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#have a good day!!
thekahootofeverything · 16 minutes ago
I read somewhere that, drama spawns from holding back emotions. I don’t remember the quote exactly, or where I got it from, (probably from a Doctor Who analysis video) but I remember it very well.
It’s a very good quote, I’d say. The more you build something, the more that thing will be significant. Sure, whatever you’re building must be worth the anticipation, but it’s still a good writing tool.
What I’m saying is, the kiss scene in Garden of Lost Lovers is gonna be (hopefully) amazing
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harryinthecountryside · 19 minutes ago
Hope you're having a good day and feeling nice <3
This is so sweet🥺Thank you baby🥺
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parrishh · 42 minutes ago
hi! I'm new to your blog & I'm really intrigued by this whole shuffle poem thing — do you mind still doing one more? 🥺 if not, it's fine too, thank you so much! i hope you have a great day/night ahead & take care! ☺️🥰
oh my gosh you are so sweet hi! i would love to do one for you 🥰
driving away, i wish i'd stayed (i won't crash your car if you don't crash mine) sometimes, all i think about is you i wake up with your voice in my head i'm a realist and an optimist but i swear to you, i'm not getting over this
[songs, in order: uncomfortable by wallows, rocky by still woozy, heat waves by glass animals, patience by fake a home, all you are is history by state champs]
send me a ‘hi’ and i will put my songs on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem
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hvnlydmn · 46 minutes ago
Hi Ains! I’m feeling very grumpy and I want Iwa to hold me but I also want him to be grumpy with me 😭
Anyway, I hope your day is going well bby 💕😊
grumpy puppy iwa bye i love him sm <33 HIS POUT AND HIS LITTLE FROWN, he’d be so huffy and sit with his arms crossed on the couch 😖😖 pls i feel like he’s someone who’d get all huffy if you were grumpy with him PAHAHAHA MARRY ME SIR 💍✨ !!!
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starry-stargazer · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@southside-slyther1n tagged me in a selfie thing, sooo here’s my face.
Happy Thursday 😁
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iced-souls · an hour ago
yo, you know in the Undertale fandom there’s the villain squad guys, so nightmare sans, killer sans, dust tale sans, horror sans, and yeah? but you know how they’re all sans? so a sans squad that goes around killing other aus people. 
so what if there was another killing squad but all based on other characters from different aus? so like a bundle of undynes or alphys’s or somebodies.
But what if there was an entire au where they figured out how to travel aus, but they decided to kill everybody what not. so an au entirely dedicated to killing dudes in aus. and then their home base is their au. 
yoooo im getting ideas.....
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ranmaruapologist · an hour ago
how did my aunt get my number im kinda worried
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enhacafe · an hour ago
hey besties :D how are y'all??
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hermitcraftheadcanons · 2 hours ago
The first time EX tried to threaten Cleo, she attacked him before he finished speaking. Frustrated, he asked her if she had any respect for the sanctity of villainous monologues, at which point she replied nope, her best friend was Joe, and if she had any regard for monologues she'd never get a word in edgewise.
Xisuma always lets him finish monologuing! Xisuma wouldn't kick him in the shins when he wasn't looking, either. Well, as Cleo informs him, she is very much not Xisuma. Get used to it. Now, square up - for the sake of the "sanctity" of your hitpoints. >:)
- Mod Shade
(As a side note - I guess this blog is RayveeHeadcanons now, because wow that's a lot of asks in a row...thank you so much for your quality ideas!)
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another-confused-ace · 2 hours ago
sobs in 4'11 I wanna steal some of your guy's height 🕺🕺
Awww don't worry I'm sure someone can venmo u some cm :)
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duskkei · 2 hours ago
Good luck on summer classes,..!! Dont overwork yourself & stay hydrated bc H20 is important or something like that! In any case read Hawks smut to stay sane ! I'm an anon you don't know about but I here by claim myself as 🔪 Anon because knifes are cool.
ty so much bubs !!! hehe, I’ll try not to lose my sanity,,,,, keyword try jdhidhidh </3
but yes, I already have a whole binging list imma be going on :’) probs gonna write a lil comfort here n there when I need cuz brain is not gonna be able to be H Word so maybe I’ll get some good ideas through this suffering JAGSIHWIHW 💔
mhm mhm I agree knives are very cool n sexy, welcome to do club bby, ‘m very glad to have you <33
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complexparadox00 · 2 hours ago
Good morning 🌄,
How could it not be? Waking up to a new day, new experiences, and the unknown of what's to come. Care for self, your loved ones, and strangers that need you. I hope your day becomes a memorable an amazing experience. I would love it if on every good morning message you would share with me how your day went, the people you encountered, and a funny what happened to me moment. After you're relaxed and have the time share your daily experiences please share below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Tumblr media
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clo-verfield · 2 hours ago
He hooks his thumbs into the waistband of your panties, carefully pulling them down and throwing them over his shoulder. Eyes locked with yours, he settles onto his stomach, head nestled between your thighs as he puts your legs over his shoulders. He presses a kiss against your inner thigh, then turns his face to slowly lick a stripe up your slit, kissing your clit gently.
*I prop myself up with my elbows, my eyes locked with his. I breath in a sharp breath as he kisses my inner thigh. My eyes flutter shut, my jaw dropping in a silent gasp feeling his tongue on me*
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