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#gym leader Piers
askgalartop32 hours ago
Raihan how illegal are we talking? About Leon's record?
Honestly? 3/10. Maybe 4. 馃ぃ And for reference I'd put my property damage at a 2
But I have to say that learning that about him was enlightening 馃憖馃憖
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askgalartop37 hours ago
What鈥檚 the most illegal thing any of you have done?
Ooo that's a loaded question if I've ever seen one
I choose to remain silent on this.
馃憖馃憖 Well now I'm curious. What could our dear, sweet, innocent chairman be hiding???
Nothing that needs to be on public record.
Booo! Tell me later?
Nice! For me... I've gotten in trouble a few times because the storms my pokemon whipped up caused minor property damage. Just little things. Like broken signs or outdoor furniture
I think...for me its less about anything illegal and more to do with parents thinking my music will turn their children into heathens
There are puritans who hate rock music even in Galar. Who knew?
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askgalartop39 hours ago
Besides getting kidnapped by faeries or having a brother, how does one become a gym leader?
Those are actually the exceptions to the general rule, believe it or not. There are usually two ways we do it, and both take time. The first normal option when a gym leader is looking to retire is to look to gym challengers. The ones who make it to the semi-final tournament especially. If the gym leader in question finds one or two in particular to be interesting they might take those trainers under their wing and give them extra instruction for a couple of years.
Another option is to promote a gym trainer. A lot of leaders build a good relationship with their trainers and will find one or two who they think would do a good job.
And then the last option is to impress the chairman. In other words, me. If I find a trainer with particular talent (who doesn't have what it takes to beat the champion, of course) I might help set them up with a gym leader who has been thinking of finding a replacement. But I'll have you all know that I am extremely picky and your chances of getting chosen by a leader themself is far better.
In other words, if you want to be gym leader your best bet is to become a gym trainer.
Oooh, that gave me chills Lee! 馃槼 You sounded like a real boss just now. I like it! 馃槏
Why do you sound so impressed that I can be professional? I've been doing this for over a decade.
because we know what youre like off the clock
Thanks so much you two. I feel so appreciated...
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askgalartop318 hours ago
In regards to a previous ask. Piers. who鈥檚 the prettiest girl in Galar, second best to Marnie?
mmm... is this gonna invalidate my two votes for Marnie?
Y'know what? Just this once I'll let it slide 'cause I'm curious too
gonna have to give it to Nessa then
Ha! A man of culture I see!
she is a model yknow
馃え Is that the only reason you picked her...?
no. was just sayin shes practically certified pretty so it shouldnt be surprising
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askgalartop320 hours ago
There's not a competition going on right now is there? What do you guys do when there's no challengers?
Well...the situation has changed a bit for Piers and I, but the basic answer is training and tending to other matters in our lives.
For example, I used to attend a lot of meetings with Rose and Oleana, I'd do charity work, visit family, or just go explore the wild area. Now though my hands are pretty full with Battle Tower and the Galar Star Tournament.
Wow that was actually a pretty good answer. 馃 There might be hope for you at this yet! (Thanks? This was basically just an interview question. I'm used to those.) Anywho for me I train the gym trainers, guard Hammerlocke and it's castle...pretty mundane stuff
simple. I work on my music and take care of Marnie
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askgalartop3a day ago
You wouldn't happen to have any spicier butt pics would you 馃憖馃憖
That my dear is for me to know 馃槈
What? I'm joking! The only spicy booty shots I got are my own. And while I love being a people pleaser those are only for certain special people
Thank Arceus...
I agree with ya Lee
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askgalartop3a day ago
I have an idea. Fuck, marry, kill: featuring three gym-leaders of each of your choosing.
what are we in high school?
Yes! 馃榿 Romance. Highschool AU. Slow burn. This is the trigger that starts us all to think that we might have a crush on the other two 馃槼
What did any of that mean just now!?
But I have an idea OP. How bout I pick three for Piers, Piers picks three for Lee, and Lee picks three for me? You two down for that?
I... Alright, sure. I'm not getting out of this anyway.
Piers! Your three are Nessa, Kabu, and Gordie!
mmm... fuck Kabu marry Nessa kill Gordie. sorry Gord
Wow harsh! 馃ぃ
and hug Marnie
Aaww! 馃ズ
alright lets see... Milo Melony and Opal
Okay um... Fuck Milo, marry Melony, appreciate Opal.
thats fair
But cheating! 馃槕
Okay Raihan, since you're so keen on playing to the fans: Piers, me, and Nessa.
Ooh now we're getting somewhere!! Fuck Piers marry Nessa kill you
Why thank you for that...
Oh c'mon you had to have seen that coming
Honestly? I should have.
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piers-supremacya day ago
can we get some more bottom piers please? idk if i have to be more specific (thank you for turning anon on i'm too shy)
Hell yeah you can.
Contains: Afab reader cause there鈥檚 cunnilingus and piers just overall being a service sub.
The sound of platform boots approaching the door to the flat drowned out the show you had on the television. Piers was finally home, which was nice since it was now 1am. You took the remote from the coffee table and paused what you were absentmindedly watching.
The door leaned open slowly and you watched as Piers legs kicked in struggling his boots off in the process. His movements were sloppy yet had a haste to them, though he stopped altogether when he saw you in the couch. What was once a perpetual state of furrowed eyebrows and silent rage was now relief as his eyes softened and shoulders fell.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 be up.鈥 Piers voice was gravely, which is to be expected after a late night concert. It hit you just how soft and exhausted he was.
鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 sleep. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion it鈥檚 because you refuse to turn the fucking heat on.鈥 You raised your brows at him only half joking.
鈥淢eh, I prefer body heat.鈥 He stumbled over to the couch and drapes himself across you dramatically, as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. He鈥檚 more affectionate when he鈥檚 exhausted.
鈥淚 missed you at the show tonight. I know I can鈥檛 expect you to come to every late night gig but you might as well seeing as you鈥檙e still awake.鈥 He teased while his arms snaked underneath you. You rolled your eyes and tangled your fingers into the hair on the back of his head. Piers hummed softly, shuddering as you touched the nerve endings at the back of his neck.
You glared at the paused screen for a moment feeling no pull to close your eyes, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 going to be able to fall asleep.鈥 Piers shifted to look up at you, his cheek smooshed against your chest with a lopsided grin on his face, 鈥淚 know how to help with that.鈥 Piers propped himself up on his hands as he leaned over to kiss you, you felt his lips curl as he fought back the urge to eat your face. His head tilted down to peck your jaw, your neck, and stopped at your collarbone before pushing his body back with his elbows to slide himself lower.
You placed your palm on the side of his face pulling him to look at you. Piers did so with a star struck grin.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 You were mockingly stern, which seemed to make Piers lax. He hummed lowly touching his cold hand to yours.
鈥淭rust me, you鈥檒l pass right out after I make you cum.鈥 He sinks down to kiss your stomach and pulls up your shirt to have access to the soft skin. His legs were haphazardly thrown over the arm of the couch, in a position that didn鈥檛 look comfortable but he didn鈥檛 seem to care.
Piers flattened his tongue against your naval, and trailed it to your side. He sunk his teeth into sensitive flesh and looked up at you through a lidded gaze. As if sparks of electricity trailed up your back you shivered. Swallowing down the sensation, you gripped the hairs at the back of his neck and pushed his head lower down your body.
鈥淣ngh, I鈥檓 too tired to deal with your teasing. Hurry up.鈥 You sat up higher on the couch and wrapped your thighs around his neck, trapping him down between your legs. Piers breath hitched with every movement you made a snarky grin still plastered across his lips.
鈥淚 love it when you manhandle me.鈥 He winked.
鈥淥h please,鈥 you rolled your eyes at him with a chuckle.
Piers finally sunk down while lacing his fingers underneath the hem of your underwear. He kissed your heat through the fabric before shifting to move them off your legs. You relaxed into the couch, leaning your head back. Piers was reveling in the scent. He flattened his palm to your naval, using his thumb to pull the skin above your clit back, leaving it to the elements. Piers other hand deftly snuck up beneath him, with his middle and index pulled your lips apart and used his tongue to tease the entrance.
You tugged on his hair to speed him up. With a low groan he took your hint and his fingers followed his tongue inside you. Long digits spread and prodded inside your walls to find that perfect spot. Piers bit his lip and pulled his arm underneath him to push up into you. Your breath hitched as his actions brought the tips of his fingers right into your g-spot.
Piers hummed contently at your response and closed his lips around your clit, flicking his tongue against it with his fingers antagonistically slow on your core. You tolerated it for now, tired enough to even enjoy his snails pace.
Your fingers combed through Piers hair gently. Silently you encouraged him along with soft breaths and light tugs on his roots.
鈥淕ood, that鈥檚 good.鈥 You spoke softly. Piers whimpered at your praise, which vibrated against the nerves between his lips. With that sensation you were done with slow and pulled harder on Piers hair.
鈥淔aster,鈥 You felt him tense up, but he heeded you regardless. Piers fingers picked up pace significantly but his lips released your clit, instead he pressed his tongue flat against it. He dragged his tongue back into his mouth, pulling along your nerves in the process.
You growled, 鈥淧iers.鈥 Was all you said, but all you needed to say. His tongue flicked against your clit as he purred into you. Finally, pumping his fingers into you at a pace that brought something swelling within you. Distant at first, and it stayed that way long enough for you to just melt into pleasure.
Your breathing wavered as Piers tongue ran circles around your clit. His beautiful rhythm inside you sparked a wave of pleasure. Your thighs tightened around his neck, warranting a hint of a grin from him. You were on the brink, and he held you there. Though, by no means on purpose.
Piers鈥 throat moaned wondrous lyrical vibrato against 锟紅he bundle of electricity between your legs. With the arch in his brow that spoke desperation, his smokey crystalline eyes adoring up at you, and the muffled plead he gave you, you hit pleasure like a brick to a window.
Your legs involuntarily choked him out, as your hands pulled his head into your cunt by his hair. Despite the tears from lack of oxygen he loved every second of it, giving everything he had to let you ride his face to satisfaction. With your head careened back and the struggle to keep quiet behind your teeth, the rocking of your hips slowed.
You released Piers from the bear trap of your limbs and fell limp. Piers propped himself up on his hands, and you looked at him, a smile spread on your exhausted face. The oxytocin in your blood had you drunk on ecstasy and love. You moved to bring your hand to his cheek, but instead his hands went to you. He pulled you into a kiss, his hair feathering across your eyelids.
鈥淔eeling knackered now?鈥 He asked with a voice worn from both a concert and a 鈥榮how.鈥
All you could respond with was a hum and a slurred, 鈥済ood boy.鈥
Piers face sunk into the comfort of your chest as a comfortable silence fell.
鈥淵a know, we could have totally done this earlier if you came to the show.鈥 He teased.
鈥淗rrrmgh, sHH. Sleep time.鈥
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askgalartop3a day ago
A question for Piers and Leon, is Raihan a tryhard or is that just how he is?
half n half?
Raihan really is like this in real life. Though I think he might exaggerate things a little in the name of...what's it called? Fanservice?
yea. hes a self centered twat who flirts with everyone but hes worse online
That makes me sound like a bad guy... 馃ズ
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askgalartop32 days ago
How on earth did you convince Piers to do this?
It wasn't easy, but where there's a will there's a way
What he means is, Raihan promised to buy a piece of every type of merch Piers sells at his next concert.
I think it was a mistake. Piers looked like he was planning something the moment I said that
Yeah that's not ominous or anything 馃槵
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askgalartop32 days ago
Is Leon's favorite pokemon type dragon? He's got two of them and a charizard
Dragons are pretty cool, aren't they? Their strength is certainly something to be feared. I should know, what with training Haxorus and Dragapult and having Raihan as my rival.
I'll take that as a compliment
But my favorite type? Hmm... I want to say fire but I hardly have an affinity for it... Flying is cool too I guess. Steel are nice, and so are water types. Ground are pretty neat...
just pick one!
I can't! I like too many!
Why not say fire-flying and leave it at that? 馃槗
That...sounds reasonable.
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askgalartop33 days ago
Who is the prettiest girl in Galar? 馃
馃槓 I feel like it's cheating to vote for your own sister...
Why? Marnies a very pretty girl
While yes, she is, I could've said Melony.
Couldve. But I didnt
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professor-blue-oak3 days ago
Hey professor, do you happen to know of any openly trans trainers or gym leaders ect? I want to make it into the big leagues but I dont wanna be judged for being trans
There鈥檚 Piers and Bede, both ftm. The new Viridian Gym Leader, Bree, is actually mtf. I鈥檝e met them a few times since they needed help and information on how to run the place.
Don鈥檛 worry about being the way you are. The whole League itself is pretty accepting, no matter where you come from or identify as.
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askgalartop33 days ago
What is the cutest pokemon to ever exist and why is it snom?
Let me show you how this is done, Lee.
Because snom are sweet innocent babies who just want to do their snomy little thing! 馃ズ
Obstagoons cuter
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askgalartop33 days ago
Leon pls marry me! 馃槶 I'm horribly in love you!
I'm afraid I am not looking to get married anytime soon. I'm also not interested in being involved with any fans, sorry...
Wow, first ask and you're already a heartbreaker! 馃槼 So harsh.
Would you have accepted?
You obviously haven't seen my insta, Lee. I get asked on dates all the time. 馃槤 The rule is to always accept, knowing both parties aren't serious.
thats not dangerous at all...
I'm in agreement, Piers. Raihan, please take care of yourself.
It's fine! It's fine!
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spikemuthstars3 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淗as anyone seen a shiny Wooloo with a bell around his neck? I'm PokeSitting him and he has a tendency to explore.鈥
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