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mc-lukanette · 5 hours ago
A concept:
The scene in “Guiltrip” where Ladybug and Chat Noir are getting Guiltrip’s bubbles stuck to them. Ladybug’s pep talks haven’t worked and she knows that she needs help dealing with Reflekta, but Chat Noir is basically too far gone at that point.
That’s when she notices Rose trying to cheer her on and gets the idea to give her the pig miraculous. Pushing past her negative feelings as best as she can, she pulls the pig miraculous out of her yoyo and urges Rose to transform and use the pig’s power on her (since she can always recharge Daizzi afterwards anyway) to help her repel the guilt bubbles.
Cue her (pleasant) surprise when the gift Pigella presents her with (that is meant to show her greatest happiness/desire) is not her with Adrien, but her with Luka.
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I have this small theory that Master Fu will actually recover his memories as soon as Hawk Moth is defeated.
I mean think about it-
In Miracle Queen, after LB uses her cure, it doesn't fix his memory loss because, according to Chat, it "has nothing to do with the damages caused by Chloe" and he was right! Essentially, it was Hawk Moth's fault! Which means that after his defeat the summoned Miraculous Ladybug should be able to fix Fu's memory...and we have actually seen this happen before, even if it was off-screen!
If we can fully believe Fu's background story then the Chinese Miracle Box was passed down to him from the previous owner in the last moments before the Guardians met their doom... I mean he MUST have possessed ownership otherwise he wouldn't have been able to pass it down himself. Which means the previous owner must have naturally lost their memories when they handed it to Fu. But who would that be?
Tumblr media
Well, Su-Han of course. But his memory seems to be completely intact, how could that be?
The same logic would apply here also: It was the Sentimonster's fault that he had to pass down the Miracle Box and lose his memories in the process. Meaning that, when LB defeated Feast it didn't only revive the temple and all its inhabitants but also Su-Hans lost memory. So it is definitely possible for Master Fu to also recover his!
Of course I could be over-analyzing this. However, there really couldn't be any other reason as to why he still has all his memories... Unless it's a plot hole 😐 It's also nice to think that Master Fu's story doesn't end here yet.
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susanphoenix · a day ago
Introducing: Piglette, the Pigella doll.
A Mominette AU supplemental.
Rose hadn’t really wanted her friends to know exactly what was wrong- she herself wasn’t really sure, as the doctors didn’t actually see anything new on the scans and X-rays, and only her previous history kept the doctors from labeling her a hyprochrondriac- and thankfully they all had accepted that.
They still hovered a bit, especially Ivan and Kim, but they did their best not to smother her.
(Oddly enough, Lila started avoiding her, Rose wasn’t sure why, arthritis was also a serious condition, especially in children. But perhaps Lila was trying not to hover in her own way.)
Marinette also still made things for Rose, which Rose didn’t mind so much, Marinette had two reactions to stressful situations, hyper-obsessed (where she would make a bunch of things related to an interest or person) and intense problem solving.
Rose was relieved that Marinette wasn’t trying to play amateur doctor, but the gifts were getting a bit much.
So Rose was going to be firm when Marinette showed up at Rose’s home to deliver a new gift. Rose had already had her mother’s slight overreacttion to Rose accidentally cutting herself while cooking, she didn’t need more coddling.
Only, Marinette started talking first.
“Um, Rose? I, uh, got a commission to deliver to you.” Marinette looked embarrassed. “I know it’s probably been a bit much, but I couldn’t turn this commission down and it’s important.”
Rose was baffled, but brought Marinette to her room.
Marinette sat down. “So, this isn’t from me. I was contacted by Ladybug, who wanted me to deliver her to you.”
Rose opened the box, and gasped. A plushie Pigella doll was in the box.
“Ladybug commissioned you for this?” The doll was soft.
“Yes, this isn’t the first time.” Marinette flushed. “Well, it’s the first time she’s had me do the delivery.” Marinette took a deep breath. “She’s had me make other dolls. And then she takes them and does some magic.”
A grey and pink doll suddenly hopped out of Marinette’s book bag.
“She brings them to life, they’re tiny protectors in case Hawkmoth ever discovered the identities of the temporary heroes. I’m... I was Multimouse, when Kwamibuster attacked. I goofed at the end, revealing who I was, so Ladybug had me make Minimouse, just in case something happens, like Hawkmoth finding me, Minimouse can duplicate herself and go running for help.”
The Minimouse demonstrated her ability to duplicate herself.
The Pigella doll gently brushed Rose’s face.
“I don’t know exactly what your doll’s power is, but it’s always related to the hero power. It’s not as strong, according to Ladybug, but it’s meant for your protection.” Marinette flushed. “Not that you need protection!”
Rose giggled as Marinette got flustered. Minimouse patting Marinette’s knee.
“Thank you, Marinette. I understand.” Rose got it. Pigella’s power had been a gift of hope. While Rose was an optimist, she also had her days of wanting her problem to go away.
So if this doll had a similar ability... she would help Rose through those bad days.
A tiny voice whispered, and Rose almost dropped the doll.
“Ah, I should mention that the dolls are bonded to their models. Something about the magic. Ladybug wasn’t clear on that. The stronger the bond, the easier it is to understand them.” Marinette added. She was smiling. “Ladybug didn’t warn me about what she did to Minimouse, so I got the shock of my life when my doll duplicated herself and started whispering to me to go to bed.”
Rose giggled, gently hugging the doll. “I was going to refuse anymore gifts outside of my birthday and special occasions, but I can’t turn her away.”
“I’m glad, and I will restrict myself to personal gifts on those days unless you’re part of a group. I just felt like I had to do something ... and I technically did promise you pillows to sit on when I ran for class President.” Marinette smiled. “What are you going to name her?”
“Um ... Piglette.” Rose offered, and the doll clapped, hugging Rose before looking at Marinette.
So did Minimouse.
Marinette wilted a bit. “Ladybug also wanted me to reveal my secret to you. You are more than welcome to say no to this next bit.” Marinette took a deep breath. “Icansortahealsmallthings.”
Marinette flopped over. “This is so insensitive, Ladybug. Ugh, okay, Superheroes and magic exist, and apparently my mom’s side of the family occasionally gets the power to heal things. I accidentally healed my dad and Chat Noir. I can’t cure anything, let me clarify that right now, but Ladybug got upset that I didn’t immediately offer to try and help.”
Rose blinked. “Ladybug is being rude.” Rose agreed with that assessment. “But what do you mean you can heal?”
Marinette sighed, and took Rose’s bandaged hand. There was a tiny pink glow, and the stinging of the cut vanished.
Rose removed the bandage to reveal the cut was gone.
“It’s only small things, it’s not a miraculous cure, all I could do for you is maybe make your headaches less severe so you had more time to get to the nurse or to a private place to call your parents. Ladybug’s of the opinion that eventually I would be strong enough to cure you, but I don’t have any actual training right now.” Marinette admitted. “I don’t want to hurt you on accident.”
“It would be nice to have a little more time.” Rose smiled, hugging Marinette (and Rose was amused when the dolls joined in). “I would be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about never having to worry again, but I’m not going to put my pain on you. You do what you can, Marinette, but don’t beat yourself up over what you can’t do.” And Rose would be telling off Ladybug for adding more stress to Marinette.
“Okay ... just ... how about you let me know if you need me? I ... uh... I occasionally try to go after Ladybug and Chat Noir, just in case they need a small heal, but otherwise...” Marinette shrugged.
“Thank you Marinette. And if you see Ladybug before I do, tell her that I love the doll, but it’s not fair for her to demand so much of you when she doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. Just because you have powers doesn’t mean she should push you to out yourself like that if you’re not ready.”
“You’re the best, Rose.” Marinette smiled.
A crunching sound had Rose looking to see the two dolls sharing a cookie.
“Oh, yeah, um, to keep their power levels up, they have to eat. I should really write these things down.” Marinette flushed.
“Ooh, a how to book on caring for magic dolls! Can I help?”
They spent the rest of the visit coming up with a book design.
So ... I am a live in caregiver for someone who has a chronic illness. Some of Rose’s thoughts are things they have said that stuck with me.
I wasn’t going to add much of anything from season 4, but guilt trip came and hit me where I live.
I debated naming the doll Porcelete
Tagging @nobodyfamousposts
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bee-tales · 2 days ago
Let's talk about Chat Noir trying to cataclysm himself
So, we all know that what he did was,,, truly horrifying
But the way that he bounced back after a few kind words from Ladybug? That just really showed how dependent he is on other's approval. Without the constant validation from those he loves, he feels like he's nothing
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miraculouscontent · 3 days ago
rosalineandrosemary said:
am i the only one who’s really ridiculously annoyed by the fact that the latest episode has juleka get akumatized into reflekta *again?* like. it feels like reflekta is supposed to be all about putting the attention on juleka because with the original reflekta and reflekdoll it was her being pushed to the side and wanting to be seen and i haven’t seen much of the new episode but her feeling bad about telling rose’s secret doesn’t seem like she should have the same attention-drawing form
Anonymous said:
Is it just me, or does reflekta feel like she didnt fit for guilt trip?
Reflekta absolutely didn’t fit with the theme outside of the other characters turning into Reflekta when consumed by their guilt.
The worst part of it is that, if Juleka doesn’t get akumatized into anything else in-between episodes 3 (”Gang of Secrets”) and 11 (”Guiltrip”) and the show doesn’t find a way around the amulets, that will be Juleka’s only akuma basically even though she’s one of the most akumatized characters.
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miraculouscontent · 3 days ago
Anonymous said:
What do you think about Pigella(Rose with the Pig Miraculous)? I really like her and feel that her design and transformation is much more in the spirit of Magical Girl than literally any of the other female heroes. I like her tutu, it adds a nice ballerina/princess touch, and I feel like a Magical Girl who actually wears, you know, a SKIRT is long overdue. I also have a feeling that she'll be a really competent superhero (and Hawk Moth doesn't know her super identity!). So what do you think?
Anonymous said:
FINALLY! A non-onesie for the teen girls! She’s super cute too 🥺
Anonymous said:
Why tf does Roses superhero costume look like something you get from party city at 70% off-
I’m mixed on Pigella. Like, one of the heroes actually having a skirt is cool, but her design doesn’t really scream “pig.” I don’t know why they just did Multimouse again instead of giving her some cute floppy fake pig ears.
I also don’t know why the ballerina theme is there when Rose isn’t a ballerina nor is she really much of a dancer. I wish there was a little more edge to her design, y’know? To represent her loud/abrasive singing for Kitty Section or something? The combination of white and pink is just a little much, and the fact that her bangs and the blond color of her hair changes makes her almost look like a completely different person.
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miraculouscontent · 3 days ago
Anonymous said:
I wish they would've confirmed what Rose's illness was, because it right now it's just this nebulous bad thing that gave her a migraine once and then she was in a hospital.
I’m weirded out that they made it involve a headache and then her transformation shows her headbanging. Isn’t that kind of... bad???
And like--I get “living whatever life she has to the fullest” if that’s what she’s going for but shouldn’t she be more careful at least? Does her “activeness” put her at risk for making whatever it is worse??
Anonymous said:
Am I the only one who thinks that Rose's mantra of "My problems don't matter it's how I overcome them that does," is an unhealthy idea?
I think I see what they were trying to go for, but they reaaaaally didn’t word it well and it just comes off wrong.
Like, I read the “my problems don’t matter” line and I was just wait wait back up wait--
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miraculouscontent · 3 days ago
Anonymous said:
Guilt-trip: Trying to make everyone feel bad for Chat Noir once again.
Never make a drinking game about Adrien being sad and trying to earn sympathy.
Anonymous said:
Maybe it's just me, but I kinda found Chat Noir's self-cataclysm attempt really disrespectful. Like the whole scene was just played for sympathy points, just so Ladybug could shower him in affection and as someone who has struggled with their mental health for over a decade it just really rubbed me the wrong way, especially since the episode itself wasn't even about Adrien at all.
It is disrespectful, and I say that also as someone who’s struggled with mental health. The episode barely involved him and they still had to fit in Chat Noir being sad and trying to use Cataclysm on himself.
Worse still is the fact that Ladybug only starts getting affected/touched by the bubbles when he’s busy sulking and throwing a pity party. He’s literally a hindrance to her, and despite saying that she can’t do this without him, his Cataclysm is only used to break Reflekta’s object (something that we know other things could’ve broken).
Just--so many bad vibes.
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plagg-wants-cheese · 3 days ago
Watching Adrien throw himself off the roof in gorila because 'he trusts ladybug so much' feels different knowing this scene exists
Tumblr media
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miraculouscontent · 3 days ago
I have a question, how is it a bad thing that Marinette told Juleka that it’s okay to reveal a secret? Isn’t Gang of Secrets about her learning that it’s not healthy to bottle up secrets? I understand it would seem hypocritical for Juleka and Rose to pressure Marinette for an answer, but their secret wasn’t killing them inside and making them have depressive episodes. When that happened with Juleka she was assured that others could bear her burden, like Marinette with Alya.
There’s a few problems with that particular scene, but my issue is how Juleka is the one who specifically gets the, “you shouldn’t hold something in if it’s burdening you like that,” which--great, fantastic, I get that.
But Marinette didn’t even get an ounce of that. The only things the girl squad apologized for was when Rose busted her doll house. They invaded her room (which she called them out for), and then they just leave without so much as an, “I’m sorry,” nor do we see them apologizing afterwards. The implication of Marinette breaking down and admitting how she felt about the break-up is that she was in the wrong, but it’s none of the girls’ business if she didn’t want to tell them; Marinette’s issue was that she was in denial of the issue and kept pretending it wasn’t there.
So it ends up being Juleka who gets the hugs and the constant reassurance, whereas Marinette had to be having a breakdown for Alya to say anything even remotely close to that. Juleka got her reassurance from the get-go while the narrative had to have Marinette go “first” so that she could have her privacy invaded while her friends tried to force her secrets out of her.
It’s hypocritical for Rose and Juleka because Alya specifically says that Marinette has to tell them everything and neither Rose nor Juleka speak out against that.
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ozzo-the-wozzo · 3 days ago
So as a lot of you may know, there’s been a lot of debate on whether or not the bubbles here were from Adrien to Marinette or Marinette to Adrien
Tumblr media
Now, a lot of the arguments i’ve seen against the fact that these were directed towards Marinette from Adrien are that the bubbles are always behind the person they are meant for (ie. behind adrien when marinette is looking at him, or behind ladybug when Adrien is looking at her)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flightfoot · 3 days ago
Uhm... Hope I'm not bothering but I'm really curious about why people think the scene in Guilt trip where Adrien is surrounded with pink bubbles is Adrien's view. Shouldn't it'd be Marinette's because if it's really Adrien's POV, wouldn't it's Marinette with the pink bubbles instead? I feel like I'm missing something here. XD;; thank you!
Eh, it’s not crazy that a pink bubble scene from a character’s POV might also depict that same character, show them in love, you know? 
That being said, I think it’s mostly a case of people really really REALLY wanting it to be Adrien getting pink bubbles for Marinette more than the narrative indicating that that’s actually the case. That whole scene was framed as being from Marinette’s perspective, and I think that’s still the case with the bubbles. 
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