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lowkeyerror · an hour ago
Harley : There's only one motto I live by
Y/n: Never trust a big butt and a smile?
Harley : There's only two mottos that I live by
Ivy: Crazy builds character?
Harley: There's only 3 mottos-
Y/n: But what about-
Y/n and Ivy share a glance before shrugging their shoulders before chanting
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airmanisr · an hour ago
Harley Quinn and the Joker
Harley Quinn and the Joker by Pierre Gautreau
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mistertoilette · an hour ago
Ive been really enjoying the current run of Harley Quinn comics, mainly because of how good the art from Riley Rossmo is. So it really bugs me seeing a bunch of dumbasses complain about the series having bad art. Its just super stylish and different enough from the usual dc style that its really refreshing to see. Like, look at how good this cover is.
Tumblr media
If anything, a more cartoony and stylized look fits a character like Harley Quinn, so I just cannot wrap my head around how anyone can see this and think its bad.
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fierydany · an hour ago
Petition to no longer allow men to be in charge of Harley Quinn’s character direction
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none-of-your-biscuits · 2 hours ago
I was forced to watch the new suicide Squad trailer (YouTube ads are an enternal curse) but who the actual fuck is rat girl
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harleys-holiday · 2 hours ago
Update for y’all
It’s been a day or two since we last chatted and I wanted to let y’all know, I’m feeling better. I went and a saw movie tonight. It was cruella. Honestly it was a lot of fun and kinda gave me birds of prey vibes.
Anyway, the messages and the comments warmed my heart. I love appreciate and love y’all so much. Thanks of always listening. It means so much to my little heart. Plus, I’m always hear for y’all too!
Speaking of, How are y’all tho?
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lawful-evil-novelist · 2 hours ago
Jon, in a meeting: My policy is if you see something, say something.
Harley: I saw a squirrel in a tree today!
Jon, with the tone of someone who is used to Harley: Outstanding.
Jon: This is what I’m talking about people.
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93tilinfinityy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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poisonousquinzel · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You go to hell for lots of reasons-- But not for lovin' someone. Not for lovin' anyone.
Harley Quinn (2000) #22
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margotrobie · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"She can do anything. Or I thought she could do anything. And then one day she had to sing and I said, ‘OK, well you can do everything but one thing.’ But she’s such a great actress. She embodies the character. She’s able to do the comedy. She’s able to do the drama. And physically, she is a pure athlete and is able to do these stunts in such a graceful, magnificent, beautiful way." - James Gunn on Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.
Inspired by
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jovialjuggernaut-draws · 4 hours ago
When I looked it up, apparently Matches Malone worked for Harley at one point.
Now all I can think of is Harley asking Matches to take Eddie on a date because she doesn't think he has a chance when getting with Batman(joking that he's married to Justice) and doesn't want his little nerdy heart to get broken.
Tumblr media
(its very messy let me know if its illegible)
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gothamcitywhump · 4 hours ago
How would Harley feel if Poison Ivy began to regress in the way you previously described? Seeing her wife, her entire world, turn into a mindless creature and being able to do nothing about it?
Yeah this one hurt like hell to write. I am sad. Anyway, thank you once again for the ask! It is much appreciated.
TW: illness, mutation, assisted suicide
Harley will always remember the day it began. The two of them were having an anniversary heist when the first attack happened. They've been robbing the local botanical gardens for some nice Harlequin plants to celebrate the occasion. Ivy was only meant to confront the guard and kill him but when Harley came round the corner to see what was taking Ivy so long she had practically torn my man to shreds. His throat had been eviscerated and the blood was around Ivy's mouth. Ivy stood hunched over the body, her eyes were green with black veins pulsing, staring Harley down without a hint of recognition.
Harley had to drag her out of the building leaving the anniversary present behind. By the time they got back to their home, she was completely back to normal. Ivy concluded it was a random blackout, that would never happen again. Harley was foolish enough to believe her.
It got worse after Harley got captured and returned to Arkham. She was away for five months by the time she'd managed to break out again and get back to their lair was a bombsite and she found Ivy half mutated on their bed with heavy iron chains around her wrist.
It took five hours before Ivy was conscious enough to answer Harley's question. Ivy didn't know how to explain it all she could say was that she was sick and getting sicker.
At this point in time Edward had been rehabilitated and had set up his PI business and thus he could get the blood sampled without raising suspicions. It was a heartbreaking day when he brought back the envelope with the blood results. The chemicals that had originally affected Ivy we're beginning to mutate at an alarming rate and as of now, there was no known cure or vaccine that could help.
Caring for Ivy became its own full-time job. Her transformations were getting more and more erratic and thus keeping her chained was the only viable solution.
The other rogue's chipped in where they could. The most useful thing any rogue did for them when Harvey cut out Joker's tongue after he made a joke to be the effect of “oh so I can't be a beast in bed with Harley but when Ivy does it she's suddenly into it. What a joke.”
Like any disease it slowly began to eat away at her. For hours at a time, they would have to lock Ivy down, painful transformations soon becoming a daily occurrence. Harley could do nothing but stay with her and watch her suffer. She could try reading to her of course giving her soup trying to play her favourite songs but with each passing day when Ivy was in her mutant form, her recognition began to become lesser and lesser. She soon spent more hours monster than she did human.
Some days she'd even end up hurting Harley as she was restrained back in the room. When she came too she'd see her beloved wife bearing new scars. Scars that she had caused.
And then came the day when Ivy finally told her what to do when she could no longer retain her human form. She wanted to go peacefully. Harley adamantly refused, saying that they could freeze her like Victor's wife. Just until they could get a cure.
Ivy made poison in her lab. A poison that meant it would be over. Quickly and painlessly.
Ivy did not want the same fate as Nora freeze. It took Harley some time to come around to the idea but Harley stayed with her as she drank the concoction, Harley sang softly as Ivy's breaths began to slow. The warmth fleeted from underneath Harley's fingertips.
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lawful-evil-novelist · 4 hours ago
Harley: Welcome, fellow idiots
Jon: Hello, Harley
Harley: No, no, not you, you're not an idiot
Jon: You underestimate me
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lawful-evil-novelist · 4 hours ago
Jon: Hey, you want some leftovers?
Harley: What's that?
Jon: You've never had leftovers???
Harley: No, because I'm not a quitter.
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Harley: Have you ever thought about talking about your problems?
Batman: You know, this is why I hate our fights.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 5 hours ago
Yandere Clown Family Headcanons (platonic)
Tumblr media
Papa Joker
Tumblr media
Joker never really cared to have a family of his own, that was all Harley, but he couldn’t help but to come around to the idea once they actually had their little family. It started off with the twins who they only happened upon by chance. Jerome and Jeremiah were perfect for Joker and Harley’s new family.
The boys took to Joker in their own ways; Jerome being the one to act more outright like Joker, while Jeremiah chose to listen and observe. Eventually they would give their “father” a run for his money and title as The Clown Prince of Crime. And Joker couldn’t be prouder of his boys.
It’s Harley who brings you to Joker’s attention. He’s not surprised that she found someone else to welcome into the family. He’s not even all that against it. His family has plenty of room and having another child who takes after him or Harley would only add to the fun. Especially if it gets Harley to stop her crying.
Joker doesn’t know what to think of you at first. You aren’t exactly like Jerome or Jeremiah. He doesn’t even know if there is a shred of bad in your bones but Harley’s happy and gushing all over her new “Sugar”, so it doesn’t matter what he has to say right now. Maybe with some good ol’ quality time with Papa and your brothers will have you learning a thing or two. And maybe with an added plunge into the chemical vats you’ll feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.
Joker would go as far to have you prove yourself and whether you deserve a place in the family. Harley is extremely against it, babbling on and on about you being their baby and a part of the family no matter what. But Joker doesn’t care, he wants to know full well that you’re not a waste of space. And he wants you to show him by doing something you won’t be able to come back from. But it’ll be alright, you’ll have a family to back you up once everything is said and done.
After all that is taken care of, Joker is more than happy to start the fun. It’ll be a hoot, really!! And first things first; Baby’s gotta get introduced to the Bat.
Mama Harley Quinn
Tumblr media
Joker was just peachy with his new kids but Harley wasn’t content. She felt left out and to think she was the one who wanted a family in the first place. Leaving Joker and the boys to themselves, she takes off in search for her own little precious. Walking aimlessly around the streets of Gotham City and it doesn’t take long for someone to catch her eye.
That someone being you. It was adoption at first sight for Harley but she wanted to have everything ready before she took you home. Besides, she just had to go tell the boys about their soon to be new sibling. She’ll snap a picture of just you and another one of you with your ‘fake’ family. After all, she needs to know who to come looking for later.
Harley is completely ecstatic when she comes back home and shows the pictures she took of you to Joker and the boys. She doesn’t even really care about what any of them have to say, she’s getting her Sugar one way or another. She’s writing up a list of all the things they need to get before she goes out and brings you home. Harley can’t have you living in a sad, dumpy room now, can she? No, you deserve the best of the best and that’s just what she’s going to make Joker and the boys take care of.
Oh, when she finally has you in her arms she’s over the moon. Her sweet, precious Sugar is just as she imagined and more. It will be her ultimate goal for you to turn out just like her. She doesn’t want another Joker running around. No, she wants a little Harley nipping at her heels. It’ll be perfect. You’ll be perfect.
Mama Harley wants you all to herself so the others don’t rub off on you. She wants you to be her baby, entirely. She may even go as far as keeping Joker away from you too. She can’t trust him not to try and corrupt you with his ways. She wants to be the one you learn from and take after. But that’s too much to ask for with Jerome and Jeremiah around.
Harley is extremely possessive of you, the same can be said for your new brothers. But even Harley doesn’t w at to give you up to them. Sure, she wants you all to get along and be a family. It was her idea, her dream after all. But now that she’s got you she doesn’t want to let you go. Especially not to anyone else, not even the rest of your new family. Her baby is her baby and no one’s coming between you and her. She won’t let them. If she has to then she’ll take you and run. It’s not really like Jerome and Jeremiah need her anyway, right?
Brother Jerome Valeska
Tumblr media
Jerome loves the idea of a new sibling, especially one who is quite impressionable. Jeremiah is no fun but you, you’re going to be just what Jerome wants; a partner in crime. He’s going to be a good brother, taking you out with him for some fun, causing havoc and chaos. Terrorizing whoever crosses your guys’ path.
He is extremely delusional. He doesn’t need any coaxing to welcome a new family member. One look at you and he knows you’re just right for the family, you just don’t know it yet. But he’ll bring out the madness in you in no time.
He’ll take you under his wing and teach you all about the fun of madness. He wants to be the one to teach you everything there is to being part of the Clown Family. Jerome especially wants you to look up to and aspire to be just like him. He wants to be idolized and he wants you to idolize him. He’s dragging you around with him wherever he goes, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a show of someone or something. Hell, who needs to wait when he can make his own opportunities out of anyone or anything.
Jerome and Jeremiah aren’t exactly the closest or even have a hood or tolerable relationship with each other. And having you in the mix only causes them to butt heads all the more. Jerome doesn’t like it when Jeremiah tries to take you away from him. Your time and attention is his, all his. Not Jeremiah’s. And he makes that very known. He’ll go to war with his brother if he has to. Jerome isn’t going to let Jeremiah ruin this for him.
There are times when Jerome will bombard you, swooping you away to god knows where and he doesn’t bring you “home” for some time. He refers to this as his and your sibling bonding time. And he doesn’t tolerate anyone trying to step on his “bonding” time with his new sibling. Especially his brother. He’s a little more willing to give you over to Harley as long as she doesn’t try to hog you again but that’s only a handful of times.
Overall he’s a very dedicated brother, in his own obsessive and psychotic way. He wants and knows what’s best for you, even if it isn’t. Especially if he benefits from it.
Brother Jeremiah Valeska
Tumblr media
Jeremiah is much more calculating and manipulative then his brother. He will play the role of the ever understanding and supportive brother. Or if you’re older than him and Jerome then he’ll continue to play the scared, innocent victim but really he’s just gaining your trust. You’re more likely feel bad and give him more of your time and attention. You’ll pull further away from Jerome and stay with him.
He wants to be the one you confide in. The one you tell all your fears, worries, and secrets to. He wants to know everything that goes on in that little head of yours. He knows you won’t go to Jerome, not after everything he’s told you about his twin. His brother is psychotic after all. Who could ever trust a psychopath? But you can count on Jeremiah. He’ll always be there to listen.
Jeremiah keeps an excruciatingly close eye on you once Harley finally brings you home. He keeps track of your every movement, from all steps you take in a day to the twitch of your finger. He probably keeps a log of it somewhere in a journal or notepad he keeps on him at all times. You’re like some kind of case study for him to observe and critique.
He really wants to see what makes you tic. He’s pushing all your buttons and memorizing all your reactions. He’s persistent and very determined to get what he wants out of you. Not like you know what that is.
Jeremiah isn’t happy when you spend more time with Jerome. He hates it. All this work he’s putting into you and your wasting your time with his brother. Jerome is just messing with Jeremiah’s progress of making you perfect. And it irks him to no end but he’s not going to let Jerome know that. No, Jeremiah isn’t his brother, he’s much more methodical and patient.
He wouldn’t be all that against doing what he believes is necessary to keep up with your progress. And if that includes getting rid of his brother then so be it. It’s not like he was doing much for Jeremiah anyway. This will only go to show that if you hold a purpose for Jeremiah then he’ll do anything to keep you. But if you don’t then you’re on your own, that is if he doesn’t do something about it first.
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