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ravens-watch · 2 minutes ago
Tom trying to say Revenant was straight is sooooooo fucking FUNNNNYYY. Revenant is ungodly horny and Kaleb Cross was a fucking twink. giVE ME A BREEEAAAAKK
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fbismostwanted · 24 minutes ago
im kinda sad that now my nails are long i prefer nude colors to black :/
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zackezoid · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i made the disgusting thing ever i swear i know how to paint i just made it bad on purpose
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queenquid · 56 minutes ago
people who call children 'lolis' and 'shotas' should be shot in the street
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clickbaitcowboy · an hour ago
im really interested in why you draw dean with autopsy y-incision scars!!! whats the lore king
My lore for Dean’s vivisection scars:
In the MOC arc, that weird head of the the styne family? I think he ACTUALLY starts to cut dean open when he has him pinned to the table (to take him apart) THEN dean breaks out of restraints halfway through the cut and kills them all. Then he just staples himself up to heal and keep moving in his rage.
Eventually when fighting Cas later that night the staples fall out during their scuffle (bc of the marks sped up healing factor) and now he has that scarring.
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take-my-worf-please · an hour ago
I don’t like having ‘a’ job that I do all week, I want 3 different part time jobs I do one day a week each, a couple of days for studying, a hobby, a volunteering slot, and I want someone else on-hand every day to remind me where to go and what to do so I can strike that exact balance of not-bored and not-flustered.
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agro-alone · an hour ago
I was sewing and I stabbed through my thumb and hit my nail
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loserdotgov · 2 hours ago
oh you got your ability to be embarrassed surgically removed too? awesome
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honeypirate · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Oh boy am I grateful for modern medicine but don’t think for one second this isn’t on my list of what I want for after my death lol
Also does this mean that people turned themselves in to a honey comb bar and then that fad died and they’re still in honey because no one wanted to eat them anymore before their century was up? Are there honey comb bodies still out there somewhere?
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chocochipbiscuit · 2 hours ago
I’m a lil tipsy and a lil sleepy but also here to tell you all that I’m writing SMUT
it’s the first SMUT I’ve written in....months? Like rated E for Explicit, not M for Mature
I am very pleased
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kingdom-kin · 2 hours ago
do u do like. ship moodboards? :3
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heartbreak-human · 2 hours ago
TW: explicit thoughts of self harm and repulsive feelings and gross things you dont wanna think of
ive been seeing less ants i n my house, but there was a milliped thing and some gnats and i feel so gross
so disgusting
i want to scratch off all my skin and rip out all my hair
because i cant rid myself of this itchy feeling
you know it right?
the one that you get when you look at something that is just repulsive
not in the moist way, like mushy things or gore
but like insects, bugs, mold etc.
like there are millions of little unsanitary creatures crawling all over you
the way you felt when you first learnt of the existence of bacteria, or the bugs that eat your dead skin all over your bed,
or the way you felt when you discovered that sack of dead insect eggs hiding in the carpet of your elementary school classroom
currently my back, arms, thighs, feet, scalp, face, and neck are driving me crazy with the need to itch
the back of my throat needs to be scratched until im coughing blood
the insides of my nostrils feel so itchy i want to scratch them with knives
im shivering a bit too
i cant get the feeling of walking into spiderwebs out of the nerves in my left hand and wrist
this is why sometimes i make grids of cuts on my mosquito bites to lessen the feeling that comes with it- and replace it with another
im getting a headache from the amount ive blown my nose despite the fact that theres nothing to blow
it would be more pleasant living in a metal box
i feel disgusting
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piraticalwit · 3 hours ago
IF he lived in the US, soldier Killian would go all out with his PB&J sandwiches. It would be extra crunchy peanut butter, grape jelly, banana or apple slices (interchangeable but only one at a time, never both at once) and three to four slices of the bread and butter pickles
Also - what the fuck is apple butter? Keep that away from him.
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roseperfume · 3 hours ago
p sure my job didn't let me go on an 18 hr road trip with my close work friend bc they thought our lesbians self would get married somewhere in the middle. honestly cannot say they were wrong but also pretty homophobic that they wouldn't let this happen.
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paranoidbean · 3 hours ago
ok i want an unpopular opinion (could be about 911 or anything really)
this is the first one I thought of when i read the question so...
(Green) Olives are good and I will die on this hill. 
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