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#gym leader bede
shuniruu · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
did another 6 fanart challenge, but with characters my friends said reminded them of me <3!! full fanart of each character below:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ihopethisendswell · 3 days ago
I'd love to know what kind of jock Opal is, please!
No prop!
Besides being into theater, I 100% believe that Opal did ballet in her youth. You cannot convince me other wise. And given how fast she ran towards Bede, she probably did track too! That lady have strong legs, I tell you. And strong arms to suplex people!( And hit them with her parasol)
In terms of personality, she's that theater kid/ prep jock. I feel like she would be a bit of a perfectionist, trying to perfect her skills to the great pink standard. Even at her old age, she at the very least tries to stay as active as she did once before.
Right now I'm picturing Bede and Opal having a training montage with Opal infront of Bede on her scooter telling him to run faster and that " I ran twice, no, three times as fast as that when I was your age! Do you not want to be pink?!", lol.
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ihopethisendswell · 3 days ago
When you realize that the entirety of the SwSh gym leaders are jocks but different archetypes of jock. Yes that includes Piers. Yes that includes Bede(honestly for the joke but I wouldn't be surprised if he learns to suplex people from Opal)
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epicspheal · 9 days ago
I’ve talked a little bit about “Raihan is actual royalty” on this blog a long time ago but I’ve since been into a whole modern Royal AU of Galar. Besides Raihan two people who I think would also be good candidates for active Galarian Royalty? Melony and Gordie. I just get royal vibes from them and it would add a lot the whole rift between them. Like if their family was the noble family of Circhester and had a centuries long tradition of training ice types, Gordie’s decision to train Rocks would easily cause such a big rift and divide the entire town.
Avery is also another candidate. His outfit has some nods to the aristocracy and I always kind of imagine that families with powers (be it psychic powers, ghost/spiritual awareness, aura guardians, people connected to dragons) would likely be royalty or just part of the elite in various regions. 
Of course that line of thinking would implicate Opal too, and I have her as like the final like active known Royal. With her fairy magic and inheriting the Ballonlea gym from her mom I could see that being the case. She gives off an old royal vibe that just doesn’t like the politics of the nobility and just does her own thing. And the best “F*** you” to the nobility, taking some random orphan Bede and declaring him her heir!
And then Hop, Leon, Piers and Marnie I all see as being people who royal heritage from way back when. Like their great-great-great grandmother was from an old royal house who was married off. So like they don’t get much benefit from it other than if say in a royal KBDN or KBNZ pairing, Leon or Piers’ royal blood helps to quiet the naysayers who think Raihan shouldn’t be marrying a commoner.
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scrawlers · 10 days ago
Bede is 100% that guy whose reason for not cussing is that he thinks it’s “beneath” him, that he has “such a large vocabulary he doesn’t need to” and that anyone who does use profanity clearly doesn’t have as large a vocabulary as he does and therefore aren’t as smart as him. Of course, Opal has absolutely no such qualms about swearing (although her swears are wielded like rapiers, precise and to the point and driven straight into the jugular), so that does throw him for a loop . . . but he still never lets any profanity into his vocabulary and just amends his previous stance with an asterisk that reads *except Opal.
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piershoesz · 12 days ago
Hi there! I was wondering if I could request bede coming back from some sort of gym leader event to find his s/o curled up in his jacket because i am craving some soft bede content. Thank you I’m advance! And by the way, I find your writings really cute!
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗝𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗲𝘁 | 𝗕𝗲𝗱𝗲 𝗫 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿
Tumblr media
It had been a long and tiresome day at Wyndon. Leon, now the new chairman, had gathered all the major and minor division gym leaders for an annual meeting, an it went rather hectic!
Bede wanted nothing more than to come back home and collapse into your loving arms.
However, when he swung the door of your shared apartment open, and called out your name, he received no response.
Curious, he began to search the living space, looking for you.
When he eventually did, he found you curled up in bed, his old magenta jacket wrapped around you.
Was all he could whisper, feeling his cheeks go red. It had been a long tim since he last wore that jacket, yet it was even a bit oversized on your sleeping figure.
It was cute, he had to admit, and even snapped a photo before changing into his pajamas and crawling in bed next to you.
You stirred, still holding onto the jacket as you turned next to him.
"Mmm... you're back."
"I am."
He smiled, scooting closer.
"It reminded me of you... so I wore it." You told him sleepily, and he only laughed and kissed your cheek.
"I know. You can still keep it on if you'd like," He pressed another kiss to your cheek, "But I'm home now."
Your arms wrapped around his waist in an instant.
"Good. I missed you."
You two fell asleep short afterwards. An overwhelming sense of pride in Bede thanks to that jacket.
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰
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professor-blue-oak · 14 days ago
Hey professor, do you happen to know of any openly trans trainers or gym leaders ect? I want to make it into the big leagues but I dont wanna be judged for being trans
There’s Piers and Bede, both ftm. The new Viridian Gym Leader, Bree, is actually mtf. I’ve met them a few times since they needed help and information on how to run the place.
Don’t worry about being the way you are. The whole League itself is pretty accepting, no matter where you come from or identify as.
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azuremist · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy to use this meme as an excuse to talk about the same shit I always talk about
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yeekonik · 22 days ago
Oddly specific bede hcs
I’m self projecting a bit
Bede cannot sleep without some sort of noise (could be a fan, rain, wind, etc.)
He wanted to watch a horror movie which only resulted in him not sleeping for 2 days
Pretty fast metabolism, can’t really keep a lot of fat on him (very thin, people ask if he’s under fed)
Gets distracted pretty easily
His favorite song is Soda by Nothing but Thieves
He brings a pretty big book with him wherever he goes, he’s finished about 2 books out on his own time
After Leon got dethroned as champion he tried to make it up to Hop for how he treated him
He’s now Hop’s best guy friend
He’s never cried in front of anyone (only in front of Opal, Rose, and Oleana)
Plays animal crossing
Finds among us jokes HILARIOUS
Is probably the best just dance player in all of the galar region
Will fight someone if they are mean to Opal
Sorta picky when it comes to food.. just get him dinosaur nuggets okay?
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yeekonik · 23 days ago
Bede’s hair smells like vanilla.
i hc he uses vanilla/Rose scents 😌
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yeekonik · 23 days ago
Bede is just a piece of
It’s him-
Tumblr media
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yeekonik · 23 days ago
Your profile picture is who I think that you want to talk about!
I literally will stop everything I’m doing and talk abt bede
Tumblr media
My Nintendo switch if full of screenshots of every time he came in frame, I may have spammed screenshots-
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yeekonik · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
I present to you.. Bede, but slightly smiling
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vulnonapix1234 · 28 days ago
Soulmate AU
The words that the people around you say to you, appear on your soulmates skin.
The more often these words are said, the more it affects them, the bigger, darker and apparent they become.
Names and Places are censored by flowers.
Bede didn't know that Hop was his soulmate.... How would he? After all, he always believed that his partners was like him, an outcast, a defect child and unwanted by his family.
That he was an asshole like himself.
How would he have known that his soulmate, Hop, would be so cheerful, even after these cruel words that had been said to him?
"be more like your brother!"
"I don't have time for you right now."
"why can't you understand? Are you stupid?"
"### would have got it right by the first time."
"you are ### Brother, right? I am his biggest Fan! Let's be friends."
"you are just so annoying!"
"can't you just shut up?"
Now that he knows, that this brother his soulmate was compared to is the champion, everything makes sense.
These expectations, fake friends, being in the shadows...
It makes sense and Bede hates himself for making things worse.
He can only stare in self-hatred at his chest in the mirror, where the words stand that he told the other a few hours ago.
"you really are a shame to your brother"
The words are big and black, meaning that he took them to his heart.
Bede doesn't want to know how the other feels, how much the other must suffer right now.
It hurts, both physically and mentally and the boy knows that he needs to apologize, to plead for forgiveness.
But what if Hop didn't want to see him?
What if-
He shakes his head before putting his shirt back on.
It doesn't matter. He can't undo his doings and it's not his decision if Hop forgives him.
But he can apologize.
It's quite easy to the boy.
He was sitting on a cliff, looking at the wild zone before him. It made Bede feel anxious, scared that Hop could fall or-
"what do you want? Are you here to insult me?"
The boys words sounded hollow and Bede sank to his knees. This was his fault.
"I am sorry."
These words came out harder than he expected. It was the first time that he did that, or at least that he really meant it.
The other looked really surprised and shocked, something he could understand quite well.
"what did you just say?"
Bede swallowed for a moment, before bowing deep to the ground. He couldn't bear to look at those golden orbs of his.
"i- I am sorry for the words I said! I didn't - I didn't know that you had it as hard as me! I believed that you were just an entitled brat, that got everything from his brother-"
Tears started to well up in his eyes and he could hear footsteps coming closer to him.
Bede was ready for everything.
For Hop to scream at him, to kick or hurt him otherwise, even for him throw him over the cliff, but not for that-
Not for Hop to kneel down beside him and carefully grabbing him by the shoulder, and getting him back into a sitting position. For him to look at him with such emphatic and kind eyes.
It killed him inside.
"you -, you are my soulmate, aren't you?"
His voice sounded so soft, so kind and all bede could do was to nod, hoping the other wouldn't hate him more.
"I see."
Hop hugged him carefully. Bede was shocked by this, a feeling of saveness and scare in his bones.
"what are-"
He couldn't finish the question, as hop let go of him. Bede could feel his skin crawl, wanting this touch back.
"I -, when I started to understand these words on my skin, I felt scared. Scared that my partner was alone and by himself, unloved by the world. I would cry myself to sleep, knowing that they, that you, didn't have a good place to sleep. I imagine how they must have felt, being so mistreated and how they would act. How they would react to me... "
The other closed his eyes, as if he was searching for the right words.
"what I want to say is, I understand why you were the way you acted now. But, but that doesn't mean that you didn't hurt me. It was cruel of you to say these words, even if we weren't soulmates."
Then he opened his eyes, full with forgiveness and affection. Hop carefully gripped his hands, as he smiled softly.
"Bede. I will forgive you, but I want you to stay with me. I want to make sure that you are alright and well cared for."
Bede could feel how the heat was rushing to his cheeks, eyes blown wide.
Hop has forgiven him? Just like that?
He couldn't help but stare at the other, before nearly jumping on him.
Bede was happy. Truly. He wasn't even so happy when rose adopted him -
"I - I promise to be the best soulmate ever! I will protect and love you! I would even fight your brother!"
He screamed out the words, way too fast for the other to understand. Hop just laughed, before hugging him tightly, as if he was afraid he would disappear. As if this is just a dream.
Then he perked up.
"Bede! Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat if you want!"
The boy stood up,taking him up in process, before leading him to his camp. They held hands the whole way and Bede wasn't sure how to answer. He felt as if Hop didn't just want to feed him.
"I want to tell you about my journey, about Leon and Gloria while I cook, is that alright for you?"
So that is what he wanted. Bede smiled faintly.
"if you want -, I mean, only if I can tell you a little bit about myself."
He had to start somewhere
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