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#guess i'm getting better at patient observation
ask-the-riders29 days ago
So I think Death's had it a little rough lately. I know things are still healing but can we hear some of everyone's favorite thing or memory with him is? Also random but what's his brother's name?
((I just had to look through some things, but his brother is a Papyrus. To lessen any possible confusion though, I figured he could be called Zion))
[The group is quiet for a moment before Famine chooses to speak first]
well, let's see... he's a pretty considerate guy, normally. he seems to like checkin' in on me and askin' how my head's feelin', and he always gives me extra money so I can get more food, ta be able to make enough ta feed everyone
[Pest hums, arching a brow bone and offering a lazy grin]
he's a pretty cool prank buddy. when he's had some time to unwind and sleep a little, I'd say he's just as big of a joker as I am. it's been a little while, but we used to pulls pranks on the others all the time together
[War makes a face, furrowing her brow bones and laying her head on Pest's shoulder]
He's been a part of my life as long as I can remember. When I went and got myself killed, he readily accepted me into his home, and he took care of me and helped me learn how to control my magic better. I remember talking to him after I woke up from a bad dream one night, and we ended up falling asleep together on the couch
[The next to speak is Retribution, who crosses his arms over his chest and appears very unenthused to be in this situation]
....Well, despite him constantly riding my ass over whether or not my decisions are good and justified, and despite him exiling me for a while, I guess he's alright. He gets a little annoyed sometimes, but he's always been incredibly patient with me. Whenever we have a disagreement, I'll oftentimes find a new book from him on my desk
[Abrael peeks out from behind Conquest, unsure what to say for a moment]
I barely know the guy, and we have no history. I'm pretty sure he hates me, frankly
[Conquest's cheekbones flush a faint shade of orange and she lowers her gaze to the floor]
Death... Is a wonderful father, and he makes co-parenting very easy. We don't speak as much as we used to, but he's still very patient and understanding. He's also very observant, and he's a good judge of character. As far as memories go, well... A while ago, I remember how he used to come see me when he wasn't working, and it'd usually be in the middle of the night. There were numerous times where he'd pull me away from whatever I was doing, and we danced in the kitchen
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the-peachpita month ago
Tumblr media
Wanring: Blood, Very loose interpretation of the dream smp lore lol
Summary:Technoblade Get's To Dream Before Quakity, Before Time Is Altered By Dream. Before Tommy Has A Chance To Return.
Notes:Hi! I'm really nervous to be writing for this group. I tried hard to respect boundaries using a master post on tumblr to double check. if I over stepped anywhere or was wrong in my interpretation let me know.
It wasn鈥檛 his fault. The blood on his hands meant nothing cooling and seeping into his fur. Fur. He hadn鈥檛 even noticed that he鈥檇 transformed back. Was it that easy for him now to lose control?
Stumbling his way into his home inviting the snow on his heels Technoblade let the door shut enveloping the room in darkness, not even the moon was out tonight. Limping like the beast he was Techno lit a torch on the wall with shaky hands. He caught a glimpse of himself in the small hall mirror the deep cut in his snout darkening his pink fur grungy and matting. It鈥檇 been so long since he鈥檇 returned to his true piglin form. He wasn鈥檛 a beast; he was a man. He lived like a man; he grew up among great men. His father was the best man he knew, and his brothers- men of action and determination. Skirting a fine line into madness over their pride, maybe his brothers were beasts, and maybe he played a part as the eldest. Hearing voices, unable to control his shapeshifting, giving into the voices and pushing Wilbur a little too hard outside. Maybe he had been the plague, but he changed. God he had changed. Refining himself in the image of those around him wanting nothing more than peace among the outskirts and land of his own to farm.
Now he stood covered in blood that wasn鈥檛 just his huffing his snout fogging the glass. Where did he go wrong? Was it demeaning his brothers dreams? To be leaders, Wilbur was always meant for something great, and even Philza could see it fostering his natural leader instinct. Sometimes it felt like Wilbur was the eldest. The way he would stir up Tommy for a laugh, but always taught the boy to be patient and gentle. How he took care of Technoblade when the voices demanded blood and his hand twitched over his sword. The way Wilbur had found techno doubled over in the closet scratching at the wooden floor with claws piercing long marks. At that point Techno had been in his human form for a while but was losing control that night with Philza out of town. Techno was supposed to protect his brothers. Instead, he chucked his sword to the corner so he wouldn鈥檛 be the one to end their lives as his piglin form emerged. Wilbur was slow, but fearless as he spoke softly placing a hand over Techno鈥檚. it was the warmest he鈥檇 ever felt. Wilbur told Techno he trusted him, that his brother could never hurt him piglin or not. Wilbur promised to always be louder than the voices. How fast L鈥檓anburg had risen and fallen. Techno almost couldn鈥檛 believe it when he heard the news. Wilbur had been exiled from all he loved. Instead of coming home Techno found Wilbur and Tommy looking battered and defeated in a cave. Techno鈥檚 heart broke seeing them look so dull he offered to help. When he handed Wilbur his first sword techno ignored the flame he saw, the glint in his brother鈥檚 eye. He should have said something, instead he led his brothers charge into battle sealing their fates unknowingly.
When Wilbur died Techno felt like his own life had been taken from him. He watched his brother die at the hands of his father and there was no good in the world anymore, nothing mattered. He wanted to scream, but instead scowled hiding himself away. Until his youngest brother betrayed him. Voices seared his brain and Techno knew releasing those withers was a bad idea, but he was so angry. Betrayed by the boy with wheat colored hair who shot for the stars letting nothing stand in his way. The boy who followed his older brother anywhere even into madness. Techno felt like he had no family after that. When he got home from that battle as L鈥檓anburg burned he felt the sting of it all. The blood on his hands was almost Tommy鈥檚.
Techno smashed the mirror forcing himself to transform, to see the human hand covered in blood. He was a person. With little strength left he popped back to a pink furry beast. He continued to light his small home trudging to the bathroom. His clothes were torn in spots partially from the transformation. Forcing himself to turn again he saw the damage to his human complexion, the dark bags under his eyes, the scar on his snout ran from the right underside of his cheek to under his left eye. A trophy of sorts.
Techno cleaned his wounds slowly, deliberately, letting himself feel the sting of antiseptic. He deserved it- to hurt like they hurt. Changing his clothes and moving to the living room techno lit his fireplace when the vase in the corner of the room caught his eye. It was filled with various flowers from Ranboo who would generously give them away when Techno would visit Tubbo mostly to see Tommy. Techno never understood why Tommy had forgiven Tubbo for anything, and so easily at that. Techno had gotten revenge on Tubbo watching blood seep from his face by his own hands and still wasn鈥檛 satisfied by the punishment. In fact, Tommy was ruining it, because when Techno saw Tommy make Tubbo smile moving the burn scars on his face Techno felt weird. Remorse? Tommy was a spitfire who never thought anything through including befriending the enemy. Techno wondered if in the end he was an enemy? The thought squeezed his heart like a vice.
Techno looked at the chair in the middle of the room, he鈥檇 wanted to read a book and call it a night, his bones ached, and his head throbbed. Was he getting too old for this? Fighting everyone, why was he stilled pulled into this? He asked to be left alone, it鈥檚 all he wanted.
Huffing he knew he couldn鈥檛 just sit there. Opening the front door, he grabbed his coat before walking towards the stables stomping through the snow to his polar bear. It would make the trip faster, and Tubbo enjoyed seeing his pet. It would make things, easier.
Ridding through the dark with just the gentle glow of the stars to guide him Techno let the blistering cold nip at his face. To perk him up or make him feel alive he wasn鈥檛 sure. He rode through the frozen tundra watching the snow melt to warmer climates. It was spring where Tubbo lived a new life. He never locked himself away. Knocking on the door Techno waited unsure what he could even say when he saw the charred face of the small ram boy.
鈥淒o you have any god damn idea what time it,鈥 Tubbo鈥檚 curses slowed as he rubbed his eyes taking in the sight of his former foe.
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure time鈥檚 been a blur tonight,鈥 Techno shrugged.
鈥淲hy are you here?鈥
Techno could practically hear Tubbo鈥檚 teeth grinding.
鈥淚 just want to talk about,鈥 Techno sighed, 鈥淭ommy.鈥
鈥淟eave,鈥 Tubbo鈥檚 normally cheerful voice sent shivers through Techno鈥檚 spine.
鈥淚 will just,鈥 Techno stood straighter saving face his 7-foot frame usually kept him brave.
鈥淟eave!鈥 Tubbo shouted, 鈥淭ommy鈥檚 dead! I had his funeral and, where were you? Couldn鈥檛 be bothered to show up! Did you even know?鈥
Techno felt it the crack in his heart, he knew Tommy was dead. He was probably one of the last to hear in passing from Ranboo before being left on his own in his self-made snowy dungeon. His hell he personally crafted. He didn鈥檛 sulk at first, it sunk in over a glass of whisky, his youngest brother had been beaten to death in a prison he was never meant to be in. The brother he had cleaned scrapes for and applied bandages. The brother he taught how to fight and had dinner with hearing his plans for his future. Tommy, the boy with wheat colored hair who shone like the sun. It wasn鈥檛 fair. His light was snuffed out in a cold dark place at the hand of his tormentor from day one. Beaten to death. Techno couldn鈥檛 get over it. He smashed his glass and knocked his bookcases to the ground. Beaten to death! Brutal, soulless, painful. God Tommy was probably in so much pain. Pain Techno couldn鈥檛 protect him from or make better. He died alone.
鈥淚 killed him,鈥 Techno鈥檚 voice was a whisper that stung.
鈥淲hat?鈥 Tubbi stuttered.
鈥淚 killed Dream,鈥 Techno looked at his hands he could still see the blood.
鈥淚 don鈥檛,鈥 Tubbo stepped forward driven by curiosity.
鈥淚 went to the prison,鈥 Techno shouted, 鈥淚 kicked the crap out of Sam, and I killed Dream!鈥 He ran his hand frantically through his messy pink hair, 鈥淚 was just going to talk to him, but I saw Tommy鈥檚 body, and I had my axe.鈥
Tommy鈥檚 eyes were milky a far cry from his curious blue gaze. His face was bruised and bloodied. He looked so cold not even the lava could warm him. Dream just sat there welcoming Techno assuming he was a break out party. The voices screamed demanding blood, and Techno obliged happily. With a fierce swing Techno planted his axe between Dreams ribs.
鈥淗e laughed,鈥 Techno smiled, 鈥淭he damn bastard cackled as I slaughtered him. All he did was scratch me once as I lost control and mauled him.鈥
鈥淜inda looks like he scratched you pretty good,鈥 Tubbo observed the large scar.
鈥淗eh,鈥 Techno laughed, 鈥淚 guess.鈥
鈥淒id you come all the way here just to tell me this?鈥 Tubbo leaned against the door frame.
鈥淚 want to know if you鈥檝e seen Philza,鈥 Techno asked, 鈥淚 brought back Tommy鈥檚 body, it鈥檚 in the snow at my place. I want to bury him properly. Him and Wilbur. I鈥檓 not sure if Philza knows about Tommy yet, and I should be the one to tell him.鈥
Philza hadn鈥檛 talked about Wilbur either since the tragedy. Techno wanted to walk about that too.
Tubbo nodded, 鈥淟et me talk to Ranboo, I鈥檒l be back out.鈥
The plan was set in motion. Tubbo accompanied Techno back to his house refusing to look at Tommy鈥檚 corpse and Techno couldn鈥檛 blame Tubbo. They rode for a day and a half returning to the small cabin Techno remembered growing up in. He could hear the laughter of Tommy and Wilbur echo on the breeze that rustled the trees. He saw Philza standing on the deck looking down at them. When did he get so old? He looked so tired. He knew.
No words were exchanged as Techno dismounted his polar bear and Philza descended the stairs. Techno tried his best to make the words come to him. He was told he always had a way with words. Before he could open his mouth, strong arms embraced him. They were warm and comforting. They felt like support. Slowly Techno raised his arms grabbing onto Philza鈥檚 shirt hands balled into firsts. When was the last time they were this close?
Tommy and Wilbur were buried in the back of the house under the tree Tommy had fallen out of breaking his arm. Under the tree Wilbur wrote songs on lazy afternoons. Under the tree Techno taught his brothers how to wield a sword and be strong. The tree they grew under.
鈥淲elcome home Theseus.鈥
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augustineandhawksa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Before You Go"
You have to leave everything behind with Katsuki.
Tumblr media
Post Type: Drabble
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Sad work because I'm sad and I need to cope, swearing, a lot of issues, fighting, and screaming in the text, and there are mentions of abusive and toxic behaviors like gaslighting and insulting your own child.
A/N: I feel like wilting because I have emotionally immature parents and my own mother has been ignoring me. It's crushing my heart because I desperately want to continue loving her but she keeps gaslighting me and abusing my mental and emotional health. Just a heads up, I guess...If I don't post for a long time, I'm going through a lot of shit and I'm trying to hold myself together so I can pursue my dreams and continue writing. Thank you for staying with me and making my blog a safe space for all of us, but especially for me. 鉂
Tumblr media
The sky was dotted with pretty twinkling stars tonight. The moon was waxing to its full beauty. Soon, the moon would be full and it's light would shine down on the earth and bless it with its aesthetic light.
But tonight was the night you couldn't focus on the nocturnal beauty surrounding you. You were speed walking out of your 'home' with your boyfriend right behind you.
"You can't keep doing this shit!!"
You pulled your hand out of Katsuki's firm grip, then faced him with a bitter scowl and tears shining in your eyes. "I can't keep doing what?! I can't keep trying to fix things I want back?!" Katsuki's worried expression morphed into something hurt, pained, broken. He grabbed your shoulders and shook you as he spoke, his voice thick yet brittle at the same time.
"Yes, Y/N! Fucking stop trying to piece back broken glass because you're just gonna get hurt and not get the fucking mirror fixed to its original state!
"Fucking hell, Y/N! You're not gonna be happy if you keep doing this! Your mom isn't willing to open up. Let go of the rope.
"Fall. I-I'll fall with you! You're not gonna be alone in this!"
You watched Katsuki's tears stream down his face, while you felt yours threaten to spill over. Katsuki was showing his true feelings right now. Hot bitter tears slowly rolled down your cheeks. You felt your scowl melt away, until you relaxed.
Then the weight of everything hit you like a fucking truck speeding down the highway.
Katsuki cut his rambling and stared at you with his carmine eyes, scleras bloodshot from his crying. "Why doesn't she love me, Katsuki?"
You felt your body go numb, and soon your eyes focused on the starry night sky. You temporarily lost sight of Katsuki. Everything was numb, so painfully numb, but you felt your body being cradled into a warmth so comforting and sweet. "She doesn't love me anymore..."
The strangled sob wracked Katsuki's body as he held you as close as he could to his chest. You felt his arms tremble around you, then curl in tighter. His warm hands held onto you like you were going to disappear if he didn't hold on tight. Your bottom lip trembled as the pain finally registered in your mind, your tears kept coming with no signs of stopping, and you cried into Katsuki's chest.
You desperately wanted to reconnect with your mother. You felt like you needed to. Why? Well, you loved her with everything you had. You were what they called a 'problem child' during your middle school years, and it must have been a burden to your parents, to your mother. But you knew you were trying your best. Your mind wasn't in a good place, your health was dwindling, and you were falling behind on your studies. You did your best though, despite being drained of energy and being beaten up by your own mind 24/7. You pushed yourself to your limits and bent backwards to finish middle school and satisfy your father and your mother.
But things don't always go to plan.
After you landed a spot in Yuuei's hero course, your father celebrated with you, but your mother just looked at you with a disgusted scowl. She told you to your face that you weren't good enough to get a spot in the hero course because of how incompetent and lazy you were.
The toxicity kept coming. The more you progressed and succeeded on your own, the more your mother grew colder and more distant. It was fucking heartbreaking. You were always the one trying to patch things up with her, to make her realize you were returning the favor of her working so hard and so late just to help you recover from your struggles in middle school. But she never listened to you, or even looked your way. You were nothing to her now.
You told all of this to your boyfriend. He knew through observing your behavior and your mother's behavior. It was like a parallel of his own life with his mom, only worse.
Katsuki knew and understood your pain, but only to some extent. His relationship with his mother was bumpy, constantly going up and down with little stability somewhere in there. But seeing how your mother had abused you by gaslighting you, neglecting you, insulting you, and even going so far as using her own quirk to seriously hurt you?
Katsuki knew you deserved none of the pain you were feeling right now. He knew who you were as a person, and you were just so kind and so pure it would move him to tears.
You never deserved all the hatred your mother had towards you; you had no fault in this change of behavior. You were so sweet, so kind... You were patient, empathetic, sensitive, and caring. You gave love, so so much love to the people around you...
You helped Katsuki with so much in his life, helped him work on himself and become a better person. And he was grateful that he opened himself to you, because you changed his life.
Katsuki never believed in the 'angels in disguise' thing, but after he met you, grew in love with you, witnessed such a toxic part of your life and yet you still wanted to love your mother...
The dorms were quiet.
Katsuki brought you to your room and helped you freshen up for bed. He gently and carefully touched you, smoothing the wrinkles on your nightshirt and lightly combing his fingers through your hair.
"Before you go..." You gently held Katsuki's hands and looked into his beautiful red eyes. "Hm?" He gently caressed the back of your hands with his thumbs.
"Please promise me... to help me move on."
A soothing warmth enveloped your body as Katsuki embraced you. "Of course, I will, dumbass... What kind of boyfriend would I be to neglect you and your needs?"
Your vision became blurry as you felt a stinging sensation in your eyes again. You smiled at him, then you felt a pair of soft lips place a kiss on your forehead.
"I love you, Y/N."
"I love you too, Katsuki."
Tumblr media
ah, my eyes feel so sore. thank you for reading 馃挆馃挆 sending love to you all because all of you are worthy and deserving of love 馃槉鉂も潳鉂
- Charli
Please don't repost my work, I work really hard on these. Thank you. 馃挏
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Hey hello, I have no idea who Eric and Alan are (from the musical I guess) and I know nothing about your oc, so could you please write something for them? I'm curious.
yes, Eric and Alan are from the second (second?? I think second) Kuroshitsuji musical, The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World! the musicals are honestly really good, I 1000% recommend them if you can find them on YouTube or something!
Eric and Alan are such good characters, I have the biggest crushes on both of 鈥榚m, and I LOVE the idea of a poly ship with them, so I did a little thing with that concept here~
also I have a TON of OCs so I鈥檓 not sure which one you wanted to know more about? 鈥渢hem鈥 makes me think you鈥檙e referring to my genderfluid Phantomhive servant Marlowe, but I鈥檓 not sure ;w; however I love to write about my OCs so when the askbox opens back up, if you鈥檙e still curious, please do let me know!!
for now, here鈥檚 some Eric x reader x Alan goodness! featuring a SMALL cameo by my newest OC Elysia Malla, the department head of the British Branch Reapers鈥 Medical Division :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just like most times you want to hang out at the Reaper Dispatch building, ERIC has to sneak you in.
And not so much sneak you in, as put a pair of glasses on you, tell you not to look anyone in the eye, pretend you鈥檙e 鈥渢hat new transfer from Sussex鈥, and under absolutely no circumstances let anyone tell his boss that you鈥檙e visiting. It鈥檚 a poor effort because like most supernatural creatures, Grim Reapers can sense humans. You鈥檙e pretty sure the whole office knows what鈥檚 up by now.
Of course, as long as you get to come visit ALAN, especially when he鈥檚 not doing very well, you鈥檒l happily pretend the other Reapers are none the wiser.
Eric鈥檚 had his arm around your shoulder the whole time you walk, as usual. Not only is he protective of you, he also pretty obviously relishes any chance to give you affection that he can. Even though you鈥檝e heard a few of the other Reapers say he鈥檚 intimidating or serious, that hasn鈥檛 been your experience. He鈥檚 big-hearted and friendly, and is forever sneaking kisses when he thinks nobody鈥檚 looking. You consider yourself incredibly lucky to have him as one of your lovers.
鈥淪o, he鈥檚 doing better now, right?鈥 you ask as the two of you approach the door of the Medical Division.
鈥淢hm, doin鈥 a lot bet鈥檈r. He wouldn鈥檛 say it, bu鈥 I think he鈥檇 do good wit鈥 seein鈥 ye. Jus鈥 keep it down鈥, y鈥 knoo, 鈥榬 ye migh鈥 get th鈥 stink-eye from ol鈥 Nurse Frightingale.鈥 Eric winks before opening the door and gesturing you to walk through. 鈥淎ft鈥檙 ye, m鈥 darlin鈥.鈥
You push up on your tiptoes to press a kiss to his jaw. 鈥淲hat a gentleman.鈥 With that you slip inside, Eric following so he can close the door behind the two of you.
The Medical Divisionis as quiet as most hospitals you鈥檝e ever been in. It鈥檚 cool in temperature and you can hear the chip-choppy hum of an electric fan or two. That along with the sound of some machines are the only things you can hear, though. Everything is a soft white or pale blue shade, and more than anything, the air smells clean with soap and disinfectant. Despite Eric鈥檚 not-quite-incorrect observation of the department head, this is a relaxing place that perpetuates healing.
鈥淎fternoon, Elysia,鈥 he greets with a raised hand. 鈥淛us鈥 brought (Name) by f鈥檙 a li鈥檒 bit, 鈥榝 tha鈥檚 okay?鈥
The department head peers through her glasses at him with a very unimpressed look on her face. 鈥淒on鈥檛 get so casual, Mr. Slingby. It鈥檚 鈥楴urse Malla鈥 to you. Feel free to stay as long as you wish, provided you don鈥檛 get rowdy. The last thing Mr. Humphries needs is the two of you working him into a tizzy.鈥
He gives her a salute and mimes zipping his lips shut. 鈥淎ye, no w鈥檙ries, Nurse Malla. Ye go鈥 m鈥 word tha鈥 we won鈥檛 dare do nothin鈥 excitin鈥.鈥
You can鈥檛 help but smother a giggle as Elysia gives a long-suffering sigh. 鈥淓njoy your visit.鈥
鈥溾橮reciate it, m鈥 lady!鈥 Eric grins as he ushers you over to the bed Alan鈥檚 in right now.
Predictably, he looks to be attempting to review something in his ledger even though he鈥檚 clearly not feeling great. Behind his spectacles, his eyes look tired, and his shoulders are sagging like he wants nothing more than to sleep. Based on what Eric told you, however, he鈥檚 been asleep for an hour or so now.
You make sure Alan can see you before lowering yourself down onto the bed, leaning over and giving his forehead a gentle kiss. 鈥淏usy little bee, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淎h鈥 (Name). Oh, dear, I didn鈥檛 expect Eric to bring you by.鈥 He melts into the kiss anyway, and into the identical one that Eric gives him once he sits down. 鈥淢m, you two. You didn鈥檛 have to come here鈥 I鈥檒l be leaving soon.鈥
You reach for his hand, and he doesn鈥檛 stop you, curling his fingers around yours. When you glance down, you鈥檙e not surprised to see thorny scars starting to twine around his wrist. 鈥淵ou need to relax,鈥 you murmur. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 why this attack happened, isn鈥檛 it? Stress.鈥
鈥淚t could have been, or it could have just been from nothing. This disease doesn鈥檛 need a reason to flare up.鈥 Alan lifts your hand and presses a reassuring kiss to your knuckles. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about me, darling. The attack only lasted a moment, and I鈥檓 feeling much better now.鈥
Eric chuckles, taking Alan鈥檚 other hand. 鈥淎w, c鈥檓on, d鈥檃r. Ye cannae fault th鈥 poor thing f鈥檙 bein鈥 w鈥檙ried 鈥榖out ye. (Name)鈥檚 righ鈥 tha鈥 ye work tae hard.鈥
Alan offers an exhale through his nose, exasperated look obviously aimed at the both of you. 鈥淎nd you don鈥檛 work hard enough, dear. So it balances out. Anyway, I don鈥檛 fault them for being worried. I鈥︹ It seems the only reason he pauses is to glance at you with a vaguely guilty look. 鈥溾 I鈥檓 just trying to reassure you, love.鈥
鈥淚 know.鈥 You mirror the kiss he gave your hand on his, the same way Eric did with the kiss to Alan鈥檚 forehead. The one difference you make is that your kiss is pressed to the forming scars on his wrist. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 help worrying when this happens, though. You and Eric are really important to me. I just want you to take care of yourself.鈥 You bring his hand down, then give him a smirk. 鈥淥r you could just let us do it?鈥
Barely a second passes before Eric claps you on the shoulder. 鈥淎ye, darlin鈥, tha鈥檚 a grea鈥 idea!! Alrigh鈥, it鈥檚 settled then.鈥
Alan arches an eyebrow. It appears you鈥檝e both lost him. 鈥淥h, goodness. Dare I even ask what is settled, Eric?鈥
That grin on Eric鈥檚 face would definitely be trouble if he weren鈥檛 your partner in crime right at this moment. 鈥淪oon鈥檚 ye ge鈥 outta haur, we鈥檙e haulin鈥 y鈥檙 s鈥檙ry arse home early, an鈥 then it鈥檚 time f鈥檙 nothin鈥 bu鈥 a night鈥檃 us takin鈥 care鈥檃 ye! Coimhead air sin,good idea, (Name)!鈥
鈥淥h. Oh, no, the two of you can鈥檛 just鈥斺
Alan鈥檚 halfway through his protest when a pair of heels clicks on the floor. 鈥淪lingby! (Surname)! I warned you not to work him up. So that鈥檚 it; get out!鈥
It takes just seconds for Eric to tug you toward the door. 鈥淭hanks f鈥檙 once, Elysia! I鈥檒l 鈥榓ve s鈥檓e biscuits 鈥榬 summat on y鈥檙 desk taemarra鈥 mornin鈥!鈥
What follows the two of you out is a frustrated, 鈥淚t鈥檚 Nurse Malla! Get it wrong one more time and you鈥檒l find yourself here as a patient!鈥
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pztinoya month ago
Journal of Just Another Ordinary Damsel
Entry #11 | Personal Development
Tumblr media
March 17, 2021
I'm glad I got to be present in class today because the lessons tackled earlier were needed at this very moment. It was all about "Monitoring One's Career Development". I really had confusion between taking Psychology and Computer Engineering in college. I considered taking the former after realizing I'm really interested to learn more about this field after finding out about Carl Jung's Map of the Soul, and after encountering Jordan Peterson through social media and hearing some of his talks online. Before that, I was already interested in the subject Philosophy and topics that include the human psyche even though I could not comprehend the concepts behind it but it made me really excited. Those are the things I thought that shouldn't be the sole basis why am I taking this or that because we also have to consider financial support, my skills, personality, etc. That's why this latter course appeared as my other option when things didn't go my way. I also had an interest in programming. This job might be appropriate for me as an introvert, and maybe for one who's not fit with legwork. The only problem I had with the former is that I'm not much of a talkative type and I'm not that articulate when it comes to speech because whenever I speak, the ideas I want to emphasize couldn't come across to the listener. My thought process isn't that organized as how it should be. This profession requires a lot of conversation especially with the patient so it might be exhausting for me. So the lessons we had today really helped a lot to evaluate things as how it should be evaluated.聽 It made me realize the things that I should be doing right now if I want something to happen and not just wait for it. Because in life, the world doesn't make things happen for me. It's the other way around.
I did a lot of thought and it was almost useless until I realized myself that I've been forgetting to ask the right questions. What do I want myself to be in the future? How would I like my life to be spent? What are the things I need to improve in myself to be able to achieve my goals? Others will tell us what career is appropriate for us and because of that, we tend to deviate ourselves from what we really want to do especially if we get ourselves to agree that they're right.
I tend to fail accomplishing some of my short-term goals. Today, I've learned that for my long-term goals to become a reality, I need to accomplish my short-term goals. That's a pretty obvious idea and a common sense I guess but I missed it. I've been thinking of goals which aren't specific so maybe that's one of the reasons I miserably failed. Such as telling yourself that you want to have high grades but I don't even think of studying ahead or reviewing before bed. I wanted to be excellent with my work but I didn't even practice my skills that much. So it's really important to be specific by starting with the process I have to take to arrive at the end of it.
There are a lot of things we need to consider aside from what I've mentioned above. The important things I see here is to really know ourselves more by not only asking ourselves questions and observing ourselves but also being open minded to what others say about us. Apply the concept of looking-glass self because more perspectives are better to be able to see the bigger picture. Then applying what we've known, putting an action, and working on it to make things happen.
鈥擯rincess Zillah S. Tinoy
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moons-and-stars-and-shita month ago
It worked! Sorry to bug you with a message! But I'd like to request a cake now!
So, about me. I have an actual name but I don't think I've heard it in months馃槂, instead I have a bunch of nicknames! (Rion, ri, oreo, onion, o, etc), I'm actually nb so I chose that name, however I 100% consider naming myself Arson馃拃My pronouns are they/them and I'm about 5'5, I have short, fluffy brown hair that I usually dye the front blue. I'm Asian hispanic, but I really don't look like either- my favorite foods are either really spicy and salty or sweet. Not the overwhelming chemical sweet tho, like a natural sweet flavor. My personality type is infp, and ig when I first meet people I can be shy (that's an understatement, I was mute for the first week of school馃暢馃弮鈥嶁檪锔) but once I get to know people I can be pretty chaotic (once again, arson). I'm not a 100% demon spawn though, I don't really like making scenes in public and I probably will cry if I do- but I still have fun lol. I'm also the person who copes with severe mental health issues using humor, to an alarming degree 馃様 I'm the therapist friend when really I'm the one who needs therapy. I also have a social battery that can die at random times, so I really like/need friends who can handle random mood changes of me going from energetic to silent in seconds. Academically, I'm really book smart, I'm a tutor, but my grades don't reflect it. I tend to procrastinate a lot and avoid studying, usually I catch myself last minute or trust memory on tests, but every now and then there's something that tanks my grades. I'm not very athletic, but I still try to play sports. I enjoy the feeling when I do something right, but the rest of the time I usually beat myself up for messing up.
And now just random facts 馃槂馃憤
My favorite color is yellow, not the bright eye sore shade that makes you want to throw up, but the nice softer, light shade. And I like anything that comes with that color! (Sunflowers, flowy sundresses and flip flops, summer activities, burning concrete, warm rain, etc). Nobody knows my music taste, it changes weekly, however I usually come back to mitski/cavetown or summer themed songs a lot! I enjoy playing music, but I have the curse of being a fast learner so that usually leads to be being bored and learning a new instrument at any given chance. And my birthday is a weird date that fucks with zodiacs so I can be considered either a leo or cancer, my personality changes a bunch, so take your pick lol. (Though emotionally I tend to be cancerous, I just express it and show it in a way a leo would) And someday I wanna be a long term traveler, or a florist. Just a job that makes me happy :). And I guess if I had to classify my aesthetic it would be bloomcore or soft grunge. I like wearing big sweaters and if I could I would wear a bunch of butterfly clips in my hair and wear mom jeans. (I would also wear man crushers, I mean, platforms if I was confident)
Aaaannnnd that was really long sorry!
To sum up, I'm just a bipolar bitch with depression and anxiety 馃憤
Thanks a bunch for just taking the time to read this!
Romantic Matchup
Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
How Y鈥檃ll Met
I鈥檓 getting a classic summer love vibe from this matchup 馃憖
Ok so I just Hc that Bokuto LOVES flowers
So he would always just go to the local flower shop to look at them
Pls hes to precious I cant-
But anyways you we鈥檙e working a summer job at the flower shop
And you grew fond of our little owl boy
You would always talk to him whenever he visited
He just made your job that much more enjoyable :)
So one day you stopped him right before he left and told him he could pick a bouquet of flowers if he wanted
He BEAMED at you and picked a bouquet of flowers he always looked at whenever he came
But what shocked you was instead of walking out with them
He gave them to you!
He then went on talking about how he really liked you but didn鈥檛 know how to tell you
At this point he was just rambling
So you laughed and asked him if he would like to go to the ocean with you after your shift
He agreed and you swear you saw stars in his eyes
After your shift you met up with Bokuto and went to the beach
You guys literally spent ALL day there!
And even some of the night 馃憖
Being the gentleman he is offered to walk you home
And when you two got to your house he asked you to be his s/o
What They Love About You
Ok starting off with a strange one
He loves the fact that your favorite color is yellow 馃挍
He just thinks it fits you so well 馃槉
He loves that you have to ability to turn your trauma into humor
Now I鈥檓 ngl...
Ye found it extremely concerning at first 馃ゲ
But once you explained it was like a coping mechanism for you
He was super supportive!
He LOVES your aesthetic!
He thinks it鈥檚 so cute
And once again he thinks it fits you 馃憖
He appreciates the fact that your smart
If he doesn鈥檛 understand something in class
He鈥檒l just go to you!
And honesty going over the material with him has helped your understanding as well 馃憖
Bokuto s grades:馃搱
Your grades: 馃搱
Favorite Things To Do Together
Oml he loves summers with you
Any summer activity
Ice cream
Flower meadows 馃憖
Summer night drives
The whole shtick
But when it鈥檚 not summer
He loves doing classic seasonal activities
Fall - Jumping in leaf piles, coffee dates, preparing for Halloween, etc
Winter - Snowball fights/Making Snowmen, Christmas movie marathons, hot cocoa/ baking, etc
Spring - Dancing in the rain, picnics, gardening etc
It鈥檚 a vibe year round with bf Bokuto
Random Hc
His favorite season is summer
And his second is winter
Ik...polar opposites
He TOTALLY gets your mood swings
Although they may not be the same as his
He still understands them and respects them
Every year on your anniversary he buys you the exact same bouquet he gave you at the flower shop
Speaking of the flower shop 馃憖
He got a job there with you the following summer
So you guys basically spent most of your days together
Bokuto is REALLY bad at dark humor
But for some reason he still tries 馃槶
It鈥檚 either TOO dark
Or not dark at all 馃拃
(We鈥檙e gonna go with your cancer zodiac 馃槀)
When Cancer and Virgo make a love match, a strong, down-to-earth relationship with staying power is the happy result.
This is a relationship with great potential to get better and better over the passing years.
Both Cancer and Virgo are goal-oriented and disciplined.
They are sincere and devoted to one another and share a strong sense of purpose.
No lightweight love here: These two were not really built for flings!
Cancer and Virgo deeply admire one another: Virgo respects Cancer鈥檚 quiet strength and dedication while Cancer appreciates Virgo鈥檚 keen adaptability and intelligence.
These lovers may get off to a slow start, but over time, bonds will only grow stronger.
The Cancer-Virgo love match prides itself on common sense and strong principles over fluff and inconsequential or fleeting connections.
They enjoy the material comforts of life, but they will only feel good about their bounty if it has come as a result of honest hard work.
There could be tiffs if Virgo becomes too critical for Cancer鈥檚 easily bruised feelings; Cancer needs to understand that it鈥檚 just Virgo鈥檚 nature to point out what they observe, that it鈥檚 not a personal attack.
A Virgo may bristle at their Cancer mate鈥檚 stubborn streak, but it鈥檚 a trait that a patient and understanding love partner like Virgo could come to appreciate.
Also, Virgo鈥檚 urge to serve suits Cancer鈥檚 affectionate, nurturing nature well.
Their dedication to working toward the same goals.
Both partners in this love match enjoy a stable home life and nice things, and Virgo truly enjoys helping Cancer along the way to achieving their goals.
Their shared goals and desires make theirs a highly compatible love match.
Overall Aesthetic
Bloomcore 馃尭
Bloom - Jesse
This Side of Paradise - Coyote Theory
Flaming Hot Cheetos - Claire
Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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milqueandsugar2 months ago
馃彽 A Bountiful Harvest PT 2 馃彽
Warning(s): robbery, cannibalism, violence, mugging, mild sexism, mentions of injury/violence, physical assualt
Character(s): Crops
Tumblr media
The thunderous voice of the man behind the bar caught you off gaurd, a quiet gasp escaping your throat. Cursing yourself for forgetting your manners you forced a nervous smile to your lips. "Hello" you greet, you waited a few moments for him to continue conversation. But it seemed his initial greeting was an act of manners and not interest in you or your business. Which was fair, you'd say with your dishevelled hair and clothes you wouldn't want to spark conversation with you either.
After a few painfully awkward moments you cracked and found yourself wandering towards the rather grimy looking chairs. Your arms still ached from unpacking all the shipments of soil a couple days ago, and you swore you did something to your back. With your lates injury as well you really began to wish this town had a proper doctor.
Taking a seat closest to the cell, it was the cleanest one, you wait patiently for the sherrif. As patiently as you could for a woman who's had the worst two days of her life. Feeling lingering eyes on yourself you turn your attention back to the man in the cell. "Is it usually so empty around here?" You humm, biting back the more foul words that came to mind when describing the place.
From sat in the corner he visibly perked up a bit, letting out a slight hum. "Its never empty" he stated matter of factly. Playing with what looked to be beef jerky in his hands. The man piqued your interest to say the least. Everyone in this town seemed like they had an opinion, or something to say. But he didn't, he spoke when spoken too. Admittedly it was a nice break.
Your interest however didn't make the statement any less startling. You guessed the town must be filled with ruffians if the Jailhouse never empty. As much as you'd rather be banging on the walls for some sort of attention you didn't want to get into a fit with the Sherrif already. So you bit your tongue, and you waited.
"I don't believe I ever caught your name, sir?" You lead on, figuring you might be here for a while it might do you some good to make friends. Or at least a friend.
The man shifts on the barrel he was sitting on, turning his attention close to you as a slight rumble escaped his throat. The man had a strange aura, like the feeling you get when told scary stories, what was it called again..?
Oh right, creepy. That's the word to describe everything about this man. From his steely blue eyes and unnaturally sharp incisors, even the name was eerily unfitting.
Like the cannibal you had been told ghost stories about. The man rumored to be let out of the jail to deal with certain citizens. The man that supposedly cleared this town. You thought it was a joke at first. But now you were talking to him, goose bumps ran up your skin as he inched closer to you.
"And yours, Mrs?"
"Y/N, it's nice to meet you Crops" you know better then to anger a man who could easily have your life in his hands in a day or two. So swallowing your fear, and blinking away the premature tears in your eyes you gave him a friendly smile.
"How'd you get hurt?" He inquired his eyes seeming fixated on yours. How did he... how did he know? Your confusion must have been clear on your face as he spoke up. "You smell of blood".
Oh god he could smell your blood, nervously you finally tore your eyes from his, choosing instead to stare at the floor boards under foot. Counting the grains in a pathetic attempt to calm your nerves. "I uh, I was mugged the other day. I got stabbed in the process" you explain as vaguely as possible. Seeing as the man was in the same room the Sherrif would be speaking to you in it's easy to assume he would soon get all the details. But for now he didn't need to know everything . He didn't need to know anything about you.
Slowly he nodded, it didn't seem like new news for him and thata what startled you the most. "It's best to stay out of their way" he spoke nonchalantly. Like they were just some immature drivers or some drunkards. Like this was normal. "Everyone's been saying that but it's a bit harder when they come to your front door" you sigh. The people here were friendly, strange but mostly friendly. However they seemed to hold either cowardice or were extremely condescending. You hoped it was because you were new to town, not that you were a woman.
The man- er, Crops however seemed to lack these qualities. Any qualities really, he spoke like he was simply pointing something out, or repeating information told to him. Everything about him was so alien and unnerving. The way he seemed so fixated on your abdomen, the way the occasional growl erupted from his throat when something seemed to upset him. You were beginning to sound like a broken record at this point.
"I think you need to redo your stitches" He observed, gesturing loosely to yourself. With furrowed brows you glanced down, the tiniest droplets of red beginning to seep through your new dress. Had you been so frightened by the man you hadn't realized you had popped a stitch? Your grip on the hem of your skirt tightened as you noticed Crops stepping ever closer to you, pressing against the bars.
Before either of you could say anything you were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Turning you felt relief run over your mind as you spotted the sheriff. However that relief was quickly snuffed out as you got a better look at the man.
He was drunk.
Not tipsy, not hungover, drunk. By the looks of it plastered as well. You practically felt your face drop.
"Could I help you miss? You know I'm not the physician, correct?" The taller spoke in a way that indicated tiredness. He slurred his words and rolled his r's in a peculiar way that seemed native to this town. Everything about both the man and the town was peculiar, guess it would be a shocker to see him anywhere outside of this shit hole.
His clothes were even more so disheveled then yours, his hat seated crooked on his strawberry blonde locks and stubble grew in patches lining his chin. Even a cigar hung from his lips to complete the ensemble.
"No, I know, I'm here to report a crime? Not to see the doctor" you reason getting to tour feet to greet the man, though he merely rolled his eyes at your extended hand. "Report a crime you say? What happened Hun?" He slurred. Nervously glancing back at Crops, who now seemed much more interest in his nails, you lowered your voice as you spoke. "Should we be talking in front of a prisoner-".
The sheriff's almost mocking laughter rang out around the room, catching you a but off guard. "Oh Crops? Anything you can tell me you can tell Crops, he knows everything about everyone in this town, dont you?" Thompson assured. But no confirmation came from the black haired man stood behind the decrepit looking bars. "Not much of a talker" Thompson dismissed with a wave of his hand.
Passing a glance Crops' way you couldn't help but hum along. He seemed pretty talkative with you? Maybe that wasn't the right word, but he would at least acknowledge your existence. To be fair, if you had to be with Thompson for more then an hour you'd probably be just about the same way.
"Now sugar, tell me what happened ".
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rosewrites2 months ago
*raises an eyebrow* I'm not sure if I should be worried or relieved that you're excited about that. At the very least it makes me think we're going to have very, VERY interesting hate sex. *soft look, brushes hair back w a smile* You're pretty damn special to me, too. *sighs into kiss, v content boy looking probably the happiest and smugest he's ever looked* It would appear so. Believe me, I'm pretty sure it won't sink in until I'm caught in the midst of it. But I'm pretty excited about it. *doting kisses anywhere he could reach* Oh, it is and it vows to annoy you very, very, very much with love and affection and all the terriible things that make you uncomfortable. And, also other things that aren't quite love and affection and I apologize in advance. *laughs* Well, you would be the first to say that. *rolls eyes, snickers* I swear, eating fills ninety percent of your waking hours. I'm still trying to figure out where it all goes. *strokes back, kisses* I think the conversation went well. I think someone proposed getting sexe鈥 *winces at phone ringtone. he was half-convinced it was Billy who was secretly observing them. fishes out of pocket, puts on speaker* Yeah, Bill? *frowns* You sound surprised our patient is moving about. I'm offended, that was a flawless surgery. *pecks w a smile, while Billy updates on post-surgery patient* Uh huh. You're saying a lot of positive things, I don't see the problem鈥搘hy would she want to talk to me? *something or other about thanking him, he was only half paying attention* And you said no, right? *silence* Billy? You said no, right? *glares at phone* Nope. *looks at her* He gets no baked goods for this betrayal. -Stephen
I鈥檓 excited about it because it鈥檚 a WAY better alternative to you strangling me! And yes, we will have very interesting hate sex one day. I鈥檓 sure of it. *pleased hum* I鈥檓 excited about it too. And all the ways that you are going to annoy me for the rest of eternity. God, what have I signed myself up for? This is going to be fun. I accept your apology now. But I can鈥檛 say the same for future me. She might need some groveling. *tiny evil laugh; feigns offense* I just love food! And apparently my brain is a chaotic funhouse of basic physical needs these days. What has gotten into me? *practically leaps off the couch at phone ring bc jumpy* Jesus fucking Christ. Tell him he gave me a heart attack. *laughs; presses palms together and taps fingertips against each other with a matching evil cackle* Aw, you have to deal with being beloved and appreciated for all your brilliance? Sounds dreadful. Guess I鈥檒l just have to hang around here having sex all by myself. *shrugs; wiggles eyebrows* Do you have to go in now? Because I can come with if you鈥檇 like company. Or if Billy does. He鈥檇 probably enjoy having someone else there to laugh at you while you get hugged.
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johermione2 months ago
Flickers of Light
"What must it be like to grow up that beautiful?"
"I don't like that falling feels like flying till the bone crush."
- gold rush, Taylor Swift
"single daydream where you get lost in thought for a minute and then snap out of it.鈥
- Taylor Swift, on gold rush
Nice, France, 1868
Everything looks painfully artistic in the rain. It鈥檚 like suddenly, life is a painting. Movements turn into colours, pavements become landscapes. Here, utterly mesmerized by her surroundings, Amy March doesn鈥檛 see people. She sees flickers of light.
There exist many peculiar ways to look at things聽 One object can represent almost anything depending on the person whose attention it captivates. Amy desperately wishes to immortalize her perspective. She craves to capture all of her feelings, everything her eyes have ever had the pleasure to meet. The scenery she's fortunate enough to be a part of is a scenery only a foreign city can provide.
When Amy arrives back to her hotel room, she finds herself to be in some sort of arrangement with the rain drops. It's silly because she has no memory of having any direct interaction with the weather today, yet her rather soaked appearance is telling a different story. She must have accidentally gotten lost in her marvellous surroundings. Concord, after all, is no match for Paris.
When she finally brings her looks to a descent level, Amy takes her french books and forces herself to encounter the magic that is the language of love. She loves french, she really does, but she used to study from fun and because she liked the sound of the words. It all made her feel like a lady, like someone she never in reality had a chance to be. But now, when she was indeed a lady, it felt like more of a habit than anything else. She wanted to excel in this, she wanted to be the greatest french speaker there ever was. But she simply couldn't find the motivation. Her paintings, her unfortunate creations, occupied her mind still. For them, she had the motivation. She had the time and space. She had everything. Everything except excellence.
They weren't good enough.
To an untrained eye, they were perfect. To a stranger, they were just fine. To a fellow artist, they were interesting. To her sisters, they were masterpieces. To her and to her reality they weren't good enough.
Amy sat in silence, french textbooks long forgotten, eyes glued to the foggy window.
Everything looks painfully artistic in the rain.
People will tell you that Amy is mad. They will tell you she is picky, stubborn and impossible to satisfy.
Amy will tell you the same thing.
The art atelier was glowing. It wasn't a metaphor or anything (metaphors fell under Jo's area of expertise). In actuality, it was glowing. The rain from the day before was replaced with astonishing rays of sunlight. But even then, specks of water were still visible. Amy found inspiration in that. She again felt like she needed to immortalize the moment.
So, Amy decided to paint.
She was painting all of the things that were inside her.
She was painting herself.
Amy woke up every day and every day her painting woke up with her. Hours were spent in the art room. Layers of colours, structure and observations were added to the creation with each passing moment. Still, Amy felt she needed to do more. Be more.
Great or nothing.
"I think this is as far as I can go."
It's said to no one in particular. It's pronounced loudly, as if it was meant for someone to hear it. Yet the only available listeners were the unbothered statues of Greek gods. Amy was annoyed by their presence. They just kind of stood there, judging her, mocking her for not being able to give birth to something marvellous. Amy stared at her now supposedly finished painting, the personification of uselessness. She knew it. She had known it for a long time. She had to give up her foolish artistic hopes.
Great or nothing? Right...
Dreams are just that. Dreams. They don't come true. You have to work and struggle in order for them to enjoy the same oxygen as you.聽 You work and struggle even though you may get nothing in return.
Dreams, freshly discovered and pink coloured dreams.
Dreams, innocent, unaware, untouchable dreams.
Dreams, doubtful, changed and windy dreams.
Dreams, undevelopedly developed dreams.
The world wanted to crown her its ornament.
The world claimed her its diamond, its possession, its jewel.
The world she did not blame. Her blamed the world.
Incandescent. Amy felt an incadescent love for life. She felt love for clumsy passengers, long forgotten scarfs and giant ball rooms. And as much as the world blamed her, she still loved it.
It was the way sun rose up every morning. The way a hand is held and never dropped. The way everything is constantly moving and craving and breathing.
She will never be smart. She will never be a genius. She will never be great. It's these thoughts that haunt her, restrain her and hold her back. The world is so bright, so full of incredible, bright individuals. The world is so bright, and she's barely a spark.
People will tell you that Amy is a patient observer, a collector of light and a fantastic french speaker (even though she didn't use to be).
People will. Amy will not.
Concord, Massachusetts, 1871
It's already been a couple of years since Amy has left Europe and returned to Concord. Right now, she is nurturing flowers, big bright yellow hat decorating her golden locks. Her husband is on the back porch, carefully holding a tiny person. It's her Bess. Her daughter. Amy's standards may have been hard to reach, but her little Bess surely is a work of art. Sunlight is blessing her eyes. Sound of birds is blessing her ears. Her senses are wonderfully awake.
Amy never touched a paintbrush after Paris. Her last painting was brought to Massachusetts because Laurie insisted on it. He said something about her last drawing (her drawing of him) and her last painting being meant to coexist in the same universe. He hung them in the living room. Amy allowed it because it made Laurie smile. She has always loved seeing people smile.
Concord, Massachusetts, 1882
"Elizabeth, where are you? You haven't finished your homework! What are you doing for heaven's sake?"
"I think this painting is talking to me mom."
"I clearly don't mean it in a literal sense. It's just that it resonates with me, despite the fact that I'm not familiar with its creator. It's like somebody's reaching towards me, trying to share their story."
"I think it a bit absurd. I still don't understand why your father likes it so much."
"Well, I think it to be...incadescent. Yes, that's the right word. Incadescent."
Bess continued to look at the painting.
Amy smiled.
Great or nothing, huh?
Sunlight only exists because it's made of rays. Rays of sunlight only exist because they are made of light. Light only exists because it's made of flickers.
Specks. Flickers. Light.
In the dark,
Found light
Brighter than many ever see.
Within herself,
Found loveliness,
Through the soul鈥檚 own mastery.
And now the world receives
From her dower:
The message of the strength
Of inner power."
鈥擫angston Hughes
Tumblr media
Authors note: "What if gold rush is about a person who feels the pressure of everyone loving the same thing they do? It's like you thought something was only yours, but then other people liked it too, and suddenly, you weren't good enough. I guess I'm saying it doesn't have to be looked at from a romantic angle. It can represent the struggle of an artist who desperately wants to do something splendid and be original, but can't because everyone else is already doing the same thing? Or they think everyone else is doing the same thing?"
I wrote this paragraph some time ago and it was the exact thing that led me to writing this chapter. I'm not sure if everyone is going to agree with my impression of Amy, but I always felt like she loved the things around her with burning passion. Of course she's realistic and mature, but I think she's also extremely passionate. I think she feels things in a big way. While Jo has more of a "the world holds nothing for me so I ought to make it better" mentality, Amy is more of a "the world has so much to offer and I have nothing to give in return". Now, her not being able to offer something worth remembering is mostly in her head and that is why I added the Bess part at the end. Every person is important and means something great to someone. As I like to say: we, as humans, are all constantly decorating each other's portraits. You may not be a genius(and it takes strength to admit such a thing to yourself which makes Amy ten times more memorable), but you made an impact on someone. Your life, all on its own, has a meaning and a purpose.
You matter.
*the word "incadescent" was specifically used because of @the-girl-who-cried-wolf I felt like it captured the emotion perfectly since I wanted to create a little dance of light with this chapter so I knew I had to make your favourite word a part of my messy creation.
PS. I like to believe Bess learned the word "incadescent" from her aunt Jo馃槉
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starlightxsvt3 months ago
Campus Crush
Tumblr media
pairing 鉃 tutor!/campus crush!wonwoo x female!reader
genre 鉃 college au, romance, fluff, pinning, a sprinkle of angst
warnings 鉃 campus crush/ popular wonwoo coming for your heart lol, a lil bit of frat boy Wonwoo ><, maths (lmao yes it's a warning), heavy makeout, slight cursing
word count 鉃 3.7k
synopsis 鉃 wonwoo is the campus crush in your uni and like everyone else you've got a thing for him. when he's assigned to tutor you for maths, you're equal parts happy and terrified. will you two remain just as classmates or will your relationship bloom into something more?
A/N: hellooo everyone! I'm really sorry for not posting more often, I've been really busy with school stuffs so to make up for it, here's a fluffy heartthrob Wonwoo for y'all. I've been writing this for the past couple weeks and I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you'll equally enjoy reading it. Anyway, don't forget to let know your thoughts and happy reading!
Tumblr media
You would have faceplanted onto the ground if it wasn't for the hand that grabs the back of your hoodie, effectively saving your clumsy self. The books you were carrying fall flat on the floor, scattered all over.
"Watch your step," the deep voice says. You look up to meet it's owner and find a beautiful pair of saddle brown eyes, shaped like a fox's, staring at you through metal framed glasses.
It's him. Jeon Wonwoo.
The Jeon Wonwoo who's famous in your campus for his pretty looks, sharp intellect and his band performances. He's quite literally the campus crush and you just had to embarrass yourself in front of him like that.
"I'm...sorry. Thank you-- for... catching me," you whisper, breaking your gaze from his eyes.
He acknowledges you with a slight nod before hovering on the balls of his feet and helps you pick up the books from the floor.
"I was actually looking for this," he holds up a copy of cartesian geometry.
"O-oh..okay," you manage to stand back up with the books on your hands. "I'll just uh...scan it for you. Just a minute."
"Yeah, I know how it works. I used to be a part timer," Wonwoo says casually, strolling behind you to the main desk of the library.
"You did?" Your wide eyes meet his as you set all the books down and reach for the one in his hand.
"Yes, last semester. You seem new here." He observes, pushing up his frames using his index finger.
Warmth graces your cheeks, "Yes, this is my third day."
He hums, hands inside his pockets as he waits for you to scan the book and complete the formalities. After you're done, he takes the book from you and sends a nod in your way before walking out of the library. It's until a bunch of juniors appear at the desk and calls for your attention that you realize you've been staring at Wonwoo's back as he was walking away.
There's an awkward silence stretching in the air as you and Wonwoo sit opposite to each other at the library. He doesn't seem particularly happy with the task assigned to him- tutoring you for maths- but nonetheless flips the exercise book attentively.
"I don't understand why Professor Martin asked you to do this. You're probably way too busy," you bite your lip, fiddling with your hands.
You are bad at math, which is no news to your professor but you just can't understand why he had to assign Wonwoo out of all people to tutor you.
Wonwoo sighs, "I am, so let's not waste time. I need your full attention. The more cooperative you are, the quicker this session ends." He's strict and to the point, making you sit up straight and try to gather all your wits and save yourself from making a fool of yourself in front of him.
Math is never easy, even when someone as handsome as Wonwoo is teaching you. In fact, it only proves to be more distracting. Everytime he leans over to check your answer or make you understand something, you can only stare at his cupid shaped lips and his sharp jawline- not to mention how awfully close he's to you. Maybe because of that your study session takes more time than Wonwoo anticipated and when you finally finish, he groans loudly, rubbing his eyes.
You really are bad at math.
"Please revise the lessons at home, otherwise I really can't help you. If you have any trouble, note it down and show it to me tomorrow." Wonwoo slings his bag over his shoulder before bidding his goodbye and marching out, making you sigh loudly in relief as you slump on the desk.
Wonwoo has been assigned to tutor you three days a week, at least until the next examination comes around. You know very well he isn't enjoying it; he's a busy man. He has his own studies and his band work. So as the days pass by, you try to make it easier on the poor boy, trying your best, studying hard and paying full attention to his lessons- which prove to be a tough job. The childish crush you had on him turns to something a bit more intense and breathtaking.
It's hard not to fall for him, he appears rough on the outside but is kind and patient when you ask him to repeat something or even make mistakes. That itself makes you grow fond for the man.
Maybe that's what leads you to ask him whether he has a girlfriend, one day after a study session.
"Why are you suddenly asking me that?" He looks a bit taken aback as a puts his phone down and looks at you.
You shrug, feeling shy under his gaze, "Nothing, just.. curious."
"I don't," he replies calmly. "I'm not the type to do relationships. I believe I'm not ready for the commitment and work that needs to build it. I'm more of a one night stand type of guy," he shrugs casually, sipping the coffee in front of him.
His words make your heart drop as you realize that he'll never return your feelings. The most you can get from him is a one night stand, which you're afraid, will only make you crave for him more.
Wonwoo stands up stretching his arms, "Exam starts next week. I think you're well prepared. Just revise these at home, hmm?" He pats your shoulder before strolling out of the library, leaving you and your deflated heart alone.
When you see the A written on the top of your answer paper, you're beaming with pride and joy. Your first thought is to go to Wonwoo and give him the news; which is exactly what you do, your feet carrying you down the hallway in search of Wonwoo as he wasn't in the class earlier.
You find him at the end of the hallway, in front of the music room but you stop in your tracks as you see him smiling at a girl you assume shares music classes with him. She's definitely flirting with Wonwoo as they talk animatedly and share teasing glances.
Looking at them, you suddenly feel deflated, like a popped balloon. You stare at them, your shoulders slumped, all your earlier excitement forgotten.
After he's done chatting with the girl, Wonwoo turns around and his eyes widen when he sees you looking at him. "Hey," he smiles, walking upto you. You shrug off the earlier pain you felt seeing him with the girl and smile brightly, "Look!" You hold up your answer paper.
Wonwoo's focus on it as he takes the paper from you, a proud smile gracing his lips. "Well done, ___." He gently pats the top of your head. He hands the sheet back to you and starts walking away when you reach for his wrist. "H-hey."
"Are you free tomorrow?" You ask shyly, dropping his hand from your grip now that you have his attention.
Wonwoo frowns, "Not really..." He trails off, expecting you to explain.
"I want to give you a treat you know...for helping me get this grade." You murmur, shifting from foot to foot.
Wonwoo chuckles, "You don't have to. Instead treat yourself, you did all the hard work."
"But I want to!" You almost whine, sounding too desperate. Wonwoo sighs, stopping in his tracks and ponders over something for a moment.
"I'm not free tomorrow but maybe this weekend, I could join you."
"That's fine!" You grin, happy that he accepted your proposal. He gives you a small smile and before he disappears you can't help but ask him, "Got a date tomorrow?"
Wonwoo raises an amused brow at you, "Something like that I guess."
"Ah, I see," you force a smile on your face when he doesn't explain any further. "Well, enjoy then!"
True to his words, Wonwoo makes time for you on the weekend; appearing in the coffee shop you asked him to, dressed in a black leather jacket with dangling chains, his black hair messy and his usual glasses discarded. He looks unfairly good and you internally drool over him.
"Hey! Wonwoo!" You chirp, a little too excited. His focus lands on you before a small smile appears on his lips as he takes his steps towards you.
Taking a seat on the chair opposite to you, he smiles, "You look beautiful, ___. Got a date later?"
Heat bursts on your face like fireworks as you wave your hand rapidly, your heart thrumming at how he noticed your effort on dressing up more than usual, "No no! I just... thought I'd dress up a little...I barely go out you know..."
"Well, you should. You look lovely." Wonwoo comments, sending your heart in a frenzy.
You try to distract yourself, "What about you? Where are you going? I mean, you look... handsome. I mean- you always look handsome but today it's more intense- never mind," you shut your trap before you say too much, mentally slapping your head.
Wonwoo chuckles softly, "Thank you. Me and my band mates are going clubbing later, if that's what you're asking."
"Oh, I see. Well then, we better order!"
It feels like time passes by in a blink as you and Wonwoo chat while eating pretty looking desserts and much to your surprise, Wonwoo has a sweet tooth. You watch him devour two pieces of strawberry cheesecake while taking about his band mates and before you know it, evening as fallen.
Wonwoo checks his watch and you get the indication that your time with him is up. Your heart falls, wanting to spend more time with him; nevertheless you smile as you pay the bill and buy a piece of chocolate cake as take away for you to eat when you cry over Wonwoo later on.
"Let me walk you home." Wonwoo says as you both step out of the cafe.
You shake your head, "No no. It's okay, I'll be fine. It's not that far. Besides, your friends are probably waiting for you."
"Nah," Wonwoo shrugs as he starts walking with you, "It's still early, I've time."
You don't protest anymore, happy that you get to spend more time with him. The two of you fall into silence, walking side by side as you sneak glances at Wonwoo's sculptured face. He walks in sync with you, hands in his pockets, humming a tune. All too soon, you're in front of your dorm and a heavy sigh escapes you.
"This is it," you whisper, feeling shy all of a sudden as you stop in front of him. Wonwoo nods, "Thanks for the treat, although you didn't really had to."
"It was my pleasure, Wonwoo. I had fun." You smile softly. He nods, "Well then, go in. Have a good night."
You nod, "You too." Your feet feels heavy as you walk away from him, unwilling to be separated. Before you know it, your feet is carrying you backwards to Wonwoo and you tiptoe to plant a soft kiss on his cheeks. His eyes widen but before he can say anything you're muttering a 'bye' and dashing off towards your building.
What did you just do?
Realization dawns on you as you stand against your front door, slapping your head.
Why did you do that! What will he think of you now?
You just had to go ahead and ruin what little friendship you had with Wonwoo. What if he's creeped out by you and decides to never talk to you again? You probably deserve it.
You pull at your hairs in frustration. Should you just go ahead and confess to him? Your friendship is probably ruined anyway. No no no. That'd be another bad idea. No, you just need to act like this never happened and hope that he does the same.
Groaning loudly, you drag yourself off the floor and pour yourself a glass of the cheap wine you have in your fridge.
Your next encounter with Wonwoo happens too quickly for your liking; literally the next day after your cafe hangout. During your shift in the library you hear his deep voice as you try to reach for the old books at the highest shelf.
"Need help?"
You almost fall back as your eyes meet his and warmth graces your cheeks.
Oh no.
Why is he here? To tell you to never show your face to him again?
Your throat is dryer than a dessert so you can't form much of a reply; Wonwoo doesn't need it as he grabs the books you couldn't reach and hands them to you.
"T-thank you," you whisper, avoiding his eyes and try to head towards the front desk, hoping he won't follow. Except he does.
You set the books down as he speaks, "I came to return this," he takes out the cartesian geometry book he borrowed from his bag pack and hands it to you.
"O-oh, right, yeah, thanks." You say dumbly, palms sweating as you take the book from him.
"___, is everything okay?" Wonwoo pushes up his glasses to observe you like you're science experiment. You go rigid under his stare, brain turning into mush as you try to form words that make sense.
You wonder if it's just your imagination or if he really looks more handsome than the other days. His hair is slightly wavy and messier today and he's dressed in an oversized sweater. His face has a soft, warm glow that makes you want to kiss every inch. He looks so cozy and warm you just want to hug him and stay in his arms forever.
Get a grip, fool.
You cough loudly, "N-no. Why?"
"You're really...jumpy today," he comments to which you vigorously shake your head, "Really? It's n-nothing probably."
Wonwoo hums, not commenting further as he starts to walk away- much to your relief- only to stop and turn to look at you.
"There's an autumn festival in our campus this weekend, you know right?"
"Are you free that day? I was wondering if you'd like to come with me. Me band mates are gonna perform later in the evening."
Your jaw drops unceremoniously. You're hearing it wrong, right? He didn't just ask you to go to the festival--
You blink multiple times, trying to remember human language before opening your mouth, "I...I... would love that!" You chirp a little too loudly.
Wonwoo smiles, "Great. I'll see you then."
The festival's in full swing when you stop in front of the main gate, waiting for Wonwoo. You're about to dial his number when the man himself pops up from behind you, poking your shoulder.
"Hey! You're already here?" You grin.
He shrugs lightly, "Yeah... I came with my team we had some set up to complete."
"Am I late?"
"No, you're just in time. The festival has just begun," Wonwoo smiles. You realize that he has ditched his glasses tonight.
"Shouldn't you be with your band then? I'll just-"
He cuts you off by grabbing your wrist and pulling you with him, "Don't worry, our performance is later in the night. I've plenty of time."
Wonwoo has back brushed his hair today, dressed in a jacket on top of a turtleneck paired with high boots- he looks devouring. It's almost like the entire world revolves around him and you're just some insignificant character, marring his presence.
Wonwoo's grip on your hand is firm as you both stroll through the stalls, stopping occasionally in front of something you like. You're surprised how he doesn't let go of your hand- like it's nothing is unusual, like you've been doing it for years. The act makes your heart beat loudly in your ears as you take shy glances at him.
Wonwoo buys you cotton candy- a white bear with fluffy pink ears and you both share it as you walk around. It feels like you're on a date; the idea thrilling you to your core. Is he interested in you? Is this really a date? Did he realise you have feelings for him? As much as you want to know the answers, you're far too afraid that you'll be disappointed once you hear them. Instead you opt to enjoy the time Wonwoo has decided to share with you, leaving no room for regrets.
All too soon the evening passes by and before you know it, it's time for his performance. He leads you towards the stage, decorated with beautiful lights that gives it a warm glow and set under the open sky, facing small seats that imitate the arrangement of a stadium.
"You're in no hurry right?" Wonwoo asks you as he finally let's go of your hand as you come to stop in front of the stage. His band mates can be heard practicing somewhere nearby as the other students help complete the decoration.
You shake your head, "No."
"Good, I'll walk you home after the performance."
Heat flares through your face. Why is he being so attentive to you? "O-okay," you murmur, shy.
Wonwoo gives you a soft smile that sets your heart aflame before squeezing your hand and disappearing into the backstage. You swallow, trying to get your scattered feelings together.
The show begins as you take seat among the generous crowd of your classmates and gradually the show starts. Wonwoo and his band's performance is the final one and it takes a while to get there.
When the wind is chillier and the night is darker, their performance begins- but it's not what you expect. Wonwoo and his band mates are well known for performing hip-hop genre- all chains and raps, so when when they start singing a ballad, gasps of surprise echo through the crowd.
But they don't disappoint. Far from it, they deliver an amazing performance that leaves you and others, mesmerized. Wonwoo's deep voice singing ballad makes your heart feel full as his rich voice washes over you in a soothing manner. He sings about how he wishes to share his pain with the other person, how his feelings remain unrequited.
I wish for us to be able to hurt together every hour
Even though you won't know how I think of you every single day throughout the many seasons
I blamed myself who was lacking all day long
Because I was overflowing with countless emotions
I look at myself who is left staring blankly alone
As if nothing is wrong, what a painful night
After the performance ends, you watch the crowd leaving, talking about how impressive Wonwoo and his band's performance was while waiting for Wonwoo to finish up. When you finally see him walking towards you, you notice a shy smile on his face and a red glow on his cheeks.
He takes a seat beside you, "What did you think of the performance?"
"I definitely wasn't expecting that," you chuckle. "I thought you guys only rapped."
He shrugs, "We wanted to try something new."
"Well the crowd definitely loved it."
"And you?"
"I'm a part of the crowd too," you smile shyly. Wonwoo smiles too, his eyes crinkling, "I'm glad. I wrote the lyrics, actually."
"Oh, really?" You're surprised. Wonwoo nods a yes and you feel he's somewhat shy as pink tints his cheek. "Well, the lyrics were beautiful. Whoever you wrote that about is very...lucky," you say unable to stop yourself.
Wonwoo looks at you for a beat, the gears in his head moving, before exhaling loudly."
"___," his voice is firm and his gaze is serious.
"Y-yes?" You're suddenly scared. What is he gonna say? To never show up in front of him?
He visibly swallows before speaking, "I like you."
You stare dumbly at him, your jaw hanging loose. Moments pass by like that, you trying to decipher if he really said that and him eagerly staring at you for an answer.
"Huh?" You look at him wide eyed, your heart beating a mile a minute. Did he really say that? "I- do you really mean it?" You whisper, voice wavering.
"Yes I do," his nod is firm. You swallow, struggling to form words. You open your mouth but nothing comes out; you're overjoyed, overwhelmed, a big surge of emotions flowing through you that makes you wanna drop into your knees and cry out of happiness.
"I really need an answer you know," A soft smile graces his lips, "I know for a fact that you like me too but I need you to confirm it out loud."
"I do! I do!" Your voice suddenly comes back as you reach out to grasp his hands, afraid he might disappear."I...just- I thought you were not interested in a relationship." You squeak.
"I wasn't," His smile is sheepish. "Until that night, you kissed my cheek. I've no idea why but my heart started to beat so fast and I felt so giddy- it was like I was fifteen all over again. I kept on thinking about you after that and how much I enjoy spending time with you. I really like you, ___. I want to date you. I want to try it with you." His straight forwardness has you mute as you look at him with wonder. Your heart is full and you've never been happier.
"I want to date you too, Wonwoo." You whisper, heat kissing your face as you shyly meet his gaze. He looks beautiful, the light from the stage giving his defined features an ethereal glow as he smiles victoriously.
"Can I kiss you?"
You almost choke before nodding. Wonwoo wastes no time, leaning in to press his lips against yours. It starts soft and gentle at first until he's pulling you closer by the waist and cupping your neck, his tongue delving into your mouth. He kisses you passionately, leaving you breathless as you grasp his jacket, only pulling him closer. Before you know it, you're moved on his lap where he holds you close without detaching his lips from yours.
When he finally pulls back you're both out of breath as he rests his forehead against yours, gulping lungful of air.
"Would you like to spend the night with me?" He whispers stroking your cheek.
You gulp and nod mutely, unable to find your voice.
"I need to hear you say it baby."
"Y-yes, please," you mumble before pressing a trail of kisses against his jaw. Wonwoo sighs contently, "We need to stop baby, I'm hard already. I need to make it to the frat house."
You giggle, "Okay, let's go. I can't wait any longer either."
Wonwoo kisses you one final time before letting you off his lap and standing up. He grabs you by the hand and pulls you close as he briskly starts walking, murmuring, "Let's take a cab, it'll be quicker."
You can't help but laugh at his eagerness as you continue to follow him, your steps in sync with his. You take your time appreciating Wonwoo's broad shoulders and his tall figure from behind and how veiny his hand looks as he grips yours tightly. Warmth floods your system as you feel slightly dizzy. Wonwoo likes you. Wonwoo is really taking you home.
As unbelievable as it is, the campus crush is yours now.
Tumblr media
A/N 2: The lyrics I used is from 'I wish' by Seventeen. If you enjoyed reading this, please reblog and lemme know your thoughts! My asks as well as the comments section are always open so please spare a few seconds to let me know how you felt! Have a good day/night~
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hitoshiikigai3 months ago
Foreign Feelings
Tumblr media
anon request: Hiya there Sen!! I love your blog and i would love to read more of your writings. Can i request an imagine for being like a first year european shy student and becoming Nekoma鈥檚 manager, she slowly develops a crush for kenma but doesn鈥檛 know how to express her feelings because of language and because she thinks kenma won鈥檛 return her feelings
鈥(o_ _)锞夊健鈽 a/n 銆宨 made it gender neutral, i hope that's ok and if it's not, i can change it to your liking! also, this is my first romance fic in my whole life, i hope it's satisfactory(釛掅棧釛)諡 i feel like i just forgot the slowly part-銆
鈥猵ronouns used: they/them
鈥獁ord count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
You continuously repeat your introduction in your head as you wait for your turn. It's ok, you can do this, you've learnt this in basic Japanese lessons, it's just a few lines. Nothing too complicated!
The voice of the person behind you breaks the chant in your mind, "I'm Haiba Lev and..." Your thoughts block out the rest of his introduction. Is he a foreigner too? That name definitely does not sound Japanese but you note of his perfect pronunciation- a screech of a chair moving startles you and you're suddenly aware of the eyes of your new classmates staring right at you.
Sucking in a deep breath, you stand up, doing a bow, the Japanese words tumbling clumsily out of your mouth, "I'm (Y/N) (L/N)- no wait- (L/N) (Y/N), please just call me (y/n). Nice to meet all of you." You keep your eyes on your desk as you bow once again before sitting back down. You pretend not to notice the murmurs and sounds of interest about the two foreign students in their class, busying yourself by preparing your things for the lesson.
Mechanical pencil on the right. Pencil case right above your notebook. The ruler-
"Psst... Hey, you're not from Japan, right?" You turn around to meet glowing green eyes that somehow made you feel like you were looking into a cat's eyes instead. You nod and he grins in what you could guess as excitement. However, before he could say any more, he was cut off by the teacher signalling the start of class.
Maybe he's a potential friend?
Tumblr media
After a few lessons of trying to keep up with the lessons taught in Japanese, your brain's finally granted with a break from trying to translate and you can't help the sigh that escapes you as you rest your cheek on your table, closing your eyes.
"Hey Y/N! Wanna have lunch with me?" You open your eyes to see your tall classmate looming over you- right, his name's Lev. Or should you call him Haiba?
You quickly weigh the pros and cons of eating with him. He seems like a nice person to be friends with and having a non-Japanese friend in this less-than-familiar country could definitely do you some good, maybe your Japanese can improve faster as well. But... you were planning to just find some nice quiet spot to listen to music in hopes of preventing the growing headache, a result of an overwhelming first day.
Well, there's no harm, you suppose... "Sure, I don't mind," you agree and you search for your wallet in your bag as Lev waits patiently.
Once he sees you're ready, he smiles widely and starts walking to the cafeteria most likely and you follow him, having to walk slightly faster to keep up.
"Where are you from? I'm half-Russian but I can't speak Russian. Oh! I know a few people here already! I visited the school before the school year started and made friends with people from the volleyball team. I'm actually gonna join the team once they start taking in applicants and-" Lev rambles on and you could only hum or nod, insert a few words of your own when he asks a question until you reach the cafeteria.
"Lev! Here! You're late!" You see a student with black messy hair that spikes up everywhere except for the fringe that covers his right eyes waving his arm. Lev bounds up to the table with you in tow and you can already see a few curious eyes examining you. Your gaze sweeps across the table, an uninterested guy playing with a switch catching your eyes a tiny fraction longer than the others before you look down at the floor, shuffling just a bit behind Lev, your current shield.
"This is Y/N, my new friend! They're not from Japan and I thought I could show them around," Lev claps his hands on your shoulders and moves you forward, putting you right in the spotlight.
Oh no. Ok, deep breaths. A simple introduction, no big deal. It's definitely a smaller group, better than a whole class.
"H-hi..." You clear your throat, cursing yourself mentally for the stutter, and repeat yourself with what you hope was a stronger voice. There's a chorus of greetings and before you even realise, you find yourself squished between Lev and a friendly-looking guy with a buzzcut, who you soon come to know as Kai, after a round of introductions.
Tumblr media
How did you end up here? In a gym full of flying balls that could accidentally hit your face anytime? With your arms full of water bottles that you just filled up? You definitely did not sign up for this... Ok, well technically you did, you just didn't know what was in store. Try being a manager just for one practice, they said. Somehow, it feels like you were tricked somewhere along the line.
You hand the water bottles to the boys, jolting slightly when your hand unintentionally brushes against Kenma's. He thanks you quietly and you only nod in acknowledgment, avoiding any form of eye-contact with him and quickly moving on to hand the rest of the water bottles out before going back to the sidelines to watch.
It's really amazing watching them play. Everyone seems so coordinated with each other and the teamwork is seamless. Despite that, there are a few individuals that pique your interest: Yaku who seems to be able to teleport anywhere in the court, Lev with his tall and powerful stature, and more importantly, Kenma with his smart plays. It's like he calls the game, dictating where and how the ball goes and it's a whole experience observing him. Of course, the other members are amazing in their own ways, watching the team play is like watching a well-oiled machine working.
"How are you, Y/N?" Kai asks from beside you, wiping his sweat and giving you a warm smile.
You peel your eyes away from the quiet setter to answer Kai, and also to make sure you aren't caught staring at the certain player, "It's..." You try to find the correct words in your brain as Kai waits patiently for your answer. "It's nice... to watch. Everyone's good." You blush in embarrassment at the simple words you used, not having the full vocabulary to communicate what you really want to say. Kai, being the angel he is, makes a noise of approval and gives another warm smile which at least make you relax.
"If you need help with anything, you can ask any of us," he tells you before going back to the courts. You bow to him which he only waves off, laughing amiably.
After attending a few more practice sessions and having lunch with the team almost every break, you've grown a bit more comfortable with them, especially with Kai and Yaku, along with Lev. The team always tried their best to use simpler words whenever they spoke to you and you're definitely grateful for their efforts. However, there's just one person you've barely interacted with:
Kozume Kenma.
Tumblr media
The third years obviously noticed the lack of interaction, especially Kuroo and he made it his own personal mision to try to get the two of you to talk to each other more, albeit with many difficulties.
"Come on, Kenma. You don't think I don't notice you paying attention anytime Y/N talks? You're not exactly very slick, you always pause your games just for Y/N," Kuroo nudges Kenmas side with his elbow which Kenma slaps away in irritation.
"Shut up Kuroo."
Kuroo leans in closer to Kenma, "You can't tell me you don't notice Y/N staring at you during practice? Blushing whenever you're 5 metres away from each other? Or when-"
"Kuroo, please just shut up," Kenma groans and glares at his switch, clicking away at the buttons and suppressing the urge to scream in anger as the words 'GAME OVER' flash on the screen. Instead, he closes his eyes, inhaling deeply before letting out a long sigh.
Kuroo smiles knowingly before his eyes shift over to something behind Kenma.
"Kuroo-senpai? Kenma-senpai? Has Kai-san arrived yet? I need to ask him something..." Kenma stiffens as your soft voice reaches his ears. He bristles at the 'senpai' title attached to his name, wanting you to just rid of the honorific altogether. He was supposed to tell you, in fact, he had been wanting to tell you to just refer to him casually just like everyone does but he never got the chance. How could he when your conversations only last 30 seconds long each time?
Jump. Jump. Duck. Ju- GAME OVER.
He pressed down his buttons more aggressively, a frown slowly forming on his face. Why couldn't he be more talkative? Why is talking so hard? Why is talking to YOU so hard? Lev does it so easily, Kai too, and Yaku and... and just everyone in the team but him.
You stare in concern as you watch Kenma play angrily with his game and you look to Kuroo for answers only to be met with a shrug.
"Yaku will be running late, some class meeting or something," Kuroo stands up and stretches, walking out of the gym, "Meanwhile, I'll go get my things."
The sounds from Kenma's game filled up the awkward silence and you take a moment to steel yourself, walking towards Kenma. "A-are you okay, Kenma-senpai? You look... angry?" At your question, Kenma's fingers still and the sounds suddenly stopped.
Kenma looks up at you and places his switch on his lap before looking away. "I'm okay... I'm not angry." He mumbles and you smile in relief at his words. "Do you want to play?" He suddenly offers his switch to you and you blink in shock, never really having known or seen him to ever share his switch with someone, simply rejecting anyone- save for that tangerine boy from another school- who tried to even get their hands on his beloved switch.
Noticing your hesitance, he places the gadget on the bench, between the two of you, letting you take your time. You look back to search for anything that will clue you in if he doesn鈥檛 actually want to do this, but finding none, you gingerly take it, careful not to drop it or at least try to not leave any embarrassingly sweaty fingerprints. You feel Kenma shifting closer to you to get a closer look at the screen and you don鈥檛 know if you feel lightheaded from him being the closest he has ever been that you can actually feel body heat radiating from him or from forgetting to breathe. Trying to focus on the little digital character instead and your fingers clumsily hitting the buttons, a contrast to the way his nimble fingers moved with muscle memory.
And if you felt butterflies in your stomach as he occasionally positioned your fingers on the correct button, the butterflies immediately flew away the moment Lev walks in the gym and you were left with just tingling fingers.
Tumblr media
You cradle the box of apple pie you bought in a rush from the bakery, trying to tidy up the ribbon you tied around it to make it more presentable. You had asked Kai about what Kenma liked because you knew there was no way you could write or even say anything close to romantic in Japanese, so you figured out you could give him little gifts, you know, actions soeak louder than words, that kinda thing? As you think of the many ways you could say something wrong by declaring your feelings to him in a foreign tongue like unknowingly saying something ridiculous, or stupid, or even worse, something dirty! Lev鈥檚 incessant teasing and mock-kissing noises only stopped when you reached the gym.
鈥淥h? Y/N-chan, who鈥檚 that apple pie for, I wonder,鈥滽uroo gives you a knowing look and blatantly stares at Kenma, who just seems unbothered. You try to reason yourself that he was only concentrating on his game. Ignoring Kuroo, you take a tentative step towards Kenma, making sure you鈥檙e in his line of sight before thrusting the box to him, 鈥淔or you Kenma鈥 Uh, enjoy it!鈥 You blurted out before brisk walking to the equipment room to take refuge, not even waiting for his reaction.
You hear the muffled shouts of the boys and you can imagine them crowding Kenma. You wince in sympathy.
During the whole practice, you had to deflect the many looks and questions the boys gave you. Thankfully, Kai managed to stop them before it got too much. A godsend. Before any of them could corner you after practice, you zoomed past the gym doors the moment you were done with your manager duties, forgetting that you had barely paid any attention to Kenma the whole time.
Tumblr media
鈥淟ev, do you know who鈥檚 this from?鈥 You ask Lev, holding up the canned drink that was left on your table.
鈥淥h, that鈥檚 from Kenma. He came here earlier to place it there. He honestly could鈥檝e just asked me to pass it to you but he said I would lose it or something. How mean,鈥 Lev huffs but you can only focus on the fact that Kenma went through efforts to make sure you received it.
Tumblr media
鈥淭hank you for the apple pie yesterday. It was really nice,鈥 Kenma took a seat beside you, on the same bench you first played his switch together.
鈥淭-thank you for the drink! It鈥檚 my favourite,鈥 you smile shyly. The corner of his lips curl up, just ever so slightly, which you think was the trick of the light.
Kenma gives his switch to you, now a weekly routine for the both of you on days he finishes class earlier. The distance between you and him grew smaller and smaller until your elbows brush against his at any slight movement.
This is it. This is the moment. You made a mental deal with yourself a week ago. If you win this level today, the one where you always lose, you鈥檒l confess to him and if you don鈥檛, you鈥檒l simply leave your feelings hidden and buried deep in the safe in your heart.
Your eyebrows furrow in concentration, refusing any help from Kenma (Kenma just ignored the tiny sting in his heart when you did).
In the meantime, Kenma takes the chance to watch you, sharp, feline eyes studying your features. The stray baby hairs peeking out after a long school day, the slight sheen on your skin from the hot and humid gym, the determination in your eyes. Determination? To beat the level? He restrains himself from chuckling at your cuteness. This felt very different when he watches Shouyo play his video games. Kenma just really feels different any time he鈥檚 around you.
You abruptly stand up and cheer, 鈥淚 did it! Kenma, look!鈥 You show him the screen with the words 鈥楳ISSION COMPLETE鈥 flashing repeatedly on the screen. You grinned widely at him and he smiles back in fondness.
Suddenly, you go all quiet, which concerned Kenma. 鈥淚 have something to tell you.鈥 At that, he tilts his head, urging for you to go on.
鈥淚鈥 IlikeyouKenma!鈥 Your words end up being stringed together but from the widening of his eyes, he mostly likely understood.
鈥淵ou do?鈥
You nod with pink dusting your cheeks, your fingers fiddling with the ends of your blouse. You鈥檙e prepared to get rejected, maybe even move back to Europe and never show your face to him again. And if not, at least you could quit the manager position to avoid any future confrontations with him.
鈥淚 like you too, Y/N,鈥 he replies softly, but it was definitely audible in the quiet gym.
And if all else fails- wait what? This time, it鈥檚 your turn to look at him wide-eyed, processing what he just said.
鈥淵/N! Did you leave me for your boyfriend?!鈥 The doors burst open with Lev boisterously shouting, Yaku walking calmly behind him with a twitching eyebrow.
You backpedal away from Kenma, dropping the switch in surprise and you scramble to pick it up, saying a stream of apologies to him, wiping away the dust and checking for any cracks.
Yaku, being more aware of the mood, kicks the back of Lev鈥檚 knees, adding a smack to the back of the head for good measure, hissing, 鈥淪hut up, you idiot!鈥
You make eye contact with Kenma before bursting into giggles, him just letting out a snort. You鈥檙e just glad you managed to confess before Lev could confess for you.
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Kenma: wanna beat the next level after practice? you can come over to my house for dinner
You: yes! i鈥檇 love to!
Tumblr media
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cobbae3 months ago
late night moments || kevin moon
summay: after longer time than you can stand, the presence of one another and a few kisses late at night is all both of you need
requested: 鈥渇luffy make out session with kev please鈥
genre: suggestive, fluff, a tiny tiny tad of angst if you squint your eyes聽
word count: 1.9k
note: idk if this is what you wanted but聽i hope you like it anon!!
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 almost midnight but you鈥檙e still wide awake. your eyes are so trained on the screens in front of you, attention too stuck on the beats playing escaping the headphones, that a single tap on your shoulder makes you jump in your seat,
"holy shit!"
taking the headphones off to let them rest around your neck, you spin your chair to meet a familiar face with a glare.
"make some noise, batman."
"I did," kevin snorts while placing a paper bag down on the floor. "I called, sent messages, hit the doorbell. you just didn't notice 鈥 also, stop forgetting locking your door before something happens."
he sits down in the extra chair next to you as you turn to your work again. the apology you let out in a sigh hardly sounds real as your attention is almost entirely back on the software running, "sorry about that."
kevin doesn't bother commenting on the lack of genuinity and instead watches you intently working. "how's the producing going?"
"finally got over a block," you explain in a breath of relief. there's a pause as you listen to a certain part of the melody you've been piecing together for a few minutes now. "I'll probably be able to finish this by morning."
even though you can't see it, kevin raises an eyebrow at you. "you didn't plan on pulling another all-nighter, did you?"
"it's part of my job, kevin," you retort in a mutter, "creker didn't hire me as your producer to slack off."
"that doesn't mean you should overwork yourse鈥"
kevin interrupts himself when you momentarily turn around over your shoulder. when he's met by your own raised eyebrow, he decides to leave it there, aware that you don't fancy others controlling your way of working.
"you're unbelievable."
"where's the problem?" you return to your computer with a shrug. "I get to do what I like, I'm paid enough to afford rent and equipment and luckily I'm not working for some obnoxious, two-faced guys."
"speaking from experience?" he laughs.
you scoff, "tell me 'bout it. I've met way too many idols who aren't as cute off-stage as on-stage 鈥 almost made me want to decline creker."
"what changed your mind?"
"they pay better than other labels I've worked for and let me do it from home."
"you really don't like working outside your living room, huh?"
for a few moments, kevin looks around; there鈥檚 a sofa and a television in the room but the wide desk almost covered in computer screens, speakers and the equipment needed for your work really makes it seem more like a studio than a living room; while it鈥檚 not something he often sees, he has always held some sense of admiration for you ever since he first saw your diligent way to pull of your job.
he turns back to you with a hum, curiously staring at you - though still not facing him - and patiently waiting for you to go on. 鈥渉m?鈥
鈥渨hen did you plan on telling the rest about our relationship?鈥
kevin blinks at you a few times before letting out an airy laugh. 鈥渁ren鈥檛 you the one who asked if we could wait a while?鈥
鈥渨ell, you don鈥檛 like keeping secrets from the other guys.鈥
鈥渢hat鈥檚 true but鈥 鈥 as he goes on, he leans forward to rest his chin on your shoulder. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to do it if you鈥檙e not ready.鈥 your silence makes him glance from the computer to you and upon noticing the way you鈥檙e chewing on the inside of your cheek, a thought sinks down on him: 鈥渨ait, you鈥檝e been thinking about it?鈥
鈥淚 mean, we鈥檙e pretty much friends now and you鈥檝e already told me they won鈥檛 have anything against it so I guess it won鈥檛 be a problem,鈥 you explain in a sigh.
kevin immediately breaks out in a grin but even when he speaks, his voice is soft, 鈥渢hanks.鈥
鈥渢here鈥檚 no need to thank me,鈥 you snort. for a few seconds though, your hands suddenly stop working on the computer and your words come out in a nervous mumble, 鈥渨e don鈥檛鈥 have to make it public though, right?鈥
the most silent of a sigh emits from him. he鈥檚 fully aware that making it public is something you鈥檙e worried will cause problems for the group but he鈥檚 equally aware that it鈥檚 also something you鈥檙e even less ready for than what you are for his friends. thus, reaching an arm out to your other side, he pats your waist. 鈥淚鈥檓 not gonna put you through something you find uncomfortable so don鈥檛 worry.鈥
much to his relief, you break out in a small smile. 鈥渢hank you, kev.鈥
鈥渉ey, where鈥檚 my thank-you-kiss?鈥
hearing how he almost sounds offended, you can鈥檛 help but slightly giggle. 鈥渃an鈥檛 that wait? you should think more about your career than some kisses so just let me finish this.鈥
鈥測ou just said it鈥檇 be done by morning!鈥 kevin responds in something between a scoff and a laugh. 鈥淚 barely have the time to see you lately; when I do, the others are either there or you鈥檙e too busy with work and now when we鈥檙e finally alone you won鈥檛 even give me a k-鈥
he鈥檚 once again interrupted, though this time by you turning your head to the side to give him the desired kiss before parting with a grin, 鈥渢here you go so stop whining, you big baby.鈥
however, you start to regret it upon noticing how his eyes dart down to your lips and the way he speaks his words in a low murmur,
鈥測ou should really take a break, you know?鈥
鈥渘u-uh, don鈥檛 even think of it, not now.鈥
kevin shakes his head and hooks his index finger around your headphones to pull them away from your neck, placing it away on the table. 鈥淚 mean it, y/n. you鈥檝e been working for hours, clearly need to wind down and knowing you, you probably forgot dinner. besides鈥︹ shifting a big closer, he adds with a smirk slowly but surely growing on his lips,
鈥測ou can鈥檛 just surprise-kiss me after so long and expect me to not want more.鈥
鈥渃hrist, you鈥檙e so greedy,鈥 you sigh but know he has a point. 鈥渏ust let me finish this pa-鈥
your boyfriend doesn鈥檛 seem to have it though; his lips meet yours again before you can finish and you realize your downfall hits as he spins your chair around to face him.
鈥測ou ass, what happened with letting me wind down?鈥 you breathily mumble between kisses.
his smirk grows wider, 鈥渙h, don鈥檛 worry about that. I鈥檓 just helping you with it.鈥
鈥淚 swear, the audacity you have.鈥
that said, you can鈥檛 find it in yourself to reject kevin as he pulls you closer for another kiss. without breaking it, he blindly reaches out to press the keys to save and close the program and hold down the power button until your computer turns off. its fan soon ceases to spin, the sound of it running replaced by a silence you didn鈥檛 realize you needed after working for so long. sighing against his lips, you feel him smile back against your own.
you let out a yelp, followed by a small laugh when he, without any warning whatsoever, stands on his feet and along the way picks you up by your thighs. carried to the other side of the room, he sits down on the sofa with you straddling his waist.
chest flush to chest, you finally take notice of the scent of wood and citrus mildy radiating from kevin, the scent you鈥檝e come to grow so fond of. the dark strands of his hair tickle your forehead, similar to the fingers drawing soothing circles against your back. what feels like hundreds of loving thoughts and feelings are conveyed through a kiss after another; one deeper than the previous and yet, the slow pace remains, comforting in ways neither of you can describe.
鈥淚鈥︹ kevin begins, out of breath when you lastly part after who knows how long, though only enough to rest his forehead against yours. room decorated with led lights, his features are gently illuminated and his eyes look gleam and glossy under the dimmed, purple shine. 鈥... really missed you. missed being alone with you.鈥
the confession comes out in nothing but a hoarse whisper and you can only softly smile in return. your hands make their way to cup his cheeks as you speak in your own whisper, 鈥渨ell, I鈥檓 here now, am I not?鈥
kevin鈥檚 eyes flutter shut and while sucking in a deep breath, he nods. when you call out for him, it鈥檚 so quiet that no one else would鈥檝e been able to hear it. he does though and when looks back at you, he鈥檚 met by the same smile still spread over your face, 鈥淚鈥檝e missed you too.鈥
you receive an overjoyed grin for only a short moment because next thing you know, your lips are once again already locked. your hands travel further and find purchase in his hair and in response to your light tugs of his strands, kevin wraps his arms around your waist and holds you impossibly closer. he can鈥檛 stop himself from chuckling as his teeth sink down your bottom lip and you let out a gasp, only for his tongue to meet yours.
鈥渄idn鈥檛 I say you should wind down?鈥 kevin chuckles when feeling you tense up against him. his arms around you loosen their hold to gently caress your waist before rubbing his hands up and down your thighs. disappointment washes over your when he pulls back for good but it disappears just as fast as his lips attach to your neck, a breath of content escaping your own at how fast he finds a sweet spot before murmuring against it, 鈥測ou have to relax, y/n.鈥
at first, kevin thinks the shaky breath emitting from you is one out of pleasure, from previous experience knowing perfectly fine what effect he has on you. however, it鈥檚 followed by a short sob and not even a second later, he pulls back to look at you in sheer concern.
鈥渂aby, what鈥檚 wrong?鈥 he silently coos, eyebrows furrowed while reaching out to carefully hold your face in his hands.
you shrug, glance away, let out an embarrassed laugh and momentarily drag the back of your hand against your nose, trying to stop it from start running. your eyes fall down to observe your fingers fiddling with the hem of his hoodie.
鈥淚 guess I just missed you more than I thought,鈥 you admit with the knowledge that there really is no point in trying to hide it. 鈥渁 bit tired from work too.鈥
kevin can鈥檛 help but smile before leaning in for what he decides to be the last kiss, a chaste, feather-light one but not any less filled with the love he holds for you.
鈥渃鈥檓ere,鈥 he simply whispers and before you process it, his arms tightly wrap around your waist again, this time to pull you down until you鈥檙e lying down in the sofa.
鈥淚 got you something to eat,鈥 he says and nods towards the paper bag he had brought along. his gaze falls back down to you though while brushing his lips against your forehead, 鈥渂ut get some rest first.鈥
鈥... are you saying that just because you want to cuddle?鈥
鈥... maybe.鈥
you shift back from where you had been resting into the crook of his neck to raise an eyebrow at him. that said, it doesn鈥檛 take more than a few seconds until you鈥檙e both laughing.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 fine,鈥 you eventually hum, only going on after placing a peck to the tip of his nose,
鈥淚 don鈥檛 mind.鈥
taglist: @ne0zen @kissemojianon @astronomlns @chwe-yeeun @scintil @httpsohnpouts @sweetestcobi @mae-gi-writes @kxnkxmoon
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daydreamed-snippets3 months ago
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii your writing is lovely!! and I'm always happy to find other hero x villain (sort of) writers, snippets give me happy feelings. ANYWAY, can I have a part two of the antihero x vigilante? I would LOVE that
Sorry this took so long鈥 I wanted to get some other pieces out before doing this one. And it just took me forever. Hope it was worth it.聽
@itsaterriblelife for wanting more too. Enjoy!
Part 1 here
The vigilante tensed against the vivid facets of their imagination, at what they guessed would happen in the next few moments. They imagined that the anti-hero would start ripping their already tattered costume, tearing fistfuls of cloth away from their begrimed, blood-spattered body. Fueled by some masochistic desire to provide鈥攚hat did they call it? Inspirational awakening?
Or, conceivably worse, their mind plunged in the other end of the pool. Imagining the anti-hero bending low, dragging rugged lips across their own. Letting their one free hand roam nomadically, seeking the softest plains of their frame until the anti-hero鈥檚 smell of faint chemicals and sandalwood soap fully and utter invaded their senses.
Or maybe it would be a combination of both. The vigilante didn鈥檛 know them that well. Only what they witnessed in passing, which was rage masquerading as wit. Intense battles played out like a gag reel, culminating in some deadly whimsy the anti-hero donned like a cape.
They could handle the pain. Any torture really. They鈥檝e dealt with as much before. But this kind of humiliation would be beyond bearable. Knowing that they would just as easily succumb to a moment of passion than fight until the bitter end was a shocking and poignant revelation.聽
The anti-hero moved.
The vigilante鈥檚 eyes pinched shut.
鈥淗ave you ever noticed how certain predators tend to play with their prey before going in for the kill?鈥 The question was posed languidly. Heterochromia eyes watching intently as the vigilante鈥檚 own eyes popped open, brow furrowing with confusion.聽
鈥淭he orca is a great example,鈥 they continued, releasing the vigilante鈥檚 chin, brushing the back of their knuckles over the contours of their face. As if they yearned to trace every freckle, connect every speck, discover how many constellations hid amidst those sun-kissed spots. The fickle definitions of beauty be damned.聽
鈥淭hey hunt in packs. Painstakingly perfecting their skills, oftentimes forsaking all other prey just to stalk one particular quarry. Beaching themselves, they deploy tactics that lure their prey into a false sense of security.鈥 The anti-hero bends further in, hovering over their ear, breath hot. 鈥淭he prey takes the bait, and that鈥檚 when the fun begins.鈥 They scrape their lips over the softest part of the vigilante鈥檚 ear, teeth tugging on it gently.聽
Jolting, the vigilante jerks against them, trying to dislodge the heavier body pinning them down. They bring up their knees, frantic to kick them off.聽
Patiently, the anti-hero rides out their tremors, waiting for this rebellious episode to pass. The little energy the vigilante had left, they spent it then, and the anti-hero could feel them pacify after moments of frenzied struggle; quivering beneath them, arms still shaking from the exertion.聽
鈥淪-stop it,鈥 they mewled feebly.
In this prone position, the vigilante had finally been stripped of their many layers of protection; their courage, their pride, their ambition, their skills, and their strengths. Plans to overcome the warden, and that moment, to overcome the anti-hero, went skittering away. Counterattacks fell apart, nullified. Their many scrapes, cuts, lesions, and bruises quelled them. Fatigue weighed on them like chains tethered to an open grave. They鈥檇 lost; to the warden, to the anti-hero, to the city.
鈥淲ell, both know what happens next, don鈥檛 we?鈥 the anti-hero went on, unaffected. 鈥淭he prey gets thrown about, tossed like a rag doll. Powerless to stop the whales. Trying to swim away, but getting dragged back. They are impaled; their organs are punctured. Their skin ripped from their bones. And if the poor creature happens to be so lucky, they succumb to their wounds before being eaten. And the best part,鈥 the anti-hero licked their lips, 鈥渋s that sometimes the orcas don鈥檛 even eat what they kill. They just let the prey fall, sink into the darkest parts of the ocean. Because you see, orcas derive such pleasure out of the chase that the hunt becomes more about gratification than necessity.鈥
鈥淎re you the orca in this analogy?鈥 the vigilante swallowed, finding their voice unsteady. 鈥淲as this your plan all along? To toy with me until you are ready to consume me?鈥
鈥淎s much as I鈥檇 love to devour this exquisite body bit by bit, inch by inch,鈥 they start, teeth flashing as they run their tongue over the pearly whites. 鈥淚鈥檓 not the orca in this little tale of woe.鈥
The vigilante鈥檚 realization peaks. 鈥淭he warden.鈥
The other smiles slowly, exposing those dimples again. 鈥淭here it is.鈥
鈥淪o, I鈥檓 a poor little seal slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean? To be picked off by other, lesser predators like you?鈥 They swung their legs up again, an ineffectual attempt.聽
鈥淚f that鈥檚 the position you want to be in then I have no qualms with keeping you here, leashed to me, little seal,鈥 they jest, with a charming smile. But their eyes remained concentrated, a nefarious sort of gleam twinkled in the irises. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 giving you a choice here. You can, as you said, drift to the bottom of the ocean to be picked off by predators. Or you can metamorphose into a new kind of defender.鈥
A new kind of defender?
鈥淎-and what? You want to be my catalyst?鈥 they snorted. 鈥淵ou kidnapped me, tied me to your bed, are currently assaulting me, and鈥︹ The vigilante鈥檚 gaze lingered on their lips, before springing away as if the very thing burned them. Vehemently denying the slight flutter of their stomach. They shift again but did so differently; moving their hips, arching their back, taking in a sharp breath. Trying to alleviate their discomfort.聽
The anti-hero watched with barely abated hunger. 鈥淎nd what?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥ou鈥檙e on me,鈥 they stammered, unable to look them in the eye.
鈥淢y apologies, dear, do you need a safe word?鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 even know me.鈥
鈥淚 did ask for your name.鈥
鈥淣o, not like that. You don鈥檛聽know聽me.鈥
The anti-hero let out a tapered sigh, the rush of air whistling faintly between their lips. They noted the fresh sheen of sweat coiling in the vigilante鈥檚 hair, the light red splotches oozing through circular bandages wrapped around their collarbone they thought they鈥檇 correctly addressed. All that work while the vigilante was out cold was coming undone.
Not to mention the adrenaline that arrested the vigilante, flowing like a drug through their veins, was wearing off quickly. The anti-hero could see it, their eyes were half-lidded, their limbs were shaking, their breathing labored. The vigilante was fighting just to stay there, to stay conscious. The anti-hero needed to let their straining muscles relax, before their coy civil rights warrior passed out.
Making a grand show of it, the anti-hero released them, both hands hovering by their face in a display of truce. They swung their leg over and sat next to them on the bed, observant of how the vigilante tucked their hands on their lap, keen eyes skeptically surveying them. They tried to sit up, but the anti-hero held out a non-threatening hand, and they sunk down obediently.
鈥淭he media calls you the Maverick Vigilante, yes?鈥 they said, a band at their wrist blinked a glaring light in time with the monitor on their nightstand, illuminating the room in sporadic聽light. They had twenty minutes tops before their place was compromised. They needed to make this quick.
鈥淵ou became a bane of the state three years ago wearing just a sweatshirt and a ski mask. Since then, you鈥檝e gained notoriety, made some improvements to your costume. You鈥檙e named appropriately, all right, since you have no sidekick, no allies, and no powers apart from your ravishing physique.鈥
The vigilante rolled their eyes, going back to whittling at their lip. Enticingly so. Showing lurking fragility underneath their rough surface. It was tempting to chasten such a habit. Absentmindedly, the anti-hero progressed.
鈥淭here is no one you trust. No one can get near you. You鈥檝e dedicated yourself to 鈥榝ighting injustice鈥 and 鈥榩rotecting citizens鈥 alone.,鈥 they mimicked sardonically. 鈥淚t would be noble if the people of this city actually cared about you. I wonder why you bother at all.鈥
鈥淪omeone needs to stand up to them.鈥
鈥淔elicitations, you have. In doing so you鈥檝e managed to piss off the warden. Which is where my interest was piqued.鈥
鈥淪o, you鈥檝e done your research,鈥 they spat, 鈥淩egardless, if I agree to anything you offer, it would be under duress.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e treated you well. I鈥檓 only restraining you to prove a point.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e threatening to hold me against my will if I don鈥檛 choose the path you want me to take.鈥
Point taken, though it was little consequence to them. Sure, they had done a little bit of prodding, of tough love, of roughly guiding to an avenue that wouldn鈥檛 get the vigilante killed. Of course, the twit didn鈥檛 see it that way, gnawing incessantly on their lower lip, continuing to drag the anti-hero鈥檚 attention to them.
The anti-hero glanced at their wrist again. Fifteen minutes. They鈥檇 have to address that issue later. For now, they will address what they can.
鈥淜eep biting your lip,鈥 they challenged, drifting over to run rough fingers through their tangled tress. 鈥淚 promise I鈥檒l find a better use for it.鈥
The vigilante dropped their lower lip immediately, a pretty fire scorching their cheeks.
With a chuckle the anti-hero slipped off the bed, moving about the room gathering necessities. They slung their get-the-hell-out-of-dodge bag onto their back, fitting a weapon to their hip, and, on second thought after glancing at their captive, they unfurled a blanket from the top shelf. They check the motion cameras tied to the monitor on their nightstand. The warden鈥檚 soldiers were getting close. Out of the corner of their eye, the vigilante made another attempt to rise. They discouraged it by a shake of their head, motioning offhandedly for them to stay still.聽
鈥淲hat is it?鈥
鈥淥rcas, little seal.鈥 They took steps towards the bed, untying the rope they鈥檇 fixed to a bedpost. They tucked the blanket earlier fetched around their shoulders before they shimmied an arm behind their back, the other under their knees. The vigilante winced, whimpering slightly, their pain tolerance hit its extent as the anti-hero lifted them with ease.聽
鈥淏est we run,鈥 they said, fitting their head beneath their chin. 鈥淥r at least I run, and you just hold on.鈥
They down headed the stairs and out the door. The anti-hero would miss their piano.聽
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sleeping-on-cracking-ice3 months ago
ok ok, so i'm new at requesting lol. i absolutely adore your work ( and for some reason this is the only blog posting karube content? whats up with that, the barista needs more love ) but that brings me to why i'm here. something soft with karube, maybe he finally gets that farm in australia he wanted. slow dancing by moonlight. just an idea i had, totally cool if you don't do it lol.
Yes Karube doesn鈥檛 get the love that he deserves 馃憦馃様 Such a cute idea, I hope you like it 馃挄
Moonlight Dance | Daikichi Karube
{Alice In Borderland聽Masterlist}
Character(s): Karube
Summary: You stay at your boyfriend Karube鈥檚 farm in Australia for a holiday together, and he asks you an important question.
Warnings: a suggestive theme (but it鈥檚 only one sentence)
Word Count: 2.1k
*reader is gender-neutral
Tumblr media
Karube gif credit
You sat on the deck chair that was placed near the end of the porch. The dusk light of the sun covered you like a warm blanket, making you feel safe and at home. The distant sound of lorikeets cheeping in the trees together filled your ears, making you smile.
Karube had managed to buy himself a decent farm along the east coast of Australia. He had invited you to come over as soon as it was his because he was so excited to share it with you. And you couldn鈥檛 blame him, it was beautiful.
It was a far way from any sort of urban environment, so it was constantly quiet and soothing, leaving only the sound of nature to fill the air.
You were so proud that Karube was finally able to achieve his dream. Even if it was just as simple as this, you couldn鈥檛 be more happy.
You closed your eyes and relaxed in the evening sun. You wanted to enjoy the warm light just before it fell asleep behind the horizon, because night time did get quite chilly sometimes.
After a short few minutes, you felt a gentle hand on your arm, making you open your eyes. Your boyfriend Karube was sitting on the ground on a cushion next to you with a lit cigarette poking out of his mouth, giving you a loving smile. He was wearing his usual blue, faded jeans with a plain black t-shirt.聽鈥淵ou tired love?鈥 he asked, rubbing your arm soothingly.
You nodded.聽鈥淎 little bit. I might get an early night.鈥 You sat up and reached your hands behind your back to stretch them. You sighed satisfyingly after hearing some bones pop in your back. You had only been at Karube鈥檚 farm for a few days, and you already feel more relaxed than anything.
You leant sideways and leant yourself against his broad shoulders, making him snuggle into you. The silence between you was so comfortable, making you feel at ease and at home. Karube always managed to make you feel that way no matter where you both were.
鈥淗ey! Before you get anymore tired, can I show you something?鈥 he suddenly asked, becoming all excited. He turned, making you sit up off him.
You nodded and chuckled at his excitement. He acted like a giant kid at times, which never failed to make you laugh.
He scrambled to his feet and ran inside through the back doors to the house.聽鈥淛ust wait there! I have to grab something,鈥 he said.
You watched and laughed as he almost tripped on the carpet before regaining his balance and running again. You waited patiently while watching as the sun began disappearing over the horizon, making the sky fade to a soft orange.
You hoped things could stay this tranquil and calm forever. With Karube by your side, you didn鈥檛 need anything else.
You turned as you heard soft footsteps behind you. Karube returned having discarded his cigarette and was now holding out his hand to you.聽鈥淟et鈥檚 go! We don鈥檛 want it to get too late before we get there cause we鈥檒l get cold,鈥 he encouraged.
You took his hand happily.聽鈥淲here exactly are we going?鈥 you asked curiously as Karube and you stepped off the porch onto the grass.
鈥淚t won鈥檛 be a surprise if I tell you,鈥 he beamed, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him.聽鈥淵ou鈥檒l have to be patient and see for yourself.鈥
You huffed out an annoyed sigh. He always had such a thrill from surprising you with things, whether it be something huge like a holiday away or a small gift he bought you. He was full of surprises, so you became accustomed to his playful ways.
You both walked along the grass fields for a while, chasing each other and enjoying the time together. Karube picked up every flower he could find and kept adding it to the stash in your arms, insisting that you kept a hold of them so you could put them in a water vase when you got back to the house. You took your jacket off and used it as a makeshift bag, lugging all of the colourful flowers along as he brought them to you.
He kept relating some part of you to each one, like聽鈥淭his one would go well with your hair.鈥 or聽鈥淭his one matches your favourite shirt.鈥 It was so endearing watching him be so invested in such little things about life. It made you feel so lucky to have someone who enjoyed such minor yet beautiful things.
As the sun disappeared from the sky and the moon shone bright over the farm fields, Karube walked along behind you with his arms wrapped around your shoulders. He was kissing your cheek every few minutes and whispering sweet nothings into your ears.
鈥淎re you getting cold baby?鈥 he asked, concerned. You shook your head.聽鈥淣o. You鈥檙e like a human blanket,鈥 you laughed, pulling him closer by his arms so his chest was against your back.
Karube grinned and tucked his face into your neck and left a few light kisses on your skin.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e so cute,鈥 he breathed out against you and tickled your waist slightly, making you squirm in his arms.
You both trudged along the long grass for a while, going to wherever Karube was planning. He had pulled out a torch from his back pocket when it got too dark to see where you were stepping.
When you both shortly arrived at a large field that was surrounded by a metal fence, Karube brought you over to the gate and unlatched it from the fence, motioning for you to step inside. The field was completely empty, containing nothing but long blades of grass and the moonlight shimmering off it.
You stared up at the moon, mesmerized by its light and fullness. You had never seen it that bright before.
Karube walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and tucked his chin on your shoulder.聽鈥淵ou want to have some fun?鈥 he whispered into your ear.
You leant back to look at him in shock.聽鈥淗ere? We鈥檙e in the middle of a field,鈥 you said, taken back by his bold words.
He laughed and placed his hand on your head, messing your hair up.聽鈥淭hat鈥檚 not what I meant, naughty,鈥 he chuckled.聽鈥淲atch this.鈥
You watched in wonder as Karube started running along the grass with a sudden trail of fireflies rising up out of the ground as he jogged. An excited grin painted across your face as you laughed at your boyfriend, loving seeing him happy.
鈥淐ome on!鈥 he yelled after a while of you watching him. You lifted your legs and followed, looking behind you as fireflies sprouted from the long grass, chirping and singing while flashing their lights.
It was such a gorgeous scene. You and Karube chasing each other and tackling to the ground as little stars scattered around you, making the moment almost seem magical. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
Once you both had grown tired, you leant against a small tree that was planted in the corner of the field. You were tucked into his chest, breathing in his scent to relax you.
鈥淭hanks so much for inviting me here babe,鈥 you mumbled against him, earning his soft hand stroking your hair gently.聽鈥淲hy wouldn鈥檛 I? I love you so much, I want to share my life with you.鈥
His words made your heartstrings dance in your chest and your face heat up. Even after being with him for several years, he still knew how to make your heart race with simple words.
You pushed your head even closer to his chest so your cheek was squished up against the cotton material of his shirt. You could feel his heartbeat, rapidly pulsing at a mile a minute. It was almost banging against his ribcage. You frowned and leant back to look into his eyes with concern.
鈥淎re you okay baby?鈥 you asked worryingly. You rubbed your hand against his chest, over his heart.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e hearts beating very fast.鈥
You saw Karube look to the ground to avoid your gaze while he answered you.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 probably just from running around before, I鈥檓 still a bit out of breath.鈥
You glanced at him for a little longer before shrugging it off.
Both of you observed the grassy field in front of you in a comfortable silence. Your eyes widened as you saw the ground blossom in bright moonlight, seeing as the clouds had separated to let the moon鈥檚 shine through. You smiled and turned to Karube excited.
鈥淐ome here!鈥 you pressed, grabbing his hand and pulling him out to the small patch of shorter grass where the moon was shining.聽鈥淚 want to dance.鈥
鈥淒ance?鈥 Karube repeated.聽鈥淏aby, you know I can鈥檛 dance,鈥 he laughed nervously. You shook your head at his claim and grabbed his hands to place on your waist while you wrapped yours around his neck.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 care, I鈥檓 not the best dancer either.鈥
You slowly began swaying your bodies, spinning in slow circles while keeping your foreheads pressed together and looking into each other鈥檚 eyes lovingly. You swore every time you looked at Karube, you felt yourself fall for him more and more.
You saw in your peripheral vision some fireflies beginning to make their way out of the grass again and buzz around the two of you as you slow-danced in the moonlight. You chuckled to yourself, it must have looked like the clich茅 romantic Disney movie scene, but you wouldn鈥檛 have asked for anything more or less.
After a few minutes of silent swaying and feeling the cold breeze on your skin, Karube stopped his movements and pulled back from you. You looked at him confused as to why he stopped.
鈥淲ell, I guess there isn鈥檛 a better time than now,鈥 he started, making you frown.
Karube gazed into your eyes with a big, goofy smile on his face. His breathing was a bit unleveled. He seemed very nervous.
鈥淯h, Y/N. I just want to say that, over the past few years I鈥檝e known you, you鈥檝e made me the happiest man I could have ever hoped to have been. You鈥檝e made me a better person in myself, and also have taught me really valuable lessons through our relationship,鈥 he stated, fiddling with the material of your clothes. You smiled at him, a smile spreading across your features as he continued.聽鈥淚 want to thank you for always being there for me, through both the good times and the bad times. I honestly don鈥檛 know where I would be without you. And that is why I am doing this.鈥
You watched in wonder as Karube separated himself from you and slowly knelt down onto one knee. Your heart stopped, there鈥檚 no way he was doing what you were thinking he was doing.
He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small violet box before holding it out to you in both hands.聽鈥淵/N L/N, will you please make me the happiest person on earth for the rest of my life and marry me?鈥 He opened the box to reveal a gorgeous ring.
His hopeful eyes glistened in the moonlight up at you. You were covering your mouth in shock, tears filling up your eyes. You couldn鈥檛 believe it.
You nodded your head yes, and knelt down to Karube to give him the biggest hug you could ever give, head tucked into his neck and arms wrapped around his shoulders tightly. You heard him let out a big sigh of happiness and wrap his arms around you, squeezing you just as tight.
You leant back and crashed your lips onto his in a heated kiss. You held each other close underneath the moonlight, being the happiest souls that the moon would see for the time it would be awake.
You squealed as Karube suddenly broke the kiss and lifted you up into his arms with your legs clinging around his waist. He had tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks, making you reach out and wipe them away with your thumb gently before giving him another loving kiss on his lips.
鈥淭hank you so much Y/N,鈥 he whispered against your lips happily.聽鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 have asked for anything more in my life than you for the rest of it.鈥 You couldn鈥檛 speak, so happy and emotional from the event. Your expression said it all to him.
As you slowly made your way back to the house to spend a happy and romantic night together, you and Karube were glued to each other鈥檚 side, laughing and cuddling in the cold night air.
He now had everything he ever dreamed of, and he couldn鈥檛 have been more happy about it.
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ming-yu-hao3 months ago
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder | Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Pairing: fratboy!mingyu x female reader
Word Count: 3.1k
Synopsis: When you transferred to a different university, you and Wonwoo promised that you would make long distance work. But distance proves to be more difficult than you both originally thought.
This Chapter鈥檚 Tags: some angst ig, light cheating? (not really lol), mingyu is just flirty, female masturbation, mentions of alcohol and weed
A/N: it鈥檚 gonna get spicy soon just trust me ;)
Chapters: Next | Masterlist
30 minutes. That's how long you had spent anxiously perched in front of your computer, waiting for the familiar ring of the video call to echo through the speakers. You cycled between scrolling through social media, checking your reflection in the camera, and debating on whether or not to text Wonwoo. You understood that he was busy; it wasn't unusual for either of you to call a few minutes later than you had originally planned. But Wonwoo had never left you hanging for this long without an explanation. Normally, your mind would begin to fixate on the worst case scenario, but Wonwoo had already cancelled on you the past two weeks because he was busy working.
The loud vibration of your phone against your desk drew you out of your thoughts, and you hurriedly picked it up and saw Wonwoo's name glowing across the screen. "Hello?" You answered quickly.
"Hey," Wonwoo's deep voice sounded through the phone. "You're gonna hate me," He chuckled.
"I could never," You replied. You already knew the next words that were going to come out of his mouth.
"I can't FaceTime tonight." He explained. Even though you saw it coming, you couldn't help the feeling of disappointment that weighed heavy on your chest.
Your eyes met with the reflection displayed on the laptop screen. It taunted you, reminding you that Wonwoo's face wouldn't be there to replace it once again. "Well, I would be a lot happier right now if you told me that half an hour ago," You laughed bitterly. Running a hand through your hair, you quietly sighed.
"I know. I'm sorry." Wonwoo apologized. His voice was laced with genuine sorrow; you could clearly picture the frown that lined his lips right now. He added after a moment of silence, "I don't wanna keep doing this to you, so I think we should change our date day. I've been working more Fridays lately."
You nodded despite him not being able to see you and hummed in agreement. "What day then?" You asked.
"I'm not sure yet. I still have to figure out my schedule. Just text me what works for you and I'll let you know soon, okay?" He sighed.
"Oh, okay... yeah." Your lips drew into a tighter line with each word he spoke.
"Okay, I have to get to get back to work right now. I'm sorry again." He continued quickly. "I love you."
"I love you too."
The three tones signaled the end of the call, and slowly you pulled the phone away from your ear. Your tired reflection stared back at you. Finally, you shut the computer for the third Friday in a row.
The remainder of the weekend passed and you had barely heard anything from Wonwoo except for the usual good morning and goodnight texts. By the time Wednesday came around, the both of you finally agreed that Saturday could be your new set day for FaceTime dates. You powered through the rest of the week, and on Saturday you excitedly set aside all the work from your classes and waited patiently for Wonwoo to call.
You really missed him. It'd been just over two months now since you last saw him in person, when you moved into your dorm at a university three hours away from the one where you and Wonwoo met. He stayed behind while you transferred to a college with a renowned journalism program. At first, you were hesitant to leave him, but Wonwoo refused to let you give up such a great opportunity just to stay close to him. That was what you loved about him: he wanted to see you be happy and successful.
Situating yourself comfortably on the bed, you pulled up some random Netflix series to entertain yourself while waiting for Wonwoo. You only half paid attention, glancing between the computer screen and your Instagram feed on your phone. Time crawled, and slowly you sunk deeper into the softness of the mattress below.
Cold, small hands shook you awake. You rubbed your eyes and sat up, disoriented. The series you were watching was still playing quietly. Your roommate, Jisoo, stood next to your bed with her arms crossed over her chest. She stared at you with a raised eyebrow. "You're passed out by 7 on a Saturday night?" A teasing smile was displayed across her face as she shut your laptop.
You suddenly realized that it was an hour past the time that Wonwoo had promised to FaceTime you. Your heart sunk in your chest as you thought about how you probably missed his call without an explanation. You picked up your phone, but quickly noticed the notification for a missed phone call from him, followed by a text that said: I'm so sorry, something came up I promise I'll call you tomorrow.
Jisoo surveyed you for a moment; a more serious expression began to cross her features. She sat down at the bottom of your bed. "Did something happen?"
You rolled your eyes and looked down at your hands. "Wonwoo cancelled on me again," You sighed, "But I shouldn't be mad at him for it. It's not his fault he's busy."
Jisoo tsked and patted your leg through the sheets. "Of course you can be upset! How many times has it been now?"
"This entire month. And he always cancels super late."
She scoffed, "See! That's shitty. If this was the first time it wouldn't have been a big deal. But four times?" She stood up quickly and opened up her wardrobe. "If he wants long distance to work, he needs to have better communication."
"Yeah, I guess." You replied. Jisoo held a black top up to her figure, observing herself in the mirror. "Where are you going?" You inquired.
"A party at the SVT frat. You know any of them?" She explained while changing her outfit.
You had heard of the frat before, but you racked your brain for any of their names and couldn't remember one. "I don't think so."
Jisoo faced you again and smiled. "Well, let's go."
You chuckled, "No way."
She pouted. "Come on. You haven't gone out with me I'm so long. You're in college!" Jisoo begged. "Just this once. You'll have fun."
Jisoo had a point. You really had nothing else better to do besides sit around and mope over Wonwoo ditching you. You let out an exhasperated sigh of defeat, "Fine, I'll go."
"Yes! Go get all cute and dressed up." She cheered.
You emerged from your bed and strolled over to your own closet. "Alright, I'll be quick."
Tumblr media
You and Jisoo walked into the party hand in hand. Immediately, the stench of weed and sweat overwhelmed you. Loud music vibrated through the walls of the house and clashed with the sounds of people cheering and yelling. An intense game of beer pong captured the attention of most people in the main room, but you could see a separate crowd gathered in the kitchen too.
"Who do you know here again?" You shouted over the music at Jisoo, not seeing a single person you recognized so far.
She leaned closer to you so you could hear. "Choi Seungcheol. I have a chemistry class with him." She scanned the room and suddenly perked up. "Oh, there he is!" She called his name and pulled you along with her towards him.
He stood against the wall with a red cup in his hand, talking with another tall boy. At the call of his name, he looked over at the two of you and smiled brightly. "Jisoo! I'm so happy you made it." He exclaimed while wrapping his arm around her lower back. Seungcheol watched you with kind eyes as you approached him. "And who is this?" He asked Jisoo.
"This is my roommate, Y/N. Y/N, this is Seungcheol." She introduced you both and you smiled and gave a small wave to the two boys.
The other boy flashed you a sweet smile that caused his eyes to form into crescents. "I'm Seokmin. I live here with Cheol." He explained.
All four of you continued to converse casually until Seungcheol pointed to you and Seokmin and said, "Hey, why don't you two go get some drinks? We'll wait here." You swore you saw a gleam of mischief in his eyes, and you quickly glanced at Jisoo to see if she noticed it too, but her expression remained neutral. This was exactly why you strayed away from parties. You wanted to avoid any encounters with flirty, drunk frat boys. But Jisoo, who was basically a mind reader, didn't react, so maybe you were just being overly paranoid.
You nodded and walked over to the kitchen, Seokmin following close behind, and watched as he began to mix some drinks together for the four of you. He let out a frustrated sigh as one of the bottles of liquor reached its end. Seokmin peeked over his shoulder and shouted, "Mingyu! Can you get me the other bottle of vodka?" You perked up at the familiar-sounding name, but couldn't remember where you had heard it before.
A moment later a presence approached you and Seokmin from behind and set the bottle down on the counter. "Now you have to make me one too," The deep voice joked. You turned around and immediately recognized the tall figure.
"Mingyu?" You called out in surprise.
His eyes dragged over and met yours. His face lit up instantly as he recognized you. "Y/N! What are you doing here?" Mingyu laughed.
Seokmin turned around and handed a cup to Mingyu with a raised eyebrow. "You guys know each other?" He questioned.
You grabbed your own cup and took a sip of the bittersweet mixture. "Yeah, we have a digital media class together." You said before smirking at Mingyu. "I didn't think you were the frat boy type."
Mingyu rested his right hand on the counter beside you, almost trapping you in between the wood and his body. "I guess I'm just full of surprises," He replied.
You felt your heart flutter in your chest at his flirty response. This was a whole new side of him that you had never seen before in class. Granted, he was most likely tipsy and maybe even a bit high, but in class he was usually polite and reserved. He cracked jokes with you sometimes, but you never expected him to be so bold. On top of that, he always had his hair styled back neatly. Now, his dark hair fell over his forehead in messy curls. His skin was sheathed in a light layer of sweat, and the muscles in his arms and chest were suddenly more prominent under his white tee in the dim light of the house. You had to admit, he was ridiculously attractive.
"I'm gonna go give this to Cheol and Jisoo," Seokmin interrupted before leaving the kitchen with both cups in his hands.
Silently, you started behind him and Mingyu walked with you. "So what are you doing here?" He asked again as the two of you rounded the corner and entered the living room.
"My roommate was invited and made me go with her," You told him. You continued to sip your drink, basking in the warm feeling that the alcohol left in your chest.
"Makes sense. I didn't expect you to be a party girl." He teased. His arm slowly snaked around your waist and squeezed your hip lightly. Your skin tingled beneath his touch but you didn't give him any physical reaction, opting to just ignore the grip he had on you.
Your jaw dropped in a fake gasp. "You think I'm boring or something?" You narrowed your eyes at him and he chuckled.
"I never said that," He responded with a smirk on his lips.
Seungcheol and Jisoo had migrated from the spot where they previously stood, so you scanned the crowded room for the long haired girl. Finally you noticed her sitting close to Seungcheol on the couch. You could see they were laughing about something and considering Seokmin wasn't hovering near them anymore either, you decided to leave them be.
Mingyu noticed where you were looking and raised his eyebrows at you when you turned back to look at him. "Well, I guess my roommate is busy," You rolled your eyes.
You had forgotten about Mingyu's hand on your waist until he squeezed it again. "Good thing you have me then," He bantered. Your skin flushed; you slightly leaned into his touch. It had been so long since you felt someone else's hands roam across your body. You missed the feeling.
Mingyu slowly pulled your body closer to his until your chest was centimeters away. You gulped and dragged your eyes up to meet his. He stared at you intensely, his other hand coming up to caress your cheek. Your breathing hitched as he ran his thumb over your bottom lip. "You're so pretty," He muttered. It felt like fire had lit up your entire body. Your nerves tingled and your brain felt fuzzy and you hated to admit it but you could feel arousal growing between your legs. Somehow Mingyu pulled you even closer than before and you felt his hard cock brush against your thigh through his jeans. His tongue darted out against his lips and he inched his face towards yours. "Can I kiss you?" He whispered just inches away from you lips.
Guilt imprisoned you as soon as he said those words. They reminded you of where you were, and what you were planning on doing. You closed your eyes and pulled yourself out of his grasp. "I have a boyfriend," You admitted briskly.
Mingyu stared at you in confusion. "What?"
Shame overtook you. Wonwoo had trusted you to remain loyal, and here you were at a frat party, leading on some poor boy from your class.
Mingyu lightly grabbed your wrist. "Hey, I'm sorry. I should've asked-" He started, but you quickly cut him off.
"No, I'm sorry. This is my fault." You apologized and pulled your wrist out of his grasp. You looked at him; he stared at you with a sorrowful gaze. The regret on your face was evident and he knew that he had helped in bringing this guilt upon you.
"I- I have to go do something," You added before turning around and darting towards the door. You didn't bother to turn around or look for Jisoo, you just needed to get out of there as fast as possible. Once you were outside, you inhaled a sharp breath and pulled out your phone to call for an Uber. You waited near the street, sending a text to Jisoo to let her know that you felt sick and went home while you waited.
Eventually the Uber pulled up and you hurriedly sat down and told the driver where to go. You breathed a sigh of relief as they finally pulled away from the frat.
The drive was short, but you spent every one of those few minutes replaying the night's events in your mind. Your flesh still tingled in the places where Mingyu had touched you. Guilt haunted you, but you attempted to lessen that burden by reasoning with yourself. You missed Wonwoo. A lot. You missed hearing his voice and seeing his face and of course feeling his touch against your skin. You hadn't been fucked in over two months now, so it was no wonder that any bit of physical affection would have such a strong effect on you. What mattered is that you stopped it before anything happened. You could live with that, you decided. All you had to do now was just clear up things with Mingyu next week, deal with any awkwardness between you two, and focus on Wonwoo.
When you arrived at your dorm, you quickly changed your clothes, cleansing yourself of the faint smell of weed and the remnants of Mingyu's touch. Not long after, exhaustion began to take over your body. You laid down on the bed, not even bothering to check your phone before closing your eyes and letting sleep overcome you.
You weren't sure what time you fell asleep, but you awoke some time later and glanced at the clock. 11:54 PM. You stretched your arms behind your head and yawned as you scanned the room. Jisoo was still gone. You closed your eyes again and tried to fall back asleep, but your mind began to race.
You could clearly picture Mingyu's lust-filled eyes staring down at you, his hands running over your waist and pulling you towards the heat of his body. The glow of his skin, the messy curls hanging over his forehead, the fullness of his lips as he asked in his husky voice if he could kiss you鈥攖he images and sensations swirled around in your thoughts.
In a half asleep daze, you rubbed your thighs together. Friction built between your legs. You groaned quietly as your mind revisited how you felt when Mingyu's hands were on your body. More arousal began to pool in your heat, your underwear clinging to your wetness.
Languidly, you ran your hand down your stomach and toyed with the hem of your underwear before slowly pulling the fabric down your legs. You imagined Mingyu's sharp eyes staring at you from between your thighs as you ran your fingers through your slick folds. Arousal coated your fingers and you began to rub your clit in slow circles. You pretended that Mingyu's thick fingers were the ones teasing your clit, making your legs jolt each time you pressed the right spot.
You moaned quietly and began to grope your own breast. You squeezed and flicked your nipple, causing a quiet gasp to fall from your lips. You pulled your hand away from your clit and slowly pushed two fingers into your dripping heat. "Mmh, Mingyu," You groaned under your breath. You imagined his deep voice saying the dirtiest things to you as he pumped and curled his fingers into your pussy.
You gasped as you hit a particular spot that made you arch your lower back. You continued pumping your fingers at a fast pace until the knot building in your lower stomach snapped. Your eyes rolled back and you let out a sharp whine as an intense feeling of euphoria washed over your body.
Your body relaxed against the sheets as your heart rate began to slow and exhaustion overtook you once again. You sighed contently and wrapped yourself in your blankets, allowing yourself to drift off to sleep.
You promised yourself that you would never do that again.
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ep-the-penguin4 months ago
Deal With The Devil
Tumblr media
(Credits to the original gif creator)
[Published: Saturday, January 2nd, 2021]
Pairings: Santino D'Antonio x Reader (Platonic, duh)
Word Count: 1,233
Warnings: Just angst... I guess...
Summary: (Y/N) ends up making a deal with the most powerful demon that exists...
Notes: With the start of a whole new year (hopefully a better one for everyone), I wanted to post a little something-something for my boi, Santino. And also this is the first thing I've posted this year so yeah-
This one-shot was something that I randomly (more like forced myself really-) came up with just a few hours ago. This was meant to be a very short drabble but... Here we are.
Even though I'm highly satisfied with this as a stand-alone, I would possibly one of these days like to turn this short scene into a mini-series of some sort. But that's only if anyone actually wants to further learn about this Alternate Universe, (Y/N)'s and Santino's relationship, so on and so forth. Also, no promises though...
Anyone who speaks Italian, correct me on my garbage Italian... Please?
Anyway, wishing everyone has an awesome start to this beautiful new year, and now, onto the actual story!
With a shaken breath, (Y/N) places a small wooden box in the hole that she had just created with the soil.
She brings out her leather bonded spellbook from her satchel, rapidly flipping through the pages until she lands on the correct one.
She pauses for a moment, her mind wandering with thoughts of what her parents might think of her for breaking the promise she had made with them for almost a year now, even a few months before her mother had tragically died.
She swallows down her salvia and the ever-building guilt, glancing at the photo sticking out of her book. She hesitantly pulls out the photo, studying the smiling faces of her two loving parents and herself from a few years ago. She sadly smiles, tracing her mother's face with tenderness before reluctantly placing it back deep inside of the book.
This is the only way. She reminds herself before whispering the spell with incredible perfection. It only makes sense that she can say it so flawlessly, and that's because she's done it many times throughout the years now.
Once the words the spell is completely said, silence fills the air of the darkened location as she glances around the open dirt area. She patiently waits, her nerves getting the best of her as she tightly grips onto her jeans, trying to stop her hands from shaking so much.
Is that idiot ever going to come? She asks herself, glancing at her phone after a few minutes of nothing.
Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows away the fallen hair from her face as the person she so happened to be waiting for finally makes his appearance.
Speak of the devil鈥 She breaths out a sigh in relief that she didn't even know she was containing as she glances at the male confidently standing a few feet away from her.
As always, he looks just as inhumanly stunning (and overly cocky) just like she had remembered him being since the last time she had spoken with him.
He currently wears a dark green three-piece suit that surprisingly looks great on him, especially since it matches his brightly colored eyes.
She tiredly sighs, slouching her shoulders as she runs her hand through her slightly messy hair, hoping to get this stupid conversation done with.
"What a pleasant surprise mio piccolo cacciatore, and one that I so happened to need right now." The demon happily greets with a large grin, adjusting the cuffs of his sleeves as he watches her with a curious gaze.
She choices to remain quiet, not bothering to greet him like she usually would, with her playful, sarcastic, and witty attitude as she turns her head away from him, avoiding making eye contact with the demon.
His smile slowly falters as he studies her odd and closed off behavior. His mind races with so many questions and concerns as he continues to observe her from his spot.
"It has been almost a year since we've last spoken. Have you been alright, mio caro amico? You don't look too well-"
"Save him鈥" She softly mumbles, slowly lifting herself off the ground.
"I'm sorry?" He asks, frowning his brows in both worry and confusion.
"I said, save him." (Y/N) harshly repeats herself, now having the courage to gaze straight into his eyes.
The demon sighs, turning away from her hard glare as he combs a hand through his curly locks. "I can't."
"And why not? As far as I know, you're the only reason why he's even in this mess, to begin with!"
"I only did what he asked of me, what he wanted me to do. He willingly made the deal with me. No one can change that, but you already know that." He reminds her, narrowing his eyes slightly as he folds his arms together.
"You could have refused him." She points out, following his movements.
"You know I don't do that, (Y/N)."
"I don't need this bullshit right now, Santino." She announces, pinching the bridge of her nose while shaking her head.
"Really? I don't recall you ever mentioning that information to me."
"Santino! Just save him goddammit!"
"May I remind you that once a human has a mark of a deal, there is nothing anyone can do to stop the consequences."
That's not entirely true and you know it鈥 She wants to yell at him at that moment for lying straight to her face, but instead choices to keep her mouth shut about that information as she adverts her gaze to her mud-covered boots.
"...he's the only thing I have left in this world, Santi鈥"
Silence comes from the demon, causing her to glance at him in question as she notices he's not looking at her but instead at the night sky with an unreasonable expression.
"One less hunter to deal with, the better it is for me." He says after a few moments of continued silence, shrugging his shoulders which causes (Y/N) to tightly clench her fists and jaw out of frustration.
"Santino, I'm begging you, save my father. Please." She desperately begs, tears welling up in her eyes as she tries to fight them from falling.
He raises a brow, stuffing his hands inside of his trousers as he stalks closer to her, almost reminding her of a predator with its prey. She remains completely still, allowing him to examine her with such calculation with his stare.
"And what would you give me in return?"
(Y/N) blinks, snapping her gaze to stare into his green colored ones in confusion. She had once, a long time thought, firmly believed that he was different from all the other demons and dark entities. That he was her only true friend, the only person that she can rely on...
But as soon as the realization hits her, she almost lets out a sob as she remembers that her father was right all along. Santino is just like everyone else, using her innocence and naiveness to manipulate her, probably to use her natural abilities and position in society to gain even more power than he already has or needs.
"Well, what do you offer, little one?" Santino softly asks, waiting ever so patiently for her answer.
She takes a long and almost pained breath of air, mentally preparing herself for the many consequences that are going to occur once she makes a deal with the most powerful demon that man itself knows so little about.
As a tear slips from her eye, she quickly wipes it away as she reminds herself that she has no other choice but to do this鈥
"Anything you want, Santino D'Antonio."
He smiles, but not the kind that she would expect to see from a powerful being like himself. It's something along the lines of being pained, broken, and almost torn around the edges.
She nearly has to stop herself from taking a step back from the shock of witnessing the demon's vulnerability.
He reaches a hand of his out, eyes secretly pleading for her to stop. "Then we have ourselves a deal, (Y/N) Wick."
She ignores her mind screaming at her to stop, ignoring the demon's stare, and just ignoring everything her parents had taught her not to do over her years of learning magic as she firmly grips onto his larger hand, completing the contract.
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mypoisonedvine5 months ago
Getting In Tune | Chris Evans x reader fluff
summary: taking house calls as a piano tuner doesn鈥檛 usually mean meeting hot guys鈥 mostly just old ladies who offer you lemonade, which is great and all, but did not prepare you for an appointment to tune chris evans鈥 full grand.
word count: 3.7k
warnings: swearing, dirty jokes about pianos, allusions to nsfw things?? vaguely?, mostly just fluff and flirting and awkwardness
Tumblr media
Checking that the address on your worksheet matched the one on the door in front of you, you reviewed the nature of the appointment as your boss had written out for you:聽
Customer: Christopher Evans
Appointment type: Warranty tuning and check-up
Arrival time: 10 a.m.聽
You checked your watch and saw that it was 9:58, but hopefully that wouldn鈥檛 bother him too much.聽 Leaning forward, you knocked on the door and waited.聽 You could hear a dog barking inside, running up to the other side of the door as someone unlocked the bolt and cracked it open, poking his head out while he held the dog back with his leg.
He seemed a little surprised to see you standing there, made even more apparent by the fact that he was obviously wearing pajamas鈥 specifically, a baggy tank top and gingham flannel pants.聽 A few tattoos were visible on his arms and collarbones, though you tried not to stare at them or anything.
鈥淒id you not know you had an appointment today?鈥 you asked him.聽 When he didn鈥檛 answer, you tried to give a bit more of a prompting.聽 鈥淚鈥檓 here from Boston Steinway鈥?鈥
鈥淩ight, right,鈥 he agreed, 鈥渦h, let me put the dog out, and鈥 put on a shirt鈥︹
鈥淕ood idea,鈥 you suggested, 鈥淚鈥檒l be here!鈥澛
He smiled at you one more time before shutting the door again, his footsteps shuffling away as you waited for his return.聽 Thankfully it was a nice day out so you weren鈥檛 too cold in your work uniform (yes, you felt like a total dork having to wear a polo with a nametag on it, but such is the life of a piano tuner).聽 When you heard the dog run into the backyard, and the sound of Chris coming back to open the door, you took a moment to straighten yourself in hopes of looking like you鈥檇 been waiting patiently.
鈥淐ome in please,鈥 he offered as he opened the door one more time, wearing a navy sweater and jeans now (and a NASA ball cap, for whatever reason) and stepping aside to invite you in.
鈥淚 hope I didn鈥檛 scare you too much,鈥 you smiled as you stepped past him, letting him shut the door behind you, 鈥渁 lot of people forget when I鈥檓 supposed to show up, trust me.鈥澛 You shuddered as you remembered those times you caught people in a lot worse than pajamas.
鈥淣o, I knew somebody was coming today, I just鈥 wasn鈥檛 expecting鈥︹ he trailed off.
鈥淎 girl?鈥 you finished for him with a smirk.
鈥淚鈥 yeah, I guess I wasn鈥檛 expecting a girl,鈥 he laughed, looking a little embarrassed.
"Well, piano tuning is a real boy's club," you joked.聽聽
"Is it?" he asked sincerely.
"Um, no, not particularly."
After an awkward moment passed while you cringed internally at your failed joke, he finally guided you across the house to where the piano was; you set your toolbag down beside it, stepping back to admire the instrument.聽 鈥淚t鈥檚 gorgeous,鈥 you told him.
鈥淥h, thanks,鈥 he smiled a little.聽 鈥淵eah, she鈥檚 a beaut.鈥
鈥淗ow long have you been playing?鈥 you asked.聽 鈥淥r are you one of those people who keeps it mostly for decoration.鈥
鈥淒ecoration?鈥 he repeated incredulously.聽 鈥淒o people do that?鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 you nodded, 鈥渕ore often than not I end up doing cosmetic repairs instead of internal ones because families are basically using this as the most expensive object possible to put framed family photos on.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 ridiculous,鈥 he scoffed, 鈥淚 mean, I鈥檓 sure I鈥檓 not using this thing the way it deserves, cause I鈥檓 still not very good at it but鈥 yeah, at least I play it a few times a week.鈥
鈥淕ood, it deserves that,鈥 you agreed.聽 鈥淢ind if I鈥?鈥
鈥淥h, go ahead,鈥 he prompted, stepping back and motioning for you to touch the piano.聽 You didn鈥檛 sit down, just leaning over to do a quick scale up and back down.聽 "Anyways, I think it's mostly fine but those higher notes are getting kinda squeaky鈥" he mumbled.
"Right,鈥 you noted, messing around with the keys near the top to check what he鈥檇 said, 鈥渨ell, they do that, especially out here with these cold winters making the strings tighten up.聽 Should be fixable."
鈥淕reat,鈥 he smiled.
鈥淎lright, pretty girl, let鈥檚 take a look at your guts,鈥 you grinned, groaning a bit as you lifted the heavy lid to see the strings inside.聽 "It's in great shape,鈥 you observed aloud, 鈥渢his can't be more than a few years old."
"Yeah, I got it pretty recently actually.聽 It's never been tuned before."
"Oh, this is its first time?" you smirked, leaning in to whisper to the strings: "don't worry, I'll be gentle."
He blushed a little as he laughed, making you pretty sure your joke hadn't gone too far.
鈥淵ou, uh, don鈥檛 have to be around for this part,鈥 you informed him.聽 鈥淚 mean, unless you want to, but it鈥檒l just be me messing around in here for a few hours.
鈥淣o, I鈥檒l give you some space,鈥 he decided, 鈥渏ust let me know if you need anything.聽 Do you want, like, water or something?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fine, but thanks,鈥 you dismissed, 鈥渏ust continue as if I wasn鈥檛 here.鈥
鈥淥h, you don鈥檛 wanna see that,鈥 he disagreed, looking like he regretted saying it as soon as he finished his sentence.聽 You felt your face warm and hoped he just meant that he鈥檇 be eating cheetos out of the bag in his underwear and not anything more鈥 mature.聽聽
As he awkwardly shuffled away, you opened your toolbox and got to work.聽 Your first task was to get a pitch reader so you could figure out how well-tuned each string was鈥 you set that on the soundboard and got to work testing keys and reading the little digital display of your device.聽 Once that told you how much work each key needed, it was easy to just put your tuning hammer on one pin at a time, loosening or tightening until the pitch was just right.聽 You couldn鈥檛 just start at one side and tune all the way up to the other, oh no, there was a very specific ideal tuning order that you鈥檇 memorized by now: first the middle strings of the octaves from C3 to C5, then the one of each of the unison strings in the double bass section, then the middle strings from C5 to C8, then the lower single bass strings, then every left string of all the unisons from C3 to C8, then the rest of the double bass section, and finally all the right strings from C3 to C8.
Easy peasy, right?
It actually sort of would be, if you hadn鈥檛 gotten stuck on the unison bass string of E flat 3, your tuning hammer suddenly unable to turn even when you tried to brace yourself against the piano for some leverage.
"Um, Mr. Evans?" you called out.
"Yup!" he answered, swinging out from the entryway instantly鈥 he must have been waiting just outside, which made you feel a little like you were being spied on.聽聽
"Would you maybe come over here and use your manly-man strength on this?"
"My what now?" he laughed, walking towards you.
"You know," you explained by flexing your biceps and making a sort of serious face; your charades version of what a muscular man looked like, apparently.
"Oh, I see," he nodded, "my鈥" and he repeated the charade, except it made your face warm and your eyes all but bulge out of your head.聽 That was him jokingly flexing?!聽 What did he look like when he was actually trying to show his muscles?
You tore yourself from that train of thought as he leaned over the edge of the piano, gripping the tuning hammer you'd left on the pin there.
"This one?" he asked.
"Yeah, just give it a little nudge counter-clockwise, please."
He did it like it was no trouble at all.
"You could've at least pretended it was difficult," you rolled your eyes.
"No, you loosened it up for me," he winked.聽 WINKED.聽 Was he trying to kill you or something?聽 "Chris is fine," he said abruptly.
Chris is fine indeed, your brain supplied instantly.聽 "I'm sorry?" you choked out aloud instead.
"You can call me Chris, I mean," he explained.聽 "You called me Mr. Evans before."
"Oh, right," you nodded.聽 "Chris.聽 Thanks for your help with that, Chris."
"Sure thing," he smiled.
Just as the conversation began to lull, you could hear the dog whining and scratching at the back door, and you felt so guilty that he had been left outside.聽 鈥淵ou can let the dog back in, you know,鈥 you suggested, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 mind.鈥
鈥淚 shouldn鈥檛,鈥 he shook his head, 鈥渉e鈥檒l jump all over you and stuff鈥︹
鈥淣o, really, it鈥檚 fine, I love dogs,鈥 you assured him.
鈥淎lright, just prepare yourself,鈥 he chuckled a little as he slipped over to the back door to let the dog in.聽 Running past his owner instantly and straight to you, you knelt down to let it lick your face as you laughed.
鈥淗i puppy!鈥 you greeted.聽 鈥淥h, thank you for the kisses, it鈥檚 nice to meet you!鈥澛 He calmed down a bit when you scratched behind his ears, wiggling and putting his paws up on your knees.聽 鈥淲hat鈥檚 his name?鈥 you asked, turning your attention to Chris who had his arms crossed and a prideful smile on his face.
鈥淒odger,鈥 he informed you with a nod.
鈥淎w, hi Dodger,鈥 you cooed at the pup, 鈥淚鈥檇 sit here and pet you all day, but your dad鈥檚 not paying me to play with you鈥 apparently.鈥
Chris laughed a bit as you stood up, and Dodger actually took it pretty well, dashing to curl up on the nearest couch as you got back to work on the piano.聽聽
鈥淚鈥檓 just about halfway done,鈥 you informed him as you started to move on to the next string, occasionally plucking the string to test that the pitch was right.
鈥淚鈥檝e never heard a piano plucked before,鈥 he observed, leaning in to watch you work.
鈥淵eah, probably better to just stick to hitting the keys,鈥 you smirked.
鈥淧sh, anybody can do that,鈥 he scoffed, 鈥測ou could invent a whole new genre of music!鈥
"I'll leave the musical experimentation to you," you decided, "and I'll stay on this side of the action board."
"See, I didn't even know that was a part of the piano," he admitted.
"And that's why you're on that side."
You two chatted while you worked鈥 he asked some questions about you, you asked some questions about him, classic small talk sort of stuff.聽 He managed to keep it interesting, though, and keep you laughing throughout the whole conversation.聽 It was significantly more fun than you usually had during house calls like this, and instead of distracting you it actually seemed to help you keep your focus.聽 It was easier to talk to him when you could keep your eyes on the strings anyways: looking right at him was sort of overwhelming.
With the last string adjusted, you slipped the tuning hammer into your back pocket and dusted off your hands as you stepped back to admire your work.
"That's it?" he asked as he stood up from the couch, noticing the signs of completion.
"It is if it sounds good!" you smiled.聽 "Go ahead, take it for a spin," you suggested.聽 "Play something and tell me if it sounds how you want."
"Okay," he nodded, slipping around the bench and sliding onto it.聽 He took a breath before he placed his hands on the keys, but then suddenly stopped and set them back on his lap with a sigh as he turned to you.聽 "Um, it's a little weird with you watching me."
"Oh, are you not used to performance?"
"Not outside of my family and friends and stuff, no."
"I don't really have to be here for this part, as long as you're happy with it then that's fine," you shrugged, "but you know, I wanna be able to fix any issues while I'm still here鈥"
"No, it鈥檚 not a big deal," he shook his head quickly, "I should get over myself.聽 I guess it's just scary cause you've probably heard people a lot better than me play鈥"
"Don't worry about that," you laughed, "just play something, really, I won't judge."
He spun back to face the keys, placing his hands on them鈥 for a second you wondered if he struggled to hit just one key at a time with those thick fingers, but you pushed that thought away quickly.
As he started to play, you found yourself focusing on the music more than the sound of the keys like you should've been.聽 He was good, actually, although you could hear the hesitance in the way he played.聽 He didn't rush as much as most people did, though; he was savoring the piece, one note at a time, and you let your eyes fall shut as he continued to play.
You broke from your trance when he suddenly stopped, repeating the phrase he'd just finished and stopping on the same note.
"Does this one sound kinda鈥 off to you?" he asked.
"Um," you paused, "play it again?"
He poked the key with one finger a few times, and you frowned.聽 "I can't really tell." You stepped forward and leaned over his shoulder, caging his body in accidentally as your arms wrapped around his shoulders to fiddle with the keys in front of him.聽 You rested your knee on the bench beside his legs, not even realizing that it was a massive invasion of his personal space until you were already in it.
He moved his hands out of the way so you could repeat the phrase, and although you didn't hear anything wrong, you felt the key sticking.
"Oh," you mumbled to yourself, "it's the key, not the string."
"Can you fix it?" he asked looking up at you.
"Yeah, I鈥" you stopped in the middle of your word as you looked back at him because his face was really close, so close that his bright blue eyes were burning right through you; so close that you completely lost your train of thought.聽 "I can fix anything," you finished softly.
"Great," he whispered back, eyes seeming to glance down to your lips quickly before moving back up to meet your gaze.
You cleared your throat as you stepped back, giving him space again as you nervously crossed your arms.聽 "It's probably just something stuck under there or whatever, but I can order a replacement key if not."
"Right," he agreed with a nod, sliding to the side of the bench to give you room to fiddle with it.聽 You grabbed your smaller toolkit and sat beside him, starting with your flashlight to see if there was anything hiding underneath there.
Moving to peer behind the action frame, you realized it was a problem with the hammer hitting the string鈥 or, more specifically, with the mechanism that kept the hammer balanced.聽 All you had to do was reach in with a long screwdriver and shift some parts around, and it seemed to be back in working order.
鈥淧lay it again?鈥 you requested, and he slid back to the middle and started the piece over.聽 He grinned when he reached the part he鈥檇 stopped at before, flying through the phrase without stopping.
鈥淗ey!聽 You fixed it!鈥 he beamed.
鈥淚鈥檓 a genius,鈥 you shrugged, smirking a little.聽 He stopped playing and you found yourself a little disappointed by that, unexpectedly.聽 鈥淎ny other musical ailments I can magically cure for you today?鈥
鈥淯nless you can make me a better sight reader, that鈥檒l be all,鈥 he smiled, standing up from the bench.
鈥淎h, if I could do that, I鈥檇 be using that power on myself.鈥
He shrugged; "Fair enough."
"Well, I'll leave you to it then," you announced as you put the last of your tools away and picked up your bag.聽 "Hope I didn't disrupt your day too much."
"You did, actually鈥 in a good way," he grinned.聽 "I definitely learned a lot more than I was going to just watching TV and drinking beer."
You followed him back to the front door, which he opened for you.聽 "You can always give us a call if you need anything.聽 Um, anything piano-related, that is.聽 Tell the dog I said goodbye, okay?"
Chris smiled a little, softer than his normal expression.聽 "I'll be sure he gets the message."
As you got back in your car, you took a minute to just catch your breath for the first time since you'd gotten here.聽 Trying to be funny and cute and charming when all you wanna do is stutter and gawk and melt is exhausting!聽 As enjoyable as it was, in a certain sense, you were relieved at the idea of returning to your routine鈥 which typically did not include super hot dudes chatting you up at work.
鈥淭his must be a mistake,鈥 you shook your head as you showed the work order form to your boss, 鈥淚 was at this address two weeks ago, the piano鈥檚 in perfect condition.鈥
鈥淲ell, he has an unlimited warranty, so either something happened since you were there last, or you fucked something up when you were there last, or he鈥檚 just determined to get his money鈥檚 worth out of us,鈥 she explained without looking up from her computer.
You sighed and left, heading back to the same address and hoping you weren鈥檛 about to get chewed out for somehow ruining Chris鈥 like-new piano.
Knocking on the door, you found yourself chewing your lip as you waited for him to answer the door.聽 You were a little surprised when he answered in a button-up and slacks鈥 entirely opposite to pajamas, although you sort of missed that get-up if you were being honest.
鈥淗ey,鈥 he greeted with a grin, stepping back to motion for you to come inside.
鈥淗i,鈥 you responded awkwardly as you stepped past him.聽 鈥淚s... everything alright with the piano?聽 I didn鈥檛 damage it, did I?鈥
He cleared his throat as he shut the door behind you, the size of the hallway forcing the two of you to stand slightly closer together than you would鈥檝e personally preferred; it was hard to focus with him so close, sometimes.聽 鈥淣o, no, it鈥檚 not that,鈥 he answered, 鈥渢he piano鈥檚 fine, I just鈥︹ he stammered a little, starting over.聽 鈥淯h, there was something I wanted to ask you about last time, and I called the Steinway store but I couldn鈥檛 figure out how to call you specifically, so I just had to make a new tuning appointment.鈥
You furrowed your brow with confusion, not sure why someone else on the phone couldn鈥檛 answer whatever question he had, but decided to let him go through with his thought.聽 鈥淲hat did you wanna ask me?鈥
鈥淯h, I just wanted to ask you鈥 out,鈥 he finished plainly.
You paused as you processed that.聽 鈥淥ut?鈥
鈥淟ike, I was wondering if you鈥檇 wanna鈥 go out, with me.鈥
You hoped your face didn鈥檛 give away all of your shock, but at the same time, you figured it probably did.
He winced as you continued to stare at him in silence.聽 鈥淚鈥檓 kind of out on a limb here,鈥 he reminded you.
鈥淩ight, I鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you shook your head, 鈥渦m, I guess I鈥檓 just sort of surprised because you鈥檙e, like鈥 hot, and stuff.鈥
鈥淎nd stuff?鈥
鈥淵eah, like鈥 nice鈥︹ you explained.
鈥淗ot and nice?鈥 he laughed.聽 鈥淪low down, you鈥檒l give me an ego.鈥
You laughed, too, and less nervously than you expected.聽 Feeling the rare urge to be spontaneous, you scratched your neck as you prepared to propose an idea.聽 鈥淟isten, so, this might be crazy but... I have another appointment today, at the Symphony Hall鈥 it鈥檚 a final tune-up on the pianos and harps before this massive concerto thing and they always let me stay to watch the performance afterwards.聽 If you came with me, I could get you in for free.鈥
鈥淵eah, I mean, you probably have better things to do today鈥斺
鈥淚 don鈥檛,鈥 he refuted.
鈥淎nd if you just wanted to, like, get lunch some time then that would be great, I just thought I might as well invite you to hear the chamber orchestra from the best seat in the house,鈥 you shrugged.
鈥淭he best seat?鈥 he questioned incredulously.聽 鈥淎nd where is that?鈥
鈥淭he rafters,鈥 you laughed.
And that was how you and Chris ended up sitting on the steel catwalk suspended on the ceiling of the Boston Symphony Hall, dangling your feet over the edge as the sounds of the concerto echoed out from the stage, over the silent audience and, finally, up to you two.
The music was incredible, if a little quiet from where you were listening, and so soothing that you felt compelled to close your eyes and focus on the sound.聽 You were partial to the piano, as always, but the violins and cellos in harmony made your chest warm unexpectedly.聽 Or maybe that was from the feeling of Chris鈥 gaze on you, as you opened your eyes to find him looking at your face rather than the performance below.聽聽
鈥淲hat are you looking at me for?鈥 you asked him with a nervous laugh.
鈥淔or fun,鈥 he shrugged.
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 seem very exciting,鈥 you scoffed, looking back to the stage.
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 exciting,鈥 he mumbled his reply as he returned his gaze to the performance as well.聽聽
Your cheeks burned when you heard that, in spite of the fact that it was actually a bit drafty in the auditorium.聽 Even though your nerves were buzzing with anxiety, a rush of bravery struck you and suddenly you were leaning your head onto his shoulder.聽 Just the warmth of him through his shirt鈥 hell, even the smell of his cologne鈥 somehow managed to relax you and energize you simultaneously.聽 His hand gingerly slipping around your waist was even better.
After this many years of tuning pianos, it felt like you were getting yourself in tune for the first time.
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glowmoss-jojokink5 months ago
Forest Acid
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Tumblr media
Everyone was on edge,you could taste it in the air. Sitting in a circle everyone muttered among themselves until the captain spoke up.
"Unfortunately there has been another death,Yoza fell from the cliff near the crystal patch" captain said.
"That's the second death! Is it really safe for us to be here anymore?" Gochi asked,toying with her hair.
"Well have to wait to send a message back,Yoza was our engineer and Zyban isn't mentally stable at the moment so we'll have to wait" she said,turning to you,you narrowed your eyes back at her,"this wouldn't have happened if you'd just-"
"Its not my fault that he 'fell' captain,dont try and blame his death on me" you crossed your arms,"humans are all the same,everytime something bad happens you try and find a scapegoat" Karz was right about that when it can to humans.
"Because she specifically told you not to go! And now look! Someone else is dead!" Gardna snapped,pushing her glasses back up on her face,she'd been crying as well.
'how pathetic' you thought with a coldness that wasn't yours and crossed your legs and arms,"and that's my fault?" You asked,wondering where Karz had vanished off too.
"S-so what do we do?"
"We-" you cut the captain off.
"You know I've been thinking about something,when I went down there to get his body I noticed something about Yozas body," you stood and moved over to the body when Captain stopped you with an strong,almost brutal grip on your wrist,challenging you. You snatched it away and unzipped the body bag and pointed to the twisted neck,"why is his neck broken?"
"You have no shame" Gardna hissed but she had to agree with you that his neck was indeed broken.
"___! Please! Close it!" Mochi cried out,she looked pale. Neither of the girls were used to seeing bodies
"This is my question and I'd been thinking about this since Kaizo died what if these were murders?"
"W-what are you suggesting!? That there's a murderer among us?!" Captain snapped,"I will not have that kind of toxic mentality on my team!"
"Oh shut up,you can't even get me to leave!" You snapped,"think about it,if Yoza fell to his death then why does he have a broken neck?"
"The crystals probably twisted it on the way down,Mochi go check on Zyban for me" the Hawaiian girl nodded and left for the tent Zyban was currently getting over his panick attack.
"No that couldn't have happened because I was the one who dragged him out so that begs the question,who broke his neck?"
No one said anything.
"This isn't to make you all uncomfortable,its so that if I am correct and there really is murdered among us then we cannot allow ourselves to fall pray to them" you stood up and fiddled with Qu,"I suggest staying in groups of three or more...but then again...we don't know how many there are" you pulled up the notes on Qu. You needed to get more samples of those silver peas up on top the trees.
Leaving the group for the forests edge,You braved the shadowy forest and hoped that Karz would come back from where ever he'd been at. You climbed over the rotting tree and jumped when a body landed next to you.
"what are you doing? Do you not understand how dangerous these woods are?" He asked,he seemed a bit banged up,like he'd gotten into a fight or something.
"Karz? Are you ok?" You slipped into 'worried wife' mode and motioned for him to leaned down so you could examine his face more,"I'v never seen you so roughed up!" He was covered in acid! "Oh my god! What happened!?" You sat him down and started digging for acid cream.
"That thing...its quit strong," he said to himself,watching you dig around for a small sized container.
"Come here....there! Does that feel any better?" You asked,smearing a bit of the cream into his arm," you can't just go out into those woods like that! What did you even come across?!"
What indeed, it was hard to put into words. It looked like a mass pile of tentacles and teeth and foul smell gastro acids. It had blue tainted skin that was too strong for his liking and teeth made for trapping pray instead of chewing,"nothing you need to worry about more importantly when do you start ovulating?"
You dropped the can,"wh- you can't just ask someone that!!"
"I dont see why not,I faintly remember you females asking each other and laughing about it"
"You have no shame do you?" You put the cream away after rubbing it all over his perfect skin,he seemed to be enjoying the feeling skin on skin contact.
"come,you came here to inspect those icy pods did you not?" He spread his wings out,they were so pretty.
"Yes those Silver peas! I want to see how the react to different elements! Do you want to come watch me try and blow a rock up?"
"You humans are still destructive but I guess I wouldn't expect much from such primitive creatures"
"Fine then,I'll just go blow things up with Zyban then" he was such a tsundere!
"No, a feeble minded creature like that isn't worth your time" you sighed,mildly annoyed before stepping onto the rough canopy of the trees. This one had several clusters of pods,"I wonder if putting these things in one pod will cause any problems or chemical reactions?" You plucked a silver pea and placed it into a container.
"They nearly froze you to death last time did they not?"
You grabbed another container and put the rest of them inside. All together you had 9 peas, three in each container and three in the palm of your hand.
"You still haven't fulfilled your agreement with me,___"
You looked back at him,"oh! Your right! We still have to comb out your hair! You know I wonder if- hey!" He easily lifted you up,forcing you to give him all your attention.
"Your body,I believe you promised it to me, step out of the suit"
"Now!?" You flushed,you could feels his fingers drag up and down your back,impatient.
"Yes now"
"Ok! Just don't tear my underwear ok?"
He leaned back,enjoying the show. You still had very,very slim figure although your hips were starting get a big bigger,due to the food he was constantly making you eat. It was like looking at a malnourished kitten,"you need to eat more,___" he set his hands on your semi-naked hip,"come here"
"Kars wait!" He didn't want to wait,he'd been patient enough!
"Come here songstress, bare yourself to me"
"Horny bastard-hey! You promised you wouldn't tear them!"
He used his finger to rip the sports off your shoulders,"You look better like this" he dragged his thumb down your stomach but that wasn't what took you off guard. What scared you was the feeling of his tongue dragging down your stomach. He nipped at the skin just above your underwear and tugged at it.
"Karz-" your leg almost gave out when he ran his tongue over your underwear,"ohmygod!"
"Feel nice?" He had that shit eating grin on his face again. This was how you were supposed to be,at his mercy and every whim like good songstress.
When he lowered you to the canopy you were struck with a cloud of-
"-De ja va? Your so easy to read," he seemed so pleased with you confused and unfocused expression,"so soft and plush," he squeezed your thigh,"I'll be sure to breed you well when the time comes a" he would drown you in his scent and make a nest perfect for you to have his children in.
"I- I thought you wanted to-to wait?"聽 He'd pulled your underwear off and聽 thumbing your hips.
"You needn't worry about that, all you need to worry about is keeping youself safe and healthy for my spawn" he looked at you, you were so small compared the other woman of his old tribe. "So tiny and fragile, I could so very easily break your neck like this" he cood. His hand easily crush your throat and-
Oh? "My songstress? Are you getting off on my little observation?"
"I- No!"
"Lying isn't very becoming of you,___" he out a bit more pressure on your throat,"care to try again?"
"...just a bit a gues-AH!" He suddenly聽 moved down and lifted you leg up,you were too small to put it over his shoulder.
"You should feel greatful that I,karz, am willing to go to such lengths for you,"聽 he pressed your thigh up against his cheek. He could practically smell how horny you were,you were practically dripping down his fingers,"I'm going to stretch you out again,understand?" He started scissoring and stretching you out to fit him once you started ovulating ,"I asked a question, ____"
"Y-yes sir!"
He pinched your little button,"thats not what you call me" he pinched again, wanting you to correct your self.
"Good girl" he nipped at the growing heat growing between your legs making you jerk and flinch,'sensitive but still so responsive...'
You were gasping and flinched,holding his head tightly between your thighs. His fingers and tongue were too much and yet not enough at the same time,"please- Faster!"
He continued to take his time tasting you,"so responsive...I wonder how you'll respond once I fill you completely?" It was something he was looking forward too that day greatly.
"Haaaha- HMMP!" after a particular hard suck over your clit you eventually came over his fingers. It felt like you could hardly move! you tried to catch your breath.
"You did rather well," he praised,this rubbing your over sensitive cunt,"when the time comes,you'll be able to take all of me" pulling out of you he licked his fingers off,"be sure to eat those fruits while I'm gone"
You were still trying to get your breathing under control,"a-again?"
"Yes, 'again' you'll eat until there's some actual meat on you tiny little body" he looked way too pleased with himself but thats when is a horrible screech echoed from the forest making both of you look twords where is had come from.
Creatures with wings took to the sky only for long tendrils to come up from the forest and bring then back down,"Karz? What the hell was that?!" Whatever it was it must have been huge! You quickly started to pack your thing,"come on! We need to go see made that sound!"
Karz looked at you, a bit mad and annoyed,"you do understand that thing would kill you? It would burn the skin off your bones and drink you up"
You slipped on your suit again,"thats why we have to go see it! If its dangerous then we need to move or find a way to hide from it!"
He was bit impressed by your bravery but he wouldn't let his mate run off into the arms of death,"It will kill you"
"You said the safest place i possible be was with you or was it all just talk?" You challenged him and damn him if he didn't love a good challenge!
"Your bold songstress, that thing could easily melt you alive and yet you still wish to peruse it?" He watched you pack up everything into a small case that hung off your back. You reminded of him of Esidisi in a way, determined, a bit of an outcast among your peers and always thinking of the future. Really he couldnt have picked a better human female!
"You ready?"
He couldn't hide the pleased smirk off his face," very well then,lets be off" with a flap of his massive wings you were off and flying twords death itself.
"So karz!" You yelled over the wind,"do you have any idea on what it is? Have you seen its whole body?"
"Yes,its quite massive, even bigger than myself surprisingly" he circled around an area where the fly animals had gotten snatched up and narrowly avoided getting impaled by one of its tentacles. He winced at the feeling of several feathers being melted off but the pain felt good in way, it ment he was free from his shell and he would never return to that pitiful state again.
Flying past the thick leaves he dropped you off on a high up branch near a massive and empty nest.
"Do not do anything unnecessary, I won't kill it but I won't stay here long" he dived down with speed you hadn't expected. A gale of wind tossed your hair around like child. You pulled up Qu and started recording in night vision mode.
The absolute monstrosity growling before you was jaw dropping in every sense of the word! This...thing! Was as big as a house and moved around on somewhat smaller tentacles,its body was round and covered in what you could only assume was 'fur' and had teeth the size of your body! The damn thing looked like an over sized chain chomp! And the smell it radiated was enough to burn your nose hair!
"I cant believe something like this exists" you pulled your helmet up, swapping the air tank feature for just air filtering. Karz desended with his bone blades out and sliced through the thick tentacles on the massive beast causing blueish green blood to color the trees and grass.
It gave out ear-ringing screech that even Karz didn't expect. It swatted him out of the air and into a acidic pile of slug that had dripped from its mouth.
"Karz!" You couldn't see him until a bright gleam flashed you from the forest floor.
Karz used his bone blade to dig deep into the creatures massive tendrils,tearing them apart,'Damn thing is too slippery for me to hold onto' even his blades were starting to have difficulty cutting through the quickly building slime and acidic substance. It was like trying to cut through jello with a half melted plastic butter knife.
A tendril started to climb up his leg,it burned the flesh on his ankle and Achilles making it difficult to keep his balance. Karz moved his head as it snapped at him, acid dripped down his face and eyelids,burning them as his leg started to melt away.
Karz cut through the giant creatures limps in a sudden bust of strength and quickly turned his arms into wings. He never did like to retreat but he knew this wasn't earth anymore and this new planet played by new rules and once he knew those rules he'd conquer them! But for now he'd back off and learn everything there was to know about this abomination!
Flying back up towards you the pillar man was just a few moments away from letting you jump on his back.
"Iv had enough of this walking nightmare-" something boiling hot splashed across his back,it reminded him of hamon! That God awful eletric feeling of all his cells being torn and fried to dust only this processes was more agonizing and slow. In all his immortal life he'd never experienced since physical pain! It was so great that it knocked him off his flight path causing him to hit the thick three branch you'd been standing on. The acid slashed near your feet making you back-petal and slip off the branch.
"___!" He panicked, now falling with you he shifted his wings back into arms and grabbed you by the leg,pulling you into his torso. That thing was hissing and slithering twords the both of you while falling. He needed to make sure that you would survive the fall, curling around you his back took the brutal force of hitting the ground. It hurt but not as much as the acid stuck on his back. He held you in his arms and took off on foot,the giant beast slithering behind you.
"Hey! I need you to stop for a moment!" You struggled to reach for the case on your back,"we can't lead this thing to the group"
"Im not stopping and I could care less about those pitiful humans" he jumped over a pile of bones a meat,most likely the creatures unwanted meals.
"Well unless you want that thing to kill us both! I suggest stopping so I can get the silver peas out!"
A flock of bird like mammals flew away in fear," You honestly think a little bit of ice is going to slow that thing down?" He hated to admit it but it was strong,a bit too strong for Karz to rest with a sound mind.
"Karz! I saw your legs and back,It looked like the skin on your back is going to slide off!" You managed to get the case off your back,"Its do or die" and you werent dying today!
Karz came to a stop and sat you down,deeper in the thicket of the forest you could hear the acidic thing clamper twords you. Popping open the case you opened the silver peas capsule and a container of water,waiting for it to rear its head.
"What are you doing!? hurry up and-" another ball of boiling acid came hurdling at the two of you. Karz used his wings to divert most of the hot acid but some of it still managed to land on you, eating through your suit like cotten candy in water. It hurt and it burned but you kept your hand as stead as possible as the giant creature finally reared its ugly head. Shoving all nine silver peas into the container you shook it and handed it to karz who chucked it at the creatures head. The container exploded on impact and started cooling the acid on its head almost immediately.
The frost started freezing the top of its head, making it thrash and screech in pain. It crashed into a 'small' growing tree a few times then ran off into the forest again to lick its wounds. Leaving dead shrubbery and grass in its wake.
"I- that actually work?!" Your legs gave out on you. Every limb was shaking something fierce,just what the hell was that monstrosity!?
"You,have excelled past my expectations,songstress" Karz compilented (?) He looked awful,his leg needed to be sewn back together and his back oh his back! You definitely needed to wash that acid off! It looked like the skin on his back was going to slide off! "Come on,we need to treat those awful burns on your back!"
You helped tried to help him up considering how bad his leg was,that acid was still eating through his tendons and muscles and needed to be clean asap!
"I dont need any help from a-" he ankle bent unnaturally to the side and he almost fell over,"...speak of that to no one"
You grabbed his hand,"as long as you let me help you up!"
He begrudgingly let you 'help' him up. You were so small compared to him you had to lean backwards and try to use gravity to try and help him up. It reminded him of a dog that used to try and 'save' him whenever he went swimming.
"See? That wasn't so bad!" You looked at the small GPS on Qu,"lets get you back to base then" you held his hand,the one that wasn't covered in acid and laced your fingers together,swinging both of his and your arms back and forth.
It was strangely ....soft of him but then again,you seemed to have that effect on him.
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haikyuu-appreciation-club5 months ago
Helloo! I love reading your work, especially your comfort posts. I just wanted to make a request if you could do iwaizumi, tsukishima, ushijima, and akaashi giving comfort to the reader after they鈥檝e had a heartbreak and have been breaking down (maybe when the character and reader are not in the same place). Thank you so much and keep up your work!
hello sweet anon!!
ty for the kind words, I鈥檓 glad to hear you enjoy my work聽(鈱 鈥 鈱)聽
I know heartbreak comes in all shapes and sizes but聽I decided to do these based on a breakup heartbreak sooooo yeah聽
alsoooo聽I only made the聽second portion of characters to be in a different place as the reader bc聽I found it quite difficult to do them all like that so聽I hope that鈥檚 alright
I apologize in聽advance if any of this聽wasn't what you had in mind聽
I hope you enjoy regardless <3
(after finishing this聽I'm聽low-key聽disappointed in how it came out buuut this is the outcome of my writers block sooo hehe)聽(/^-^(^ ^*)/聽
鈥waizumi, Tsukishima, Ushijima, and Akaashi Comforting a Brokenhearted Friend鈥
warnings: platonic relationship (best friends), mentions of cheating, heartbreak, breakups and a few curse words
genre: comfort
characters: iwaizumi, tsukishima, ushijima, + akaashi
Tumblr media
groggily opening his door at two in the morning to you sobbing was not exactly the way iwaizumi would have imagined starting his day
you and iwaizumi had been best friends since your first year of highschool, so it聽wasn't abnormal for you to pop up at his home unannounced from time to time
but this was a whole different story
the sleep had immediately been stripped from his mind as he pulled you inside and into a tight embrace
鈥淲oah, woah, woah Y/N. What鈥檚 wrong?鈥
you wanted to answer him right there and then but you choked on your words, cries forming instead of any explanation
he was patient though, allowing you to cry until you ran out of tears to shed as he rubbed soft circles into your back
he had a feeling your trashy s/o was behind your breakdown
they had always left you falling apart in his arms at one point or another
he never minded comforting you but anger bubbled up inside him everytime he heard of another incident
he had always told you how you deserved to be treated better but everytime something like this occurred, your s/o had always sucked you back in with some half hearted apology
iwaizumi waited until your sobs had died down into whimpers before he slowly brought you to take a seat on his couch
he handed you a box of tissues that were sitting in the middle of the coffee table and waited until you were able to form a coherent sentence,
鈥淭-they che-heated on m-me鈥
although it was flooded with hiccups and sharp inhales, iwaizumi understood exactly what you had said
he got the sudden urge to go beat the shit out of that prick but he knew his negative emotions weren鈥檛 what you needed in that moment
he pulled you into another hug, whispering apologizes and words of comfort into your ear as you cried into his chest once more
hearing the way your voice strained broke his heart and all he wanted to do was bring back that beautiful smile of yours
as your sobs died back down, he continued to sooth you until the room grew silent
iwaizumi didn鈥檛 want to make you relive what had happened that night anymore then you already had so he opted to do something to get your mind off of everything,
鈥淒o you want to watch a movie?鈥
you looked up at him through puffy eyelids and nodded, appreciating just being in his company a while longer
iwa leaned forward, grabbed the remote from the table, and immediately leaned right back next to you, being too nervous to leave your side for even a second
you subconsciously snuggled into his side as he scrolled through the different titles, looking for one you both usually enjoyed watching
however, it wasn鈥檛 long until you began to drift off to sleep, the world around you fading in and out of view as your eyes opened and closed
iwaizumi noticed your tired state and smiled to himself, brushing the stray hairs that framed your face behind your ears,
鈥淵ou can go to sleep Y/N, i don鈥檛 mind.鈥
you let out a soft yawn as you looked up at him,
鈥淏ut this is your favorite godzilla movie, i can鈥檛 let you finish it on your own.鈥
鈥淵ou watch it with me every time, i think i鈥檒l be fine watching it by myself tonight,鈥
he smiled at you as he pushed your head down into his lap,
鈥淣ow go to sleep.鈥
you smiled to yourself as you curled up and closed your eyes, feeling iwaizumi lazily run his fingers through your hair
as he watched your drift of to sleep, he promised himself he鈥檇 never let you get hurt like that again
Tumblr media
you, tsukki, and yamaguchi had gone to the cafe down the street every saturday for as long as you could remember
tsukki adored their strawberry shortcake and yams loved the milkshakes they served
you on the other hand were mainly there for the company, and they may or may not have sold your favorite sweet
spending time there was apart of your weekly routine
even when you got into a relationship, that pattern didn鈥檛 change
so when a certain saturday rolled around you happily strolled down to the cafe
this saturday however, yamaguchi had extra practice for his float serve and was unable to attend
you were about to cancel but yamaguchi insisted that you two carried on the tradition by yourselves for the day, so you two agreed on meeting up and spending some time with yams later in the day
once you arrived at the cafe, you felt the immediate comfort of being in the presence of your friend
tsukishima had always brought you a sense of security and peace
as you both were enjoying your sweet treats, you heard the buzz of your phone as it viberated on the table
you look from your dessert, to your phone, to the blonde head of hair in front of you
tsukki quirked an eyebrow at you as you shurugged your shoulders, picking up your phone and watching as it illuminated in your hand
the first notification that met your eyes was a message from your s/o,
鈥渉ey, we need to talk..鈥
you felt your heart drop into the pit of your stomach
although you told yourself you shouldn鈥檛 jump to conclusions, that message didn鈥檛 settle right with you at all
you felt a lump grow in your throat as your shaky hands typed a reply,
鈥渙h okay, let me call you then鈥
you looked up from your phone and made eye contact with tsukishima as he gave you a look of question mixed with concern
you shot him a half hearted smile as you excused yourself from the table and walked into the alley next to the cafe to make your call
although he wouldn鈥檛 admit it if asked, tsukishima was really worried about whatever was going on right now
the way your facial expressions had changed and your demeanor had shifted cause his chest to tighten
he knew something was wrong but he just didn鈥檛 know what
he didn鈥檛 want to pry or make it seem like he was too eager to comfort you but he couldn鈥檛 ignore what was going on
especially when you rounded the corner with tears running down your face, holding in sobs that threatened to escape your lips
he shot up out of his seat and walked over to you, throwing the amount of cash needed to pay for the food on the table as he did
鈥淲hat the hell happened Y/N?鈥
averting your gaze away from tsukki, you began to whimper
noticing people beginning to grow nosey tsukishima wrapped his arm around your shoulder and began to walk back towards the alleyway
as you two came to a stop you wrapped your arms around tsukki, causing him to stiffen from the sudden contact, and cried into his shirt
he relaxed a bit as his arms found their way to your back, rubbing up and down in a soothing manner
once you calmed down you had explained that your s/o had broken up with you
they hadn鈥檛 given you a reason, only stating that they could no longer find it in themself to continue with your relationship
you couldn鈥檛 even wrap your head around the words that had met your ears from the other side of that line
you felt the tightness in your throat return as more tears dampened tsukishima鈥檚 shirt,
鈥淵/N it鈥檚 stupid to cry over this. They didn鈥檛 even have the decency to break up with you in person so why should you waste tears on them?鈥
鈥淚 know i鈥檓 sorry, i just can鈥檛 help it,鈥
you let out a shaky breath as you looked up at him,
鈥淚 really liked them Kei, i don鈥檛 know what i did wrong.鈥
he swiped away at the hair that clung to your face and he sighed,
鈥淚diot, you didn鈥檛 do anything wrong. I can鈥檛 tell you why they broke up with you but i know it had nothing to do with anything you did.鈥
he flicked your forehead before pulling you into a hug
hugs from tsukki were rare, so you didn鈥檛 let the feeling of his arms wrapped around your figure slip from your mind
although you were still in pain, you knew you wouldn鈥檛 have to go through this alone, and that was more then enough to bring a smile back to your face
Tumblr media
for as long as you and ushijima had been friends, he had never been the best at comforting others
so you had no idea why your first instinct was to call him the second you got your heartbroken
as the phone rang you contemplated hanging up and letting him know that it was just an accident but honestly, you needed to hear his voice right now,
鈥淗ello Y/N.鈥
you stayed silent for a minute, attempting to calm your voice before you spoke
鈥淵/N, are you there?鈥澛
you took a deep breath before smiling, in hopes it would make you sound more cheerful than you were feeling in that moment
鈥淵eah sorry, h-hey toshi.鈥
鈥淵/N are you alright? It sounds like there鈥檚 something wrong.鈥
you sighed, with how observant he was it honestly wasn't a surprise that he had noticed your distress from the other side of the line
it was at this moment that you had begun to regret calling at all,
鈥淥h um, I guess today just hasn't been the best.鈥
鈥淲ould you like to talk about it?鈥
you smiled through the tears streaming down your face
although ushijima wasn鈥檛 exactly familiar with other people鈥檚 emotions and how to deal with them, he always tried his best to be there for you and comfort you when you were feeling down,
鈥淭-That person I was dating b-broke up with me and聽I'm just sad about it. I r-really liked them and it makes me upset that things ended like this.鈥
ushijima went quiet hearing those words
he had聽heard you talk about your s/o quite a few times before and聽they seemed to make you very happy
it honestly hurt him that you had lost that source of聽happiness so suddenly and although he did not know exactly how to return the smile to your face, he knew he had to try
the radio silence on the other side of the phone gave you anxiety and you began to wonder if you had made your friend聽uncomfortable in any way
but聽before you could apologize for venting about your issues, you had been cut off,
鈥淚 apologize Y/N. I don鈥檛 really know what to say but you are a very lovely person and they are surely missing out. If you鈥檇 like, you can come over to tendou鈥檚 house and read this week鈥檚 jump with us.鈥
you let out a small laugh at his attempts to comfort you,
鈥淭hat sounds great toshi, you sure聽I聽won't be bothering you two though?鈥
you heard tendou yell through the phone, letting you know not to be silly and that you鈥檙e always invited as ushijima agreed with his statement
you swiped at the tears that had stained your cheek and clutched the phone closer to your ear,
鈥淎wesome, I鈥檒l be there soon then.鈥
鈥淥kay Y/N, we will be waiting for you.鈥
before your friend could end the call, you quickly spoke up,
鈥淵es Y/N?鈥
鈥淭hank you,聽I feel better聽already.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e聽welcome Y/N, I care about you very much so聽I鈥檓 glad聽I can make this easier for you.鈥
you felt your heart swell at his words as you bid him a聽goodbye聽
although you had lost someone important to you, it聽wasn't the end of the world and you knew ushijima would help you聽understand that
Tumblr media
akaashi was always someone you knew you could come to when the world was against you
however, once you and your s/o made things official, you promised yourself that you wouldn鈥檛 bother him with any issues involving your relationship聽
he always assured you that you could go to him for anything but you knew that you had to deal with certain problems on your own
besides, he had his dilemmas to worry about and you most certainly didn't need to add to the pile
but you didn鈥檛 know who else to turn to when the same person you had spent months with, broke your heart
so you ended up dialing up akaashi鈥檚 number and waiting anxiously as the line connected
knowing him it wasn't a huge surprise that he had answered right away, the sound of yelling and volleyball鈥檚 slamming against the floor had met your ears,
鈥淗ey Y/N, did you need something?鈥
you automatically felt guilty for forgetting he had practice at this hour,聽interrupting him was not what you鈥檇 intended to do,
鈥淎h, sorry I forgot you were still at p-practice. It鈥檚 no big deal, I can call you later about it.鈥
akaashi noticed the distressed tone of your voice as it shook and immediately excused himself from the gym, letting his coach know that he had a personal issue to deal with,
鈥淣o, it鈥檚 okay. We were just about to finish up anyways, Bokuto just wanted to practice his spike a bit before we left. Is something the matter?鈥
akaashi had been bluffing about practice almost聽being over but he knew you called him for a reason and he didn鈥檛 mind skipping practice for a bit to help you out
鈥淥h, um yeah actually, I got broken up with a little while ago. I know it鈥檚 a stupid thing to call about but it just really hurts and I didn鈥檛 know what else to do other then talk to you.鈥
akaashi frowned as he heard you begin to softly weep on the other side of the line
he knew how much you cared about your former s/o so he couldn鈥檛 imagine how much pain you were experiencing
he wish he was there to be with you but he knew he was stuck in practice for at least another hour,
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry Y/N. I can鈥檛 exactly say anything to take the pain away but just know that you鈥檒l always have me. Things may be hard right now and聽I'll be here to comfort you as long as you need but don鈥檛 forget聽I'll also be here to help you pick yourself up when you鈥檙e ready.鈥
you felt some of the pain lift from his words as you attempted to stop your tears,
鈥淭-Thank you Keiji, thank you.鈥
鈥淣o need to thank me Y/N. If you鈥檙e okay with it, me and bokuto can stop by after practice and we can go to the park down the street that you like. I鈥檓 sure you both聽would have fun.鈥
you laughed at his comment and smiled to yourself,
鈥淚鈥檇 like that.鈥
鈥淎lright, we鈥檒l see you later then.鈥
akaashi was glad to hear the newfound smile in your voice as the call came to a close
your smile was his favorite sight after all, and he鈥檇 do his best to keep it plastered on your face as long as he was around
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