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#harry potter fics
reginaofdoctorwho · 2 hours ago
god does anyone know how long quotev stories stay up? i’m strangely sentimental tonight
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ot3podcast · 6 hours ago
Link Dump:
- Ahmed Best on SoulPancake - CW: suicide 
- Jedi Temple Challenge Trailer
Episode Fan Fic Recs:
- Bonded - Reylo Fic
- James Potter's Delivery Service for Runaway Blood Traitors - Harry Potter Fic
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mania-mono · 7 hours ago
It's the compromises we make with ourselves. Like you decide you will sleep by 12 tonight but you find yourself reading Bring Sirius Back fics. Or you promise yourself that you will finish writing that Nielan sequel to your fic but end up just editing the two pages you have written previously. In the midst of all this, at least I was able to read up 600 pages of Lord of the Rings. So you do keep promises. Not each and every one of them but I'm sure even one counts.
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jeguluswhore · 18 hours ago
I literally want a girlfriend who looks like Remus so we could be Remus and Sirius <3 like pls i need affection :’(
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thedrarrylibrarian · a day ago
hi! do you have any fics which are harry-centric? a lot of drarry fics are draco-centric, which is totally cool, but i’d really like to read a few harry-centric ones. thank you for your time!<3
Hello! Your holds have arrived!
I love reading from Harry's point of view. It reminds me of the original books I fell in love with, which were of course, from Harry's view. I hope these fics are what you were looking for and that you can relive a bit of the nostalgia that I felt while reading them.
Harry Centric
Rotten Work by @prolix- (792 words, rated T)
You tell Ron and Hermione that it's nothing, that it'll pass. You're just exhausted. It’s more than that, of course it is, but they don't question it. And you learn to hide the fact that you can still be found hunched over your kitchen sink after a party, fat tears rolling down your face, years after the war has passed.
5 + 1 | Promise I'll Be the Cure by @janieohio (6,055 words, rated T)
Through the years, Harry finds himself growing closer to Draco, eventually becoming friends. If only Harry could figure out why every time he needs somebody, Draco’s the one who's there.
all your kind they're coming clean by @tasteofshapes (6,335 words, rated T)
It’s the small grunt of pain that echoes through the empty locker room that gives Malfoy away. The air in the locker room is still heavy and damp with steam, and it clings uncomfortably to Harry's skin; condenses into tiny drops of water that run down his bare chest. He wipes it away absently, still listening, and hears it again.
Some Assembly Required by @peachpety (6,549 words, rated E)
A relationship must occasionally endure a test of strength, be it confronting an ex, or meeting the in-laws. Sometimes, however, an inanimate object can make or break a couple. Harry and Draco’s relationship is put to the test when they attempt to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture.
And They Say Romance is Dead by @static-abyss (9,767 words, rated E)
Harry is in love with Draco Malfoy. This is, quite possible, the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. Not because he doesn't want to love Draco but because now that Harry knows, he doesn't know how he's supposed to tell him.
Can't Fight this Feeling by @writcraft (10,998 words, rated E)
A year may have passed, but Harry Potter definitely isn't over Draco Malfoy.
Solarium de Caritate by violenttulips (12,172 words, rated M)
Harry Potter hates Ministry Events. This is a well-known, indisputable fact. That is, until he and Draco Malfoy get to talking at one, and he's surprised to find himself having a decent time...
Defence Against the Dark Arts | Old Habits by @bottseveryflavorbeans (18,253 words, rated M)
Harry Potter lives a simple life. He quit Auror training to become the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts and he loves it. He loves being an uncle to Rose, Hugo, Victoire, and Teddy. His only complaint—he is the eternal bachelor, unable to find anyone he wants to settle down with. To be honest, he isn’t really looking all that hard. That is until Draco Malfoy is taken on as Madam Pomfrey’s apprentice bringing with him memories that Harry would rather not think about…like that night Draco Malfoy seduced him on the Quidditch Pitch eighth year and never called.
Astronomy | Never Let It Fade Away by @drarrelie (29,372 words, rated M)
If a dying enemy knocked on your door, would you tell them to fuck off or would you try to help them? When it happens to Harry, he is dead set on the former — until Malfoy falls unconscious right there on Harry’s doorstep and changes Harry’s life forever.
On Your Shore by @xanthippe74 (35,113 words, rated M)
Clearing out a remote house full of cursed collectibles in the Outer Hebrides? Not a problem for an experienced curse breaker like Harry Potter. Spending a week with the straight, happily-married man that he’s starting to have feelings for? And sharing a bed with him at night? Surely Harry can handle that, too. But both the house and Draco Malfoy have secrets to uncover, and Harry might be in deeper water than he thought.
Unseen by @jackvbriefs (47,233 words, rated T)
Harry Potter finally has the chance to leave England and its expectations for The Chosen One behind for good. All he has to do is survive one Auror training conference overseas with Draco Sodding Malfoy.
Little Deaths and How to Avoid Them (or Draco Malfoy's Guide to Stop Dying and Start Living Instead) by @greaseonmymouth (96,144 words, rated T)
Malfoy is way too interested in coroner reports for somebody who's definitely not looking for ways to die, Harry wants to be friends with him, and Ginny wants to break up with Harry.
❤️ As always, if you find a fic you enjoy, please remember to leave the author a kudos or a comment! ❤️
Lots of Love and Happy Reading!
P.S. You can find these fics and the other lists been recommended in my AO3 Sub-collections!
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fuji-lyrical · a day ago
Time to make that Tomarry Modernized Mutual Pining fic for the hundredth time because what even is originality.
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mendesxruel · 2 days ago
Do Me a Favour - Neville x reader
summary: Neville gets jealous because someone told him stuff that you apparently did, so he confronts you. (no reader's gender specified)
author's note: ty @slutforsalvatore for encouraging me to write this! it was a messy fic when i first wrote it, but @anchoeritic gave me advice and i changed it :^) also,, this was inspired by Arctic Monkeys' Do Me a Favour
warnings: angst, crying, jealousy, anger
gif source
Tumblr media
Neville had approached you with a face you have never seen. It was a bitter and broken expression he had never shown you before.
"Can we talk for a moment?", he asked, dryly.
You agreed and you two exited the busy hall you were in and entered an empty classroom.
"What is it?", you questioned
His hands formed into fists, which made you scared. It wasn't something you'd think he'd ever do. And it frightened you.
"S- Seamus told me y-", he stuttered, "he told me he saw you kissing another 6th year."
You felt weird and angry. Being accused of something you didn't and would never do.
"Why would he say that? That's not true!", you barked.
"He- he said he saw it! Right before Divination class!", he shouted.
"I didn't even have Divination today! You'd believe him more than you believe me?", you asked, outraged.
"I don't know who to believe in anymore! Everyone's been lying and persuading me to do stuff I don't want lately so I don't know if I can trust anyone anymore!", he roared.
"Do me a favour and break my nose", you raged at him, wanting to see if he would actually do it since he said he'd been 'persuaded' lately.
This made him confused, "why would I do t-"
"Do it!", you yelled.
"Absolutely not! Are you mental?! I would never do that! I'd never hurt you!"
You felt relieved - you didn't actually want a broken nose.
"I'm sorry I doubted you, y/n.", he said, looking at the floor, ashamed of his lack of trust.
He got close to you and cupped your face with his hands.
"I'm sorry", he whispered, as his eyes started to get filled with water. Soon, his tears were running down his face.
You were crying too. "It was my fault", you sobbed.
"No", he cried, "I shouldn't have started this, I'm so sorry", he said as he dug his face onto your collarbone. "I promise I'm gonna trust you, and only you. I love you", he muttered.
"I love you too, Nev"
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teacup-tai · 2 days ago
If there is one line or phrase from one of your fics that has stuck with you, or that you hope sticks with readers, what would it be?
@tackytigerfic thanks for the tag. It was really nice to revisit my stories and find the phrases that moved me/stuck with me.
So here we go, they are all drarry:
Dragons don't know paradise: (couldn't choose one, so I picked two)
× “Because there’s hope, kid. There will always be hope for love.”
× To honour the ones long lost and the ones who survived. Counting the days as blessings.
Secretly, between the shadow and the soul:
He can’t control life, he can’t control feelings.
hear me (with your whole body):
Harry feels like the moment he decides to say no it will be the end of them and Harry is honestly scared shitless of losing Draco, and their home, and their family, and he really really really doesn't want to be alone...
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randomgreekstatue · 2 days ago
does anyone else find it crazy how there are two completely different sides to fanfiction 'cause you can have people who read 200k slow burn high school aus for their otp on ao3 meanwhile you have others who literally only read hardcore smutty imagines on wattpad and that duality scares me
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konami-code-ao3 · 2 days ago
First Lines Meme
List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favourite opening line. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!
Thank you @yeahhiyellow for the tag!
I'm going to try and keep this in chronological order, going from the most to least recently updated.
(1) Nora sighs, takes a sip of her champagne, and wishes for the millionth time that she didn't have to be here - Konami Code (Fandom: Detroit: Become Human; HankCon, Luthara, Polycho)
(2) Josh is the one to introduce Markus to movie night - To Have A Family Is To Be Afraid (Fandom: Detroit: Become Human; Jorkus)
(3) When I first sat down to write Konami Code, I don't think I could have imagined the response that I would get - The Jigsaw Edit (Fandom: Detroit: Become Human; Norkus, Sikus, Jorkus) (This one is a bit weird because it's not a traditionally written fic)
(4) "How--" Simon starts, his programming stalling in his attempt to find the right words - Home Is Who We Surround Ourselves With (Fandom: Detroit: Become Human; Polycho)
(5) Vehicles in Canada are different from those in the States - Who In The World Am I? (Fandom: Detroit: Become Human; Luthara)
(6) Marcellous Sidonia has not made a public appearance for nearly three months - Resist (Fandom: Harry Potter x Yu-Gi-Oh!; Atem/Thief King Bakura/Marik Ishtar)
(7) Bellatrix Black is not born a monster - Toujour Pours (Fandom: Harry Potter x Yu-Gi-Oh!; Bellatrix/Rudolphous)
(8) In her book, A History of Magic, world-renowned magical historian, Bathilda Bagshot, credits the enactment of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy as the saving grace of wizarding society - Strike (Fandom: Harry Potter x Yu-Gi-Oh!; Atem/Thief King Bakura/Marik Ishtar)
(9) It ended, as it always did, at Hogwarts - Hunt (Fandom: Harry Potter x Yu-Gi-Oh!; Atem/Thief King Bakura/Marik Ishtar)
This made me go back to some fics that I haven't touched in years, so it's really interesting to see how far I've come as a writer. Because while this tag game doesn't give a lot of context for the rest of the stories, most of my older stuff started with an 'explanation prologue' section. And while that made sense for what I was doing at the time (my old HPxYGO stuff was this massive AU universe, so context was needed), my newer DBH things don't need that - meaning that I trust the reader more to figure things out as they're going on. And I think that shows how much more confident of a writer I've become over the last several years.
As for my favourite... Honestly, I've got to say Toujour Pours will always hold a special place in my heart. Despite my falling out with the Harry Potter fandom, this fic was all about exploring Bellatrix without making any excuses for her. It may have started off with 'she wasn't born a monster,' but Toujour Pours shows her becoming one over the course of her life. Yes, a lot of it came from her upbringing and socialization, and yes, she came from a place of privilege where no one really reached out to contradict her, and yes, there are moments where she is loving and supportive of her friends and family, but... There is never a point where you're not blatantly aware that Bellatrix is a magical Nazi, and that part of her is never praised as a good thing. And given that it was the first time I'd ever really done a deep dive into a villain, it's something that I plan on returning to as inspiration in the future.
I tag @im-the-real-connor, @auguris, @connork1000, @the-ruler-of-rabbits and whoever else wants to do this!
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rcwenaclaw · 2 days ago
I’m Not That Girl - H.P.
Harry Potter x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.1k
Summary: sometimes you have to step back and let love run its course. even when it’s not you who gets to be loved. 
Warnings: a few curse words, underage drinking, food mentions. 
A/N: this set in harry’s 6th year and is based on the song of the same name from wicked. i apologize in advance for the ouchie (pls still read it tho) 
lyrics are bold and italicized
Tumblr media
Y/N remembered when she and Ginny used to swoon over the image of Harry Potter that they made up in their heads. When they were kids, he was this larger than life figure, a prince on his way to save the damsel in distress. 
She remembered cool summer nights at the Burrow, giggling under the covers with Ginny. The idea that they would be attending Hogwarts soon and going to school with him, made their hearts race and their cheeks hurt from smiling. 
She couldn’t tell when their friendship solidified, but it did. Somewhere along the way, she and Ginny went from love-struck fangirls to good friends. 
Y/N no longer saw him as this hero ready to swoop down and defeat the bad guys, but as this down to earth, sassy, charming boy who was fiercely loyal to his friends and had a heart of gold. 
Maybe that switch in perspective was when she realized she was in love with him. 
Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
No one threw parties like Gryffindor did. 
Y/N used to think they were a waste of time when she had first gotten to Hogwarts. An 11 year old had no use for parties, not when she was still new to learning about magic and what secrets the castle had to offer. 
Now, though, she relished in the euphoria she felt in her veins. After a few cups of firewhiskey, she felt as if she was floating, the beat of the music aligning with her pulse. The Gryffindor common room moved with her, bodies swaying together and laughter ringing in her ears. 
She blinked, trying to refocus her eyes to no avail. Her feet stumbled as she tried to make her way to her friends across the room, but thankfully a pair of strong arms steadied her. 
“Alright?” Harry’s voice asked, his face barely coming into focus. 
“Harry!” she said, swaying slightly in his arms. “Yeah, just want to get to Ginny! She has to try this drink.”
The drink in question sloshed in the cup as Y/N held it up for him to see. Harry gently pried it away from her hands and he set it down somewhere she couldn’t see. 
“Actually, I reckon it’s time for you to head to bed,” he replied and started to steer her in the direction of the staircase. 
Y/N couldn’t help but lean against his frame, the alcohol sapping away the energy she previously thought was unlimited. She could hear his low chuckle and feel the rumble of his chest as he did so, and all she thought about was how much he seemed to care for her. 
It was a dangerous train of thought that ran through her head as she laid in bed, staring at the top of her four-poster. She fell asleep to the image of his green eyes and the feel of his strong grip. 
Harry looked irresistibly handsome waiting for her by the courtyard. Snow fell slowly around him and dotted his messy black hair, and she found it impossibly endearing. 
“Y/N!” he said, giving her an enthusiastic wave when he spotted her. 
“Ready?” she replied with a huff, fixing the beanie on her head. 
He gave her a nod and they were off down the chilly path to Hogsmeade. On the way, they shared too many laughs to be friendly, too many joking nudges on the ribs. Each one made Y/N’s heart flutter in a way that she knew she shouldn’t be feeling. 
Their trip wasn’t out of the ordinary. The pair visited the usual places, Honeydukes, Zonko’s, and finally the Three Broomsticks. 
Around a couple of butterbeers, they chatted amicably. As Harry spoke about his newest Quidditch strategy and how the team was doing, Y/N found herself staring at his lips for longer than she should have. 
On the way back to the castle, the snow began to fall quicker around them. She couldn’t help the shivers that shook her body, wrapping her cloak tighter around herself. 
“Here,” Harry said, shrugging off his scarf and wrapping it around her neck instead. “You look like you need it more.” 
More than just warmth, the scarf enveloped her in his scent. 
“Thanks Harry,” Y/N smiled at him gratefully. She only hoped that he couldn’t tell how flustered she felt as they trudged up the rest of the path. 
“C’mon Potter, you can do better than that!” 
Wind whipped around Y/N’s head, sending her hair flying in every direction as she raced through the pitch. It was the weekend, and her and a few friends were playing a friendly game of quidditch. 
She had just stolen the quaffle from Harry–who wasn’t as talented a chaser as he was a seeker. Around her, she could hear the friendly jeers of everyone else as she left Potter in the dust. 
“Just going easy on you, Y/L/N!” he yelled, gaining his momentum back in an attempt to catch up to her. “We all know how much of a sore loser you can be. Just trying to spare everyone from that!” 
The roll of Y/N’s eyes didn’t surprise anyone, not even herself. Harry was a genuine, kind person, but out on the pitch he knew he was good. And sometimes that could get into his head. 
“I think the only one who’s going to be the sore loser here is you, Harry!” 
Cheers erupted as Y/N made the goal and she swerved around to send him a smug smirk. 
Instead of the disappointment she expected to see on Harry’s face, instead he looked... proud? He gave her a smile that said she did good, and the way it made her heart flip kept her distracted enough for him to steal the quaffle back. 
Blithe smile, lithe limb
She who's winsome, she wins him
Everywhere Y/N looked there seemed to be a cheering, dopey-grinned Gryffindor. 
They had just won the Quidditch Cup and were (rightfully) beyond ecstatic. Ginny led the group through the hallways, holding the cup in her hands and occasionally lifting it up, much to the amusement of her housemates. 
Y/N trailed behind her by a few steps, carried away by the electricity that seemed to charge the air around them. Her own grin had been shit-eating, feeling like she was on top of the world even though she wasn’t even a part of the Quidditch team. 
As usual, no one threw parties quite like Gryffindors. It didn’t take long for everything to get set up and for everyone to get into the groove of things. 
Ron and Hermione had accosted her to a side and they sipped their butterbeers together. The loud music didn’t deter them from sharing many laughs and recalling what happened in the match. 
“So,” Hermione began, her eyes sweeping around the room to see if anyone else was in hearing range, “You and Harry have been spending a bit of time together recently.” 
“He has been a little preoccupied with something lately,” Ron agreed. 
A warmth creeped up Y/N’s neck and spread across her cheeks. “It’s nothing really, we haven’t been hanging out more than usual I think.” 
Hermione raised an eyebrow but did not argue. “Whatever you say, Y/N.” 
Their conversation died down as the rest of the common room seemed to quiet. Y/N looked around to see what all the (lack of) commotion was about, and what she saw caused her heart to sink. 
Harry was back from serving detention, it seemed, and he and Ginny were locked in a passionate kiss. 
“Y/N,” she felt Hermione’s hand touch her forearm, “C’mon, let’s get out of here.” 
Everything seemed to be underwater after that. She didn’t know how she managed to escape the room, she didn’t know how she ended up in Hermione’s bed or how long it took for her to fall asleep. All she knew was that the ache in her chest would not let up. 
Y/N suspected it wouldn’t ease up any time soon. 
Don't wish, don't start
Wishing only wounds the heart
Y/N sighed. The sun had set and the castle darkened, it was almost curfew. 
Still, she knew Ginny wouldn’t be back from wherever she and Harry had gone off to until late into the night. It had been her routine over the last few weeks. Their shared dorm stayed silent as everyone except Ginny tried to fall asleep.  
Then she’d stumble through the door with flushed cheeks and giggling like a young girl. The rest of their dorm mates loved to hear about what exciting new thing she and Harry had gotten up to, but Y/N had no care for it. 
Infact, it made her stomach churn and her palms sweat. 
The first few days, she tried to grin and bear it. Ginny was her best friend, after all, and Y/N knew how much of a good person she was. Harry was lucky to have her, in all honesty. 
It just took too much effort for her to keep up the act, and eventually she found herself actively avoiding the pair of them. Tonight, that avoidance manifested itself in Y/N wandering the halls until she knew for certain that Ginny was back at the dorm and safely tucked under the covers. 
That night, Y/N found herself in one of the many alcoves that littered the school, intent on catching up on some reading she had been putting off for far too long.
The funny thing about grief, though, was that it bloomed in someone’s chest without warning and without any prompt. One second, Y/N was doing alright and the next, she felt fat tears rolling down her face. 
With a frustrated groan, she snapped her book shut and swiped a palm at her damp cheeks. Her attempts were futile as she felt her chest heaving and the all consuming ache. Instead, she tried to quiet her sobs as much as she could, it was past curfew after all. She didn’t want to get detention just because she wanted to have a good cry by herself. 
Still, if she thought she was going to spend the night in relative peace, she was wrong. 
Her heart picked up its pace as she heard the familiar voice. 
Despite the fact that she couldn’t see anyone in the hallway, Y/N knew she didn’t imagine Harry calling out to her. She tried to dry her eyes as best and as inconspicuously as she could, but she knew he had heard her.  
Soon she heard the telltale rustling of fabric and he was standing right in front of her. 
“Are you alright?” he asked, stepping forward. 
If she didn’t feel so miserable, she would have laughed. Typical Harry, so glaringly oblivious to something right in front of him, but concern leaking from his voice. 
“Just a long day,” Y/N sighed. More like a long last few days, but she couldn’t tell him that. 
She could tell that he didn’t quite believe her, but he settled on sitting beside her silently. The only sounds made between them were the quiet sniffs from Y/N as she tried to pretend that she was actually reading. 
Eventually, he turned towards her and asked, “Do you need me to hurt someone?”
A laugh bubbled out of Y/N. Despite everything, she found it hilarious and so endearing how Harry was willing to play the role of intimidating and overprotective best friend. Somehow, though, that thought made the ache at the center of her chest deepen. 
His nose crinkled at her laugh and for a moment she forgot about why she was in a cold alcove somewhere in the drafty castle instead of her warm bed. 
Then everything came rushing back to her and she couldn’t help the tears that welled in her eyes. 
She could see him try to fumble for what to say, but words seemed to escape him. Despite being the one in tears, her heart ached to console him so she settled with pressing her hand on top of his and squeezing. 
“It’s alright, Harry,” Liar. “There’s nothing you can do, but that’s okay. Just having you as a friend is more than enough.” 
Harry let out a breath and nodded. “Alright then. I hope you know that I’m always going to be here for you if you need me.” 
At a loss for words, Y/N nodded meekly. Somehow she just knew that those words were far from the truth. But maybe should convince herself to believe them despite it. 
Tumblr media
General taglist: @expectoevans​ @george-fabian-weasley​ @prettywhitedoves​ @slytherinscribbles​ @harpyloon​ @nuttytani​ @mesmerisedangel​ @amourtentiaa​ @just-here-to-escape-from-reality​ @lumos-barnes​ @cherryweasleys​ @writingsomewrongs​ @mrzweasley​ @inglourious-imagines​ @pr3ttysw33t @amrtxntias​ @miraclesoflove​ @thatlonelyalto​ @vogueweasley​ @slytherinsunrise​ @mamawheeze​ @folklorecas​ @accio-etc​ @keepawaythenargles​ @gryffindorgirl​ @justasmolballofstress​ @slutfordracoluciousmalfoy @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts​ @bwbatta​
Harry taglist: @hey-there-angels​ @vsawyer1989​ @surprizeshawtyy​ @oldschoolkiddo​ @prettyflores​ @much-love-tay​ @weasley2x​
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I want to take someone’s series and turn it into a Harry Potter spin off show. does anyone have any good fan fic series that have a good plot. I would change the characters and such but I would love to do this so please help me :)
I will definitely make sure it’s ok with them before using it by the way I’m not just going to take it
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After some requests, here is the rough rough draft of Padma and Theodore’s story!!
Padma stared at her reflection in the mirror and didn't know when or how her appearance had changed so much. But after fighting in a war, starting her fling with Theo and later marrying him, having seven kids, she couldn't quite tell what had changed about her. She was a mother, a wife, a survivor, and yet she was also still the scared eleven year old about to board the train to a new fate.
Theodore stared at Padma. Since he was fourteen, his life had revolved around her and everything else within orbit. Her smile, her eyes, her beautiful dark hair and brown skin all pulled him in. He was a goner at fourteen, and even more now at twenty, thirty, forty, and so on.
Too bad they don't always see the same thing in the mirror.
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consistentsquash · 3 days ago
21 Slash Recs for 21 Years (AO3 Collection!)
Created an AO3 collection for my 21 Slash Recs from 2001 to 2021!!
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Okay, this can be seen as a deleted scene of Invisible String, my Lyla Zabini/Hugo Weasley story!
@petalstosarah happy Tuesday!!
Lyla kissed Hugo.
The flat was hot and the air stiff and the open windows doing next to nothing, but that didn’t make the moment any less magical. Hugo’s shirt was somewhere on the floor along with Lyla’s bra and tank-top. They had the flat to themselves with Rose and Scorpius both away at work, their only company was the cats.
They had their own small bit of heaven in four walls. Closed off from family and friends and everyone they knew.As the summer had been and was continuing to be.
In a few short weeks she would finally be seventeen, even if that meant the return to Hogwarts was just around the corner and their quiet forbidden moments would be over.
Lyla shrieked when they rolled over off the couch, but began laughing with Hugo as the cats came to investigate. Flossy, Jinx, and Charms all sniffed at Hugo’s hair, while Lyla’s Jackie meowed at her and rubbed her head against Lyla’s arm.
Lyla straddled Hugo’s hips and leaned down to kiss him again. Nothing could bring her down in this moment, not even the dread of returning to school and not being able to touch or talk or even look at Hugo.
The reason why she was so happy this summer.
“Te quiero, Angel,” whispered Hugo and Lyla felt her heart drop to her stomach, she loved hearing him speak Spanish to her, especially now that she was understanding it more and more.
The run they had just been on more than confirmed it, he had said everything to her twice, once in Spanish and then again in English. It wasn’t the best method to learn a language, but Lyla wasn’t going to argue with him.
She loved him.
“C’mon,” said Lyla, climbing off of him. Hugo handed her his clean shirt and Lyla pulled it on before they both finished taking off their running shoes and socks. The flat didn’t feel so hot anymore.
Hugo got up first and Lyla followed after him, both of them slipping out of their shorts as they climbed into Rose and Scorpius’ bed to sleep.
They had to get on a better sleep schedule.
Lyla curled up in Hugo’s arms, not listening as he talked to her in Spanish. Instead she focused on his face, the one curl that always seemed to be stuck to his forehead, his brown eyes that had turned golden like the sunlight while they were running together, the slopping grace of his nose, how his bottom lips was slight bigger than his upper lips, and of course the freckles, her favorite part of him. They were like a map to the stars that they both loved so much.
Lyla kissed him, cutting him off as he closed his eyes.
“Hugo,” whispered Lyla, gently connecting the dots of the stars on his face. “I know this is just a summer thing, but...but I want you to know that...that when I’m with you, I’m...I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”
She blinked slowly, feeling his warm breath on the skin of her wrist. His snores were a music she could never tire of. She loved him so much.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Her parents would never allow it.
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weasley-wizard-writes · 3 days ago
Blog Introduction Post
Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! 
As you can probably tell from my username and my bio I write Harry Potter fics here, and while I would say that my specialty is in fluff and angst pieces I do write a little bit of everything. 
On this blog requests are always open, but because my ask box is always so full it can take me a while to get to some, so please be aware that I am never ignoring requests, I just don’t always see them, and you can feel free to message me if you believe that to be the case. 
With that said, if you’re on mobile you’ve probably noticed that the links in my bio are a little bit broken. I have tried time and time again to make the masterlist link work on mobile as well as the ko-fi one, which currently highlights as a link and takes mobile users nowhere, but I just can’t seem to get it right. This is actually the main reason for this post being pinned. Below you will find both my masterlist and my Ko-fi links, as well as any other links that might be important in the future, such as fic polls and things like that. 
A huge thank you to everyone for all of the support, and if you’re new here, welcome to my blog! 
- Emy <3
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krystalliumm · 3 days ago
you can't tell me otherwise that harry didn't first tell draco that he loved him during a dinner date and when he said it draco threw choked on his drink and sent his plate flying at harry's face on reflex because he's not good at emotion™
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script-the-skeleton · 4 days ago
With all the “Dumbledore finds Harry a bodyguard from different worlds” crossover fics, I’m just imaging this man’s phone with contacts in it for Igor, Chiron, a number of gods, some random kid in new york’s mom, Tony Stark, ect...
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