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#greetings my dear ghost
twistedwishingwell · 3 days ago
I could ask for headcanons with Dorm Leaders that catch Fem!Mc masturbating moaning their names pls😉
Coming right up! Headcanons under the cut because of spice~ 
Riddle Rosehearts 
He had come over to Ramshackle hoping to request some help with the unbirthday party (as he tended to look for any excuse to receive help from her) 
He had knocked on the door and the ghosts had let him in so he headed up 
He normally knocked, but he had heard his name being called so he assumed they knew he was coming and was giving him permission to enter
He had never opened and closed a door so fast in his life
Even for the split second, the image was burned into his mind of Y/N with her skirt riding up, a hand between their legs and mouth open as they continued to moan and pant his name 
His face is absolutely scarlet and he wants to head downstairs to wait in the parol but he can’t will his legs to move after closing the door
She wanted him, his Rose wanted him. It made his heart flutter and a smile grace his lips. 
Maybe he should ask her to be his official date to the unbirthday party instead of just asking for help with the prep work 
Leona Kingscholar 
He had been running out of places to hide from Ruggie in order to be able to nap in peace
Ramschakle dorm was the perfect place and better yet the Herbavoire would likely be around 
The ghosts didn’t bother with him as he let himself in and headed up stair with the sound of the herbivore rustling around 
He opened the door without knocking but he wasn’t expecting the sight in front of him. The little herbivore with her legs spread and fingers toying with her slit and an arm over her eyes as she continued to let out breathy moans of his  name
The rumbling chuckle he let out caught her attention and she bolted up quickly attempting to cover her lower half with a discarded blanket 
“Please don’t stop on my account,” Leona laughs as he leans against the door frame. He is purring on the inside. Out of all the guys at the school his herbivore chose HIM. And it was the best feeling getting to be number one as a second born. 
Embarrassment clear on her face as she pouted at him before holding a hand out
“You going to help or just stand there?” 
“I don’t see why not when you ask so nicely.” 
Azul Ashengrotto 
After she had ruined his scheme for free labor at the lounge, Azul found himself short-staffed more often than not. Thankfully, Angelfish was always willing to lend a hand with a few sad looks and the promise of free food. 
Today was such a day as he welcomed himself into Ramshakle dorm as he was accustomed to, heading upstairs to where he knew she would be
He had sworn he heard his name in greeting and that was why he opened the door without knocking 
He did not expect to see her curled on her side, fucking herself open as she moaned his name over and over again 
He was frozen in place out of embarrassment as his face heated up
His poor heart and mind don’t know how to process the scene. He wants to know why, and how you find him attractive. And part of him is thrilled because this means all of his hard work was paying off 
“Azul I can--I mean I---I’m so sorry.” 
The apology and tears stinging at the corner of his Angelfish’s eyes were enough to pull him back to reality 
“Oh dear, no need for that. I’m just flattered is all,” he said in a smooth tenor--covering up his previous embarrassment. “And thrilled you feel the same. 
Kalim Al Asim
Kalim wanted to invite the Ramschakle perfect to one of his parties. They must be lonely without dorm members after all. 
He had reassured Jamil he would be fine on his own inviting them (that was not what Jamil was concerned about as he was yelling after him but that was irrelevant) 
Kalim had let himself in without a second thought and bolted straight up to the stairs to the perfects room 
“Y/N! Do you want to--OH I SO SORRY!” 
He hadn’t expected to open the door into this, seeing the girl he had begun to treasure with their legs pulled up to their chest, panties pushed out of the way so they could finger themselves. And... was that HIS name they were saying as they did such lewd things 
Kalim isn’t really sure how to process what is happening but he knows one thing for sure--he wants to help
“Y/N, is it alright if I help?” He asks in earnest with determination in his ruby eyes. “I can leave if you want but I wanna help if you will let me.” 
It’s a little embarrassing, to say the least for the two of them but when she gets up to pull him to the bed he’s smiling the whole time. 
Vil Schoenheit 
He had just been dropping off some paperwork for Crowley was all, having been the unlucky student the crow found and suckered into the busywork 
He was in a bit of a rush so he didn’t take the time to knock like he usually did and just pushed his way into the dorm. If you weren’t there he didn’t mind, he would simply leave the work in your room and leave
But when he opened the door he didn’t expect that sight before himself
The sweet potato of a perfect looked absolutely divine all splayed open with her fingers pumping in and out of herself, his name of her tongue as she brought herself closer and closer to the edge
“My you are audacious in your affections,” Vil states not wanting to leave but not wanting to make his presence unknown either 
The Sweet Potato looked as though she was caught reaching into a cookie jar--doing her best to straighten herself up to his amusement 
“Now now,” Vil scolded lightly as he left the paperwork on the desk and walked forward. “I didn’t say you should stop did I?” 
Idia Shroud 
Idia hadn’t intended to go to the dorm in person. Honest. He is just trying to get away from Cater and his photography addiction. 
He had let himself into the dorm to attempt to avoid the ginger normie when he swore he heard his name being called
Thinking he was caught or in trouble he headed to the sound, surely the perfect wasn’t upset with him. She let the ADeuce Duo crash all the time after all. 
Nervously he opened the door, and it was most definitely not the CG he was expecting to unlock 
She was face first in her pillow and ass in the air as she slipped fingers into herself over and over all while calling his name. HIS NAME. A nerd like him and she was being so lewd while saying his name. His head couldn’t even process it. 
“I’m dreaming. I finally died from the harassment from the normies and I went to heaven.” His words caused her to sit up abruptly--embarrassment and shame covering both of their faces. 
“And if you aren't?” She asked meekly as she looked at him--shifting and pulling at her uniform 
He is already moving forward to kiss their lips. It is a special cut scene, after all, it would be a shame to skip it. 
Malleus Draconia 
He had been walking outside the dorm at night as he usually did
He hadn’t expected to hear his name called from outside. Curiously he found himself heading for the dorm and entering as the perfect had invited him in so many times before 
He went up to her room, his name still being clearly heard
The sight of them fucking themselves open, practically screaming his name, and eyes half-lidded with lust was not the scene Malleus expected to find there 
“You truly are a strange creature. You do not fear me and instead crave me in your bed. Why is that?” He asked and watched as his briar rose blinked--realizing that it wasn’t a dream 
When she starts scrambling to cover herself and asking why he was there he explained the situation. 
Her expression was truly divine when she learned it was her calling his name that drew him in. 
He goes in close and kisses her cheek before whispering, “it truly was a beautiful sight briar rose.” 
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gloomyhearts · 4 days ago
Always by your side || Luke Patterson
Chapter fifteen~ this special club
Tumblr media
When her eyes focused on the surroundings, the blonde saw the large man who bend down; he wears a deep purple smoking, a black coat and a topper suited his dark hair; his light blue eyes full of eager.
“How did you do that?”
“Oh, my dear, I know every strewing soul in Hollywood, and so are you,” he offers his hand down to her.
“And what am I doing here?”
“Well you, you have an extraordinary ability and I can give you everything.”
“The only thing I need are answers and I don’t think some old man in a smoking can give me those.”
“But I can give you the space to use them..”
It was the fourth night in roll the girl happened to approach his ‘club’, he promised her to give her freedom with her powers but she had to use them in there so the people could see them as well as Caleb.
“Sabrina dear, you’re finally here,” he steps next to her, “today’s the day you’ll sing right?” he nudges her side, “we get some special guests.”
“I’ve no other choice.”
The blonde was in the room backstage when Willie arrived there, “Hey Willow,” he greets, beaming at her.
“Hey, dude. What’s wrong?”
“Well I found those three ghosts and- where’s Caleb?”
“Probably at the bar or talking to some lifer,” she shrugs her shoulders.
But then the named man walks down the stairs, “Oh hey, um.. I brought those ghosts I met? Um it’s.. it’s still okay they’re here right?”
“Of course William. I even reserved a special table for them,” he took a sip of his cup.
“Whoa, all right! Um.. thank you.”
Caleb’s feature weren’t readable, his face among the shades due to the light behind him. “No, no. thank you.”
When Willie was about to leave he almost crashes into the blonde since he was so nervous, “this way,” he points chuckling lightly.
The tall man left Sabrina without another word, on his way up he even chuckles evilly.
Sabrina takes her position behind the drums, her eyes wandering around the venue like always but this time there were three new faces.
I brought those ghosts I met, Willie’s voice echoed through her head.
Her eyes widened and her fingers began to shake, she rubs her palms onto her jeans getting rid of the sweat.
Her outfit, well Caleb wanted her rather to wear a pastel, knee length dress but that wasn’t her.
The blonde made herself invisible terrified that they would notice her presence.
“I know that you are here dear,” his voice small but plummy, he smirked at the teenager. In the next moment he could examine the blonde, in her black trousers and flannel, she wore the necklace Alex gifted her and Luke’s ring, curls falling down her head, “you look pleasant, Sabrina.”
“Thank you,” her voice just above a whisper, her eyes glued on the tums.
“Shall we start?” She nods.
“Ladies and gentlemen, back from the dead by popular demand, please welcome Caleb Covington!” the crowd erupts in sheering, furious clapping filled the room.
Caleb floats right over Sabrina, Willie laid his eyes on her and winked.
“Did you miss me?” his voice pulled the pair out of their staring contest.
The thing is Willie is in fact a real nice guy and she would have introduced him to her fellas, yet he works with the devil himself and she couldn’t jeopardise the boys. But it looks like the band found Willie themselves.
“I did too!”
“Welcome to the party of your dreams!”
“From the Egyptians to the druids, to the person sitting next to you, we’ve all wondered, ‘where do we go when that final light is snuffed out?’ Allow me to show you.”
Sabrina’s knuckels turn white as she held tight on the sticks; she starts to beat on the tom, giving the rhythm to the music.
Let me introduce myself, we got some time to kill
Consider me the pearly gates to your new favorite thrills
We could go make history or you could rest in peace
But here there ain't no misery
Cause on the other side we live like kings
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?
Let your body loose, let your body loose
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?
Show you a thing or two
Cause you ain't seen nothing
The band was now visible for everyone. The blonde was seated behind Caleb’s back although she could observe everything from there.
When the refrain kicks in, Sabrina’s voice was audible too, it was quiet however the boys would still recognize it.
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
So welcome to the brotherhood
Where you won't be misunderstood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
Caleb’s approached the table the boys were at, making his magic trick like every night.
Everything has got a price but happiness is free
Just so happens, you're in luck, we've got a vacancy
We can set the night on fire and break out of the scene
Your soul print on the walk of fame on the boulevard of your wildest dreams
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Boys
Let your body loose, let your body loose
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Boys
It ain't bragging if it's true
Now you ain't seen nothing
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
So welcome to the brotherhood
Where you won't be misunderstood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
Now it was time that the singer spun around to Sabrina and sing the next verse with her
The rain don't blind the rising souls
They got too much to see
I got your glamour, got your gold
Got all you'll ever need
Let me hear you now!
The rain don't blind the rising souls
They got too much to see
I got your glamour, got your gold
Got all you'll ever need
Sabrina could glimpse at the three teenager, which where dancing in their chairs and clapping to the rhythm
Watch me make a move, watch me make a move, boys
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?
Watch me make a move, no, I don't disappoint
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Amen
Watch me make a move, I'm ya number one choice
Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?
Watch me make a move, come one and give me that noise
A tomb with a view, ain't it something?
Yeah! He poofed a dancer on the ring which floated in the far corner
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
So welcome to the brotherhood
Where you won't be misunderstood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
So welcome to the brotherhood
Where you won't be misunderstood
Life is good on the other side of Hollywood
Ain't it the best?
Long live the dead!
The two assistance held a black blanket in front of his body and he sang the last words, poofing out of the room soon after, leaving the cheering crowd alone with the band.
A short silence filled the venue but Sabrina remembered Caleb saying to drum again, keeping the mood.
Her eyes were still on her brother and his friends which converse with Willie. Fortunately, they didn’t detected the blonde behind the drums, yet.
Suddenly, Caleb was behind them, which frightens her, she poofed herself away from her spot and another soul replaced her. Sabrina hides behind the large frame of Caleb, a few inches away from them but still able to eavesdrop.
“Hello boys, Caleb Convigton. Welcome to the Hollywood Ghost Club. Enjoying the show?”
“Yo, that was.. I mean.. did you.. like.”
“I know.”
“This is Alex, Luke and Reggie,” Willie states.
“Yeah, it’s really nice to meet you.”
“’Sup?” Reggie’s voice has never been this deep and raspy before, Sabrina facepalmed herself.
“The pleasure its mine. Nothing warms my heart more than sharing this magic with new friends. Please sit. Sit.”
"Uh thank you for the invite."
“Of course! Of course! Now, my friend Willie tells me that you boys have some magic on your own.”
Alex’s jaw dropped, brows raised and eyes widened, he clears his throat, “well.. Willie and I? I mean I wouldn’t really call it magic, but, I mean..” he chuckles.
“Oh no, he means your ghost abilities. You know, like, to be seen by everybody when you play with Julie.”
“No, totally. Right no,” Sabrina couldn’t help but smile at her idiotic brother, “’cause when you said it, I was like, ‘is that what he said?’ cause..”
Caleb shrugs it of by waving his hands, finally.
"Yeah, but we can’t really, uh, wave our arms and do all this magic stuff.”
"Well, I’ve had some practice. Our gifts are so rare, so special. It’s not often I come across other spirits who possess similar talents. It’s no surprise we found each other.”
“Yeah, definitely…”
“Yeah like Brie and..” Luke slaps his hand against Reggie’s chest.
“If you’ll forgive me, fellas, I gotta go pay the bills, if you know what I’m saying. I’ll be back later to chat,” he rises to his feet and disappeared.
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sheerelixir · 10 days ago
Tea Time Guide
Favorite Tea: Chamomile -  A stark white floral tea with bright notes, this blend calms nerves and heightens concentration. ( 200g ) 
Conversation Topics: 
A word of advice... / Tell me about yourself... / Your ambitions... / The library’s collection... / Exploring the Monastery... / Overcoming weaknesses... / Shareable snacks... / A dinner invitation... / Favorite sweets... / Food in the Dining Hall... / Perfect recipes... / The opera... /  Hopes for your future... / Dining partners... / Thanks for everything... / A place you'd like to visit... / You seem well... / Cats... /  You're doing great work... /  Ghost stories... /  Children at the market... /  Plans for the future... / Monastery mysteries... / Dreaming of lazy days... / Someone you look up to... / Corrin... / Shigure... /  The meaning of nobility... / History... /  Swimming in the ocean... /  Strange fish in the pond... /  Cute accessories... / Working together... / Family... / Bunnies...
Tea Time Dialogue: 
“Well, my mind doesn’t allow me leisure time, so I must thank you for inviting me.”
“Ah...I see that you pay close attention to flavor and benefits. You didn’t have to, but still, I can’t help but smile being served this tea.” ( Favorite Tea )
“You...You truly are something special. I can’t possibly accept this, but neither can I deny it. How must I repay you?” ( Five - Star Tea )
Introducing Own Topic: 
1. “Often, I spend more time in the dining hall than many students do. It’s slightly...embarrassing, but I can never pass up a moment to satisfy my hunger. Ah, we should sit together one day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pay more attention to you than my meal.”
Answer: Nod, Laugh
2. “As busy as I usually am, I shouldn’t be wishing to sleep-in as much as I do. A guilty pleasure, so to speak. Except, I have the most awful case of bed, it’s terrible. A reason why I prefer to get up early and deal with it before I lose track of my schedule.”
Answer: Agree, Laugh, Chat
3. “...and that’s when she had seen it. Perfectly set in the middle of the room -- the only occupied spot -- was the mirror. Pieces shattered and littered across the floor, yet still in it’s vicinity. As if someone had carefully placed them there. To fool her. Teasingly. Just a single glance at the mirror’s glass caused tears -- translucent yet so pretty -- to prick the corners of her eyes. For there was her reflection, and that of her dead sister’s standing directly behind her. The breath on the back of her neck and...oh? Are you scared?”
Answer: Nod, Praise, Admonish
4. “I’m glad that you’re doing well. It’s hard to stay positive during times of inner turmoil, so it’s always great to see others smile. Here, take this advice as you will: Try to place yourself before others. It may be difficult, believe me, I understand the feeling indefinitely. Alas, the first person you have to please, is yourself. Remember that, okay?”
Answer: Nod, Sigh
5. “I hold family dear to me, awfully close to my heart. It makes me wonder, do you have anybody that close to you as well? Perhaps, a family member or a close ally? It’s always so pleasing to know how much they love you, even if it seems a bit...overwhelming.”
Answer: Sip tea, Chat, Nod
6. “You should join me, you know? On those nights that I usually spend exploring -- yes, I know that it crosses beyond hours, but believe me. It’s definitely something to indulge in. Besides, you would look pretty underneath the moonlight -- beauty so splendid. Has anyone ever told you that you look beautiful today? Hm? If not, I’ve done that for today, and will do so tomorrow as well.”
Answer: Blush, Laugh, Admonish
7. "Oh! You wouldn't happen to know any recipes, now would you? It doesn't matter for what kind of food, it's just that I've been wishing to improve my skills in the culinary category and it's always best to go by the book first."
Answer: Agree, Chat, Disagree
8. "Here's a simple question -- for you, at least. I haven't come to terms with it yet but acknowledged it. Subtly. Do I come off as cold? It's just...I always seem to see my bluntness as something to bury, but it always peeks over the very dirt I shovel down."
Answer: Sip tea, Nod, Disagree
9. "I remember seeing an adorable little bunny a few weeks back. I even wrote a small journal entry on my discovery, which brings up the issue I spoke to it. Somehow, I just can't handle myself around the little creature. I'll spend hours on end caring for it, only to realize the tasks I have yet to complete for that day. Maybe I'm simply too weak towards cute things."
Answer: Laugh, Chat
“Ah...don’t stare for too long, now. It’s rude -- although this would title me as a hypocrite for doing the same.”
“Nothing is present on my face, right?”
“I do hope that your gaze is positive towards me, otherwise I’ll have to tidy myself up better. No need to worry. Appearance is crucial, after all.”
“I wish to thank you for such a pleasant treat. It’s refreshing to say the least -- tea always has a way of calming one down. I would love to accompany you some other time to do this again!”
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kirishwima · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’ve always loved the ambience of coffee shops.
It’s not about the taste of coffee, not necessarily, although that helps-be it dark, bitter like the sorrows you drown in its flavour, or sweet, syrupy caramel and foamy milk that sticks to your upper lip, covering the resentment in your gut with sticky sugar, the coffee sure helps.
It’s more than that though-the way you can sit in a corner, can peer out at the people coming in and out, can hear the chatter and life, voices floating over the soft music echoing across the shop, how you can pinpoint the moment the barista’s fake customer service smile becomes sincere as someone they love comes in, how they greet them with excitement.
It’s not people watching per say-although it kind of is. You suppose you just enjoy knowing despite all your troubles, you’re not alone in it all-that drinking the same coffee, enjoying the same taste, is someone else, with their own burdens wearing down their back.
“Here you go beautiful~”
You re-focus your gaze back on the table in front of you, the clinking of glass as Kuroo sets a glass of iced coffee down in front of you, his fingers gently pushing it towards you, bringing another thick, pink concoction in front of him. 
He doesn’t miss the way you raise an eyebrow at his drink, holding it protectively in front of him.
“What? The strawberry milkshake here is so good! I’m not sharing, if that’s what you’re lookin’ at it for” he huffs, looks around as if deciding wether to let you in on a secret. It seems he decides to, as he leans forward from across you, his lips splitting into a grin, “Although I can let you have a taste, if you really really want to.”
You know he’s merely trying to cheer you up-ever the one for antics, jokes and puns, so you smile, rolling your eyes, enjoying the idle chat with him-it’s not often you meet up with Kuroo alone, but he’s always managed to make you Comforted as if meeting an old friend, even if you’ve known him for a short time, even shorter than you’ve known Kenma-
His name, even in passing, even in your own mind, brings a bitter taste to your throat. How long has it been now since you’ve last talked, since you last saw his face...?
Kuroo doesn’t miss the way your face contorts, how your gaze falls. He noticed the dark circles under your eyes since before you two even met, the moment he joined your stream-he’s just, of course, too nice to mention it, especially when you were trying your best to entertain thousands of people looking up to you at that moment.
Right now though...
“So...rough couple of days huh?” he starts, coughing to hide his own embarrassment at the awkward opening line. 
He twists in his chair, turning to the side, one leg over the other, a hand flipped over the back of the chair, lips pouting-his best act at nonchalance, one that doesn’t fool neither you nor him, so he’s quick to drop the act under your curious eyes, sighing as he turns back to face you.
“I just’ve been through some shit Y/N. Kenma’s ghosting you, and I don’t-I wish I could knock some sense into him but that’s unfortunately not up to me to do, and you’re the one taking the burnt of it. So just...wanna talk about it? Your...feelings, and stuff.” he says, waves his hands towards you.
“My feelings..?” you ask, a teasing smile on your lips despite the situation.
“And stuff” he adds.
“And stuff” you repeat.
He waits, gaze averted as he hears you sigh, sees how you slump forward, your cheek supported on your fist over the table-twirling your drink lazily with its straw.
...Where could you even begin? How much could you tell him, Kenma’s best friend? Even if Kuroo’s a dear friend to you too, what’s the line you ought to draw?
“I don’t know” you sigh, “I day we were fine, the next he’s avoiding me like the plague. I wish I had some insight as to why, but I don’t and...I don’t want to force him to say anything. I tried talking to him, anything more at this point is just overkill and a surefire way to make him hate me” you shrug.
“No! He wouldn’t-I know he’d never hate you. He’s just...acting stupid, is all”
Kuroo seems so vehement on his statement, it even takes you aback for a moment, eyes wide before you settle back.
“I hope you’re right” you let out a sad huff of laughter, ironic in its own right. The bustle of the coffee shop’s loud, a comforting lull all around you as you contemplate your next words carefully.
“I...really care about him. A lot. And to see him push me away this much really...hurts. I wish I could comfort him, but with the mess this whole situation became I have no way to do so.”
Kuroo seems to hold his breath, mulling over your words.
He seems about ready to say something, opening and closing his mouth a couple times, debating it before a group of people come over to your table, a shy girl calling out your name, saying she and her friends are fans.
You spend a couple minutes chatting with them, putting your persona back up-and it’s a welcome distraction to be quite honest, the joy in their eyes as they interact with you, how they giggle as they look down at the pictures you took with them. 
None of them ask you about your streams with Kenma-you’re thankful for that. 
Kuroo remained quiet throughout the whole ordeal, only nodding in acknowledgment to them when they said they enjoyed his cameos in your streams, waving goodbye as they left.
You kept waving as you felt Kuroo’s gaze snap back to you, the serious tone from before enveloping you once again.
“ you love him?” he asks, once the fans are certainly out of earshot.
You’re not fazed. You expected this question to come-it was never a matter of if, just...when.
You stop waving, smile still on your lips. You don’t even turn back to Kuroo, gaze still on the retreating figures of your fans.
“I do.”
Your lips wobble, but you keep smiling, even as your vision blurs.
“I love-I’m in love with him. I...Kiyoko told me not to, but I can’t help but think the reason he’s so distant is because he realised these feelings. And if that’s the reason why, there’s not really anything I can do about it, right?”
You don’t even realise you’re crying, not until the saltiness of tears reach your lips. You’re quick to wipe them away, turning to hide your face from any onlookers, not ready for your face to make the news for a scandal after a slander-free career.
Kuroo remains quiet, passes you a tissue to wipe your eyes that you take wordlessly.
“...Will you tell him? At the very least to confirm what you’re thinking?”
You shake your head.
“Is there even a point? It’s damned either way.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“It’s just my suggestion you said, you can’t possibly know if him knowing how you feel is the reason he’s acting this way. I really don’t think that’s the case. I know him since we were kids Y/N, and I know he’s not an asshole. He wouldn’t push you away like this if that were the case. to him, please. Tell him how you feel. I really think it’ll help. Yeah?”
You take in a shaky breath, nod your head.
“I’ll think about it” you say, and he smiles.
“That’s all I ask for.”
There’s a long moment of silence, as you both gather your thoughts, before he claps his hands, forcing your attention back to his face.
“Okay, no more sulking around! I say we go out and have some fun tonight-blow off some steam, get the blood pumping, maybe give our livers some actual work to do-whaddaya say?” he grins, his face close to yours as you lean back, scrunching up your face.
“Baby, I have 0 clue what you’re talking about” you say, to which he merely laughs.
“Club! Let’s go clubbing-pre-drinks at my place, get shit-faced, then go dance ‘till we can’t even walk home! No more crying over Kenma, not when he’s being a dumbass-you deserve to have some fun!”
You hum, tilting your head. It’s true that you’ve been moping around for so long, and going out, getting your mind off of it-even better, getting drunk enough to force the thoughts out of your brain did sound appealing...
“You know what? I’m in. Let’s tell the others too!”
“Yes!” he yells, momentarily gathering the attention of the shop to you both before he simmers down, grabbing his phone from his coat pocket, “Let’s text the ‘what the fuck’ group chat-this is gonna be fun!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love in the Twitch era // Streamer AU-Part 12
Woop! Here comes my favorite part :D I love those parts in fics where the characters get drunk lmao, blame my high school experiences idk 
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bitopic · 15 days ago
“Not Alone”
Behold! The firts chapter of a fanstory and fancanon of my Oc Mavie in the Ghosts series! Please i’m sorry if i don’t update soon, but somedays i’m busy, but i will try be regular! Btw, i writte all of this in spanish (my main language) and i use traslator, so, if you see an incorrect oration, pls tell me :)
Chapter 1
The world was silent at that moment. It looked like everything was in order. The empty house, complaining at every turn of how the wind touched it rudely. Autumn leaves collided sweetly with some of the windows, and a cold sun lighted his face for the first time in the morning, even if the same could not be said of the light of the previous moon.
Young Thomas Thorne sat on his bed with his fine fingertips colliding with each other in a pose of concentration. It happened that he hadn’t had a dream or a nightmare, but possibly a vision of what would happen in his future, and that kept him awake after 4 a.m., thinking, recalling every detail no later than it was to tell his ghost buddies or even Alison herself, with whom lately, she shared many intimate talk , among which were his anecdotes of failed romances, details, among other things.
When he heard Fanny crying falling out the window, he assumed it was too late to keep thinking about what he saw last night, so he got up, shook his clothes (as if he were wrinkled) and walked high between the aisles meeting Mary, who gave her morning round singing cheerfully around the house. Kitty had intercepted him on the stairs by giving him the almost daily talk: "Oh dear Thorne, wouldn't it be great to meet your soul mate? I wonder if we ghosts can feel after they're dead, you know, what adults do when no one sees them. Do you think one day I could finally have a pet cat?" O devil Kitty, if any of the ghosts could answer you, of course it wouldn't be Thomas.
The young man came to the window to wait patiently for Alison, but he didn't seem so excited to hear "This Charming Man" from The Smiths that day.
-Good morning.- greeting Cooper entering through the door surprising him in a state of melancholy very large, quite different from the previous day, and although he should not be surprised (because of the charisma and theater that man used to do all the time), this time he did.- Something happens?-
-You’ll see Alison, will you have a moment to chat in private?-
-We can talk while breakfast, after all Mike went to work, although it would be the same because he wouldn't listen to you.- I include the last thing in the end as a joke to make him laugh, but I can't get him to do it.
So Cooper finished his ghostly duties and while serving a bowl of cereal with milk, Thomas was in the next chair with his eyes lost even on the wood of the table, he really looked taciturn; worried.
-Well, what did you want to tell me?- she asked when she gave a bite of cereal.
-Well, you see, dear Alison..., - he began.- Last night I had a kind of very strange dream where I was here in the mansion, together with all of you, and that there was a well hidden in the forest, and that we were going to see it for extraordinary reasons and that from it came a woman, a beautiful lady of Nordic clothes, freckles like stars for her face, a black hair and so straight. And eyes so blue and green at the same time...- he sigh at the end of the line.- I dreamed that she was coming home, and that she was, she was, she became, part of me as I did of her...- he stopped. Alison saw it a little stunned.- I dreamed that I had her in my arms and that I was kissing her. And it was such a real thing, but when it was all over, Alison, I swear to you that when I opened my eyes, I felt so alone, and absurd, and I feel like I might really find that lady wandering around, I feel so real inside me, if I had a heart I swear I'd feel it beating wildly right now.-
-Wait a second, did you have a foreboding dream?- she asks.
-Maybe so.- he nodded, raising his shoulders.
-Thomas, those dreams don't count, if you do they don't come true—
-But what infamy!- he rose from the terrified chair.- But what have I done! I've ruined it on my own... Alison help me!—
-Listen, what I'm going to do is forget it, I'll forget that you told me all that, and let's just say you didn't tell me anything, so it could happen, I hope.-
-Well, then, will you help me find the well?-
-I can't Thomas, tomorrow there will be a children's camp and for today I have to put everything in order here.- with this she sat down again, but Thomas stood still.- How about you go with the others? You may find something about it.-
-Maybe if..., - he smiled.- You're a genius.-
That said, he ran out the door, inside Alison really wanted what he had described to happen, he seemed too excited about it, but what terrified him was that it was just that, a dream, and that nothing he had told came true at some point in the day.
Oh, hell.
After his breakfast, she washed the fret of the sink and set out to put everything in order inside the house, when she finished moving into the garden, where she watched the group of ghosts led by Thomas, and the Captain obviously pass. She smiled like a mother who sees her children play in the distance, although it was also quite absurd, for several of them were considered uncles, cousins, siblings and even fathers at some point.
-Ah, I no longer remembered walking these sides of The Button Mansion.-  remembered Lady Button next to Kitty.- I used to come here to load my basket of wild chestnuts, the best in the region.-
-I remember there were a lot of fallen logs, and most of the time we played with them my brothers and I, it was quite fun, until one of them dropped one on his leg.- Kitty argument.
-When I was on duty, the military used to say that around here a soul was sorry singing and howling like a madman, although I think they talked about Robin all that time.- the Captain said.
-I don't like to howl and sing like crazy, that's only in the important seasons.- argument the named behind alongside Pat.
-Looks like we're spinning in circles,- Mary said on Robin's other side. And she was actually right. They didn't get anywhere, until they found the boundary of the lands, then they walked a little more, they found several logs lying in an order, the ruins of a shack there, other artifacts, was it possible that they were the remains of another village? They weren't so sure.
-I never saw this when we were in training,- the Captain said, looking at the wreckage.
-I don't either.- mentioned Lady B surprised. Pat turned his head to the others confused above all and then to Thomas, who was turning his back on everyone, you could see that his shoulders trembled a little.
-Thomas?- he ask the lowest, the other one crunched.
-Yes? Um... -- his hands passed through his face, it was evident that he was affected by something.
-What's the matter, buddy?- asks Patrick already by his side tempting his arm, but the young man refused to give his face.- Thomas?
-Why nothing happens Pat?- he ask then coming back, the reddish eyes, he was in a complete state of depressive, much more than before.- Why can't I just be happy? Even my dreams don't take me away from that torment, they make me excited about someone I know doesn't exist, who I know isn't here...-
-Hey little boy—
-No,- Pat broke into Julian, who was obviously coming to annoy him.
-I'm just a desperate romantic Pat, I'm so mediocre, so dumb to believe it's going to come true.-
-Oh, Thomas.- the lowest felt bad for his partner, he didn't understand exactly what was going on, but it looked too important to put Thorne in that state.
-Come here, little one.- called Julian, who in one of his flashes of kindness and compassion for his peers, wrapped himself in an un scoped hug to disturb the youngest, obviously Thomas struggled to get him away, but when he discovered how much he needed contact with another being, he accept the hug, reloading his face completely on the other guy's shoulder. Julian simply patted his back for support, seemed to understand his pain very well.
Pat, on the other hand, went to the Captain's and the others to explain how bad his friend was, so they could avoid making any jokes or sad comments about the situation they were going through.
When it was night, everyone quietly returned to the mansion, Julian still with one arm over Thomas' shoulder, who kept ringing his nose in silence, passing his hand delicately through his cheekbones cleaning traces of tears that were no longer there, coming home the march to his room, he didn’t want to chat with anyone, not even with Alison.
Speaking of which, she was having a relaxing bubble bath shared with Mike, a glass of wine, romantic music, no one watching, had screamed a day like this since they had arrived at Button Mansion.
-More wine, my Lay?- trumpet Mike smiling.
-A little, thank you gentleman.- she joke while she was raising her glass.
-We should let them go on a field trip somewhere else, don't you think?- he asks, putting some cucumber slices in his eyes.
-Of course I do., - nodded Cooper.- Although this time it was not so much by the act and grace of God.- she took a sip of the wine.
-What do you mean?- he ask, raising his head towards her.
-Well... I don't know if I should tell you about being purely confidential, but I doubt he'll be angry if I do, plus you have to promise not to talk about this with anyone.- I point out.
-I swear,- he crossed out his heart in sign of confidentiality, Alison gave him an insightful look and then nodded.
-Thomas told me that he had had a foreboding dream, and he tell me everything.-
-Oh, those dreams don't count.- he bit a slice of cuccumber.
-Well, he didn't know it and he end up telling me that in that dream there was a well near here, and that in that well there was a very beautiful woman, "the most beautiful woman in the universe" if you can call her that.- she faked a thick voice.- And he mention that this woman and he were, couple.-
-Sounds so, romantic and sad at the same time.-
-It is. They went looking for that well, but I doubt they found it, those dreams are always a fraud.-
-It's not true, I dreamt I was marrying you,- he said, and Alison tinged her eyes almost heart-shaped. When she nearly stood up to kiss her on the lips to start a much more intimate moment than they already had, Pat's head rumbled through the door thunderously.
-Is that why he was so sad?- he almost shout, which frightened Alison and Mike on the spot. To the woman's bad luck, she slipped on the palms of his hands and went head-to-head to Mike's nose, who complained.
Five minutes later, Michael had a piece of paper on his nose, wrapped in a towel, and Alison in a bathrobe with her underwear on and her hair completely damp.
-It's not right to look out the doors like that Pat.-she said with her arms folded in front of her.
-I'm sorry, I was actually going to knock, but I started listening to your talk and well, I was surprised.- he honestly mentioned, to which Alison's anger calmed down a little.
-How much did you hear?-
-Enough. The truth is, i came to tell you about what happened in the woods.- he sat on the bed and she toped up on the door frame.- We got to an old village, or some ruins and fallen logs, and all the way we didn't find any wells, but Thomas got too bad. He began to cry and tell himself that he was someone useless and a "desperate romantic," even Julian embraced him. Then he told me he knew how to identify a man with a broken heart. Actually, Alison, Thomas is feeling really bad. And now that I know why, I feel even worse his grief.-
-I wish I could do something Pat, but I really don't know what I can do, that is, those strange matters you usually deal with and fix them, but what can I do, dig a well?-
In truth Alison was right, what could she do with these colossal inventions of the poet? It was crazy to go dig a well in the middle of the night just to please Thorne. She could put a record on him, listen to his poetry, even possibly sleep next to him, but she couldn't do that.
-Well, I still appreciate your effort Alison,- Pat said kindly, -Tomorrow we'll see what can be done, and could you tell Mike I apologize for that incident?...- she nodded.- Thank you.-
That said, he left the room leaving the other two alone.
Meanwhile, Thorne was lying on his lonely bed with his knees on his chest, crying silently still remembering that tumult of sensations he had felt the night before. Her beautiful face, her hands, how soft her hair was, how sweet those lips were, those hands walking through places no one else had explored.
Oh, my Goodness.
Ahhh, thanks if you read it! I mean, i don’t writte as well as others do, but i try, but still, thank you if you’re interested on this, it means a lot to me! Btw, i did a hashtag for the story in case you can find it to read it, is “Not Alone Ghosts BBC”, very mean it, i’m not so good at this ‘:/
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nimsajlove · 16 days ago
Coming home
Ahsoka gets to bring Boil home to his sister.
Calling Home
"Ahsoka!" Sighing, the Jedi put the small crate down on the ramp of the shuttle and straightened up again, her back cracking softly and the clone beside her let out an amused sound. She shot a sharp look at Droidbait and Cutup, who was displaying a big grin. Only then did she turn to Obi Wan Kenobi, who came up to her with small steps. With a quick look she recognized the reason for his slow pace, two children were hanging on his robes and giggling softly to themselves. Behind them were two clones, both poorly trying to hide their smiles. It warmed her heart, all men seemed to have done more than good with the frequent contact with the younglings of the order. Many were much more relaxed. "Master Kenobi, what can I do for you?", she asked with a small smile, the Jedi Master smiled back and she enjoyed it for a second, it had become so rare. But Leia and Luke had a great, positive influence on him too! The two children saw her, beamed and walked around Kenobi to hang on her trouser legs. "Knight Tano!", beamed Leia and Luke simply buried his face in the brown fabric of her wide pants. God, she could eat those too! Or something like that... "I was hoping you could do me a tiny little favor.", Kenobi explained gently and looked at the scene in front of him with a mild look. She looked up from the children and recognized his two companions as Cody and Boil. "For you always." She was so happy to finally have resolved many of her conflicts with some Jedi Masters. When he put his hand on her shoulder, there was no longer any twitching or backing away. It was like greeting an old friend. “Are you taking Leia with you for a few days? I'm sure she'd like to see where Luke's new home will be. And on the way…” He let the sentence unfinished and looked significantly at Boil, who had a rare smile on his face. It didn't take a second for her to understand what was going on. Immediately she nodded. "Of course!" "Thank you my dear.", Kenobi smiled relieved and she patted his hand, which was still resting on her shoulder. She glanced at Cody and he nodded that he would accompany her, not least to bring Leia home later. Reassured, she bent down and lifted the children in her arms, Cutup and Droidbait had already loaded the rest. "Well then, let's go."
When they started, she didn't look back at the temple. The Jedi who were there didn't keep her here. The clones here got along well without her too, and her brothers waited for her elsewhere. Luke sat contentedly on her lap and watched the stars outside with wide eyes, while Cutup next to her prepared the jump to Ryloth together with R7. In the back she could make out the bright laugh of Leia, accompanied by the deeper tones of Droidbait. "Beautiful!", the little boy mumbled on her knees and pointed excitedly outside, the stars stretched out and then they were in hyperspace. Smiling, Ahsoka let the boy look outside for a moment, then stood up and placed him on her hip. "Don't look out too long, or the hyperspace ghosts will come for you." Cutup laughed and shook his head. "That goes for you too.", grinned the Jedi and stroked his hair with one hand, her brother rolled his eyes and turned back to the instruments. With the boy in her arms, Ahsoka made her way back to the others.
Droidbait and Leia appeared to be playing a game. She watched the spectacle for a few seconds, the goal was to hit the other's hands or avoid his blows. For her age, the little girl was surprisingly good, she seemed equal to Droidbait. Next to them, Cody and Boil sat and watched the game as well, seeming to be talking quietly to each other. Ahsoka was roused from watching, when Luke shook his legs in dissatisfaction and she let the boy down. Within a heartbeat he was next to his sister and wanted to play against Droidbait as well. The glow in the eyes oft he three was all Ahsoka really needed for the rest of her life! It made her happy, she could bathe and rest in all the glow around her. But after listening more closely, she received unease and looked at the source. Boil seemed to have deepened his discussion with Cody. Granted, she was curious, but most of all she was worried. They were finally on their way to Ryloth, even if she would never be happy to see that planet. Before she could get any closer, Boil got up and withdrew, he left behind a sober looking Commander and quietly she slipped next to him on the narrow bench. She glanced at him, then waved to get Droidbait's attention. His look was questioning, almost worried, when he saw her slightly contracted expression. "Do you still have the bag?", she asked and was relieved when her brother actually pulled out a bluish bag. In a flash she had taken it. "Hey, don't I get the pay for keeping it?" She grinned and reached inside before flicking Droidbait three of the little candies across the small table. He and the two children were satisfied, so she reached inside again and offered one to Cody on the open palm. He just looked at her for a second, then she saw the smile in the corners of his mouth and he accepted the candy. "Shall I check on him?", she asked carefully, carefully. She had learned that after the Clone Wars ended, the 212th had become more withdrawn, quieter. So she didn't blame Cody when he sighed and shook his head. "Leave him alone, that's just his nerves." He tipped his head back, Ahsoka hid the very girlish giggle behind her battered hand and watched how Cody was just as easy to bait as all of them. He opened one eye and gave her a sharp look that she couldn't feel the bite of. “I know what you are planning Ahs'ika. Won't be that easy.", he muttered and she gave him a big smile, the further they got away from the temple, the freer she felt. Here, between the clones, she was at home. She didn't need a temple to return to and spend hours planning the construction with the rest of the council members. "Really?", she replied and Cody huffed softly, but closed his eyes again. He looked tired, she wanted to bet one of her new akul teeth that Master Kenobi had kept him busy. This little break would also be good for him, even if he would then probably run after Leia the whole time. He adored her, and Ahsoka wouldn't be surprised if in a few years the little girl was firmly convinced that Cody had always been her ori’vod. Her thoughts faded as she looked at the tired clone and was more than satisfied, that he had dozed off after all. Leia laughed and she hastily put two fingers on her arm, put a forefinger on her lips and then pointed to the sleeping figure next to her. The girl nodded hastily, Luke put his hands over his mouth and smiled, the corners of his eyes curving upwards.
Droidbait smirked slightly as he looked at Cody for a moment, then proceeded to keep the children quiet and calm, telling stories. Ahsoka thanked him with a kiss on his head as she got up and took the bag with her. Then she went to the back where a couple of beds had been set up. Boil was sitting on one of them and seemed to want to stare down the helmet in front of him. For a moment she was afraid that she had penetrated a moment that was too intimate. Then Boil looked up and she realized it hadn't been a conversation with Waxer. He stared at his own helmet, his second face, as if he were utterly dissatisfied with it. "May I?", she asked softly and he nodded, silently she sank down next to the helmet on the bed opposite to the clone. She put the bag of sweets next to it, actually that was Cody's thing. But she hoped that maybe she could manage that too. After all, she had watched the Commander hand sweets out for years. "What did he do to you?", she finally asked quietly and took the helmet to look at it, turned it back and forth and was glad that it was still almost unchanged in design after the years in the war. Somehow she had grown fond of it... Boil shrugged his shoulders, a hand scratched a little at the beard, which had grown a little over the past few months. He looked tired like everyone else who had fought their way to a home. He didn't seem happy about it though. Carefully she reached out for him and as her mind brushed his, she saw him flinch for a moment. Shortly afterwards, a faint chuckle escaped him and he looked at her with open eyes. There was so much in his head, Ahsoka had a good effort to sort the emotions apart and to find the problem. She was glad when the clone almost nosed her into what she was looking for. Fear.
"Ah...", she mumbled and pulled back before holding the bag out to him. Sighing, he reached inside and looked at the colored paper, nothing but the armor and the candies had been so colorful in recent years. "I'm sure everything will be okay.", she tried to reassure him and Boil looked up and studied her, now there was more than just fear. "Waxer should have come with us.", he suddenly complained softly and stroked through his face again. "That was his child, not mine." When he did not lift his face from his hand, Ahsoka stood up and overcame the distance between the beds, leaving the helmet behind on the mattress and carefully sitting next to him. She folded her hands in her lap, daring not to impose any more than necessary. "I think Waxer would be proud of you.", she mumbled gently and that wasn't a lie! She felt how scared Boil was. Fear of failure maybe? But still he kept his promise and returned. Boil's shoulders sagged a little, then he looked up and glanced at the helmet. He seemed less hateful. "Thank you General, for believing that." Now that his gaze was clear again, Ahsoka immediately raised a finger and looked at him seriously. "You have to come up with something else.", she complained and he raised his eyebrows, it made her smile. “Well, you officially resigned from the army exactly 3 hours ago. So...“, she let the thought fade away and Boil finally had to smile too. He nudged his shoulder lightly against hers. "Thanks kiddo." Ahsoka scrunched up her nose, that wasn't exactly the best nickname... "Live with it.", Boil teased and she laughed, then got up and went back to the door. Helmet and candy were left with Boil.
 Ryloth was still dusty, but more beautiful than in the war. Nature seemed to have recovered and when the ship's ramp went down, Ahsoka saw a small group of lizards scurry away. The trees that could be seen over the harbor walls were lush and full of life, crawling and flying. She went a few steps down the ramp and when she let her gaze wander, it caught on the narrow figure a few meters away. She raised her hand in greeting and Numa returned it, a shy smile on her face. Ahsoka turned around smiling, where were the others? She saw Droidbait and the two children, they seemed to be discussing something and Cutup was standing by laughing, he was having a lot of fun. Then Cody and Boil showed up, the latter had ducked his head and gripped his backpack tightly with one hand. In two big steps she was back inside with them. "You don't have to do that.", she offered immediately, knowing that she would somehow explain it to Numa. However, Cody immediately shook his head and gave Boil a vigorous push against his shoulder. "Oh he has to. You idiot get your ass down this ramp now.", he threatened, but smiled. It was strange how the phrase made Boil lower his shoulders. "Thanks. For…” Cody held up a defensive hand and shook his head. “Save that for when the first want to visit you. Let's see if you're still so grateful then.” Boil laughed and slapped him gratefully on the shoulder anyway, then turned and walked down the ramp.
At that second Numa seemed unable to stand anymore in the shadow of the wall. As fast as her feet could carry her, she ran towards the ship and no sooner had Boil made the last step off the ramp than she threw herself against him with full swing and wrapped her arms around him. And Ahsoka grinned broadly when Boil didn't hesitate to return the hug. He could say what he wanted, but this was his sister and Ahsoka was glad to have brought him home.
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undeadcortez · 17 days ago
requested by anon :)
james comforts you as you think maybe your life would be better if you were still alive
warnings: soft james 🥺 also this is smut. not really kinky at all but like just super cute, soft smut.
words: 3.2K
Tumblr media
Life as a ghost was a lot harder than your husband led it on to be. It was so lonely. You missed your family, and your friends, and your home. And while you absolutely loved James and appreciated the life he had given you in the Hotel Cortez, you found yourself always thinking about what life outside was doing without you.
James was gone somewhere in the hotel taking care of business with Elizabeth and you were left alone in the large suite, thinking about what your life would be like right now if you hadn’t let James kill you here. You thought about living on your own in a house close to your parents with maybe a successful husband — not saying James wasn’t successful, maybe just a husband who was alive — and maybe two kids with a dog and a good paying job.
You thought about these things often. You had all the time in the world to think about a different life, and usually it wouldn’t affect you much. It would cross your mind and you’d shrug it off before moving on, but today, they weighed heavy on your mind. No matter what kind of activity you tried to do to get your mind off of it, it was always there, eating you up inside.
You were finally hitting a breaking point when you were making dinner for your husband and yourself. You stared down at the steak searing in the pan when you thought about how you could just not eat it and be completely fine. How you could never eat or drink or even breathe and be completely the same. How the only reason you were doing this was to get some sense of a life you had previously. Tears welled up in your eyes before you pushed the pan off of the stove and turned off the heat.
“God dammit,” you whispered and wiped your tears away from your cheeks. You hardly ever cried, and you hadn’t ever cried in front of James. It was something that the both of you never did in front of the other. Not that you were uncomfortable with it, you both were just strong individuals and hardly sought for emotional support in each other. And it wasn’t like you never wanted to comfort James emotionally, he just never let his emotions truly show. And it was the same for you.
You let a few more tears fall down your cheeks before wiping them away once more, trying to focus back on making steak for your husband. You sniffled and as you stared at the steak, you only felt your tears come on stronger. “Okay, what the fuck, man?” you mumbled as you once again had to push the steak off of the heat.
“Mrs. March, would you like me to finish making this for James?” Miss Evers appeared behind you as you broke down. You nodded at her before moving over to the bedroom, tears spilling down your face as you try to compose yourself before James would get back. But you couldn’t. The tears kept coming and your body trembled as you sobbed on the bed, your head in your hands.
The door opened and shut in the living room, but you didn’t notice, trying to control your sobs still. You curled up on the bed, hoping that relaxing in your bed sheets would bring to you some reality and help you calm down. Footsteps sounded in the hallway to your bedroom of your suite, being deafened to yourself by your own sobs. The bedroom door swung open, revealing your husband in his usual suit and tie attire. You heard the door open and sat up immediately, wiping what other tears might be on your cheeks before forcing a smile onto your lips toward James. “H-hey, my love,” you greeted him, hoping he hadn’t seen you crying just moments later.
But, he did. He had a frown on his lips before making his way over to you, “what’s wrong, my dear?” He set his hat down on the table on the side of the bed, shrugging off his suit jacket and placing it on the chair in the corner of the room before sitting down beside you. He didn’t know how to comfort you, honestly. The man hardly knew how to comfort himself so seeing you cry really was difficult to solve.
He lifted a hand, placing it on your back and rubbed slow, small circles in between your shoulder blades. You sniffled a bit before shaking your head and looking down at your hands, “it’s nothing.” You fiddled with your fingers just a bit as you leaned into your lover’s touch, appreciating just his touch.
“You’re crying, darling,” he stated, bringing his other hand to your chin to make you look at him. His dark eyes looked into your own for a moment before looking at the wetness on your cheeks and bringing his thumb to wipe it away. He leaned in a bit, placing his lips on your cheeks, the saltiness of your tears invading his mouth.
“I-I,” you stuttered before pulling back from James, letting out a sigh. You weren’t about to tell him what you were crying about. It would absolutely destroy him if you admitted to him you were unhappy with your afterlife. You knew that he would try to take it personally, but you didn’t want to take the chance of hurting him at all. It was already bad enough that you were upset. You didn’t want you both to be emotional messes. “It’s truly nothing,” you whispered to him.
His frown deepened, his eyes softening up as he continued to rub the circles into your back. “Darling, please,” he pleaded, his voice soft, but still holding his accent heavily.
You took in a deep breath, sucking onto your lower lip for a moment, “I miss my family.” You looked away from James as you continued, knowing it wouldn’t be a substantial enough answer for him, “I just wish I could grow old… have kids, a house, a future.” You could feel the tears stinging your eyes again as you put your head in your hands once more, crying into them.
James hushed you, putting his own feelings aside to help you. He was hurt, wanting only to make your afterlife perfect, but he understood how difficult it was to shift from having a future to having the same reality everyday. He wrapped his arms around, pulling you into his lap. You rested your cheek against his chest, your mascara staining the white shirt he had on. He rested a hand on your cheek, wiping the tears away as they fell down. “My love,” he started, burying his face in your hair, kissing the top of your head before continuing, “I know how frustrating it is. Eternal living in one home is extremely aggravating.”
“I-I’m sorry, Ja-,” you got cut off by James pushing a sweet kiss to your lips causing you to immediately melt in his touch. You kissed him back with just as much love, closing your eyes as the two of you molded your mouths together.
He slowly pulled back, opening his eyes once more to look down at you, “don’t apologize, my dear. I wish to see you expressing your emotions more often. It’s the only way I can help.” He brushed your hair out of your face and whispered, “I love you. I would do anything to ensure you were happy. Invite your parents to the hotel, my love. I would love to meet them.”
You tilted your head at him for a moment before whispering, “really?”
“Of course, my love,” he pushed a soft kiss to your jaw as he spoke causing you hum a bit in response, “and if you want a home, I could have this hotel torn down by noon tomorrow and a house built on this very property where we can live. I don’t think you like the many spirits crammed into one living confinement, however.” He pushed another kiss after another to your skin, moving to your neck.
“I would n-never ask you to do that, James,” you said in response, your fingers finding their way into his hair as his lips worked against your neck. The kisses were delicate as if he were afraid to break you, but passionate as to show you how much he loves you. He hummed against your skin as you tugged lightly on his raven locks.
He took in a deep breath before pulling back from your skin for a moment, whispering, “I want you happy, darling. Anything you want.” He slowly brought a hand up to your neck, pushing the collar of your shirt to expose your shoulder. “I love you, Mrs. March,” he whispered before pushing his lips onto your shoulder, slowly undoing the top button to your blouse as he kissed your skin.
“I love you, too,” you mumbled before closing your eyes once more and focusing your attention on his lips on your body. You sucked in a harsh breath as his lips tickled your sweet spot on your neck, feeling the man smirk just a bit against your skin, knowing what spot he just got.
You let out a small whine when he pulled away from your body, gently placing you back down on the bed, resting your head on the pillows. He hovered over you, his hands placed on either side of your head before leaning down, pushing another gentle kiss to your lips. You kissed back, cupping his cheeks as you moved your lips in sync, his tongue prodding at your lips as the two of you made out.
You parted your lips for him, letting his tongue roam every inch of your mouth. You let out a soft moan against his lips, letting your hands wander down to the buttons on his shirt, slowly beginning to undo them until his chest was fully exposed to you. You slowly pulled away from his lips, looking over his body as your fingers delicately ran over his muscles. He shakily took in a breath, letting your hands do as they wish. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, bringing a hand to your blouse once again and finished popping the buttons. He felt himself harden at the sight of your partially exposed boobs, leaning down and pressing gentle kisses to them.
You moaned, tangling one of your hands into his hair once more and tugging as he slowly started to suck deep red hickeys onto your breasts. He moaned against your body, bringing his hands under you and unclasping your red bra. He looped his fingers around the straps and brought it down off of your body, fully releasing your boobs from the piece of clothing. He groaned at the sight beneath him and gently dragged a finger down the middle of your chest, his breath shaky as he continued to drag his finger down your stomach and to your pants, using his hand to push them down to your knees before sitting back, tugging them down the rest of the way. While he sat back, he shrugged off his shirt and undid his belt, pulling it through the loops and quickly pushing off his pants as well, leaving you both in your underwear.
Your eyes wandered down his body. Even though you had seen his body countless times before, it never failed to amaze you. He was incredibly beautiful. “Wow,” you whispered as you played with the hem of his white briefs.
He chuckled, watching your hands as they played around the area he needed you the most, “patience, darling. Tonight is about you.” He brought his hands to your hips, tangling his fingers in your lacy red panties before pulling them down to join your other discarded clothes. He leaned down in between your legs, taking in the beauty that was your wet cunt waiting for him. He let his minty breath hit your clit as he leaned down closely to it and whispered, “you never fail to amaze me, my love.” He pressed a soft kiss to your clit causing you to let out a low moan, feeling your pussy only grow wetter and hotter and needier with the minimum contact.
He delicately started to lick at your clit, your back arching off of the bed as his tongue worked slow circles into the bundle of nerves. He brought a hand from your hip, aligning his pointer and middle finger to your entrance and steadily slid them into you. “J-James,” you moaned out, tossing your head to the side against the pillows. He pumped his fingers in and out of you at a leisurely pace at first, his fingertips rubbing up against your g-spot as he sped up his tongue against your cunt.
He slowly rutted his hips against the bed, moaning against your clit causing a shiver to go down your spine. His fingers curled inside of you, assaulting that one spot inside of you that made your toes curl. He picked up the pace inside of you, locking your clit with expert precision, loving the taste of you on his tongue. He pulled back just for a moment, his fingers still fucking into you, causing you to whimper as the sudden loss of contact. “I love you,” he repeated the whisper, his cool breath hitting your clit. His eyes were on your cunt, watching his fingers disappear in you over and over before whispering the three words once more against your pussy before going back to licking on your clit.
You could feel your orgasm building up fast. Usually, James would have you ask if you could cum, but that was for more bondage sex. It was hardly ever that James would be so slow and passionate with you. As his tongue kept prodding at your cunt, practically suckling on your clit, his fingers pushing against your sweet spot, you began to let go, gripping his hair tightly in your hands as you came, your juices finding their way onto James’ chin as he continued to attack your clit through your first climax of the night.
James slowly pulled back, humming in delight at the taste you’ve left on his tongue. His chin glistened, wet with your cum. “You taste so delicious, my love,” he whispered as he pushed down his briefs, allowing his cock to bounce out of them, earning a moan from you just at the sight. He brought the two fingers that were once inside of you to his lips, licking off the remaining juices before resting his hand on your hip, leaning down above you to press delicate kisses to your neck once again.
You were still coming down from your high when he started to run the head of his cock along your folds, collecting any remaining wetness onto his member. “Do you want me to do this, darling?” he asked against your neck, pulling back just for a second to look at your face as you responded. James was a consent king when it came to you, but he hardly asked in the middle like this. He truly just wanted you to be comfortable.
“Of course,” you whispered in response and brought a hand up to his cheek again, leaning up to place a passionate kiss to his lips. He smiled against your lips before slowly sliding into you, groaning as he bottomed out.
He pulled back from your lips and began to move his hips slowly, setting a gentle yet pleasurable pace. You gasped at how good it felt to have James make love to you rather than ruthlessly fucking you into the bed sheets. Either was amazing, you concluded, and also thought about how this was the perfect way to comfort you after having such dark thoughts. This made you feel so much better, and content with the life you had chosen. And it’s not that it was just because the sex was good, but it made you feel loved.
James tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear as he moaned out, his hips gradually beginning to pick up pace. He held your hip in one hand, your cheek in the other, his thumb casually wiping the mascara stains on your face off as he thrusts into you. You looked into his dark eyes for a moment before closing your eyes, your body overwhelmed with pleasure again already.
James’ cock knew the exact place to hit inside of you, the tip of it grazing your g-spot with every buck of his hips. He groaned as you tightened around him, a sign that you were already so close to your second orgasm. He sucked in a sharp breath as he began to thrust just a bit faster, leaning down to the crook of your neck and peppering sweet kisses there once more, whispering, “I love you, darling. Cum whenever you need to, okay? Don’t hold back for me, my dear.”
You hummed in response to his words, moving your legs to wrap around his waist. The new position had his dick thrusting straight into your sweet spot, his skin rubbing against your clit as he thrusted. It was impossible to hold back any moans or whimpers on your end, the pool of pleasure threatening to already be released if you were to let it. James was almost there, too, the tightness and warmth of your pussy making it incredibly difficult to hold back anything.
“J-James, I-I’m gonna-!” you moaned out before being cut off by your husband.
“Me too, l-love, cum for me,” he whispered, low groans leaving his lips as continued to move his hips at a sweet pace.
You let go, your legs trembling around James’ waist and your back arching off of the bed. Small gasps and moans left your lips as the heat washed over your body, tossing your head back into the pillows as James fucked you through your high, his thrusts starting to grow sloppy as he could feel his own climax growing closer and closer.
“Fuck,” he whispered, thrusting just a couple of more times before bottoming out deeply inside of you, groaning low as he came in you. The thick ropes of cum laced your walls, making you moan at the feeling. As James pulled back, you cupped his face and pressed a long, loving kiss to his lips.
Once you pulled away, James collapsed beside you onto the bed, turning you to face him, his cock still buried deep inside you. You nuzzled close to his chest, peppering sweet kisses to his collarbone as he lit a cigarette and took a drag from the stick. “Thank you,” you whispered, watching his movements.
“For what, my love?” he questioned and looked down at your face with a smile.
“Comforting me.”
“Oh,” he shook his head and let out a soft chuckle before continuing, “that’s my job, my dear. I wish for you only to be happy. Now,” he set his cigarette down on the ashtray before pressing a kiss to your forehead, “about your parents coming to visit. I was thinking we could…”
The two of you spent the rest of the night discussing a plan of your parents visiting, and also discussed future plans, giving you something to look forward to in the afterlife. You were so grateful for James and he was grateful for you. After tonight, you were assured that you wouldn't want your life to be any different.
tags (the way i keep forgetting this): @kitwalker64 @spider-starry @kitwalker02 @mossybank @forevercountess @taikawho @kitwalkerangel @tatestripedsweater @milly-louise
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queen-of-thunder · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Earth • Water • Fire
“French Novel” by Richie Hofmann // “Poem for My Love” by June Jordan // “Greetings My Dear Ghost” by Mary Ruefle // Quote by Franz Kafka // A Month in the Country by J. L. Carr // Any Way the Wind Blows from Hadestown // “That Map Of Bone And Opened Valves” by Ilya Kaminsky // The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner // post by @exit152 // “The 7:10 Train” by @imperiallefty
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jihaegguk · 21 days ago
—why isn’t it me?
Tumblr media
;;part one of the expected xiao miniseries
She doesn't like any of this. Why would she? When her freedom is stripped away from her and she has to deal with a child for the eternity that she will be living. But she cannot cry, not when the party's still going on, not when the ruler just announced her betrothal to the Prince Of Snezhnaya, Tartaglia.
She must wait.
It is all she can do.
"Congratulations on your betrothal, Lady ##@;(#?," Venti, the ruler of Mondstadt, approaches her, a ghost of a smile on his lips. She knows what it means, she knows too well. Stopping herself from glaring at the lad is proving to be a challenge.
"I am grateful for your sincere greetings, Lord Barbatos," she responds, the usage of his formal name a way of her telling him to shut up.
"A little too much, my dear?" Venti says.
"It is a sign of respect, Lord Barbatos."
“Of course, of course, it seems that I have misunderstood your kind gesture, my dear,” he retorts.
“I appreciate the apology, my lord.”
Venti sends a sly smile her way. "Best be going though, it seems that your friend is waiting for you," he says, pertaining to the golden-eyed prince behind her.
"I could never leave the party alone when it's at full swing, my lord."
"Shall we, then?" Venti offers her his hand as an invitation to dance, eyes focused on the aggravated man still in the shadows of the ballroom.
It certainly is calming when the night ends with silence. ##@;(#? thinks so, at least. She has changed out of her formal wear and is now lounging on her balcony, a glass of champagne in hand.
She would have to accept the Prince Of Snezhnaya as her husband soon, and she better get used to it now. It is all for the sake of survival. for the survival of her bloodline, and of course, for her own survival.
Choices are limited when everything is at stake, isn't that right, princess?
"Xiao," she smiles, taking a sip of her champagne.
"I knew you'd be here."
"I take it you didn't like the big news?" she faces him, him whose face is framed by moonlight, by Artemis herself.
"It seems that you already know my answer, princess," he tries hard to be angry at her, but his soft expression betrays him.
"Feeling this way isn't good for you, my prince," she says.
Xiao takes a step forward. "And whose fault is that, princess?"
She only smiles at him. She must hide the conflict within her, she is facing a royal, after all. Her facade is developed, and she won't falter, not for a second.
"Why put the blame on anyone, my prince?" she questions innocently.
"Because you know too well that none of this was supposed to happen."
"Everything that happens is written in the stars, my prince, so why doubt that?"
"And I thought you were the one that wanted to question everything," he says, tilting his head.
"Did I?" she asks, feigning ambiguity.
"Do you want me to retell all of what you wondered, princess?"
"I don't believe I ever wondered about anything, my prince."
"It seems that you are all too willing to forget about our escapades," Xiao sighs, "so why don't we leave our regrets behind, princess?"
It was all leading up to this moment.
And for once, she lets a tear fall.
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phantomsandsunsets · 23 days ago
Willie’s been dead since the 80’s. How much physical touch has he gotten since then? We watch Caleb touch him a few times, but Willie is clearly a little scared of him, and we know every touch from Caleb is manipulative. How long has it been since someone touched Willie and he knew, knew for sure, that it wasn't manipulation? How long has it been since he’s had someone to reach for? Every time we see Willie, he’s initially alone.  And we’ve talked about how he does this self-soothing thing
Tumblr media
And then he meets Alex. And after, you know, physically running in to him with his skateboard, Willie is constantly reaching out for Alex. First, it’s just a handshake that seems to catch him off-guard; you can see the awe in him right after 
Tumblr media
But Willie constantly seeking out contact from Alex starts, really, outside the museum.
Tumblr media
God, look how happy they are about it. Willie takes his hand and they both light up.
Throughout this scene, they make contact a few times; every time, Willie reaches out to Alex, pulls him upright, holds his hand to make a point, shakes him while they scream. Alex doesn’t shy away, but all this contact is initiated by Willie. 
Tumblr media
By the pier, it’s Willie who reaches out to greet him. And then we get to the Hollywood Ghost Club. There is so much touching here, Willie reaching for Alex again and again, excited, reassuring, comforting, supporting. Reminding them both, Alex, I’m here, but also it seems like he’s seeking out the contact as a reminder to himself Alex is here, Alex is here.
Tumblr media
There’s one moment where Alex seems to initiate the contact, a brief lean on Willie’s shoulder, but it’s balanced out by a litany of Willie’s hands on his shoulders, his leg, his back, again and again. 
And then Caleb throws the whole thing into disarray, and we get whole episodes of distance, of Willie just barely running away, of Alex following him, again and again, I would still have followed you and he does, over and over again, he does. 
Finally, Willie can’t take it anymore, and he’s laying it all out on the table. Because I care about you, Alex. Willie doesn’t reach for him, here. You can tell he blames himself; he says as much in the Orpheum. He hurt Alex, and he is punishing himself for it the only way he knows how; he’s no longer reaching for him. He wants to. His whole body is turned towards Alex, you can see him sitting on his hand. He wants to reach for him. 
Tumblr media
Finally, they’re outside the Orpheum, and Willie has put himself in danger to try to make it up to Alex, and he’s still not reaching for him. It’s been days, maybe weeks. 
Tumblr media
In the end, it’s finally, finally, Alex’s turn. After weeks of Willie reaching out casually, we watch Alex build up the nerve to reach out for him. 
Tumblr media
And then he’s hauling Willie against him and holding on for dear life. Alex has yet to be hugged in his death; the boys are affectionate, but Luke and Reggie more so with each other. Alex has gone through so much since they died, and it twists something up inside him that only Willie has been able to untangle. Finally, finally, he is holding Willie and it is with everything he has. It is for the first time.
Tumblr media
And Willie - god, that little eyebrow wrinkle. He has to take a second to process, to take it in, because after weeks of reaching for Alex, Alex is reaching for him, not gently, not unsure, but more like he’s drowning, and then Willie is pulling him closer, closer, burying his face in Alex’s neck, finally, finally, finally. It is for the last time. 
Tumblr media
Willie put his soul on the line for this, for Alex in his arms for all of ten seconds, and you can tell in his eyes that it’s worth it. 
I told you, I’d do anything for you. 
My muses: @a-dream-so-alive​ and @willexmagic​ 💙💙
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anathenma · a month ago
“How sweetly human, the April air”
— Mary Ruefle, ‘Greetings my dear ghost’ in Trances of the Blast
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rosesdrabbleblog · a month ago
I’m Having Sex With A Ghost
Pairing: Ghostbur x fem!reader
Warnings: smut, cursing, 18+ content, wholesomeness?
Notes: Ghostbur my beloved, how is this the first time I write for you? Sex With a Ghost fits his vibes a lot and I just had to use it.
You were sitting in your armchair reading one of your various novels when you heard a rapping at your door. You set the book down on your table gently before walking to the door, opening it. You were a little shocked when you were greeted by Ghostbur, the sweet ghost man who wandered the streets of L’Manburg. While you hadn’t known him when he was alive, you were almost glad from stories you had heard.
You had moved to L’Manburg shortly after the country had been nearly blown up. “It was Wilbur” various residents had told you, “he went mad and blew it up.” You never heard of him before this, which is why you were confused when people regarded Ghostbur as a friend and sort of ally. When you asked why they did if he was the same person, they would either shrug it off or state that they were different people. The whole thing confused you greatly.
You first introduction to Ghostbur was when you saw him struggling to lead a blue sheep around. You went over to offer your help before realizing you could see through the man. Startled, you had backed away and tripped on something, falling onto the ground with a pained cry. The man whipped around at the sound, looking at you with worry. “Oh dear, are you alright?” he asked, his eyes wide. Still in a bit of shock, you nodded and got up slowly, regarding the site in front of you.
From his transparency, you assumed he had to be a ghost. Despite this, you could see his features clearly. His hair was on the shirt side and curly, a soft brown color. His eyes were white, which was something that would catch anyone off guard. He wore a light yellow sweater with a white buttoned shirt. Despite behind afraid of him at first, you now began to realize he was actually rather cute.
Sensing you were a bit startled, he smiled widely and offered a hand. “Hello! I’m Ghostbur! I don’t know if I knew you when I was alive, so apologies if that’s an issue. I seem to have some memory problems since my passing,” he said almost sadly. Before you could get a word in, he continued, “oh! Here, take some of this!” The ghost offered a small blue material, which was a bit confusing. You raised an eyebrow at him. “Have some blue! How it works is it pulls the sadness out of you!” he explained cheerily. You looked at the dyed material in your hands, wondering why it was already blue. The blue staining his hands explained why that was the case.
Since that moment, he regarded you as a friend. He introduced you to his blue sheep whom he had named Friend, and you even offered to put up a small area for him. Ghostbur acted like that was the kindest thing someone had done for him, and he cheerily showed Friend the area. When he had to travel and hand out blue, he left Friend with you. You had taken a liking to the blue sheep, feeding it and keeping it company whenever Ghostbur was away. Your life felt a lot less lonely with the two around.
You smiled at the ghost on your doorstep, “hello Ghostbur! What brings you here today?” You took in his sight, noticing he was holding something behind his back. After a moment, the man moved his hands and showed that he was holding an array of flowers. Not the kind you would purchase from a store or vendor, but the ones that were picked just for you. You noticed that the array had many of your favorite flowers in it. You couldn’t remember if you even told him what your favorites were or not.
“I wanted to bring my friend some flowers! Friend is not with me today, but he misses you greatly,” he said with a smile. You took the flowers from him gently, returning the smile. “Aw, that’s awfully sweet of you Ghostbur. Would you like to come in and have some tea?” you offered. The man nodded, and you stepped aside to let him in. The young man floated slowly into your house, looking at all the intricate things you had in your various bookcases. His hands running softly over volumes of novels, whispering the names to himself. Ghostbur loved books, and you often found you were missing books when he came by. How he got away with it without you nothing, you never knew.
He turned to you, a shy expression on his face. Realizing why he looked confused, you gestured to the couch, which he sat down on. You stared a bit too long, trying to figure out how a ghost could sit on the couch like that. Nevertheless, you went to your kitchen and began making tea.
As you made the two of you a cup of tea, you could hear the clap of excitement followed by the strum of a guitar. It seemed he found your guitar by the closet. Soon the random string plucking turned into a tune that seemed almost nostalgic. You had never heard it before, but it was quite lovely. You took the two cups of newly made tea and walked back into your living room. Ghostbur sat on your couch, fingers gliding over the strings of your guitar. His face scrunched as he concentrated on getting the notes right, letting out a small “fuck” every time he messed up.
He glanced up at you after a moment, blinking at you as he continued playing. Soon, he he began to sing along to the tune he was playing. You couldn’t really hear what the lyrics were, as he was singing them so softly, but you didn’t mind one bit. He suddenly stopped, staring at the guitar for a moment before starting again. Ghostbur began playing a differ song, his voice now loud enough for you to catch a few of the lyrics.
“I'm gettin' hickeys from my bed bugs
I'm gettin' busy with a bad perfume
I'm stickin' kisses to a pen drug
I'm makin' friction with a sad vacuum.”
You set down his cup of tea in front of him, and he stopped playing it again to grab at it. As he drank the tea, you really began questioning how ghosts worked. You sipped yours as well, finishing it quickly and setting it onto the coffee table in front of the couch. Ghostbur set his down as well, looking into his lap as he held onto the guitar.
“Wil-Ghostbur, why are you here?” you asked. The flowers he had given you now sat in a large vase on the dining room table, right by a window for light. The man looked up, a slight blush on his cheeks. You didn’t expect him to answer. “I- I feel that the two of us have gotten awfully close. Now, I can’t remember if I had any affairs when I was alive...wait no, there was Sally,” he said, his words trailing off after he remembered he had a fish mistress at one point. You weren’t sure if that story was even true, but hell, you had met Fundy. That made the fish story even more confusing. “I can’t remember anything about kissing from when I was alive, but I do think I would like to do it with you,” he continued as he took one of your hands into his.
I'm getting jiggy with a rifle I'll pull the trigger with my eyes closed Hoping to hit you somewhere vital And when I miss, you come and kiss me with a smile
You were a bit shocked at that. Ghostbur didn’t seem the type to want physical affection like that, but then again, he was an ever changing man due to memory loss. You paused before responding, “I think...I think I would like that too.” And with that, Ghostbur leaned over and kissed you. His lips were cold, not like ice, but more like the air of a crisp October morning. One of his hands made its way to your check, clutching it lovingly. You practically melted into him. You pulled away to take a deep breath, and you laughed quietly at how flustered he looked. Well, as flustered as a pale ghost would look. You could swear you could see his cheeks reddening, but you hadn’t the time to double check because he pushed you into the couch, latching his mouth onto yours again hungrily.
You felt his hands rest at the side of your shirt, and he pulled away panting to ask “can I? Please?” You nodded, grimacing as he almost tore your shirt right off. Ghostbur did nearly the same to your pants, his fingers shaky as he unzipped your pants and threw them off the couch onto the floor.
Ghostbur began to tease you through your underwear, “look at beautiful...” he whispered to himself as he tore them off after just a few moments. He sunk a finger into you gently, watching you intently to make sure you were still okay with everything. “Let me know if I need to slow down, love,” he said softly, his finger pulling out before being pushed back in. You nodded, letting out a small moan. He kept at this for a moment before sticking a second one in, expertly thrusting them into you and hitting all the spots that made you whine.
I'm havin' sex with a ghost
'Cause she knows I'm alone
She's a freak in the sheets, play it cool
I'm sleepin' with a
Sex with a ghost
'Cause she knows I'm alone
She's a freak in the sheets, play it cool
I'm sleepin' with a ghoul
Ghostbur began thrusting them into you at a faster pace, desperate to see you cum. His own pants were tight as he watched you come apart on his fingers. They finally reached the spot that made you cry out, and his eyes lit up as he realized. He kept thrusting them there until you nearly sobbed out “Ghostbur, I’m gonna-“ you couldn’t even finish your sentence before you came on his fingers, hiding your face in the couch. You panted out as he slowly removed his fingers, and looked up to find him licking at them with a face of pure lust and bliss. He removed his own pants and boxers at once, desperate to be inside you. You could see how desperate he was, watching his hard cock spring out. You reached out and stroked it slowly as he unbuttoned his white shirt, smiling as he let out the neediest whimper. He threw the last of his clothes onto the floor, moving your hand off of his cock gently. “Please, need to be inside you, I need you..” he whimpered out, positioning himself at your entrance. You moaned as he thrust against you a couple of times before his cock sunk into you. You gasped at the intrusion while he let out a whine, clutching at you desperately as he stilled, letting you get adjusted. Not even a minute later, you rolled your hips against him, “please, please move Ghostbur.”
The man pulled out of you before thrusting in again, whimpering out, “god, you’re so tight, love. I just- fuck you feel so good around me.” Ghostbur began to thrust into you harder, leaning down and biting at your neck. You moaned into his ear, not caring about the bruises you’d wear tomorrow. Why would you when he was fucking you so good? One hand gripped at your hip, pulling you into his thrusts while the other grasped at your hand. When you took his hand into yours, he let out a groan and his thrusts became erratic. Ghostbur eventually found that spot he knew made you cry for him, and he pounded into it without a care in the world.
He could feel himself get close, your whimpers and cries for him sending him spiraling down. But he was a gentlemen. He didn’t want to cum until you did. And he knew you were close from the moans you let out. So the hand that was gripping your hip moved down to circle your clit roughly. The pads of his fingers surprised you, and you came before you could warn him. You tightened around him, making the man cry out, “so good for me love, so good. That’s it, that’s it. Milk my cock love... oh fuck.” And with a few more sharp thrusts, he came inside you, moaning into your ear. He continued thrusting as he did, overstimulating the two of you. He nearly collapsed onto the couch, slowly pulling out of you before settling beside you. He stroked your hair, whispering how much he adored you, about how good you did. You fell asleep soon after with a smile.
Ghostbur watched you with interest as you slept. He continued to stroke your hair and whisper to you. Ghosts didn’t need to sleep, after all.
You would never know how much the man truly adored you.
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clouds-rambles · a month ago
Hey bestie I really loved your reader insert of s/o being unconscious so is it okay if i ask for the same thing but with Diluc? :>
Of course bestie! I love making genshin characters hurt <3
Link to the previous one for those interested for (Xiao, Childe and Zhongli)
Pairings; Diluc x reader
Warning(s); hurt/comfort, cursing, slight wound description
Keep reading under the cut!
Being a night-time vigilante. Is mostly fun and games, where your partner, Diluc, keeps Mondstat herself safe you like to float around different, potentially unarmed, travellers camps to keep them as safe as possible. Mondstat is truly safe under you and your partners watchful gaze, and Rosaria’s too you suppose
Though tonight is more stressful than you’re used to there seems to be more enemies out and causing trouble for the free citizens' and travellers of your home 
One samachurl by themself seems to want to make quick work of you. In your defence you are tired and on the final literal last few minutes before getting back to the Dawn estate
So there’s your body thrown and sprawled over a maids roof. Definitely a way to get into the maids of the estate good books
“Holy shit what was that?” you hear a voice from inside the house as you feel your consciousness slipping “Is that [name]? Holy fuck it is, they’re hurt!”
Diluc suddenly has your unconscious body given to him moments after getting back from his shift
He panics, so much so that a few handful of maids have to physically tell Diluc what he has to do and where he has to be in the moment. He barely finds himself grounded despite your body’s unsteady breathing patterns
Diluc is sat beside you as much as he can, that’s when he’s not dragged off by maids to either stop fussing, eat, sleep or bathe. The red-head opts with the idea that Rosaria can defend Mondstat herself while he makes sure he’s beside you in you’re potential last days
Your two month coma really doesn’t do anything for his nerves. Half of the time he’s forced to be away from you he expects to come back and see you dead and the other half he expects to come back seeing you awake and cracking some kind of inappropriate joke for the situation. Each time he returns he’s greeted with neither response
Until one night, where he decided to sneak into the guest room you’re currently occupying and sit at his normal seat at your bedside. Dilluc hadn’t expected to but he falls asleep hunched over, his head on your shoulder
You awake slowly, slowly becoming aware of your surroundings and each part of your body, you try to ignore the more sensitive, wounded parts of your body. You feel the weight of Dilucs head then you see his red hair. You quickly presume that something horrible must have happened for your partner to be sat beside you like this
“Diluc” you call the mans name a few times before his head rises and his eyes meet yours
“Is this a dream?” he asks his hands a few ghosting the side of your face like he’s scared that the moment he’ll truly touch you you’ll disappear
“My dear, why don’t you come and lay beside me and figure that out yourself” you console taking the initiative to touch Dilucs face, he nods and crawls into bed beside you
You direct Diluc to snuggle into his chest, from the brief moments you’ve seen him for you can push aside the need for answers to see Diluc look less tired and done with everything around him
Not feeling tired but wanting to comfort your partner you find yourself petting his loose locks and whispering sweet nothings before you fall asleep again
The next morning Diluc wakes with groggy eyes and you greet him with a smile and a kiss “So uh, I took a tumble?” you jest with a smile on your face
“That’s an understatement” he comments before burying his face back into your chest
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believerindaydreams · a month ago
still hoping to get this story done before it kills me, do not even wanna think about the A03 transfer
"I'm tired of waiting for them," Cindy says; so we have a quiet marriage in the Rivet City chapel. Pre-war cakes. She gets to throw a broc flower bouquet.
Truth is, I've stopped expecting the others to settle. Daisy's growing up, talking and running and finding endless fascination in the world; she calls me papa and Cindy mama now, we don't stop her. We're the ones who care for her after all, who'll wean her off Brahmin milk and start schooling her. Cindy fixed her a new dress the other day- and this for a kid with a seamstress mother.
I'm not complaining, not exactly. This part of it is what I wanted- a kid without the whole bother of fucking a woman for it. We knew I'd be a big part of any kid's life, when we set up in Novac.
But I feel like they're gone. The trio that sweeps into Rivet City at intervals, planning the future of the wasteland and preparing to fight any comers, they're more like ghosts than my loves. Everything that made them dear to me bowed or broken, under the weight of faction politics.
Sometimes I dream about taking them back west. Watching them turn back into people, under a warm sky and endless light.
Then I wake up; and have to consider that perhaps they wouldn't even want it, now.
Whenever Sarah Lyons wants to go on a date, she asks us if we'd like to go shoot some outcasts.
We say yes- one of these days, they're going to make a play for the Flyer, so the fewer the better- and go out with power armor and power fists. Have a good time punching the heck out of people until we're tired out, then we'll find a deserted shack or lonely cliff and have a ringin', dingin' three-way.
Christine says I should stop calling it that. I say she's free to give me a better one.
Anyhow, one night we are doing this, out of the punchy phase and into the more mellow part of the evening. Tonight it's the edge of the water, past even where the riverboat goes to Point Lookout.
Christine has salvaged a tattered prewar greeting card from somewhere, with holographic roses when you open it up and a programmable voice chip. This is how you know I have the best girlfriend from here to the Mojave.
So we're playing around with this, making it say cusses and generally having a good time, when we get interrupted. A giant robot on the horizon will do that.
"They're taking Liberty Prime for a spin without you? Sarah, that's very rude."
"Don't I know it," Sarah agrees. "Not a bad vantage point though, is it?"
And then Christine, who did not get to be in the Circle of Steel merely for her abundant charms, blows smoke into her face and says "Brahmin shit. You're here because you planned this."
"Okay, I might have done." She opens a box of gum drops, holds them out. I take a couple. Christine pulls out her binoculars.
"Going upriver...why? Are you testing?"
Sarah nods and puts a gum drop in her mouth. She looks amazingly sweet sucking on it.
"Aww, that's romantic. Isn't it, C- hey, C?"
"You wouldn't need to march it across a bridge just for road testing."
I know when my girlfriend has her "uh-oh, fight time" voice on. I finish the gum drop and contemplate my eclectic collection of punch aids. These days I carry a lot of them.
"What's it fighting, Sarah?" There are times when Christine almost sounds like her old self, and one of those is when she's really, really annoyed.
"Enclave. We had the word down from the Pitt this morning, no military engagement. So that frees us up for the war we were going to have, before Arcade Gannon decided to pull a fast one- I hope he used the time wisely."
"But there aren't any serious Enclave targets on that side of the river. The Jefferson Memorial isn't worth that kind of firepower, not when the Temple is keeping the G.E.C.K."
"There's Rivet City," Sarah says softly.
The route forms in my head like a mathematical equation. "But- Nacochtank- there's people living all along the coast there! All the Followers!"
"Then maybe they shouldn't have decided to supply an Enclave base-"
I don't know the rest of what Sarah said, because I'm already diving in the water. Swimming so far would be impossible normally, but with power armor maybe I'll get there in time to save something-
help someone-
salvage what's left-
the goddamn bitch invited us here on purpose, so that the only two people who might be able to shut Liberty Prime down would be too far away to help.
And I guess Christine comes to that conclusion too, because I can hear firing on the shore behind me.
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𝕬𝖓 𝕰𝖈𝖑𝖎𝖕𝖘𝖊 𝖍𝖆𝖘 𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖊..
Tumblr media
"Ah.. Opera Populaire..."
What was used to be a lair illuminated by the stars and the moon was gone. Replaced with an extravagant, Baroque style Opera House. Warm golden in color as a chandelier hung in the middle of the theater. Rows and rows of velvet seats, all pointed towards the spacious stage hidden behind those heavy curtains. Boxes hovered, like balconies.
A man with golden hair and almond eyes in the shade of amber appeared in a certain Box..
Box 5.
"Curious?" His amber eyes landed on you, who suddenly found yourself in the middle of the stage dressed in a white ballgown. There was no one to look at you. No one but the man in Box 5. In a blink of an eye, the man's form vanished, now bowing in front of you, his back facing the empty seats.
"If you're ever wondering who I am... Do call me Storian." Storian straightened his back as he looked at you. He was dressed in pristine clothes, fit to the setting.
"Are you curious? Why you've found yourself not in my lair, but in an Opera House?" He tilted his head as he observed your lost expression, "Come. Follow me to your dressing room. I figure this stage might be too spacious for you while I explain our situation." Storian offered his arm. at which you held onto.
Tumblr media
The door was opened by Storian, bowing to you as he held the door open for you like a butler. As you walked into the dressing room, what greeted you was an extravagant room filled with bouquets of flowers, ranging from a dozen or even a gigantic size. Paintings hung on the wall, showing the prima donnas who used to grace the stage with their voices.
On the wall, facing the only door of the dressing room was a mirror that was almost the height of the wall. Its resemblance, uncanny to the Dark Mirror.
"Welcome to Opera Pomefiore, Mx. (L/n)..!" The golden-haired man spread his arms as he stood in the middle of the dressing room, his lips quirked up in a mysterious smile. "Or should I say.." With a tilt of his head, his mysterious smile morphed into an enigmatic smirk, "Mx. Daae?"
"Mx... Daae..??" You blinked in confusion as you looked at Storian, replaying what he called you in your mind. What you received was nothing but a chuckle from the man as he guided you in front of the vanity. What greeted you was a woman with brown curls, an aged man behind her, playing with her brown locks. Confusion strengthened as you looked at your own locks and found (h/l) (h/c) instead of brown curls. A man who looks years younger than the old man in the mirror.
"I take it that you've seen our supposed reflection then?" Amber eyes were filled with mirth as he looked back at your lost gaze. His hands playing with gently playing with your hair.
"An Eclipse has commenced in my lair, my dear wisher." His amber eyes traveled from you into his supposed reflection. "A story shall be distorted. It's up to you and me on how this shall end. Whether we shall follow Christine Daae's footsteps and choose to love Vicomte de Chagny, or in this case, Vicomte Hunt, or choose to love the Opera Ghost known as Eric, or the Opera Queen, Vil."
His hands dropped to your shoulders, "I bid you good luck, prima donna."
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A Long Time Coming
Tumblr media
Summary:  Your past is a mystery. No one knows who your parents are or where they ended up after you were born. Somehow you found yourself working with S.H.I.E.L.D, resulting in a knock off super soldier serum saving your life meaning you weren’t a regular agent anymore. The Avengers welcomed you with open arms, friendships blossoming with the entire team, especially the adorable God of Thunder.
Warnings: None, just fluff
A/N: I’m so happy with how this series turned out! I’m sad it’s done but I’m working on some Loki fics at the moment! Requests are always welcome too :)
Chapter 10 (Epilogue) 
Six years later
The sweet smell of blooming flowers welcomed me as I stepped into the garden, and the sun warmed my skin as I wandered down the winding paths. I rubbed soft circles over my swollen belly, trying to soothe the restlessness of our growing baby as I walked. The sun glistened off the running water of the fountain in the far corner of the garden, where I could hear familiar voices as I crept closer. I stopped behind a large tree a few feet from the fountain as I watched the heartwarming scene play out in front of me.
           “Again! Again!” our young son shouted at Thor.
           “Modi,” Thor chuckled; he tried to resist but quickly picked him up again. Thor gently tossed our son over his head, causing a fit of giggles to burst from Modi’s lips. A beautiful smile was spread across Thor’s face as he laughed; moments like these were some of my most cherished. Thor went out of his way to set aside the time to be a father; nothing, not even being king, came before his children.
           “Brother! You are going to wake her,” another voice caught my attention. Turning slightly, I noticed the familiar green of Loki’s cloak as he twirled in slow circles, opposite Thor and Modi. As Loki turned his body again, I saw the small body of 3-year old Thrud, tucked in his arms, her head leaning on his shoulder, a tiny hand fisted in his curly black hair. I recognized the lullaby Loki was singing as one Thor taught me; their mother used to sing it to them as children. Loki may have hurt his brother many times over the years, but I never doubted how much he adored his niece and nephew; he was trying to be better.
           “Loki, you are growing soft,” I chuckled as I walked towards him.
           “Look at her; how could I not,” he whispered, a small smile pulling at his lips.
           “Mommy!” Modi yelled, wiggling free of Thor’s grasp.
           “Hello, my love,” I greeted him warmly.
           “Little one, what are you doing out here?” Thor questioned.
           “I can’t stay cooped up all day, dear,” I sighed, pouting slightly.
           “Fresh air is always good (Y/N),” Loki cut in, smirking at his brother.
           “How are you feeling today?” Thor said, his large hand resting on my protruding stomach.
           “Good. Tired but good,” I smiled up at Thor, his blue eyes meeting mine. Thor leaned down, keeping his hand on my stomach to press a soft kiss to my lips.
           “I love you, my queen,” Thor whispered against my lips.
           “And I love you, my king,” I connected out lips again. “Ow!” I jumped, my hand pausing next to Thor’s.
           “Awe is someone jealous,” Thor laughed, having felt the violent kick of his second son. “I love you too, Magni,” he chuckled again, leaning down to press his lips to my stomach. Seconds later, Modi ran by grabbing Thor’s hand; the sudden contact caught Thor off guard, causing him to stumble before chasing after his son. I shuffled towards the bench near Loki, needing to get off my feet; Loki took a seat next to me, gently repositioning Thrud in his lap.
           “Where’s Sigyn?” I asked as he continued softly singing to his niece.
           “The market. She is looking for something for our anniversary,” he sighed, rolling his eyes; I caught the ghost of a smile on his lips. “Oh well, hello darling,” Loki chuckled. I glanced over to see Thrud stirring, whispering something to Loki as she twirled one of his curls around her tiny finger. I watched my daughter giggle with Loki, a tender smile on her lips, before turning towards the sound of laughter to see Thor fighting with Modi to get out of the fountain, a joyful smile on his face. The weight of how truly lucky I am settled around me; nothing could compare to this.
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The Irreplaceable Charlie Weasley: Pt. 2, Ch. 2
In the last week of August, the Weasleys and I met my mum in Diagon Alley just like my mum and Molly planned. We bought our books and got Pip his favorite treats. Charlie and I were drooling and pressing our hands on the window display of Quality Quidditch Supplies.
We then stopped at the café Tulip's mum owned just to find out that Tulip wasn't there but her mum told us that she would tell her to meet us on the Platform 9 ¾ on the 1st September. Molly also took Bill to get new robes as he grew quite a lot over the Summer and Charlie got Bill's old robes. His freckled cheeks turned pink as his mum told that in front of me and my mum but I didn't care.
On several occasions, Charlie got embarrassed as he talked about his home or his things, most belonging to Bill before him. I have never seen it as a bad thing that they didn't have as much money as some of the other Pure Blood families. My parents had quite a stock of gold in our Gringotts vault as a Curse Breaker and an Auror but what good did that do me if I didn't see them most of the year.
I would've done anything to have my mum or my dad at home as Molly stayed at home with Charlie and his siblings. Their house was also something that wasn't embarrassing at all. I liked the smell of wood and honeysuckle and I liked the fact that it was a bit cramped. You feel more like a family rather than in a big house.
When we got all of our things, my mum said goodbye to me as she had to hurry back to work. She gave me a big hug as tears gathered in her eyes. I knew she felt bad that she wouldn't be able to accompany me to the Station in a week's time and I knew she wanted more than anything to spend my last week out of Hogwarts with me but she couldn't get time off work.
That's why I returned to the Burrow with the Weasleys, something I really didn't mind. I couldn't deny that I missed my mum but being surrounded by such a loving family made me forget just how much I miss spending time with my parents.
On 1st September Molly took me, Bill, and Charlie to the Platform 9 ¾, accompanied by Percy, Fred, and George while Arthur stayed at home with Ron and Ginny as it was a Sunday.
She hugged her sons and wished them a great year at Hogwarts and then she looked at me.
“Oh, Nova dear, it was so nice to have you in our home.” She cupped my cheeks.
“Thank you for having me Molly, I had a great time.” I smiled.
“Have a good year, study hard, and take notes.” She stopped for a second. “Your mum told me to say that to you.” She winked at me. “And take care of my boys, will you? My heart is lighter knowing that they have you, especially Charlie.” She pulled me into a tight embrace.
“Mum!” Charlie frowned, embarrassed.
“Bill, you look after these two. Make sure they stay in line.” She hugged both, Bill and Charlie, again and gave them a soft kiss on the cheek.
We wanted to enter the train when I heard someone calling my name. It was Tulip who was looking all over for us in the crowd. Together we got on the train and found that Tonks and Penny already reserved a compartment for us.
We all hugged and I couldn't help but feel happy as we were all together again. Jae, the Gryffindor Charlie spent time with and spent more time with Tulip and Tonks than any of us by the end of our First Year, joined us for a second but couldn't stay as our compartment already had 6 seats taken.
Tulip started to explain what a mundane Summer she had as she was mostly helping her mum in her coffee shop but she didn't mind as she made quite a lot of money and was saving it for Zonko's Joke Shop next year when we are going to be allowed to go to Hogsmeade for the first time.
Tonks showed us all the scars Merlin gave her over the Summer and we were puzzled as to why her parents didn't use a charm to heal her hands. She admitted that she liked spending the time with the cat after all and that she kicked him off the bed one night as she didn't know he was there and felt sorry for him as he came back to cuddle.
She also told us that 2 out of 4 pranks she planned for her parents succeeded and that to her astonishment her parents still loved her.
Penny gave us a rather short version of her beach vacation as all of us sent her a confused letter when she sent us greetings from Brighton. She instead told us that mum taught her how to brew 3 new potions, 2 of which we won't learn in class for another year. She also told us how annoying her little sister was as she kept bombarding her with questions about Hogwarts and wanted to know when she could meet all of her friends.
It was fun to see the Sorting Ceremony from the House Tables instead of being sorted. Ravenclaw gained 4 new witches and 2 new wizards. Tulip and I couldn't help but reminisce about our Sorting Day and admitted that we don't miss it at all.
After the feast, we went to our dormitories, and much to Tulip and mine's surprise we knew exactly how to get to the Ravenclaw Common Room. Our room was still looking good and still had the best view of the entire castle.
A little before we went to bed, Professor Flitwick gathered us all in the Common Room, giving us our class schedules as tomorrow was Monday and the classes were ready to begin.
Our schedules this year were packed way more than the previous year where we only had 2, max 3 classes per day. Now we had at least 4 classes per day except 3 on Friday.
The schedule read:
Monday – Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology
Tuesday - Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Double Charms, Astronomy at Midnight
Wednesday – Double Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic
Thursday – Transfiguration, Double Potions, History of Magic, Herbology, Astronomy at Midnight
Friday – Potions, Charms, Transfiguration
We had classes with the same Houses as last year and even though we knew that we had History of Magic, Tulip and I kind of hoped that the teachers would forget about it and we wouldn't have to go. That, of course, was not the case.
I decided that I wouldn't try out for the House Quidditch Team this year just yet. I still felt that I could use a bit of practice and I teased Charlie that I would let him have the Quidditch Cup this year as we would win every year after that with me on the team.
Charlie tried out for the Gryffindor Team but wasn't picked as the Quidditch Captain picked his little brother as Team's Seeker. He was pretty bummed out about it and we had to go to Hagrid's every day after school for almost a week so Hagrid could cheer him up by telling us stories about different creatures he encountered or owned at any point in his life.
Penny, of course, loved the fact that we had so much more school work and Potions 3 times per week made her heart pump faster.
Tonks however made me and Charlie question our prediction that she would wait until the end of the year to have a breakdown as she already refused to do her homework. She and Penny got into constant fights because Penny couldn't understand how she doesn't care about homework one bit and Tonks didn't understand why she cared so much about it.
I did pretty well and kept up with most of my schoolwork. Penny only had to help me with one of my Potions essays and Tulip and I always did Astronomy homework immediately after class. It did mean that we stayed up almost all night since Astronomy classes were at Midnight but we enjoyed each other's company and the little chats we had together as we didn't have the opportunity to spend that much time alone outside of class.
She was sneaking around the Castle with Tonks and Jae most of the days as I spent my time with either Penny or Charlie by the Lake, at Hagrid's, in the Owlery with Pip, or in the Courtyard, which was still my favorite place to draw.
It seemed that Charlie rarely left Hagrid's and I am sure he wouldn't even do that if it wasn't for me and he wanted to spend time with me. As Second Years, we were allowed to bring our own brooms to school and when the weather was nice Charlie liked to practice his flying by the Lake, me throwing a ball for him to catch.
One Tuesday it so happened that we had a free period when we were supposed to have Herbology. Apparently, one of the Forth Years accidentally angered a plant and it trapped them in the Herbology classroom resulting in our class being rescheduled for next week. As Tulip and I wandered around the Castle, we decided to see what was so bad about the girl's bathroom on the Second Floor.
See, the day before, we heard a couple of Slytherin girls from the year above us say that they are never going in there again and that they wouldn't wish it upon their worst enemy to get locked in there and that said a lot about Slytherins.
My school bag was unusually heavy that day but I didn't pay attention to it as I was sure that I misread the schedule and put an extra book in there.
When we got to the bathroom it looked quite normal to us. We knocked and nothing happened. We peeked inside and it didn't smell bad or seem in any way out of the ordinary.
We took a deep breath and went in, eyes closed as we were expecting something bad to happen. We thought we came upon a completely normal-looking bathroom and almost left but then we heard something in one of the bathroom stalls. We stopped, turned around and listened carefully.
It sounded like a girl was crying and for a second we were really mad at Slytherins for making fun out of a crying girl.
All of a sudden a ghost of a girl came through the door of one of the cubicles. She looked at us startled as much as we looked at her in shock. At first, she looked quite happy to see us. She told us that her name is Myrtle and that she lives in the bathroom. We didn't see anything wrong with that until Tulip made a very big mistake. She asked her what happened to her.
Myrtle burst into tears and started to cry rather loudly. After the crying stopped she started screaming and became angry and just as we were about to leave, the belt on my bag ripped and I heard something broke inside it.
“What the bloody hell was that?” Tulip whispered as she was quite taken aback by Myrtle.
“I have no idea.” I replied as I watched Myrtle getting closer to my bag.
I took a deep breath and ran towards it. I had my drawing notebook in there and I didn't know much about ghosts so I didn't know if Myrtle could ruin it or not. I grabbed my bag and out fell something that looked a lot like a...
“Dungbomb! Nova run!” Yelled Tulip and opened the bathroom door.
We got out just in time and as the doors were closing, we saw how the bomb exploded straight into Myrtle's face as she was too slow to realize what we were running away from.
We ran down the corridor and all the way to the Great Hall and when we finally caught our breath did we manage to understand what happened. We knew we were supposed to feel bad but just by exchanging looks, we burst out laughing.
We laughed so hard that I was beginning to feel cramps in my stomach and Tulip was clapping in a way that reminded me of a clapping seal.
Our friends ran to us, asking what was going on and upon telling them how we sneaked in and detonated a Dungbomb on a crying ghost, Tonks finally spoke.
“No! I was saving that for tomorrow!” She got sad.
“Wait, the bomb was yours?” My face puzzled. “What was it doing in my bag?” I frowned at her.
“Well, you take care of your bag the most as your drawing notebook is inside and I needed a safe place for it until tomorrow to execute my plan.” Tonks' face was as pink as her hair. “See, I wanted to hide the bomb from myself as I knew I wouldn't be able to resist using it today rather than tomorrow.” She explained.
“And you put it in my bag? The bag that has my most prized notebook inside?” I was trying to keep my voice as normal as possible. “What if I didn't grab the bag and the bomb went off with my notebook still inside?” My eyes narrowed.
“Blimey Nova, I'm sorry. I did package the bomb carefully but I didn't think about that.” She scratched her nose.
I couldn't be angry at her, not after what Tulip and I just witnessed, especially because my notebook was alright.
We had to tell the story again as our whole lot laughed, including Penny who wanted to feel sorry for Myrtle but the whole incident was just too funny. Tonks, however, promised that she would never put anything that would either rip or ruin any contents inside my bag ever again as I sewed it back together with a spell.
I spent most of my weekends after lunch with Charlie by the Lake. We got a few new books from Hagrid as he reckoned we were ready for them. While reading them out loud to each other, we usually daydreamed about playing Quidditch and we couldn't wait until the end of the school year when the Second Year students had to pick Elective Subjects as we already knew one of them was going to be Care of Magical Creatures.
Bill sometimes joined us, however, Charlie and I both thought that he was daydreaming about a girl rather than creatures and that he joined us as an excuse to keep an eye on us. Pip also accompanied us to the Lake often and was quite surprised when I started drawing other creatures, inspired by my Self-Doodler rather than him. Serves him right for not wanting to pose for me over the Summer.
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Love Like A Story
Word Count: 2033
Pairings: Lucifer Morningstar x Reader
Warnings: angst, pining because that is definitely a warning lol, fluff
A/N: Request from wattpad
Summary: Love was a fairy tale, it didn't exist beyond movies and words on the pages of a book. With your fair share of heartache and break, you'd decided you were better off alone, but Lucifer's determined to show you love wasn't a trope for the story books.
Such a persistent devil.
You stacked the books from your cart onto shelves lined with even more books. Some new, some old, all with a story or more to tell. This little shop was your own slice of heaven, your refuge from the world outside. You had no need to venture out when any adventure you could ever want was right here, between the pages of all these books. The bell above your shop door chimed faintly, and you called out to whomever it was.
"We're not open yet!"
The sound of footsteps grew nearer and a familiar man poked his head around the shelf you were stacking.
"I'm just here to pick up my order, assuming you have it?"
You smiled faintly, dusting your hands off from the older books that had collected more dust than the ones towards the front of the store.
"Mr. Morningstar, nice to see you again."
Lucifer was a regular in your little shop, always seeking to expand his library and occasionally asking you to find books you weren't sure even existed anymore. You always came through though, and you supposed that was why he kept coming back.
"How many times must I insist you call me Lucifer?"
His voice followed after you as you walked back towards the counter.
"You're my customer, not my friend." You replied, albeit a bit stiffly.
Lucifer raised an eyebrow leaning against the counter as you walked behind it, shuffling through a box.
"Shall I pretend not to be offended?"
You mostly ignored his comment, setting a very large and very old book in front of him. The pages were well-worn and bound in a material you suspected wasn't leather. Lucifer smiled and ran his fingers over the spine before open the book.
Words you couldn't understand were written on the pages, and he seemed even happier upon that discovery.
"You even got it in the original Sanskrit."
You shrugged a bit, although you did feel rather proud of yourself.
"It's what you asked for."
Lucifer pulled an envelope from the inner pocket of his suit and held it out to you. Another reason he was your favorite customer is because he paid handsomely for finding books like this. Honestly he was keeping your shop afloat. You grabbed the envelope but frowned when he didn't let go.
"Mr. Morningstar, you don't get the book until I get my money."
He tsked, still not letting go.
"It's Lucifer my dear, go on try it." He smirked.
You sighed, tapping your fingers on the counter. It was safe to say you were his match when it came to stubbornness. His hand brushed yours when he leaned forward a bit, and you tried to ignore the feeling his skin brushing against yours gave you. You stared him down before he let out a dramatic sigh.
"Very well if you won't say my name at least humor my curiosity for a moment."
You nodded, and he relinquished his hold on the envelope, which you tucked into the cash register.
"Do you ever leave this shop? You always seem to be here, don't you ever go out?"
"Why would I? I have everything I need here."
That answer didn't seem to satisfy him, and he frowned.
"Don't you have friends who miss you? Family? A lover to be with perhaps?"
He noticed the tense of your shoulders, your lips pressed in a thin line, and you pressed the book into his hands, causing him to fumble with it.
"I don't need those things. Have a good day, Mr. Morningstar."
He stared at you surprised by your sudden hostility, and he stood there a moment, holding his book.
"But my dear, surely you don't enjoy being so alone..."
"Goodbye Mr. Morningstar."
You turned away from him, busying yourself with marking the transaction down in your receipt book. Lucifer stood there a moment longer before leaving without another word. You waited until you heard the bell chime before releasing your breath, leaning back against the wall.
You didn't need anyone. It was never worth the heartache that followed after they left, you decided long ago being alone is what you wanted, and he wasn't about to change that.
Not if you could help it.
Although Lucifer continued to come as he regularly did, he noticed you grew even more distant than before. Which was saying something because the two of you were never very close to begin with. Not for a lack of trying on his part though, you stopped any advances of friendship he made. Now however, you didn't speak to him at all.
Not beyond a polite greeting, or the total of his purchases. He'd even accept you calling him Mr. Morningstar, as long as it meant you'd at least look at him.
"Are you alright darling? You seem very off lately."
You didn't answer him as you rung up the stacks of books he had sat down. Lucifer frowned when you wordlessly began loading them into a bag.
The provoked a small glance from you, he seldom used your name, preferring to call you darling, or dear, occasionally love if he was in an especially chipper mood.
"Good day Mr. Morningstar."
Lucifer frowned when you handed him the bag, his hand brushed yours as he grabbed the bag, and you jerked your hand back as if he had burnt you. He didn't leave though, continued to stare at you until you finally met his eye.
He studied you closely before leaning towards you a bit, with a wall behind you there was nowhere to run. You couldn't seem to force yourself to look away, eyes locked with his.
"Tell me darling... what do you desire most in this world?"
You didn't want to answer, really you didn't, but you found your lips moving before you could stop them.
"I want to be alone, completely and utterly alone."
Lucifer stood up straight, shock and concern written all over his face. You blinked rapidly for a few seconds, breaking whatever spell had fallen over you.
"Why would you desire such a dreary existence?"
You scowled, angry at yourself for saying that out loud, angry at him for asking.
"Everyone always leaves in the end, love is just a fairy tale, a story better left to empty words on a page."
Lucifer's heart ached to hear you say such a sad thing, it left him wondering who'd hurt you so. You didn't give him much of a chance to ask before opening your shop door.
"I have work to do, Mr. Morningstar, please leave."
Your cool tone left no room for argument making it clear you were telling him, not asking. Lucifer conceded, leaving you alone with your darkening thoughts.
You closed the shop early that night, locking the door behind you as the sun began to set. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you saw Lucifer standing outside, smoking a cigarette. He put it out once he saw you though.
"Hello love, I was wondering when you'd come out!"
You stared at him confused and a frown tugged at the corners of your mouth.
"Have you been waiting for me out here this whole time?"
"Well yes, I wasn't sure if I'd be welcome back into your shop today, after what happened."
He said it so casually as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
"So I could walk you home of course!"
"I can walk myself, Mr. Morningstar."
You shouldered past him, but that phased him very little as he fell into step beside you.
"It's after hours, none of that Mr. Morningstar nonsense, surely it'd be appropriate to call me Lucifer now?"
You slowed to a stop, sighing as you turned to him.
"If I do, will you leave me alone."
"For tonight, yes."
"Then thank you, Lucifer, but I'd really like to walk myself home."
His excitement over you finally saying name canceled out your dismissal of him, and he smiled widely.
"Well then a deal's a deal, I'll see you tomorrow my dear!"
And just like that he was strolling away, you stared after him a moment before shaking your head and going on your way. That didn't stop the ghost of a smile that graced your lips though.
True to his word he did come the next day, and the day after that, and every day since. By the end of the month you'd gotten so used to having him around you began to look forward to the lunch breaks you'd take with him, the evenings he'd walk you home, and you'd pretend not to notice he guided you the long way just to talk longer.
It'd become so normal for you that when he abruptly stopped coming one day you grew worried. He'd never been late before, and you'd received no text nor call. Given your past, your thoughts began to darken, perhaps he'd decided to leave you like everyone had.
Really could you blame him?
It had to be you if everyone kept disappearing from your life. You were so lost in your harsh thoughts you didn't even realize you were crying until your eyes began to burn. You wiped the tears away harshly, scolding yourself for being so weak.
"You were fine on your own before, and you'll be fine now." You firmly told yourself, but you had trouble believing your own words.
When had you allowed yourself to start relying on Lucifer?
The bell above the door chimed, and you turned around surprised. Lucifer stood in the doorway, shrugging off his drenched coat to hang it on the hook in the wall. He fixed his hair with one hand holding a bag in the other. He was soaked from head to toe, probably from the downpour outside.
"I'm terribly sorry I'm so late darling, I wasn't expecting the rain and got- Oh."
You had abruptly hugged him, catching him off guard, but he placed a gentle hand to your back nonetheless.
"You'll get wet if you cling to me like that." He said softly.
"I'm sorry..." You spoke, stepping away from him.
"Oh no my dear, it's perfectly alright! I just didn't want you to catch a cold." Lucifer said quickly upon seeing your tears.
You laughed a little, wiping your eyes.
"That's not why I'm crying."
"Then what is it?" He asked carefully.
Seeing Lucifer standing there, drenched from the rain, looking at you so concerned made you suddenly feel very foolish. How could ever assume he'd just abandon you.
"It's silly now that I think about it... but you were late, and I thought... maybe you weren't coming back."
Your voice grew quieter towards the end and Lucifer let out a small sigh.
Not one of annoyance or irritation, but relief, and he walked over to you.
"Does this mean you don't want to be alone anymore?"
You thought for a moment, your insecurities were still there, the small fears, but you were more scared of not having Lucifer by your side anymore.
"I guess I wouldn't mind... if you wanted to stick around."
He smiled proudly and forgetting his earlier concern of you catching a cold, hugged you tightly, kissing the top of your head. The bag in his hand crinkled, and you pulled back to look at it curiously.
"Oh that's right! I got you a little gift!"
He held the bag out to you, and you opened it eagerly, your heart skipping a beat when you pulled out the book.
"Lucifer, this is... how did you find this?"
The book you held in your hand was one you'd been desperately searching for, but it was so rare you suspected you'd never find it, let alone afford it.
"I called in a few favors, a little gift to commemorate our time together. It's nothing really, you're always finding rare books for me."
You laughed a little running your fingers along the cover.
"But Lucifer this is..."
You laughed once more, throwing your arms around his neck as you hugged him tightly.
"It's amazing, thank you."
He smiled, hugging you back as he leaned into your touch.
"You're worth it my love."
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𖥻 NANAMI KENTO; second to none
Tumblr media
𖥻 angst, nanami x f!reader, 1.6k, no spoilers dw!
𖥻 fate is a painful thing, sometimes. if it’s not meant to be, it will just never work out. even if nanami avoids it.
𖥻 a/n; yes i added in a sentence from that scene, if you know you know </3 pls have mercy on my 5am brain <3 reblogs appreciated, & thank you to everyone who reads this! thanks to @nikki--han for betaing mwa <3
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento does not have a girlfriend.
He sighs.
So why does he have a girl wrapping her arms around his waist at—he glances at his watch—10.38pm? Outside a bar, no less. Don’t you know how dangerous this is? Are you wasted?
“Ah, there you are, baby,” you coo, shooting him your best pouty face.
Now he’s really thinking you’ve gone crazy.
You look a lot younger than him, but looks can be deceiving. Looking at the tax papers popping out of your purse you’re at least an adult. He’s guessing, what, two, maybe three years younger than him?
Nanami groans inwardly. He really doesn’t want to deal with whatever this is, but it would be rude of him to just shove you off of himself. He has more manners than that. Besides, if this is some lame attempt at a robbery, he can handle the situation well enough alone. He has nothing to worry about.
Just as he’s about to ask you what your deal is, the man sauntering out of the bar doors tell him all he needs to know. What with the overwhelming stench of sake and his all in all perverted demeanour. Even knowing nothing about him, Nanami can tell he’s lecherous, vile.
Did he try to make a move on you? Is the expression in your eyes one of desperately hidden fear?
Without hesitance, Nanami wraps an arm around your shoulder and greets you with a smile, “sorry dear, my meeting ran a little late, but I’ll make it up to you okay? How about we head home first?”
You hug him a little bit tighter, nodding and burying your head in his chest. Nanami can tell you are grateful for his quick wit. Anyone can tell you just want to get away from that man. So Nanami escorts you slowly away, nearer to the main street, all while making sure no one (read: a certain sicko) follows.
Once he makes sure you’re not being followed, he unwraps his arm and you awkwardly shift away from him. (In all honesty, you think you lucked out. This man really isn’t a bad guy after all. He didn’t drag you into a dark alley or leave you to your own misery, he brought you out into the open and even walked you all the way to the taxi stand.)
“Thank you so much, mister,” you exclaim, hands clenched into fists at your sides and giving him a ninety-degree bow.
Nanami says a curt “no problem, be safe,” before turning to leave, his hands in his pockets. After all, there is nothing more needed from him from here. You are safe, and there are plenty of cabs. By the time you enter the cab, you’d be fine. If, by some kind of luck, the earlier pervert managed to rush into the cab, Nanami would be close enough to lend you a hand.
Of course, the latter is highly unlikely.
So why does he feel a sudden grip on his elbow?
He turns around to find you holding onto him, eyes darted to the side sheepishly. He only stops in his tracks and waits for your explanation.
Before he knows it, you’re fumbling around in your purse for something. “I know it’s not much, but,” you slowly pull a small geometric terrarium out of your purse, “I want you to have this.”
It looks pretty, all nestled in your palms. The fake grass lines the bottom half of the terrarium, a small array of flowers and decorative lights occupying the rest of the space. Nanami’s best guess is that you work as a florist, or something similar at the very least.
You don’t let him refuse your gift though, because you reach out and place the terrarium in his large hands, before slipping your business card into his coat pocket, a grin spreading across your face—the happiest you’ve looked in the past five minutes.
“Please come and visit me when you have the time, okay? I want to properly thank you,” you insist. Nanami doesn’t say a thing, honestly quite stumbled by what you’re expecting out of him. “I’ll be expecting you,” is all you say, a giggle trailing after you as you hop onto a cab.
Nanami is left to stare at the gift in his hands. It’s a little rough around the surface, but there is beauty in it.
He pulls your card out of his pocket. He’s right.
You are a florist.
Tumblr media
He doesn’t know what possessed him to actually listen to you and visit you within the next week, maybe it was the fact he is undeniably intrigued by your person—or is it something else entirely?—but he isn’t displeased with his time.
You were training a new hire the first time he came by, sweetly asking him to wait for just a minute while you finished up. (It turned out to be an hour, but as much as Nanami hated the prospect of wasted time, he found himself unable to get mad at you. How could he, when you looked so attractive when you were so focused on your work, nimble fingers crafting a personalised bouquet.)
It had been a lunch as a thank you gift, or so you claimed. Given the way you managed to insist upon meeting him yet another time, Nanami could tell it was something more. Did you actually enjoy the company? Although the reason why is beyond him—he wasn’t one to talk much.
You, on the other hand, managed to fill the silence with your flower talk, or your general views on life, which Nanami didn’t mind, really. He learned a lot about flowers after knowing you (although he didn’t know what he would really do with that information), and he agrees with whatever you talk about life, which made it easy to be around you.
He wasn’t one too get attached easily, he could very well just stop visiting you altogether, but something nags at the back of his mind, his own voice telling him he might never meet another like you. So he lets himself continue this little friendship.
Of course, Nanami made sure he didn’t get too close. The nature of his work doesn’t allow you the luxury of safety if he were to somehow develop more than friendship with you. Even now, being friends with a plain mortal, he doubted it. Would you be safe if this ensued?
Nanami put his faith in it, though. If any cursed spirits were to come and bother you, he would make sure to save you.
Tumblr media
It’s now roughly a year since he first met you that night. The last time he saw you before today was just a couple of days ago.
Apparently you were going to move back home to take care of your sick parents for a while. The trainee was there learning to take over while you were gone. The pair of you were a sweet duo, both probably what people would refer to as “too sweet for this world”.
Nanami is glad you couldn’t see cursed spirits. Surely you wouldn’t be this sweet if you could. They had a way of dampening one’s spirit.
“Don’t worry,” you comfort the trainee, your hand on her shoulder, “you’ve got it from here.” Your voice is firm, eyes glinting with strength. Even Nanami believed in your words.
He was by the front door watching the whole scene unfold at the cashier a few ways inside, but he could see how your confidence in her gave the girl a much needed confidence boost.
That was you, alright. Infectious in the best way possible.
In all honesty, Nanami wasn’t too sure what to call this except friendship. At the most it would be a ship full of hidden feelings he would never act upon or admit to. It’s way too much of a hassle.
“Shall we get going to your farewell dinner?”
That’s right—you would be gone in three days anyway, for who knows how long. Nanami would miss your company, but this is also for the best, he figures.
Tumblr media
Today, though, is not how he thought he would meet you again.
Your hometown is a nice place, from what he’s seen so far. (He only flew out here last night, but what he’s seen is enough to attest to its beauty.)
Nanami’s hand ghosts your cheek as he clutches the bouquet of flowers tighter. Thanks to you he knew exactly what to get, and even your trainee helped in this regard. You definitely taught her well.
The bouquet in his hands didn’t have any other meaning except that they were all your favourite flowers. He’d noticed whenever you talked about some more than others.
He places the bouquet on the table next to you and squeezes your fingers before turning around to leave.
Human life is painfully fragile even without the existence of cursed spirits, which is why their manifestation is the whole reason Nanami didn’t want to get close to you. Even then things don’t work out in his favour.
Your car accident last week is evidence of that.
Things didn’t work out for you either, huh? Nanami is aware of your parents’ presence in the front row, both wheelchair-bound and falling to pieces. He turns away from the sight—no parents should have to bear witness to their child dying before them.
Nanami turns around, glad his frames are concealing his watery eyes from view as he briefly glances over at your parents as he passes them, your assistant beside them trying to console them, having flown out a day earlier than himself to help with preparations.
“She was such a good and filial daughter,” he catches your mother saying, sobbing into a piece of tissue.
“I bet she was,” your assistant agrees.
“Oh, she definitely is,” your father ascertains, doing his best to force a smile as he looks up at your picture in the front, “the day after her passing the hospital said they received enough funds to give us professional medical treatment. Apparently the payment didn’t go through earlier because of some issue with the bank.”
Nanami is not surprised your father bought the story. At that moment, your assistant’s eyes catches Nanami’s, a knowing look washing over her face. He looks away.
“I just wish I could’ve at least thanked her,” he hears your father sigh, his wish lingering in the wind.
Nanami should stay for the entire service, but today is one of the rare days he doesn’t do what he thinks he should. He can’t take it, so he turns around and leaves, the last sight of you he’ll get to see is the image of you in your casket, a life taken too soon.
Tumblr media
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Maladaptive: (6/7) Loki x Y/n Stark
Tumblr media
Warnings: (badly written) Smut 
Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
In the main room, you walked in to see Bruce and Loki sitting on the comfortable couches and talking with each other. You smiled at both of them and casually sat next to Loki, “Hey guys, what are you talking about?”
Bruce grinned back at your relaxed posture, “Just talking about Loki’s next trip to Asgard.”
You tried not to let your anxiety show as you stiffened and your breath seized in your chest, “Oh… when are you leaving?”
Loki looked over at you, seeing the subtle change, “In a few days.” He noticed how your face fell as you nodded in acknowledgment.
Without another word, you stood up and started to walk back to your bedroom. He wasn’t even gone yet and you were already upset at the thought of being without his company for a few days; Loki had quickly became a comfort to you, his soft voice, reassuring touches throughout the days, his shy smiles.
You were almost back to your room when you heard Loki call your name from behind. Stopping, you waited for him to catch up to you before turning around and meeting his eyes.
Now that you two were alone, he took one of your hands into his, “I know how much you enjoyed my stories about Asgard…” Unsure of where this was heading all you could do was look at Loki with big eyes, “…So I was going to ask you if you wanted to come to with me.”
You’re sure your face must have looked ridiculous, staring up at him in shock. Somehow you managed to answer him,  “I— I would love to.”
Loki looked at you like you promised him the planets and all the stars in the galaxy. His smile was blinding, “We will leave in two days, okay?”
Later that night on a drive to pick up hamburgers, you told your father about Loki’s offer. He was understandably hesitant about you traveling to another plant with the God of Mischief. However, your bright smile and hopeful eyes suckered him into saying yes, after all he couldn’t bear to break your heart.
 Two days later, you were standing outside next to Loki, after waving goodbye to your father, Loki looked down at you and held his elbow out to you before speaking out to the cosmos, “Heimdall?” With a glint in his eyes, he quipped, “You should probably hold onto me, dear.”
Quickly grabbing onto his arm, you braced against him as the blinding beams of light streamed down from the sky and enveloped the two of you. Your stomach flipped and your head whirled as your vision blacked out for what seemed like a second until your feet landed on a hard metal floor.
Opening your eyes once more, you looked around to take in the beautiful, intricate designs of rich gold and shining silver. In front of you was a large, intimidating man in golden armor; he held a sword that came up to his chest and spoke in a thunderous however kind voice, “Hello Prince Loki… Y/n Stark.”
You managed to squeak out a shy hello, terrified by the stranger in front of you however, when you saw Loki grin at him and return his greeting, you knew he was not a threat.
Hand in hand, Loki and yourself walked down the Bifrost towards the glistening city that stood before you. All you could do was stare in shock and awe, willing your feet to continue along the rainbow bridge.
As you drew closer, you stopped, your eyes darting back and forth, overwhelmed with information. Loki reassuringly squeezed your hand and encouraged you, “Come along.”
Eventually you made it inside the city, just as promised, the gold in the streets and the dancing trees made you tightly blink, questioning your own senses. Loki slowly gave you a tour as you made your way up to the palace, letting you take everything in.
Inside the enormous palace, a woman with a kind face and curly blonde hair that was being held back by a crown of gold and silver jewels approached you, her light blue dress swept across the floor with every elegant step.
With a heavy sigh of relief, Loki dropped your hand and took a large step forward to sweep the woman up in his arms, a  grateful smile spreading across his face, “Mother.”
After a moment, they released each other and she turned to you, letting Loki make introductions, “This is Y/n. Y/n, this is my mother, Queen Frigga.”
Even with Loki back at your side, you still felt so unsure of what to do. Sensing that, the queen gently took your hand into both of hers and smiled at you, “It’s lovely to meet you child, welcome to Asgard.”
Feeling more confident, you gracefully shook her hand and tried to make eye contact with her wise gaze, “It’s an honor to meet you.”
She released your hand and looked you and her son up and down once before suggesting, “Loki, why don’t you bring Y/n to Tofa’s and find her some dresses?”
You tried not to be embarrassed as you looked down at your dirty, old Midgardian clothes and realized just how out of place you looked. Together you headed off to the seamstress’. There, Loki was very patient and attentive as you tried on different fabrics of silk and lace, each more exquisite than the last.
After being fit with the dresses, Loki bought you both a navy blue and dark green garment that matched Loki’s cape, not that either of you mentioned it.
Along with the dresses, he handed you a leather bag for your belongings as well as a shining gold and emerald necklace.
With your hand comfortably nestled into his, you continued to walk through the streets of Asgard, watching as Loki greeted the citizens. As often as his attention strayed to others, it always found it’s way back onto you. His thumb dragged over the back of your hand as he whispered in your ear, “You look lovely.”
You strolled together for hours until the sky darkened and the planets shined. You found a bench to rest your feet, as you took in the sights and sounds of the extraterrestrial planet, that is when you brought up something that had been on your mind for weeks, “Loki? Why did you decide to help me when I first came to the compound?”
He thoughtfully sighed and pulled your hand closer onto his lap, looking down at it, “I knew the look of a lost and grieving …and of suffering through it alone. And of being betrayed. I guess… I didn’t want you to be hurt, physically or emotionally.”
You pushed down the nervousness and continued forward with your feelings, “Well thank you, it was what I needed then… a friend.”
He turned to face you, a flash of hurt rushing across his features, “Is that what I am now? A friend?” He desperately searched your face for any signs of feelings towards him.
You shyly admitted, “I was hoping you'd want to be more.”
Loki gently reached out to touch your cheek with the back of his hand, caressing all the flaws he so deeply appreciated, “Never more will you weep alone in your despair. I will forever be by your side to comfort you, to make you laugh until those eyes shine beautifully, to provide for you.”
Taking initiative, you softly kissed his lips, electricity shooting through every inch of your body. After pulling away, you sadly looked at him, knocking your foreheads together and trying to put some emotional distance back between you, “I’m still a mess, you can’t love my broken pieces back together and expect me to magically be fixed.”
Against your lips, Loki chuckled, “I’m not trying to fix you, my dear.” He quickly kissed you again, not being able to wait to finish his sentence, “You can’t fix something that is not broken.”
Just like that, your resolve was broken. You were so desperate for a loving touch and soft words, you didn’t try to stop yourself from melting into every caress.
Together you retired to Loki’s quarters, he handed you an iridescent black sleeping robe to change into and politely turned away to give you your privacy as he changed himself.
After you were both in your silk robes, you climbed into his bed, slowly crawling over his sprawled out body. Softly brushing your lips against his, you felt his cool hands ghost over your sides; goose bumps rose over your arms as a shiver ran down your spine from the single touch.
Before things got too heated, Loki pulled away from you, “We can stop, I am content to just sleep by your side.”
However, you desperately clung onto him, sneaking a hand under his robe and running it along his chest, “I want to feel you, Loki.”
His hands trailed down your body, feeling your soft skin as you vibrated with anticipation. You sat up straddling his lap, allowing him to push your robe off your shoulders, exposing your breasts.
The cool air blowing in from the balcony cascaded over your bare skin. Loki’s piercing blue eyes made that small voice in your head pipe up, telling you to cover up, to hurry up and get this over with but the sweet words coming from his mouth reassured you to slow down and leave your body and heart exposed to him.
You felt his cock stiffen beneath you as your breath quickened. When he slipped into you, a loud gasp escaped your parted lips, your head tipping backwards.
Loki gripped your hips and groaned, your wet heat gripping him tightly, “You’ll be my princess, dear. So beautiful, my love.”
Softly flipping you onto the mattress, Loki started to move his hips, fucking your throbbing wetness.
Your wanting moans spurred him on, encouraging him to go faster. Capturing your parted lips in his, Loki hooked his arm under your knee, hiking your leg above his shoulder and driving into you with unabashed passion.
Every thrust made the coil in your navel curl tighter and tighter. Loki’s hand fisting into your hair and tugging along with his rhythmic thrusts starting to become uncoordinated, you knew he was coming close to his climax as well.
You held onto the back of his head and roughly kissed him before moaning, “Loki… please, I’m so close.”
“Me too, Y/n.” He doubled his efforts, one hand holding you close and the other traveling down tightly wound center to your sex, softly rubbing at your clit. The friction pushed you over the edge as you loudly moaned and felt yourself clench around Loki’s hard cock.
It didn’t take him long to follow you over that cliff, emptying his hot seed inside of you. After you both took a few cooling deep breaths, Loki reluctantly pulled out of you and laid down on his bed next to you, instantly taking you into his arms.
Between the excitement of the day and outstanding sex, you were exhausted. Now wrapped up safely in Loki’s arms with the silk seats draped across your body, you allowed your eyes to close and sleep to claim you.
The next morning, you were surprisingly awake before Loki. Not to wake him, you slowly crawled off the bed and retrieved your sketch book which was now nestled carefully in your leather bag and the robe that had been carelessly discarded last night.
After sitting back down on the plush bed, you started to sketch the room that laid out before you; the couch with designs adorned across the back and light pastel colored pillows. The open balcony door showed a slowly awakening Asgard, the mountain ranges perfectly framing the luminescent city.
From beside you, Loki stirred and blinked his blue eyes open, a sigh escaping his lips as he stretched his naked chest and arms. When you heard him move, you looked over at him, smiling at how lucky you were.
Sitting up, his hands trailed over your relaxed body, his lips pressing a tender kiss to your bare shoulder as you continued drawing. Comfortably holding you, Loki sleepily mumbled against your shoulder, “As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, unfortunately I must attend some council business but feel free to explore. However, please do not go too far, my dear.”
As disappointed as you were to lose his warmth, you understood that he had duties to attend to that you could not accompany him to.
Loki’s green cape cascaded over his shoulders the same way it did yesterday and his hair was freshly combed, the Asgardian clothes he wore made him look like exactly who he was, a God and a prince. He lustfully kissed your lips, taking one more look at you in his bed, your robe half off your shoulder, your hair a mess from the night before and charcoal smeared on your fingers. With one last smile, Loki walked out of the magnificent doors, leaving you alone.
When you were satisfied with the drawing in front of you, you closed your sketch book and climbed out of the elegant bed. Deciding to wear the dark green dress, you pulled it on and slung the leather bag over your shoulder.
You walked through the echoing halls until you came across a large outlook. Slipping into the room, you looked around to make sure you were alone before sitting on one of the couches and taking out your book, starting a new drawing of the mountains that sprawled out in front of you.
Losing yourself in the peace and inside your drawing, you ended up going into much greater detail than you anticipated.
Eventually a voice broke through the silence, “That’s beautiful.”
You startled and jumped a bit in your seat, looking up to see Loki’s mother standing next to you, her hands clamped in front of her, the gold jewelry on her fingers and wrists sparkling in the sunlight.
Her reassuring smile was comforting to you as you moved over for her to sit next to you, “Oh! Queen Frigga, you scared me.”
She warmly beamed at the page on your lap, “Please darling. Just call me Frigga. Really, that is a lovely drawing of my home.” She tilted her head and questioned, “Do you like it here?”
You didn’t even have to think about it, “Yes, it’s nothing like Earth. Earth is dirty and dark and you get the sense that things are going to fall apart right from under you. But here its breathtaking and even when the sky is dark, the stars light your vision. It feels safe.”
Not realizing she was smiling at you, you only snapped out of your trance when Frigga warmly said, “I see the way my son looks at you, it is with the same eyes of wonder you have when talking about my home… It is your home now as well.”
The peaceful look on your face changed to one of shock at her words, “Do you mean that?”
Wrapping you in a hug, she reassured you, “Of course, you’re welcome anytime.”
From where he was silently standing in the doorway, Loki felt his heart swell in his chest as he watched you and his mother.  
For the first time in forever, his heart felt at peace, he felt safe and loved by the people around him. For the first time in forever, he did not feel like a villain.
Part 7
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