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#hawks headcanons
reemiwrites · 2 hours ago
Hiya! Could I get tokoyami and hawk with an s/o who has a lot of bird stims?
Like have you seen those videos of bird bobbing their heads, flapping their wings, and whistling?
Yeah their partner accidentally picked up a lot of those as stims
Their partner will bob their heads when their listening to music, flap their arms up and down to show excitement, and whistles when their content
They even copy some of their speeches, basically muttering “how are you?” And “pretty bird” mindlessly
Thank you so much have a good day! Sorry this was long (_ _|||)
𝙾𝚑 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜!! 𝙸 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚒𝚌𝚜!! 𝙸 𝚑𝚘𝚙𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚎𝚗𝚓𝚘𝚢 <𝟹
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚗𝚎𝚞𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚕
𝙵𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝚖𝚢 𝚠𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎: 𝙽𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚐𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗
𝚃𝚠: 𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚎 (𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚙𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚕𝚎𝚝 𝚖𝚎 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚒’𝚕𝚕 𝚊𝚍𝚍 𝚒𝚝)
𝚁𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛, 𝚖𝚢 𝚊𝚌𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝟷𝟹+! 𝙿𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚍𝚘𝚗𝚝 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚊𝚐𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝!
𝙿𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚍𝚘 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚌𝚘𝚙𝚢! 𝚁𝚎𝚋𝚕𝚘𝚐𝚜 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍 :)
Tumblr media
-He thinks this is the cutest thing he’s ever seen
-When he heard you just mindlessly saying ‘pretty bird’ the first time, he got so flustered that he swore he almost died
-Loves the way you react to music
-Will sometimes just pull out his guitar and start playing your favorite songs just to see you do it because he thinks it’s cute
-You told him that you whistle when you’re content so the day you started whistling while you were cuddling with him he was practically over the moon, that’s how happy he was
Tumblr media
-Adds it to his list of reasons why you’re adorable (yes it is an actual physical list that he has)
-Loves to whistle to you because he knows you’ll whistle back and he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
-When you flap your arms when he gets excited he laughs and flaps his wings back at you because he knows it makes you happy
-Hums to you while you cuddle with him because he hopes it calms you down
-He just makes up the tune as he goes and loves to watch you bob your head along with his humming, happy he makes you feel relaxed
𝙷𝚘𝚙𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚎𝚗𝚓𝚘𝚢𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚜! 𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚎 𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚢 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎! 𝙱𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚍 𝚒𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚋𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚛𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚜! 𝙳𝚘𝚗’𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝙸’𝚖 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞! 𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚘𝚝 𝚖𝚎 𝚊𝚗 𝚊𝚜𝚔 𝚘𝚛 𝚊 𝚖𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎 <𝟹
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burned-out-match · 3 hours ago
Hawks loves the BTS meal and probably has merch
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bnha-mcu-requests · 5 hours ago
Hawks is definitely one to watch scary movies. He likes to pretend to be all strong and brave when he is watching them but when there is a scary part of the film, he will puff up his feathers and trill or squawk. He doesn't even notice he is doing it half the time until you point it out an then he will deny it with everything that he is because 'I'm a hero, I'm not afraid of some movie'.
When you are watching together, there are always snacks on the coffee table however, there is a rule that when you are eating them, you have to have a towel on the sofa so when Hawks or you jump at one of the jumpscares, the food doesn't end p damaging the couch. There are one to many caramel and pop stains on the material where this has happened before.
In Hawk's opinion, the best time to watch a film is in the evening, with the curtains shut, the lights off, rain pattering at the window and a blanket that the two of you are sharing. When he's under the blanket, Hawks will pull it under his feet and will tell you it's because he is cold, but you know its because he is still paranoid that something will grab his toes while he is watching the movie.
He hates to watch rom coms. This surprised you at first but he says that they make him cringe and he hates the fake smiles and laughs that trick people into thinking that that is what lief is like - you file this information away for later, as it clearly relates to something that has happened to him in the past, but you don't ask any questions, you just put the film away.
Hands down, his favourite film is Jurassic Park, even though it's old, seeing the dinosaurs always makes him smile and you can't help but grin when you hear him start to hum along to the theme tune. He once told you that all he ever wanted when he was younger was to have a dinosaur themed birthday party, but that he had never had anyone to invite. He looks bitter when he mentions how the hero comission didn't like him associating with the other herolings in the camp. You grit your teeth and silently plan not only the downfall of the hero commission (would nedzu be interesting in helping you?) but also the best goddamn dinosaur themed birthday party known to man. You could enlist the help of the young heroine Creati to help you make the decorations.
When you are having a movie marathon and all the snacks are finished, Hawks will pull you next to him and wrap a wing around you, keeping you close to his side, and will pull the blanket up to you waist. It never needs to be higher since the man is like a furnace which is a blessing in the colder months, but in the summer, you have to physically peel yourself off of him sometimes.
---------------------------------------------------Aizawa has a guilty pleasure in watching cheesy romance films. He pretends to not care but when youpass him the remote you can bet any money on the fact he wil be watching soemthing like this. He once admitted to you, after a particualry rough patrol, that he sees enough horror in his day to day life, why would he come home and watch more of it. You never mnetion it again but it doesn't stop you from teasing him relentlessly when he puts on Dirty Dancing one nght and starts to mutter teh words under his breath.
He is also a big fan of animated films, particularly those done by studio Ghibli, his favourite animated film is Howl's Moving Castle, which is the film he put on during your first movie date. (At your first dance you can hear the dulcet tones of Merry Go Round of life as he spins you around softly). He will also deny it to the end of time but when you watched 'Silent Voice' together he cried.
When you are watching films together you sit at opposite ends of the couch with your legs spread out and a blanket covering them where you meet in the middle. This is to allow for a landing pad for the four cats that you own. Juicebox, not matter how much attention and treats you give him, always chooses Aizawa to sit on. It's a sore spot for you but you can't really complain as the other three are quite happy to lounge all over you, whether you like it or not.
Because of the cats, you very rarely have any snacks out when you are watching a film as the sneaky bastards will either knock them over, or steal some when you are not looking. But on the rare occasion when you risk it, all the drinks are in water bottles and the food in Tupperware boxes that can easily be closed when you are not using them.
As a general rule, all meals are eaten at the kitchen diner, since the couch cost a fortune and you don't want to ruin it, but teh smaller TV in the kitchen means that you can still watch films while you are eating or cooking.
You once caught Aizawa watching Kitchen Nightmares while cooking and the disgusted look on his face when Ramsay looked in the restaurants was enough to discourage you from mentioning it.
Aizawa's favourite film of all time is racing stripes. When you asked why, he replied that it reminded him of his own story, not fitting the mould but still proving that he could do the job, even without a 'flashy' quirk. You put this film on when he has had a bad day, and you played it everyday he was in a coma after the USJ incident, at by his side, unwilling to leave him. Mic joined you a few times but to be honest, you don't really remember.
Occasionally, you will walk into the house to see him sat at the kitchen Island watching the recordings of his problem child - he never tells you his name, he says it's too painful after what happened to him - competing in his third year sports festival. If you don't let him know you are there, he will cry. You never ask if he is alright, just make note that you will be watching racing stripes tonight. You will never know how much that means to him and one day, he will tell you what happened. AND THERE WE HAVE IT FOLKS! I HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED IT THOUGH IT GOT A BIT ANGSTY AT THE END THERE. I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK ON THE OTHER REQUESTS!!!
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For ViridianEmeralds on Ao3 who asked for soft my hero head cannons, also sorry for stopping with share your pride, I haven’t been able to get online for a while.
Anyway, here’s some soft head cannons and let me know if you want more :)
Todoroki is afraid of Midoriya’s scars because as much as he loves that Midoriya helped him find himself and not be afraid of his fire quirk, he hates that his fire hurt someone like his father hurt him and he’s afraid that Midoriya will someday realise that it’s Todoroki’s fault even though Midoriya would never think that.
Whenever someone in 1A has a nightmare, they visit Aizawa and he’ll make cot chocolate and sit with them. He lets them talk, sit in silence or watch something on TV until they feel better because he knows that being a hero is more than just saving people, it’s being there for them and he wants to teach his students that.
The first time one of Dabi’s staples fell out when he was around Hawks, he was scared that Hawks would be grossed out but he just asked if he was ok. Once Dabi sorted it, Hawks kissed his scars and told him his scars are beautiful because they showed that he’s strong and brave enough to keep going. That’s when Dabi tells Hawks about his past and opens up because, for the first time ever, he feels safe around someone else.
Bakugo is terrified of hurting someone because of the way his mother hits him and makes him feel like he’s not good enough so once he’s in a relationship with anyone, he refuses to hold their hand without washing his hands incase his quirk accidentally hurts them.
Aizawa gives Denki the right support he needs in class so when he does a test Denki is just so surprised with himself when he realises that he isn’t stupid or behind his classmates, he just has a different way of learning. At the end of class he just goes up and hugs Aizawa who awkwardly pats his back telling him he’s proud of his progress.
After the festival, Jiro always plays music in the dorms because she knows it’s how she can express herself so she wants people to know that if words aren’t enough that doesn’t invalidate their feelings or emotions and they can find other ways to express themselves. It also means she gets to annoy Bakugo even though he secretly enjoys listening to the music.
He gives the best hugs whenever anyone in 1A is feeling homesick or upset in the dorms, he also wakes up whenever anyone has a nightmare because he hears them so he’ll go and make sure they’re ok and take them hot chocolate. He also gives the best hugs.
Everyone thinks he’s oblivious when they talk about him but he understands, it’s just because he’s taught himself not to react that he acts like he doesn’t know so it’s easier to deal with them. He’s always been afraid of not fitting in but the deku squad always try and make him feel welcome, sometimes they over explain things but that’s how Todoroki realised he had real friends.
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stardustjie · 10 hours ago
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐤𝐬
Tumblr media
Dating 𝐊𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐨 is difficult sometimes. He's a workaholic and rarely at home and he knows he is asking you a lot, so I think he would be make up when he can. Expect a lot of takeaway dinners at your place and cuddles because that man needs to be reassured and to feel someone near him adter a rouge day.
He's not the one for fancy dates or anything too elaborate. I think yes, you can do that is special days like an anniversary or every once in a while, but in my opinion he would be pretty chill. Just being together is enough to make him happy most of the time.
His love language is gift giving. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules. 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐤𝐬 ha money and he is often away or working, so when he comes back home he always has a little gift. It's his way to tell you he thought about you. It can be a cute necklace or a journal or just a cup of coffee, it doesn't matter. The only important thing it that he thought about you and how to make you happy.
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deleteddewewted · 13 hours ago
Hiya! May I please request some headcanons of Hawks find out he is in love with his s/o? And how would he confess to them? Thank you very much I hope you're well!
Of Course! Thank you for requesting and I hope you’re doing well too!💜
Hawks Finding Out He’s In Love With You Headcanons + The Aftermath :
Tumblr media
Let's be honest with one another, Hawks isn't blind to other peoples attraction to him but he's a bit oblivious to his own.
He meet you at a gala he had to attend to for PR purposes. He saw you enter along side another hero in the lower ranks. You were walking around introducing yourself as a support engineer and that rang bells in his head about the potential of seeing you again.
His wings puffed up and he quickly composed himself at the idea. You were the most beautiful person he’s ever seen and there was no way of letting you go now that he had you in his presence.
The attitude and the aura you held was overwhelming his poor heart. He was eager to speak with you.
After the gala you both build a strong friendship we’re you both acted as one another’s support. He always brought you food while you were always left with the tab, asshole…but you love him.
He never understood why his heart did little flips on him when he would see you, heck, just the mention of you was enough for this to happen.
He didn’t poses all the bird traits others seem to believe he had, but he did coo and chirp and the easiest way to get him to do those things was with you.
You once brushed up against him while trying to move around the cramped closet filled with parts. You just needed something, that was all, but Hawks had barged into the small space and when you both touched it was like sparks went off.
He understands that others would potentially also take a liking to you, didn’t mean he wouldn’t get territorial.
A random person came up to you asking innocently about a project you were working on. Hawks was in the lab that day testing out a new set of shoes you made him since he complained about the soles wearing off easily/quickly.
“Dr. Y/n, can I have a moment with you? Your project revolving the new shield for-“ Hawks immediately butted in and interrupted the new visitor. No way he was letting you get flirted with (even though the person wasn’t flirting but again, bird brain)
“Listen man, y/n busy right now. So can you leave and let us finish up first? Ok? Great!” He used his feathers to push the person out of the lab and he walked to close the door shut.
“Hawks?” “Yeah, kid?” “Why did you do that?” “Do what?😁”
The more people spoke with you the more his wings would bristle and he would get annoyed.
The final line came when a woman wrapped her arms around yours.
He. Saw. Red.
He wanted to be the one to hold you and touch you, not some some random beautiful woman!
He marched up to the both of you and yanked you away, his wings violently flapping as he took you high in the night sky.
“HAWKS, WHAT THE FUCK!” Full on panic, what was he going to do? He would never drop you but holy shit you were scared.
“Isn’t the sky beautiful.” “DONT CHANGE THE SUBJECT!”
He did drop you off at your apartment safe and sound like always but this time he didn’t leave. He walked into your home and just followed you.
“Can I help you?” You asked as you had your back turned towards him. You were cooking dinner for the two of you since he didn’t order anything yet and it didn’t look like he was planning on leaving any time soon.
“You’re pretty.” “Thanks Hawks I know.” “No, no you don’t. YOU’RE pretty.”
It finally clicked, at least somethings did.
His attitude the past few weeks and the odd possessive nature to the things he did. The gifts he would leave behind and the way he would openly share his food with you even when it was his favorite. The way he would stay after hours at the lab just to walk you home. The constant touching. Everything.
Hawks liked you.
“Hawks? Are you trying to-“ “AAAH, I GOTTOGOHERODUTYCALLS.”
He ran towards the balcony and just flied off in a hurry. 😒
It wouldn’t be till you barged into his office two days after did he finally cave in and spoke to you about what he said to you.
“Listen, I didn’t mean to say that- well I did but not like that at least.” He paused and reached out for your hand retracting his hand momentarily as of unsure but finally committing and holding yours in his.
“I do like you, I can’t pretend that I don’t anymore. You’re smart, beautiful, handsome, and everything good in this world.” You didn’t move much but you did use your free hand to hold his cheek in your hand. He leaned into it like it provided the best comfort in the world.
“I like you, no, I love…you. I love you and it stings to see how freely others show that they feel that same way for you and yet I couldn’t do that. It wasn’t for a lack off trying but more because I would become a bit of a coward.”
“Oh Hawks….”
“So, you know…if you feel uncomfortable you don’t need to stay and I can just bury my feelings-“
“Stop it, you didn’t ask if I felt the same way. That’s were you should start” “Yeah, well if you don’t feel the same way I’d much rather get told that your uncomfortable but I won’t lie I’m kind of hoping you aren’t uncomfy and say yes.”
You rolled your eyes playfully and just hugged him. He tensed for a moment before relaxing into your touch.
“I love you back Hawks.”
Skip to a few years later we’re he made headlines with not just his new hairstyle but also his very public and cute proposal to you.
He took you out to eat, literally dragged your ass to KFC at like 10:30pm and had you nearly choke on a chicken breast with the ring he ended up hiding in there.
Once you spat and cleaned the ring, you noticed it wasn’t to flashy but still called for attention.
“I wanted people to know that you’re with me and I’m with you. We can also get couples discount at some restaurants like that cat cafe down the- ouch!” You punches this shoulder and grabbed his face you give him a big kiss. He’s such a dork but you wouldn’t have asked for anything different.
Hawks felt like a million bucks and immediately asked if the wedding could be held at the KFC you both were at. You said no.
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whenthevoidcalls · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
@andrastehope asked: ♦️♦️♦️ | headcanon ask meme
Ooh I assume that means three of em lmao if not well too bad LOL.
Tumblr media
♦️ - The only real benefit he saw from his "title" as Champion was the minimal amount of immunity it offered him and what little protection it meant, once outed as a mage after the Arishok fight anyway. He much preferred when he could fly under the radar while helping others around the city. (more or less) Yeah he was making a name for himself but as a guy who gets things done/is willing to help and it was mostly on his terms. Being "titled" brought with it more of a dedicated spotlight and he really didn't want that.
♦️ - Some of his vices include: Coffee, chocolate, physical affection (he is but a simple man sometimes lol)
♦️ - If I were to assign him a virtue or concept you associate with spirits, I'd probably say Hope: he is quite optimistic as a person in of himself. Despite everything he's been through, he keeps pushing forward with his mind set on what "could-be" and I guess is sort of a hopeful figure for some people. OR Resilience, simply because how he perseveres, pushes through so much whilst in Kirkwall and even after, and manages to make it through in one piece. More or less.
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bihwhatever2 · 22 hours ago
Can I request Hawks with a curvy, quiet, and calm crush that has an owl quirk but she’s very introverted compared to him? Her quirk allows her to turn into a giant owl, have talons in her human form, have night vision, and she can turn her head all the way around. She’s not a pro hero and she becomes like a sanctuary to him away from the commission, having to look good to the public, and she’s like an escape from his work. He just vents and hangs out at her place with her, learns about nesting and makes his own, and when he falls for her; let’s just say that Hawks mate for life and he proves it after he gets jealous at the thought of her finding someone else. Poor reader didn’t expect to be in a mating press after greeting him when he visits from her balcony.
Tumblr media
Feathered Friend (Keigo Takami)
I found this one a tad bit harder to write but I hope it lives up to yalls expectations.
rating: smUt, nsfw, minors dni pairing: keigo x reader tags: love confession, reader with owl quirk, just smut smut smut
The sound of the hand file against her thick talons annoyingly scratched her eardrums as she shaped them pointier than they’d originally were. Y/N sat on her couch, knees pulled up to her chest, eyes carelessly staring ahead as she blindly gave herself a manicure, a weekly task she could do half awake. After she was finished, they shone as if they were oiled, the collar vibrant grey ombreing to black as it neared the deadly sharp point. A knock on the door made her jolt upright and her head made a 180 spin, meeting the glassdoor of her balcony. Keigo smiled wildy at her, hands fetched deep in his pockets, patiently waiting for her to open up.
“Hi birdie,” he huffed as he jumped off the short steps that gave him full access into the living room. Y/N’s house was small, everything was in one room, all attached, living room, bedroom and kitchen. The bathroom was concealed by a short wall next to the side where her bedroom was. And she couldn’t be happier.
“Hi, you scared me,” she sighed and dropped her body on the sofa. Keigo hummed and instead walked himself to the side where the kitchen was. His boots made a dull sound with each step. Bam bam bam. She grew anxious by the sound, as she was in a hurry. As he made himself some instant noodles.
“What have you been up to?” he smirked as he leaned against his palms against the kitchen counter, eyes glinting with noticeable excitement.
“Just…” she tried thinking about something interesting, even if it had to be a lie. “Nothing.” she eventually admitted, carelessly zapping through the channels on the tv.
“Nothing?” He repeats with dreaded disbelief. The hot water glugged into the plastic of the instant noodles, the sound of the seasoning packets ripping was soon followed after. “Guess what happened today?” He rhetorically asked as he came to sit down beside her.
“Talk to me bird hero.” she smiled. So he started his story, accentuating his story with dramatic hand movements, changing the pitch of his voice, lips moving like a wildman. Partly it was all received by a deaf ear, the rhythm of his voice captivated him more than the content he was spewing. “... That’s why I think you and I make a good team.” Suddenly her ears opened again, worried eyes now looking into his excited ones. “Think about it Y/N, you teached me a lot of things, why won't you let me teach you, huh? You scared?”
She dismissively rolled her eyes and stomped him against his bicep, making his wings flutter and shake.
“You know i'm not.”
“We can be the bird heroes, cool right.”
“Sounds like a drag, you know I’m not about that life.” Keigo hummed, he knew her answer before he even asked it. He slurped his noodles and turned his back to her.
“I do listen to you,” he grumbled. “You know that nesting technique you told me about?” Her eyes lit up again. “It worked, I finished it a few days ago.”
“And you didn’t tell me I wish to see it!” She leaped in her seat with excitement, edging closer to him.
“I know. I was busy with stupid… stupid things.” the change in his demeanor didn't go unnoticed, he was happy just a second ago. Again he became monotonous, silent.
“You mean being a hero?” She edged her voice in a way that may lighten the mood. Even if it was just to get a chuckle in return.
“I’d sometimes rather be here with you. Just having actual fun you kn-- Not that being a hero isn't fun or somethin’ but I guess it just misses….” with a mouth full with artificial noodles he turned to her. “Something.”
“Man,” she whined, throwing her head back so it was leaning against the chairrest. “Just take the fuckin day off tommorow.”
“What are ya doing tomorrow?” he audibly chewed which started to nag irritation within her.
“Tomorrow, I have an actual date.” She remembered, a smile starting to dance around the corners of her mouth. Keigo stopped moving; chopsticks midair clamping briney noodles. His heart started to thump like a terrified animal trying to escape. His face broke out in a cold sweat, ears ringing as his blood pumped through him at a rapid pace.
“Yeah we’re just getting coffee so nothing special.”
“W-Who is he?” he clenched his jaw ever so slightly, fingers nearly bending the silver chopsticks.
“Don’t laugh at me, okay? This is the first time I’m doing this in a--...”
“Who is he?” Keigo tried not to show how bothered he was but he cringed at the sound of his own voice. “Have I met him before? Have you?”
“I met him on this dating site. He's tall 6’3, blonde hair, blue eyes-- not to mention, he's quirkless.” Y/N took her phone out of her pocket and started to look for a picture to show her dearest friend. Her nails clacked against the scratched screen of her phone, filling in for the silence received from Keigo’s side.
“So that’s your type hmm? Quirkless?” Keigo faked his emotion’s and gave her a saucy smirk. Ignoring the snap his heart made. Didn't she like him? Didn't she like that they were so similar? That they were so special from everyone else in the world?
“No of course not necessarily, I just thought it was interesting…” She smiled, catching on to the feelings he was trying to hide from her. She turned her phone, showing him the picture. Keigo scoffed and shrugged. “Dude, are you serious?”
“What?” she faked a pout.
“You are so outta this man’s league its insane.” Again, she loved him, making him lose his balance and fall sideways on the couch.
“You are so mean.” she huffed and leaped from the couch. Keigo just smirked and reassured her he was right. She muffled the sound of his voice by pressing her hands against her ears as she atletechally maneuvered her way to the shower.
“Lalala can’t hear you,” she yelled over him, towel on her shoulder. “I’m gonna shower now, make sure to wash the dishes you used, dickhead.”
Keigo’s smile faded instantly when she was outta sight. When he heard the shower turn on he growled to himself quietly. Blood started to spill from the inside of his palm, the harsher his nails dug in his own skin. He tried not to let out a breath, afraid that he would yell out in frustration. Today was going to be the day. The day that he told her all the secrets that wayed his tired heart.
It was all ruined now.
Twenty four hours later, Keigo sat on the highest branch of the tree that gave him the perfect view on the balcony he always let himself in. He dangled his legs as it helped him focus, not noticing that his brows were pulled in a frown the second he sat himself down. The lights were off, the sun was now disappearing behind the horizon so he’d expected her to be back soon. He told himself it was probably better if he left. What if she brings him home and he witnesses something he really doesn’t want to see. He didn't wish her anything bad ofcourse, but he begged the universe for the date to fail. Keigo Takami needed another chance, a chance to actually show who she belongs to.
A waft of wind whipped the trees and alerted him she was nearby, he sprang on his feet and carefully moved in a way he was hidden by the trunk. The air around her wings made a crashing sound each time they moved up and down. Keigo gasped with amazement, eyes glued on the mystic creature. Her feathers were snowy white with grey details, her beak a beautiful ombre of black to grey that perfectly matched her talons, eyes brightly yellow-ish that glowed in the darkest hours of the night. The same eyes that already spotted him before he knew it.
Right before she started to descend down, a flash blinded him and she was transformed back in her human form. Keigo licked his lips, watching her muscles flex as she held herself on the bars of the balcony railing, leaping over before she made her way into her apartment.
Smiling, she kept the door unlocked. Knowing he would meet her way in a few minutes or even seconds.
Her suspicions were correct, as she again twisted her head a 180 and met her best friend already standing on her balcony. Face stilled with emotion, lips tight, eyes hazy as if he was high.
He opened the door slowly. Both challenged the other with their eyes, not a word spoken between them. Bam… Bam… Bam. His footsteps were slow, filled with anticipation against the cheaply laminated floors as he neared her. Though she wanted to step back to keep the distance between them, she remained in place. She was put in a trance and she did nothing to fight against it.
“Keigo, were you waiting for me in that tree?” her high voice near to a whisper as she raspily spoke. “That date sucked a complete butthole.” Keigo kept silent and instead kept stepping closer. By now they were millimeters separated, eyes still strong glued together. Keigo had enough of the waiting and snaked his arm around her waist, drawing her closer. In a swift movement he spun her so her back was resting against his chest, ass pressed against his swollen crotch. She gasped and folded her hands around his wrist to pull him away.
“Do-don’t fight it, Y/N. We just… I just…” Keigo began stuttering when he caught them in the reflection of the mirror in the corner of her room. This was actually happening. Y/N’s chest was rising and falling, flesh eating nerves gnawing at her right way of thinking. The owlwoman turned her head easily so she was looking at him again, lips parted as evidence of the earlier gasps that rolled off her tongue.
“Yo-you’re mine. I can't keep it to myself and you know i-it’s true I- You’re mine, Y/N.” He whispered underneath his breath, heart thumping at the sight of her sun colored eyes drilling into his. "Keigo" she squealed but he didn't bother to move, instead he connected their lips fiercely in a tooth clashing, saliva-rich, sloppy kiss.
She whimpered, hands snaking up for his collar to pull him in deeper. The voice in her mind kept telling her that this was stupid, dumb, and extremely irresponsible. And there wasn't a bone in her body that cared.
He pressed his tongue in his mouth exploring the familiar area for the first time. Rough, hasty, almost greedy in a way. His hands found her delicious plump tits, needily kneading her flesh through the material of her dress.
Their breaths came out in shallow pants as they explored each other's bodies like horny teenagers. He took the lead and blindly walked them to her room, an article of clothing dropping on the floor with each progressing step. They couldn't stop touching each other, giggling like annoying pre-teens until they finally reached her unkempt bed. She fell into the pillows face first and he settled to stand behind her, clothed cock brushing against her panties rubbing the place that gave her the most pleasure.
Fiery lips soon found her neck again, the position a little awkward but they made it work, showering the richly sweet skin with delicate kisses. She allowed the pleasure to take over her conscious mind, eyes fluttering shut in bliss. His lips trailed to the stretch marks that decorated her shoulder blades, the flesh thick against his delicate lips.
"I- I always thought about you in this way, Keigo" She spoke, quiet as if she were talking to herself. But the smirk she felt against her skin indicated that he did hear her. He snuck his free hand to her waist, stopping where those delicious rolls above her wide hips started to give the meaty flesh a well deserved squeeze. He withdrew, both panting like animals in heat.
“You want me to make both our fantasies come true?” He rasped in a lust filled voice.
Y/N was starstruck when she twisted her head to look at him, unable to answer such a vile question (and also slightly impressed by his trained physique). And when Keigo found that he was waiting way too long for an answer and pressed his stiff bulge against her crotch. She let out a breathless moan and threw her head back in a squeaky whimper.
"Please." The plea only could sendt the birdman into more of a frenzy than he already was. He lifted one hand and trashed it down her firm ass that jiggled like jello on impact,resulting in a loud splat. She moaned as a sign that she loved whatever he had planned next. He rubbed the pain off the irritated flesh before giving it yet another slap.
"F-fah-fuck!" she struggled to keep herself steady on her hands, her blood rushing with pure lust only from getting spanked. "Please. Please Please."
The repetition continued until she felt his nimble fingers hook around her lacy underwear, tearing them off easily.
"I'll give you what you want, baby. Be patient." Keigo swallowed the curse word at the sight of her pussy. It was wet, pussy lips fat and glistening on impact and when he parted her knees they opened revealing her delicious pearl begging to be sucked. Her arousal dripped down her meaty thighs and tinted the air deliciously. Keigo shuddered when he moved on his knees so he was eye level with her quivering opening. It was clenching around air, greedily calling to him to put his dick in it.
"Fuck, you're already so wet for me baby," he stated, amusingly trailing his fingers through her sticky folds. "You wanted this, didn't you?"
“For so long, Keigo. P-please don’t make me wait a-any-- oh god-- more.”
His fingers soon found her neglected clit that was burning with heat, massaging it in figure eights. She let out a moan and a strangled syllable of his name.
"Ke-eigo, please just-..." She was embarrassed to say it. "Put it in." she looked back at him, desperation readable off her face.
Grinning, his hand pulled the growing seven inches out. It was thicker than it was in her dreams; hairs around it neatly trimmed, throbbing veins visible, starting from the underside of his cock and trailing down to his filled balls pumping heated blood through the girth, translucent precum bubbling out of his reddened urethra.
“When I give you this it officially means your mine right??" he cocked his eyebrow up, rolling his wrist at an agonizingly slow pace after his fingers curled around the girth. With parted lips and half-lidded eyes, she gave him a nod, pushing her ass back until it touched his hairy thigh.
Just to be extra sure - and merely out of habit- he spat in his palm and lubricated himself. With his other hand, he propped her hip up in the slightest and made her arch her back, forcing her in the perfect position until his glans was probing against her entrance.
In one harsh and firm thrust, he was inside of her, easier than he expected. Fucked open by someone other than him, anger bubbled up within him instantly. “Mine.” Thrust. “My fuckin pussy.” Thrust. “Only mine.”
Putting his bubbled-up anger to use, he pulled his hips back and pressed them back against her perfectly shaped body with great force resulting in a string of rough, anger-filled thrust in a perfect beat.
Her mouth fell open in a silent gasp and she instantly fell apart. Keigo's tip hit the smooth g-spot with each violent snap of his hips, earning high-pitched whines and pleas for him to slow down.
The build-up of her orgasm started within the pit of her stomach and she was almost embarrassed that it was coming so quickly. Y/N wanted to keep quiet to listen to the erotic grunts and groans he let out but the pace of his thrust wouldn't allow her to. Moans and mewls escaping out of her lips that were surely gonna issue another complaint from her neighbor.
"Fu- Oh god," she threw her head back and involuntarily clenched her pussy lips around his cock. She started to tremble on her hands as she became dumbified with pleasure.
He grunted lowly at the carnal feeling of her pussy sucking him in deeper. Eventually, his grunts turned into dragged-out moans as the strings in his stomach started to tighten. Sweat built up above his brows as he snaked a hand between their bodies and touched her where they were connected to each other.
She cried out his name and shook on her wrist, close to the edge of collapsing in the pillows. With each rotation his fingers made on her thickened clit, she gave him a lewd moan again clenching her muscles around the cock.
"Fuck Y/N!!." He groaned, eyes squeezing shut as he forced more speed onto his fingers. He held on tighter on her wide hips, thumbs perfectly fitting in the dimples of her back. He pulled her jiggly ass back with each thrust he forced forward. The pro hero hoped he could stay in the moment forever, the scene too perfect to forget.
"Ke-Keigo-Keigoooo." She sobbed out and collapsed in the pillows but he didn't show her any mercy.
"What's wrong baby? Tell me -fuck- tell me what's happening to you." He grunted in her ear, lowering his chin on her shoulders. Thrust were now turning shallow and slow, occasionally rolling his lips to twirl his cock in her tight love canal whilst the circles on her clit came with more speed. She tried to lift herself back on all fours, eager for the roughness again, but collapsed as the seizing pleasure took over.
"I'm close. I'm close!" her mouth fell open and a string of drool came drizzling out, the writhing and gripping of the sheets got angstier, as she issued another loud moan of her name out of pure and nothing other than desperation. The sight too erotic to ever forget.
"Cum for me baby, it's okay. I've got you." He purred lowly in her ear. And with that, she let out a drag of his name and shuddered with an out of worldly pleasure as her orgasm took over her body. He slowed down ever so slightly, taking in the feeling of her pussy contracting around him.
Keigo waited for her trembles of the aftershocks of her orgasm to subside before he perked her ass up again and restarted with the perfect beat again. Her moans turned louder than they were before as he chased his high. " 'M too sensitive! Oh god!" She pleaded, reaching back until her hand bumped against his pelvis trying to push him back desperately. The way she was trying to run from the pleasure was the most satisfying thing Keigo had ever witnessed.
"Hold on baby-- Just a lil' more."
"Fuck fuck fuck!! 'M gonna make a mess! Keigo- sl--aahhhh- slow down... I-please!" She was babbling endlessly, her hands scrambling desperately in search of something to hold on to. His cock slushed in her pussy, the wetness and warmth it enveloped him in made his eyes roll in the back of his head. Keigo dug his teeth in her shoulder blade, hard enough to draw droplets of blood whilst he picked up the speed, chasing his orgasm in a shamelessly needy way, not caring if he was overstimulating.
It didn't take long until every single nerve within Y/N came alive again and she'd let out an elongated moan whilst another spray of her cum wettened their thighs. She seized violently as she fell down in the pillows again, mind went blank, vision reducing to nothing but a faint blur. She kept trembling like a leaf in the wind and whimpering sweet 'thank you's' in the pillow as the orgasm faded slowly.
With parted lips, Keigo pulled out and gave his drenched cock the necessary pumps until his body finally gave in to his orgasm. He came a lot. The thick and gooey substance oozing through his fingers and landing on her back.
"Shit." he panted, head rolled on his shoulders as he recollected himself.
Slowly both Y/N and Keigo fell back into reality. The room around them felt real again and the buzzing silence surrounding them became prominent.
"Hey." He tapped her ass playfully when she didn't speak up after a while. "After you're done spacing out, we can maybe put my nest to good use."
Put in your request !! I'll be waiting
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road-riot · 23 hours ago
Heyo could I possibly request some of your fluffiest fluffy headcanons of Hawks with his s/o, please? Thank you for your time! Rock on my fellow bird man simp! If you would like any headcanons, hmu. :3
Of course you can! This is my first request ever so I’m excited to deliver. Feel free to send me any more requests whenever you want!
Pairing: Hawks x reader
Warnings: Nothing but hella fluff
➳ You try your hand at crochet and decide to make him a scarf. He instantly beams and wears it with his hero costume all the time, never directly answering the press about the new addition to his uniform other than “it’s just something special” with a wink at the camera
➳ No one ever laughs at his jokes yet he loves pushing people's buttons and teasing them anyway, but when you suddenly let out a full laugh at one of his passive comments, his eyes widen and he's momentarily dumbstruck at the music in his ears and the image of you doubled over at something he said!!! Never stops trying to make you laugh again afterward
➳ Is VERY overprotective you when he is or isn’t around. If he walks with you on the street, he is hyper alert of the movements of the people around you. When he’s not around, he wants you to keep a feather on you, either as a necklace or key chain just so he can assure himself you’re fine with the steady drumming of your heartbeat.
➳ Constantly stares at you when you’re not looking with this dopey smile on his face and hooded eyes. Gets caught half the time. Looking at you is the only time he really lets his guard down, even around others, and you’re not the only one that notices these looks either
➳ Will actually go to the ends of the earth to make sure you’re taken care of if you’re sick. Will be teasing you and it’ll get annoying but when you cough just a little too hard and see him instantly by your side, you understand just how worried he is.
➳ He’ll let you see his stupid endeavor plushie!!! It’s his most prized possession and he shows it to you. You get an inkling of its sentimental value so you hold it as a comfort item just because of how much it means to him, and when he sees you with it, it gives him this warm feeling in his chest he can’t shake off
➳ Will take you around for flights at night. No question. Occasionally he times these romantic flights right as the sun is setting so he can catch its reflection in your eyes. You tell him “wow, it’s so beautiful!” and without ever taking his eyes off of you he sighs “yeah…”
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simpforsadbois · a day ago
Thank you all so much for 100 followers! Every note that I get literally makes me so happy and I really appreciate the support. I’m thinking of maybe doing a little event to celebrate? I know it’s a small milestone, but I wanna do something to acknowledge it. I’ll gladly welcome any ideas! 💕
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dxliqhted · a day ago
a hawks x fem! reader random scenario
Tumblr media
→ ‘when he wants cuddles’
WHETHER YOUR BUSY OR NOT , this man will be waiting for you with open arms. He's touch starved, and just waiting for your word to pounce on to you and snuggle into your body. If you happen to not go into his arms or invite him in, he'll be pouting the whole day, leaving you beyond confused.
"Okay! red or black? I was thinking black since it goes with everything but- keigo?" you look at him seeing him cross his arms over his chest, as he glared at you with a pout.
"Baby, whats wrong?" You asked putting down the dresses you had in hand as you approached the bed from which he sat on.
he didn't respond, just glaring at you.
"Kei, you have to tell me what's wrong so i can help you.." your hands reaching out to comb through his hair before it being yanked away before it could even reach its original destination.
everything happened so fast, turns and flips and your body was laying onto the mattress, feeling how his arms wrapped tightly around you securing you down with no escape and his head snuggled down onto your tummy, soft coos escaping his lips as he did. his pout no longer there but a sweet smile or joy and content.
"What am i going to do with you.." you chuckled, letting your hands rake down the downy blond hair,
"give. me. cuddles."
Other days, when your busy with house errands and he's home from work, he'd trail after you like a lost puppy. Just waiting for you to finally finish to fill you with all the affection you deserve. Wrapping you in his arms and peppering kisses all over your face and trailing to your body to kiss all your sores.
and if you happen to over work yourself, be prepared to have a feather escort you back to the bedroom, no way he'd let his lover overwork themselves. He's been through it all, last thing he'd want is for you to go through the same hell.
Cloud soaring, when he wraps his arms around your body as you cling onto him as his wings to all the work, sometimes you refer to it as levitating as the whole ride is smooth, and you can still find him still in air as his wings take a moment break before flapping again to past through a new cloud making a laugh erupt from you as the cold air hits your face.
© -Dxliqhted
please do not repost or copy my works. Thank you <3
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simpforsadbois · a day ago
MHA men with a thicc & curvy s/o headcanons - Part One
Request from @aidendontdoit: Hi there! Hope you're well! May I possibly request some NSFW and SFW Headcanons of Hawks with his thicc and curvy s/o, please? Thank you for your time! Stay awesome!
Characters: Eijiro Kirishima, Bakugou Katsuki, Hawks/Keigo Takami, Shoto Todoroki
Warnings: NSFW under the cut, minors DNI.
Word count: 4.8k
A/n: I've been thirsting HARD over all of these lovely men, so I went ahead and did headcanons for each of them. There's also a part two coming! Bc I thought this one was getting a bit long. Also, since thicc & curvy can describe a few different body types, I just decided to try and cover all the bases, while keeping it sort of vague? If that make sense. I hope it’s all right 😅 Enjoy! 🖤
Eijiro Kirishima
Tumblr media
He is the king of making you feel beautiful, even on those days when it’s hard to love yourself
Loves you for so much more than just your body, but he makes it known exactly how much he does appreciate your form
Will hype up any outfit you throw on
Actually wants to go shopping with you
When you told him how hard it can be to shop for women’s clothing in general, but especially with your body type, he got frustrated FOR you
Like how the hell is that fair?? They don’t realize some women have hella ass and titties?? But at the same time society seems to idolize it?? Nah, he thinks that is absolutely ridiculous.
Will wait patiently outside the dressing room, holding your purse/shopping bags and tell you how beautiful you look in every outfit you come out and show him
Legitimately turns the experience into a cute little fashion show for the two of you, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the experience
If anyone ever dares to make you feel insecure about your body, he will make sure they know EXACTLY who they’re gonna be dealing with
He won’t hurt anyone, but he’s gonna defend the hell outta you and put that punk in their place bc anything less would be very unmanly
And then he’s gonna spend the rest of the day telling you every single thing that he loves about you and your body in an adorable and heart-warming amount of detail
“I think I like this one?”
You stepped out of the dressing room stall to show your boyfriend the dress you had tried on. There wasn’t much to it, in terms of design or fabric. Just a short, red dress that barely covered what it needed to.
Kirishima’s jaw seemed to come loose as it hung open for a brief moment, his eyes obviously drinking in your appearance.
“I love that one,” his voice was low and breathy as he shifted in his seat on the bench in the small hallway. “Babe, if you love me, please lemme buy you that dress. I wanna take you out tonight in it.”
You bit your lip and blushed, slightly embarrassed at how giddy and flustered you still got even after all this time with him.
“I mean it, baby. You look so beautiful in that outfit. It would be a shame if you didn’t get it, because it looks like it was literally made for you.”
All he ever wants is for you to sit on his face
Like those men on tiktok who have no qualms about dying by way of face-riding? That’s your boy.
He’s a thigh man, through and through.
Even if you’re hesitant, because you’re afraid you’re gonna hurt him, he will insist over and over again
And when you finally take a seat, he eats your pussy like he’s being served his last meal
You can try to get away, but his hands are gripping your thick thighs like there’s no tomorrow
His favorite thing to do is to take his thumbs and rub little circles on the most sensitive parts of your inner thigh while you’re riding his face
The noises that you make and the way that you seem to absolutely lose control of your body never fails to make him rock hard no pun intended
Be careful bc this man will get carried away and overstimulate you with no regard for the way your legs are shaking on either side of his face until you are literally crying tears of pure bliss
“Fuck, I am so glad we got you this damn dress.”
Kirishima’s lips crashed into yours, his hands eagerly gripping your hips as his thumbs massaged small circles against your hipbones, eliciting a quiet moan from you as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
He stooped down slightly, grabbing the backs of your thighs as he effortlessly picked you up and carried you over to the bed.
“I’ll be glad when you take it off,” you tilted your head back as he began to feather kisses along your neck and jawline, squirming in excitement beneath him as you ran your hands down his well-chiseled chest.
“Mmwe’ll get to that, but I wanna keep you in it for this,” his breath fanned over your neck as he whispered in your ear and then suddenly, you traded positions.
He rolled over onto his back, keeping your legs locked around his waist, so that you were now straddling him as his hands gave your thighs a firm squeeze, sending delicious shockwaves right to your center.
“For what, exactly?” You moaned as his thumbs began to massage the most sensitive part of your innermost thigh, threatening to brush against where you so desperately wanted him to touch you.
He smirked, watching your shocked expression as he deliberately tore through the thin pair of panties you were wearing, tossing them aside.
“For this, baby girl.” With practiced ease, he slipped his hands beneath your ass, scooping you up briefly to pull you towards him, so that you were straddling his face.
“Eiji, wh—mm’ah!”
He wasted absolutely no time, expertly swirling his tongue over your bundle of nerves, causing you to buck your hips at the sudden, overwhelming sensation.
His large hands connected with the topside of your thighs once more, after hooking his arms beneath them to firmly hold you in place where you sat.
"Mmmwhere do you think you're going, sweetheart?" He stopped for a moment to gently kiss and bite at the inside of your thighs. "You don't want me to starve do you?"
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
Loves to show you off whenever you're out together
He knows that you look damn good in whatever you put on and he thinks the whole damn world should see just how fucking fine his girl is
As aggressive as he can be, he’s soft as hell for you & everyone knows it though they don't dare mention it
He’s slightly possessive, but not in a controlling way
Wants everyone to know that you are completely his and he is just as much all yours
Good luck ever wandering off from him while you’re out and about, because his arm is around you just about the entire time
If it isn’t, his eyes are glued to your body
He’s constantly keeping watch over you, for a couple different reasons
One being that he’s always a little nervous about something happening to you, seeing as he’s a high profile hero and he’s so showy about your relationship
The other being that he really, really just likes to admire your curves
If anyone was dumb enough to say something to make you feel insecure about your body, this man would not hesitate to throw hands in order to defend your honor
The same goes for anyone making a pass at you, especially if it was "some creepy extra who had no business speaking to his girl anyway"
You would have to fully step in and stop this man from catching a charge if his boys weren’t around to hold his ass back
"Katsu, come on, please..!"
You were desperately tugging on your boyfriend's arm, wrapping both arms around his bicep as you whispered in his ear.
"He's not worth it, baby, c'mon. You don't need some shitty article written about you, all because of some creep at the bar."
His chest swelled as he took in a deep breath, exhaling quickly through his nose as he glared daggers toward the man who had cornered you up against a table just moments ago.
You were a pro hero, so you could handle yourself, but before you had even got the chance to put the creep in his place, he was yanked back by Bakugou, who was not about to hesitate to use his quirk.
Thankfully, you were able to insert yourself between them before it came to blows or explosions and, so you now found yourself here.
"Keep your fucking hands to yourself, or next time you might not leave with them still attached!"
The veins in Katsuki's neck looked at though they were about to burst when he finally stopped trying to advance toward the man. Another deep exhale and his arm was firmly around your waist, pulling you tight to his side as he escorted you toward the door.
"Are you all right, baby? Did he touch you?"
The cool night air was a soothing change from the tense atmosphere of the crowded bar. You reveled in the sudden change in tension as the pair of you stopped outside the establishment.
Concern was evident in his face as he tucked a finger beneath your chin and carefully lifted your gaze to his own, searching your face for any sign of discomfort.
"I swear, if he did, I will go back in there and rearrange his face so well his mother won't even recognize him."
You shook your head, smiling up at him as you placed a hand on his cheek.
"Baby, I'm okay. He didn't lay a hand on me and if he had, I would have snapped his wrist before you could've done it yourself," you let your fingers drift along his neck until your hand came to rest on his chest. "I appreciate the little rescue mission though. You're kinda cute when you're protecting me, you know."
You smiled playfully and he couldn't help but to mirror your expression right back before scoffing and shaking his head.
"Shut up," he leaned down, pressing both hands to the small of your back as he pulled you flush against him before connecting his lips to yours.
Radiates hard dom energy like no other
Exerts most of said energy on your ass, his favorite part of your body
A big believer in delayed satisfaction for himself, so he'll put a generous amount of time and effort into making you cum at least twice before he finally fucks you
But when he does, you had better hold onto something, bc gentle isn't his strong suit and he's feeling pent up at this point
Doggy style is his favorite position, without question, bc he loves to spank you and grip your cheeks while he’s fucking your brains out
Reverse cowgirl is a close second, bc the way that your ass bounces while you’re riding him just does something to him
He tries to let you just fuck yourself on his dick, but he gets too worked up seeing the way your ass jiggles each time you slide him in and out of your pussy
Almost always ends up flipping you over and shoving your face into the mattress, so he can take your from behind and hit your pussy deep enough to have you babbling incoherently about how good it feels, completely dumbed down by how good the dick is
“Damn, baby, you look so fucking good bouncing on my cock like that,” Bakugo’s right hand connected with your ass cheek while his left lazily held on to your hip. “You tryin’ make me bust inside you? Need this fat cock to pump you full of my cum?”
“Yes, daddy, please! Please, please, please fill me up!”
You nodded desperately, quickening your pace as you leaned forward slightly. The new position allowed for you thrust yourself backward with more leverage, encouraging his throbbing cock to hit impossibly deeper than it already had been.
“Holy shit, woman. What the hell are you doing to me?”
The words left his chest in a deep growl as he gripped both of your hips firmly and before you knew it, you were beneath him. Your cheek was flush against the soft mattress and you threw your hands above your head to desperately grasp at the sheets as Bakugou set a merciless pace.
“Fu-fuck! Ah! S-so fucking good, daddy..!”
You snapped your eyes shut, letting out what could only be described as a desperate wail as you came completely undone beneath him.
“Yeah, you fucking like that, baby? Goddamn, your pussy feels so good when it clenches around me like this,” Another firm hand comes down on your ass as the waves of your orgasm continue flooding through you. “Gonna give you what you fucking deserve for being such a good slut for daddy.”
Hawks/Keigo Takami
Tumblr media
Will literally never stop flirting with you
You are and have been in a serious, committed relationship together for years now??
Doesn’t matter, he’s still gonna flirt like he’s desperately trying to take you home with him tonight
Cuddling is extremely important to him
He cannot function if he goes to long without holding you against him
Absolutely loves the way you feel in his arms, soft and warm and inviting
He could actually stay in bed with you all day, just tracing his fingers over your body, like he’s trying to memorize every dip and curve you have
He’s extremely proud of your relationship, but he’s also very private
As much as he would love to shout from the rooftops that he’s all yours, he keeps your relationship pretty low key as far as the public is concerned, strictly for your protection
He doesn’t hide you, nor would he ever, but he doesn’t make a show of anything or indulge any of the hero gossip sources when they pester him about his relationship to you
He’s also a bit bold by nature though, so he will send a feather your way to caress your hands, neck, arms, etc. while you’re out together just to see you blush at the gesture
Never so much as even looks at another woman, bc he truly only has eyes for you
He constantly tells you how much he adores you and how gorgeous he thinks you are, bc he knows how it feels to feel insecure and he never wants that for you
Glancing at the clock, you saw that it was getting close to your usual dinner time, so you figured it was about time to start cooking.
You pulled out the pans and utensils you would need to utilize and then reached up into the spice cabinet when you felt a pair of gloved hands encircle your waist.
“May I help you?”
A smile danced on your lips as you continued rummaging through the cabinet, pulling down what you would need as a pair of warm lips trailed kisses across your shoulders.
“Mmmaybe you can. I happen to be on a mission. Think you can help a hero out?"
"That depends, what is it that you need from me, hero?"
Closing the cabinet, you spun in his arms, resting your hands on the countertop behind you as you leaned against it. Your smile reflected his own as he closed the distance between you two, his lips just inches from yours as he spoke quietly.
"Well, I'm trying to get a kiss from the most beautiful woman in the world and it looks like you're the only one who's going to be able to help me with that."
You blushed, biting your lip as you glanced down, feeling your face burn as it always did when Keigo got into this sort of mood, which was often.
"It's adorable that you still get so shy around me," Keigo pulled back just enough to kiss the top of your head before pulling you flush against his chest. "But you know I mean what I say, right? You really are breath-taking, baby."
His eyes searched yours as you looked up, trying to find reassurance there that you believed his words.
"I know, Keigo. I know," you cupped his face in your hands, leaning forward to press your lips against his.
The most handsy man you've ever known, in the best way possible
Body worship is his thingggg
He can, has, and will spend who knows how long kissing absolutely every inch of your body
All the while whispering either adorable or downright filthy things against your skin
Reassures you of how sexy he thinks you are when you get shy or try to hide your stretch marks/other insecurities and trails plenty of extra kisses all over them
Sex is about your pleasure first and foremost, getting you off gets him off
His favorite position is having you pinned up against the wall, your legs slung over his forearms so you’re completely pinned and at his mercy
Of which, he has none when he’s able to fuck you from that angle
Did not even give you a moment to protest the first time he picked you up
He knew you were gonna say that you thought you were too heavy to just be picked up like a ragdoll as much as you desperately wanted it
Went and did it anyway and shut you right the hell up with how effortlessly he did it, grabbing you from beneath your ass and sliding you right down onto his throbbing cock
As instinctively as your legs folded around his waist, his wings caged the two of you in up against the wall of the bedroom and for a few blissful minutes, the world felt like it was really just the two of you
Also uses his feathers for more intimate purposes
Whether you’re at home, busy & hunched over your desk, looking stressed as ever or out in public running some domestic errands with him and looking particularly good as you bend over to grab something from a lower shelf in the grocery aisle, he won’t hesitate to stealthily send a single, soft feather up the inside of your thigh
Will shrug and smile innocently as he watches the color flood into your face, sensing exactly how hot and bothered you’re quickly becoming at the sensation of his feather gently stroking against your panty-clad slit
You let out an exasperated sigh as you stared at the paperwork that was looming over you at your desk.
It had been a busy week and you had more reports to file than you knew what to do with. This would easily take you the rest of the night to get through.
Not wanting to waste any time, you stripped out of your hero costume and threw on one of Keigo's old t-shirts. You took a seat at the desk in your home office, grateful that you at least wouldn't have to be cooped up at the agency all night.
After a few hours of uninterrupted diligence, you felt a slight tickle around your calf.
"What the--," you glanced down beneath your desk, but saw nothing, so you shook your head and figured maybe you'd imagined it.
Upon returning to your work, you felt an unmistakable sensation on your innermost thigh and involuntarily moaned as your legs tensed in anticipation.
"That eager tonight, huh? You must be feeling pretty pent up, baby."
The seductive tone that rang in your ears belonged to your boyfriend, who was now leaning in the doorway, clad only in a tight tank top and loose sweats, arms crossed with a devilish grin on his face.
"You wanna move this to the bedroom or should I take you right here on your desk?"
The feather stopped for a brief moment, as if to let you collect your thoughts. You opened your mouth to reply, to explain how much work you had to do, but you were silenced by the feeling of the feather now dancing right up against your entrance, the only thing separating it from the pool gathering between your legs was the thin layer of protection your panties provided.
Another moan left your lips, unbidden, as you leaned back in your desk chair, spreading your legs instinctively. Keigo took that as his answer, smirking as he strode into the room, making a beeline for you.
He leaned down, capturing your lips with his as he placed one hand on your neck and the other behind your back, pulling you up carefully to stand.
You weren't on your feet long. He spun you around, never breaking the connection of your mouths as one arm swept the papers off of your desk, sending them into a flurry all around you as his other arm snaked around your waist, effortlessly lifting you onto the desk.
"Keigo--," you broke away to admonish him, but his teeth captured your bottom lip and a soft hush fell from his lips as you moaned against them.
"I know, baby, but you deserve this right now, trust me. I'll clean up later, I promise."
Your legs parted for him to step between, which he did as he pressed his hands to your hips reaching behind you to grip your ass as he rutted his hips against yours.
"You know," he began trailing kisses along your jaw as he spoke, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of grabbing your ass."
His lips wandered down your neck as his hands squeezed your hips.
"I don't think I'll ever get tired of touching you anywhere. Your body is so perfect, baby," his mouth had now made it's way to the valley between your breasts. "Your tits, your hips, your beautiful face.."
He crouched down as his lips moved lower until he was now seated in your chair, leaning over you as your felt his mouth lick and suck at your hipbone, ripping yet another moan from your lungs.
"The noises you make for me," he slowed his movements deliberately as he hooked two fingers inside your panties, tugging them down at an agonizing pace as his lips followed his movements. "The way you taste.."
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
This poor man has been touch-starved for so long, so expect lots of hand-holding, hugs, kisses, cuddling, etc.
He was a little shy about it when you first got together, but now that he’s comfortable? Forget about personal space.
PDA was also an entirely new concept to him that he came to understand and embrace very quickly
He just loves you and your body so much that he can’t help himself and he doesn’t see why he should have to
If you’re curled up on the couch, he’ll sit down next to you and pull you straight into his lap, so he can hold you against his chest and run his fingers along your waist
If you’re out and about, his hand is glued to yours, with one exception
And that’s when the crowd size of wherever you’re at gets to be a bit too much to allow you to comfortably walk side by side
He’ll step sort of behind you/sort of to the side of you and rest his hand on your lower back with his fingers resting on your hip
He’s a pretty straightforward individual, so don’t expect much in the way of creativity when he compliments you
Instead of flowery language, it’s all very to the point and also so genuine
Sometimes you’ll catch him just looking at you and he’ll take another moment to really admire your curves before he makes eye contact with you
And proceed to tell you that you are the most beautiful woman that he’s ever seen
"So, what's it gonna be? You feeling action tonight? Horror maybe? I'm not particularly in the mood for a comedy, personally."
You stood at the microwave, watching the last few seconds of the timer count down as you waited to retrieve your popcorn.
Throwing a glance over you shoulder, you smiled over at your boyfriend, who was seated on the couch, obviously not searching for a movie for you two to watch together like he was supposed to be.
Instead, you found his eyes wandering over your frame, before fixating on your face, a gentle smile perched upon his lips.
"I'm sorry, I was distracted," he paused as he stood up, striding toward where you stood in the kitchen. "You're so beautiful. The most beautiful woman that I have ever seen."
You whipped your head around, turning your attention back to the popcorn as you giggled shyly.
"Thank you, babe," you finished pouring the bag out into a large bowl before you turned back around. "You're not so bad yourself, you know."
You threw a wink in his direction as you carried the bowl toward him, which he took from you and took a few steps back to set on the coffee table before grabbing your wrist and carefully pulling you towards him fast enough that you lost your balance.
He caught your waist with practiced ease, pulling you into his lap as he sat, so that your legs draped across the couch.
Your arms circled around his neck as he laid your head back on the other end of the couch, leaning over you as he planted a chaste kiss on your lips.
"I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you do for me, baby."
You reached up to rest a gentle hand on his face, looking directly up into his eyes, which held nothing but genuine admiration.
"Anything for you, Sho."
Absolutely adores playing with your tits
Like maybe it stems from the obvious mommy issues, maybe not
But he cannot get enough of your breasts
He has to physically refrain from coming up from behind you and taking them into his hands when you’re in public sometimes
Especially when you wear that top that he loves so much bc it just flatters your chest so well
But when y’all are home alone? Or anywhere alone for that matter, really
That’s where he’s attacking first
His large hands are on them in moments, groping at then greedily while his mouth connects with yours
Groans into your mouth while he desperately pulls your top up, sliding your bra straps down to free your heaving breasts and continue his assault on them
He’ll give plenty of attention to everywhere else on your body, but when he makes you cum all over his cock, he’s gonna make sure your breasts are directly in his face
His favorite way to fuck you is seated just off the edge of the couch, so he can fuck upwards into you and watch how your tits shamelessly bounce with each thrust
And when you come undone, he can quickly pull you into his lap as he sits up, letting you take over as you ride out your release
"Hey, babe, I brought your favorite for lunch," you smiled as you stepped into Shoto's office, gesturing to the containers of cold soba in your hands.
"Thank you, baby," he smiled as he stepped aside to let you in, giving you a peck on the lips before shutting and locking the door behind you.
"Did you lock the door? Is that necessary?" you giggled as your set your things down, placing the lunch containers on his desk.
"Well, that depends on how you're feeling," he crossed the room, reaching out and grabbing your waist as he pulled you closer to him.
"Meaning?" your hands rested on his chest as you smiled up at him, feigning innocence.
"Meaning if you're feeling the same way I am, maybe we ought to keep it locked, unless you want to risk someone barging in," his hands slowly trailed up your sides, the back of his hands brushing against the underside of your breasts, which he couldn't help but to stare at at this point.
"Barge in on what?" you bit the inside of your lip, continue your innocence charade.
He cocked his head to the side, his hands dropping to rest respectfully on your waist as he took a step back to put a little more distance between you, looking a little flustered now.
"I mean, I thought maybe we could fool around if y--", you cut him off mid-sentence by leaning up and placing a kiss to his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck.
"Oh, baby. I know what you meant, I'm sorry," you giggled, pushing your fingers into his hair. "I'm happy to keep the door locked if you're sure you've got the time."
"I've got all the time in the world for you," his hands flew to your chest, not hesitating to pull the straps of your tank top down, along with those of your bra, to free your breasts. "I've been thinking about you all day, baby."
He kneeled down and took your nipple into his mouth, massaging your breasts as he carefully tugged at the bud with his teeth.
Your threw your head back and let out a moan, reveling in the sensation as you continued running your fingers through his hair, pressing your breasts together, so that his face was essentially smothered by them.
He let out a lustful grunt in response as he helped you bring them together with his large hands, letting his tongue run over both of your nipples, taking turns sucking at biting at each one as he walked you backward toward his desk.
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rin-the-shadow · a day ago
So spoilerly headcanons for Sailor Moon Eternal ahead.
But I like the idea that if Hawk’s Eye were to be reincarnated, at first they might end up working at Makoto’s flower shop, at least until they were able to get their own. I don’t think they would be rivals, except maybe in kind of a friendly way. Probably more often they’d end up trading secrets to help each other out, like where to get good seeds, new watering techniques, etc. At times, they might also send a customer to the other’s shop.
Also, in my mind, while Mako’s shop is a flower shop/bakery, Hawk’s Eye’s herb shop would also serve tea, or at least have loose-leaf blends for sale, with the option to have a cup brewed up either in the shop or to-go.
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Fandoms i Will Do:
• Mha Characters
• Arcana Characters (main 6)
• Kakegurui (main Characters)
• Dream SMP (Only if there comfortable[Canon and real life people])
• Death Note
• Spicy (i will not do a request im uncomfortable with, if your not sure just ask)
• Fluffy
• head cannons (i will add a specific list)
• platonic relationship
Headcannon lists:
•First date
•Hanging out (platonic and romantic)
•Videos/streams (MCYTs)
• Angst
If you have other head cannons you want to see let me know. This was just the most common ones I see. I do a lot of different writing styles.
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deleteddewewted · a day ago
Teen! Hawks Headcanons
Tumblr media
Hawks as a teenager screams popular boy. You know who I’m talking about, that one guy who everyone liked in class but we didn’t necessarily know why. He just attracted everyone’s attention.
He also developed a crush on you because he thought you were such a cool friend of his. Smart, pretty, and funny. Absolutely perfect for him.
But you know our lovely bird man can walk the walk but can’t talk for shit. Ok yeah he can but when it comes to things that are more private and personal he really needs some guidance.
He started by asking you how to ask you out. He didn’t tell you he had a crush on you but he did say it was someone from the same school and class as the two of you.
He did exactly what you advices him to do, bring the person something that reminds him of them plus gifts that are more personal then out there. Give them your undivided attention.
He does this and one day brings you flowers because they remind him of you and on another day brings you a bento because he remembered that you liked a specific kind of bento box that they sold at the local convenience store.
He would refer to you as his plus 1
Would prefer to hangout at yours then his, y’know…because of his parents.
He once saw you scrolling through your feed and saw that you liked pics of guys with eyeliner. He asked you why you were liking those pictures and you just said that they looked good. He scoffed and said it was weird….next day he shows up with eyeliner on his water line which makes his eyes look fiercer and even more attractive
When you tell him he looked good with eyeliner on, he acts like it doesn’t affect him but when you leave he’s a blushing mess. He’s going to die then and there from the complement.
You once told him about how someone asked you out and you said no. When he asked why you said no you said that it was because you both didn’t click.
He started dressing differently in order to get your attention. You did notice he was wearing more street fashion and pointed it out.
“You look nice today.” Hawks wings bristles a bit. “Thanks, you look pretty too.” “What?” “NOTHING!”
He’s a mess when it comes to you.
You finally got asked out by someone you liked and Hawks had to swallow his jealousy in order it congratulated you.
He spent the entire rest of the school day feeling jealous and bitter. You were happy so why would he destroy that.
Once the day of your date arrived he decided to follow you around. He just wanted to make sure that the person you were with wouldn’t hurt you and as your best friend it was his place to help you.
You caught him following you and your date but you confront him after in a one on one.
“Hawks! What the fuck. Why are you following me?” “I-ah well I’m your friend and I thought that-“ “Hawks, you can’t just stalk me!” “I know 🥺”
You ignored him for a few hours till he finally annoyed you enough for you to pay him attention. He was acting like a kicked puppy all day and it honestly made you feel bad.
He finally confessed that he had feelings for you. He felt bad that he followed you around (*coughing* stalking *coughing*)
You tell him that you liked him back but you want to take things slow because you both are friends and don’t want to ruin anything
His wings puff up at that and he agrees to go slow with your relationship.
He’s heads over heels for you and is always on you.
He’s wrapping his hands and wings around your waist. Always giving you nose bumps and kisses. You guys are that couple that everyone finds annoying.
You don’t mind it because you love Hawks but sometimes he pushes it by not letting you spend time with your other friends or blocking you from speaking with other guys.
You tell him that he was being to controlling and he eases up on it. He gave you a feather and he told you up front it was to make sure he knew if you were in trouble, so he could sense you. You decided to keep it and have had it since then.
Once you both were seniors in High School you both still continued to date and even planned on getting married soon.
Once he started the whole Pro Hero thing, that naturally came with a lot fans and people who didn’t understand boundaries.
People would follow you both around and would even find your account to leave mean comments. You just blocked all of them but it did get tiring after a while. You told Hawks about it and all he could say was to ignore them.
Hawks decided stop this nonsense by proposing to you during the Hero Rankings. Everyone’s news feed was flooded with the iconic pictures and videos of him on his knee asking you to marry him.
What a happy ending, no?
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lxvebun · a day ago
Dabi & Hawks x so with BPD
Tumblr media
♡A/N this is a repost! I wanted to be sure the anon liked it before i put it in hastags.i did get some help from this lovely anon but if there are still things that are wrong do tell!
English is not my first language so im sorry for any mistakes<33
Cw: mention of reader hurting themselves, mention of burning someone, mention of tears. Mention of fighting.Dabi calls you doll,babydoll. Hawks calls you dove
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie dabi doesn't know shit about it
So you do have to explain it a lot
But he's really proud of you for opening up about it
Truly it’s no game changer for him, you just need to be clear on what he needs to do.
Dabi can be a sarcastic asshole,but he tries his best to watch his words around you
He knows you get very anxious when he’s out "working"
So he always sends you a few texts throughout the day just to let you know he’s alive and well much to shiggys disapproval
"Hey, babydoll! How are you feeling? I’m okay. mophead is a bitch as always and toga is lowkey scaring me, but other than that i’m okay! I love you and i’ll be home soon x
"Dabi put that phone away"
No, go fuck yourself"
He’s always going to be there to reassure you.
Dabi can handle any mood swings pretty well
 it mostly doesn't bother him (just dont yell too much at him since it reminds him of his shitty dad)
He’ll try his best to comfort you if you allow him
But if you need space thats fine too!
I feel like he’s gotten pretty good at reading body language as well
So he knows what to do without you even telling him most of the time
Dabi is very protective of you
He gets so angry at the stories you told him about how people treat you and others just because of the disorder.
It’s to the point where he has a hard time controlling his quirk
If he’s actually there to witness it tho
Hahaha better hope that they have a speeding quirk
Dabi will not hesitate to burn them to a crisp have a friendly talk with them.
It truly breaks his heart whenever you get into a bad state and hurt yourself,but he will try to be strong for you!
He’s always there to take care of any damage
He loves you so much and will do anything he can to make sure you’re comfortable!
Tumblr media
I feel like hawks already knows a few things about it
But not a lot
So you do have to explain a few things, but mostly just on how he needs to be around you and how he can help you
He knows it’s a very hard thing to live with especially in this society
So he’s so incredibly proud of you for staying so strong
Maybe it’s his bird instincts,or maybe it’s just because he loves you so much
But he knows exactly what you need from him without even saying anything
If he can tell you need space he’ll just do some of his paper work in another room (he does peek at you from time to time to see if you’re alright)
Do you need his comfort?
He'll pull you into his lap or just plop down on top of you while wrapping his wings around you and whispering sweet words into your ear
Hawks knows you get very anxious and paranoid with his job
So he always sends you his schedule for the day and lets you know if anything changes
And he always calls you on his breaks
Unless hes patrolling in your area
Then he will just fly in through the window, give you a quick kiss, and go back to work again
Just like dabi, his heart breaks whenever you hurt yourself, and he has a hard time staying strong
You’re the love of his life! He just wants to keep you safe and happy
So do expect some tears from him
He insists on taking care of any damage and he always leaves little kisses on any wounds
"Just know that all of this is not going to change my feelings for you dove. Its not going to change the fact that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Try to remember that okay?"
Keigo gets incredibly upset when you tell him how people treat others with your disorder and he gets even more protective of you
And if someone hurts you in front of him
He will probably go feral
You will have to pull him off cause he’s not going to stop otherwise lol
He just wants to keep you safe and comfortable, and will do anything he can to help you!
Tumblr media
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brittrxse · 2 days ago
Here’s a hot take:
Correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t a single episode where any of the Hawks wear pyjamas. Like Aerrow when he’s getting out of bed in Siren’s Song, or Junko when he gets woken up in Stratosphere; both of them are just wearing their regular clothes. They probably can’t afford anything like pyjamas.
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l0v3chuuy4 · 2 days ago
i have 37 missed calls to attend to
Tumblr media
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i-cant-sing · 2 days ago
Requests are OPEN!
Yeah, idk how long they'll be open for, but I'd like to open requests at least once a month. Anyways, go ahead and send in your requests, asks or even some tips for making my blog better!
You can check out what fandoms I write for here!
You can check out my MASTERLIST here!
I absolutely want to see both Todoroki Clan, and other platonic from Bnha, and I'm also excited for romantic yanderes as well! You can also send in old requests that I haven't answered yet!
Tumblr media
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duskkei · 2 days ago
freaky on cam hours — guest of the evening; keigo
[episode 1]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
x. — wanna mouth off to him? fine. but don’t be suprised when he fucks you with the windows wide open. maybe then you’ll figure out how to shut the fuck up.
x. x. — you’re his drug, what can he say. if he says making out until you’re a needy squirming mess under him is foreplay, then it’s foreplay. take it or leave it.
x. — you’ve been so greedy, so insatiable lately. expecting him to just give you his cock at any time of day after disobeying him on a regular basis? you both know it doesn’t fucking work like that. a brat through and through, huh? maybe he’ll have to bring in a certain friend to teach you a lesson in obedience.
x. x.— sometimes, he wants to come home and bury himself in your arms. others, he just wants to stuff you to the brim. after a day of ruffling his feathers over things out of his grasp, it’s good to know he can always come home and use you like his personal cock sleeve.
x. — while rare, he still loves seeing you on top. the way you whimper, tremble above and on his cock as you struggle to keep a steady rhythm. aww, you’re already out of breath? it’s too hard? but baby, you look so pretty like this, struggling, out of breath. aw, sweetheart, are you shaking? poor thing… can’t do anything for herself, let alone properly ride him..
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