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#harry stiles
gorgeousgetawaycar · a day ago
Tumblr media
Taylor Swift inspired!
Pairing: Stiles x fem!reader
Summary: Is the friends with benefits relationship between stiles and the reader as simple as it seems? Or will feelings change everything.
Status: Complete
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
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random-fandom-words · 8 days ago
Hey guys! I’m thinking about writing some new headcannons but I don’t have any ideas so if you could send in some that would be great! I had a request for more Xavier but send in others if you’d like :)
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dylanobrienx1d · 10 days ago
— Hey besties! ♡
I'm new here and I hope you likes me c:
° . • I'm liw
° . • I really love cats, music, food, black clothes, storm and ofcourse Dylan O'brien and One Direction
» wattpad @/xloveyaniall
» twitter @/windowsillxnh
love ya'll ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fanfictionatorr · 11 days ago
Hey guys!
Requests Are Open for the following characters:
In your request make sure you add any specifics you would like for the fic otherwise I would have free reign and you run the risk of getting a fic you did not enjoy. Also, if there is a specific gif you would like me to use lmk.
When it comes to length, please let me know how long you want the fic to be:
Short- gif with imagine description above it. (Check page for reference).
Medium- gif with short story or dialogue.
Long- up to 3 gifs with full story and plot.
Teen wolf-
Tumblr media
Stiles Stilinski
Scott McCall
Derek Hale
Liam Dunbar
Brett Talbot
Isaac Lahey
Lydia Martin
Theo raeken
Vampire Diaries-
Tumblr media
Damon Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore
Elena Gilbert
Bonnie Bennett
Katherine Pierce
All American
Tumblr media
Jordan baker
Spencer James
Asher adams
Harry Potter
Tumblr media
Draco malfoy
Ron weasley
* Please note that while I do write smut (18+), I do not always have the mental capacity, imagination or time to be writing it every day. If you do request a smut (18+) fic, please allow me no more than three days to complete it*
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cirque-du-louis · 14 days ago
here the queen of being a circus clown
1. harry plays the role of a gay man in a gay movie
2. he gets nominated for an lgbt award as an lgbt artist
3. he’s part of a gucci campaign that shows how fake hollywood is and that mentions pr stunts
is he slowly coming out or what the hell is happening right now
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marxxinista · 15 days ago
Glad straight guys are caring less about (older ideals of) masculinity but there’s a certain point where it’s just doing a bad job of what gay guys have been doing for years, and then everyone pointing to the mediocre straight dude as an example of way it’s actually stupid, and okay to make fun of what gays are doing
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theliterarymess · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
From 16th April- 19th April
❤️ - CYMA
🧡 - Ask a question about my WIP’s
💛 - I will attempt to make a moodboard! Just tell me who for and the general vibe
💚 - song on shuffle
💙 - give me a headcanon and I will write a small blurb
💜 - choose from the prompts and characters below and I will write a blurb/one shot (idk the difference 😂)
Prince Leopold
Peter Parker
Arvin Russell
Poe Dameron
Stiles Stilinski
Harry Holland
Sam Holland
Isaac Lahey
Simon Lewis
Prompts: (mainly from Pinterest)
‘I’m not pretending’
‘You can touch my hair but don’t mess it up!’
‘You came back’
‘You make me happy’
‘Come find me’
‘Kiss me you twat’
‘Does it ever stop hurting?’
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raeandwhatnot · 22 days ago
Hey y’all! I am opening requests for imagines! You can use the list of dialoge prompts below, or if you just have an idea! You can check out my Masterlist on my page; it’s the pinned post right when you open my page. It shows what I am comfortable writing for! I do NOT do smut! I know I only have Charlie Gillespie/Luke Patterson stuff right now and that is where my inspiration has been recently, but I want to write for other fandoms as well! These promts are from @creativepromptsforwriting. Request away!! :D 
“You make me a better person.”
“Do you want a hug?”
“You’re so cute when you blush.”
“Everything alright?” “I just missed you.”
“I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.”
“That’s so sweet of you.”
“Rough day? Can I make it better?”
“Come on. Let’s go home.”
“Just close your eyes. I will still be here when you open them again.”
“Sure, you can use me as a pillow.”
“I’d come for you. No matter what, when you need me, I will be there.”
“Can you walk? I’d be happy to carry you.”
“This is not who you are. I know you better than that.”
“I know, it hurts. I’m so sorry, but we have to get this out.”
“You can hold my hand.”
“The nightmares are just an illusion. I’m really here.”
“Tell me to stay and I will be here for as long as you’ll have me.”
“It’s okay to be afraid sometimes.”
“Just keep breathing. In and out. You’re doing great.”
“You don’t have to be strong all the time.”
“It’s alright. I’m not going to let go.”
“If you don’t know where to go, you can always come here.”
“You can go to sleep now. I will keep watch.”
“Hey, listen to me. You’re safe. Nothing is going to hurt you.”
“I want you to know that it’s okay to cry.”
“Take all the time you need.”
“If you feel safer with me being there, you know I will always be there.”
“Just look at me. Forget everything else.”
“They won’t take you away from me ever again.”
“You need to keep your eyes open. Just a little longer.”
“Don’t let your fears dictate your life.”
“I’m going to ask you how you are and I would like you to answer me honestly.”
“You don’t have to like me, you just need to pretend you do.”
“I think they bought it. We can leave now.” “No way, this was just 5 minutes and I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Your parents will take one look at me and know it’s fake. I’m just so far out of your league.”
“Are you doubting my acting skills?”
“You know we’re not actually dating, so why did you propose to me in front of my family?” “I’m sorry, I panicked.”
“I know this was all fake but… it felt real to say that I love you.” “And it felt real when I said it back.”
“It’s just going to be for one night and there will be so much food and drinks and it’s all free, you just need to say yes and maybe take my hand a few times that night.”
“There is actually no downside to acting like we would be dating.” “Yes, except the part where people would think I was dating you.”
“If you want this to work out, you eventually have to suck up and hold my hand.”
“Aww, this sounded a lot like you like me.” “I’m just a good actor.”
“What?! No one said anything about consummating the marriage!”
“You’re actually a really good kisser.” “You’re actually very average.”
“I guess we don’t have to pretend any longer.” “Maybe we can just tell the truth from now on.”
“You want to practice kissing to make it believable? How about we practice having an argument and you sleeping on the couch?”
“Not everything was fake… just saying.”
“If you call me one more of those stupid pet names, I will tell everyone the truth!”
“But you have to tell everyone it’s your fault, when we break up.”
“Stop staring at me to distract me!” “Oh, I’m not staring at you to distract you.”
“Thank you, and I’m going to wash the sweater you lent me and give it back to you as soon as possible.” “Oh, please keep it. I like you wearing it.” “Really? I thought it was your favorite one.”
“Why are you blinking like that with your eyes? Is everything ok?” “That was supposed to be a wink!”
“I like your costume, you look very cute.” “Are you making fun of me?”
“It’s so cold, you should hold my hand, so it doesn’t freeze.” “I’m not that cold, I can give you my gloves if you want.”
“Aww, you’re blushing. I like that look on you.”
“You flirt in the most awkward situations.” “You know you love it.”
“I think your parents may like me even more than you.”
“Annoying you is what I’m best at.”
“You’re very lucky I love you.”
“I can’t concentrate, when you look at me like that.” “Well, you should be concentrating on me instead, so…”
“Do you like what you see?” “You know I always do.”
“This is not something I normally like to do, but… I want to try for you.”
“I want this. I want you. In any way I can have you.”
“Sometimes I will probably not like being very affectionate and I just want you to hang in there.”
“I won’t always know how to do this relationship thing. But I’m open to learn.”
“I love you, I’m just not that good at showing it.”
“I was always afraid of being in a relationship, because I can’t always be affectionate like people expect me to be. But you always seem to know how far we can go and I trust you so much.”
“I love that you trust me and I promise you, we will go at your pace and I never want to do anything to lose that trust.”
“I could listen to you all day.”
“Have I already told you how cute you look?”
“One kiss is just never enough.”
“Not to sound cheesy, but your smile really lights up the room.”
“I cannot find the words to describe how I feel about you.”
“Being happy, fortunately coincides with making you happy.”
“Call me when you get home, so I know you’re safe.”
“Tonight was just perfect.”
“However many years we have left, I want to spend them all with you.”
“I have the feeling that you’re trying not to kiss me and I give you permission to just do it.”
“You remembered my favorite food.”
“Sometimes, being with you feels like a dream that I don’t ever want to wake up from.”
“Being half-asleep is a very good look on you.”
“You can always talk to me, I will always be here for you.”
“I’ve missed you so much.”
“You really are dumb. I love you, but you’re an idiot.”
“Are you going to hit me if I kiss you?” “I might if you don’t.”
“Being in love is not a weakness, you know?”
“Are you trying to flirt with me?” “Yes. Is it working?”
“Have you ever felt like this before?”
“Can you take me home?”
“Do you believe in love at first sight?”
“Can I see your beautiful smile?”
“Please, can this moment last forever?”
“Will you still be here tomorrow?”
“Why do we have to get out of bed?”
“Can you feel my heart beating?”
“Is everything a joke to you?”
“It’s my fault, I didn’t listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!”
“Why does everything have to be a struggle with you?”
“I can’t believe you sometimes!”
“Great. Really great, this is just perfect.”
“Why can’t you just let it go?”
“That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard!”
“Maybe you should just leave now.”
“Oh yes, you’re so great.”
“I really don’t understand what’s going on with you sometimes!”
“I will leave now, or I’m going to say things I will regret later.”
“Have you never actually thought about how I would feel about this?”
“Maybe this is it, because I can’t do this anymore!”
“Don’t you dare just walk away right now!”
“This wouldn’t even be a problem, if you wouldn’t make one out of it.”
“How does that make it okay?”
“Do you even listen to yourself?”
“I’m glad I finally get to see who you really are.”
“Stop! Just stop it!”
“Please, don’t make this worse than it already is.”
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random-fandom-words · 23 days ago
I’m gonna go on a small tangent but I just wanna know if anyone who works in non essential retail relates to this. I work at two different stores in a mall and neither of them enforce mask rules. Neither of these stores are anywhere near essential. So I am incredibly frustrated that even though I’m wearing my mask and social distancing (as everyone should) I’m constantly getting exposed my people who feel like they don’t need to wear a mask and put everyone at risk because they don’t want their shopping trip to be slightly inconvenient for them. I’ve had people pull down their masks to cough right next to me and get within half a foot of me while not wearing a mask. I have asthma and it’s not severe usually but I’ve been having to use my inhaler more often and keep coughing and it’s making me kinda nervous. I’m so incredibly frustrated that these people are so selfish that they feel entitled to put my health and everyone else’s at risk. Sorry for the rant I’m just nervous and frustrated
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random-fandom-words · 24 days ago
Imagine your first fictional crush fighting your current fictional crush
(Idea taken from tiktok)
First fictional crush:
Tumblr media
Current fictional crush:
Tumblr media
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cirque-du-louis · 25 days ago
knowing that harry is filming a movie again and there's high chances of getting pics of him at the set alone or with emma when you're at school because of timezones it's not fun at all
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greperkins · a month ago
Tumblr media
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bellamybellamyblake · a month ago
i'm so sorry
i literally suck but i haven't had any motivation to write the 100 recently. every time i try to write it, its either shitty or i just cant come up with one word to use for it lol. i've been reading harry potter for the first time and getting into other shows and its just not in my top favorite shows anymore.
you can thank jason rothenfuckburger for that, he simply just ruined it for me.
i'm lowkey debating writing for other shows/movies. so if you'd like to see that, maybe drop a like? not to be that guy but i genuinely want to know if i can ever find the motivation to ever write again
Peaky Blinders: tommy, finn, john, michael, shelby reader (i haven't seen season 5 though so keep that in mind)
Harry Potter: fred, george, draco, harry, platonic relationships w anyone
Shameless: lip, carl, gallager reader (i have not seen season 9)
Teen Wolf: stiles, isaac, platonic relationships w anyone except theo i cant stand him, i also hate scott but ill write platonic for him
Supernatural: dean, sam, winchester reader
The Irregulars: billy, leo, spike, platonic relationships w any of the kids
The Vampire Diaries: damon, enzo, salvatore reader (NO STEFAN OR ELENA)
Marvel Cinematic Universe: spangles, bucky, spidy, genius billionaire playboy philanthropist guy, platonic relationships w everyone?
The Walking Dead: glenn, carl, platonic realtionships (havent watched season 8 and on, don't plan to)
ily all for still following me lol
the hashtags are my fav characters in that massive ass list
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woodxweasley · a month ago
when worlds collide // Harry Potter fic
Harry Potter x teen wolf crossover
fem!harry, platonic (or is it🥴???) love between fem!harry and scott & stiles
summary: the trio was friends for years, since early childhood, but was it always perfect? Not only boys, but also Harriet was having a secret. What is going to happen now, when the truth has been told?
Harry is Harriet now btw ;)
word count: 2,4K
Words in italics are either narrator’s words or fragments from deathly hallows
requested by @aIaka2109
tagging some people who might be interested: @nerdyblogger06 @laheysdork @blessednereid
— — — — — —
The friendships that we create in our childhood are special. Even if they didn’t last long, they made us the way we are now. However, the ones that survived the hard times are something else. That impact is bigger, stronger, just different, but in a good way.
Being friends with Scott and Stiles for sure was magnificent. When Harriett joined that duo, making it a trio, they definitely weren’t the coolest people at school.
Some considered them quirky, nerdy, and awkward, but it didn’t really matter. They were having the best time, successfully ignoring the chatters.
Sadly, that friendship was challenging. After years of adventures, Harriett had been accepted to Hogwarts. The boys had no clue about the wizarding world, being forced to believe that she had just simply moved abroad.
It broke their hearts, but somehow they managed to spend at least half of the summer together. Harriet found it hard not to tell them everything because going to Hogwarts would be an amazing experience, but she had to follow the rules. Her parents said that it could have horrific consequences, and they just couldn’t risk everything.
Something had changed when Scott joined the supernatural world as well. He felt bad that only Stiles knew about it, but how could he tell Harriett?
He loved her, maybe a little more than a friend normally would, but he could not take the chance and lose Harriet. Imagining it was painful, and it being a reality could literally tear him apart.
But today?
Today was the big day for both sides. Stiles and Scott were only miles away from the Dursley’s house, revising the words from the speech that they prepared. They weren’t sure if they were ready to open up, but it was high time to do it. They cannot keep this secret for long.
The boys were just around the corner when Scott had stopped and tried to focus on his hearing abilities.
“I think something’s happening outside the Dursley’s house. Stay here, I’ll try to take a look and check what the conversation is about”
“No dude, I’ll go with you” Stiles replied eagerly, but Scott only shook his head and peeked, hiding behind the walls of the building.
“I see Dudley, and his parents...but Harriet isn’t there. It looks like they’re moving out. Oh, never mind.” Scott took another quick peek around the corner, “I noticed Harriet, but clearly she’s not going with them. There are two more people, looking rather weird.” He gave a description, leaving Stiles curious.
“But what are they talking about? Something might be wrong. I know they aren’t fond of Harriet’s existence, but would they leave her for no reason?” Stiles asked, as Scott tried to focus one more time.
“The man is named Dedalus, I also hear Dudley saying goodbye to Harriet.”
“So it’s true! They’re leaving her!” Stiles started to panic, pacing around in order to calm himself.
“They will see us if you won’t stay still. Let me continue doing my job.” Scott stated, his tone flat.
“And?” Stiles asked after a few minutes, feeling a little more relaxed.
“Okay, something is definitely wrong. These two people sound like they are not humans at all. They don’t understand how to drive a car.”
“Do you think they’re like you? But you can drive a car… maybe they’re like Malia? Hidden in the woods for years, not knowing what is going on in the world…”
“I mean we can’t reject that option. They might not be werewolves, but even I don’t know every creature from the bestiary. We have to ask Harriet.”
“But when? Are we going to wait until they all disappear? It might take a while.” Stiles started asking a lot of unnecessary questions, but Scott wasn’t listening to him.
“They’ve just left” Scott replied, getting ready to step out of their hiding spot.
“No! Wait a minute. If we go now, she might figure out that we were eavesdropping.” Stiles chimed in.
“Fine. But it shouldn’t matter, since, you know, we want to tell the truth. She will feel obligated to explain it to us as well.”
Harriet was now ready to close the door and sit in the almost empty house alone. She didn’t know if she should feel sad, that everything is changing so fast and is out of control, or happy, because she got rid of the Dursley’s and can taste the freedom that she waited for so long.
She heard the weird sound of someone creeping, immediately feeling in danger.
Harriet held her wand in her hand, just in case the use of Expelliarmus might be needed.
“What are you guys doing?! I was ready to punch you!” She yelled, hiding her wand quickly, hoping that they didn’t see it.
“Thanks for your kind welcome, Harriet.” Stiles replied sarcastically.
“We aren’t here to harm you, darling.” Scott added. “There’s just something that we want to talk about. Can we come in?”
Harriet nodded, and the three found themselves in the kitchen, where Scott had found himself a bottle of water.
“Could you explain why the Dursleys left?” Stiles asked directly, not being able to keep it in.
“Oh, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. It’s a… long story” She tried to avoid this topic, but not today.
The boys were ready to tell everything, and she had to be even with them.
“They were talking about magic. There were two people that didn’t know how to use a car. I don’t think that they were kidding.” Stiles blurted out of nowhere, making Scott split the water of his mouth.
“What we mean is… we heard something while getting there. I know it sounds weird, but honestly, everything is not normal. Please say that you can explain it to us. It won’t frighten us. In fact, we have something not-so-typical to tell you as well.” He said after punching Stiles in the arm because he planned to handle it differently.
“I… don’t know how to start. Even if you won’t be frightened, please just promise me you won’t get mad. I had to keep this a secret.” She started the monologue, making all of them to sit on the floor, so no one could hit his head while fainting.
Telling everything from the start wasn’t the easiest. She had to explain all the weird, unsaid things from their childhood, moving on to the moment when she got to Hogwarts. The stories from the school were definitely her favorite ones because after all these years she was able to share her experience with her friends.
“Woah, after hours of explaining you guys look... not as surprised as I thought you would be. But this is it. What’s your story? Hope I didn’t make you speechless…” Harriet muttered.
“Actually, I think you will feel relieved when you hear our secret. We didn’t get mad at you, so please do the same.” Scott made eye contact with his friend, making sure that he’s okay with Scott taking the lead in explaining. “Stiles, you can add something if I miss it”.
There it was, a historical moment, where two sides of the friendship got to know the secrets of the other. To be honest, they were shocked, all three of them. But considering their problems from the past, they found it easy to understand why some things weren’t said earlier. All they had to do now was try to keep up and spend some time together because they hadn't talked in months.
Harriet connected the dots immediately. Scott was a werewolf, like Lupin. There was not a chance that they knew each other, but she still imagined the meeting of these two, wondering if they would be talking about her.
Unfortunately, Scott said that he doesn’t know Remus.
“ So what are we going to do now? Now that you know that Scott is a werewolf, and you know that Harriet’s a witch. Shall we watch a movie? Too much information today.” said Stiles, trying to find a TV. “Don’t tell me that these stupid Dursleys have taken the television too.”
“They did. They left me only my bed. But never mind, because this evening I’m gonna be somewhere else. Shit, I haven’t told you about this, have I?”
Boys confirmed that they didn’t hear a word about this, so Harriet tried to tell them as much as she could, but it was harder than she thought. Maybe because she did not know what the plan was, or because she was stressed about this.
For sure it could be dangerous, not only for her but for her other friends as well. And now that Scott and Stiles came here, she felt responsible for their safety too.
Telling them about Voldemort was the most exciting part. They never really thought about Harriet’s bravery, but hearing all the stories in detail made them proud of their friend.
Harriet proved that no one should mess with her, and honestly, it impressed Scott. He had a crush on her for quite a while, and now, knowing that she takes part in the supernatural world, he didn’t feel so guilty about it.
He hid his feelings so far because he was worried that she might hate him and reject his feelings. Not anymore. He had a lot of respect for her, for her persistence and valor.
Was it bad that he wanted to kiss her right now? He tried to focus on something else, but hearing her heartbeat as he moved closer to her was making him crazy. If he couldn’t kiss her, he would want to read her mind. So he decided to shoot his shot today.
“Guys, I don’t want to worry you, but Ron has just informed me that they’re coming here in a few minutes. Please hide in this closet.” Harriet’s tone carried a hint of worry, “I don’t want more problems. We’ll talk soon, okay? And try not to leave immediately after us. You-know-who’s sympathizers might be everywhere and I don’t want you get hurt. Understood?” She asked, watching as Stiles was trying to get comfortable in the not-so-big closet.
“Harriet, can I say something?” Scott started, taking her hand and receiving approval. “I...I feel something towards you. I know it’s not the best time, but please remember that I admire you and I want to be more than friends. I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but please, take care of yourself. We will be alright, and hopefully, so will you…” Harriet interrupted his monologue, giving him a kiss, to make him shut his mouth.
“We’ll get back to this conversation soon, I promise. Now, please hide. They’re coming.”
Harriet tried to look casual, as if she was doing something normal and waiting for the visitors, but instead, she looked overwhelmed and disorganized. It took a while until she calmed herself down, and understood everything from Moody’s plan.
“Any questions?” Moody asked after the explanation.
“Er — yes,” said Harriet. “Maybe they won’t know which of the twelve secure houses I’m heading for at first, but won’t it be sort of obvious once—” Harriet performed a quick headcount, “fourteen of us fly off toward Tonks’s parents’?”
“Ah,” said Moody, “I forgot to mention the key point. Fourteen of us won’t be flying to Tonks’s parents’. There will be seven Harriet Potters moving through the skies tonight, each of them with a companion, each pair heading for a different safe house.”
From inside his cloak Moody now withdrew a flask of what looked like mud.
There was no need for him to say another word; Harriet understood the rest of the plan immediately.
“No!” she said loudly, her voice ringing through the kitchen. “No way!”
“I told him you wouldn’t take it well,” said Hermione with a hint of complacency.
“If you think I’m going to let six people risk their lives —!”
“— because it’s the first time for all of us,” said Ron.
“This is different, pretending to be me —”
“Well, none of us really fancy it, mate,” said George earnestly. “Imagine if something went wrong and we were stuck as specky, scrawny gits forever.”
Harriet did not smile at George’s playful joke.
“You can’t do it if I don’t cooperate, you need me to give you some hair.”
“Well, that’s that plan scuppered,” said George.
“Obviously there’s no chance at all of us getting a bit of your hair unless you cooperate.”
“Yeah, thirteen of us against one girl who’s not allowed to use magic; we’ve got no chance,” Fred chortled.
“Funny,” said Harriet, “really amusing.”
“If it has to come to force, then it will,” growled Moody, his magical eye now quivering a little in its socket as he glared at Harry.
“Everyone here’s of age, Potter, and they’re all prepared to take the risk.”
Mundungus shrugged and grimaced; the magical eye swerved sideways to glare at him out of the side of Moody’s head.
“Let’s have no more arguments. Time’s wearing on. I want a few of your hairs, now.” Moody ordered.
“But this is mad, there’s no need —”
Scott and Stiles were patiently waiting behind the door, trying to hear everything correctly. When they heard that there were going to be six more Harriets, they found it hard to sit still.
Stiles, being the curious one, had peeked through the small hole, because he couldn’t believe what was happening.
And he saw exactly what the people were talking about. Seven Harriets and some other adults, who were probably going to guard each one of the Potters. That was insane, and the fact that they couldn’t come closer made him and Scott a little angry.
As everyone was leaving, one of the Potters secretively winked at them, trying not to look weird by winking to a presumably empty closet.
Fortunately, only the boys saw it, others in the room weren’t paying attention, as they were trying to get ready for the adventure. That simple gesture had shown the boys that Harriet remembered them, and that she is hoping to talk to them soon.
But was there a chance for that to happen?
Scott wanted to believe that they were going to chat as soon as possible, but knowing that both of them had lots of supernatural issues around, it wasn’t going to be easy.
I’m sorry to inform you that this is the last fic to be published by me for now, I’m taking a break to study, I still might be active here from time to time, but I’ll come back to writing in June
I hope that you people, the 173 of you will still be there, love you guys
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