, excessively, needlessly so.
Superheroes and unfortunately our modern understanding them wouldn’t exist without the comic code foundation of characters striving so hard to be perfect---and continuing to try again, every time they got knocked down by serious threats after the code was knocked down.
There is no such thing as perfect, and I don’t want to censor myself or my own lgbtness or mental illness, which is not as SIMPLE, or easy to manage. But if I cannot be satisfied with the good within myself, I can be satisfied with the good in comic books that profess to be nothing more than themselves, that provide decent character arcs--and make me hope for more for myself one day.
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lachrydoll · 28 days ago
so anyway..........i like to hc that one of the house’s in badham’s map is quentin’s old house, including his old bedroom. just an interesting thing i’d like to utilize more in future threads possibly :thinkies:
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delusionland · a month ago
Tumblr media
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answer: (free.)
Tumblr media
the chains binding you to the prison floor smell faintly of kerosene, and they're wet to the touch (only if you think about it). how long has it been since they clipped your wings? you hate how useless you are when you can't do anything except sit still and look pretty. why has nobody come to rescue you yet?
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twisterblown · a month ago
TAG DUMP. / Teddy Lupin. 🧸
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emperor-theodore · 2 months ago
my first decree as emperor of the TeddyCap nation (empire) (dubbed by the one and only @moonahstone) is to remind everyone to imagine all of the ghosts characters calling cap teddy, to his face, and him not protesting
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salemcat09 · 2 months ago
You want a request? What about drarry and something with healers? Like maybe one is a healer and has to treat the other, or perhaps they’re both healers and end up working together, whatever floats your boat!
First off I just want to say I am SO SO sorry for how long this took, there's no excuse I'm just lazy. Anyway ,thank you so much for the request! I apologize for the fact that kind of took the first part and ran with it, the story is kind of taking the request loosely but I hope you don't mind too much :-)
(Read below the cut)
St Mungo's Malady (drarry)
• malady /ˈmalədi/ noun
- a serious problem.
Work had been hectic at St Mungo's for days now. It was the start of summer and all the children were returning home from school, of course with that comes reckless kids getting injured in ridiculous ways.
Draco had just finished tiding up his equipment from the last patient and was ready to go home and rest when there was a gentle knock on his door. Sighing, he opened it.
"Sorry Draco, but Margaret's had to rush home and there are not enough people on the shift, could you stay for another hour? It'll only be a few patients, promise" It was his very stressed coworker, Hannah Abbott. He cursed his breath but smiled politely, not trying to get on anyone's bad side more than he already was after the war.
"Of course, send them through". He hurriedly gathered his things and set them out ready for his patient and sat in his desk chair waiting. He heard the slight click of Hannah's heels hurriedly tracking the hall to the waiting room and back. The door once again creaked open and Hannah guided two people in, a short and oddly familiar dark-haired man and a strangely blue-haired child, Draco assumed to be around six.
His coworker kindly handed him the papers he needed and gave a small shocked sounding gasp and what Draco supposed was meant to be a reassuring smile (that just made him anxious, because why would he need reassuring). The blonde read his expression and gave a small nod to the papers she'd given before backing out of the room.
Draco smiled at the two people in front of him and gestured for them to sit, the man sitting in the chair across from him and the child hopping onto the bed. He furrowed his brow at the man, trying to understand why he looked oh so familiar but he failed, instead shaking his head and introducing himself as Dr. Greengrass.
The name belonged to his ex-wife, whom he'd only been married to for a year and a half before the relationship ended (it was inevitable, they were both gay but settled for each other to please their parents, they were miserable). The pair were still good friends though, and Draco saw no need to change his name again, being that he'd fought so hard to change it in the first place.
He read over his papers quickly to see what exactly he was treating (he assumed) the child for, expecting to see something along the lines of "accidental magic gone wrong" or "fallen off his quidditch broom". He ended up seeing that the child had fallen from a tree with a suspected broken arm, but also saw something else.
He recognized that name. Edward Lupin. Lupin had been his defense against the dark arts teacher in his third year and he would never admit it but he had been his favorite teacher. Of course, that didn't last long because the teacher quit after only a year, and died not long after. He also knew the first name. His mother had said something about a cousin killed in the war, by his Aunt Bellatrix, who'd left a young child behind. He knew the father of the child had not been well accepted, something about being old and poor and a half breed. Judging by the last name it was likely his previous teacher.
This must be the child he thought to himself. He felt sorry for him, his cousin. Being left all alone. But he presumed he wasn't exactly alone, he had his grandmother and whoever this man was. It just occurred to him at that moment to look at the listed caregiver's name, find out who he was.
He inhaled sharply reading the name. The name he saw so much yet always dreaded. The name of someone who had taken up so much of his mind for almost his entire teenage years. The name of someone he hadn't seen in years. Harry Potter. He looked different. Older. Draco knew he was only 23, they were the same age. But he also knew how the stress of war could age you.
He composed himself and looked between the two, trying his best to remain professional as he treated his blue-haired patient. He could tell Potter was trying his best to do the same but both were failing and the conversation was beyond awkward. Surprisingly enough, however, Har- Potter wasn't seething in disgust, but instead seemed interested and somewhat concerned.
Luckily for Draco, all he had to do was check over Teddy's (as he'd been told he preferred to be called) arm and try and see how much damage was done, before referring him over to another department. As he was guiding the two out (the younger one excitedly bouncing up and down with the lollipop he'd been given) Potter turned to him. "Nice to see you, Draco" he smiled.
As politely as possible and trying not to be thrown off by the man's own politeness, he replied "Just doing my job, Potter". And with that his old nemesis and crush turned on his heel and left, Draco closing the door behind him.
He sighed heavily and sunk down the back of his office door. He prayed there were no more patients today and he could just get home and wipe the entire interaction from his memory.
As much as Draco tried, for weeks he couldn't get the encounter out of his head. So many thoughts and questions rushed through, so many awoken feelings he'd all but forgotten. Of course, his biggest question was what on earth was someone like Potter doing with his young cousin? And letting him fall from a height like that?!
He cringed in embarrassment at the thought. Why was caring so much? The was a stupid question, he knew exactly why. The obsession of his youth was creeping its way back in. Who knew such a small thing could set him back so far.
In the end, he settled on asking his mother. If he was being drawn to Potter again why not just....allow it? He was being daft and he knew it but his ego would always rise above that. He wasn't going to stalk Potter again, that would be childish...and mildly creepy to be honest. No, he was just going to ask Mother why Potter was with his cousin. That seemed somewhat normal.
He walked into his mother's bedroom and knocked lightly on the door. She raised her eyebrows slightly but made no effort to make conversation with Draco, no surprise there. Draco noticed that she was sewing and didn't want to be bothered but frankly, he couldn't care less. He cleared his throat and finally Narcissa sighed and turned to him.
"Yes, Draco?" Anxiety fueled up inside of the young man, tempting him to back out and run. But he had to know.
"Mother, what would Harry Potter possibly be doing with my cousin's child?" He tried to act calm but sweat was curating on his palms and it was impossible not to notice. His mouth was dry. There was no reason for behavior like this, he was acting like a silly school boy with a crush.
His mother rubbed between her eyes and let out another deep sigh. "As far as I am aware, Mr. Potter was made godfather at the time the child was born. I assume now that either my dear sister would be raising him, or Potter would. Why?" Her voice seethed with sarcasm when speaking of her "dear" sister. And it was evident by her voice she had little to no interest in what her son was saying, her temper running thin.
"He came in with Teddy at work today, as his caregiver. I was merely curious is all" Draco responded, not exactly lying but not exactly telling the whole truth either.
"Hm, very well be off then" As blunt as ever Narcissa requested he leave and Draco of course obeyed, thinking to himself he ought to work out his...struggles on his own.
It was many weeks before he saw Potter again. He half expected half hoped for him to appear at work, for Teddy of course. But in the end, he never showed. By the time the end of Summer was rolling around and leaves began to darken, Draco had given up. He knew he was being stupid, hoping his old nemesis from school would just happen to walk by him so he could get one more glimpse at that horrid person who caused him so much stress. He still hoped though. He was still disappointed when September 1st came and summer was officially over.
He was taking his daily stroll down the parks of muggle London, having just bought his morning coffee after a long night shift at St Mungo's. As per usual, he kept his head down. If anyone from school happened to see him he was sure they wouldn't notice. The Draco they knew had always kept his chin unbelievably and insufferably high much like Draco now, who was skittish and quiet always trying to avoid being seen. That's why he didn't notice the man of his dreams walking straight into him with another scorching hot coffee.
The two collided, the coffees exploding onto each other, and both of them crashing to the harsh concrete ground beneath them. Draco swiftly stood up and without thinking whipped out his wand to clean the mess. When he looked up from the small puddle of coffee (on both his sweater and the ground), he noticed the stranger had done the same, going to use magic to clean the mess. He had obviously noticed as well, and they shared at silent moment of solidarity before both muttering scorgify under their breath.
Draco kindly reached out a hand to help this person up, knowing the collision had been entirely his fault and wanting to make up for it. Much to his dismay, however, he met the eyes of the other. For a split second, he didn't realize, simply seeing the most gorgeous green eyes. But then it clicked. He drifted his eyes slightly up to the left of this so-called stranger's face. The white lines of a lightning bolt spread out, slightly raised above his dark skin. It was him.
The flustered blonde acknowledged he had been staring for a tad too long, and blushed profusely before pulling, who he discovered was, indeed, Potter, to his feet. He coughed awkwardly and brushed himself off, to give his hands something to do (he found himself doing that a lot, especially recently). He gave a polite smile and avoided Harry's painful attempts at eye contact before hurrying off, back in the direction he was going before the interruption.
"Draco wait!" Draco gasped slightly and turned, to see Potter desperately smiling at him. He cursed under his breath and prayed to Merlin that Harry wouldn't want to talk but simply exchange simple pleasantries before being off on his way. He could handle that at least. Despite his deep hatred of small talk, he had gathered quite good at it over the years and felt prepared enough for whatever 'how are you's and 'how have you been's Potter may feel necessary.
To his misfortune, Potter started with hello. That wasn't a good sign. Draco smiled politely once again and said hello back, still with an inkling of hope that this would be quick. He may have been wanting to speak with Harry for months, and he may not have left his mind, but he certainly wasn't prepared to have this meeting completely random on a busy street in London on an early Wednesday morning.
"How have you been? I've been hoping to catch you since we last bumped into each other but Ginny's schedule has been somewhat intense" the younger man chuckled and scratched the back of his neck just where his hair stopped most endearingly way possible. It wasn't that that caught him though. Ginny. Of course. Potter's little Hogwarts romance. He assumed they were married by now, much like he himself had been.
"I've been alright, thank you. Ginny?" He couldn't help himself but ask. All possibility of a quick conversation out the window. He knew they must be together, why else would his schedule be centered around hers. Potter chuckled again and raised his eyebrows before answering
"Yeah, the way I said that makes it sound like we're married or something, we're not. We're not even together. We live together and co-parent our son, James, together with Luna is all. And with Teddy around more it's always best to have some sort of other parental figure around for him. So our schedules tend to revolve around each other." Draco was stunned. On one hand, he was silently pleased to hear that Harry wasn't still with Weasley as he assumed. But son? He had no idea of Harry having a child, he thought he would have found out by now given he's the chosen one and all.
"You and Ginny aren't together? You're single then?" Draco cursed himself for the way he said that, he hadn't meant to come across so upfront he genuinely was just curious. He had a habit of saying things that sounded right to him but as soon as they were said aloud he would realize how wrong it sounded to anyone else. He played it cool and decided it was best he ignore the slip up for now, he could always lay awake in bed in three years time and go over what he could've done instead.
Luckily for him, Potter laughed. Not a chuckle but a genuine laugh. It even made Draco's lips twitch a tad, and neither noticed the other but both of their eyes had darted down to the other's mouth for just a second. "Ginny and I split up, yes. About three years ago and she's now in a long-term relationship with Luna, but we're still great friends. We have to be considering we only had a son a few weeks ago" he did that awkward neck scratch again that just killed Draco. "And for the record yes I am indeed single, I have had a few relationships here and there but as of currently I am. Gosh sounds like I'm writing for a dating site" Draco laughed this time.
The blonde turned his head to fill in time while thinking and noticed a park bench right next to the pair. He gestured and Harry nodded, both sitting down somewhat awkwardly next to each other, to continue the conversation. "Sorry about your coffee by the way" Draco muttered just now remembering how they'd found themselves here in the first place.
"It's fine, you'll just have to buy me a new one next time" Harry laughed. It took Draco a few beats to catch up and realise Potter was joking. He forced an awkward laugh before Harry spoke again. The younger man nudged the older, in a humorous friendly manner that confused the older "I mean unless you do actually want to get a coffee sometime? You'd still owe me of course" Draco panicked, this time he really didn't know if he was joking or not. To him it sounded serious and borderline flirtatious. He decided to play it safe, and respond with a half joke
"Yeah alright then" he laughed. Harry also laughed while looking almost directly into his eyes.
"Alright. I can uh give you my number and organize it? Or we could go now if you like, take this conversation with us" He was definitely serious now. And still tiptoeing on flirtatious but Draco was sure he imagined it. Draco nodded
"If you don't have elsewhere to be, I'm sure you do, you know, mister chosen one and all, but if you don't I wouldn't mind popping into the diner down the road" Harry laughed at the chosen one line, glad someone would finally take it lightly and joke about it for once.
"I do not have anything else to do, being the chosen one dosn't do much for your social life on a Wednesday morning it appears" He smiled at Draco and began to stand "Other than this of course" he teased
"I'm flattered Potter" Draco quipped back half sarcastically. He took a deep breath and reminded himself this was just coffee. Old school mates catching up, nothing more. He did admit it was strange though. That Harry, whom he had hated so deeply and who had hated him was suddenly so friendly and almost key word almost flirting with him and appeared to have asked him out in some strange twisted way.
Little did Draco know, Harry was going over the exact same things. Except he was much more confused. He had to admit he had been thinking about Draco an awful lot since their last meeting. And having discussed with Ginny and even his ex (but still good friend) Neville it was clear his feelings toward him from the start. In fact, it appeared everyone had realized but him. That was normal though, he tended to be oblivious. But why had Draco accepted? He was joking at first but judging by the other man's face he was considering it, so Harry took his shot. Still half-joking but then he agreed? He had expected Draco to have walked away right at the start but he stayed. And now they were heading to a diner together for coffee, still chit-chatting about their day to day lives since school ended.
Harry also thought back to when he was with George. He had truly liked him, loved him even, but they weren't a match and broke up after nearly three years. It had been like this. He acted like this. And he knew why because he was always the same with his crushes/partners. He was like this with Cho then Ginny, George, Neville, and now Draco. And while the name never ceased to shock him (though it did explain a lot about his school rivalry) he knew it was the same as all the others. What was different was how Draco was responding. He was responding how all his other partners had. No resentment, no weirdness, just as if they had always been friends and this was normal for them. Harry had no complaints but it was still strange.
Slowly they made their way to the diner. Draco holding the door open for Harry. They ordered their coffees and began the conversation all over again. They talked about eighth year, finding jobs after school, Draco's marriage, what St Mungos was like, and if being a healer was something Harry could possibly look into (he liked the idea Draco raised of becoming a Hogwarts nurse), and even talked about their sexualities, something Draco had never done before. Somewhere in this midst numbers had been shared, and they agreed to meet up again at the same park. Hopefully not by crashing into each other this time Harry made sure to add. And all was well.
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lupinswag · 2 months ago
Random next gen headcanons
• Albus is the shortest of them all
• James sleeps with a plushie
• Teddy says poggers
• Rose wears Ron’s old jackets
• Lily goes thrifting with Luna
• Scorpius listens to Taylor Swift
• Albus listens to Arctic Monkeys and TNBH
• James uses the “ my dad is the savior of the worlds” to get out of any trouble
• Victorie drinks her tea cold
• Albus doesn’t comb his hair
• Teddy sits for hours in the bathroom and pretends to be in a interview
• One time Harry caught him and they haven’t recovered since
• Rose doesn’t like tomatoes
• Scorpius wears converse
• Rose has eaten the Lady Gaga Oreos
• Lily doesn’t like hot beverages
• Albus swears so much
• James once called Teddy “ Teddy Mcwearwolf” and he didn’t talk to him for a months
• Hugo likes vanilla ice cream
• Lily likes yellow
• On Halloween James dressed as his grandfather
• Lily falls off her bed
• Albus changes sleeping positions every second
• Rose and Ron and Hugo made a hole wall while playing quidditch inside and covered it with Hugos’ drawings and Hermione still hasn’t noticed
• Albus would rather die than read a book
• Scorpius has a bad posture
• Victorie once tricked a student into thinking she sold them drugs but it was actually sugar
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daylily-evans · 2 months ago
Teddy meets Hope
shit i somehow managed to lose your ask, @theinfamousjack , but yeah! here is teddy meeting one of his grandparents! i chose hope, even though she is canonically dead, because i lowkey hate lyall (blame moonsigns and mskingbean89 for that lmao). anyway, i hope you enjoy! btw this was an ask from this prompt list, if you want to request anything!
Teddy hadn't really given much thought to his paternal grandparents before. He had been told they were called Lyall and Hope Lupin, and that his grandma was a muggle, and that was all. And, frankly, he hadn't even realised how little he knew about them.
That is, of course, until he read the name Lyall Lupin in the trophy room. A plaque awarded to half his namesake for his outstanding wizarding chess achievements. Teddy didn't even know that such an award existed, and it was only then that he got curious about the man, while also realising how little he knew about him. Or Hope, on that matter.
So when he went back home form his third year, he asked Harry about them, and then Andromeda when Harry didn't know anything. His grandma, however, did, she had met Lyall and Hope at her daughter’s wedding, but she hadnt seen them more than once or twice beyond that. Teddy asked her if he could meet them, but Andromeda was reluctant. She didnt know what the couple was up to, and she wasn't really eager to know; its not that she didn't like them, but she wouldn't ever seek their company either.
But if there was one person in the world that she loved more than anything, that person was Teddy. So, while he was away for his third Hogwarts year, she managed to come in contact with his other two grandparents, and so when Christmas rolled around, she told Teddy she had a surprise for him.
And that is why he was now standing in front of a cottage door, somewhere in Wales, nervously waiting for its owner to answer the nock andromeda had given it. A few moments later, a tall, snow-haired woman appeared on the doorstep, and despite her wrinkles and the visibly tired posture, her eyes and smile beamed, soft and welcoming.
“Hello, Hope,” Andromeda said, accidentally slipping a bit of her pureblood upbringing in her tone, “it's good to see you after all these years.”
“It’s good to see you, too, Andromeda,” the woman said, her voice soothing and motherly. She then looked at Teddy, who must have been staring reluctantly, and offered him an even more warm smile. “And you must be Teddy, right?”
Teddy suddenly felt like a shy toddler agan. Andromeda had told him where they were going before apparating, but he now found himself to be unprepared to meet another family member. He managed a small nod and Hope ruffled his hair, which he had chosen to be in their natural, black color for the occasion. She then lowered herself a bit to be on his eye level, and said, gently but also cheerfully, “I'm Hope Howell, nice to finally meet you.”
Teddy smiled at her, almost as if it was contagious, and some of his nervousness disappeared. She stepped aside and gestured them to come inside. “Would you like some tea, Andromeda?”
“If you'd be so kind,” she replied, sitting down at the small kitchen table.
“And you, Teddy, sweetheart?”
“Tea is fine, thank you,” he said, blushing slightly at the endearing nickname.
As the evening went on, Hope got to know a bit more about Teddy, and she also explained why they were only meeting now.
“Our Remus never told us he had a kid,” she begun, the cheerful glint in her eyes now turning bitter. “It all happened so fast, too. You were born in april, were you not, sweetheart?”
Teddy nodded sharply. “On the 14th,” Andromeda added.
“We hadn't talked with him for months by that point. He said it was dangerous, especially for me. I suppose he was planning on telling us when things would be calm again.
“We... learned of his fate from the news,” her voice trembled. Even all these years later, she was still visibly mourning her only son. “And they never mentioned that Nymphadora and him had a child. I couldn't make it to the funeral, I was bedridden still at the time. And Lyall... Lyall was at the back, he told me, didn't speak to anyone.” She paused to compose herself. “So I'm really sorry for not reaching out earlier, cariad, but if I had known, I would have met you much, much sooner.”
Teddy was touched, and also rather sad. He barely knew the woman in front of him, but he hated seeing her hurting, he already felt a strong connection with her. “It's okay,” he reassured her. He really wasnt angry, not with her at least. “Are you okay now, though? You said you were bedridden.”
Hope let out a soft laugh, and the pained shadow on her face turned into amusement. “Such a sweet thing you are! Just like my Remus. Yes, cariad, I'm fine now, better at least, thank you,”
The conversation turned more pleasant and lighthearted after that, with Teddy sharing stories from Hogwarts and Hope perking up whenever something reminded her of a detail Remus or Lyall had told her about.
“I always wanted to see that big school of yours,” she admitted, “first my husband, then my son, and now my grandson; all my favorite people, out there in Scottland, and I would never be able to see that magnificent castle for myself.”
As the night neared, their mugs empty and all of Hope’s cookies gone, Andromeda pulled Teddy to an empty room.
“I didn't want to ask you in front of Hope, so that you wouldn't feel pressured to say yes, but would you like to spend Christmas with her, Teddy?” she asked him. Teddy almost yelled “Yes!” immediately. He loved the woman and he really wanted to get to know her better. It had been a few hours now since he was dreading the moment Andromeda would declare it's time to leave, so this was the best possible outcome.
And so Teddy spent the holidays with his grandma Hope in Wales, just the two of them. It was lovely, really, in the little cottage, with all the muggle furniture and appliances and everything. They shared their love for old muggle shows, crime literature, and herbal tea, but also introduced each other to other things they enjoyed. Teddy got to listen and love to The Beatles and Bob Dylan, while Hope learned a lot about crystals and ores, which were Teddy’s current obssession, and he showed her all the cool things he could do as a metamorphomagus. And, of course, he tried to pick up as much Welsh as he could, because it was a lovely language. Teddy talked to her about Victoire and James and Albus, and Hope told him stories about his father, the happy stories that neither Andromeda nor Harry knew. It was, without a doubt, Teddy’s best christmas holidays.
Eventually, he had to leave to go back to Hogwarts. But he promised hope he would write often, and he always visitted at least once during every hogwarts break.
that was all, hope you liked it!! i plan on writing a sequel at some point, where teddy meets lyall (which you might have noticed is absent from this oneshot 👀) so yeah!! this is a hope stan account now, i love her to death
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adoranoia · 2 months ago
META 019. (SIX)
Tumblr media
the lighthouse six and her father used to live in was pretty isolated from the rest of the world, and for good reason she's come to find out. but, they did have one connection to the city, a single loose thread that hadn't been severed. a family friend from before the visitor ever stepped foot on the maw, along with her husband, and similarly young child.
most contact was kept via an trading of letters and photos, detailing the current happenings, as they tried to find a normal in the ever-confusing world. but six has a very distinct memories of being about five, maybe six (funnily enough) years old, when that family friend came to visit, get away from the city for a few days.
six (then, hotaru) didn't quite know what to make of the other child, considering that was the first time she'd ever met someone her age. feeling awkward, she didn't say much besides a few mumbles, mostly staying hidden behind a old teddy bear, held to her chest.
grasping for any sort of conversation, the other child asked why her face was covered up, and asked if they could see her eyes. now, six was never taught that her 'condition' was something to fear, not intentionally, at least. but, her bangs were left overgrown for a reason, and she knew that, so she refused.
but, they were only children after all, so the other saw no issue in simply pressing the matter, eventually resulting in the other kid forcing six's bangs from her eyes.--well, singular eye, i should say. the giggling stopped, and the kid shrieked instead. surprised and confused, jumping back before running off to find their mom, still teary-eyed as they told her all about 'the monster'.
they never did come to visit again, after that, (though contact was kept, at least.) and. yeah, six still thinks about that, sometimes.
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97-yves · 3 months ago
teddy: so let me get this straight
bob: more like let me run this bi you
tina: let's see how this pans out
gene: let's ace-ess the situation
louise: ...i’m gay
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carlislesscarf · 4 months ago
When did emmett start calling Esme and Carlisle “ma” and “pa/pops” like did he ask them first or did it just happen and what did carlesme do
I swear I've got so many headcanons and thoughts on Cullen family dynamics like you have no idea, i could go on for hours and I’m about to thank you so much @ellrond/@carllisle I love you for this
so with Emmett, he came from a huge family. lots of brothers and sisters, he was like the oldest so he felt very protective of all his family and loved them all so much. I always imagine that he came from quite a poor family but his parents were hardworking and living people and did everything they could to make sure their family had enough. also, despite their 10+ kids they were truly in love with each other. like they married for love and that's it. they might not have a lot but they have each other and that's enough. and Emmett always really admired that, like he might have messed around a lot but he adored their relationship and hoped that he'd find something like that for himself one day.
when Emmett was turned by Carlisle, he was elated. like, it was the coolest thing to him. super strength, super speed, and hey! not dead!
but after a while he hit a slump and he started to remember his family and his parents and the fact that they didn't know what had happened to him and that he'd never see them again. (which is when Carlisle stepped in and offered to give his family an anonymous donation)
what helped Emmett move on through was when he started to get to know his new family and began to see his family in them. he was still able to act as a protector for his family and parents thanks to his new strength. the large, kind of chaotic, loud atmosphere of his new vampire family made him feel completely at home. Edward and Rosalie's bickering reminded him of his younger siblings. watching Carlisle and Esme and seeing their love for each other and their 'kids' was the cherry on top. it was impossible not to see his parents in them.
Esme had his mother's endless warmth but also had her fierceness too, and Carlisle, just like Emmett's father, would do anything for his children just to make them happy, no matter how exasperated and frazzled they made him.
Emmett calling them Ma/Pops originated when he was ready to start going to school. It was one of the first times they were doing the ‘we’ll act as your adopted parents’ routine. In public, he had started referring to Carlisle and Esme as his Ma/Pops, but never to their faces. He slipped up with Esme first, after she chastised him for coming into the house filthy after a hunt telling him to clean up the mess, and he probably just responded like ‘sorry ma!’ or something, then got really bashful when he realised and went to apologise but stopped when he saw the smile on her face and the tearful look as she threw a mop towards him.
When he slipped and called Carlisle ‘pops’ he was a lot more nervous. He really looks up to Carlisle, and respects him a lot. he was out hunting with Edward and Carlisle, joking about when he replied to Carlisle with something along the lines of ‘oh yeah sure pops’ and then like, silence. Edward kinda tapped out and Carlisle didn't say anything out of shock and cause he's awful with emotions when its not Esme so the rest of the hunting trip was utterly silent and awkward until they were heading home, Carlisle pulled Emmett aside to talk and Emmett immediately launched into an apology like
‘look Carlisle I’m sorry, I just really look up to you, y’know?, and you remind me so much of my old man but if its weird for you I wont-’
‘Emmett. It’s fine’
‘you are a part of this family Emmett. and I am proud to call you my son’
and then emmett 100% launched on him, proper bear hug style and almost broke bones.
Honestly, I’m utterly in love with cullen family dynamics so please send me more like this cause i have so many thoughts 
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