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#harry styles pictures
princehairsupremacy · 5 days ago
Omg I've just read the request that i send to you and it IS SO FUCKING AMAZING. Can you do a second part? Pleasee?🥺 (it was the one about Harry having a crush and y/n sat on his lap)
I love it soooo much, you're great
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Part 1
Word Count: 8.3k
Watch me do a Harry POV to do something different also read part 1 first but it isnt really needed if you dont want to !
I used she/her pronouns in this btw♡︎
No this is not the pegging fic and no i didn’t exactly finish it
Warnings: smut; bit of choking, spanking, unprotected vaginal sex, oral (f receiving), face riding, masturbation, dry humping?, edging, dom!h but also some of sub!h, idk touching?, handcuffing, degradation, sucking on fingers, swearing, handjob, fingering
Tumblr media
You stopped your hips and looked back at him. "I think we should leave." You stood up and Harry stood up right after you, following you as you both basically speed walked to the exit of the event. Hopefully, this was going to be a fun and different night together, definitely different from your usual nights together anyway.
Is this actually happening? Is she actually taking me to my car after practically fucking dry humping me in public? I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming. I mean, I have to be, this would not ever be happening otherwise. She’s not interested in me, but this seems like a good dream so far.
Shit shit, I can see my mum, she cannot see us leaving like this together. I grabbed Y/N’s arm and dragged her over a different way. “My mum’s there and she’ll stop us and have questions about us leaving.”
“Oh okay, can we even get to your car this way?” I looked around and slapped my forehead, the only way to my car is past my mum and that is not fucking happening. “Come on, we’ll find something. Maybe she’s moved somewhere else.”
I peeked around the corner and saw her turned away, talking to some other guest there. “If we walk really fast we can get past her without her seeing us.” I moved my hand down to hers and started walking, smiling when we walked past my mum and she didn’t turn around.
“Harry!” Fucking shit. I twisted my head around, oh no my mum had spotted us at the last minute, why me? “Oh, Y/N. Come here guys.”
I sighed and turned around, quickly letting go of Y/N’s hand when I realised I was still holding on to it. My mum narrowed her eyes but thankfully didn’t mention it. “Are you guys leaving?”
“Y/N doesn’t feel well and I drove her here so I was going to take her home and get her in bed.” She looked at Y/N and pursed her lips.
“Looks fine to me.” She brought her hand up and pressed the back of it against Y/N’s forehead. “No temperature. Why are you guys really leaving?”
“I told you, Y/N doesn’t feel well, okay?” She slapped my arm lightly and I flinched, stepping back from her. “Ow!”
“Don’t lie to me. You were holding her hand.” I pressed my lips together and she raised her eyebrows, shaking her head at me. “Just go, I don’t want to know anymore.”
“Okay, I’ll go.” I’m gonna fucking kill myself, I want to die now, immediately. Well, after I do what I plan on doing then I want to die immediately. My mum turned around and I grabbed Y/N’s hand quickly, walking away with my head down in shame. “I hope I die today or never see my mum again.”
“It’s fine, you’re a grown man. Everyone does it.” I don’t want my fucking mum to know, regardless. Oh god, and she knows it’s Y/N, I’m never going outside. I’m never taking the risk of seeing her ever again. “Just forget about it.”
We stepped outside to the car park in the front of the building and I scrunched my face up, where did I park my car. “Shit, do you remember where I parked?”
“Uh, yeah? Over there.” She pointed to the right and I looked over, oh it is over there. I’m so fucking stupid sometimes. “How do you even forget where your own car is and I remember?”
“Just forget about it.” I grinned at her and she let go of my hand, starting to walk towards the car herself. “Don’t leave me, wait!” I speed walked to her and raised my hand up, opening it up and waiting for her to take my hand again. “Y/N, hold my hand.”
“Hold it.”
“Just hold it.”
“No, shut up.” I huffed and dropped my hand back down to my side, pouting like a little fucking kid as I walked to car beside her. “Oh stop with the little sad face, that’s not getting you anything.”
“Oh, I’m not getting anything? So you just want me to drive you home and then I’ll go to mine?” She gave me an aggravated look and grabbed my hand, squeezing it tightly. “Um, ow.”
“Deal with it, you giant baby.” I pulled her closer with my hand and stopped us, leaning down and puckering my lips.
“Give me a kiss.” She raised her hand and pushed my face away, looking at me with disgust. “Hey, give me a kiss. You’re just rude now, give me a kiss.” I brought my hands up to her face and she pushed them away.
“Harry, we’re in public.” I stepped back, oh, forgot about that. No one knows about us yet, forget about my mum, because this is just happening today and now. It’s private. It’s not even a relationship. Yet? “Sorry, I’m just not really wanting to do public affection like that right now. Let’s just get to the car.”
“Okay.” I gave her a smile to hide my sadness about the slight rejection and let go of her hand since she obviously wasn’t comfortable with that at the moment. “No pressure, you don’t have to do anything.” She smiled at me and walked in front of me to the car.
I jogged to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her before she could. “Already trying to score brownie points...” She grinned at me as she leaned down and sat in her seat.
“Not trying to score brownie points, ‘m just a proper gentleman.” I closed her car door and walked to the drivers side on the right, quickly getting in and buckling my seat belt. I pressed my foot down on the brake pedal and inserted my key into my car, twisting it. I let go of my keys and moved my hand to my gear, switching it to ‘drive’. I quickly released the parking brake, moving my foot to the gas pedal and pressing down on it gently, starting to move out of the parking space.
“You look hot when you do that.” My eyebrows raised and I looked at Y/N for a second before turning back to the road and focusing on what I was doing.
“I look hot while turning the car on?” She licked her lips and shrugged her shoulders, moving her hand to my thigh. “No affection?” She moved her hand slowly up and down my thigh, squeezing it once or twice.
“You don’t just turn the car on when you do that.” I placed my hand on top of hers on my thigh and stopped it. “Let me touch you, Harry.”
“While I’m driving? I’ll crash.” I nudged her hand off my thigh and her shoulders slumped, she crossed her arms and moved her legs away from me, staring outside the passenger window. “I can touch you though. If you want.”
She spread her thighs a little and I let go of the steering wheel, trusting myself to be able to drive with one hand. My hand landed on her thigh and she kept staring out the window but I noticed her thighs part even more. “Quickly.” Quickly? I’m trying not to crash.
“Okay. Do you want me to take your underwear off or just-“
“I’ll just take them off, Harry. Don’t worry.” I gulped as her hands disappeared underneath the loose part of her dress and she pulled her underwear down her legs. “Oh, where am I meant to put them?”
“Um, your bag? Wait, you don’t have a bag. Give them to me.” I opened up my hand and she placed her underwear on my palm. I looked down at my hand and cleared my throat, quickly raising my hips and stuffing them in my pocket, dropping my butt back down onto the seat when I got them in.
“Hey! You didn’t say you were going to be a little pervert about it!” I gave her a little smirk and I moved my hand back to her thigh, rubbing it up and down her inner thigh. “If you’re going to touch me just do it already.”
“Not with that attitude.” She gave me an irritated look and I smiled back at her. “Obviously joking, ha, I will touch you.” I slid my hand under her dress and tightened my hand around the wheel when I felt her wetness on the pads of my fingertips. “Fuck...”
I started to rub slowly where I thought her clit was but I literally can’t see anything and I’m guessing I didn’t get it my first time because she grabbed my arm and turned towards me. “Up.”
“Oh, sorry.” I move my middle finger up and she nods so I start to rub in slow circles, that was embarrassing. I dragged my middle finger back down and slowly moved it into her, I guess me turning the car on really did turn her on as well? But what about it? That’s what I’m not getting.
I moved my ring finger into her too and she grabbed my arm again but I don’t think she was stopping me this time, just looking for something to grip onto and going with my arm. “Move your fingers, stupid.”
“I’m sorry, I’m trying not to crash while I’ve got my fingers in you!” She dug her nails into the skin of my arm slightly and I winced. “Okay, okay.” So mean for pleasure. I mean, I don’t mind much.
I pulled my fingers back until just the tip of them were still inside then moved them back in, repeating this action and over time moving my fingers faster. “That’s better...” Her nails dug into my skin again, at least this time it was out of pleasure and not utter annoyance.
I quickly looked around at the cars around us while we stopped at a red light , once I’d shifted to the right gear of course, everyone seemed to be oblivious to what was happening, thank god. I looked at her while I could, first looking at the way my arm was moving and then my eyes wandered up to her face, her head was pressed against her seat and she had her mouth open with her eyes almost falling shut. I fucking wish we weren’t in the car right now, I want to fuck her so badly.
I turned back towards the light and they were already yellow so I shifted the gear from what it was on and pressed down on the gas pedal when it turned green, moving my fingers faster and hearing her let out a little moan and then she slapped her hand over her mouth. “No, don’t hide them.”
She dropped her hand back down to her side and I shifted my hips, at least there’s not that much more driving to do, I don’t think I could survive that.
I took the left into my street and quickly parked the car, I’ve never really been good at parking honestly. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and she frowned but widened her eyes when I looked her in the eyes and put my fingers in my mouth and sucked them. “Harry you can’t that.”
“And why not?” I grinned and unbuckled my seatbelt, showing her the cheeky grin on my face before getting out of the car. I frowned when I saw that she had already got out too when I was going to open her door for her again.
“Too late, sorry mr. gentleman.” I rolled my eyes at her antics and grabbed my keys out of my back pocket, walking to the door and sticking the key in the lock, twisting it and unlocking it, I walked in the door and held it open and she walked in, it seemed I was pressed up against the door as soon as it had shut, there were like no seconds in between the door shutting and me being against it.
“Woah there.” I grabbed onto her shoulders and turned us around, making her be pressed up against the door instead. “I don’t think so.”
“What, you’re too insecure to let me take a little control?”
“I just prefer to be in control, y’know?” She shrugged her shoulders and softly grasped my hands, bringing one to her shoulder and the other to her neck.
“Be in control then, Harry.” I stepped closer to her and closed my fingers around her neck, pressing my fingers into her skin, I like her but I also want to hurt her and fuck her until she can’t do it anymore and she’s at her breaking point, is that normal? Maybe. “Let yourself do what you want to me.”
“Trust me, I’m going to do that.” I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers, this kiss made it feel like time stopped when I done it, my heart was pounding in my chest and my knees were getting weaker every second. I could only focus on the fact that her lips felt so soft against mine and how I was already addicted, how I wanted to do this forever.
It felt like just raw emotion when we were kissing, we weren’t kissing because we felt like we had to, we were kissing because we felt like we wanted to. I’m not sure if my mind was tricking me with this moment right now but if this were to be a dream, I would be devastated to ever wake up from it.
I pulled back a little for some air and opened my eyes to sneak a peek at her pretty face before moving back in. I took my hand away from her neck and brought it down to her hand and I swear my heart skipped a beat when she intertwined her fingers with mine. Now just didn’t feel like the time to have my fingers around her neck, this moment felt too sweet for it in my opinion.
I think my whole body was tingling at the moment and I pressed myself against her, making sure to keep my lips right against hers. I felt her fingers go under my shirt and lay against my stomach and my heart stopped for a moment, her fingers were cold...
I gasped against her lips at the feel of her hand on my skin and groaned when her nails scratched my stomach, just the feeling of her was amazing, I didn’t ever want her to leave me now, I need her. My stomach was in a knot every time she’s around and a few years ago I started to notice some beautiful little details of her that I hadn’t even thought about before.
She smelt so good, no matter what, I didn’t care, she smelt good, it was one of the first things I noticed. Then I started to notice how jumpy I’d get when we touched or even accidentally touched but I didn’t want her to let go at the same time, it was the strangest thing to me when I first started feeling it but now I understand, I was starting to develop feelings. It was like in the movies when the best friend finally realises he’s in love with her and she’s the only one he’ll ever need.
My skin crawled with goosebumps as I felt her start to unbutton my shirt with her delicate fingers, how long had we been kissing now? Not long enough. Whatever perfume she was wearing right now was bloody intoxicating, I took every opportunity I could to take a deep breath in through my nostrils because the smell was just that addicting to me.
I brought my hand up from her shoulder and laid it softly on her cheek, stroking her skin with my thumb. I had no fear over my growing crush on her because now I knew she felt the same, hopefully it could only go up from here.
She pulled back and took a deep breath in, pressing her hand to her chest and giggling. “That was the best kiss I’ve ever had, H.”
“Let’s do it again then.” She parted her lips and I leaned back in, moving my tongue in through her parted lips this time. I tilted my head to the side and she tilted hers the opposite way. I started to move backwards towards the bedroom, trying to kiss her at the same times but this is not as easy as they make it look in the movies.
I kept walking backwards and then suddenly tripped over something, almost landing on my ass in front of her. I looked down and spotted a stray wire, I let out a frustrated noise and kicked it away. “I wish you fell, that would have been so fucking funny.”
“Ugh, that’s so rude.” I gave up on trying to kiss her and turned around, still keeping her fingers intertwined with mine as I entered the bedroom. I sat at the edge and she got on my lap, giving me a sweet smile. “I can’t believe this is happening still.” I said it in such a vulnerable tone, I never really sound like that.
“Aw.” I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like if everyone know what we were doing, especially our friends, they were always betting on us getting in a relationship or at least hooking up. It was annoying and it made me blush but I also crossed my fingers at the same time when they mentioned it, I wanted it to happen for so long and now it is. “It’s happening, baby.”
She started to grind her hips and my eyes snapped down to my lap, I did not expect her to do that already. I reached my hands up to her face and pulled her face down so that her lips touched mine again, I needed to kiss her again. Her lips were already swollen and plump from the time we kissed before but I didn’t care, her kiss was so addicting.
I nibbled at her bottom lip and she pressed her hips down harder against mine, making me shudder and let go of her bottom lip that was caught between my teeth. “Fucking hell, keep doing that.”
“That feel good?” I sucked in a breath through my teeth as she finished unbuttoning my shirt and pushed it down my shoulders and off my arms. She licked her lips and leaned down, sucking one of my nipples.
“Shit. Shit. Shit! Please.” I desperately pleaded her, her hands grabbed onto my belt loops and she tugged at them. “Love, stop.” She immediately stopped what she was doing and leaned back with a concerned face.
“Sorry, did you not want me to do that?” I grabbed onto her hips and shifted her onto my thigh.
“No, it was good. Just wanted to move you onto my thigh.” I pushed her hips forward and her mouth dropped open in realisation. “Go on, pretty girl. Go and get yourself off with my thigh.” She gave me an unsure look but moved her hips against my thigh anyway.
I felt like I was fucking aching for her touch, my body was yearning for it and screaming at me to be selfish and focus on my pleasure but I knew I was always coming second to her. “I want to make you cum until you feel like you can’t fucking do it anymore.”
“I want you to do it too.” She choked out, too focused on moving herself against my thigh. I flexed my thigh and she let out a pleasurable noise, that’s the exact sound I want to hear if I ever see the gates of heaven honestly, utterly perfect.
“Why don’t you take your clothes off, love? It’ll feel better.” She got up and started to take off the leggings she had on while I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers, lifting my hips up and dragging them down my legs. Pink lace, pink lace. She’s wearing pink lace. I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m alright.
She sat back on my thigh, right on my tiger tattoo. Fuck, she’s hot. The skin of her thighs was glistening from sweat and it just made her look fucking delicious, her exposed thighs were simply beautiful. Every part of her was so fucking beautiful, I had a new greed for her body that kept developing more and more as we continued.
Her skin glistened and glowed under the pale light in my room that I’d put in, I could stare forever. Her hips rutted against my thigh and I felt that my eyes really were tricking me, she was getting herself off on the tiger tattoo in pretty pink lace. 100% a dream.
“I can’t do this anymore.” Her hips stopped and her eyes widened when I said it. “I need to get my tongue on you.” I watched her shuffle off my thigh and she turned around and bent down as she grabbed her underwear and pushed them down her legs, giving me the ultimate view of her ass. “I’m gonna grab something, you can wait here for me.”
I stood up and she grabbed my hand pulling me towards her. “You leaving me all alone, H? Can’t guarantee I won’t do something bad.”
“Just sit on the bed and fucking wait for me, be a little patient. I’m not even going to leave the room.” I gave her a warning look and then walked past her, to my drawers where I kept my stuff...that I like to use.
“What’re you getting there?” I pressed my lips together and didn’t answer her, she can wait and see. “Harry, what are you getting?”
“Fucking hell, just wait. You’ve waited 1 minute, probably less.” I opened the drawer and grabbed the fluffy red Gucci handcuffs I owned, I hope she likes these.
Tumblr media
(in case you’ve never seen the handcuffs)
I held them up and then turned around. “How do you feel about these?” She covered her mouth and giggled a little bit, shit, did she not like them? Did I just fucking embarrass myself? “Oh, I’m guessing that’s a no, I’ll put them away. Forget about it.”
“No! Don’t put them away! I just didn’t expect you to have fluffy red handcuffs, but I don’t mind them.” I walked over and grabbed her wrists with my left hand. “You going to cuff me, Harry?”
“Yeah, ‘m gonna fucking cuff yeh. Move back then get on your hands and knees for me, okay?” She furrowed her brows together but moved back, I don’t think she was getting what I was going to do today. I crawled up on the bed towards her when she finally turned around onto her hands and knees and kneeled beside her. “Give me your hands.”
She leaned back onto her heels and held her hands out for me, watching in curiosity as I raised them towards the headboard and cuffed her hands together. “I thought you wanted to, in your words, get your tongue on me.” She leaned forward and grabbed onto the headboard, resuming her position before except her hands were now in a different place.
“I will, I’ll just be under you.” Her head quickly turned towards me and I gave her a cheeky grin before getting behind her, parting her thighs. “You already wet for me?”
“Yeah...” I brought my hand to her ass and squeezed it softly, such beautiful skin.
I laid down under her, my face was below hers and she looked down at me. “Come on, get on m’face.” She moved forward on her knees until she was right above my face and I grabbed onto her hips, pulling her down onto my mouth.
I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, pressing the tip against her clit. I heard that it’s good to just do the alphabet until you find what get’s her thighs shaking and her letting out some moans.
Okay. A. B. C. D. E
Oh a reaction for e. Let’s go with e then.
I moved my tongue in an e shape a few times then flicked it up and down, I looked up and she was watching me, she finally let out a moan when I moved my tongue in an e shape against her clit. Her thighs pressed against the sides of my head and I reached my hands up, grabbing onto her ass.
I moved my right hand back slightly and then brought it back down on her ass, slapping it. “Woah!” She pushed her hips down on my mouth and her thighs squeezed around my head a little tighter. Fucking suffocate me if you have to. “Do it again.”
I brought my hand down on her ass again, but harder, way harder this time. I wanted to hurt her...but in a good way! “I like that.” I lifted both of my hands up to her ass and made her move her hips, she tightened her grip on the headboard and started to grind on my tongue on her own. I hope I can do this again and again and again and again.
I sucked on her clit softly and she moaned my name, yes, boost my ego baby. “Shit, Harry. I feel it.” I sucked on her clit harder for a few seconds then pushed her away from my mouth. “What’re you doing, you asshole?”
“I’m doing what I want.” I sat up and she sat herself down on my thighs, her arms resting on my shoulders since her hands were still cuffed behind me. I raised my hand up and pressed it against her throat, my 4 fingers gripping the right side of her neck and my thumb pressing into the skin on the left side of her neck.
“I want to touch you, can’t you let me out the handcuffs for a minute?” She could beg and plead all she wanted but I was going to do this my why, I was going to do what I pleased, unless she told me to stop. “Please, Harry.”
“No, I’m doing what I fucking want with you, don’t ask me to do anything. Fuck, I just want to get my tongue on you again.” I let go of her neck and brought my hand to the neckline of her dress, thank god it was strapless. “Can I move this down?”
“Yeah.” I gripped the neckline with both of my hands and pulled it down until her chest was exposed, groaning when it was revealed that she didn’t wear a bra under her dress. “Can’t you take the rest of your clothes off, H?”
“You’re in my lap, I can’t exactly do that right now.” She raised her hands and brought them over my head then moved herself off me and I raised my eyebrows, she just loves testing me, huh? “Wow, real smart.”
“I know. Take your clothes off, you can do it now.” I rolled my eyes and smiled as I grabbed onto the waistband off my boxers and caught her stare.
“Maybe I shouldn’t take them off, since you think you can just tell me to do it.” She huffed impatiently and leaned forward, grabbing onto my boxers herself. “You can’t just-“ She pulled them down until they were at the middle of my thighs and then leaned back. “Come here.”
“I’m sorry-“
“Come here.” She sat back on my thighs and avoided eye contact. “What made you think you could do that? I didn’t tell you to.” I grabbed her chin and tilted her head up so she was looking at me. “Tell me what made you think you could just do what you want.”
“I was just getting impatient, I know I shouldn’t have.”
“What a bad fucking excuse. Might as well actually take them off. Hurry up.” I let go of her chin and she grabbed my boxers again, pulling them off my legs. “Are you listening now? I might un-cuff you if you use your mouth right.”
“I’m listening, Harry. I’m sorry.” She’s such a talker, I wonder if she sucks as good as she always does in my dreams. She always leaves me satisfied and I leave her satisfied, always good fucking dreams than I hope I’m going to re-live right now. “You said you were going to use your tongue on me.”
“Can’t a guy change his mind when the person he’s in bed with is a fucking brat?” Admittedly, I did honestly want to use my tongue like I do in almost every dream I have but...I can’t just let her think that she can do something when I didn’t tell her to do it or I told her not to do it. “You said you were listening so why the fuck are you questioning me, anyway?”
“I didn’t want to question you, I was just looking forward to...never mind I’ll-“
“No, just don’t. I can’t even be bothered anymore, that’s how fucking annoying you’re being. Get off my lap and lie on your back like a good girl would.” She got off me and I bit my lip at her obedience, this is still a little strange at times but I’m not going to stop it, I’m enjoying myself so much. “You don’t get to come again, because of how much you’ve pissed me off.”
“What? You don’t have to do that, Harry. I’m sorry. Don’t do that again, please.” She had a pleading tone to her voice and I rolled my eyes, she can take what she gets. “Please don’t, I said sorry?”
“Talking is not making this any better, be quiet or I’ll have to put something in your mouth to shut you up. But you don’t even deserve that, the most you deserve is getting to suck on my fingers.”
“Can I?” I should’ve expected her to say that. “Please?” She probably doesn’t deserve it actually...but I just really want to see this, badly. I placed my index and pointer finger on my right hand on her lips and she opened them, letting me move my fingers into her mouth slowly.
“You just love having something to suck on, don’t you? You love sucking on whatever you can get from someone, baby? Lay back like I told you to now.” She grabbed my arm and slowly moved onto her back, I looked down at her body and shivered. Mine. “Need my fingers back, love.”
She shook her head and I pulled my fingers out her mouth myself. “You better start doing things when I tell you to. You’re a brat. That’s what you like to be though, isn’t it? A fucking annoying brat. You want someone to be in control of you but you don’t make it easy for them. You don’t deserve me touching you right now, do it yourself.”
“W-what?” I pushed her thighs apart and grabbed onto her hand, making her move it down her body until she got to her lower stomach. “You actually want me to do it myself?”
“Yeah, I want you to do it yourself, so do it.” I let go of her hand and she started to move it down herself, stopping for a moment. “No reason to be scared or anything, you can do it in front of me, I’m not going to judge you or make fun of you. Don’t have to if you don’t want to though.” 
“I can do it. I can.” She moved her hand down and then stuck out her middle finger, pressing it down on her clit and then moving it in circles. What a sight.
“Easier than you thought, innit. Just keep going, you have to listen to what I say though.” She nodded her head and closed her eyes, keeping her finger moving at a slow and steady pace. I can’t believe it took me so long to realise that I love her.
I love her so much. I want to be with her in every way. I want to be with her through every emotion I ever feel for the rest of my life. I want to be with her when I’m sad, I want to be with her when I’m happy, I want to be with her through it all. I want a family, but if she doesn’t want that, that’s okay too, I can live with it. All of it’s going to be for her now. Just for her.
When I touch her, I feel my face burning up, she teased me about it but I don’t think she knew it was because of her. It’s like I’m an obsessed teenage boy who just discovered that he’s into people, I can’t stay away from her. I really do need her. She may tease me but she’s always been so sweet to me, even when other people weren’t, she was.
She always helped me out, even helped me out with my crush, I don’t think I actually liked them, just couldn’t accept that I liked her yet and just tried to pick someone else to focus on instead. It didn’t work, she was around me so much constantly. I wonder if she felt the same.
Was she as obsessed as I was? Was she not able to sleep because she could only think about me too? Probably not. Imagine staying awake because of some boy with curly hair, that’d be pretty weird. No one would have thought about me like that, especially her.
I want to be good to her.
“Harry...please touch me, feels better.” Need to be good to her.
“Yeah, I can do that. I’ll do it. Move your hand.” She lifted her hand away and I licked my lips. Right, fuck...what am I doing? Well I know what I’m doing, I think. Doing her. “Do you want me to touch you or do you want me to...”
“You’ve suddenly gotten shy? Do what you want, Harry. Actually...I haven’t got to touch you since we started this. Will you let me?” As if I’m going to tell her no, that would just be pure stupidity.
“Yeah, of course.” She sat up and I moved beside her, this is really weird now. Like...I thought about it? But now it’s actually happening? I just didn’t think it would happen. This moment is very surreal for me. I don’t even care if we stop right now anymore, just want her here with me. How it should be. “Of course, no pressure to do this-“
“Harry, I asked.”
I remember the first day I realised I liked her, I was 14 or 15, I really was starting to notice her then that day it just clicked in my mind.
I looked at her and I knew. That day...she also asked me to kiss her for the first time, but not for the reason I would’ve wanted.
Tumblr media
11 years ago, Harry’s room.
Mum let Y/N come over today, it is summer, there’s not much of a reason for her to say no. I looked over at her and saw her scrolling through her phone and I let out a puff of air through my lips out of boredom.
“Oh, what is it?” I looked over at her on her spot on the floor, I laid back and let my head hang off of the edge of the bed, keeping my eyes on her. “You look weird when you’re upside down like that, stupid.”
“Thanks a lot. I’m bored, don’t you want to do something except go on your new phone? What on there could possibly be more interesting than me?” She grinned and I groaned, she definitely had something to tell.
“Well, you know Aidan?” I nodded my head and closed my eyes, Aidan’s a nice guy but he’s nothing compared to me. But I, of not trying to make a move on Y/N. “Well, he gave me his number and we’ve been texting non-stop, I’m really excited about it, he’s such a good guy.”
“Pfft, I’m better. I’m sure anyone would rather hang out with me than Aidan. I’m a good guy too, I’ve always treated you good, haven’t I?” She raised an eyebrow and I slapped my hand over my mouth, why do I sound jealous? “Please, I just want you to hang out with me when you come over.”
“You really are needy. Fine.” She clicked the off button on the side of her phone and stood up, walking over to the side of the bed. I felt something on my stomach and lifted my head up, she laid her head on my stomach. Made me feel funny. “What are we going to do then?”
“You want to go out somewhere, we could go in my back garden? Treehouse?” Her head perked up and she slapped my stomach lightly. “Um, ow?”
“You’re a genius, treehouse it is then.” She stood up and I forced myself to sit up, raising my arms and stretching my back to try to get it to maybe crack, it fucking hurt getting up after being it that position. “C’mon lazy, get up.”
“I am, I am. Fucking hell.” I grabbed my shoes that were just beside the bed and quickly put them on, getting up and following behind her as she opened my door and made her way out of my room. “I swear you walk around this place like you live here sometimes...”
“I basically do.”
“That’s very true.” She reached behind her and grabbed my hand, I felt my face immediately heating up and she didn’t even react as she dragged me behind her while she walked down the wooden stairs. “It’s just the treehouse, it’s not going anywhere, you don’t need to hurry.”
“I want to hurry though, I like the treehouse.”
“Do you use me for my treehouse?”
“Yes.” I gasped and she squeezed my hand tightly, making me let out a yelp of pain. “Don’t act like you didn’t know that the only reason I hang out with you is for Gemma and your treehouse. I’ve always liked Gemma better than you by the way.” I rolled my eyes and pulled on her arm so that she stopped.
“If we run anymore I’m probably going to get a stitch. Also, I’m much better than Gemma don’t lie, you always hang out with me when you’re here.” I could just imagine that sharp pain in my side, fuck no, it’s the worst, I’ll do all I can to avoid getting a stitch.
“I hang out with you so that our friendship can build up and I can break your heart so much you’ll never forget me, baby.” Friend-zoned and called baby in the same sentence, okay. “Nah, don’t worry. Still love you.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek, quickly turning back around and dragging me out of the house to the back garden with her.
She just kissed my cheek. She just kissed my cheek? I brought up to my cheek and held it there as we walked out of the door to my garden. I got to slap myself, got to wake up. I raised my hand and brought it down onto my cheek, groaning when she turned around at the slapping noise and I learned it wasn’t a dream and I’ve just embarrassed myself. “Did you just slap yourself?”
“I felt something on my cheek, thought it was a fly or something, I hate them.” She raised her eyebrow to show that she was unconvinced and let go of my hand, walking away from me to the ladder that led to the treehouse.
“Whatever, let’s go up.”
“Wait! I need to go up and...clean...” She gave me a cheeky smile and grabbed onto the ladder, quickly moving up it. “Wait! Stop!”
“Nope!” I went up the ladder after her, quickly realising I had to stare at the ladder as I went up because she chose to wear a dress today. “What’re you hiding in here?...” She made her way into the treehouse and I went in after her. “Is this a diary?”
“No! Don’t read it!”
She opened up the first page and started to read it aloud. “I’ve been feeling different about her lately-“ I grabbed the personal little diary from her quickly and closed it, squeezing the edges tightly and probably causing some damage from how tightly I was gripping it. “Aw, have you got a little crush on someone, Harry? Who is she that you’re talking about?”
“None of your business!” I placed the book behind me and crossed my arms. “Just leave it alone...”
“Hm, alright...have you kissed anybody yet?” Should I lie or tell the truth? The truth is a little too embarrassing but I don’t like lying to her.
“Uh, no. Have you?”
“No...the reason I asked is well...I don’t want to go out with Aidan without even kissing anyone, so I was going to ask if...could you kiss me?” Woah woah woah, did she just actually ask me to kiss her? Pause, this can’t be right. “Please? It’ll feel like it’s over as quickly as it started, promise.”
“Yeah, I can totally kiss you. Just because you asked.” I should totally not be getting butterflies right now. “Let’s do it quickly. If we wait, I’m not going to be able to do it.”
“Right, okay...” I crossed my legs and sat in front of me, copying the way I crossed my legs. “Come here, then.”
I lifted my hand up to her cheek and leaned my upper body forward towards her, this is so normal. I closed my eyes and pursed my lips, just moving forward until I felt her lips against mine. Fuck.
I think I’ve figured out what the butterflies mean.
Tumblr media
“Harry, are you alright? It’s like you’re somewhere else.” She snapped her fingers in front of my face and I turned my head to look at her. How the hell did I drift away while this was happening. “Do you still want to do this?”
“I still want to, I just went somewhere else for a second, sorry.” Her hand landed on my thigh and I stared down at it, I think it just actually hit me what we’re doing, she’s going to try and...get me off? Ew, can’t believe I just said that, sorry.
“Okay.” Her hand moved up my thigh and I turned my head towards her again. “Relax, there’s no pressure to continue anymore.”
“I just need you to kiss me, I don’t feel pressured.”
“I can do that.” I lifted up to her cheek like I did that first time and leaned in towards her, pressing my lips against hers and moving my hand down to her throat but I didn’t squeeze tightly in case she didn’t want it.
I felt her hand close around my cock and I pressed my fingers into the skin of her neck. She pulled back from my lips and moved to my neck as she started to move her head, twisting it when she moved her hand up. “Uh-“
She started to suck my skin between her teeth and I moved my hand to the back of her head, keeping her there. “Fucking h-“ Her hand started to move faster and I squeezed my hand around her throat tighter, I could barely see anymore, my vision was so blurry from the pleasure.
She pulled back from my neck and I let go of her throat, instead choosing to grip the bedsheets because I don’t want to hurt her too bad. “You can’t even speak, can you?” She reached up and wrapped her fingers around my throat like I did before. This is new. But a really fucking good kind of new. “You look a little pathetic, I’m touching you and you can barely speak. I don’t even have to try, do it?”
“No...” I mumbled back my response quietly and she smirked, I’ve never really been the one without power but this is...good. So good.
“Are you not going to speak up? Imagine people knowing that the Harry Styles is actually pathetic and likes to be choked?” Is she degrading me? Why don’t I have a problem with it?
“I’m not ashamed.”
“No? Would you beg on your knees, H?” She stopped moving her hand and let go of my cock, making me whine. “Would you beg for me to touch you?”
“What?” Beg on my knees? She’d probably laugh at me.
“Would you beg on your knees?” She tightened her hand around my throat and I swallowed harshly, what the actual fuck is happening? “Are you nervous, Harry?”
“Pfft, me? Nervous? Nope! I’m just...unsure...about what is happening.”
“It’s okay to be the vulnerable one sometimes, Harry, but only be the vulnerable one if you’re comfortable with it.” She released her grip on my throat and I reached up, laying my hand over hers and making her squeeze my neck tightly again.
“I can be the vulnerable one...well...I can try my best to be the vulnerable one.” I kept my hand over hers and stared at her straight in the eyes, she needs to know I’m being serious since I’m not serious most times, which can cause problems.
“Have you thought about this before? Thought about someone telling you what to do instead of telling them?” I swallowed and contemplated whether I should tell her or not, she wouldn’t embarrass me surely? Then again, it turns out the she rather enjoys humiliating me so I don’t know. “Hurry up and tell me before I stop what I’m doing.”
“Yes! I-I thought about it before but I was too scared to try it or ask someone to try it so I just didn’t...can I touch you?” I reached my left hand out to her and she slapped it away, not harshly but it left a little sting. “Damn!”
“You didn’t even wait after you asked your question, I was going to say no, by the way. You probably wouldn’t have fucking listened anyway.” She squeezed her hand around my neck when she said those last three words and I whimpered at the feeling of pleasure I was getting from the pain. “Oh you like that?”
“Yeah...just let me fucking touch you.” I grabbed her arm and she let go of my throat from shock. “I can’t wait anymore, I was enjoying myself but I’m not patient, I’m not waiting on you any longer.” I pushed her back down onto the bed and crawled over her. “You can just listen to me now.”
“No, you can’t just- I was enjoying myself! Do you know how fun it is making men be the ones begging to be touched?” She pouted her lips and I smiled, too bad.
“How do you expect me to listen when you can’t listen yourself? I’m going to do what I want.” I rested my middle and ring finger on her lips. “Suck ‘em.”
“Fucking do it.” She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, I moved my fingers onto her tongue and she wrapped her lips around them. “Good girl.” I brought my other hand to her cheek and smoothed my thumb back and forth on her skin.
I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and she smirked at me. “That what you wanted?” The small smile I had on my face dropped immediately when I heard her sarcastic tone, she’s trying to annoy me. “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?”
“Fuck, just be quiet.” She wrapped her legs around my waist and I grunted when she pulled me down on top of her. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“I’ve gotten impatient waiting for you too, get on with it.” I placed my hands flat on the bed and lifted my upper body up. “Are you going go fuck me now?”
“No,” She raised her eyebrows and I looked down between our bodies. “Was going to touch you first but you just don’t deserve it anymore. Well, maybe I’ll just keep going until you’re begging me to give you a break.”
“Please...” She said it so quietly that I almost didn’t hear it.
“Didn’t quite hear you, what’s you say?” She clicked her tongue and looked away from me so I moved my hips forward and bit my lip when I felt my cock against her pussy. “Tell me what you said, love.”
“I said...please...” She pleaded and moved my hips forward again and moaned softly in her ear. “Fuck me...”
“I need a condom.” I moved back from her a little bit and she grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
“No, no...I’m on the pill.” I sighed and bit my lip, is it worth the risk? “Please. Need you to fill me up, Harry.” Yup, worth it.
“Okay, okay. I can definitely do that for you.” I looked down and grabbed my cock, moving my hand a bit before positioning myself. “Are you ready for this?”
“So ready.” I pushed into her a little bit then let go of my cock, bringing my hand to her waist and looking back at her face to see her with her eyes shut and her mouth hung open but nothing was coming out of her mouth.
“Shit, you feel good...” I leaned my head down into her neck and sucked at her skin, starting to move my hips slowly. The room was starting to get darker because it was almost night now but the light that was shining onto her skin made her look so good, it felt surreal that she was letting me touch her when she looked this good.
“Harry, go faster.” I gave her neck one last kiss and lifted my head up and drew my hips back, I looked at her eyes that were brighter because of the light and noticed that she was looking back and forth between my eyes and my lips. I thrusted my hips forward suddenly and she let out a moan that I think she wasn’t even expecting to come from her. “Well, that was definitely harder.”
I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers before starting to move my hips again, moving them harder than I was before, I want her at my mercy. “You going to take it like a whore, baby?” What the fuck did I just say. “I mean-“
“Say what you want, it’s not going to scare me.”
I took a deep breath and spoke again. “Take it like a fucking whore.”
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