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#guilt trip spoilers
blueberryscent · 2 hours ago
I don't understand people who hate Marinette because she's still crushing on Adrien.
come on, if she can't have a relationship with him doesn't mean she can't have a crush on him at all. she still has every right to be thirsty over him, she just can't do relationship because of her secret identity.
imagine yourself on her place. you won't be able to forget your crush that you have loved for a really long time right on the next day. you're going to need weeks, even months. then why do you demand from Marinette that she will keep a romantic distance with Adrian when so little time has passed? let's be real guys, it's not that easy
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amimons · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Gabriel we already knew that
We’ve seen how you treat your son 
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Guilt trip spoilers!!
Are we gonna talk about how what Nino is most guilty about is not being able to help Adrien with his dad??? Like sweet bby is such a good friend I’m gonna sOB 😭
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sparklyaxolotlstudent · 7 hours ago
As much as I like to criticize and over analyze everything in Miraculous Ladybug, I have to give props for whoever made the decision to finally have some continuity in the show. It was almost “too little too late” but at least “Truth”, “Lies”, “Gang of Secrets” and now “Guilt Trip” seem to form a cohesive narrative with an overall theme and arc.
Even if it’s a bit hamfisted and forced down your throat, but still!
I really liked Guilt Trip (I *might* be biased because Rose and Juleka are among my favorites), I think it’s the best episode of season 4 so far, and one of the best episodes of the series overall. Specially after the recurring theme, first with Marinette slowly and desperately getting depressed to the point she even thought that being Ladybug 24/7 was a viable option.
Now we have Juleka. We don’t know exactly how it happened, but Rose confided in her that she was really sick as a child and she has to be careful about some stuff (The only thing we know is that she has to have breakfast or she suffers headaches, but it’s implied there is more to it). Juleka is a good friend and is worried sick about Rose. We don’t know for how long she has kept the secret, but it’s eating her alive.
And then she feels guilty about telling the secret, because now everyone treats Rose different. It’s a very difficult theme, and only people with conditions like Rose can judge how good or how bad the episode treated this, but again, I liked how Rose realized that she was being unfair to Juleka, that only Juleka had to carry that burden, and, like Marinette before with her own secret, Juleka was much better after she could share that burden with someone else.
Even if she had to be Reflekta for the 923789273 time.
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strangegalaxytraveler · 7 hours ago
Your honor, I would die for them.
Tumblr media
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cinnamonblueberry22 · 7 hours ago
Why are fans hating on Guilt Trip??
I rate this episode a 8/10 simply because of there wasn't much fighting, but the rest of the episode was amazing. Can't say the same for some fans.
- People keep saying the Pig miraculous is useless, but really it's the complete opposite?? Like it's literally the opposite of Shadowmoths power, negativity. Her power is joy. It gives you a vision of something you always wanted, and it made Reflekta feel better? Pigella can literally defeat every single villain if they're not into fighting or they are, but Ladybug and Cat Noir, let's say, tie the villain up. And that's the moment Pigella uses her power. Boom. Now the villain doesn't want to be a villain anymore, and they just break the akumatized object.
- Fans say they don't like Pigella's costume, which thats obviously their opinion, but some of them are saying she doesn't even look like a pig? When really, her pig tails say otherwise lol.
Tumblr media
If you take a look at her pig tails, it literally looks twirly, like a pigs actual tail. Not to mention her suit. It has all these swirls on her sleeve and on her legs. That's pretty cute tbh.
- Yes, there wasn't much fighting in this episode, but the more focus on this episode is that no matter what, we shouldn't be treated differently even if we have an illness. And lets just say, Rose was physically disabled, and people treat her in a bad way (Like how most people do in society). She doesn't want that either, obviously, so she would get mad. Even if the way her classmates treated her for having a chronic illness was a good intention, it still annoyed Rose because she specifically said that she doesn't want to be treated as if she can't do anything on her own, and that she needs total medication all the time.
- Now onto Cat noir, that scene of him trying to cataclysm himself, people think its not going to be said in the series ever again? Why would they even put that there then? They're obviously going to do something with it. Maybe even a adrinino scene, considering how much that one line from Nino affected Cat noir that much. Plus they've been making Cat noir seem pretty useful in this season if I am being honest here. So why would they just put a really dramatic scene for no reason at all? To feel sorry for him but then forget about it later? NO! Its probably going to be talked about yet again in this season.
- Why is there still Marinette hate? Like can't you clearly see that sure she's still lowkey lovesick in like one scene, but her stuttering is there for just like 5 seconds and then its completely gone? And its pretty obvious that she's trying not to be lovesick at a time when you're not supposed to, and she ends up actually doing that! She then started focusing on her friend Juleka, who just started crying out of no where and Marinette wanted to comfort her. Hopefully we get to see a love square flip where Marinette and Cat noir are realizing their feelings for each other, and they start to love those sides of each other more than the sides they've loved before.
Off topic but it sounds like Cat noir already knows that Ladybug revealed her identity to someone else, considering he was so slick and smooth when Juleka had a secret she was overwhelmed about and he wasn't mad, he was understanding. He probably was upset the moment Ladybug told him the truth, but in the end he was understanding.
It wasn't as intense in terms of fighting like Gang of secrets and Truth, but it did teach the audience a nice lesson.
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buggachat · 8 hours ago
spoiler. did ML just. *build in* a bury your gays trope? is that what i'm hearing? or is fandom so distracted by sparkles and the astronomical four other wlw cartoon rep in the last decade that they won't acknowledge how malicious this is? i've been waiting my whole life for creators to kick the habit, it's not edgy! it's guaranteed multiple seasons of a mutation of queerbaiting, with more hooks than bait
Malicious? Rose was just shown to have some sort of chronic illness to teach the kids that watch the show to treat people with chronic illness with respect. The illness itself wasn’t specified, and we have no idea how dangerous it is— but from what it seemed to me, it’s something that Rose is managing well and regularly sees the doctor for and is okay. Juleka was very worried for her because she loves her, but we have no reason to believe that Rose wont live a long and happy life. 
To be clear, the illness was just a vague “she gets headaches a lot..... and sometimes has to go to the doctor. she’s had it since she was a kid. it’s possible it could get bad but she’s doing well and managing it. she doesn’t need to be treated delicately.”
I wouldn’t consider it bury your gays if nobody actually dies?
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amimons · 8 hours ago
why are we not talking more about how Adrien immediately went into soft eyes mode when bumping into Marinette 🥺I refuse to listen to anyone who says he hasn't already fallen for her 🥺🥺
Adrien looked like he wanted to thank Marinette for bumping into him and was going to ask her to do it again
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soap-lady · 8 hours ago
Small thing I noticed in “Guilt Trip”
Yeah, Mendeleiev gets flack for being the “mean” teacher but she doesn’t tolerate bullying or Lila’s nonsense. 
When Rose came in and said Juleka was being akumatized, she said she was a teacher, not a superheroine and told everyone to stay.  That sounds callous but she has a point. Running towards instead of away from an akuma isn’t a good idea.
Yet knowing the danger she runs after her students and tries to get them back in the classroom before getting sucked in to the amok.
Then what does she feel guilty about? Letting her students leave the classroom and risk getting hurt.
She feels bad about her students being in danger. That’s being a good teacher.
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kindgato · 9 hours ago
I tried to change her mask and hair a little bit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wanted to make her hair the same color as her civilian form but failed, that is the closest I got. As for the mask, i just wanted to get rid of the white strip, it was bothering me for some reason.
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thebluespirit83 · 10 hours ago
hello everyone. as per usual, i am giving my opinions on a new episode of mlb. enjoy! guiltrip spoilers (obviously)
- can shadow moth fuck off when juleka is emo over her gf
- mari getting better at talking to adrien for the sake of her friends !! yes mari go !!
- adrienette are the emotional support parent couple/friends. i am not wrong.
- the julerose is strong in this episode
- kim is a himbo
- everyone’s friendship. so adorable. they all care so much for each other
- shadow moth did not say rose was her “best friend” THEYRE GIRLFRIENDS YOUR HONOUR
- okay i know it’s sad but when juleka/refleka dove into the sentimonster headfirst I CACKLED SO HARD
- chat koala-hugging ladybug as they entered the sentimonster 🥰🥰
- NINO NOOOO HIS GUILT ABOUT ADRIEN he cares for him so much that one of the things he feels the most guilty about in the world is not helping him pls i am sobbing
- ugh hell yes lila didn’t talk once in this episode
- bro was adrien about to unalive himself?? please give this poor boy some goddamn therapy
- juleka <3
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mari-le-auter · 10 hours ago
My overall thoughts on the guilt trip episode... tbh the animation was wonky throughout the whole thing, for one rose’s hair turning a completely different shade during her tranformation, and marinette tripping over adrien into the supposed kiss spoiler we got where he looks like a statue felt like watching a slideshow. Not to mention my salt over 3 different miraculouses being variants of each other, or literally a direct copy. (peackock, monkey, and now the pig) However salt aside, loved the focus on Rose and Juleka, I think they were hinting Rose has cancer, since they mentioned it could come back but anywho whatever sickness makes sense why she’s so positive all the time. Honestly made me love her more. All in all could’ve been worse, not a bad episode. Only complaint is Marinette still all over adrien despite her breakup with luka which Im pretty sure is still recent?? Since the time in this show is so slowly paced. 
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wysteriatheshipper · 11 hours ago
TOTALLY a coincidence that both Chat Noir and Ladybug where at the school when no one except those who heard Rose knew there was an akuma.
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mexicancat-girl · 12 hours ago
Rose: I have a high fever 
Juleka: A fever you can't sweat out? haha 
Juleka: oh fuck im so sorry i didnt even think before sending that kaljdsflas 
Rose: well 
Rose: THE 
Rose: DOOR
Juleka: N O
Rose: It’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality--
Juleka: Im terrified of ever making another Panic reference at you ever again, Im sorry Im so emo
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xya-hunter · 12 hours ago
Miraculous Ladybug Guilt Trip
Link to English sub below:
Happy watching!
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