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#happy cat
youfoundyourvet · 53 minutes ago
Easter Eggs
Day after Easter.
One dog ,nine tears old,mongrel,female,spayed came with Hct 16 and pale mucus membranes.After abdominal ultrasound I discovered a 5 cm mass on the spĺeen.We made transfusion and we operated the next day.Today doggie went home.
Second dog,same day,was brought because was hit by something,probably a small handy firework(aka crack)2 days ago and the bladder ruptured and the urine was going to abdominal cavity.She was operated while other dog was taking the blood.
Two days after Easter
While spaying a cat I found her uterus ruptured and small fetuses bones everywhere inside abdominal cavity and also stuck on the abdominal wall.This cat was eating regularly.
Did I wish you HAPPY EASTER friends?
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draemers · 5 hours ago
yall for erasmus you had to do a placement test for your target language and I got an average of C1 im
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peepo · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
#ok one last post#i wish my mom would see all the complaining i do about her sometimes#but like with her shed probably beat me half to death or kick me out so like i can’t do that#it’s kind of funny like i keep wishing she hit me more because only ONE TIME she made me bleed. she’s hurt me woth slaps and belt whippings#but only one time she hit my face so hard and so repeatedly it made my nose bleed. i wish she’d do it more!#physical abuse hurts less and is easier to explain than emotional abuse you’ve had to deal with your whole life. i wish she died as well as#my sexually abusive step dad numerous time.#s. him more but i genuinely think about how happy i would be without her in my life. i’d cry and maybe kill myself because now i have no 1#to live for but like... at least it would be most of my issues solved! plus i didn’t kill myself whdn someone else died but IG he didn’t#have as much of an impact on me as a woman who’s been here my whole life. yet i still think about sawyer more than#my grandfather and my friends sister and everyone else and i just wish i could trade in my life for his. he actually had something going &#i’m just a waste of space do nothing accomplish nothing idiot who has no family to feel guilty for#i wish i were dead i wish i weee dead i wish i wew dead i wish i were dead#sorry but i genuinely do and i can’t deal with it anymore. i won’t do anything but it hurts so much and k can’t#i can’t. i canr. i can’t do this i just want out of here and o know if i took all my pills i wouldn’t overdose and just be sent for more#FUCKING bills at the ficking hospital because they want me to be indebt to them for my entire life#i hate it i hate myself i hate my life there’s good things but the bad outweighs the good i have to deal with the bad everyday and wake up#to it and cook for it and do it’s taxes and work and cleaning and resumes and job applications#i have to take cate of its cat and make sure to not step on any toes and cry silently so that it doesn’t feel responsible#it’s very painful. goodnight. my head hurts.
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poppibranchlover · 13 hours ago
My birthday is coming!
Since my birthday is coming tomorrow, I am worried that I will receive nothing else again since Eva was not there anymore to make a Cat Branch drawing in honor of my special day. 😧😔
In order to make my day exciting, I need your help by making lots of Branch the Cat fanart as birthday gifts for me.
I tag any of you in the Trolls fandom who wants to join in and help me have the best birthday ever:
@josjos4everbroppy @chellionnette @happyqueenandgrumpydork @gabi-trollastic @betzgi @mariahdoby13 @theshy1sout @ihearttrolls @dartheclipse0816
I wanted to see your own fanart of Cat Branch to be completed in the day of my birthday tomorrow. All of these should be good to cheer me up, and be sure to add the hashtag "#catbranchfanart" or "#happybirthdaypoppibranchlover" in your posts about your art!
Thanks for answering this post and I hope to see all of your work during the big day! 😊
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sleepyspacebb · 17 hours ago
if i look pensive it's because i'm thinking about the life i'll lead with a great pryenees and a one bedroom apartment on the west coast
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nowandthengalleria · 19 hours ago
A Happy Friday to all of our superb customers, followers and viewers.. Don't let anything dull your sparkle today... On any day! Enjoy your weekend! If you have a minute, come on by to browse at everyone's #ShopSmall Store: Now and Then Galleria LLC - Link in Bio #Happy #Friday #Superb #Sparkle #Enjoy #Weekend #Cat #ActionFigures #Cars #Goebel #HotWheels #Lenox #Matchbox #Monopoly #Porcelain #StarTrek #Toys #Trucks #Merchandise #Collectibles #Vintage #New #MumsieofStratford #Crochet #FreeGames #PrizeGiveaways #SpinOurWheel #FunTimes #NowandThenGalleria (at Stratford, Connecticut)
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runeimpact · 22 hours ago
Diona didn't like much 'Rune because of his association with Diluc but then one day when a bunch of drunks started meowing at her, thats when he whipped his tail and all of their drinks and asses went to the ground
after that She came around with him and spend some time with him to show her newest disgusting drinks
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minijenn · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hhhh it’s this stupid little bitch’a birthday today, he’s two and in cat years that means he’s in his 20s so that makes him mentally the same age as me and I hate that
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nyxel-pixel · a day ago
blob cat
Tumblr media
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