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#hazardous tales
kuni-wuni · 17 days ago
hello friend! could you do a nathan hale inspired mood board? maybe about learning/academia? thanks so much! and i'm glad to see others love the series so much! it's been my favorite since i was a kid. -birch
Ello Birch! Here it is, I hope you enjoy!
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kuni-wuni · 23 days ago
Provost Moodboard
𓂃𑁍 ࣪˖ 𖦹 💥 ⋆ Ꮺ ָ࣪ ۰ . ¡! ⋆ ࣪.
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Tumblr media
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𓂃𑁍 ࣪˖ 𖦹 💥 ⋆ Ꮺ ָ࣪ ۰ . ¡! ⋆ ࣪.
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76historylover · a month ago
New edition dropping!
If you've been on my blog for a while, you may know my love of history and reading. This culminates perfectly together in one of my favorite childhood series: Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. Basically, Nathan Hale (the spy) says his famous words, a giant book shows up, eats him (and spits him out), and now he can tell the future. And so he tells the future to the Hangman and the Provost, stalling his execution. It's a fun series! I love it to death! Anyways, the author's coming out with a Bigger and Badder edition this October! The new cover for One Dead Spy has me so excited!
Tumblr media
Look at it! Look at the Provost and Hangman and Nate! The Provost is snooty as ever, the Hangman has a huge smile on his face, and look at how serious my man Nathan is! Look at him!!!!
Anyways, what does it mean? The Bigger and Badder edition has some extra notes from the author, and 15 pages more of shenanigans with Nathan, Provost and Hangman. I saw that he's doing it up to the Alamo, but I hope he makes the Bigger and Badder editions for all of his books! Especially Big Bad Ironclad, it's always been my favorite in the series.
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defiant-art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I don’t think nathan hale’s hazardous tales has a fanbase but if it does I offer my art of them
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76historylover · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
look at this dork. i love him with everything.
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76historylover · 9 months ago
its loving nathan hale hours. let's gOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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writingtoforgetreality · 5 hours ago
Guarding Your Heart (Helmut Zemo x Reader)
Request: THE ENDING WAS PURRRRRFECT i'm gonna miss tfatws sm. I don't know if on the raft they allow inmates to be visited but let's imagine it: you visiting zemo for the first time since he was sent there, a little angst cuz you can't have skin-to-skin contact anymore but you two talk about some things and how life is going, if everything is okay 🥺🥺🥺 (by anonymous), [Marvel-Masterlist]
Summary: Inmate: Helmut Zemo. Accommodation: The Raft. Visitors: Generally prohibited. Exceptions: Maintaining a friendly relationship with an Avenger.
Words: 3,547
Warnings: angst, jail (is that a warning?), fluff, feels, my emotions, I didn’t use any pronouns!, TFATWS spoilers, REQUESTS ARE OPEN!
If you like my work & wanna support me: a coffee would be highly appreciated ❤
Countless attempts from your side had been ignored. You were an average citizen. No superpower, no higher-up. Ordinary. It appeared that the Raft did not think highly of such people. Not when they proposed to visit an inmate. And definitely not when said inmate was the same Baron who broke out of a high security jail in Germany. But he was yours. His imprisonment in Europe had not been as restricted. For his sake, you had moved to the other end of the world. Simply so you could spend a bit of time together every day. Your old life had been completely abandoned. And for almost ten years, Germany had been your home. Until Sam & Bucky entered your lives once again. Though you started off on the wrong foot, this time around, you were more than grateful for their presence. Without them, especially without the former Winter Soldier, Helmut would still rot away in that tiny prison cell. Your time together had been adventurous. Often hazardous. Life threatening. In the end, you made it out alive. Coming back stronger than ever before.
It could have been a fairy tale. A long awaited fulfillment of a seemingly impossible dream. Were it not for the Wakandans crushing your reverie at the worst place imaginable. The Sokovian memorial. Where you held one of his clothed hands in both of yours. Shedding tears, remembering his old life. His wife. His son. You would never replace them. At the same time, you did not even intend to. His past was part of him & made him to the man you loved endlessly. Bucky did not receive your blame. Were you mad at him for handing Helmut over to the Wakandans? Absolutely. Then again, the super soldier was the reason why he was out of jail in the first place. It was a fine line between resentment & gratitude.
Luckily, throughout the various missions you had been a part of, you gained Sam’s trust. He took a liking in you & when he saw you struggling, he was eager to help. Obviously, the Raft yielded when the Captain America himself transmitted an inquiry. Only a few hours passed & you were on your way to Helmut’s current accommodation. A small jet that had been arranged just for you. In this instant, you did not feel average anymore. For a second, you experienced what it would feel like to live this kind of lifestyle. The one of a Baron. Why you were still unfamiliar with that even though your boyfriend was rich? Truthfully, you did not touch his money at all. It was his & when he did not have access to it while imprisoned, you did not dare using it either. Loyalty. Of course Zemo suggested utilization for you but you declined politely. After reasoning enough, he swore he fell even harder for you. The staunchness of you was remarkable.
It was bizarre. Entering the Raft with multiple workers circling you. You were told that these were the security measures that had to be met if someone wanted to visit an inmate. To you, it sounded like a poor excuse but you would not speak that thought out loud. Prisoners needed social contact. Physical contact could not be provided, that much you understood. But one would go insane without having the opportunity to see another human being that was not a guard working here.
Your body was a mess. Heart hammering at your chest with such a force, you believed it would burst any second. Irregular breaths left your lips. Trembling hands fiddled with each other in order to prevent others from noticing. Weak knees that threatened to no longer stabilize your body weight with each step you took forward. To bystanders, you probably appeared as a put-together person. On the inside, there was chaos. Nothing but chaos. How would you react? How would he react? Would you have privacy? An audience? Observers? Innumerable questions flooded your mind. Seemingly, having only one purpose. To drown you. To drown every bit of you. But you would not succumb that easily. You were so close to where you wanted to be. The fight could not end now. Disappointment would cloud you. More importantly, it would cloud him.
Four guards. It took four guards to guide you through the facility. To your surprise, the insides radiated a calm, almost content atmosphere. The walk lasted an eternity. At least, that was what it felt like. Your Helmut occupied a cell at the very end of the building. No explanation had been given to you as to why they decided to accommodate him there. Maybe, with Sam’s assistance, you could change his quarters & move it further up to the entrance. That way, if you visited again, you would not have to waltz through every narrow hallway. Listening to the whimpers of some inmates. The screams. The bashing. The…pain. There was only one person here who you were familiar with. Helmut. The others? You had no idea what crimes they implemented to end up at a place as dark as this.
“He’s at the end of that corridor.” one of the guards motioned for the others to leave you alone. His hand gestured to a tall white door that had a small built-in window. Your sight was obstructed by the frosted glass of it.
“Will you join me?” you questioned, wanting to prepare for it if he had to accompany you.
“Generally, yes.” he breathed out, putting his hands in the pockets of his uniform. Then, he sighed quietly & eyed you once more. “But since it was requested you speak to him alone, I’ll leave you be.”
“Whose request was that?” your eyebrows furrowed. The Raft was not an institution for exceptions. At first, the mere thought of getting to see Helmut again was an impossibility.
“Captain America’s.” he stated monotonously. The way his face scrunched up made it obvious that he was less than pleased about this decision. As soon as you were out of here, you had to call Sam & thank him for making this feasible.
“Oh.” it was all you could muster at the moment. There was an overwhelming feeling you had to handle. And it was not exactly one of your specialties.
“The door is unlocked. Walk down the hallway & the cell will come into view. If something happens, there’s an emergency button that should be operated whe-“ you stopped him during his speech.
“Thanks for your concern but I’ll be just fine.” a genuine smile formed on your face. The guard nodded at you, still slightly uncertain, & turned around without another word. Letting the uncomfortable silence envelop you. Your legs were frozen in place, preventing you from running to him. Maybe it was the thought of having to say goodbye again. As wonderful as it was that you were allowed to visit him, the concept of abandoning him broke your heart. The difference between the jail in Germany & this one was that you could not linger close by. The trip lasted for a while. Daily visitations were out of the question.
Slow but steady steps moved you over to the door. A hand raised to the doorknob. The coldness of it grounded you the slightest bit. You had to take a few deep breaths, just like he had instructed you multiple times before, in order to reduce the fast, almost unhealthy pace of your beating heart. Your hand twisted the doorknob to one side & when you heard the lock click, you pushed the door open with your entire body weight. Otherwise, you would have been too weak to do so. Bright lights had you squint your eyes. A hand was used as a shield to block most of the luminosity. When your eyes adjusted to the different setting, you straightened your back & brushed non-existent dust from your clothes. This motion gave you something to do with your hands. It was a much needed distraction. You held your head high, looking straight forward to the very end of the corridor. At the sides, the walls were painted bright white. Almost too bright for your liking. It resembled a hospital & you had never enjoyed them. The consistency of it was broken with the glass wall you were staring at. The one which was straight ahead. His cell, you figured. But there was no silhouette you could make out. Considering the size, you should have noticed him already. But he was not there. So you no longer moved in slow motion but jogged over to the pane.
Fast footsteps echoed in Helmut’s ears. Time was fluid in a jail like that. But it had not been long since a guard brought him breakfast. Whoever visited him now, it seemed to be urgent on the basis of the fast pace they approached. He scooted closer to the frigid wall behind his bed. Something he did to mess with the employees here. At least it gave him something to do. Besides reading tons of books & listening to the radio that had been prepared for him. That was luxurious enough for an inmate. All of a sudden, it was silent. Too quiet for his liking. The next thing he heard was music to his ears.
“Helmut?” your broken voice whispered & filled the room. Was he turning hallucinational? Nobody would blame him in a place like this. But not even his imagination could recall your softness so perfectly. He stood up, carefully, & widened his eyes at the sight of you. There you were, on the other side of the transparent wall. Separating the outside world from the box he found himself in.
“(Y/N)? You’re here.” no time was wasted. Helmut dragged his body as close to yours as his cell allowed him to. One of his hands touched the smooth surface & you mimicked his actions. There were tears threatening to escape but you tried everything to keep them locked inside. “Don’t cry.” the volume of his voice had lowered. Nobody could listen to you in here but it almost felt illicit to talk at a normal volume.
“I’m sorry.” you chuckled shortly, your free hand coming to your face to wipe at your cheeks. How he wanted to be the one to touch your tender skin. To have you lean into his palm.
“What are you sorry for?” the proximity was given yet unattainable. Your gaze averted, staring at the pavement floor.
“I don’t know…For everything?” you shrugged your shoulders, laughing at how incomprehensible you sounded. Helmut shook his head. That was how he knew you. Always being the one to carry everyone’s burden on your own. Though you did not need to.
“Stop that.” it was an order but not a forceful one. One that eased the tension immediately.
“Okay.” you mouthed.
The floor was everything but comfortable but you made do. Sitting cross legged opposite of Helmut was dreamlike. In your dreams, you had skin-to-skin contact but that delight had been denied. Simply having him next to you was enough for now. Helmut had his elbows on his knees, watching your every move. Reminiscing every small detail he could get a glimpse of. But there was nothing new he came across. He remembered you like the back of his hand. Sometimes even more precisely than you did yourself. And yet, his observation resembled the first time when his warm, chocolate brown eyes fell onto your frame. Usually, you handled his stares well but something inside of you told you to inquire.
“What?” you asked with a playful, teasing tone. His eyes locked onto yours. You giggled at his confused state.
“Is there a problem?” Helmut turned insecure for a second. And people who knew him were aware that he was barely ever uncertain.
“No, not at all.” you shook your head to emphasize your words. “Just…you’re staring.” you called him out. It made him laugh, his head falling back briefly.
“Is it forbidden to stare?” one of his eyebrows perked up. “I believe most people are flattered by the attention.” though he played the serious act quite well, you could tell that he was joking.
“You’re awful.” you laughed at his antics.
“I am aware.” he saw you opening your mouth to disagree with him but Helmut was faster. “(Y/N)?”
“What is it?” you rested your intertwined hands in your lap. But he had noticed the trembles. He had noticed you struggling. And he realized that it was because of the position you were currently in.
“How is it like? Outside, I mean.” he skillfully changed the topic before the atmosphere between you two could shift in a negative way.
“You have a radio.” your finger pointed to the one sitting on a small table inside the cell right next to a stack of read-through books. “I’m sure you have an idea of what it’s like.”
“But I would love to hear it from you.” there was an encouraging smile on his lips that you could not resist, no matter what.
“Well, Karli’s dead. Sharon took care of her.” you began & watched him nodding approvingly. “Bucky finished his amends & it really looks like he’s doing much better. He’s taking baby steps but he’s doing well.” you could not suppress the small smile when you spoke about the super soldier. Helmut was not jealous. Bucky & you had become fast friends over time.
“Could you deliver a message from me?” he continued after a hum from you. “Tell James that I am happy for him. And thank him from me.” that warmed your heart. All of the previous disputes aside, they had started tolerating each other. You would not go as far as calling them friends but what was not could still be.
“I will.” you promised with certainty. “Right, um…Sam is Captain America. This job is made for him. I truly believe, with him, we’ll achieve great things.” you quieted down, not exactly knowing how to continue.
“So you established Sam’s & James’ success. But what about you?” he read you too easily. No other person saw through you like he did. That affirmed the close bond you two shared even further.
“What about me?” a phony dumfounded expression was plastered on your face.
“How have you been doing?” it was a question with so much emotion & care hidden beneath, it brought tears to the corners of your eyes instantly. Your attempts to blink them away were gratuitous. They started rolling down over your cheeks. So fast, in fact, you could not even wipe them away with your sleeves in time. Helmut’s heart broke at this sight of you. It was clear as day that you experienced a rough patch. The cause of it was him being imprisoned, that much he knew. “Talk to me.” he whispered & cursed the guards for not granting his partner access inside his cell. But they thought he would plan another escape. At the same time, they were unaware that he would not take the risk to jeopardize your safety with a second try.
“It’s…” you took a deep breath to steady your voice & avoid the wavering & cracking. “It’s been hard.” you admitted quietly. “Without you.” you finished. Your eyes flickered up to his face. His look brought you the tiniest bit of contentment. The way his body language could comfort you in such a way was prodigious.
“Love.” the nickname gained your entire attention. It was like all of your worries melted away by the simple sound of it rolling from his lips. The tears did not stop but they were mixed with happiness now. Gratitude that you shared this moment with him. You were here. Helmut was here. Similar to how it used to be. Yet, entirely different. “Please look at me when I tell you this.” & you obeyed without a second thought. “You are my world. If I could change this situation, trust me that I would instantly. I understand your struggles. And I abominate that I cannot dispose of your demons. Or make them part of my own. Your pain causes me aching ten times worse. It is painful seeing you like this. My love, you must promise me one thing.” it was hard for him to get through this speech without his voice fading at the emotions he was experiencing. But he had to stay strong for you. It would only cause you more distress if you noticed him showing how affected he truly was.
“Anything, Helmut.” your reply followed straight after. If he asked you for something, you would do your very best to make him proud of you.
“Promise me to take care of yourself. I would hate to watch you disappear because of me.” the sincerity assured you how important it was to him.
“Helmut, I don’t think I coul-“ he shushed you when he spotted what you were intending to do.
“Promise me, my love.” he repeated & you closed your eyes briefly, releasing another wave of tears.
“I promise.” your eyelids slowly opened & you could detect the relief in his at your words.
“How did you persuade them into visiting an inmate?” the atmosphere had shifted to a relaxing feel once again. And his attempt to start another conversation was welcomed.
“I didn’t do anything. Though I’ve tried multiple times…Sam came to my aid.” you chuckled at the memory & the excitement you emitted after his call. The news had been the best in a very long time.
“Ah, of course, if Captain America requests a visitation…” Helmut started.
“The chiefs are on board in an instant.” you finished his sentence & the both of you laughed at the tomfoolery.
“Means that Sam is the reason for your stay.” you confirmed his thought process quietly. “Please express my gratitude for him as well.”
“Will do.” you wanted to maintain the dialogue with him but a loud noise from behind you caught you by surprise. The same guard who had instructed your appropriate behavior inside these hallways was back. There was a look on his face you could not quite identify but it left you uneasy.
“Time’s over.” the statement felt like someone stabbed you with a knife. Not once, not twice. Multiple times to cause as much damage as possible. Helmut then stood up from the floor, gesturing for you to do the same. The moment you were on your feet again, your knees were close to giving out. Digging deep inside, you mustered all the strength you had left & fixed your posture. You did that to avoid radiating a fragile appearance. “Bid your goodbyes, I’ll wait by the door.” the guard took his place in the doorway, waiting for you to approach him. Your body faced Helmut’s & you rested both of your hands on the glass in front of you. He mimicked you & if it were not for the transparent border, you would have touched.
“I’ll miss you.” you whispered as you pressed your forehead against the boundary.
“I will miss you more.” he followed right after. “But you are always here with me.” one hand rested above his heart. Goodbyes were difficult. Especially with the ulterior motive of not returning the following day. It would most likely take a while until you would face him again. Secretly, so nobody could discern what you were doing, you pulled a small paper out of your pocket & pushed it through one of the many, tiny holes in the glass wall. It dropped to the floor on the other side. Helmut sent you a questioning glance which you retuned with a soft, gentle smile. Coughing behind you brought you back to reality. You had to leave. As much as it hurt, you turned your back to Helmut & distanced yourself from his cell. Arriving at the exit, you looked over shoulder one last time. One last time, your eyes locked. One last time, you let your tender features speak. One last time. While you walked away from him, he picked the small paper up from the ground. Unfolding it with much care, his eyes got stuck on three little words that were neatly curved in your handwriting. So when your eyes met, he returned that favor without anyone realizing it. His lips moved & you saw him mouthing that same phrase back. Your smile grew wider, as did his. And then you were gone. Of course, you would come back. And with Sam’s help, it would probably be sooner rather than later. He stared at the door where you just walked through. His gaze then turned to the paper in his hands. Never would he let go of it again. He would treat it like it was made out of gold. To him, it was. And it was worth so much more. The feeling it triggered inside of him could not be purchased. It could only be provided by a special someone. That special someone was you. Reading through the note one more time, he sat down on the uncomfortable mattress. The displeasure was ignored for now. For a minute, he bathed in the loving emotions you brought to him.
“I love you. -xo(Y/N)”
Published (05/09/2021) by Cathy
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elkian · 2 days ago
rewatched Into the Woods (initial Broadway run) and one thing that really GOT to me was how Into the Woods (the song) is reprised and changed each time.
It starts out generally peppy and optimistic to the point of satire. Like the characters are being sarcastic or outright fooling themselves. “The way is clear! The light is good! I have no fear nor no one should!“
Contrast with the final reprise, which contains lines like “They way is dark! The light is dim! But know there’s you, me, her, and him! [this includes pointing not only to the other cast members, but also the audience!]“
And perhaps even more critically: “Into the woods you have to go! But that’s the way you learn to cope! Into the woods to find there’s hope of getting through the journey!“
Like, the initial version has peppy lyrics, but the less overtly optimistic version is more hopeful. Now that the characters know, and acknowledge, the dangers and hazards of the journey -of going out into the world- they understand that there IS a chance for a positive outcome. There IS hope! But they cannot pursue, or gain it, without using their brains.
General consensus on Into The Woods seems to be a critique of fairy tales, and in particular how many of the characters hope a solution will fall into their laps without effort or having to make a decision. The first version of the song is that intensely hopeful, to the point of having blinders on.
It’s fascinating how the version after pain and heartbreak, the version with far more pessimistic word choices, is so uplifting and comforting.
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soulescence · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
regardless of her main reasons for having put off learning the final stages of her sword, vi understood that learning it all together could be hazardous to her own well-being. vi does not have a controlling nature and thus she struggles to control a weapon that is immensely volatile. she came to an understanding with her sword while he was presented in his weaker shikai state, but she didn’t know what she’d face with his full spirit.
it was a rather horrific experience for her, partially due to ares being rightfully irritated that he’d been willing to teach her for centuries only to be rejected. also because he holds a lot of her memories from her previous life which she was no longer able to avoid revisiting. fighting him was the easiest part of all of it. it was once he conceded that the process began. because her bankai merges them together and ares is more or less possessing her, she was forced to relive a chaotic fragmented memory of her death, but more specifically, the emotions of it. this was on top of feeling as if her blood had turned to fire. her screaming was muffled however, unable to break past the raw amount of reiatsu she was emitting. from start to finish (excluding battling him) it lasted around a full minute.
her own appearance when in bankai is dramatically altered. her attire is a mid thigh length greek chiton made of sheer golden fabric and knee-high greek sandals. she’s decorated in a golden bronze tone from head to toe, including her hair, skin, and eye color. as with her shikai state, her weapon continues to keep the shape of a war spear, but she is also gifted a shield.
control is a severe issue. ares will push her to never stop fighting even if it’s killing her, something she would never do if she were in complete control. achieving bankai was not difficult for her in a general sense, but mastering control could prove to kill her and/or many others. the more she exerts herself and the higher volume of reiatsu she releases, the hotter her core temperature becomes. at a point, she will literally glow due to the fact that her skin would be the equivalent of touching hot iron. while it isn’t immediately fatal to her, she runs the risk of overheating her organs and/or becoming dangerously dehydrated if she keeps her reiatsu that high for too long a period.
the initial release is always extremely painful for her. the sheer surge of reiatsu feels something akin to being in flames. ares does this for a purpose, and it’s because he understands the nature of his wielder: pain makes her furious. he wants her in a rage and craving violence.
while she continues to use it unmastered, she’s in a constant struggle for control. the tale-telling sign of which of them is in control is in her eyes. if reiatsu is pouring from her eyes, mouth, and nose like glowing smoke, she hasn’t fully pushed down ares. if her eyes are normal and simply gold in tone, she’s in control. exhaustion isn’t enough to take her out of her bankai state. if ares gets too deep of a hold on her, her body could literally be giving out and she still can’t stop. unconsciousness would be the only way he would be forced to release her. she also struggles to see people in full when she’s not in control. she sees shapes and energy, which makes deciphering ally from enemy extremely difficult as her zanpakuto does not care. she can hear people fine, but it’s a matter of whether or not the owner of said voice means enough to her for her to push harder against her sword.
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renetorealty · 4 days ago
Luxury House Purchase and Sale in Dallas, Texas
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Fewer renters are inquisitive about townhouses. There are numerous differences between a condominium and a townhouse. However, each is of the least famous rental options. However, townhouses may compromise between trying to live in a single-family home but not trying to go to the suburbs. The architecture of a townhouse sets it apart from a condominium or an apartment. They regularly include a small yard, storage, and at least two memories but share at least one wall with the neighboring house. This shared wall is what distinguishes townhomes from indifferent single-family homes. They are once known as row houses due to this arrangement.
Advantages of Townhomes for rent in Dallas
The main benefit of Townhomes for rent in Dallas is the exchange in lifestyle. Renting a townhouse is much like renting a condo, except you'll be accountable for HOA charges. Townhomes for rent in Dallas are akin to owning a home minus the mortgage loan. It indicates more significant space, fewer restrictions, and a taste of suburbia, among other things.
Tumblr media
Length: A townhouse is more prominent than an apartment. Townhomes for rent in Dallas maybe to a few tales excessive, providing you with plenty of space for dining, fantastic, and storage. Maximum townhouses also include regions for out-of-door activities, which give grilling, barbecuing, or playing games inside the backyard.
Pets: Because Town homes for rent in Dallas is supposed to be extra like a conventional home — and generally has a backyard — they may be more likely to permit pets. Test with the homeowner's association or management to make sure.
Privateness: Townhouses provide extra privateness than a condominium or an apartment could. With apartments and condos, you normally proportion a ceiling and floor with other tenants to the left and proper walls. Given the row using row line-up of townhouses, tenants must share a wall on either aspect with their buddies, and these partitions will probably be soundproof. You could not want to throw a party mid-week. However, gambling some guitar on your room probably received stir up any lawsuits
Facilities: Like residences, many townhouse groups come with services, such as trash elimination, swimming pools, and gyms.
Community: Being part of an orthodox community is another advantage of residing in a Townhomes for rent in Dallas. Townhouses frequently have a closer sense of community than is trendy for a condo or apartment. It's far ordinary to sense isolated to start with, regardless of how you pass. Renting Townhomes for rent in Dallas is probably proper for you if this is one of your fears. You're much more likely to interact with pals and make buddies in a townhouse community.
Hazards of Renting Townhomes for rent in Dallas
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Tumblr media
HOA charges: HOA expenses regularly cover landscaping, exterior maintenance, insurance, and typhoon harm repairs. It can be handy or a nuisance. Regularly your landlord might also include these costs in your month-to-month hire. However, it's miles something to bear in mind either manner if you are worried approximately your price range.
Obligations: Townhomes for rent in Dallas, unlike apartments, might encompass an outside or the front yard. While your landlord can perform cowl renovation in the domestic, you ought to inquire whether you are liable for the yard and the outdoors of the townhouse or whether an outdoor celebration handles it. Townhouse residents are expected to maintain a sure well-known, and uniform look for his townhome once in a while. You will be obligated to shovel your driveway or restrict what sort of excursion decorations you may put up.
Regulations: due to the home owner's institutions, you'll be obligated to follow a set of rules for the community. There are often regulations on parking, pool hours, renovations, and any other change that can affect how the network is standardized.
Utilities: considering Townhomes for rent in Dallas is extra like a conventional home, renters are usually chargeable for procuring utilities. Be organized for higher utility bills than in residences when considering the different areas to light and heat. The HOA might also include some utilities within the month-to-month price.
Tumblr media
Renting Townhomes for rent in Dallas comes with many blessings. However, replicating homeownership can be luxurious and is derived from many responsibilities. Before you pass right into a townhouse, make sure you're ready.
Average costs of Renting a Townhomes for rent in Dallas
Renting a townhouse usually is higher priced than an apartment or a rental because you get a lot more space. Once more, actual hire expenses vary based totally on the area. Townhouses can also be extra pricey due to the additional HOA charges.
Why choose us?
If you assume a townhouse will be proper for you, check out our town homes. RENETO REALTY has extra than a dozen professionally controlled town homes so that you're sure to find one which fits you. Lots of our townhouses permit pets and consist of home equipment consisting of a washing machine and dryer. Lots of our luxury town homes feature fireplaces and vaulted ceilings. See if renting one in all our residences or townhouses is right for you!
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franciscohydo261 · 5 days ago
24 Hours to Improving
Dependant on the top-advertising novels by John Jakes, North And South premiered as being a hugely celebrated and critically acclaimed television series in 1985. While in the spirit of Gone Along with the Wind, the novels address 19th Century The usa before, for the duration of, and once the Civil War. As Along with the Margaret Mitchell traditional, Jakes creates a larger-than-life cast of figures to inform his Tale of struggle involving a Union of States divided on the problems of human bondage and states rights, loyalty to types nation and loyalty for the point out through which one particular was born, coupled with countless interpersonal conflicts lost from the sands of your time To tell his story, Jakes makes use of two family members, the Hazard spouse and children of Pennsylvania and the key household of South Carolina.
Boasting a star-studded cast, North And South is more than 1000 minutes of riveting drama. Many discs address the Civil War period with amazing cinematography, real looking options, and the ever-escalating cauldron of conflict amongst North and South. You wont wish to overlook this truly astounding sequence.
The North And South DVD addresses all 3 books from the favored collection, Each and every a multi-disc established
Under is a a lot less than comprehensive summary of each and every reserve.
(Be Warned which the summaries under have some plot spoilers)
Ebook A single North & South (561 minutes)
E-book One of several North And South DVD covers the period of time prior the Civil War (1844-1860). Eighteen-calendar year-outdated Orry Most important (Patrick Swayze) prepares to depart his South Carolina plantation en route to West Position when he encounters an overturned carriage whilst leaving city. Aiding the passengers, Orry is released on the lovely Madeline Fabray (Lesley-Anne Down) to whom he offers a ride, offering her Safe and sound passage on the LaMotte plantation wherever her father and his friend Justin LaMotte (David Carradine) are waiting around. Madeline and Orry comply with write one another when hes away at West Point.
When Orry travels to Big apple, he meets up with a gaggle of unsavory people who endeavor to rob him, but George Hazard (James Study) comes to his support, and the two deal with to fend from the criminals. George is on his way to West Issue as well, and the two Gentlemen strike up a friendship that proceeds with the length in their education. Although at West Issue, they collude with Many others to rid the campus of menacing upperclassman Elkanah Bent (Philip Casnoff). The vindictive cadet vows revenge, and he receives it when George and Orry are positioned underneath his command in a battle over the Mexican War. Bent sends The 2 Males as well as their comrades into specific Demise, only to possess his system foiled by a Mexican retreat.
While fighting in Mexico, George meets his upcoming wife Constance Flynn (Wendy Kilbourne). In the meantime, Orry and Madeline experience a personal hell when Madelines father hides Orrys letters from West Position. Believing that Orry has neglected about her, Madeline agrees to marry Justin LaMotte, who treats her horribly. With Orry and Madeline continuing their adore affair in top secret, George and Orry carry on their friendship. Your entire Primary loved ones, like Orrys sisters Ashton (Terri Garber) and Brett (Genie Francis) and also Primary cousin Charles (Lewis Smith), vacation to Pennsylvania as guests of the Hazard household. Although while in the North, the Mains are confronted by Georges abolitionist sister Virgilia (Kirstie Alley) plus the discrepancies in between the North and South dominate the dialogue, but George and Orrys friendship carries on unabated because they make your mind up not to debate these matters.
When the Mains return the favor and invite the Dangers to South Carolina, Virgilia creates a ruckus by aiding during the escape of Grady, a neighbors slave. Afterwards, she marries Grady, and The 2 join John Brown and his liberty fighters. When Grady is killed, Virgilia enlists the assistance of Congressmen Sam Greene.
In the meantime, Orry and George begin a business partnership by opening a cotton mill in South Carolina. As the secessionist motion gains ground, The 2 continue to take consolation during the toughness in their brotherly bond
Ebook TWO Like & War (570 minutes)
Reserve Two from the North And South DVD handles the beginnings of the Civil War plugi and also the wars summary (1860-1865). Despite the growing chat of Southern secession, George and Orry proceed to run their cotton mill and continue to be pals. George and Constance even run an illegal quit together the Underground Railroad. But when Abraham Lincoln is elected president, the Southern states secede, and at some point war breaks out concerning The 2 nations. Orrys sister Brett is in really like with Georges brother Billy Hazard (John Stockwell) who is himself a West Place graduate stationed in Fort Sumter. The war drives Billy much far from his new bride Brett, when Ashton sees the war as an opportunity to gain. Applying her partner James Huntoon (Jim Metzler) to climb the ranks of the political circuit, Ashton decides that James is not the greatest guy to provide her passions. She commences a partnership with Elkanah Bent, that is using the war for personal revenue by smuggling luxurious products earlier the Union naval blockade.
In the meantime, the war tears apart the two North and South. George will work being an aide to Lincoln, though Orry performs in the same ability for Jefferson Davis. Through the study course on the war, Charles satisfies a Virginia girl and falls in enjoy with her. At wars stop, she bears his child, but dies Soon thereafter. Furthermore, Justins Dying at last gives Orry and Madeline the chance to marry. As being the war wages on, it requires its toll on The 2 people. But Regardless of the obstructions, they endure to the end. In the wars conclusion, George and Orry are reunited, and The 2 Gentlemen vow to work alongside one another to rebuild a broken nation.
Reserve 3 Heaven & Hell (261 minutes)
E book A few with the North And South DVD originally aired in 1994, several years soon after the first two guides aired. With Patrick Swayze now a longtime star, the character of Orry Main is composed from The tv screenplay for the ultimate guide. Various other cast users reappear, however the producing deviates significantly from John Jakess original novel, making a plot which fails to sound right. Observing as how Elkanah Bent died in the previous book, its relatively ludicrous to possess him reappear in e book 3. Also, the dialogue is often stiff and awkward, the plot uninteresting, and the complete ebook is just not really worth viewing. Keep on with seeing the main two books on DVD.
Regardless of the failure of Ebook A few to arouse any interest in any way, the North And South DVD is more than well worth the worth for Guides Just one and Two. That is a extensively entertaining mini-collection paying homage to a major time cleaning soap opera, a person that has a historic viewpoint. That has a Solid of people prone to spark viewer fondness, powerful subplots, and fascinating costumes and established design and style, North And South can be an epic of unequalled high quality. Believe in me, you wont be dissatisfied Together with the North And South DVD, Regardless of the deficiencies of Ebook Three
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mymadmedleyw · 6 days ago
Summary: It represented something like hope, something unearthly, something worth examining, but now, for Maddie, it was nothing else just a reminder, telling that she failed.
(ao3 | ff)
Maddie was staring at the swirling green madness, trying to recall the days when it wasn't a curse or seemed more than an acidic green-ness of doom, but- she shook her head, she couldn't tell. Now, at the present, she couldn't remember those days.
Her son was dead, and partly she had made it happen. And she called herself a good scientist! But, after all, she called herself a ghost-huntress too, and...
She bit her lips. She had been both at a certain moment of time and also a mother, who should have been a support to her little boy, but- now, who she was? But this damn thing couldn't answer her question either, it was wordless and- and just the shifting swirl was speaking in silence, telling a tale that she hated to hear, it told that- that she had failed. As a scientist, as a ghost-hunter, and as a mother too.
Maddie took a careful step closer, wondering. Had it been painful? Surely, it had supposed to be. It had killed her boy. But- she almost could imagine him, shrieking in pain and falling to the floor, unaware yet that his life had changed and that- that it never would be normal again. She had made it. She had let it happen. She had killed her baby. Just as-
"Mom!" a sudden shouting voice made her stop to take another step. And then, in the corner of her eye, a bright green light slowly was flying closer. "Come back, it's dangerous."
She had to laugh at the note – if she could have been able to crack a smile on it. Dangerous, he said, dangerous! It had been dangerous, a hazard too at the first place and-
Suddenly something grabbed her shoulder and then in a blink of an eye she was at the other side of the lab, being pushed down in a chair. A glowing green gaze locked her eyes, worried. "Mom, you're okay?"
Maddie had to blink a few, realising what had just happened, that she was placed – by flying obviously – away from the portal, because- because she had been standing too close to it, that- that she had been too close to harm herself with it, just like-
A little shake got her out of the thinking. "Mom! "
Maddie shook her head, trying to concentrate. It took a huge effort, but then she looked back at the bright gaze, nodding. "I'm okay, sweetie, don't worry, I was just thinking there."
Her boy – now in ghost form – moved backwards, giving a sceptical look, crossing his arms and floating in the air with spectral tails. "It's dangerous, mom. You can't just walk into the Ghost Zone. For humans, it's better to wear something like uh- sort of protection or else who knows how it could affect the body or even hurt you. It’s not safe for you, to walk in, just like that.” he lectured, but the only word she heard was the word ‘hurt’.
Hurt … not safe… just like that… dangerous. Fatal maybe even – not maybe, literally, because- because- Now, it reached the edge, Maddie buried her face in her hands, breaking out weeping. What had she done? He was- he was worried over her that she would get hurt by the portal and- and she supposed to be the mother, to take care of her son and- who was she now? Nothing else, just a failure.
For a moment there wasn’t anything else just her quite sobbing, and then something made a bright flash of light and a nearly uncomfortable cold something embraced her, flinching by the touch, but not releasing her otherwise. It took a second to realise what it was, what – who – was hugging her, comforting her. Maddie pushed him away.
“Danny, change back immediately!” Her son, confused and surprised blinked at her. Maddie stared at him seriously. “Now, sweetie!” The boy raised his arms in the air, giving up, but wincing in pain by the movement, only confirming by it, that him, being ‘human’ caused him indeed trouble.
“Okay, okay, gee!” rolled the human formed boy his bright blue eyes that were still dimmed by the hurt he still was in. “Ancients, if someone had told me a week ago, my parents would force me to stay Phantom, I would have thought they were too long in the Thermos and lost their mind.” he mumbled under his nose, but then the white rings appeared and his form changed back into the ghost-state. Maddie gave a sigh of relief and wiped off the remained tears on her face.
“Honey,” she turned to her baby, “just because I am still processing this whole, it doesn’t mean, you have to change back to human and comfort me, just because you assume I’d be less freaked out.”
The boy in embarrassment scratched the back of his neck, this time with a lack of frowning by the movement. “I thought- I thought…” but then, he stayed wordless.
Maddie reached out for him, slowly grabbing his uninjured hand, looking straight into the glowing green gaze. “Danny, you have to heal, and you said, you heal faster as Phantom. Staying ghost is obligatory till then, got it?” the boy sheepishly nodded, she continued. “I might not be able to protect you from everything, but I am your mother, and as a mother, I have to take care of you as much as I can.” she gave the explanation.
The boy pursued his slightly trembling lips, visibly near to crying, but he didn’t say anything, he was just quietly floating in the air, rubbing his upper arm uncomfortably. “Okay, but-“ he gazed at the floor, but then lifted his eyes, letting out a breath. “Just don’t go into the Ghost Zone without protection, okay? If you want to explore it or something, tell me and we’ll figure out how I can show you around safely later.”
Maddie stared at her son, shocked, he was- but after all, he was the hero of the town, the Ghost Boy, protecting Amity Park from the other ghosts and… even if she was his mother, she didn’t have a word who was in charge connected to ghosts. She nodded.
“All right,” he accepted it, and moved a bit backwards, giving a quick glimpse towards the portal. “You don’t might if I shut it off now, do you?” he flew towards the panel. Maddie shook her head, slapping herself mentally why didn’t she yet do it, after the other ghost had appeared and disappeared, and…
“Uh-“ she facepalmed, cursing herself that she hadn't been thinking at all. The ghosts were coming to Amity Park from the Ghost Zone, through their portal and- and if any showed up right now, Danny was still weak and healing to fight them and- she was so stupid not shutting it off immediately back then.
“Mom?” came suddenly a questioning voice. Maddie raised her head towards her boy, the lack of swirling green made the lab almost dark.
“Sorry, sweetie, I- I really need to get used to it. So, uh- if the portal is off, there wouldn’t be any ghost issues?” she wondered, the answer was a soft chuckle.
“No, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.” her son explained. “But I guess, it can keep them away for a while, but for example for Cujo… well, he could slip out even if it is closed.” Maddie’s brows raised up, he continued, reading by her expression. “He is a ghost dog, harmless, mostly.” her eyes widened, by the last note, the boy waved in the air. “I mean, mostly, as a little puppy, mom.” well, that didn’t calm her down, but- after all, what she could do.
Maddie stood up from the chair and walked towards the stairs, but then she turned back to her baby who was now, floating thoughtfully next to the portal in his ghost-form. She had to admit, even if they were scientists studying ghosts, they would have never ever thought they would once actually meet with spectral beings and not even imagining that their town would turn out the middle of paranormal occurrences, and- and not even conceiving that their son would turn out half-ghost by their-
Maddie let out a shaky breath that grabbed the boy’s attention, making him fly next to her, examining her worried. “Mom, are you sure, you’re okay?” she couldn’t tell it or put it into words, but then seemingly she didn’t need to, namely suddenly he wrapped his arms around her. “I’m sorry, I know how hard it can be for you, but I- I don’t blame you, okay? I’m okay like that. And if- if I once had to do this again, giving up being Phantom or living a normal life, I still would choose this, no matter what.”
Her hands started to tremble, but then she squeezed her boy, realising that partly, he had been hiding this part of his life – or afterlife – because he felt it would upset them, blaming themselves for it, creating the portal and… then it clogged together. The portal. Now, it all became clear. Not only her son turned half-ghost but-
“This Wisconsin Ghost…” she started, recalling the ghost who had been helping her, patching her boy, keeping him alive and things – god, how many breakdowns she had had in one day…
Her son released her, suddenly, facing her. “You mean Plasmius?” Maddie nodded, yes, after all, only her husband called the spectre ‘the Wisconsin Ghost’, and in real, they hadn’t ever given a chance to ghosts to introduce themselves... They shot first and asked questions never, especially if that was about- about… Phantom. She buried those disturbing thoughts rather right now, in the back of her mind, only focusing on the current issue.
The boy ran his hand through his white hair. “Yeah, I should definitely thank him, saving my life…” he whispered, and then, his lips curled into a half-smile. “Gee, actually, I hadn’t even thought, he would help me, but-“ his expression fell into an unreadable one. “After all, he was right, if things turned bad, he would be the only person to understand me…” he pursued his lips to that note. Maddie was sure that note meant something to him, something deep, but she didn’t push it, just as he forced himself to leave that thought behind, turning to her suddenly. “Sorry, what you wanted to ask about Plasmius?”
Maddie had to think, what she wanted to ask, but then, it reappeared in her mind. “It’s Vlad Masters, isn’t it?” she voiced, her son’s mouth opened and closed a few times, putting together what she was saying.
“I- I didn’t- I don’t suppose to-“ he stuttered. “We- we have a pact not telling- well, not telling- I-“
Maddie put a hand on his shoulder, giving her a look, tilting her head. “You didn’t tell it. I figured this out myself.” she calmed her, and indeed it seemed his ghostly body released the sudden tense. “It was the Proto-Portal, right?” he didn’t need to give a nod, she knew it. Now, she started to understand the man too, not everything, but slowly, the things began to clear up. Especially the expression that had been readable on the ghost-man’s face as he had spotted the injured boy, and Maddie had asked for help. That had been fear, horror, if she had hurt the ghost-boy, because Vlad was aware of who her son was. The Wisconsin Ghost that had once attacked them, the man who had a clear obsession over getting her, had been worried over the other part-ghost, because- because even if they were each other enemies, they still shared the same fate, bonding over their state.
Maddie gave a quick glimpse towards the now shut-off portal, she wasn’t sure when she would be capable of stepping over it, but then she turned to her boy, making up a convincing smile. “Pizza?”
Her half-ghost son smiled back at her. “Pizza sounds good, I’m starving.” he said, phasing excitedly through the door of the lab. Maddie stared back at the cursed invention, but then, followed her boy, concentrating on preparing lunch instead and somehow making a promise to herself to never ever create another portal. She couldn’t even tell if she was once able to survive the guilt over this, or either the previous one.
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japanesemangaguide · 6 days ago
Positively concerning the special
Tumblr media
College's Life:
manganelo is the means to spend their college lives and also concerning college freshers perplexed in what group they intend to join. They obtain asked by their exceptionally good senpai and also sign up with the diving team. This review will certainly concentrate on just how this manga shows diving as well as just how individuals find out love for an activity these were completely new to.
The story of manganelo is really easy yet incredibly pleasing to see. It uses the common brand-new students do not understand what they want to do with their lives as well as wind up joining a club out of recognition but Awesome Blue finishes this flawlessly. They describe fishing in an exceedingly simplistic yet remarkable means. You may not require any type of understanding on fishing in advance while they expose various periods of angling along with a lot of the basics as you start to have even more confident with the water. They describe how very easy it may look at very first look yet how tough an essentially hazardous this action can get, leading with an absolutely digestive tract wrenching scenes in the manga. We do not have so this really feels refreshing to find out, positively concerning the special location due to the fact that facet much tales that go in deepness on angling.
The koe no katachi manga is much better described as simplified yet gorgeous. The diving scenes are driven with much deepness, it absolutely attempts to put the visitor in the place the personalities fairly pulled in virtually every screen and remain in. The personality's faces are perfectly. You can tell the mangaka placed time and research into identifying when information on a body. The characteris take their garments off just about all a long time since it's a diving manga as well as the author did a remarkable job showing female as well as male elegance.
Due to the fact that the collection advances the cast of manganelo looks a little general at first look, however truly enhance on you. We have our MC, Kitahara Iori, a school freshers who's puzzled on the most effective way to invest his university life and winds up finding a love for anything he formerly had no-interest in. manganelo is not just all diving nonetheless, the characters interact with each other past diving in several methods establishing their interactions with each other, specifically the participants of the diving club. We've an outgoing handsome man that doesnot treatment what various other individuals consider him, Imamura Kouhei. He wishes to actually express what he's a love for although other people may label him in a bad means. He's the preliminary friend Iori makes along with the story generally concentrates on their friendship, the battles that can come consequently, in addition to their brand-new discovered love for fishing.
If you would like a complimentary manga that traces the marvel of fishing, give an effort to this. For further details, go here:
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chefwear · 6 days ago
Understanding the Professional Chef's Uniform
Tumblr media
The Chef’s uniform, or Chef whites as they are more popularly called, has a long interesting history steeped in tradition, and there are many fictional and real stories associated with many parts of the Chef uniform that are very interesting indeed.
The Chef uniform was originally created in 1822 by French Chef Marie-Antoine Carême, who can be considered as the first ever celebrity chef in the world, however, Chef whites didn’t become popular until late 1878, and was later standardized by Auguste Escoffier. Although the Toque, or Chef’s hat, was already in use, Chef Carême wanted to create something special that honored Chefs and their abilities and professionalism, and thus was born the Chef uniform. Chef Carême was very specific in his creation, and made the uniforms in white fabric to portray cleanliness, as his theory was that a proper chef should be able to work with minimum or no spills. However, considering that a certain degree of spills or dirtying of their Chef whites was unavoidable according to the kitchen environment, Chef Carême preferred the white color, as any dirt, however small, would instantly be visible against the white background, and hence the Chef could quickly change into a clean Chef coat or jacket.
In addition, Chef whites are much easier to clean using bleach and other detergents, because using bleach on any other color would make it fade.
What are the important components of both a men’s and women’s Chef uniform?
The Hat – The Chef Hat is also known as a Toque Blanche, Toque meaning ‘brimless hat’ and Blanche being the word for ‘white’ in French. Traditionally the height of a Toque indicates the Chef’s rank, with taller hats being worn by more senior Chefs, and shorter ones being worn by assistant or specialty chefs. Cooks and other kitchen helpers are usually given Skull Hats or Beanies. The number of pleats on a Toque also indicates their level of experience, the more the pleats the higher the level of experience of the Chef. A popular tale is that the 100 pleats on a Chef’s hat indicates the number of ways that they know how to prepare a simple egg. However, in recent times even senior Chefs prefer to wear a simple hat that is more convenient and comfortable when cooking, unless they are going out to meet VIP’s or are part of a function or event.
The Chef’s hat is also steeped in history and folklore. A popular story is that King Henry the VIII had beheaded a Chef after he found a hair in his food, and following this ordered that all Chefs wear a hat for hygiene purposes. Another story states that during the 7th century, many kings were being poisoned by their enemies, and hence the position of Chef was given to only highly trusted individuals in the royal court, and these Chefs were paid a very handsome remuneration by the king as well as giving them a place of honor with a cloth hat that was quite similar to the royal crown, in order to maintain their loyalty to the king. Truth or fiction? We don’t know, but it certainly makes the history of the Toque very interesting.
Chef Coat – A very important part of any men’s or women’s Chef uniform is the Chef coat. It is traditionally made of a very breathable heavy material, usually cotton, and can be with either short or long sleeves, depending on the Chef’s preference, although long sleeves protect their arms from burns and other hazards. These coats are double breasted in design and are reversible, enabling the chef to quickly hide any stains or dirt in an instant if they need to go out and meet customers.
Chef Pants – Chef pants are generally made with a black and white checkered fabric and are baggy and loose, enabling greater ease of movement for the chef as he or she works in the fast-paced kitchen environment. The checkered fabric also hides any dirt or grime that may have got on it, and the bagginess of the pants protects the wearer’s skin from hot spills etc.
Chef Apron – The apron is not considered as a part of the traditional men’s and women’s Chef uniform, but it certainly is essential. The apron usually covers the wearer from the upper body up to the knees, giving them double protection from kitchen hazards and accidents.
Chef Shoes – Shoes that are worn by Chefs should be both comfortable and provide safety, as they are generally on their feet for the better part of a day, and they should also fit well and be great at absorbing shock. Non slip and steel reinforced toe tips are essential for shoes to protect the Chef’s feet from falling heavy objects.
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lagom-languages · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Learning Log: 26 April - 2 May
The full learning logs are back!
On Wednesday I officially finished my first term of my masters, and I am feeling quite good - like, a whole quarter done? And it went that fast? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I can see the end just around the corner!
German (C1 - Maintaining)
Worked on German Unit of Work (for uni)
Watched German YouTube x2
As you can probably tell, I haven’t felt particularly inspired with German lately. Since finishing uni I’ve felt really inspired to learn Serbian, along with Italian and te reo Māori, and occasionally writing and playing animal crossing. Mostly, I’ve been going to parties and hanging out with my bf, watching Parks and Recreation and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That doesn’t leave much room for German, unfortunately. I don’t really feel bad about it though - I deserve to just do what I want to do (particularly because this is a break), and right now that’s not German.
Serbian (A2 - Main Target Language)
Spoke Serbian with my bf x2
Revised vocab on Memrise x5
Watched Zvončica i tajna krila
Read a story on Lingq x5
Worked through the textbook
The week started out great and it kind of trickled off towards the end. I now have a subscription to lingq, and I find it fantastic so far, despite its ugliness and how incredibly difficult they’ve made it to navigate. However, I haven’t been adding new words into my Memrise deck, because I’m still yet to get through the (originally about 400) pile of words I had to revise since basically not touching it since mid-February. I’m on 150 words now so I should definitely be able to start learning Serbian more “properly” in the upcoming week.
Non-languages under the cut
Yoga x3
Gym x2
I need to get my health back up to scratch. Luckily, the gym downstairs finally opened on Thursday so the convenience makes it easier for me to go. I weighed myself and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, though only by a few kilos. I feel pretty shitty about myself lately and I really want to feel good again. My problem is that as time goes on, I only get more and more passionate about food and cooking, and the food I enjoy cooking and eating is typically not that healthy, so I’m really going to have to depend on exercise.
Writing and Reading
Wrote 450 words
Read x3
In my last few days of uni my assignments were basically finished and so I was spending my time on the train listening to The Handmaid’s Tale and I wrote the next part of the novel I’m working on (which I was super happy about because normally I just write random excerpts from somewhere in the book). During the week I just wanted to do other things, but I’m really happy that on Sunday night, I got into stories again!
My goals for next week are mostly related to lifestyle/health, and I’m sure that this will cause other things to fall in, too. They are:
1. First thing when I wake up is not to go on my laptop, but to do yoga.
2. Make breakfast and something that’s not oats. Oats kill me with how boring they are and make me not want to eat breakfast at all. Something that deliberately takes effort. Must include a fruit or vegetable, protein and a carb. I want to try egg and tomato with cheese on sourdough toast.
3. I would like to eat this out on the balcony, but recently the smoke from the back-burning they’re doing has reached hazardous levels, so I’ll resolve to eat this in my living room instead (still better than on my bed whilst on my laptop).
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